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Kureto Hīragi as a member of the Hīragi Family has always enjoyed a distinguished position regardless of his location. At First Shibuya High School he was the school president where the headteacher was said to defer to his judgement. From students acting on his behalf, back then he could depend on Aoi Sangū as an aide which has continued to the present day.

Not as close to his brother Seishirō Hīragi, he was unable to overcome Mahiru Hīragi in physical contact and would be wary of her capabilities. Loyal to his family house, and finding it troubled by the Hyakuya Sect, he would seek to have Guren Ichinose as a tool to deal with certain problems. Similar when fighting Vampires, where Kureto had reached the rank of Lieutenant General, he would sit in on high ranking army meetings with his father, Tenri Hīragi, yet initially have others perform duties he needed completed. Often sending Moon Demon Company units into battle first, led by Guren, he would deliver sizeable victories for humankind against vampires, yet on occasion it involved sacrificing his own soldiers.

In successfully weaponizing a Fifth Trumpet, he did the seemingly impossible task of conquering a vampire city, which drew foreign progenitors such as Urd Geales to Japan. Finding his demon, Raimeiki was struggling to contain Shikama Dōji, the being who had possessed previous heads of the family, Kureto turned to Guren and his adoptive brother Shinya Hīragi for assistance. Being ruthless and willing to torture others if they are suspected of being a traitor results in hardened servants loyal to his every whim, with a few humans such as his relative Shinoa Hīragi, afraid of what he does. Kureto interacts with various other characters, mostly human, throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Kureto's relationships with other characters.


The Hīragi Family that Kureto is a member of was the strongest of the family houses that were of prominence before the catastrophe, and to an even greater extent after it. Inspiring fear in others, much of Kureto's social advantages in life came from his association with the family. While the concept of family itself was not based in familial bonds, where there were none, it was rather in the power the name and ranks afforded. Kureto was fine in embracing this, where he was not exactly friendly with blood relatives or adopted members at all. For all his secrets, Kureto was upfront about establishing the Hiragi house as a global power to rule over a reclaimed world. Loyal to the family name, Kureto placed it above his own life.

If you want to kill me, then kill me. Even if you do, the Hiragi Clan will remain.

–Above himself was the house that was of paramount importance. Catastrophe Book 5: Chapter 4

Aware of their practices, indeed taking part in them, Kureto benefitted from spies and accomplices to help gather information. Students, members of faculty, to researchers, and later a greater amount of Japanese Imperial Demon Army soldiers were at his disposal, where all were under the control of the Hiragi family. While Mahiru was making strides in the development of weapons, Kureto felt its foundation came from the Hiragi house itself, not just her initiative to explore the unknown.

The Hīragi Clan are the ones who started what Mahiru has been up to. You thought Mahiru was the one researching forbidden magic? Wrong. It started with us. And now our work has finally produced results.

–Aware of the Hiragi Clan's activities into spellcraft development. Catastrophe Book 4: Chapter 3

Where Cursed Gear was developed, it would indeed be the case that the Hiragi house could gather human forces, and expand its territory to seize it back from the vampires who rose up to enslave humanity. Never permitting the Hiragis to be betrayed, or questioned, Kureto would take himself to the top of the clan.

Tenri Hīragi[]

Although he follows his father, Tenri Hīragi's orders, Kureto does not hold any loyalty to him. He betrays his father's orders in small ways to help Guren find Mahiru. While generally acting of his own accord, Kureto would do this even more as the campaign to defeat vampires intensified. It reached the point where Kureto no longer cared about antagonizing Tenri as he hurried to complete his seraph experiment in order to blockade the vampires at Nagoya. After his success in activating a seraph, and sacking a vampire city, at that point Kureto turned his attention to Tenri.

I don't have any dreams. Father is weak. He is no longer fit to lead the Hīragi Family. Our world is a harsh place now. A tiger who can't hunt has no right to live.

–Sharing his views to Guren on Tenri's position. Chapter 47: "Prayer's Price"

Calling Tenri father, but regarding him as the head of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, he felt his occupation of that role was no longer tenable. Where Kureto had been on the front lines, and led victories in person, during a respite he judged it appropriate to replace the head of the army with someone who acted in such a capacity. Shockingly for all the wariness about treason, where family infighting was not infrequent, Kureto spoke openly to Guren about his intent.

I'm going to Shibuya... to kill my father.

–Open with Guren concerning the drastic act of overthrowing Tenri. Chapter 47: "Prayer's Price"

It did not have to be himself who became the new head, Kureto did not seize power from Tenri out of greed, not even ambition, rather a feeling of necessity given the circumstances of the world. Having said that, the world was certainly a lot safer where Kureto was concerned, having acquired a series of victories, and backed with an army, plus a seraph under his control. Given that, it could have been an excuse to establish himself as the head of the army to afford himself a greater degree of control since many soldiers were still loyal to Tenri. However, just as likely is that Kureto saw something as weak to acted to strike it down as fast as he could.

Racing to meet his father as he launched an all-out attack, Kureto considered that Tenri may not be human anymore and expressed doubts to Aoi on whether he could even prevail. In his mind, the suspicions about Tenri's humanity were confirmed when Kureto witnessed him produce chain like weapons from his body that could assume the appearance of snakes. It was further the case when Kureto observed that Tenri's limbs could be severed, but were able to re-attach due to the chains. Bringing Aoi with him who could set up a barrier around them, Kureto endured his own leg and arm be cut off from his father's chain weapons.

Having prepared beforehand, Kureto had learned from past encounters. Where the barrier placed around them served as a homing beacon, it acted as a target for Abaddon to fire upon. In keeping Mirai Kimizuki, whose body was occupied by the Fifth Trumpet, the demon Abaddon who had been summoned to the world by that entity could be used by Kureto to blast his father where he could not. The ploy succeeding, Kureto wasted no time in lunging to skewer the upper remains of Tenri into the side of a building.

Pinning his father there, Kureto mentioned how defending subjects is not a weakness for a king needs them. Adding that him moving to defend Aoi, it lured Tenri into initiating a lecture how that was weakness. This allowed the time for Abaddon to locate the target spell barrier that Tenri stood oblivious in. Not lowering his guard, Kureto sought information on what was behind the Hiragi family's power. Before his father passed away, Kureto heard Tenri inform him that it was an old god.

