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Kureto Hīragi (柊 暮人 Hīragi Kureto?) is one of the supporting characters of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series. He is the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and has become the head of the Hīragi Family as well as the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. His goal is to exterminate all the vampires in Japan and find the person who is manipulating the Hīragi family.

He also appears in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series as a supporting character.

Note: This is the page for Kureto in the manga and light novels, for the anime article detailing Kureto see: Kureto Hīragi (Anime).


Kureto is a tall, young man with short black hair and reddish brown eyes. He has thick eyebrows that zigzag up at the ends.

He wears the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a black tailcoat with red details including the shoulder epaulettes with gold trim, an aiguillette worn on the right shoulder with a crescent moon decoration, and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves, an armband on his left arm, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. He also wears the uniform trousers with black shoes.


Arrogant and powerful, Kureto doesn't tolerate any disrespect from lower-rank families. He is manipulative, ruthless, and treacherous (Shinoa describes him as a "monster"[4]), and will not hesitate to abandon his comrades if he no longer finds them useful. In fact, he finds that being able to abandon one's own friends as a strength. He expects everyone to submit to him with absolute loyalty, and would even go so far as to threaten them to do his work. As such, Kureto is very confident with himself, his plans and his actions.

Kureto has an ambition of wiping out every vampire on the planet and intends to rule the world, stating that he will turn it into a "vampire-free paradise." He plans to gather every surviving country and unite them as one, making Japan the center of all nations (i.e. world domination). Guren comments this as "something a kid would make up."

Despite his harsh personality, he possesses a sense of self-righteousness and sees anyone who is willing to sacrifice others for pure greed and with no goal as evil and he does firmly believe that a leader must be responsible for their followers. It is due to this that he shows nothing but disgust at his brother, seeing his incompetence and cowardice as being useless and idiotic, along with also coldly rebuking father, openly noting that it was the duty of a king to keep their subjects save. Kureto's utilitarianism convinces him that if sacrificing the minority will be able to save a larger amount of people, then he'll gladly dirty his hands with the blood of innocent people. This was shown when although he remorselessly sacrificed the soldiers of the Imperial Demon army, he sincerely believed that they died heroically as it was thanks to their sacrifice that he was able to revive the Seraph. Kureto even seems to consider his life as not being worth that of the world's destruction, as shown by how he told Guren that if he can't be saved, then he is allowed to kill him. This is also shown in the light novels, where he is shown to be willing to give his life to take out Mahiru as he believes her to be a monster and if he was saving humanity from her, his life would be a small price to pay.

Despite his unsympathetic and serious nature, Kureto shows that he can overcome personal suspicions and show kindness to individuals he deems worthy, treating his loyal subordinates well. This even extends to Guren Ichinose, who despite being initially suspicious of him as he was a potential spy, he comes to value him as his henchmen after seeing him do his orders, with Guren even becoming his right-hand man and Kureto admitting he trusts him. Even before coming to trust him, Kureto already gifted him an extremely powerful new sword, a Hīragi family heirloom that was strengthened through the hatred and fear of the people it had slew before and eventually starts to keep an eye on him in the light novels and even shows him surprising sympathy at times, which typically bewilders Guren. He firsts keeps his end of the deal with Guren regarding him gaining more information on the Cursed Gear Experiment in exchange for ensuring that the Order of Imperial Moon be spared from being deemed traitors and him trying to save Guren, notably not killing him despite it being the easiest thing to do, which baffled Shinya over his decision to save Guren, and proceeding to make the Order of Imperial Moon's experiment on the Cursed Gear look as if it was his orders, allowing the members to be spared and Sakae's execution postponed for two days. Kureto also allows Sakae to call Guren and chat and then gives Guren the opportunity to chase after Mahiru by turning himself into a victim and letting Guren steal his helicopter. Even though Guren did not fulfill his goal of killing Mahiru by the deadline, Kureto was still satisfied by the results that Guren bought nevertheless and was the only one who voted against the execution of Sakae Ichinose, showing that as harsh and ruthless as he is, his standards isn't as high as his father. After Sakae was ultimately executed, Kureto, although coldly telling Guren about the fact that the execution was complete, showed some pity and kindness towards him by allowing him to be consoled by his friends and even outright showing pity when he joked about wanting to be thanked by Guren; when Guren did thank him for opposing Sakae's execution, Kureto did not gloat on his superior position but just said it was natural and left. He also looked utterly unamused after Guren was badly beaten by Tenri, laughing without humor only when Guren challenged him to and offers him a handkerchief and a drive home, being unfazed when Guren calls him weak. Along with that, he decided to spare Guren despite having overwhelmed him and being ordered by his father to do so and revealed Mahiru's locations, entrusting to him the responsibility of stopping Mahiru. The random acts of kindness he sometimes exhibits to his subordinates includes giving Aoi a gentle and encouraging smile when her leg was sniped off by an assassin sent by Tenri, and helping Aoi reattach her leg, going as far as bloodying his hands in the process.


He and Mahiru were in competition to be the next head of the Hīragi family. He was the student council president of First Shibuya High. He maintained his position as top of his class since first entering the school. He mentions to Guren that his decisions hold more weight at the school than the principal's.

Kureto Hīragi was beside Mahiru observing an arena fight between Shinya and Seishirō.[5] With that battle over Kureto faced Mahiru and told her to not dare hold back. Surprised that Mahiru had a hold of his shoulder Kureto was thrown over and landed on the ground where a spell tag was placed on his forehead. With Mahiru sat on him Kureto ordered her to stop messing around. He remained there even with the spell tag removed.[6]


Events of 2012

Kureto watches Shinya and Guren when Shinya reveals what the Hīragi Clan knows about the attack on First Shibuya High. Shinya punches Guren so as to avoid Kureto getting suspicious about them working together. He kicks him instead.

Three days later, Shinya, Mito, Norito, and Guren leave their class to continue their examinations in the gym. When Guren arrives for his fight, Kureto asks if he sold any information to the Thousand Nights. Guren manages to convince him otherwise but then Kureto wonders if Guren was working for them. When Guren denies this, Kureto does not believe him as Guren has enough motive to. Guren tells him that he thinks that Kureto is overestimating him but Kureto says that if Guren is as weak as he appears, he could have never survived the attack and that he was obviously hiding his true strength. Kureto then wonders of that strength poses a threat to the Hīragis which was the reason they are here.

He orders Shinya to kill Guren but Shinya questions why he has to do it, and Kureto tells him that if he doesn't want to draw suspicion to himself then he'll do it. Shinya reluctantly agrees. He hits Guren hard but the strike does not kill him. Kureto asks why he held back before he backhands him. He tells Shinya that he's lost his trust and now he will be investigated as well to determine whether he's been working with the Thousand Nights.

Kureto turns to face Guren next and warns him if that if he was lying and is stronger that he says then he will be injected with truth serum and tortured until they find out how he's connected to the Thousand Nights.

He attacks Guren with the intent to kill, forcing Guren to fight seriously. Guren loses and is knocked unconscious.

Kureto arrives after Guren's interrogation. He tells him that his father came to the compound to ask that Guren be let go. They took his father into custody and questioned him and he told them everything that Guren did such as receiving an invitation from the Thousand Nights but not coming to an decision and that this war started while he was considering his answer. He also tells Guren that his father is very weak as he broke down and talked five hours before he did but then his heart gave out in the end. He assures Guren that his father isn't dead as they revived him and sent him home.

