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Ky Luc (キ・ルク Ki Ruku?) is the Fifth Progenitor among the vampires thus making him a member of the Progenitor Council. He comes to Japan from Europe as part of Urd Geales and Lest Karr's army. He is one of the high-ranking progenitors to be sired by the First Progenitor, Sika Madu.


Ky has short brown hair parted to the sides with the side bangs on his left are longer than the right. He dresses in a similar attire matching that of Lest Karr, but without a hat, and is much taller.

Like all true vampires, he has red eyes, pointed ears, and fangs.


Ky seems to possess a laid-back but cautious sort of attitude. When ordered to oversee Ferid Bathory and Krul Tepes' exposure punishment, he says that controlling a third progenitor is beyond him, but he concedes when Urd Geales assures him there will be no trouble. Later, however, whether or not in a serious manner, he comments about becoming a little nervous as he thinks he may have been assigned the nastiest job compared to the other vampires that also arrived in Japan with him.

He taunts Ferid before cutting off his UV light guard and does not hesitate when Ferid asks him to stop. Unlike with Ferid, he politely informs Krul before beginning her torture as well. However he later taunts Krul when she hands her UV-blocking rings after the torture taunting her that it could be a trauma. He does not appear to be distressed at all when torturing Krul and Ferid, and he does so with a smile on his face. Ky Luc thought nothing of trying to kill others such as Goshi and telling him as much. Approaching Saitō's cage to raise his imprisonment Ky Luc delivered mocking comments on his supposed strength.

In combat he was alert at all times while constantly processing what the enemy's true goal could be. He also considered whether it was a hostage rescue situation or if he himself was being targeted. Acting pre-emptively in response to possible scenarios and remaining level-headed all the while despite greater numbers, Ky Luc was pleased with himself when achieving a set purpose such as blocking attacks. Ky Luc was willing to retreat with Krul taken as prisoner to prevent her rescue, then alert other vampires when he caught up to them.

Highly curious, Ky Luc was keen to learn what his prisoners were looking at when Mahiru-no-Yo's presence could be sensed. This went to extreme measures when he plunged his hand into second progenitor Saitō's torso to investigate the chain components of his body. Similarly Ky Luc was willing to ignore orders from Urd and free Saitō for the chance to learn more about what he had heard about him.

As noted by Saitō, Ky possess a very strong sense of loyalty towards Urd and has been stated to be his right hand. As seen during his "fight" against Saitō, Ky wished to fight and kill Saitō himself due to him having betrayed Urd.


Ky Luc states that he became a vampire in a completely different region from Saitō.


Events of 2020[]

Osaka Arc[]

As Urd Geales and Lest Karr bring back the captured Krul Tepes and Ferid Bathory, the two Japanese vampires are ordered to be burned on crosses in the sunlight. As Urd explains the punishment, he orders Ky Luc to oversee it. Ky agrees that Ferid should be punished by being tortured in the sunlight, but he hesitates about Krul, stating that a third progenitor's power is too much for him. Urd says there should not be a problem, and Ky delays no longer.

Once both vampires are tied to crosses, Ky then proceeds to wield his sword and destroy Ferid's armband that protects him from the sunlight. In a second, the Seventh Progenitor bursts into flames. The Fifth Progenitor then moves on to Krul, allowing the former queen to also burn in the sun. He smiles as they scream.

Ky sits under Ferid's cross still with a smile as Krul and Ferid burn. Sometime later, Ky Luc took notice that Ferid moved when the latter saw Mahiru Hīragi, who turned up to investigate the scent of the burning. Ky questions what Ferid did, and refuses to believe Ferid's words that he did nothing as Ky says he felt something bad. Though still unable to perceive Mahiru, Ky senses her again and figures that it's a ghost. Though to be safe, he pulls out his sword to slice at the spot that Ferid gazed at. No longer sensing the bad feeling, Ky wondered if he killed it before hearing the distant sound of a car engine; contemplating on whether he should leave his post to investigate, and to ask Ferid and Krul if this is a clever trap from one of them. Ky ultimately decides to wait and see by remaining at his post.

He doesn't appear again until three days later, where Ky senses the presence of thirteen people and sees Yūichirō Hyakuya and Yoichi Saotome from a distance. When Yu charges at the same time as Yoichi fires his arrows, Ky says that they are underestimating him.

Ky is the first set upon by Byakkomaru and Gekkouin, which he easily dispatches. Then Ky sees his hand melting, which he figures is an illusion and strikes behind him to grab Norito Goshi. He is then about to be attacked from behind by Crowley Eusford, but Ky blocks his strike with one hand while keeping his grip on Goshi with the other.

