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Kureto Hīragi (柊 暮人 Hīragi Kureto?) is a supporting character in Seraph of the End. He is the Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army (JIDA) and arrives in time to prevent a vampire invasion from overwhelming the city of Shinjuku. He then initiates his expansion plans over surviving humans and seeks to exterminate all the vampires in Japan.

Note: This is the page for Kureto in the anime, for the article detailing Kureto in other formats see: Kureto Hīragi


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He is a tall, young man with short black hair and small reddish brown eyes. Kureto has thick eyebrows that zigzag up at the ends.

Kureto's uniform consists of the standard JIDA uniform which comprises of a black tailcoat with red details on the interior of the cloth around his legs, and includes the shoulder epaulettes. There is a gold trim, an aiguillette worn on the right shoulder with a crescent moon decoration, and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, he wears a pair of white gloves, an armband on his left arm with a three striped white and black pattern, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. He also wears the uniform trousers with black shoes.


He is calm in the face of violence and uses it to control others into telling him what he wants, even resorting to torture. An example is when he ordered for Kimizuki and then Yoichi to get stabbed largely to establish a precedent rather than have Yu co-operate when he already was. Whilst he acknowledges it, he is indifferent to brutality, casually speaking of the vampires brutally murdering Yu’s family whilst emotional detached from the person’s traumatic experience.

Kureto asks questions to confirms suspicions, paranoid or rational. One suspicion was whether Guren was turning on him, a concern mentioned again when he heard Guren had been captured by the vampires he was fighting against. He is methodological in having queries answered, listing some background then asking a question for what he wants to know more of. For instance listing names, he proceeds to ask how Guren managed to find three black demon prospects all the while holding three fingers in front of his face.

Whilst ruthless and confidant in his own abilities, he does offer praise. He was pleased Guren had found more black demon prospects and suggested he oversee all cursed gear trials, and stated he was doing a good job overall. Kureto also praises the Moon Demon Company for their efforts in targeting vampire nobles. After telling them to disarm and relax, it did not matter whether they were on guard, they could not defend against the spiked rods Kureto had brought to use the survivors as sacrifices. He was willing to let an incident with Narumi slide, it did not matter since he was going to die soon anyway. Kureto's praise may be genuine but it is no guarantee that good things will follow for those he congratulates, and he thought the soldier's had honourable deaths. He enjoyed stating that Narumi was going to die soon. Further misdirection is ordering Yu not to activate his curse, before energizing his own to attack him with.

Just so there is no confusion he introduces himself by his title and how his family controls the Demon Army. Kureto looks down on Guren and the Moon Demon Company as junior branch trash. His views on his own Hiragi family operation depends case by case. He would keep his brother Seishirō since he has an obedience to authority and intended to use him.

Whilst he relays orders to Aoi for her to carry out, and remains behind in two instances to have his soldiers engage threats, he will take part fighting in person if necessary. It was fine to send troops against a vampire army, and a seraph but Kureto himself engaged the seraph before it could pass judgement. Upon being thrown he reacted not with pain but orders to capture the host of the seraph.

His measures and practices undertaken are part of a singular larger goal of driving the vampires out of Japan. Then he means not to assist but conquer any human organizations that are a threat to Hīragi family power and keep that as the dominant force in the world. Whether it is significantly stronger forces such as vampires, seraphs to even god being their enemy, Kureto vows humanity will defeat them.


Kureto sits in on the meeting between his father Tenri Hīragi and listens to his adoptive brother Shinya Hīragi and then Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose. He does not speak even after his brother Seishiro Hīragi berates Guren.

Arriving in Shinjuku at the head of the army

With the Moon Demon Company effectively being gathered as prisoners at the battle of Shinjuku, Kureto has arrived with the main bulk of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Intending to capture vampire nobles themselves

Vampire nobles [[Ferid Bathory (Anime)]Ferid Bathory] and Crowley Eusford are nearby but Kureto speaks with Guren to quip not bad, and he guesses the junior branch division garbage has its use. Addressing the sword and bow wielding members of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army spread around him, Kureto announces he wants the nobles taken alive. He intends to show what happens when anything opposes humanity, the army, and the might of the Hiragi family.[2]

Remembered as saving Shinjuku from being taken by vampires

It is recalled by Shinoa Hīragi that Lieutenant General Kureto was successful with driving the enemy back with the main unit he led. However no nobles were captured. Later Kureto stares out a large window at night, there are documents on the seraph of the end.12

With Shinya and Aoi in a test of loyalty for Yu

Nagoya Arc[]

After Yūichirō Hyakuya answers his summons, and kills a vampire in a large darkened room, the lights switch on where Kureto is stood with Shinya, and aide Aoi Sangū. He reveals it was a test of loyalty to make sure Yu is not a traitor and now shall they go ahead and start his interview.