He calls Guren strong but like he said he's just one person and strength doesn't change anything as the Ichinoses are nothing but crawling ants when compared to the Hīragis, meaning that he is not a threat to them.

Kureto asks him to become his right-hand man as it will be a chance to improve the Ichinose family's status. Guren asks what will happen if he refuses, and Kureto threatens to have having the entire Ichinose Clan destroyed. Guren agrees to become his underling. He promises Guren a stronger weapon more suited to his abilities.

Guren skips school, but Kureto calls him to tell him to come back as he has something that he wants to do for him and to be there by nine o'clock.

When he arrives at school, Shinya, Mito, and Goshi are there as well. Aoi Sangū invites them inside the student council president's room. He hands them documents which include photos showing Ueno park which had mentioned on the news as someone sprayed poison which killed the animals. Kureto tells the group that what was said on the new was a lie. The Imperial Demons' intelligence bureau determined that the entire Ueno district was being used as the site of an experiment by the Thousand Nights and apparently there was an accident. The Thousand Nights now appear to be using all their resources to try and cover up whatever happened.

He then tells them that the Imperial Demons' have been aware that Ueno was being used this way but since they didn't expect a war with the Thousand Nights, they never investigated further. However things have changed as the Thousand Nights broke their non -aggression pacts and they are now at war. He reveals that that the Imperial Demons' sent seventeen squad units since last night and every single one of them was destroyed and that is why the group is here. He decided to put together a special team together as the mission is too difficult for any regular troops.

He tells them that in two hours, the Imperial Demons' will send four squads into Ueno zoo from the northeast section as a diversion while the group slips in. He leaves it up to them to decide on who the leader of the squad and that as long as they produce results, he doesn't care how things are done. The group picks Guren as that team leader.

Before Guren leaves, as agreed, Kureto hands him a new weapon called Hoarfrost, which is a enchanted sword.[7]

Kureto calls Guren at the end of class and orders him to go to the student council room during lunch the next day.

During lunch the next day, Kureto calls Guren and orders him to meet with him. Aoi delivers Guren to the gymnasium basement where Kureto has Shinoa Hīragi who appears to have been beaten and tortured. Guren's face contorts into an expression of disgust. Kureto comments about it, and Guren says he hates torturing kids. Kureto agrees but says such things do not matter for a Hīragi. He points out that Shinoa is smiling and says she has been trained to never let loose a single word during torture.

Kureto asks Guren about the Thousand Nights meeting and asks if Mahiru is the traitor. Guren remains silent before eventually saying he does not know. After a few more questions, Guren says he does not know if Mahiru is the traitor. Kureto continues asking him questions, and Guren keeps denying his accusations.

Kureto says that the messenger sent by the Thousand Nights did not survive. He glances at the neighboring room, which has blood seeping through the walls. Guren comments about letting a child see that. Kureto comments that the Ichinose are gentle and appreciates how Guren knows he cannot win against Kureto.

Guren walks over to Shinoa, pats her head, and releases her restraints. She asks permission to stand up, but Kureto orders her to remain seated.

Kureto reveals that this is actually all makeup and Shinoa was not actually tortured. He says she would not reveal anything anyway. Shinoa stands up, saying she is bored. He commands her to stay and leave the makeup on for when he questions Shinya later.

Kureto says this was all to gather information and says he will trust Guren. Kureto says he already knows Guren met Shinoa, so he will kill Shinoa first. Kureto grabs Shinoa by the neck, and Guren charges him. Kureto blocks his attack and threatens to break Shinoa's neck.

Kureto receives a text from Mahiru telling him to do as he pleases. Kureto shows the message to Guren and Shinoa. Shinoa begins tearing up. She quickly regains her composure, but it was too late.

Mahiru sends Kureto a message telling him to do as he pleases, and tears briefly form in Shinoa’s eyes.

Kureto talks about Mahiru and says Guren is the opposite of her. He says Guren is idiotic trash being used by that woman. He calls Mahiru a beautiful monster. However, he says that Mahiru might listen to Guren. Kureto wants Guren to give Mahiru a message if he encounters her. He says he wants Mahiru to return to the Hīragi and says he will permit Mahiru to marry Guren because he wants to keep her in the family. He advises Guren to hold her and never let her go or else kill her before she destroys everyone around her.

Kureto sends Mahiru's IP address to Guren. He orders Guren to meet and persuade Mahiru. Guren asks whether Kureto or Mahiru is stronger, and Kureto tells him Mahiru is stronger. Guren immediately sends a message to Mahiru.

After a moment, Guren's phone rings. He answers it, and Mahiru is on the other end. She asks to speak with Shinoa. Under Kureto's orders, Guren puts the phone on loud speaker. Shinoa reports that everything went as expected. She reports that Guren, Kureto, and Aoi are listening to their conversation. When she asks about their father, Kureto reports that he does not know she is missing. She calls him a liar and accuses Kureto of her crimes, saying he actually did everything instead of her out of jealousy. He says no one will believe her. After they talk for a bit, she mocks Kureto for prolonging their phone call to track her instead of hanging up immediately.

He says he found her, but she informs him that his special ops are already dead.

A student suddenly enters the room and reports that Kureto's conversation is being broadcasted across the entire school. Guren notices a sound-muffling talisman at the edge of the door.

Kureto orders Guren to end the call, but Mahiru says many students will die again. Kureto takes the phone and turns off the speaker. He says she is going to cause innocent deaths. She continues to place blame on him. Kureto orders a meeting to sentence the traitor, Mahiru, before hanging up.

Kureto asks Guren if he knew about any of this, but Guren deflects the question. Kureto decides that Mahiru single-handedly pitted the Imperial Demons against the Thousand Nights.

Kureto thinks and talks some more. He says that Guren is a human, not a monster like Mahiru, and tells him to become his comrade. He wants to solve this situation with as few casualties as possible. Guren states he does not have a choice.

It is currently August 21st, and Kureto releases Shinoa and Guren. That night, the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights attacks the school. During the chaos, Guren calls Kureto and reports on Mahiru. He asks Kureto to kill him if he loses control during this experiment and says he is going to the school.[8]

Kureto orders Shinya to go to the school after the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights attacks. With the help of Shinya and Sakae Ichinose’s cooperation, Kureto helps arrange saving Guren, who has been possessed by Noya.[9]

Kureto calls Mahiru and explicitly describes how he will torture Guren, but she only laughs and tells him she is going to Kyoto.

Kureto visits Guren and orders him to kill Mahiru within forty-eight hours or else he will kill Guren’s father and the rest of the Order of the Imperial Moon. He calls Aoi, stating that Guren betrayed them and cut him down. He orders Sakae’s death, but this is all a ruse in order to trick Mahiru. Aoi is aware that this is all a lie.

Guren and his group escape to the roof and steal Kureto’s helicopter before heading to Kyoto.[10]

Despite Kureto’s objection, the council heads overrule him and decide to execute Sakae for his arrogance.

Guren calls Kureto, who sends in a helicopter after Guren cuts of Shigure’s arm when Saitō attacks. Shinya calls Guren, stating he bugged Guren’s room, and Guren says he accidentally chopped off Shigure’s arm while trying to cut a radish. They meet at Guren’s apartment that night, and Guren informs Kureto about Saitō. Shigure’s arm is successfully reattached.

On December 10th, Kureto sends in Guren and his gang to take care of students that have become possessed by demons at the school. Mahiru appears as a vampire, but she escapes.