Ky then unravels his weapon and beheads Crowley. As soon as his vampire opponent falls, Mikaela Hyakuya comes charging at him, but Ky dodges him. He is then confronted by Guren Ichinose, Shihō Kimizuki, and Makoto Narumi, where Makoto sets up three shields, only for Ky to easily cut them down. Upon seeing multiple Byakkomarus ready to attack him, Ky cuts Ferid's body in half: the lower half is thrown at the materialized tigers while his upper half is thrown at Yu. Shinoa Hīragi and Mitsuba Sangū deflect the thrown body, and Ky is then attacked by Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi.

Post-Shibuya Arc[]

He has arrived with Lest Karr and Urd Geales and finds Saitō, Ferid and Crowley.[1] As Saitō is speaking to Urd he stabs into the former and is curious of the chains that make up Saitō's body. Ky Luc is advised by Lest Karr that listening to Rigr's words is dangerous. He feels it is a good point to render Saitō mostly dead since he is quite powerful. They should definitely destroy his skeleton.[2]

One of Jigenso's portals open from behind and Ky Luc sees Ferid emerge from it with the sinful key.[3] With the sinful key activated by Crowley, Ky Luc is affected by the initial effects.[4] He covers his ears from a loud window shattering scream that only vampires can hear.[5]

As other vampires discuss Saitō who has been contained in a prison Ky Luc observes him beside Lest Karr. Approaching, Ky Luc proclaims what is this and how Lord Rigr, a gentleman of his stature seems to be inconvenienced, perish the thought. Hearing Lest Karr state not to talk to Saitō since he is dangerous, Ky Luc agrees sure he is, he has heard all the legends. Continuing to speak to Saitō he adds that the legends are all very old. Explaining that he became a vampire in a completely different region, Ky Luc adds that it gave him little opportunity to meet Saitō before now. He has long been curious about Lord Rigr. Now that Saitō has gone and lost to Ferid of all vampires Ky Luc has to wonder if he is really that powerful.[6]

With Saitō making claims of being weak, Ky Luc states for all that he has got an awfully cocky look in his eye, like he is in total control. Hearing Saitō say that he is scared out of his mind and to please not pick on him impacts Ky Luc deeply and he reacts drastically overcome with anger. Expressing that Saitō has really annoyed him, Ky Luc announces he wants to beat that smug face of his to a pulp. Mentioning aloud that nobody would mind if he took a sec to try, Ky Luc produces his sword. After being reminded by Lest Karr that he said to stop Ky Luc glares at him and questions who he thinks he is talking to. Informed it is superior's orders Ky Luc answers Lord Lest Karr that the only superior he recognizes is Lord Urd. Told to just stop, Lord Urd will destroy him, Ky Luc maintains a glance before conceding. After Saitō mockingly reiterates to not pick on him, Ky Luc readopts his quietly murderous appearing demeanor. Questioned by Saitō if he does not have to guts to pick on him Ky Luc speaks that if Lord Lest Karr does not step in right now he is going to do it.[7]

After Saitō mentions killing everyone around out of boredom Ky Luc menacingly answers for him to please try.[8] He reacts to Saitō raising with Lest Karr why the first took all of the best third progenitors with him.[9] Stepping forward at Saitō's offer of secrets if Lest Karr releases him Ky Luc questions should they open the prison up. Sharing he will help, Ky Luc is curious about those old legends. He wants to know how many of them were true.[10] Surprised at Saitō's chains breaking out the backrest of his throne[11] Ky Luc appears ecstatic at him perched on top of a spiral of them. This is exactly what Ky Luc hoped would happen and he readies his sword.[12]

Reaching his position in the air, Ky Luc asks if Saitō is sure he should be looking up so much. Bidding him to die, Ky Luc's vertical weapon emission is avoided. Called powerful and questioned what progenitor he is, Ky Luc answers fifth, then thanks Mr. second progenitor. After clashing, Ky Luc is happy to confirm that he must be Urd's right hand, but today he is going to kill him a second progenitor. Finding a spike near his face, Ky Luc wonders if he can dodge it. Concluding no, if he changes course he will not reach, so dead ahead it is. Diving forward through the chain, Ky Luc manages to stab into Saitō's chest at the cost of having been skewered through his right eye.[13]

With Lest Karr behind him wielding electricity, rather than get away as directed, Ky Luc states he will hold him and to just zap the both of them. Having his sword drink all his blood, every last drop it can take, Ky Luc rejects Saitō's order to move. Saying sorry, no can do, today Saitō loses and he is going to make him pay for betraying Lord Urd.[14]