Invoking Raimeiki to wield electrical surges

Stating his name and title of Kureto Hiragi, Imperial Demon Army Lieutenant General, he proceeds to get a sense of how skilled Yu is with a sword and draws his. Kureto dictates for Yu to not activate the curse. Instructing Yu to ignore Shinya, Kureto calls for Raimeiki to possess him. Electricity crackles around his sword and he directs it into Yu.

Unimpressed with Yu's combat abilities

The power splits the ground and blasts Yu back, Kureto has his sword near Yu’s neck before he can react. Questioning if it the best Yu can do, Kureto has to admit he is not impressed. His fighting labelled dirty, Kureto states Yu should complain about fighting dirty in a real battle and see if that stops them from killing him. He does take orders well at least, Kureto notes Yu did not even hesitate to follow his command.

Finding Yu tried to attack him from behind

As he is commenting how it is hard to believe of his link to that disobedient Guren he turns to see Aoi has blocked Yu from attacking him from behind. Questioned whether he though attacking from behind was a dirty move, Kureto takes back what he was going to say, Yu is indeed Guren’s subordinate.

Ordering potential traitor Shinya to fight

Next is Shinya, he tells him as an adoptive son he will do as he is told. After Yu and Shinya fight, the context is the Hiragi’s are searching for a vampire spy somewhere in the army.

Acquiring a binder to start the interview

Kureto orders to bring Yu along and they enter a room where Yu's squad members Shihō Kimizuki and Yoichi Saotome are restrained in chairs on the other side of the one way viewable glass. Kureto answers Yu that he interrogated them since they think Yu is the spy. His response to being told he is insane it to begin the interview and he takes a binder from Aoi.

With not much on Yu's file he questions him on his background

He sets the situation that Yu will speak only the truth, deceive them and Yu’s friends will die. There is not much background information in Yu’s file and yet he somehow managed to attain a black demon weapon, as did his two team mates. Normally there are thorough background checks conducted on anyone going though the cursed gear ceremony but there were not any for them three.

Ordering Kimizuki and Yoichi to be stabbed

Wondering why not, Kureto asks where the three of them came from and what is their mission. In response to Yu saying he told him, Kureto tells the guards station behind Kimizuki and Yoichi to do it and Kimizuki is stabbed with a knife. Enjoining Yu to answer truthfully and hearing that Yu does not know what he wants him to say, Kureto says the next one and Yoichi is also struck.

Wanting to talk more of Yu's past

With Yu pleading him to stop and ask him anything, Kureto deems that a good attitude and wants to talk more about Yu’s past. He knows Yu grew up in the vampire city but somehow managed to escape. It was during their getaway that the vampires brutally murdered Yu’s family which is why he is so hungry for revenge. At least that is what it says in the file and Kureto questions if this is correct. With Yu saying yes, there is no way he is working for those blood suckers, Kureto responds that Yu’s protests are not doing him any favours. He continues that afterwards Guren Ichinose discovered and took him in, the question is why he took an interest in him. Kureto wants to know what exactly Yu is to Guren.

Addressing Yu's "Hyakuya" surname

Before Yu can answer he questions whether Hyakuya is really his last name or is that a lie too. Then whether he is a part of the Hyakuya Sect. On that he queries whether Yu was aware that the Hyakuya Sect was the largest spell craft organization in Japan. They routinely brought lost children to their orphanage and used them for human experimentation and test out new forms of magic. He says Yu was likely a lab rat for human experimentation.

The offer to let Yu work for him

Deciding this is starting to make more sense, Kureto determines that Guren must be trying to use something the Hyakuya Sect put inside him. Offering his hand he entices Yu to work for him instead and allow him to be Yu’s new guide. Told to let Yoichi and Kimizuki go right now he turns to Aoi to have them set free. Responding to Yu, he knows Guren would not use this type of torture and that is why he is always one step ahead of him. Telling Yu he is free to go now, Kureto departs with Aoi.[3]

Receiving a letter from Aoi

At a later date Kureto is reading a document in his office before receiving a message from Aoi. In response he says to have Guren brought to him.

