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Krul Tepes along with her brother Ashera Tepes and their mother lived as human nobles in the past. Turned into a vampire she would be familiar with Noya Hienma and Sika Madu. Some time later Krul would rule as the queen of Japan and hold a seat on the progenitor council. Retaining an emotional connection to her brother, Krul would plot with Mahiru Hīragi and receive Yūichirō Hyakuya and Michaela Hyakuya into her kingdom. Turning Mika into a vampire she would continue her plans with him even with interference from Ferid Bathory and keeping secrets from her fellow vampires. Krul interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects herself and the story. This article details Krul's relationships with other characters.


Being both a third progenitor vampire herself, on the progenitor council, and queen of Japan, Krul exercises a deal deal of control over vampires as a species. This is helped due to the rank nature of vampires where one's progenitor class is an indication of power, which is deferred to. After the world ended, Krul led a host of vampires who on her orders successfully acquired a great amount of human children to bring underground to ensure a blood supply. Where her authority was unquestioned, it would leave Krul vulnerable to lesser ranked vampires as she would not truly consider them a threat until displayed otherwise. Having her own seraph related machinations, Krul is prepared to act against her own kind. Although paying a price for it, Krul can talk her way out of a situation in a scenario involving her peers and higher ranked vampire nobles.

I do not fail. Ever.

–Speaking to the Progenitor Council. "Taboo Krul"

Mikaela Hyakuya

Episode 9 - Screenshot 160.png
Vampire Kiss.png

After the humans unleash the Apocalypse on Japan in Christmas of 2012 she invades Tokyo and collects Mika and the other Hyakuya Sect orphans. Instead of killing them she disobeys her orders from the Progenitor Council and raises them in Sanguinem. He attempts to escape from Sanguinem with his family in 2016, but Ferid slaughters everyone but Yu and fatally wounds Mika. Krul's offer of immortality to one of her seraphs is rejected but she saves his life against his will and turns him into a vampire by kissing him.

Mika. Drink the blood of this human. Then, the last of your mortal biology will cease working. You will gain an ageless body and more power than a human could ever know. You will become a true vampire. You will be one of us.

–Encouraging Mika to drink and become a complete vampire. "Queen's Contract"

Patient as she encourages Mika to drink a human's blood to become a complete vampire who does not age Krul allows him to drink her own blood instead. She appears to enjoy Mika's dependence on her and claims he will be her dog for all of eternity. Krul treats him gently and is often shown hugging him.

Then... you could drink my blood. Mine is not human. Ha ha... Yes... Drink my blood. Drink it, and you will never be able to leave me. You will be my dog for all time. Mikaela Hyakuya.

–Changing to provide her blood to Mika, and while considering him fondly, it is as a pet. "Queen's Contract"

Episode 24 - Screenshot 256.png

For the next four years, she teaches him how foul and nasty humans are and they would also take part in training exercises where they come to a form close relationship. Recalling a training session Krul wondered whether Mika wanted to save Yu so badly that it drove him to such a practice. Krul felt Mika was young and kept his thought silent but what he thinks was written on his face. Having Mika act as an agent she motivates Mika to rescue Yu from humans and their experimentation. In 2020, Mika works as a city guard and he is commonly known as Krul's favorite pet. When he expresses concern that Krul only wants to use him and Yu like those humans, she calms him down by revealing her true plans. She sends Mika on a secretive mission to find Yu where his failure would have him labelled a traitor to both humans and vampires. There to catch him after he was blown away Krul and Mika tried to rescue Yu during the battle on Nagoya Airport. Checking if he had recovered Krul sent Mika to retrieve Yu before pulling him away when they were ambushed by Crowley. The second part of the trap involved Ferid and with Krul captured she orders Mika to leave and tells him an unheard order before falling unconscious.

After seeing him again they pretend not to know one another with other vampires around. Krul arrived in Shibuya where she stood witnessing Mika rise into the air as a demon transformation took place. With it being a rank one demon Krul was prepared to leave Mika since if the demon caught Yu it would consume him. Krul consider's Mika's resolve when she wanted Yu to prove the same.

Ferid Bathory

About to be burned.PNG

A seventh progenitor meddlesome vampire, Krul finds Ferid Bathory is usually always smiling, often at her. He allows Yūichiro Hyakuya to escape in 2016 and fatally injures Mikaela Hyakuya. She believes he intentionally allowed Yu to escape. She physically punishes him for his actions but shows him mercy without fully understanding the threat this lower ranking vampire would pose to her. Krul would witness the leverage he had over her when Ferid brought Mika to a progenitor council meeting where she had no words.