Mahiru Hīragi[]

Acutely aware that his younger half-sister Mahiru Hīragi was more capable than himself, Kureto tended to his duties, while keeping her activities in mind. In high school, the two were competing against each other for the head of the Hīragi family, where it was not automatically Kureto's due to what Mahiru was capable of.

Having jealousy towards her due to her abilities, when he was acting serious, Kureto would find Mahiru would often would play around him. During a sparring match, Kureto was pitted against Mahiru and ordered her to not hold back. She didn't, and Kureto was thrown over her shoulder to also find a spell tag had also been placed on his forehead.

Finding Mahiru's traits were becoming more pronounced as her demon side became stronger, Kureto was subjected to her light-hearted nature becoming more mocking. Hearing Mahiru say that she never felt envy towards him, Kureto also heard what he suspected, that father would trust her more since she was stronger. In keeping her in the back of his mind, Kureto would warn Guren about her.

You don’t need to answer. I wouldn’t believe you no matter what you said. But I will give you a piece of advice. You shouldn’t trust Mahiru. I know that she’s very beautiful…but she’s a monster, Guren.

–Warning Guren about Mahiru. Catastrophe Book 3: Chapter 4

That Mahiru was a problem for him, more so given that there was a traitor to the Hiragi family, and that the Hyakuya Sect were becoming a more potent force, seemed to factor into Kureto's decision to trust Guren. Where Kureto was somewhat restricted by working within the confines of what was available to him, such as turning to family spies and soldiers at his disposal, he would branch out due to Mahiru.

I’m not interested in outdated conventions. What harm would come of a Hīragi and an Ichinose being united? We’re too bogged down with unproductive fights as it is. If you are all going to be under my command in the end, then I see no reason not to accept you into our fold. Do you understand what I’m saying, Guren? If you find Mahiru, hold onto her tight and don’t let her go again… And if you can’t do that, kill her. Because if you don’t, she’ll bring death to everyone around her. Do you want to know how many people died in the Thousand Nights’ attack on the school?

–With increasing problems, Kureto turns to others to deal with Mahiru. Catastrophe Book 3: Chapter 4

In fighting Mahiru with himself and the rule of his family at stake, Kureto is able to overpower her briefly. Not above it, Kureto would not hesitate to use sacrifices to defeat Mahiru, and comments it is for humanity sake, not just his own. Ultimately defeated by Mahiru, they both talk. Asking why she did not kill him, Kureto hears Mahiru cares about him. Where it was questioningly, Kureto shows disgust towards the comment.

Hearing Mahiru admit to him that she had been watching his every step since they were kids, Kureto mentally notes he had done the same with her. In watching, while she always wore a sad expression, he had a pained one. Told he was a really important older brother figure for her, despite everything, Kureto was trusted because he was able to push away his desires in order to pursue his goals, unlike her.

Asked by her to move forwards, Kureto is requested to keep a few trustworthy allies by his side. Kureto then admits to himself that Mahiru was one of the few people he could trust besides Shinya and Guren. Later, while he talks with his father, Kureto finds out Mahiru had never betrayed the Hīragi. He learns that she had been used as an experimental subject so they would not experiment on Shinoa, as they were using her as a hostage.

Eight years later, Kureto would not be aware that after Mahiru became Guren's weapon (the demon Mahiru-no-Yo) his orders were encouraged to be ignored in favor of theirs.

Seishirō Hīragi[]

Attending school, and army meetings with his younger brother Seishirō Hīragi, he rarely interacts with him. Having nothing but disgust for him, Kureto distastefully calls Seishirō an incompetent and useless coward as he never takes place on the front lines. Not considering his assistance at all, neither swayed by his threats to inform father of what Kureto is doing, he is fully willing to threaten him to the point where Seishirō begs to not be killed. Noting that were he not useful to him, Kureto states he would have killed him already. It is Seishirō's subservience and grovelling that likely saves him, as Kureto is satisfied with that.

Implied to be unaware that Seishirō has an inferiority complex towards him, and plans to defeat him one day, nonetheless Kureto was not intimidated by him at all. He knows fully well Seishirō does not actually have the power to challenge him. Evidently having arranged for Aoi to murder Seishirō's guards that he arrived with, Kureto then has him imprisoned. While claiming to have use for him later, Kureto does not seem to have given him any further thought.

Shinya Hīragi[]

Making it through harsh trials, Shinya Hīragi was a non-family member adopted into his Hīragi family, thus became a brother. That Shinya was arranged to marry his sister Mahiru seems to have no bearing on Kureto treating him coldly. Where Kureto is harsh in general, he is not above punching him, as he did when Shinya went easy on Guren when he ordered him to attack him. Kureto later admits to himself Shinya is one of the few people he could really trust, besides Guren. He lets him escape with the rest of Guren's Squad and acts as their hostage as a decoy.

If you value your life, you’d better stop challenging me in front of my men. I plan on saving Guren, too. It was the last thing he asked me to do.

–Attempting to work with Shinya. Catastrophe Book 4: Chapter 3

Alongside Shinya, he brought the main force of the Demon Army to free Shinjuku from the vampire invasion underway. Having him present during interrogations of cursed gear users chosen by Guren, it seemed both on account of Shinya's connection to the Hiragi family, and because Kureto also suspected him of being a potential spy. When presenting him to Yu, he says that Shinya originally comes from a lower branch family, so no one would care if he died.

He's Major General Shinya Hīragi. Like Guren, he's originally from a junior branch family, and is detested because of it. So if you want to kill him, go ahead. Nobody will care.

–To Yu when Shinya declines to give his name. Chapter 17 "Cursed Guinea Pig"

Despite the harsh, and likely genuinely felt words, Kureto still trusted Shinya to join the interrogation where Kureto had Yoichi and Kimizuki stabbed in front of Yu. Although it may not be an indicator as to the extent of his trust, Kureto asks Aoi to call him and Guren, as they will be more reliable than him since he became possessed by Shikama Dōji. If anything, Kureto knew Shinya would be dependable, and indulging a forbidden to him desire of expressing trust, Shinya was the one who came to mind.

At Shibuya, he would join Shinya and Guren in subduing Mika when he suspected them of being puppets of the First. They were also natural allies in fighting against the surprise attack from the Hyakuya Sect. As the commanders of the Demon Army, they were targets of another hostile faction. Both Kureto and Shinya were apprehended by Urd, where their black demons were used in a maneuver to capture the First.