Watching Guren near some chained vampires

Sat on top of an archway with three vampires chained in a yard below, he alerts Guren who has arrived that he took his time getting here. Leaping down he confirms this is a cursed gear experiment. He is trying to find an efficient way to turn vampires into demons to harness their powers. Unfortunately they are not making much in the way of progress, low level trash like these specimens are worthless and he presses Guren to dispose of them.

Did Guren come here alone, and wasn't he afraid Kureto would kill him

Asking if Guren really came here on his own, he questions whether Guren was not afraid that he was going to kill him. A reason for doing so that Guren is a cocky idiot. Kureto clicks his fingers and snipers shoot the three vampires nearby dead.

Asking how Guren found 3 black demon users

Guren has a point that Kureto will not kill him while he is still useful, but it does make him wonder how useful he really is and more importantly what he has been working on recently. Kureto thinks it is time they talk about this team Guren has put together. Listing their names, Yuichiro Hyakuya, Yoichi Saotome, Shiho Kimizuki. He asks where these boys came from and how Guren managed to find not one but three black demon prospects.

All black demon prospects have been subject to human experimentation

He does not believe for a second that it was luck, all black demon prospects have been subject to human experimentation, even then the success rate is extremely low. Saying not to get him wrong, Kureto is glad to have more black demon holders in their ranks, perhaps Guren should be in charge of over seeing all their cursed gear trials.

Asking is Guren is planning a coup

Kureto has one more question, what is Guren’s reason for assembling these black demon users, is it because Guren is trying to plan a coup. Kureto says Guren would not land a single blow when told Guren could cut him down now if he wanted, and it brings back memories for Kureto.

A potential fight brings back memories

He did not mean to get him so fired up then admits all in all Guren is doing a good job. Kureto says he knows Guren’s weaknesses. To him these are love, friendship and honour and he comments Guren never learns to set aside his emotions in order to lead. It is something that makes Guren stronger and holds him back. These are why Kureto knows he can trust Guren, feeling that he will never become a threat. He does not think someone who cares so much about his comrades is capable of betraying him.

Building military power in a world devoid of hope

Suspected of playing the hostage card again, Kureto tells him to not sound so upset, he wants to hear from Guren what he thinks the future holds for all of them. What is the point of living in a world like this one, fighting extinction, Kureto is sure Guren has asked himself that, he is just curious about what kind of faith Guren has in humanity. This forsaken world is almost completely devoid of hope, and yet he continues to build his military power so Kureto wants to know Guren’s intentions.

Does Guren agree in doing something for the greater good

It may be true that they need more power with the world being this way, yet Kureto is sure that no matter how strong they are, they are as good as dead if they do not have a clear vision for the future. Everything they do must be for the greater good and he asks if Guren agrees.

His goal to put the world under the Demon Army's control

Kureto announces he is going to recover the world. Since the vampires destroyed their communications network they have not been able to make contact with anyone outside of Japan but there must be other human organizations that survived. Replying no he does not mean to establish communications with survivors abroad, Kureto’s next step is to destroy every last vampire in this country. After that he will systematically crush all of the remaining human organizations that are left, putting the world under the Demon Army’s control.

His only option is to win against the vampires

Of the view that it sounds like fun, as his opening move Kureto is going to thin their ranks and exterminate all of the vampire nobles. He is sure of himself, there are currently twenty five nobles in Japan and he knows where each of them is located at this very moment. If he is wrong and the army will consequently be finished, Kureto replies then his only option is to win. He has considered the intel might be a set up, but they do not have time to investigate further. In one month the vampires are launching a full attack on Tokyo.

Preparing pre-emptive measures for the vampire's planned attack on Tokyo

Briefly distracted by two ravens taking flight, Kureto proceeds to say if they continue on as they are now, humanity will be crushed in an instant. Yet if they are pro-active then Guren is correct that they can gain the upper hand. He wants Guren to take his team and one hundred of the Moon Demon Company soldiers to Nagoya, there he will find a base that houses ten vampire nobles. Kureto orders all of them to be killed and the facility claimed.