With both his arms having been blown off at the elbows, Ky Luc's eye is free of the chain and he confirms with Lest Karr they did it, as Saitō lies vanquished nearby to him. Ky Luc is pleased to see Lord Urd when he returns, with Kureto Hīragi and Shinya. He registers Saitō that they defeated clap his hands, with Saitō himself still seated on his throne in the unbroken cage. Hearing it was a illusion, Ky Luc cannot believe it. Not commenting on Saitō offering to introduce him to a Hyakuya Sect basics of spell craft, instead he stands by as Urd speaks with Saitō.[15]

After Urd and Saitō exchange words, Ky Luc says to the former that he is sorry, it is his inadequacy that led to this. He processes Urd's response that Saitō is of a higher rank so he stood no chance.[16] Hearing that Saitō does not mind being killed by Urd draws a reaction from him.[17] Ky Luc observes perplexed if anything at Urd entertaining Saitō's plan to kill the first[18] Beholding[19] a huge pentagram made out of chains above Saito, he is surprised when Saito is lifted upwards after being stabbed by a scythe from the First.[20]

With Sika Madu having been captured within a prison, Ky Luc reacts to his concerns that a plan ten of thousands of years in the making now has someone else in the forefront.[21]

Akihabara Arc[]

Listening as Saito speaks with Shikama Doji on his plan to bring his son Mikaela back to life[22], he observes the blood dripping from the First's neck after he was struck. Leaning towards Lest Karr and remarking on the blue blood, Ky Luc wonders what is the first anyway, before querying how he is no vampire.[23]

When Shikama Doji uses telepathy to communicate with them, Ky Luc is affected and apparently pained by the voice. He covers his ears before the First's supposed brainwashing spell is nullified by the spell tags that Saito casts into the air.[24] Learning that the price of resurrection is seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire leaves Ky Luc appearing shocked. Listening to Saito's plan[25] to stop Mikaela's resurrection so the seraphs do not potentially enact a second divine punishment, Ky Luc places his hand in the centre since others are.[26]

Well... If Lord Urd is going with it...

–Agreeing with Saito's plan to stop the First from resurrecting Mikaela. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 23

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural abilities[]

Ky Luc demonstrating his strength as he tries to get rid of Mahiru, whom he cannot see.

As a vampire, Ky is naturally far stronger and powerful than a human. This means that he also has immortality, immense strength, and rapid regeneration. Being a fifth progenitor of the Progenitor Council, he is one of the most powerful vampires worldwide; which makes him stronger than vampires who are of a lower rank, and has the permission to turn humans into vampires as a noble vampire. More remarkably, Saitō, a former second progenitor, stated that Ky's power is highly impressive for a fifth while they were fighting in an illusion he conjured, admitting that his strength was no mere fifth progenitor and even stating that he could kill a third progenitor, going as far as to recognize him as Urd's right-hand man from his performance.

Ky Luc has shown like all vampires and nobles to possess immense superhuman senses, having been shown to easily detect a number of opponents approaching his locations miles away from him. Ky in particular was shown to have a rather unique ability to his senses where he could apparently detect normally invisible demons. As seen where he detected Mahiru-no-Yo when she went to his location and was able to accurately tell in what area and direction she was standing/floating in despite not even vampires of a superior rank of him was able to detect her.


A sword is wielded by one hand. It appears to be compact into a ring that encases his forearm when he twirls it. This commences by emerges from the ring in a strand before assuming its shape.


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Huh? Me, my lord? I can handle Ferid... but a third progenitor may be a bit beyond me...

–Ky Luc to Urd Geales after being ordered to oversee Ferid and Krul's exposure torture. "Crucifying the Immortal" Chapter 51

Ready? Let's go. First, I'll break the UV Light guard ring on your wards.

–Ky Luc to Ferid Bathory. "Crucifying the Immortal"

Yikes! Wow. You successfully survive all these centuries only to end up getting sentenced to eternal torment. I must admit I'm curious. How does that feel for you?

–Ky Luc to Ferid Bathory. "Crucifying the Immortal"

You lie. I know because I had a bad feeling.

–Ky to Ferid Bathory. "Coffins of Obsession"

Sheesh. Is this little bit of cleverness the trap you set? Ferid Bathory? Or was it the queen, perhaps? Boy, I'm starting to feel a little nervous. It's starting to look more and more like I got stuck with the nastiest job of all. I guess I should just wait and see...