Shinoa Hīragi[]

Having nor wanting anything to do with his younger half-sister Shinoa, he sees her use in being a hostage. Before the apocalypse, he had Shinoa strapped to a chair with evidence on her that she had been tortured. Kureto threatened to have her raped in his interrogation of Guren.

Even if she doesn’t talk, though, there is something precious that we can take from her. Something that can never be recovered once it’s lost. Isn’t that right, Guren? …Shinoa is only eight years old. She’s never even been in love. Maybe she should lose that precious ‘something’ right now… What do you think? …If you don’t like seeing children tortured, I imagine you must want to protect her.

–To Guren about Shinoa where he has involved them both in his interrogation. Catastrophe Book 3: Chapter 4

In trying to learn about Mahiru's activities, Kureto suspected Shinoa would not talk. Although Kureto was comfortable with having others tortured, Shinoa was a rare case where it was not really the case. Having had makeup applied to Shinoa to create the effects, Kureto was just using her to undermine Guren's morale.

Her injuries are all makeup. Shinoa hasn’t been tortured. I would never subject my adorable little sister to something so pointless, Guren. After all, it’s not as if she would talk.

–A rare situation of valuing someone's wellbeing, temporarily. Catastrophe Book 3: Chapter 4

That Shinoa would not reveal anything was likely a major factor into Kureto's decision to stage this. In his continued goal of trying to discern what Guren knows, Kureto would threaten Shinoa, this time where it was not apparently planned where he said he would break her neck.

She is the only member of her squad who Kureto did not ask about the battle at Shinjuku. While not arriving specifically to save her, in joining the fight for the city on humanity's side, Kureto likely prevented Shinoa from being captured by the vampires should they have prevailed in their invasion. Where Kureto had summoned members of her squad, their relation seemingly had no bearing on his decision to torture some, and grant a promotion to Mitsuba. Very much not even thought of, it seems Shinoa did not even enter Kureto's mind.

During the battle in Nagoya where Shinoa and her squad were sent on what was by all accounts a suicide mission, Kureto offered her a chance to join him in gaining power. With the Seraph of the End experiment taking place, Kureto considered her family name in sparing her as others were sacrificed. Ultimately, Kureto tried to sacrifice Shinoa as well when she refused.

Seen to be indifferent to Shinoa deserting the Demon Army, with her arriving in Shibuya, Kureto requested her presence alone with Guren and Shinya. As Kureto was being possessed by Shinoa's demon, Shikama Doji, he discussed how the monster was targeting members of the Hiragi family. Having her treated when she began to be possessed by Shikama Dōji, rather than just killing her to stop it, Kureto was more interested in the background of the demon rather than who it was after, relieved if anything that it was not him.

In discussing how they would fight back, Kureto came under attack by Shinoa where the First was in control of her body. While Kureto was occupied with the invading Hyakuya Sect forces, he would be unable to focus on how Shinoa's body had developed seraph like wings due to the First within and was engaging Saito.

Family Houses[]

Given his position as a member of the Hiragi family, Kureto took notice of house family names, and in turn affected them. The status afforded to certain clans, and the privileges members could benefit from was particularly significant before the apocalypse.

Aoi Sangū[]

Catastrophe Chapter 46.png

Throughout school, Aoi Sangū was Kureto's personal assistant. Where it had been normalized, Kureto was fine with Aoi performing servile functions such as serving tea. The older sister of Mitsuba Sangū, he is unaware of her feelings for him. She is important enough to him that Tenri threatens to use her as a hostage to compel Kureto to follow his orders.

Keeping Aoi close as he ascended in rank, Kureto would confide all of his plans to her. Due to her unwavering loyalty to Kureto, he could depend on Aoi to act on his behalf in administering orders in interrogations. After a surprise attack by Yu when his back was turned, Kureto was defended by Aoi. It was the case Kureto could count on Aoi to even kill guards who had accompanied Seishirō, another high ranking Hiragi family member. It reached the extent when Kureto could trust Aoi to carry out the seraph activation process.

It's time to begin. Aoi, kill the sacrifices.

–Commanding Aoi to kill off the surviving Moon Demon Company soldiers to energize a seraph. Chapter 39: "The Beginning of the Plan"

Additionally, Kureto could pass the task of directing the Fifth Trumpet, and Abaddon who it controlled, to Aoi. Where she exerted control over the seraph, Kureto saw her dutifully act in accordance with what he wanted, such as assailing another seraph. They were also ready to deal with the vampire who had appeared while the seraph required time.

When it came to overthrowing his father, Kureto found Aoi stick close by to him. While running, Kureto spoke to Aoi on their chances to succeed. Covered by her in response to Tenri's chains, and attempting to protect Aoi in turn, their presence allowed Tenri to be overcome.

Waking to find Aoi concerned for him, Kureto discusses with his demon Raimeiki the romantic feelings towards Aoi. Needing to create desire for Raimeiki to hold off Shikama Doji who was possessing him, Kureto proceeded to kiss Aoi passionately.

The random acts of kindness he sometimes exhibits to his subordinates includes giving Aoi a gentle and encouraging smile when her leg was sniped off by an assassin sent by Tenri. Additionally, Kureto helps Aoi reattach her leg, going so far as bloodying his hands in the process.

After Shibuya came under attack, Kureto ordered Aoi to prepare the seraph of the end.

Sakae Ichinose[]

Of the Ichinose family, Sakae is Guren's father who Kureto would hear about. In interrogating Guren, he mentioned how Sakae had come to file a complaint with his son taken into custody. Detailing how Sakae had been taken to be interrogated himself, Kureto stated he had received an invitation from the Thousand Nights, yet Sakae had not made a decision. Belittling Sakae as very weak, Kureto mentions that he broke then talked for five hours. Then lying that Sakae had been killed during the interrogation, Kureto said this last part to test Guren's reactions to see how much he said was genuine. After revealing that Sakae was not dead, Kureto states he was revived after his heart gave out.

Where his family had ideas in mind for the Ichinose family, since it concerned Guren's father, Kureto claimed that Sakae was merely experimenting on the Cursed Gear under his orders. This helped cover Sakae, and resulted in the scheduled date to execute him postponed for two days. Also affording Guren two-days time to save his father, Kureto also allowed for them to speak with one another. Not just acting since Guren was of benefit to him, Kureto also took measures to allow a greater chance of rescuing Sakae.