On December 20th, Kureto leads 200 soldiers to destroy one of the Thousand Nights’s research facilities, but Lucal Wesker intercepts them with a group of vampires. He lets them go because he only drinks the blood of children.

On December 23rd, Guren investigates the abandoned Hyakuya Orphanage in Shibuya. Although reports from the Nii and Kuki families say the children have been killed, it appears they were alive recently. Mika’s diary is dated for December 18th. Guren informs Kureto, who realizes the Nii and Kuki families are traitors. Mahiru then arrives in front of them with the Nii family army.[11]

Events of 2020

Second Shibuya High Arc

Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi first appears in the big meeting with high-ups that includes Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose who is snoring during it, although he does not say anything, only giving an annoyed glance over Guren's laziness.[12]

Shinjuku Arc

He reappears alongside Major General Shinya Hīragi with the Shibuya Main Army at Shinjuku, effectively saving Guren and Moon Demon Company from Seventh Progenitor Ferid Bathory. He arrives too late to witness Special Private Yūichirō Hyakuya's transformation and gives no sign later on of knowing that it even occurred.[13]

He orders his troops to capture the vampire nobles alive. Although they successfully capture or kill many non-noble vampires, the nobles escape without any loss.

Post-Shinjuku Arc

Some time later, Kureto summons Special Private Yoichi Saotome, Special Private Shihō Kimizuki, Special Private Yūichirō Hyakuya, and Mitsuba Sangū to the Shinjuku Central Army Headquarters First Office. Yoichi and Kimizuki are taken first, and they are bound and interrogated. Mitsuba receives a promotion to Second Lieutenant because she is a member of the prestigious Sangū family, even though she was useless during the battle.

When Yu arrives, a starving imprisoned vampire with broken chains jumps at Yu,and Yu kills him without hesitation. Kureto says it was a test to weed out traitors. He claims this makes at least one verifiable occasion with reliable witnesses where Yu killed an unarmed vampire without hesitation, but he says it is only one occasion.

Kureto defeats Yu

In the First Office, Kureto orders Yu to show him his swordsmanship without activating his demon curse. Shinya warns Yu against trusting Kureto. Kureto orders his demon, Raimeiki, to possess him, effectively activating his gear at an advanced level. Yu calls him out on cheating, but he has a sword at his neck before he gets far. Yu complains that was not fair, but Kureto says the battlefield is not fair. He says he approves of Yu obeying his superior's orders without question and states that it is hard to believe Yu is a subordinate of Guren--until Yu attacks Kureto from behind while he is talking, and Aoi Sangū, his aide, blocks the attack, saving Kureto. He takes back his words and states that Yu is definitely Guren's subordinate.

Kureto orders Shinya to attack Yu next and since Yu knows nothing of manifestation-type demons, the fight ends quickly. Although Shinya declines to give his name, Kureto provides it, saying that Shinya was originally from a junior branch family and was despised for it. He said that if Yu wanted to kill Shinya, no one would care.

It turns out that this interview was largely to fish out a vampire spy hiding in their ranks, and Kureto was testing both Shinya and Yu. Kureto snaps his fingers, and a pair of soldiers drag Yoichi and Kimizuki into the room. Both boys have been disarmed, bound, and gagged. Kureto says he will kill them if Yu resists. He says Yu was a rare talent, who qualified for a Black Demon series weapon in a short time. Although this is also true for Yoichi and Kimizuki, Yu is the only one who did not have a thorough background check done first. He asks Yu about his origin and mission. When Yu is confused and denies knowing what he was talking about, a soldier stabs Kimizuki through the left shoulder. Kureto orders Yu to tell him the truth and then orders Yoichi to be stabbed as well. Yu says he will tell them everything he knows, and Kureto simply says that no one goes against the wishes of the Hīragi family.

Kureto asks Yu if he is a survivor of the Hyakuya Sect, which was once the most powerful organizations in Japan. Confused, Yu answers that it was the just the name of the orphanage he grew up in. Kureto explains that the Hyakuya sect was an organization that used orphanages to collected orphaned children for numerous insane human experiments. He states that Yu and his family were probably just a batch of Hyakuya guinea pigs. He says Guren is trying to manipulate whatever experimentation the Hyakuya did to Yu for his own purposes.

Becoming his subordinate?

Kureto asks Yu to become his subordinate, but Yu says he does not care and asks for Yoichi and Kimizuki to be released. Yu says that Guren would never stoop this low, and Kureto states that is why Guren will never catch up to him. Kureto says that if Yu stepped forward to become his subordinate, Kureto would have killed him. Kureto releases the three soldiers.

Nagoya Arc

In the start of Nagoya, Kureto has a group of five vampires outside in the sunlight, starving and bound by chains. He wants to see if he can force them into becoming demons, but the ones who do become demons are much weaker than the replicas of the stronger weapons. Guren says Kureto will not have him killed because he is useful. Kureto asks Guren about how he created so many successful candidates of the Black Demon Series, which Guren answers with luck. Kureto reveals that any person who bears a Black Demon was a human experiment at some point, but mastery is rare even with that. He requests that Guren share the fruits of his experiments with the Hīragi. He asks if Guren is planning a coup, which Guren denies.

Guren asks him what hostage Kureto has for him today, but Kureto says he has been too busy since the attack to kidnap any of Guren's aides.

Kureto's Dream

Kureto reveals his dream to Guren. First, he wants to eradicate all the vampires in Japan. Then, he will crush any surviving human organizations and unite the world under the JIDA. Kureto asks about Guren's ambition and asks him to join Kureto if its smaller than that. Guren says he is already following Kureto.

Kureto reveals that the vampires use weak and simple strategies because they underestimate humanity. Vampire enclaves do not get along or share information, and the nobility is responsible for keeping the society under control. By eliminating them, the remaining vampires will fall apart. He says there are 25 vampire nobles in Japan, and claims to know where ever single one of them is. His information is gathered from child spies he sends into vampire cities, which Ferid seems a little too happy about.

Kureto explains that vampires do not bother to remember the faces of humans because they are too cocky and only see humans as brainless livestock.

Kureto assigns Guren a suicide mission. Before the vampires bring down their army on Tokyo one month from now, Guren must launch a pre-emptive strike with a force of 100 soldiers and his three black demon wielders. He will attack Nagoya, wipe out the vampire nobles, and conquer their base. In the meantime, Kureto will lead the rest of the army elsewhere. He is using Guren as a distraction, although killing off nobles will help their cause as well. Kureto declares he will show Guren a world where the humans make the vampires into cattle.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 124.png

Kureto is later shown overseeing Angels being prepared for transport in large crates. Angels 6 and 7 are mentioned specifically. On their father's orders, Seishirō arrives with some soldiers in order to assist Kureto. He informs Kureto that their father will not tolerate failure, but Kureto laughs and tells him their father can be angry in Hell. The two argue, and Kureto's aide and another soldiers wipe out the unit Seishirō brought with him before he notices. Aoi informs him that preparations are complete.

When Seishirō hears that Kureto is getting on a helicopter, he asks where Kureto is going and says the vampires are headed to Shinjuku to attack them. Kureto states he will imprison the vampires in Nagoya. Seishirō says he will report Kureto for defying their father, so Kureto draws his sword. Seishirō panics and begs for his life. Kureto says that Seishirō's obedience to those in power makes him useful, so he tells Seishirō to wait in the brig until he returns with "supreme power." Kureto does not explain his plans to Seishirō.

