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Jigenso (次元槍 Jigenso?, lit. "Dimensional Spear") is a cursed gear of the Black Demon Series, and wielded by an unnamed sleeper agent of the Hyakuya Sect.


Jigenso is a long spear taller than a adult human by a third of their height. The tip consists of a doubled edged sword in a leaf shaped design, a narrow to wide blade ending as a point. The fuller is connected to both the cross-guard and spear it is a part of on one end, for the other end there is a counter balance.


Though not much shown about its personality, it seems follows it's masters orders.


Jigenso is demon who was sealed inside a long spear . It came into contract a member of the Hyakuya Sect prior to his appearance in the manga.


A member of the Hyakuya Sect renders Yu unconscious via an electrical needle before revealing his true allegiance to Mitsuba. Jigenso is not used to fight her as the agent uses spell tags instead, but it used to escape with Yu. Jigenso appears within the mans hand and follows his command to rip it open. A long thick tear in reality is made as the weapon opens a portal to a different area.[2]

Two identical forms of Jigenso are stabbed into Yu's back in his mind as he tries to recollect his memories.[3]

The weapon is used to allow the Hyakuya Sect agent to join Basteya Irclu atop Shibuya's walls. It is capable of deflecting Shinya's rifle fire, Byakkomaru which causes the former to label it a black demon level before the portal closes behind Basteya.[4]

Jigenso's powers are relied on again used to cause Shinya's fire power at it's master to be redirected towards Crowley instead.[5] It is then physically used in close quarters to fight Shinya, and to open portals where spell tags could pass though.[6]

It is in the hand of the agent who is lying face down in blood and used by Ferid to ambush progenitors Urd Geales, Lest Karr and Ky Luc. The portal opens behind them for Ferid to throw a sinful key to Crowley[7]

Forms and Abilities[]

  • Demon's Thrall : Jigenso can can enter its host's dreams and memories to create nightmares and break the host's will. This is done in order to take over his body. This ability can only be used against its host.
  • Basic Form: Jigenso takes the form of a long spear taller than a adult human by a third of their height.
  • Portal Manipulation: The demonic form has not been revealed but Jigenso possesses the ability to open portals to other places instantaneously. Cutting into a void permits others to pass through it, and the rift in space can be sealed again.
  • Mind Piercing: The weapon form can materialize at least twice and is capable of piercing someone in their minds as it done with Yu.
  • Superhumanly Durable: It is durable enough to repel a Black Demon Series weapon like Byakkomaru, both the projectile and fighting evenly with the physical gun with Shinya concluding it was a black demon level weapon itself based on that.