While Kureto took action to assist Sakae from what his family planned, it was to no avail as he was outvoted. Only able to delay but not prevent, Kureto revealed as much to Guren.

Just to be clear, I was satisfied with the results you brought back. I was against the execution. It was my father who decided.

–Speaking to Guren after Sakae Ichinose’s execution. Catastrophe Book 6: Chapter 1

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army is the largest military organization in Japan, and is managed by Hiragi family members, of which Kureto is Lieutenant General. Elite soldiers are trained to use enchanted weapons and are disciplined enough to follow orders. Fitting into the role naturally, Kureto thinks very highly of the army and does not tolerate dissent.

This is the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. No one goes against the wishes of the Hīragi family.

–Bringing his army to deal with a vampire incursion. Chapter 17: "Cursed Guinea Pig"

Where Kureto has soldiers who will follow his every command, members are used to partake in his interrogations involving torture. There were supervisors for potentially lethal matches between combatants, research staff are available for demon related matters, where experiments to turn vampires into demons are also an activity Kureto has an interest in. With Seishirō Hīragi and Tenri Hīragi involved, Kureto would drift away from them as he sought to weaponize a seraph to deal with the stronger vampire forces. Having troops loyal to him, Kureto would launch a coup against his father which briefly but significantly divided Demon Army forces.

Father and his cronies hide in safety, never setting foot near the front lines. They live only to maintain their own influence. It is high time I showed them the power of the Seraph of the End that we made.

–Speaking to Guren on an action that would divide the Demon Army. Chapter 47: "Prayer's Price"

Having a hands on approach, and leading from the front lines, whether that was felt better for the Demon Army or not, Kureto would alter its chain of command. Aware of the numbers who supported him, Kureto headed straight to deal with Tenri, and succeeded in overthrowing him. Not troubled at all by any who were loyal to Tenri afterwards, Kureto settled into his new position.

Finding Shibuya come under attack from the Hyakuya Sect, he orders archers to the walls, and for the seraph to be activated. His presence noted with awe on the battlements, Kureto directed soldiers to assail the aircraft bombing the city.

Mirai Kimizuki[]

A girl, Mirai had been affected by the apocalypse curse that should have only acted on adults. While the Moon Demon Company was to pay her medical bills, hence why her brother Kimizuki aspired to join, evidently she was transferred to a Demon Army research facility. From the curse or not, Kimizuki found Mirai to be a suitable test subject for seraph experiments.

Warned that she could die, Kureto did not care and ordered tests to continue as he pressed ahead with developing a seraph related weapon for his purposes. Seeing Mirai solely as a tool, he refers to the being within her when ordering for the seraph of the end to be activated. It was with Mirai as a seraph that Kureto could launch winning attacks on vampires.

Bringing Mirai with him for his attack on his father, Kureto would win there, but be powerless against Shikama Doji. With Mirai's loss and the Sinful Key within her taken, Kureto would not have a seraph when the Hyakuya Sect, and then a union of vampire progenitor council members, arrived at Shibuya.

Moon Demon Company[]

A branch organization of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Referring to the Moon Demon Company as junior branch garbage, Kureto often deploys them as a vanguard to undermine hostile activities while he prepares the Demon Army main force. This was done in Shinjuku, where Moon Demon Company members could engage invading vampire forces for a time, before Kureto arrived to win the battle in humanity's favor. Consequently, Kureto also saved the Moon Demon Company members from being turned into vampire livestock as they planned.

Similarly, Kureto tasked the organizations leader, Guren, with bringing soldiers to attempt a large scale assassination attempt of vampire nobles in Nagoya. All the while, Kureto could prepare a seraph for transport. Reaching Nagoya airport, Kureto rewarded their heroism by using the surviving members of the Moon Demon Company as sacrifices where blood powered the seraph he had.

Holding them in such little regard, Kureto saw an inferior organization whose ultimate used was to be a sacrifice. It did not matter that they were brave, and among some of the most capable fighters in all of Japan's armed forces. Neither did it matter too much to him that their were black demon holders amongst its members, neither that Kureto knew its leaders since his school days.

Guren Ichinose[]

Where Guren was a member of the Ichinose, he was held in contempt as Kureto saw other houses, particularly that one, as beneath him. Taking notice of him, Kureto seemed satisfied with Guren being bullied by others, including Shinya. His attention is drawn further after Guren survives the attack on First Shibuya High School to the point where spies would be sent after him. Accurately suspecting Guren to have more strength than he lets on, Kureto saw fit to ascertain this for himself.

Ahaha! So that’s the real Guren. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Still, it isn’t often I get the chance to test my strength against a real opponent. Who’d have thought that such talent could be hiding in a lowly branch family? I’m going to enjoy this.

–Gauging the extent of Guren's capabilities having accurately guessed about them, and derisive views on his background. Catastrophe Book 2: Chapter 3, page 233

When he heard about Guren's strength, Kureto immediately challenged him to a fight. Soon proving to be almost as strong as Guren, he forced him to fight seriously to keep on par. Impressed by Guren's strength, Kureto chooses him to be his subordinate. Firmly set in having others beneath him, he would make this most clear to Guren where Kureto believed he had utter control over not just him, but his descendants as well. As a tool, Kureto already took steps to have Guren better serve him, which is not something he did to everyone.

You still don’t get it? I’ve always been your master. Every day up until now and every day hence. Your children, and your children’s children, and so on and so on, will be servants to the Hīragis. Always and forever. That reminds me, I sent your weapon back to the Ichinose compound, along with your father. I’ll have a stronger weapon for you tomorrow, something more suited to your abilities.

–A belief in controlling Guren, yet equipping him to serve. Catastrophe Book 2: Chapter 4, page 242

Unconcerned with possible feelings between Guren, and his sister, Mahiru, he would however be concerned with the development of Cursed Gear they both had a hand in. Their partnership is based on both mutual respect and animosity, with Kureto believing Guren to be weak for being unable to abandon his friends. Despite that, Kureto fairly quickly begins to trust and keep an eye out for Guren, even showing some kindness for him at times. It was no small gift bequeathing him an extremely powerful new sword, Hoarfrost. While trust may have been a part of it, Kureto's belief in Guren was based on thinking himself untouchable on account of their family backgrounds. Even when Guren was armed, Kureto was not concerned with possible treachery.