Why thank you. I see you haven't lost your detestable smirk either.

–Speaking to Ferid. "Vampire Mikaela"

Episode 24 - Screenshot 268.png

Her dabbling in the seraph of the end was used as blackmail against her to prevent her from killing him. Although she originally has a distaste for him where Krul thought the only thing Ferid loved about her was the power she possessed this distaste develops into a hatred over the next four years. Krul would bring Ferid as part of her retinue for the extermination efforts in Nagoya. There Krul would be ambushed by Ferid with her blood drank until she fell unconscious. Dethroned and confined Krul would then find herself and Ferid sentenced to exposure torture. She would turn to him for a plan in escaping yet there was none.

While they work together with Guren and Mahiru, she is not impressed at being called "Krulsie" by Ferid, and particularly not at the idea that they are family. After warning that if he say that again she will kill him, Krul does indeed strike Ferid's head off.[1]

Say that again and I'll kill you.

–After Ferid suggests since they are following Guren's plan that this makes them family too. Chapter 112: "Defining Family", page 35

Lest Karr

Lest After punching Krul.PNG

Although Lest Karr is younger than Krul by 200 years this other third progenitor claims to be stronger than her. He wants to take her place as the ruler of Japan and recently wiped out some spell casters in Europe.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 126.png

Krul is found him him after he appears in Japan with Urd Geales after Saitō flees. She is asked what happened in Japan and is later watched as Urd sentences Krul along with Ferid to exposure torture. With what the humans delve into they resume practical relations and travel to Shibuya via aircraft.

Lucal Wesker

A fifteenth progenitor and a member of Lest Karr's faction, Lucal Wesker resides in Nagoya. Lucal is annoyed by Krul Tepes and her "insufferable attitude." He refuses to obey her orders and states that he is not her subject. When Esther Lee informs him that Krul intends to visit Nagoya in person, he reconsiders disobeying her. He is killed by the Moon Demon Company where Krul appeared none the wiser that not all in her territory were fully loyal to her.

Masked Vampire Noble

Episode 23 - Screenshot 122.png

Krul could depend on vampire nobles to make up her armed forces and carry out her orders in battle. Krul herself dealt with Guren who was possessed by Mahiru-no-Yo to spare further vampire casualties. This vampire noble and those around him was ordered by Krul to not help her as she gave a display of interrogating Guren whilst in actually receiving intel from as Krul was also a traitor to her own kind. At Nagoya airport the masked vampire noble directed others to attack the Imperial Demon Army yet along with Krul herself the nobles largely surveyed the ongoing fighting rather than take part directly.

Crowley Eusford

Episode 24 - Screenshot 263.png

A thirteenth progenitor and member of Ferid's faction who is currently residing in Nagoya. She is attacked by Crowley on Ferid's orders to keep her distracted. Able to literally disarm him of a limb Krul would then pounce on Crowley and break his neck to incapacitate him.

Where he is brought along with Ferid, she would find Crowley involved with her plan that Guren and Mahiru are a part of.

Urd Geales

Urd and lest holding the traitors.png

The second progenitor, Krul is declared a traitor by Ferid to this member of the progenitor council. Krul is carried by the neck by Urd after a fight with Saitō who flees. At Osaka Bay Krul is dragged then sentenced by him to exposure torture.


SAito 22.png

Krul meets the other second progenitor Saitō when he appears at Ferid's mansion. She questions him about if he is working with Ferid but Saitō claims he disposed of Ferid a long time ago. She remembers him as the one who tagged behind the First Progenitor and recalls when the first progenitor took Ashera Tepes and turned him into a demon then remarks that he has changed a lot in the past one thousand years. After his fight with Urd, he flings Krul and flees. The aircraft Krul was being transported in along with other vampire progenitors was targeted by missiles launched from Saitō's Hyakuya Sect army.

Sika Madu

Krul says she despises Sika Madu, the first progenitor, for taking her brother from her and turning him into a demon. She harbours further resentment at being turned into a vampire which is regarded as a blood sucking monster. When Ashera was taken away Krul's beseeching for Sika Madu to bring him back was ignored and left her heartbroken. Ever since it has been her goal to find her brother.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army is growing problem for Krul in her own country where units are massing and armed with powerful weapons. Aware of the potency of them, Krul alerts others of the threat and announces herself to eradicate this human army. Engaging soldiers directly at Nagoya airport, Krul would witness the Japanese Imperial Army summon a seraph to the world.

