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Jose (ジョゼ Joze?) is one of the main characters of The Story of Vampire Michaela. He was a squire who trained under Crowley.


Jose is described as having brown hair and blue eyes.


Jose is idealistic and bright. He is always positive minded and endlessly devoted to the Knights Templar. He is willing to lay down his life for them and even attack anyone who show's the slightest bit of disrespect to them

Jose is also naïve and quite easy to fool. It is noted by Crowley that he has little experience of war. He is slow at recognising sarcasm and common emotional tics and clues. He is also susceptible to believe anything he hears without thinking twice. He cannot tell that Crowley finds his presence irritating or that he does not wish to talk about certain things.

Jose is also endlessly determined and devoted to a cause. Once he sets his sights on something it is near impossible to pry him off. Despite being discouraged multiple times he continues to aspire to be a Templar.


Jose was born in a poor family with no pride or honor. Therefore, he is desperate and eager to earn any. He was assigned to Crowley a year and a half ago before the events of The Story of Vampire Michaela. He constantly tags after Crowley and never leaves him alone. Even after Crowley disappears, he continues to hard as a squire and a Templar.


Jose is one of the boys training to be a knight under Crowley after Crowley returns from war. He is one of the more proactive youngsters and often acts as Crowley's assistant.

When Crowley visits Ferid's mansion for the first time, Jose is stunned by the girl wearing transparent clothing who greets them at the door. He is a virgin and doesn't know where to look. At some point in the night, Crowley loses track of him and doesn't know whether he was seduced or managed to maintain his chastity.

After Crowley becomes a vampire and disappears from his life, Jose eventually becomes a holy knight and perishes on the battlefield. Crowley visits his corpse and leaves his rosary behind. With Jose's death, the remains of Crowley's human feelings dissipate much faster than before.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jose lacks any sort of muscular skill or swordplay.


Crowley Eusford[]

Roy Rouland[]

He accompanied Roy to find Crowley.


  • Jose seems to be in his forties when he dies.
  • Jose is stated to be 15 by Crowley, in the year 1220. This means Jose was born in 1205. Since he seems to be in his forties when he is, he may have died around 1245.
  • Jose is the Spanish form of Joseph, an Ecclesiastic Late Latin form of the Greek Iōsēph, which is from the Hebrew yōsēf (may he add, God shall add).