Aoi informs him that the subject is in unstable condition with severe pain. He orders the drug dosage to be increased to force it back into submission. When she informs him that action may kill the subject, Kureto simply says humanity will die if it does not hold out anyway.

The only status report he has from Guren is, "Everything's fine." He laughs and orders his soldiers to hurry.

Kureto ultimately arrives at the Nagoya airport with Aoi. He identifies himself and congratulates them on their successful mission. He says that, thanks to their glorious sacrifices, humanity will now achieve complete victory over vampire-kind. He says he will take over now and orders them to put down their weapons and be at ease.

Shinya asks what exactly is going on. Kureto ignores his question and asks where Guren is. When Shinya states Guren has been captured by the vampires, Kureto asks which personality let that happen. He asks if Guren really intends to fool him, which puzzles Shinya. Kureto mocks Shinya and asks if he has not figured it out yet. Kureto states that Guren's original and weaker personality is desperate to save everyone and liked them enough that he probably tried to put on a brave face. When Shinya asks for more information, Kureto orders him to be silent.

Kureto orders Aoi to kill the "sacrifices," and he disarms Shinya when Shinya demands that Kureto wait.

Narumi approaches Kureto and asks what he is talking about. Kureto asks who he is and restates his order for the soldiers to drop their weapons. Narumi points out how many of them have died already and says it is his responsibility to keep his subordinates safe.

Kureto remarks on Narumi's passion and asks for his name. Shinya quickly shouts at Narumi to not tell him, but Kureto says Shinya cannot do anything to protect him anyway. Shinya pleads with Kureto to just let them leave.

Kureto says that he is in a particularly good mood today, which makes Rika relieved.

The experiment begins

Immediately afterward, he says that everyone is going to die anyway and orders the experiment to begin. Aoi launches chains from the ground at the surviving members of the Moon Demon Company. The chains stab at the survivors and hang their corpses in the air.

Narumi falls to his knees, asking what just happened. Shūsaku screams at Narumi to run until a second chain pierces through his chest. Enraged, Narumi charges at Kureto. Kureto smiles and says they had a glorious death for the sake of humanity's future. He says his actions are just and right.

Kureto tells Shinoa that he will let her live so long as she obeys him, but she orders everyone to flee. Kureto orders her death, and three chains launch at her. Yu suddenly appears and deflects the attack, surprising Shinoa.

Continuing after Yu's and Mika's arrival, Kureto notes that three of the surviving soldiers are Guren's soldiers with the black demons. Chains erupt out of one of the trucks, but Mika, Yu, and Kimizuki block them. Kureto says the black demon wielders have matured and muses having them for himself, but says that their owner will dispose of them.

An army of vampires arrive, cursing the insolent humans for their recent attack. Kureto summons his own army and orders them into battle to buy time for the experiment to be completed. The vampires and humans wage war, until Guren walks onto the battlefield. Kureto announces to Guren that it is time to begin, and warns Aoi that Heaven will smite them, but they will take that power and control it. He then orders his soldiers to bind the seraph completely. The seraph is revealed to be Mirai Kimizuki, who is turned into the fifth trumpet: the angel of destruction, and under Kureto's control. He decides to feed the rest of the sacrifices to the demon, Abaddon, to stabilize it.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 174.png

Suddenly, a pillar of fire appears, and Kureto asks what it is. A soldier reports that he is an unknown Seraph of the End currently activating within that pillar. When he asks how that is possible, the soldier states it may have been created from a different organization or else this might be a spontaneous occurrence.

If the seraph is left alone, Kureto says a catastrophe will once again end the world, and orders Aoi to crush the second seraph. The seraph flies away from Abaddon's blast, and Kureto sees that the new seraph is Yu. He orders a second attack from Abaddon, but Yu raises a barricade of earth before him which successfully blocks the attack. A soldier reveals that Yu has the second trumpet and is the King of Salt. Worried that Yu could kill Mirai, Kureto orders Aoi and his troops to kill the second trumpet.

Yu then manifests a sword, and Kureto in shock as Yu slices the manifestation of Abaddon in half.

Post-Nagoya Arc

Guren and Kureto attack Sanguinem

Three months later, outside at the entrance to Sanguinem, vampires quickly retreat, calling for their kind and the progenitors to escape. This was right before they are cut off-screen by the appearance of Kureto and Guren emerging out onto the battlefield in thin smoke.

Cooperatively, Guren and Kureto can be seen walking and fighting together side by side against the vampires with their demon weapons. While so, both men commanded their respective demons to attack the enemies before them. On the other hand, Mirai once more appears in her Seraph form as she is being accompanied by other JIDA soldiers throughout the war.

When Kureto returns to Shinjuku, he tells Guren of his plans to kill his father, Tenri Hīragi, because Tenri no longer has the right to lead. He orders Guren to help him and demands he convinces Shinya to join them.

Osaka Arc

Kureto is later seen in a car outside Shibuya, where after talking to his demon, he orders Aoi to activate the Seraph of the End in order to take over Shibuya. As Kureto's soldiers and Mirai attack the city, Kureto is seen heading towards the audience chamber with Aoi and a soldier racing behind him. The soldier reports that seventy percent of the soldiers have surrendered while thirty percent continues to resist, and Kureto orders them to be killed, which the soldier affirms before leaving. As they come closer to their destination, he and Aoi bring up how tough Tenri would be, and the likelihood that he could no longer a human, as no head of the Hīragi family had been a human for centuries. He then asks her if he has any chance of winning, which Aoi reassures that he will, and she will always be by his side.

Reaching the chamber, Kureto slices the doors down to see his father and some soldiers waiting for him. Tenri then attacks him with enchanted chains, which confirms Kureto's suspicions of his father no longer being human, and calls upon Raimeiki's power as he charges at his father. During the fight, Kureto is able to reach his father, but his attack gets blocked. He demands for his father to step down, which Tenri refuses while sending another chain to strike Kureto from behind. Aoi stops that attack with a barrier, which traps the enchanted from reaching Kureto. Tenri taunts Kureto's attachment to Aoi which Kureto responds by beheading him, but the chains reattach Tenri's head to his body.

Kureto is told by Tenri that as a Hīragi he has no need for comrades, but Kureto retorts that a king is not without people to protect. Wanting to prove Kureto's weakness, Tenri launches his chains at Aoi to force Kureto to save her. This distraction allows Tenri to cut off Krueto's leg and sword wielding arm to bring him to his knees.

Tenri scorns him for not having grown in eight years, but Kureto cuts him off because enough time was given for Abaddon to fire a beam at the building. Kureto grabs his detached arm as he dodges the beam, and impales Tenri through the throat and into a building. He demands for Tenri to tell him who has been manipulating the Hīragi Family, and is told that its a god that will be passed onto Kureto. Before dying, Tenri advises him to trust no one while still keeping his confidence, and praises Kureto for defeating him while maintaining his human heart, thus naming him the head of the family.

Stabbing Shikama Dōji

Kureto notes how easy his victory was and wonders what next when a voice greets him. Standing before Kureto is a six winged man, and when Kureto demands his identity, he asks him what Tenri called him. Kureto says an old god, which causes the angelic man to laugh as he explains he is not God as God has a more twisted personality than he, leading Kureto to believe that the man knows Him personally.