Mahiru Hīragi

Chapter 96 - Page 40.png

Before becoming a demon she was Mahiru Hīragi. She is traitor to the Hīragi family who joined the Hyakuya Sect. She uses Asuramaru as her demon weapon. Mahiru predicts the end of the world and warns Krul about what is to come and tells Krul about the seraph. She eventually becomes a demon herself by sacrificing herself and now exists as the demon Mahiru-no-Yo bound within Guren's sword. Prior to Mahiru's death, Krul turned her into a vampire. Under the impression that Mahiru was still alive Krul enquired as to her whereabout. Seeing a demon transformation occur involving Mika she is aware it is just like what her deal with Mahiru entailed but was troubled that the demon transformation had already begun.

Seeing her again with their plan still in motion Krul would question whether Mahiru will silence the others for it to proceed unhampered.

Kureto Hīragi

The Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Kureto Hīragi is also a member of the Hīragi Family that Krul would find is most determined to slay vampires, including nobles. Aware of troop movements, Krul would engage his forces at Nagoya airport. Where this commander was involved in fighting, Krul would observe the battle from a distance.

Moon Demon Company

Itself a branch of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, due to their affiliation, Krul is hostile to this vampire extermination unit on paper, and yet has an allegiance with their leader, Guren who she has been working with indirectly for a long time. Finding one another, Krul continues to work in secret with Guren, and then openly as well later. Through others such as Mika and Shikama Doji, she finds who she and Moon Demon Company members know overlap. Consequently, Krul would find herself working with members of Shinoa Squad, a five-member battalion of the Moon Demon Company as well.

Guren Ichinose

Episode 23 - Screenshot 132.png

The human responsible for experimentation including that on Yu. Guren Ichinose was romantically involved with Mahiru. In Nagoya after Guren slays a vampire noble from being possessed by his demon, Mahiru-no-Yo, she stands there with Guren's blade to her neck. Krul is away to knock Guren away some distance and orders other vampires to not come and help her kill him. She views him as Mahiru's messenger and where it is quiet Krul questions Guren on her location. Hearing that she is dead Krul raised what need there was to keep him alive. With Guren aware of what the stakes are for her where Krul is a traitor to her own kind she is tipped off where the human experiment is to take place. Acting on Guren's information Krul alerts her forces to head to the airport with Guren brought along as well.

With others not co-operating with Guren when there was the risk of Shikama Doji re-emerging Krul offered to silence them by force should Guren desire so.[2] While she is seated beside him as they travel together, Krul does not intervene when he and Yu begin fighting, rather Krul watches instead.

Yūichirō Hyakuya

After the humans unleash the Apocalypse in Japan in Christmas of 2012, she invades Tokyo and has Yu collected with the other Hyakuya Sect orphans. Instead of killing them, she disobeys her orders from the Progenitor Council and allows them to live in Sanguinem. He attempts to escape from Sanguinem with his family in 2016, but Ferid slaughters everyone but Yu who flees to the surface, where the Japanese Imperial Demon Army picks him up and later begins experimenting on him as one of the seraph of the end.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 117.png

Krul learns that Mika encountered him on the battlefield in Shinjuku in 2020 where she also witnesses Yu transform into an uncontrollable monster. Intending to claim him Krul told Mika that she likes him. Not commenting on the connection that Mika has with Yu she sends him to rescue Yūichirō from the humans. In Nagoya after Yu had fallen unconscious it was her goal to retrieve him then. Captured her last order involved Mika leaving with Yu instead.

When she senses that her brother Ashera Tepes is in Yu's Cursed Gear she then knew that Mahiru kept her part of their bargain.

Chapter 85 - Page 14 - Panel 1.png

At some point, in the Dark Ages of Greece Krull sees a young Yu come across her wanting to see the "Michaela" she is observing. Krul tries to get him to keep this a secret which he agrees to before questioning what a secret it. Krul spoke to him as she would a young child.