Handing Guren his directive

Perhaps the vampires will realize what they are planning but it will be worth it if they can distract them for a while. In the mean time they will prepare for the final battle. It is a very important mission and that is why Kureto has come to Guren since he needs someone he can trust. If Guren can accomplish this task then Kureto can take over from there.

Heading to prepare a world where the vampires are their livestock

Without further explanation on what his whole plan is, Kureto hands Guren his directive and orders him to go, it is an order not a request. He concludes with telling Guren to jut wait, he is going to show him a world where the vampires are their livestock.

Overseeing preparation on Mirai

Within a lab setting he looks down at an experiment underway. Hearing that preparations are complete, Kureto says to begin. Purple rings of energy emanate from Mirai Kimizuki down below and he says to increase the power. When a black shadowy mist erupts from her, Kureto orders higher. Even with it likely that she will die if they go higher, he orders them to do it.[4]

Bringing preparations forward

As he surveys troops below, Kureto receives apologies that the test subject will not be ready for transport until seventeen hundred hours. Needing it sooner he orders to do whatever is necessary to have the subject ready by sixteen hundred hours, if they screw this up the human race is extinct.

His brother come to monitor his activities

Called by him, he sees his brother Seishirō has come and asked what is he doing here. With father wanting him to come by and say hello, Kureto chuckles and reckons he wants Seishirō to keep tabs on him and is surprised he did not send him earlier. Asked whether he can handle a kind of fight where the nobles are to attack soon, Kureto replies whether Seishirō thinks he is worried about father and his reaction if Kureto were to lose. After laughing, he says sorry at how ridiculous it is. If Kureto fails it is over and their entire species is dead, and he questions whether Seishirō still expects him to be afraid of the old man.

How could father protect Seishirō is he were to die right now

Told to watch what he is saying or Kureto could be reported to father who might strip him of his rank, Kureto places his hand on Seishirō’s shoulder to tell him that cowards who are too scared to fight on the front lines should shut up and stay out of the way. He is stern when Seishirō takes a hold of his clothing and says he will regret that and Kureto questions whether brother just put his hands on him. Although Seishirō is sure father will not let him get hurt in his observations of Kureto, he replies that father is very resourceful, but how could he protect him if Seishirō were to die right now.

Certain he will get away with this if he wins today

With Seishirō announcing he is arresting Kureto for lèse-majesté against their father, Aoi has killed the two guards meant to arrest him and Kureto is sure he will get away with this, so long as he succeeds in saving the world today.

Intending to stop the vampires in Nagoya not Kanto

Updated by Aoi that all their squads are ready, he receives the recommendation to leave in thirty minutes. Kureto answers Seishirō that the vampires are not stepping foot in Kanto, Kureto intends to stop them in Nagoya. Not responding to Seishirō saying he dispatched the Shibuya troops since Kureto said he could hold off their enemies in Shinjuku, Kureto is then questioned on what he has been doing behind father’s back.

Placing his sword on Seishirō

Laughing after being asked whether he thinks he can disobey the leader of the Demon Army and live, Kureto reacts by drawing his sword and placing it over Seishirō’s shoulder. Telling him he is lucky, Kureto deems Seishirō a real pain but he is always loyal to authority so will make a good servant later. As he walks Kureto states for the time being Seishirō will be locked up and Kureto will use him when he returns.

Watching cargo being loaded into aircraft

In a different location he oversees a crate and other contents being loaded into transport helicopters. Kureto asks Aoi how the test subject is doing. With it unstable and in pain, Kureto means for Aoi to tell the scientists to increase the dosage, they will force the thing into submission. Even though increasing the dosage could kill the subject, Kureto feels if they do not stick to the time line then they are all dead. Asking Aoi to hold on, he has one more thing before she goes and queries if there has been any update from Guren in Nagoya. He chuckles that Guren has said things are fine, he will buy that.

Calling for soldiers to hurry up

Shouting for the soldiers below to hurry up, Kureto states the Moon Demon Company will not be able to stall the vampires for very much longer.20

Viewing Mirai in her container

On board a transport helicopter, Kureto is with Aoi observing Mirai contained in a tank, with spell tag clad wires attached to her.[5] After the aircraft lands at Nagoya airport, Kureto exits after Aoi. Calling for attention he introduces himself as Lieutenant General Kureto Hiragi to the survivors of the Moon Demon Company operation to assault vampire nobles in Nagoya.