Kureto then stabs the man through the chest, telling him that he has prepared for years to kill him, which the angelic being said he would be grateful if he succeeds. This plan is Abaddon, but the winged man stops the demon's attack with a command, explaining that he started the Seraph of the End experiment. He then grabs Kureto and begins to possess him, and introduces himself as Shikama Dōji, the first vampire.

Following the encounter, Kureto regains consciousness and is able to stop his fall by impaling his sword through a building. Wondering if he is possessed, he asks Shikama aloud what he plans to do with him, but is met with silence. Looking forward, Kureto sees Raimeiki. He gets confirmed that Shikama is the first vampire, but when Kureto asks her if she met the first vampire before, Raimeiki reminds him that she, as a demon, has no memories of her previous life. She tells him

Shibuya Arc

After being possessed by Shikama Dōji, Kureto is seen sitting on a throne in a wide room. When Shinoa and Guren squad arrive at Shibuya, Kureto permitted only for Guren, Shinya and Shinoa to enter the room while Shikama Dōji stares at them beside Kureto.

Kureto proceeds to talk to Guren saying it's about time he has gotten back and that he has ordered him to protected Shinjuku and wonders where was he, Guren replies that he already did however Kureto denies the possibility he protected Shinjuku and says disobeying orders leads to executions. Guren tells him to go ahead and execute him and keeps saying he could've handled it on his own since he already killed Tenri, Kureto says it is true since he always handled everything on his own. Guren says to quit his whining but Kureto says he doesn't forgive traitors nevertheless and tells Guren he executes them. Kureto draws Raimeiki and confidently says he doesn't stand a chance against him when Guren says he is outnumbered. Indeed proving his decisive superiority over Guren and his comrades, now possessed by Shikama Dōji, Kureto is far stronger than before and easily incapacitates Shinya who drew his black demon instantly and proceeds to attack Guren but he manages to block the attack, but Kureto easily beats him and disarms and has his sword on Guren's throat but stops. Guren asks if Kureto is actually going to execute him, Kureto says he'd love to but he doesn't have time due to his current issue. Guren asks him if that issue is supposed to be with his current surge of power of his cursed gear but Kureto says this isn't his power he is using.

After Guren asks him what happened to him while he was gone Kureto says after he killed Tenri what has been possessing him moved to him and the one that possess every head of the Hīragi family for generations. Saying that Raimeiki is holding it for the time being but she can't hold it forever and the being will eventually invade his heart and take over his body, Guren asks him if it will kill him but Kureto says he doubts it or will he loses his sanity, he is unsure. When Guren asks him what has been possessing him Kureto answers saying that he says he isn't a god and Guren asks again what do they want to do for him, Kureto says if he ever goes insane he is to kill him but if he can to save him.

He is later shown with handcuffs on, Shinya teases him about how weak and defeated looking at him for the first time making Kureto desire to increase to strengthen Raimeiki to hold off Shikama Dōji longer, Shinya tells him he is a masochist. Kureto explains that he's being self-destructive desire to wallow and apathy and not care about anything to provide more power to his demon. Guren visits him and Shinya tells him that Kureto is a masochist, both of them teases Kureto which annoys him. He asks Guren how's Shinoa doing, and he reveals that she has been affected but she isn't bothered by Shikama Dōji the least and he adds that it went after Mahiru before which surprises him a little, saying she was always above him, Guren explains that Mahiru protected Shinoa until she was capable of handling him herself. Kureto questions if there is a way to prevent it taking over it's host, Guren doesn't know but says nevertheless he will save him reassuring him, but he doesn't have much time left.

After watching Yu tied up and a way to turn him back to a human he laughs at him, Yu is confused that he is chained, however Kureto tells him many things happened and laughs more about Yu idiotic actions which Shinya notes that laughing strengthens Raimeiki and Kureto knowing that which he is annoyed at, Shinya tells him to laugh more often even if it is not something interesting. Yu notes he changed and Guren informs him that he is just possessed by an unknown monster.

Physically shoving Yu and telling them to get lost, Kureto has everyone withdraw and orders the researchers to take Shinoa to the lab as she is transforming to a vampire.[14] He is asked by Yu if he is going to save her then hears he met with Shikama Doji which piques Kureto's interest. Asking if he did meet it, then what he said to it, Kureto learns that Shikama Doji knew Yu and Asuramaru, despite Mika's warning not to release such information. That Yu does not care as long as Shinoa is saved allows Kureto to question who Yu is for "that monster" to know him, more specifically what Yu is. Yu offers himself for examination to unlock his memories[15] instantly resulting in Kureto having soldiers detain him without a word on his part. Kureto declares that as of now Yu no longer has any freedom and is their experimental subject. As Yu beseeches him to save Shinoa, Kureto turns away and addressing him as a "guinea pig" he instructs him not to give him orders.[16]

He remains behind as Guren notices that Kureto is no longer under Shikama Dōji's control. Kureto notes the monster suddenly stopped attacking him, suspecting that even though he himself is the family head, it went after Shinoa being Mahiru's sister after all. Changing the topic of conversation to Yu, he asks Guren what he knew of him though gets no answers even after pointing out that Yu was a favorite of his. Enquiring where Guren dug him up he learns that it was Mahiru who found Yu. Hearing her name come up again, prior to her death she worked with Saitō who was also in the Hyakuya Sect, and whose name Kureto states out loud.[17] With it being kept a secret for so long Kureto wonders why Guren is releasing new information now, and wants to hear it all before guessing a curse is involved as to why Guren cannot reveal any details.[18] Making no headway there, not even what will happen if Guren does share what he knows, Kureto damns the situation. He demands to know what is going on, with vampire progenitors, demon curses what happened to human concerns. Stating that if Guren cannot answer, not to, but at least listen he clarifies that the monster went after Mahiru first. Guessing that Mahiru must have taken some sort of action to deal with it, Kureto speculates on the connection with Saitō and whether Mahiru chose him if he had a grudge against the first. Trying to discern what Guren is able to tell him, he wants to know about Saitō's goal and also Guren's goal. Perplexed by Guren's denial of answers Kureto asks what he is caught up in, and who or what is possessing him.[19]

He later joins Guren and Shinya as they work to subdue Mika after he attacks. After he dodged Shinya's assault Kureto is ready with his sword crackling with electricity. Ordering Raimeiki to roar the lightning emitted from his cursed gear leaves Mika on the ground swordless. Kureto stands by passively as Guren tries to reason with Mika.[20] After Guren tells Shinya and himself about Shikama Dōji considering if they can stop him, Kureto voices his opinion that they have no choice but to do so and even if they are trying to kill a god, they decide their fate for themselves. He dismisses Shinya's light teasing about his cool one liner and Kureto is firm that they must stop the first no matter how many sacrifices they make.[21] After a wounded Ferid tells them to run he and the group are surprised by Shinoa's arrival, who summons multiple scythes at them.[22]

As he fends off the scythes behind Guren, Kureto receives an emergency message from one of his soldiers that enemies have been spotted outside the walls. Remarking that of all the rotten times, he asks who is it. Hearing that it is the Hyakuya Sect, and seeing the first withdraw from their battle, Kureto declares that they join the battle against this new foe. He calls for Aoi to bring the Seraph of the End online and to pass the order to all units to not allow the Hyakuya Sect to enter Shibuya's walls.[23]

Asking about their situation and enemy numbers Kureto hears it is unknown and unclear. Informed by Aoi that the sky is filled with attack helicopters he orders them shot down and to deploy all their archers also adding to activate the Seraph of the End. Kureto does not know how enemy helicopters got so close without being detected and what their sentries were doing. He is told by Aoi that they used a curse based camouflage to conceal themselves.[24] Kureto considers it his mistake as he was so absorbed in fighting the vampires that he forgot to consider the possibility that they had human enemies remaining stating that is his mistake.