Besides, Guren is no longer a threat. He swore total allegiance. Didn’t you, Guren? Your sword is already drawn, while I am completely unarmed. If you wanted to kill me, now would be your chance. And yet you don’t. Why is that? It’s because you know your place in the order of things. Deep down you think you harbor ambition. But that ambition is just a façade. You need it to sustain yourself. In reality, however, you know, more than anyone else, that those ambitions will never come to be realized. The difference in power between the Ichinose Clan and the Hīragi Clan is just too great. That’s the truth, isn’t it, Guren?

–Talking at length how Guren is set in ways to not pose a threat to him. Catastrophe Book 2: Chapter 6, page 280

Sticking to deals made with him, Kureto fulfilled his end when he was trusted by Guren to either save or kill him using the information on the Cursed Gear he got from Mahiru. To this end, Kureto lied to his father in an attempt to spare the Order of Imperial Moon. Although Guren failed to kill Mahiru, he was satisfied by the overall results and so opposed the execution scheduled for Sakae.

Showing him some pity when the execution for Sakae could not be prevented by him, Kureto first allows Guren to speak with Sakae one last time. Additionally, he then has his friends come to him. Rather than relishing the notion of Guren thanking him, he simply said it was natural. When Tenri beats Guren badly, Kureto shows no amusement and seems displeased. Laughing with no actual humor is done only when Guren challenged him. Giving him a handkerchief to wipe the blood from his head and then offering to drive him home, he was unfazed when coldly rejected.

Still counting on Guren to stop Mahiru, he defied Tenri's orders by not killing him and letting him go. Increasingly, Kureto would find Guren an asset to also allow him to act further on his own initiative. It certainly made for an effective servant to act of his own capable accord, which could also be administered orders by Kureto himself. As it happens, Kureto found himself the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, where Guren became the commander of his own partially independent organization, the Moon Demon Company. A spearhead, Kureto found Guren adept, but as ever his views on family backgrounds would not be amended.

Well done, Lieutenant Colonel Ichinose. Good job for a piece of trash from an insignificant junior branch family.

–Some praise for Guren fighting heroically in holding of a vampire invasion. Chapter 14: Everyone's a Sinner"

As adults, Kureto and Guren are on considerably more cordial terms with less antagonism between them. Acknowledging and respecting his abilities, Kureto sees Guren as the first to deploy into battle. Speaking candidly, Kureto praises Guren's competence in creating Black Demon bearers but shows some desire to know how he did it. Easily seeing through Guren's charade of being lucky, Kureto also asks casually whether he is preparing a coup against him given the forces he has acquired. Sensibly considering such a possibility, ultimately Kureto decided to let it off. Feeling he has identified Guren's weak points, Kureto maintains the idea that he cannot be threatened by him.

But what you did illustrated your weak point. No matter what happens... you cannot betray your friends. Family. Lovers. Romance. Friendship. You know those are all emotional attachments that must be cut... but you're incapable of severing them. That makes you weak. You are unworthy of being a leader. But... that is precisely why I trust you, Guren. You can't betray your friends. You will never be a threat to me.

–Hardened views concerning where he thinks Guren stands. Chapter 23: "Ambition in the Demon Army"

Tasking Guren with the extremely difficult mission in Nagoya, he explains targeting vampire nobles may help with scattering lesser vampires, in addition to humanity taking a greater foothold in the country. Sharing his plans to establish control over surviving human organizations across the world, Kureto is upfront with Guren that he desires total order. Paying no mind to Guren's comment that he sounds like a child, where they can speak casually, Kureto offers to show Guren a world where they make the vampires their cattle.

So shut up and follow your orders. If you do... I'll show you a world where humans make the vampires into cattle.

–Tasking Guren with attacking vampire nobles in Nagoya as part of his wider plan to overcome them. Chapter 23: "Ambition in the Demon Army"

One of the few who is aware that Guren is a Namanari, he can describe each aspect of the joint personality as well. That few, not even Guren's friend Shinya is aware of this, Kureto not only knows but has enough information to distinguish between them.

What? Haven't you figured it out yet? Ah well. His original, weaker personality is still desperate to save everyone... and he did like you, so he probably tried to put on a brave face.

–A discussion with Shinya about Guren and his namanari aspects. Chapter 39: "The Beginning of the Plan"

Questioning his whereabouts at Nagoya airport, upon finding him, Kureto directed Guren to assist with the seraph of the end operation. Where they successfully used Mirai Kimizuki as a host for the Fifth Trumpet, who could bring the demon Abaddon to the world, it is with Guren's help that Kureto could actually win significant victories against the vampires. Together, they sacked the vampire city of Sanguinem.

Confiding with Guren that he was going to kill his father Tenri, after Kureto done so he found himself targeted by Shikama Doji. Needing to feel trust as a desire to help his demon fend Shikama Doji off, Kureto sent for Guren to come and assist him. After displaying his drastically enhanced power, Kureto requested Guren to either stop or kill him when he was resisting possession. Hearing Guren would save him, Kureto in turn helped him subdue Mika who attempted to fend him off.

Mito Jūjō[]

Knowing Mito from her prominent family name, Kureto attended the same school as her when she was 15. When speaking of traitors, Kureto regarded Mito with a show of suspicion when he was trying to check if Guren was one. Where Mito became friends with Guren, he addressed her as a part of his group when sending them to investigate Ueno zoo since the Hyakuya Sect had been active there.

As Mito became a member of Guren's squad in the Moon Demon Company, she was sent on campaigns that Kureto had a hand in planning. For all Mito's efforts in Shinjuku, and in Nagoya, he was prepared to use her as one of the sacrifices in order to activate the seraph.

Norito Goshi[]

Behaving somewhat more cordially around Goshi compared to other students, it was due to his prestigious family background. As with Guren's other friends, Kureto depended on them to carry out investigations into his areas of interest.

The illusions Goshi could magically generate were of assistance on the battlefield, and made him a useful asset to Kureto. Despite that, Kureto saw his ultimate use as being a potential sacrifice for the seraph of the end.

Sayuri Hanayori[]

Prior to the apocalypse, Sayuri came to the school Kureto was at as a servant of sorts to Guren. Paying little mind to her, Kureto would find she would join Guren on the tasks Kureto set out for his group.

She teaches the students training in the Moon Demon Company, and is a capable fighter using spell tags. Regardless of her teaching capabilities, and bravery shown against vampires, Kureto saw Sayuri as with the rest of Guren's squad as a means to an end to fuel his seraph project.