Addressing the surviving Moon Demon Company members

As they likely know his family controls the demon army. Kureto announces because of the Moon Demon Company’s efforts they are looking at total victory over the vampires. Their sacrifices will not have been in vain so Kureto praises them as having ensured humanity’s survival. His team will take over from here and he tells them to enjoy some much deserved downtime, to disarm and relax.

Asked how he plans to defeat the incoming nobles

With vampire nobles on their way, Kureto is asked by Shinya how he plans to defeat them. His answer is "brutally". Asking where Guren is, Kureto needs Shinya to tell him he is joking when he hears Guren has been captured. Considering him a fool, Kureto wonders whether Guren is turning on him as well, then questions further which personality was in control when they took him.

Surprised Shinya hasn't caught on about Guren

With Shinya confused, Kureto asks whether he has not figured it out yet. Kureto knows Guren always kept his comrades protected and in the dark, but he is surprised Shinya has not caught on since they are so close.

Beginning what he has prepared for

Kureto will not hear anymore and informs Shinya his part in this is over. Glancing to Aoi he instructs her to do it. Reminding Shinya that his part is done, he is similarly snappish when Makoto Narumi approaches. Ordering him to stand down, right now Kureto does not know who Narumi is but he told him to relax, follow his orders.

Sparing Narumi, because he will die soon anyway

With the crate mechanically raised behind him, Kureto draws his sword. When Shinya passes to defend Narumi, Kureto tells him not to bother, he cannot hope to protect him. Hearing that those gathered have just completed an impossible suicide mission and asked to be let go, Kureto responds whether he should overlook this soldier’s rebellious attitude. Deciding to let it slide, Kureto does not want to spoil the fun, besides Narumi is going to die soon anyway.

Chains that leave his side unharmed but kill Moon Demon Company soldiers

Saying to begin, behind Kureto the crate opens yet the long connected spiked rods stab out through the sides and into the Moon Demon Company soldiers. Many are outright killed including Rika Inoue and Shūsaku Iwasaki. Kureto finds Narumi charging to him in aguish over their deaths.

Fighting Narumi

Stepping down from the raised platform he is on, Kureto blocks Narumi's trident cursed gear and unconcernedly tells him to back off, can Narumi not see that he has given them honourable deaths and how their sacrifice is for humanity’s future. Catching him off guard, Kureto has some of the spiked rods around him that attack Narumi.

Sparing Shinoa due to their family relation

Finding Shinoa, he tells his younger half-sister that she is safe. Even if Shinoa does not act like it she is still technically a Hiragi. With Shinoa retreating, Kureto says for her to die then and the chains follow her to carry out this intent.

Recognizing Yu as a black demon holder

Approached by Yu after he has saved Shinoa, Kureto regards him as one of Guren’s black demon kids. He gives no chase to them after Shinoa squad deflect the rods then move to escape, but does react to the fleet of helicopters approaching in the distance.

Directing the army to attack the incoming vampires

Vampires led by a masked noble have already descended and Kureto proclaims this is the end, they are destroying all vampires right here. Shouting to do it for humanity is the attack order he gives to the Demon Army members.[6]

With Guren's arrival, Kureto has him begin

After Guren kicks Mika into Yu, Kureto states that is enough and for them to begin. The rods stab into fallen soldiers and turn red before the container they are coming out of explodes to show Mirai. Kureto knows is it coming and describes it as a punishment for breaking their taboos. The winged golden light covered creature is heaven’s judgement and Kureto shouts they must seize control of that power.

Beholding what they have summoned: Abaddon

After the seraph has cast judgement and blown a long golden horn, jagged rocks promptly erupt through the landscape and the land splits underneath the now darkened sky. Kureto passes orders to hurry and capture the angel and spell covered ropes wrap around Mirai’s limbs. Kureto smiles after Mirai’s back splits and a large black non-corporeal mass emerges from it above her. He knows blowing the fifth trumpet summoned the demon of destruction, a gargantuan winged creature called Abaddon.

Marvelling at the demon under army control

Their enchantments and curses worked as Kureto proclaims they have succeeded in controlling the seraph of the end. Staring indecently at the monster before him, Kureto says Aoi knows what to do next. Three darts are thrown into Abaddon which produces a bubbling mass of substance that land and form into Four Horseman of John that attack human and vampire alike.