Stepping outside curse marks begin covering his face as he notes that they have more missiles that he can deal with and thinks what the net best course of action would be.[25] As helicopters begin to fire, Kureto orders his archers to concentrate on the choppers, he will take care of the missiles himself. Kureto instructs Raimeiki to go wild, to the limit and leaping to the sky he produces a lightning storm causing anything it makes contact with to explode.[26]

Post-Shibuya Arc

As huge fires burn and the Hyakuya Sect order a retreat with their mission done, Kureto shouts orders to not let any operatives escape, to pursue and capture them.[27] Kureto lies still as he is carried by second progenitor Urd Geales and brought alongside Shinya to the location of Saitō's prison.[28] Turned over by third progenitor Lest Karr, he lies unconscious[29] and remains so as his body is pierced by a chain from a pentagram that Saito has created.[30]

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

Kureto is highly intelligent from a young age, displaying great ability in making rational decisions. This is seen in the light novel where he figures out a way to get out of Mahiru's plan and tries to defeat her every possible ways he can, especially making sacrifices to achieve his objective. He is also charismatic enough that he is able to earn the loyalty of many of the soldiers and make them turn against his father. Kureto is also intelligent enough to keep a perceptive eye on Guren, which makes him suspicious of Guren's agenda, thinking he was planning a coup and doing things his own way behind the shadows, having enough knowledge of him that he was the only one aware about Guren having a second personality, something that even Shinya, who is close to Guren, was not able to figure out on his own, and he also easily saw through his lies of his success in creating three candidates of the Black Demon Series as being a mere chance. Along with that, from knowing the experiment on the Cursed Gear, he has adept knowledge on the science regarding it, as he knew that in order to master the power of the demon inside the weapons, it is required to perfectly tame the demon's power with complete control of the desires within, which he used to successfully lecture and reason with Guren to snap him out of Noya's influence.

Kureto's combat abilities are incredible, particularly in swordsmanship, and he is shown to have great physical might as he could control Raimeiki, a demon with lightning ability that bought great strain to his body, completely even at a young age, something that even the extremely talented Guren Ichinose could not do at that age. During their late teens, Kureto's skills in swordsmanship was almost equal to Guren, with Guren being forced to take him seriously despite still holding back to keep up with him, and when Kureto used his complete control over the power of his cursed gear, he quickly overpowered the suppressed Guren, easily surpassing Guren's physical strength and speed while going all out with his newly-formed power, cornering him by the wall one-sidedly, effectively winning the fight. Even when Guren was using the full power of Noya, with his almost equal skills and slightly superior speed, he could effectively stalemate Guren long enough to make Guren distracted, proceeding to defeat him again. Kureto also soundly defeated Yu, a renowned fighter despite his age, in a matter of seconds, to the point of being able to calmly mock Yu for his inferior abilities. Even Aoi Sangū, one of the most talented members of the Sangū Family, acknowledges his strength.

While temporary possessed by Shikama Dōji, Kureto gained a tremendous boost in physical power, as he was able to simultaneously get up from his throne while also disarming Shinya before proceeding to defeat and disarm Guren within a matter of seconds.

Cursed Gear

Kureto Cheats.jpg

  • Raimeiki (雷鳴鬼 Raimeiki?, lit. "Thunder Demon"): A possession-type demon weapon of the Black Demon Series. it takes on the form of a black katana with a glowing green streak down the middle. Kureto can call on Raimeiki to possess him, which causes his arm wielding the sword to be enveloped with streaks of lightning, which require great physical strength to endure and control it. This enhancement allows Kureto to move at lightning speed instantly, which even caught his opponent by surprise before they can react to it. The demon weapon serves to be both a defensive and offensive mechanism. He can also shoot lightning from the blade. Additionally, Kureto is able to activate Raimeiki to it's maximum limit, this allows him to even produce a massive amount of electricity and it's power and speed.

  • Anime:
    • In contrast to the manga, when using Raimeiki to possess him, Kureto is able to instead shoot electricity out from his blade to strike at his intended target upon range, throwing them off-course on air quickly at high speed rather than enhancing his speed.
    • Kureto can summon a bolt of lightning within the air to strike Yu, causing him to fall down on the ground though the latter remains standing and unfazed by his surprised attack. More so, he was able to temporarily keep Yu at bay for at least a few seconds with its lightning strike before being blow away by the clash's recoil while Yu was in Seraph Mode.[31]
    • When he clashes with Yu while Yu was in Seraph Mode, Kureto can drastically enhance his physical strength with electricity to temporarily keep Yu at bay for at least a few seconds.[31]


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Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 2

I don’t believe you. You have motive. You bear a grudge against the Hīragi Clan, and would have seen the merit in joining with the Thousand Nights. You’ve been lying, pretending to be weaker than you are. That’s proof enough.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 3, page 226

You can drop the act, already. If you’re as powerless as you say, then you’re going to die in this gymnasium, right here and now. If you’ve been lying and are stronger than you say, then we’re going to inject you with a truth serum and torture you until we find out how you are connected to the Thousand Nights.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 3, page 228-229

…Hmph. It seems the next leader of the Ichinose Clan has finally shown his true colors.

–Kureto. Chapter 3, page 233

Ahaha! So that’s the real Guren. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Still, it isn’t often I get the chance to test my strength against a real opponent. Who’d have thought that such talent could be hiding in a lowly branch family? I’m going to enjoy this.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 3, page 233

Are you serious? Only a fool would care about something as childish as that. You’re no fool either, are you, Guren? You were planning to lose to me. I’ve already gotten a good idea of how strong you are. You’re clearly very capable. We’re going to investigate you now to determine whether you’ve been working with the Thousand Nights. Should our suspicions be cleared, we’ll put you to use as a valuable new soldier for the Hīragi Clan. Truth serum and torture will be waiting for you when you wake. Until then, sleep well, Guren Ichinose.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 3, page 234

By the way, your father came to the compound to make a complaint. He insisted that we let his son go. We took him into custody for questioning. He told us exactly what you did. That the Ichinose Clan had received an invitation from the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights, but you couldn’t come to an agreement. And then this war started while you were still considering your answer. Your father is very weak. He broke down and talked for five hours before you did. His heart even gave out, in the end.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4, page 240

That’s the first real emotion you’ve shown, isn’t it? That expression of anger? Everything up until now has just been an act, hasn’t it? Even under torture, you only shared information you deemed to be safe, didn’t you? Incredible. I should commend you. It’s not often that someone of such talent is born into such a lowly, minor clan. Don’t worry. Your father isn’t dead. We revived him and sent him home. You’re very strong, Guren. But it’s like you said. You’re just one person. Being strong doesn’t change anything. The Ichinose Clan are nothing but crawling ants in comparison to the Hīragi Clan. You could never be a threat to us. We see that now.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4, page 240

You still don’t get it? I’ve always been your master. Every day up until now and every day hence. Your children, and your children’s children, and so on and so on, will be servants to the Hīragis. Always and forever. That reminds me, I sent your weapon back to the Ichinose compound, along with your father. I’ll have a stronger weapon for you tomorrow, something more suited to your abilities.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4, page 242

You asked if I was playing principal. You should understand that my decisions hold more weight at this school than the principal’s. The principal of this school would march to his own death, if I so ordered it. The same applies to you, Guren Ichinose. You and the principal are in the same position at this school. I am the master, and you are my followers. Understood?