Shigure Yukimi[]

In high school Shigure, like Sayuri, tended to Guren where Kureto initially paid little heed to her. Uncaring of her temperament, it was not something Kureto overly tapped into as Shigure was capable and serious. Nevertheless, Kureto benefitted from Shigure and the squad at large helping in aims he had for Guren.

Where her kunai were of use on the battlefield, Kureto had Shigure to thank for vampires being defeated. Kureto opts to use her as a sacrifice for his seraph project.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Aware of Yu after the battle of Shinjuku, he made no reaction to the fact that he was a member of his relative, Shinoa's squad. Neither was Kureto particularly interested in the fact that Yu had, quite unexpectedly, transformed into a one-winged monstrosity on the battlefield with seraph features such as a strong desire to kill humans. Where those were very much unexpected, and out of the ordinary occurrences, it was Yu's connection with Guren that Kureto was most interested in.

Having Yu summoned, Kureto prepared a test where a vampire was set, to see whether he would help or destroy it. Evidently having heard that Yu did not strike down a vampire (since it was his friend Mika who he had found again) Kureto decided that meant Yu may potentially help other vampires, and so assist the one in his office before him, thus be a traitor.

Satisfied that Yu would vanquish the vampire, Kureto moved on to a next part of a test he had arranged. Instructing Yu to display his cursed gear, but ordering him to not activate the curse, that is exactly what Kureto done in discharging the lightning of Raimeiki at him. Providing the lesson that anything can occur on a battlefield, Kureto spoke how he was pleased that Yu followed orders. Then, he took his words back upon finding that Yu had attempted to strike him from behind.

Providing Shinya's name to Yu, he also ordered them to fight. Seeing Yu lose, he then had him witness his squad members, Yoichi and Kimizuki brought in where they were restrained. Demanding that Yu answer his question truthfully or else, Kureto was interested in his "Hyakuya" surname, and revealed they were a spellcrafting organization. From that, and his supposed assistance of vampires, where he had gained a black demon cursed gear yet there was no record of him, Kureto strongly suspected Yu as being a spy who has a mission.

Even though Yu answered his questions truthfully, Kureto had Yoichi and Kimizuki stabbed in front of him. It was equally an exercise in showing Yu how no one opposes the Hiragi family. For all the suspicions, and Yu's connection with Guren, he disregarded it all and instructed him to join his side.

Yūichirō Hyakuya. Become my subordinate. I will guide you.

–A command where Yu's friends were threatened, where if he accepted Kureto would have killed him. Chapter 17: "Cursed Guinea Pig"

After Yu states for him to let Yoichi and Kimizuki be released, Kureto does not express disapproval. Boasting that this is why Guren will never catch up to him when Yu says he would never stoop that low, Kureto is satisfied with the outcome despite not having learnt anything. Assured there was no plot in his mind, and Yu really was just naive and unaware of his background, Kureto interrogating Yu was also helpful for his conversation with Guren later. After, Kureto tells Yu that had he accepted to become his subordinate, he would have killed him.

When Kureto attempts to have chains kill Shinoa at Nagoya airport, he recognizes Yu who defends her as one of the black demon holders. Although valuable, Kureto feels he will be killed soon. Finding Yu again at Shibuya, he is most interested in his memories possibly linked to Shikama Doji who he was almost possessed by. With Yu offering his memories if they helped Shinoa who was being targeted, Kureto took him up on the offer at once. Announcing how all Yu's freedoms were forfeit, Kureto had him led away for his memories to be investigated.

His attention fully on the invading Hyakuya Sect, he would not anticipate that an agent would use Jigenso to help kidnap Yu, and so deny Kureto such a valuable source of information concerning an ancient demon targeting his family.

Mitsuba Sangū[]

His aide, Aoi's younger sister, Mitsuba is evidently in Kureto's favor as she receives a promotion after an interview. While a member of Shinoa squad, it is assumed her loyalty to the army comes first. Although they are not seen interacting, it is likely that Kureto would have received the news of her saying that there was no way Yu could have been a double agent due to his intellect. Although Mitsuba was promoted among army ranks, Kureto does not offer Aoi's sister the same chance he gave to Shinoa, to be spared death if she joined them.

Yoichi Saotome[]

Interested in Yoichi, not so much as a black demon holder, Kureto thought to use him in his interrogation of Yu. Where Yoichi was stabbed at Kureto's direction, this scene was used to have Yu answer truthfully, in Kureto's view.

At Nagoya airport, Kureto would be assailed by the multiple projectiles from Yoichi's cursed gear bow, Gekkouin. For attacking Yoichi's friends, and coming under attack himself, Kureto was able to use his sword to deflect the explosive archery fire.

Shihō Kimizuki[]

Another black demon holder, Kimizuki, was brought in by Kureto and treated the same way as Yoichi. Having Kimizuki stabbed first, Kureto eventually released him and Yoichi after Yu's interrogation was over.

Aware those with black demons had been experimented on, Kimizuki was one of three people in mind when Kureto was discussing with Guren on whether he was planning a coup. Kureto never mentioned that he performing seraph based experiments on his sister, Mirai. Finding Kimizuki at Nagoya airport, he recognized the black demon holder.

Makoto Narumi[]

Squad leader Narumi is seen by Kureto at Nagoya airport, after he had partook in the vampire noble extermination mission he laid out for Moon Demon Company members. Insensitive to Narumi's frustrations at the state of the mission, Kureto would not know, much less care that he had just lost squad members Yayoi Endō, and Tarō Kagiyama. He would also not register that Narumi was the one who engaged, and ultimately destroyed fifteenth progenitor Lucal Wesker, who Kureto had been powerless to act against in the past.

Spoken to by him, Kureto instantly asked who he was before demanding that Narumi stand down right away. Reminding him he said to soldiers to disarm, Kureto may have been wary of his cursed gear trident Genbushin, which was not able to be minimized into a more compact form. With tensions mounting, Kureto viewed Narumi as being insubordinate and requested his name. Claiming to be in a good mood, Kureto gave the display that all was well, before somewhat gleefully declaring that Narumi was going to die anyway.

Rika Inoue[]

A member of Narumi squad, Rika carried out Kureto's mission to attack vampire nobles in Nagoya. Taking part in the campaign to defeat Lucal, if he cared to check, Kureto would find Rika had a hand in this noble's demise. Despite that, Kureto would deem it suitable to sacrifice Rika using chains to fuel his seraph project.