Unsure of what the fiery vortex is

Seeing it in the distance, Kureto questions what is that tower of flame. Asking Aoi what it means that there are new seraph of the end readings coming from the fire, Kureto knows the implications of not investigating it. They might watch the world end again. Commenting that it must be heaven’s wrath, Kureto says even if god himself were their enemy then humankind would defeat him here.

Shouting for Mirai with Abaddon to attack the other seraph

He orders Aoi to destroy it, and shouts for Abaddon to fire where is has its stream of black energy break apart the salt wave coming towards his troops. Kureto does not care that it is the second trumpet, the king of salt, he just orders Mirai with Abaddon to kill him.

Seeing his demon as Yu makes his way towards it

Kureto is startled when the long spear Yu is holding can withstand Abaddon’s power and he is running towards his demon. After Abaddon is destroyed by Yu, Kureto is angered as the salt particles of his demon float down around him.

Engaging the King of Salt physically

As the King of Salt floats above intending to pass judgement to turn everyone into his material of choice, a lighting strike brings Yu down to the ground. Kureto’s sword is crackling with electricity as he runs towards the seraph. The power of his cursed gear is met with the spear Yu holds and Kureto is blasted back.

Breaking through Genbushin's barrier

He orders all units to target Yuichiro Hyakuya and shouts for them to capture him. Kureto orders his soldiers to step aside as they have come to a stop before the towering wide wall Narumi has created using Genbushin. Blasting a hole through part of it, Kureto sees Shinoa squad now with Narumi escaping with Yu. Yelling to not let them escape, he turns as Aoi warns that the vampires are coming so he instructs that they be killed.

Four months later light shines on the vampire city with soldiers monitoring vampire prisoners. He is stood beside Guren wearing a deep red cloak. After hearing Aoi say that everything is in order and they are ready to advance, Kureto appears pleased as he walks away.[7]

Powers and Abilities[]

Cursed Gear[]

His katana sword, Raimeiki can produce lightning with the ranged power to damage infrastructure and knock a seraph to the ground, the latter of when it is high up in the air. The electricity continues to surge in close combat as well.