–Kureto. Chapter 6, page 274

The Thousand Nights has already broken our non-aggression pact. We are at war.

–Kureto. Chapter 6, page 277

As long as you produce results, I don’t care how you get things done.

–Kureto. Chapter 6, page 279

Besides, Guren is no longer a threat. He swore total allegiance. Didn’t you, Guren? Your sword is already drawn, while I am completely unarmed. If you wanted to kill me, now would be your chance. And yet you don’t. Why is that? It’s because you know your place in the order of things. Deep down you think you harbor ambition. But that ambition is just a façade. You need it to sustain yourself. In reality, however, you know, more than anyone else, that those ambitions will never come to be realized. The difference in power between the Ichinose Clan and the Hīragi Clan is just too great. That’s the truth, isn’t it, Guren?

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 6, page 280

Book 3

This level of torture is nothing to a Hīragi. Just look at her. She’s smiling.

–Kureto to Guren about Shinoa. Chapter 4

Even if she doesn’t talk, though, there is something precious that we can take from her. Something that can never be recovered once it’s lost. Isn’t that right, Guren? …Shinoa is only eight years old. She’s never even been in love. Maybe she should lose that precious ‘something’ right now… What do you think? …If you don’t like seeing children tortured, I imagine you must want to protect her.

–Kureto to Guren about Shinoa. Chapter 4

Your opinion of me doesn’t matter. You don’t plan on lecturing me now about what an ugly, dirty world we live in, do you?

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

No, I only believe what I see with my own two eyes. That’s why I haven’t killed you. Or Shinoa. We need to figure out what the Thousand Nights’ motive is for sharing this information, instead of letting their propaganda turn our heads. We tried to get answers out of the messenger from the Thousand Nights, but unfortunately our interrogator got carried away with the questioning. The messenger died prematurely.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Her injuries are all makeup. Shinoa hasn’t been tortured. I would never subject my adorable little sister to something so pointless, Guren. After all, it’s not as if she would talk.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

I’ve decided to trust you. You are one of my most valued retainers, after all.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Haha. You should see your face. This is why I trust you, Guren. Because of your humanity. Because you couldn’t abandon Shinoa just now. By the way, I actually announced Shinoa’s death sentence last night. I did it through channels that I knew the Thousand Nights, and anyone else keeping tabs on the Hīragi Clan, are aware of. Of course, I also made sure that you and Shinya wouldn’t catch wind of the verdict. In any case, what do you suppose happened?

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Her control of the situation is amazing, isn’t it? She truly is smart. With this one email, she made me question everything I was thinking. Was it wise to kill Shinoa? To kill you? To kill Shinya? Who are my enemies, and who are my friends? How much of this scenario has she engineered? Am I being played? We’ve been getting caught with our pants down since the very beginning of this. Too many lives were sacrificed the day the Thousand Nights attacked the school. And Mahiru’s been the one in the driver’s seat all along.

–Kureto to Guren about Mahiru. Chapter 4

Mahiru is frightening. She always has been. Not at all like you, Guren. You’re the kind of person who draws his blade in the heat of the moment because the little sister of some girl you like is about to get killed. But that’s also why I trust you. You have humanity. You would never betray your friends. You’re not one of the people at the center of all this. You’re just some slob fool who got used by a woman.

–Kureto to Guren about Mahiru. Chapter 4

You don’t need to answer. I wouldn’t believe you no matter what you said. But I will give you a piece of advice. You shouldn’t trust Mahiru. I know that she’s very beautiful…but she’s a monster, Guren.

–Kureto to Guren about Mahiru. Chapter 4

I’m not interested in outdated conventions. What harm would come of a Hīragi and an Ichinose being united? We’re too bogged down with unproductive fights as it is. If you are all going to be under my command in the end, then I see no reason not to accept you into our fold. Do you understand what I’m saying, Guren? If you find Mahiru, hold onto her tight and don’t let her go again… And if you can’t do that, kill her. Because if you don’t, she’ll bring death to everyone around her. Do you want to know how many people died in the Thousand Nights’ attack on the school?

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Enough with the pleasantries. You betrayed the Hīragis and ran away. Because of you, countless friends and comrades of ours are dead. What was the point of all that killing? Why did you disappear?

–Kureto to Mahiru. Chapter 4

You’ve lost your mind, Mahiru. What you’re doing will spread death indiscriminately.

–Kureto to Mahiru. Chapter 4

I won’t allow this. I won’t allow you to blatantly massacre our followers in this way. I will protect my people.

–Kureto to Mahiru. Chapter 4

Book 4

I have one goal in everything I do. My role is to secure all profit and interest in any given situation for the Hīragi Clan, and the Order of the Imperial Demons.

–Kureto to Shinya. Chapter 2

No, it’s what I want. It’s what I’m here for. In the end, people are blank slates. Hollow. Like an empty box. They’re formed by their environment. They become a person in the process of fulfilling the role assigned to them… Don’t waste time worrying about something like that right now, Shinya. I will grant you your new role in life. As long as you follow me, you will find new purpose. I am your one true leader.

–Kureto to Shinya. Chapter 2

This is the epicenter, Shinya. Where everything is happening. I’m not talking about some huge battle across Japan. That’s child’s play. That sort of thing that could happen at any given time, on any given day. What’s happening here… might very well be the evolution of the human race. If the cursed gear is perfected, and we can regulate it as an organization, everything will change. Japan, the world… It will all belong to the Order of the Imperial Demons. My job is to make sure that happens.

–Kureto to Shinya. Chapter 3

If you value your life, you’d better stop challenging me in front of my men. I plan on saving Guren, too. It was the last thing he asked me to do.

–Kureto to Shinya. Chapter 3

It doesn’t matter how we get there. In the end, I still come out the winner.

–Kureto to Shinya. Chapter 3

The Hīragi Clan are the ones who started what Mahiru has been up to. You thought Mahiru was the one researching forbidden magic? Wrong. It started with us. And now our work has finally produced results.

–Kureto to Shinya. Chapter 3

We’ve managed to rein in the impulses of the curse. We’ve created a version where we can control its power. It’s a rational weapon, with a large margin of safety. And what’s the problem with that? What could you and Mahiru ever hope to accomplish wielding weapons you can’t control?

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Hahaha. When the demon tried to tempt me, I wasn’t thinking of Mahiru. My desires lie elsewhere.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Don’t do it. Hold on to your reason. This is your weakness. Anytime someone else is hurt, you promptly lose your cool.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

The clan leaders wanted to ‘exterminate every last Ichinose rate,’ but I told them you had only been researching cursed gear under my orders. I protected your people.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

If you want to protect your friends, then kill Mahiru. You have one month. If you haven’t killed her by that time, I’ll start by killing your father. If another month passes and you still haven’t done it, I’ll kill a hundred of your followers. But I have faith that you’ll manage to kill Mahiru before then. You’re very talented. By the way, we’ve already taken a sample of your blood. The research will continue. If they discover anything, I’ll have them share it with you. There’s nothing else left for you to do here. Go home and rest.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Book 5

I think I’ll kill Guren either way, even if you don’t care… I’ll torture him for three days, starting today. First I’ll hack off his arms and legs, then I’ll carve out his eyes, slice out his tongue, and start shredding his body into a million little pieces. And then I’ll kill him. I’ll do it right here, in this warehouse. Either come back right away or I’ll drag Guren here in your place…

–Kureto to Mahiru. Chapter 1

The Order of the Imperial Demons stands behind me. I will defeat you from within the bounds of human reason. You may be willing to go to any length, but I plan to create a different future from the one you’ve been careening toward.

