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This unnamed boy was a part of Kimizuki’s past before he came to Shinjuku.


He had medium length black hair and black eyes, he wore an unbuttoned collared shirt shirt with sleeves partially rolled up to his elbows, and this covered a red shirt underneath. He also wore moss green colored trousers and blue shoes with a white sole and white toe cap.

Personality Edit

A natural leader, he noted that with limited food supplies that he and the other young people around him had to leave their current location. He was sure in his plan on what Kimizuki had to do, and offered to do it himself if Kimizuki was not “man enough” for the harsh world they now found themselves in. He remained calm when an angered Kimizuku rounded on another boy for what he suggested regarding Mirai, and was prepared to take practical steps to ensure that Mirai would have to leave for Kimizuki to come as well.


After the apocalypse event he evidently was looking after those around him, and appeared close to Kimizuki since he opened the locked door for him, and he wanted Kimizuki to join them. At some point, he says Mirai told him she did not want to be a burden to anyone.


When Kimizuki is overcome by his demon, Kiseki-o, he is pulled into a memory from four years ago which shows this boy arriving with two other friends. They come to Kimizuki’s apartment where he noted that they had three days worth of food left and so had to leave planning to do so the next morning. He made the case that they had to protect the little ones among them, and their own lives. Evidently they felt that their living conditions they found themselves in meant that the bed-bound Mirai would only slow them down. He tells another boy with him called Toru that he needs to be more careful with how he shares the news. Asking Kimizuki to look around, he makes the case with the destroyed world, monsters and vampires, as the oldest children they have a responsibility to protect those who have survived.

Taking Kimizuki’s arm, he presented a switch knife to him and then states that it was Mirai’s idea, and that killing her is for Mirai's own good. Aghast, he was told by Kimizuki that he was a monster for the suggestion. His reply is if Kimizuki is not capable then he would carry out the action himself. Upon being knocked over by one of the boys being pushed into him, and being locked out of the apartment by Kimizuki he directs the other two to another entrance, namely the balcony.[1]


  • "So we have a responsibility now. It's our duty to protect the kids who survived. We need to keep moving to do that."- To Kimizuki when deciding to move on


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