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Kureto's Scientist is one of a few under the command of Kureto, the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He attempted to prevent Shinoa from turning into a vampire before the first reappeared.


This man had his short hair swept to the right side on his head. He wore a large pair of semi-rimmed glasses, and a white collared shirt with a black tie. He also wore a lab coat over this and his dark trousers.


He followed Kureto's order hurrying to get Shinoa to the examination room. He thought practically, opting to restrain Shinoa if her demon came loose.


He acquired medical knowledge related to the curse amplification drug, and came to work in this area.


Events of 2020[]

He among other medical staff are present when Shinoa is in the process of turning into a vampire and complies with Kureto's orders running with the stretcher Shinoa lays on to the examination room.[1]

As he places a drip into Shinoa's arm, he orders more of the curse amplification drug. They are able to restrain her if her demon goes crazy, but they cannot undo the vampire transformation at this point. He and his colleagues appear unsettled as Ferid invites himself into the room followed by Crowley. They listen apprehensively as Ferid tells them he knows how to stop the transformation into a vampire. This man pauses before asking if he could.[2]