–Kureto to Mahiru. Chapter 1

If you want to kill me, then kill me. Even if you do, the Hiragi Clan will remain.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 4

Book 6

Just to be clear, I was satisfied with the results you brought back. I was against the execution. It was my father who decided.

–Kureto to Guren after Sakae Ichinose’s execution. Chapter 1

In any case, I’m glad to see you didn’t get yourself killed today. You’re an important piece on my board, Guren.

–Kureto to Guren. Chapter 3

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

Well done, Lieutenant Colonel Ichinose. Good job for a piece of trash from an insignificant junior branch family.

–Kureto to Guren. "Everyone's a Sinner"

Whoever defies humanity... defies the Japanese Imperial Demon Army... or dares defy us, the Hīragi family... must be taught a very thorough, painful lesson.

–Kureto against the vampires. "Everyone's a Sinner"

This is the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. No one goes against the wishes of the Hīragi family.

–Kureto to Yu. "Cursed Guinea Pig"

Yūichirō Hyakuya. Become my subordinate. I will guide you.

–Kureto to Yu. "Cursed Guinea Pig"

But what you did illustrated your weak point. No matter what happens... you cannot betray your friends. Family. Lovers. Romance. Friendship. You know those are all emotional attachments that must be cut... but you're incapable of severing them. That makes you weak. You are unworthy of being a leader. But... that is precisely why I trust you, Guren. You can't betray your friends. You will never be a threat to me.

–Kureto to Guren. "Ambition in the Demon Army"

But if you have no vision, no end goal, then you're better off dead. Anyone who sacrifices others for simple greed, with no vision... They're evil.

–Kureto to Guren. "Ambition in the Demon Army"

First, I'm going to eradicate all vampires in Japan. Then, I'm going to find all other surviving human organizations and crush them... uniting the entire world under the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Japan will be the center of the world. I will build a vampire-free paradise.

–Kureto to Guren. "Ambition in the Demon Army"

So shut up and follow your orders. If you do... I'll show you a world where humans make the vampires into cattle.

–Kureto to Guren. "Ambition in the Demon Army"

If I fail now, all of humanity will die. Father can feel free to be as mad at me as he likes... in Hell.

–Kureto to Seishirō. "Crowley in Control"

After today, I'm going to be the hero who saved the world.

–Kureto to Seishirō. "Crowley in Control"

Soldiers! I am Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi! One of the rulers of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army!! Well done on your successful mission! Thanks to the glorious sacrifices of the Moon Demon Company, humanity will finally achieve complete victory over vampire-kind! I shall take over from here. All of you put down your weapons and be at ease!

–Kureto to the survivors of the Moon Demon Company shortly before he orders their execution. "The Beginning of the Plan"

What? Haven't you figured it out yet? Ah well. His original, weaker personality is still desperate to save everyone... and he did like you, so he probably tried to put on a brave face.

–Kureto to Shinya about Guren. "The Beginning of the Plan"

It's time to begin. Aoi, kill the sacrifices.

–Kureto commanding Aoi to kill off the surviving Moon Demon Company soldiers. "The Beginning of the Plan"

Are you telling me to ignore his insubordination? Ah well. I am in a particularly good mood today. Plus, they're all going to die anyway. Begin the experiment.

–Kureto to Shinya and then Aoi about Narumi's insubordination immediately before Aoi kills the surviving soldiers. "The Beginning of the Plan"

Don't fuss. Theirs was a glorious death for the sake of humanity's future. Thanks to the few sacrifices of this experiment, many will be saved. This... is just. It is right.

–Kureto when Narumi reacts to the annihilation of his squad at Kureto's command. "The Beginning of the Plan"

DO NOT FEAR THEM!! Today is the day that humanity conquers vampire-kind!! But first, we must buy time until the experiment is complete!! STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR HUMANITY'S NEW FUTURE!!

–Kureto to his troops. "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

Here it comes, Aoi! Heaven is going to smite those who dared to break its taboo... But we will take that power, and we will control it!! Don't let the seraph escape! Bind it completely!!

–Kureto to Aoi. "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

Another catastrophe will end the world. Again. God seems determined to smite us. But even if God himself is our enemy, humanity will still push forward into the future!! Aoi! Crush that second seraph!

–Kureto. "Arrogant Love"

It was for the sake of humanity's future. You killed people too. You did it because you knew it meant something.

–Kureto to Guren. "Prayer's Price"

Father and his cronies hide in safety, never setting foot near the front lines. They live only to maintain their own influence. It is high time I showed them the power of the Seraph of the End that we made.

–Kureto to Guren. "Prayer's Price"

I'm going to Shibuya... to kill my father.

–Kureto to Guren. "Prayer's Price"

I don't have any dreams. Father is weak. He is no longer fit to lead the Hīragi Family. Our world is a harsh place now. A tiger who can't hunt has no right to live.

–Kureto to Guren. "Prayer's Price"

Humanity must come together as a single, united force to fight against this rotten world. That's why the time is right. I am going to kill Father... and announce the coming of a new generation. Once that happens, I expect a faction war to erupt in Shinjuku. You are going to quell it.

–Kureto to Guren. "Prayer's Price"

Then on whose shoulders are we to stand?! Who are we to lead?! A king with no people to protect is no king at all!!

–Kureto to Tenri Hīragi. "Defining a King"

How do you like that, Father? Everything went according to plan. Right down to you dropping your guard when I 'protected a useless underling' and promptly launching into a long-winded monologue on my failings.

–Kureto to Tenri Hīragi. "Defining a King"

Hold still. I'm going to kill you. I've been preparing to for years.

–Kureto to Shikama Dōji. "Defining a King"

What my desires are doesn't matter. I have complete control of myself.

–Kureto to Raimeiki. "A Reason to Survive"

Defeating father has only made me the new puppet in his place. To resist that control, I need more greed. More desire. Desire...

–Kureto's thoughts before kissing Aoi Sangū. "A Reason to Survive"

If I go insane, kill me. But, if you can... save me.

–Kureto to Guren, Shinya, and Shinoa after he explains his situation being possessed by Shikama Dōji. "Three Black Demons"

We have no choice but to stop it. Even if we are simple puppets turning our toy swords on a god… …We will decide our fates for ourselves.

–Answering Guren’s question on whether they can stop the first. "Rescue for the Devil", page 15


  • Kureto 「暮人」 means "Dusk person."
  • Hīragi 「柊」 means "Holly."
  • Kureto likes fishing.
  • In chapter 14, Kureto promises to give Guren a reward for his efforts in Shinjuku. It turned out to be chocolate ice cream.
  • He and Seishirō are biological brothers.
  • Despite being slightly inferior to Guren, he has never been bested by Guren in a fight and has defeated him in each and every time they fought due to Guren either holding back, getting distracted or couldn't use his full power.
  • According to the official fanbook:[2]
    • Interest/Likes: [Interests] A bright future for mankind/An environment where his subordinates can work easily [Likes] A good pillow for sleeping
    • Favorite food: Black tea/Carbonated drinks
    • What he looks for in the opposite sex: Females who can give birth to superior children/Females who aren’t obedient to him