Chapter 96 - Page 12 - Panels 1-3.png

Presently as a demon transformation process was underway Krul presses for Ashera as a demon within Yu to possess him. Seeing that it is Yu who is answering Krul changes tactics to encourage him to leave. She is responsible for having Yu leave Mika behind after she assured him everything would be fine. Krul is immediately classified as Yu's trusted friend and family after learning that she is the long lost sister of Asuramaru. Whilst she does not match the sentiments Krul is thought further highly of for being Mika's savior. Not entertaining Yu's initial questions Krul is willing to indulge Yu on what contributes to a vampire's strength, before appearing exasperated at Yu thinking that she is about three. Krul is insistent on Yu addressing Ashera by his actual name rather than 'Asuramaru'. When Yu is eager to hear how Mika can be rescued Krul responds by saying that she does not like his attitude and whether that is how he asks others for such a large favor. She has Mika's determination in mind when Krul wants Yu to prove that he wants to rescue him. Krul thinks Yu has the desire just as badly and wonders whether this is why Ashera made the choice to possess him.

Yoichi Saotome

Chapter 95 - Page 7 - Panel 1.PNG

Whilst carried unconscious by Yoichi, she would not think much at seeing him feeling ill near a waste disposal bin. Along with the rest of the team Krul is of the view that they are utter fools.

Shinoa Hīragi

Chapter 96 - Page 3 - Panel 1.png

They are together after escaping Demon Army territory where Krul finds an alcohol affected Shinoa intending to fight her as a challenger. Demanding to know what on earth she and Mitsuba are doing Krul responds that rather than Shinoa having her she has Shinoa then restrains her. Extremely tempted to kill her Krul is then vomited on and flees.

Mitsuba Sangū

Chapter 96 - Page 4 - Panel 1.png

Along with Shinoa her first impression is a scene of Mitsuba inebriated and advancing on herself.

Shihō Kimizuki

Chapter 96 - Page 9 - Panel 2.png

She joined Kimizuki's group after their escape from the Demon Army Territory. He was the only one who treated her with respect as the vampire queen and Krul reacts favourably to his awareness that she is a third progenitor who could kill them all easily if she wanted to. At that point Krul remarked finally there was someone with common sense and a proper attitude. Although Kimizuki often excuses his team's behavior, particularly Yu's, she is not impressed with the squad's overall behaviour.


Knowing that vampires who do not drink blood will turn into demons, Krul voices that they are ugly. Where other vampires cannot see these invisible entities that reside in cursed gear, Krul is capable of discerning demons should they wander, and can sense them from weapons. Aware that they can possess humans, Krul called for her brother Ashera to take over Yu's body. Despite demon's aptitude in destroying vampires, Krul does not shy away from a fight with them. Fending off Guren who was possessed, Krul also engaged Mika when he returned as a demon to display her greater strength.


Krul and Ashera younger.PNG
Chapter 94 - Page 31.png

Krul's brother, she lived with Asuramaru in the past. He was originally named Ashera Tepes and they were both born in a family of nobility along with their mother. She and her brother were attacked by the rebels who hated nobles, then she and Ashera were separated. He became a demon after Sika Madu took him and was referred to by the name Asuramaru. Mahiru Hiragi stole him and used him as her black demon weapon in the Catastrophe light novels. In volume 5, Krul asks Mahiru about his whereabouts. She is unaware that Asuramaru now serves Yūichirō Hyakuya as his Cursed Gear. In Chapter 49 of the manga, it is revealed that Krul cares deeply for her brother as she cries and pleads him not to go.

Much later she is now aware that her brother resides in Yu's Cursed Gear after sensing his presence. Krul is then determined to save him and encourages him to possess Yu to that end. Aware that he is near Krul follows Ashera's guidance to head in the direction of the squad and escape with them where she was reluctant to do so before.


Chapter 85 - Page 11 - Panel 1.png

In the Dark Ages of Greece she was with Noya before the corpse of Michaela when they were both vampires. Her concerns that they would be seen by Yu were not matched by Noya who was convinced that their secret is still safe. Realizing what was to happen Krul was against Noya murdering the past young Yu. In the present time Krul is also wary of something becoming active around the time when Noya was returning to the world.



Krul's flames 1.png

Krul has a largely unique relationship with a small bat like creature named Arukanu. She is one of the few vampires to keep animal like pets and keeps Arukanu as a familiar of some sorts. For their part Arukanu returns the affection with a strong amount of loyalty by sticking near her when present such as beside her on Krul's throne. Arukanu has some cognitive ability to flutter away in situations where Krul is about to enact violence upon someone such as Ferid.