Kureto's weapon


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  • “Not bad lieutenant colonel. I suppose junior branch garbage has its use. You’re done here, the Hiragi family will be taking over." - Arriving in Shinjuku with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and speaking to Guren.
  • "All right men, I want those nobles taken alive. We need to show them once and for all what happens to anyone or anything that opposes humanity, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, or the might of the Hiragi family.” - Directing his soldiers to take Ferid, Crowley and other nobles alive.
  • “That was a test of loyalty to make sure you aren’t a traitor.” - His reason for having a vampire prisoner in the room for Yu to find.
  • “Yuichiro Hyakuya, let’s get a better sense of how skilled you are with a sword. But don’t activate the curse.” - Kureto activates his curse anyway. (ep. 13)
  • “Complain about someone fighting dirty in a real battle and see if that keeps them from killing you.” - The reply for Yu after their short battle that ended in his favour.
  • “I interrogated them because we think you’re the spy.” - Kureto had Kimizuki and Yoichi questioned since he thinks Yu is the spy for the vampires.
  • “Your protests aren’t doing you any favours.” - His response to Yu’s confirmation that the details of his family’s murder by the vampires is correct so there is no way Yu is working for them.
  • “This is starting to make more sense. Guren must actually be trying to use something the Hyakuya Sect put inside you.” - His suspicions of Guren, knowledge of Japan’s largest spell craft organization and their experiments on orphaned children.
  • “I am trying to find an efficient way to turn vampires into demons whose powers we can harness.” - Leaving vampires starving outside.
  • “Yuichiro Hyakuya, Yoichi Saotome, Shiho Kimizuki. Where did these boys come from. How did you manage to find not one but three black demon prospects.” - Kureto questions Guren.
  • “All black demon prospects have been subjected to human experimentation, even then the success rate is extremely low.” - Aware of black demon holders and why he does not believe Guren found three by luck.
  • “One more question. What’s your reason for assembling these black demon users? Are you trying to plan a coup? - Candidly asking Guren on whether his suspicions are correct.
  • “All in all you’re doing a good job. But I know your weaknesses, Guren. Love, friendship, honour. You never learn to set aside your emotions in order to lead. That’s something that makes you stronger and holds you back. And that’s why I know I can trust you, you’ll never become a threat,” - Following up praise with a critique of perceived weaknesses, and views on leadership.
  • “I’m going to recover the world, Guren. Since the vampires destroyed our communications network, we haven’t been able to make contact with anyone outside of Japan, but there must be other human organizations that survived.” His goal, and asked whether he means to establish communications abroad he replies “No. My next step is to destroy every last vampire in this country. After that I will systematically crush all of the remaining human organizations that are left. Putting the world under the Demon Army’s control.
  • “Just wait. I’m going to show you a world where it’s the vampires who serve as our livestock.”15
  • “We need it sooner. Do whatever it takes to have the subject ready by sixteen hundred hours. If we screw this up, the human race is extinct.” His preparations need to be complete with everything based on success in the city of Nagoya.
  • “If I fail now it’s over, our entire species is dead, and you still expect me to be afraid of the old man?” his answer to Seishirō who warns him of their father Tenri’s response to failure against the vampire nobles.
  • “Cowards who are too scared to fight on the front lines should shut up and stay out of the way.” His approach to Seishirō’s suggestion that father could strip him of his rank.
  • “Father is very resourceful, but how could he protect you if you were to die right now.” Dismissing Seishirō as a problem for him. 20
  • “Attention! I am Lieutenant General Kureto Hiragi. As you likely know my family controls the Demon Army.” Addressing members of the Moon Demon company after arriving in Nagoya.23
  • “Because of your efforts, we’re looking at total victory over the vampires. The sacrifices of the Moon Demon Company will not have been in vain. You have ensured humanity’s survival. My team will take over from here. Enjoy some much deserved downtime, disarm and relax.” His duplicitous glorification says what he means, including the sacrifices to come of which he attempts to lower the soldier’s guard against.23
  • "Brutally." - His one word response on how he plans to defeat incoming vampire nobles.23
  • “That fool. Is he turning on me as well? Which personality was in control when they took him? Come on, you haven’t figured it out yet?” When Guren is captured he questions whether Guren is turning on him. He then adds further context and shows awareness of Guren’s namanari status, something even Guren’s close friend Shinya was unaware of.23
  • “Don’t bother. You can’t hope to protect him.” After drawing his sword Kureto says this to Shinya when he moves to defend Narumi.23
  • “All right I’ll let it slide, don’t want to spoil the fun. Besides, he’s going to die soon anyway!” Excusing Narumi’s attitude, stating the reason why, and no longer hiding what he has scheduled.23
  • “Back off. Don’t you see I’ve given these soldiers honourable deaths? Their sacrifice is for humanity’s future.” Although he seemed to enjoy stating that Narumi was going to die, Kureto also expresses a believe in the righteousness of his human mass-murdering actions.23
  • “Don’t worry Shinoa, you’re safe. Even if you don’t act like it, you’re still technically a Hiragi.” Finding his younger half-sister, Kureto means to spare her from the slaughter inflicted on the Moon Demon Company, yet it only takes Shinoa to run for Kureto to say “Fine. Die then.”23
  • “Huh, that’s one of Guren’s black demon kids.” Despite meeting Yu before, Kureto sees him in terms of his status as a black demon holder.23
  • “It’s coming, see it? Our punishment for breaking their taboos. It’s heaven’s judgement. We must seize control of that power!” Describing the calamitous power before them as it was meant to be, and the intent to use it for his own ends. 24
  • “There it is. Blowing the fifth trumpet summoned the demon of destruction, Abaddon. Our enchantments and curses worked. We’ve succeeded in controlling the seraph of the end!” background knowledge of the gigantic creature emerging from Mirai’s back, and bringing to fruition a plan to harness the power of a seraph.24
  • “This must be heaven’s wrath. But, even if god himself is our enemy… Humankind will defeat him here.” His reaction to readings of a new seraph being detected from a tower of fire. Referring to a god as “he” and using an inclusive term “humankind.”24
  • “Always more vampires. KILL THEM!” choosing to attack the incoming vampires rather than pursue the squad that has taken Yu.


  • Kureto 「暮人」 means "Dusk person."
  • Hīragi 「柊」 means "Holly."