–Ky to Ferid Bathory. "Coffins of Obsession"

Oho! Someone did come after all. Who is it? What will it be? Well, Ferid? Hmm... They've got me surrounded. How many are there? Eight... Nine... Ten... Thirteen of them. And I know where they are. Should I just go around and kill them one by one? No. Their goal is likely freeing Ferid and Queen Krul. Well, then! What to do?

–Ky to Ferid and himself. "Who Is Your Owner?"

Sword!! It's time to kill a monster!!

–When Yūichirō Hyakuya attacks him after partially awakenings his seraph form. "Surrounding Ky Luc"

Ick! There's that bad feeling I can't quite place again! What the heck is that?

–When sensing Mahiru's presence. "Who Is More Bored?"

Aha ha! I crushed your heart, and it's regenerating. What are you, a vampire?

–To Yūichirō in seraph form. "Who Is More Bored?"

Speaking of regeneration, I need to regenerate my wounds--and fast. Still... I'm starting to get acclimated to dealing with that monster. It's fast and powerful, yes. But its moves are simple and direct. Can I really beat it..? No, no, no. What am I saying? I am the Ky Luc. Of course, I can kill it!

–Ky Luc to himself. "Who Is More Bored?"

What could they possibly be after? What constitutes victory to them? Is everything proceeding as he expected? Then, are we all still dancing to Ferid's tune?

–Ky Luc's thoughts against the team of humans, vampires, and a seraph. "Who Is More Bored?"

All right. Next, I think I will expose the oh-so-innocent you and your devious plotting. That sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

–Ky to Ferid. "Who Is More Bored?"

...True. That's why I'm just as insane as you are. I'll make sure to bury your head with my own hands. See you all later.

–Ky to Ferid. "Who Is More Bored?"

Y'know... The queen does have a point. Sometime before we realized it, humans started delving into secrets even we don't fully understand. At this rate, isn't it possible that we might lose our hold over them?

–Ky Luc. "Saviors"

But we know the First had some purpose behind his disappearance. Shortly thereafter, Second Progenitor Rigr Stafford vanished, as well. The only ones who haven't changed in all the time since are us. To be perfectly blunt, m'lords... That's really kind of dull. Isn't it about time we got serious?

–Ky Luc. "Saviors"

Oho! What are these chains, hm? So very strange!

–After casually stabbing into Saitō, he examines and is intrigued by the chains which make up his body. "Black Demon Scenario", page 19

I've long been curious about you, Lord Rigr. Now you've gone and lost to Ferid of all vampires. Seriously? I have to wonder if you're really that powerful.

–Sharing his curiosity on Saitō, and questioning the legends about his strength. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 6

Oh? For all that... ...you've got an awfully cocky look in your eye. Like you're in total control.

–Reading Saitō's body language after he professed to be weak. Ky Luc's intuition would be accurate. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 7

The only superior I recognize is Lord Urd... ...Lord Lest Karr.

–While agitated Ky Luc says this even when Lest Karr is also of a higher rank than him. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 9

Ooh. Should we open it up? Lord Lest Karr. I'll help! I'm curious about those old legends. I want to know how many of them were true.

–In support of freeing Saitō, despite being ordered not to speak to him, and when he threatened the second progenitor a short while ago. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 34

Yes!! This is exactly what I'd hoped would happen! Let's do this!! Sword!!

–Enthusiastic about Saitō breaking himself free, and after he skewered vampires around them. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 39

Yep, you betcha! But today... I'm going to kill me a second progenitor!

–Concurring with Saitō that he is Urd's right hand man, and eager to kill the former. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 6-7

Can I dodge it? No. Change course and I won't reach. Sooo... DEAD AHEAD IT IS!!

–His thoughts on Saitō's chain near his face, before maintaining the leap forward where the spike stabs through Ky Luc's eye and out his head. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 6-7

I'll hold him! Just zap the both of us!

–Rather than get away from Lest Karr's lightning he keeps his hand in Saitō's chest. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 8

Sorry, no can do! Today, you lose! I'm making you pay for betraying Lord Urd!

–Declining Saitō's order to move and his loyalty to Urd. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 9

An illusion?! You're kidding me!

–Surprised learning he had fought an illusion. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 15

I'm sorry, Lord Urd. It was my inadequacy that led to this...

–Apologizing when Saitō begins speaking with Urd, feeling at fault. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 16

Blue blood? What is the First, anyway? He's no vampire. Right?

–Wondering with Lest Karr what Shikama Doji is. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 10