Shūsaku Iwasaki[]

A part of Narumi squad, Shūsaku, like Rika had been of a tremendous help to Kureto. Along with other Moon Demon Company members, Kureto planned to sacrifice them. After ordering the experiment to begin, chains had been used to murder Shūsaku on Kureto's orders.


Coming into contact with vampires before the apocalypse, Kureto would be aware of their supernaturally powerful sense of strength, and speed. Often, Kureto would find his activities hampered by specific ones, namely Saitō who led the Hyakuya Sect, and then Mahiru when she was changed into a vampire.

For vampires overall, Kureto was set on utterly overcoming them. Responsible for fending off a vampire invasion, Kureto also brought the fight to them. With vampires having taken over the ruined world, Kureto had armed forces devoted to reclaiming territory. Where vampire eradication was not an ultimate goal, Kureto saw them as an obstacle to his grand plan of human control over the world, with him at its head. Capturing them if the opportunity presented itself, Kureto was interested in turning vampires into demon based weapons. He would also consider the possibility of catching vampire nobles.

Identifying their weak points, Kureto felt that vampire enclaves were not closely allied with one another, if they even co-operated at all. He was also aware that they do not share information with one another. Gathering information to assist him, Kureto had child spies placed in their cities. Informed that there were twenty five nobles in Japan, they were on the target list. Of the view that it is the nobles that keep the vampires under them in line, Kureto judged that in removing them, organization in the remaining ones would fall apart.

His knowledge needed some updating, as Kureto would not consider that some vampires, such as Krul Tepes had infact marked his entire Japanese Imperial Demon Army for death. Further, it was the case that the results of human experimentation were a concern for vampire progenitors. Where Kureto was tampering with a seraph, which carried potential major world affecting risks, he would draw the ruling progenitor council's attention.

Undaunted, and carrying out his plans regardless, Kureto was quick to act even with the vampire's apathy towards considering humans a threat coming to an end. At a zenith, Kureto found a vampire army had located him at Nagoya airport. Against the stronger forces, Kureto made his declaration for humanity.

DO NOT FEAR THEM!! Today is the day that humanity conquers vampire-kind!! But first, we must buy time until the experiment is complete!! STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR HUMANITY'S NEW FUTURE!!

–Rallying his troops to battle the vampires led under Krul at Nagoya airport. Chapter 40: "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

Another peak was reached as Kureto's newly weaponized seraph, in combination with his battle hardened soldiers, as well as his own capabilities, ensured the fall of Sanguinem, the seat of power for Krul, the vampire queen of Japan. Albeit, third progenitor Krul was out of commission, it likely would not have made much different were she fighting given that Kureto had a seraph with him.

His progress would also be hampered by vampires, counting the First who called himself the first one. Additionally, where Shibuya was reeling from an invasion, with his seraph gone, Kureto would find himself captured and unconscious by second progenitor, Urd Geales.


Occupied by matters as a student, it was Saitō who Kureto was in the dark about at the time. Where the leader of the Hyakuya Sect operated secretively, Kureto had few leads to act on. From being present at the attack on First Shibuya High, to being aware of the incoming apocalypse and working with Guren and Mahiru, the future leader of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army had little to go on concerning him.

Shibuya came under attack from this second progenitor vampire, where Kureto acted to repel his forces. While Saito was set on capturing the First who was possessing Shinoa, that outcome would have benefitted Kureto were it successful. As it was, Saito drew Urd and other progenitors to Shibuya, who acted to apprehend Kureto. Unconscious, Kureto would be affected by Saito's chains, where his demon Raimeiki was bound, in a victorious effort to capture Shikama Doji.

Likely still unconscious, Kureto is around Saito who makes plans to stop the First from resurrecting his son, Mikaela.


Noticed by Lugi around the Thousand Nights research facilities, Kureto finds a vampire attack there.

Lucal Wesker[]

Fifteenth progenitor Lucal is in the vicinity of Kureto and his military forces. When Kureto immediately orders his soldiers to back down, his intelligence is complimented by Lucal. Allowed to go, Kureto hears it is because Lucal prefers children's blood anyway. Knowing the names of vampires in Nagoya, he would know Lucal's whereabouts and mark him for destruction by Moon Demon Company forces.

Ferid Bathory[]

Stopping Ferid, a seventh progenitor from conquering Shinjuku, he would order the vampire nobles captured, though this was unable to be done. It is unknown whether Kureto is aware that information on other vampires is coming from Ferid.

Krul Tepes[]

Queen of Japan, Krul is a third progenitor, who like Kureto is a leader of a powerful army. Where Kureto is expanding army territory, and Krul has vowed to destroy his Imperial Demon Army organization, it is Kureto who makes the most progress towards his goal. While Krul was present at Nagoya airport, she kept her distance so Kureto missed his chance to destroy her with the seraph at his command. Kureto likely would also be unaware that Krul entered Shibuya around the time of the Hyakuya Sect invasion in the search for her brother.

Lacus Welt[]

The city guard Lacus had helped capture Guren's squad, yet with Kureto's entry onto the battlefield with his army, he not only rescued them but fended him off as well. With his assault on Sanguinem reaching the palace, Kureto's forces would result in Lacus retreating there as well.

René Simm[]

Another city guard, René had similar actions, and reactions to Kureto as Lacus did.

Urd Geales[]

The other second progenitor, Urd would come to Shibuya as Kureto was routing the escaping Hyakuya Sect members. In the aftermath of a tremendous victory in fending off the Hyakuya Sect army, and also avoiding the results of Saito should he have prevailed in Shibuya, in addition to Shikama Doji being sealed where he could not act, Kureto simply could not hold his own against Urd who came in after it all. Evidently identified as the commander, Kureto would not get to enjoy the results of his victory, he would be captured and carried unconscious by Urd.

Lest Karr[]

Unconscious around Lest Karr, he has yet to find out that this third progenitor from Germany has agreed to go along with Saito's plan. It was Kureto's successes in weaponizing the seraph of the end and sacking Sanguinem that drew him and other progenitor council members to Japan.

Ky Luc[]

Fifth progenitor Ky Luc is around Kureto as he is unconscious.


With supernatural entities in the world, Kureto would be familiar with demons, especially in regards to Cursed Gear that they occupy and empower. Where tests can be conducted, Kureto knows they act to possess human hosts. Having his own demon, Raimeiki within his sword, Kureto is also in the business of trying to turn vampires into stronger demons, having knowledge of the link between these beings. It is a demon that has been possessing the head of the Hiragi family for years, as Kureto would find out when he killed his father Tenri, for Shikama Doji to appear.


Forming a contract with Raimeiki, she is Kureto's cursed gear. She takes the form of a black katana with a glowing green streak down the middle. Her electrical generation is demonstrated when Kureto activates the curse in a test match with Yu. Astoundingly powerful, the lightning could knock the Second Trumpet within Yu out of the sky, and allow Kureto to briefly engage it. What may be the maximum extent of the power is to create a thunder storm that could blast helicopters, and missiles alike out of the sky. Virtually all of Kureto's fighting abilities are enhanced by Raimeiki's power, and he can perform spectacular feats with the weapon.

Under a possession attempt by Shikama Doji, he would receive her help in preventing him taking over his body temporarily. Unlike other hosts, Kureto does not know his own demon abilities, however he does have knowledge about her electricity and the drawbacks of it. Consequently it was a surprise to see her form. Kureto asked if Raimeiki had any memories of the First as he implied. Following her guidance, Kureto kissed Aoi, and called for Guren and Shinya at Raimeiki's behest as she needed desires to keep Shikama Doji at bay.

What my desires are doesn't matter. I have complete control of myself.

–Sure of himself and feeling his all knowing demon does not know better. Chapter 58: "A Reason to Survive"

As with others, even Raimeiki herself should her memories not be returned, Kureto would not know that in the past, Raimeiki was one of Sika Madu's disciples and is working with him. Upon his capture by Urd, the other result is Raimeiki would be bound with chains by Saito as the vampire progenitors target Sika Madu.


When his sister Mahiru stabbed herself with the Noya cursed gear sword, the two of them fused into the new being of Mahiru-no-Yo. Becoming Guren's cursed gear, Kureto would run tests and find that it was a demon. Regarding that, not his sister, he would not know that Mahiru-no-Yo whispers to Guren to follow their commands, and not Kureto's.

Shikama Dōji[]

Whose in control.PNG

Suspecting on some level that there was some power behind the Hiragi family throne, Kureto would not know it was the first progenitor, Shikama Dōji. After killing Tenri, his existence is hinted at where Kureto hears it is an old god who would come. Hearing his voice first, Kureto then saw Shikama Doji where he reacted by driving his sword straight through his chest.

Hold still. I'm going to kill you. I've been preparing to for years.

–Ready for the chance to deal with an unseen foe, Shikama Dōji. Chapter 57: "Defining a King"

Questions on whether he was God was denied, and Kureto's attempts to kill him fell flat as Shikama Doji had been trying to do that for some time. Resorting to Abaddon who was still on hand, Kureto witnessed his greatest weapon nullified when the demon obeyed Shikama Doji's order to stop. Hearing that is Shikama Doji's experiment, not his, Kureto then experiences a possession attempt by the First.

Waking yet acutely aware of the serious problem at hand, Kureto with Raimeiki try and halt the possession process for a time. Demonstrating his vastly overpowered self to Guren, with Shinya, and Shinoa, warning them, Kureto says to be kill him should Shikama Doji succeed in his possession. When Shikama Doji decides to leave his body and possess Shinoa instead, Kureto gathers that this monster targeted Mahiru first.

Were he possessed by Shikama Doji, it is possible that Kureto's body with wings would have been what fought with Saito who came for the First. Although free of Shikama Doji, where his presence drew Saito, and in turn Urd, his defeat from the third one was related to the First to begin with.


The demon Asuramaru inside Yu's sword is ordered to not be activated by Kureto. When Yu's body had the King of Salt in control, Kureto would have Asuramaru to thank for turning Yu into a demon and preventing the seraph from turning everyone including Kureto into salt.


Where Seraphs and their vision of divine judgement ruined the world, Kureto sees powerful beings to control, where their abilities make for extraordinarily powerful weapons. Where others focused on building armies, to developing conventional weapons, even new ones such as cursed gear, Kureto reaped the rewards from carrying out seraph related experiments. Ignoring that children were being experimented on, Kureto developed research that existed in various corners of the world to bring a seraph into it, and in addition have the means to bind and control one.

Fifth Trumpet[]

The seraph that Kureto brought into the world was the Fifth Trumpet, which acted in Mirai Kimizuki's body. Having the prior knowledge that blood was needed, Kureto offered the survivors of the Moon Demon Company to the seraph. Prepared thoroughly, Kureto was ready for the seraph's arrival, and to bind then use it.

Here it comes, Aoi! Heaven is going to smite those who dared to break its taboo... But we will take that power, and we will control it!! Don't let the seraph escape! Bind it completely!!

–Not ready for divine punishment, but to control the seraph for his own ends. Chapter 40: "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"

Spell tags were involved in binding the seraph, and when the Fifth Trumpet produced the demon Abaddon above it, that monster was able to be controlled by proxy. Having the time he needed for the Fifth Trumpet to sustain itself, Kureto would survive the battle at Nagoya airport when an army of vampire arrived.

Having the seraph active again, Kureto invaded Sanguinem as the Fifth trumpet soared through the air in Mirai's body. The demon Abaddon was guided to blast Tenri from across the city, and deliver the leadership of the Hiragi Family, and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to Kureto. The seraph's tremendous power could deliver the most unlikeliest of victories for Kureto. Its limits against one particular foe were clear when Kureto found it responded to Shikama Doji, and referred to as his experiment.

Second Trumpet[]

A seraph he was not familiar with, Kureto found the Second Trumpet activate at Nagoya airport shortly after his own Fifth Trumpet was generated. From the column of fire, Kureto requested to know what was happening. Directing Abaddon to fire at this new seraph, conscious that if left unchecked it could destroy the world again, Kureto found it identified from its abilities.

Informed that it was the King of Salt, despite urging his own seraph to attack, Kureto could not prevent the Second Trumpet in Yu's body from slicing across Abaddon using a salt based spear. His seraph down, Kureto heard the King of Salt speak on enacting punishment on humans below. Striking the seraph with a lightning bolt, Kureto ran to attack again as the King of Salt landed. Blasted away and sent hurtling a distance, Kureto and other humans would be saved when Yu's demon took over.