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Ky Luc is a fifth progenitor vampire who is trusted by Urd Geales to oversee a sentance passed on other vampire nobles. Attacked by human members of the Moon Demon Company, Ky Luc would rejoin other vampires including Lest Karr. Entering Japanese Imperial Demon Army territory he would act in accordance with Urd's actions namely involving themselves with Saitō's business. Ky Luc interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Ky Luc's relationships with other characters.


Urd Geales[]

A second progenitor, Urd Geales is the current leader of the progenitor council. Urd sentenced Krul Tepes and Ferid Bathory to 10 days of exposure torture under the claim of treachery. He is assigned to the role of supervisor as the two vampires underwent their sentence. Ky Luc accompanies Urd among others as they travel via aircraft. Speaking to Lest Karr he says Urd is the only superior he recognizes. In following Saito's plan to stop Mikaela from being resurrected, Ky Luc goes along with it while mentioning it is because Lord Urd is.

Lest Karr[]

Making out alive.PNG

He works with third progenitor Lest Karr along with Urd. The three of them are together when Saitō is found. When speaking to him, Ky Luc is provoked and when told to stop by Lest Karr he glares and answers angrily.

Hm? Who do you think you're talking to?

–While angered due to Saitō he asks this to Lest Karr who told him to stop. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 8

Reacting to Saitō again Ky Luc says to Lord Lest Karr if he does not step in right now he is going to do it. The cold fury reverses and Ky Luc once merry again asks Lest Karr whether they should free Saitō, he will help. The battle together against an illusion of Saito when they believe him to have escaped. Willing to endure a chain through his eye, Ky Luc acts to ensure Lest Karr can strike Saito even if he is struck himself. Observing the First's blue blood, Ky Luc mentions it out of curiosity with Lest Karr.

Krul Tepes[]

A third progenitor, Krul Tepes is the former queen of Japan. Ky Luc was placed in charge of supervising the torture of her for treachery. Ky Luc felt handling a third progenitor might be a bit beyond him. Despite being in charge of administering her punishment, Ky addresses Krul respectfully.

Ferid Bathory[]

A seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory was labelled a traitor then sentenced to ten days of exposure torture; that Ky Luc was tasked with supervising under the orders of Urd. Ky Luc decided to sacrifice Ferid by throwing his lower torso into Byakkomaru's white tigers. Watching his dismembered body run past, Ky Luc told Ferid to watch his mouth as once he catches up to the main force he will see him branded a traitor. Stating that he has lived longer than Ferid he agrees living in boredom is why he is just as insane as Ferid is. Ky Luc adds he plans on burying Ferid's head with his own hands.

Crowley Eusford[]

Attacked by thirteenth progenitor Crowley he asked whether there was a point to speaking up. Seeing him as a diversion too, Ky Luc swiftly decapitated Crowley as he searched for the real attacker.


Chapter 92 - Page 12 - Panel 1.png

Coming across Saitō in Shibuya, Ky Luc was fascinated by the chains that made up his body. Thinking nothing of the action Ky Luc used his hands to examine the insides. After Saitō is confined in a prison he observes then engages in conversation by questioning his wellbeing given his imprisonment.

Oh my! What's this? Lord Rigr! A gentleman of your stature, inconvenienced? Perish the thought! Are you perhaps out of sorts?

–His greeting to Saitō who is imprisoned. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 5

Knowing him by legends Ky Luc belittles Saitō's reputation by saying they were old, then questions his power given that he was defeated by Ferid. To some extent Ky Luc sees through Saitō's display of saying he is weak, before his mocking is replaced to being greatly angered at Saitō saying to please not pick on him.

I want to beat that smug face of yours into a pulp. Nobody'll mind if I take a sec to try. Right?

–A drastic change regarding Saitō after feeling annoyed. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 7

Wanting to beat Saitō's smug face, Ky Luc draws his sword and asks him to please try and kill everyone in the area. In genuine favor of freeing Saitō due to curiosity if the old legends are true, Ky Luc flips back to embracing the chance to fight Saitō when he escapes despite the marked power imbalance between their ranks. Where the world's potential ruin is concerned, Ky Luc is working in accordance with Saito's plan to stop Shikama Doji from resurrecting Mikaela.


A vampire who sustains himself on human blood, Ky Luc does not make derogatory comments on them being livestock compared to other vampires. From the Moon Demon Company members he comes under attack from, although Ky Luc comments on certain weak attacks, unlike other vampires who would not take a human uprising with any degree of seriousness, he takes an analytical approach into figuring out what their true intent may be. He correctly guesses a rescue attempt, and devoid of any pride at having to abandon the battle versus humans, Ky Luc ensures at least Krul would not be rescued by them by falling back with her.

Shinoa Squad[]

The members of Shinoa Squad wield Cursed Gear weapons capable of heavily damaging vampires. Ky Luc would also find Mika, and Narumi amongst the group.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

Turning to see Yu who was drawing upon seraph powers Ky Luc's first action was to call for his sword, it was time to kill a monster. Surprised at seraph Yu's capabilities Ky Luc was almost decapitated by him. After directing an attack at him Ky Luc voices how he was really powerful. Surprised to see he crushed Yu's heart yet it is regenerating Ky Luc wondered whether he was a vampire. Considering the monster fast and powerful Ky Luc judged Yu's moves to be simple and direct before expressing certainty that he can kill it.

Yoichi Saotome[]

Fired at by Yoichi's cursed gear bow Ky Luc considered it a slow attack and not a threat at all.

Makoto Narumi[]

Coming across Narumi he cut through his Genbushin shield.

Shinoa Hīragi[]

Acquiring the lower half of Ferid, he threw him towards Yu for Shinoa to block Ky Luc's projectile.

Mitsuba Sangū[]

Along with other members of Shinoa squad Ky Luc was attacked in a joint venture involving Mitsuba.

Guren Squad[]

The members of Category:Guren Squad are the elite members of the Moon Demon Company.

Norito Goshi[]

Aware that his hand melting was an illusion, Ky Luc knew Norito Goshi was behind him and seized his arm. Ky Luc raised his own as he said Goshi would be the first to die.

Guren Ichinose[]

At first leaping past him Ky Luc would be attacked by Guren, the leader of the Moon Demon Company.

Sayuri Hanayori[]

He came under attack from Sayuri's fiery enveloped spell tags.

Shigure Yukimi[]

The kunai directed at him by Shigure were avoided.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

The Japanese Imperial Demon Army, the largest military organization in Japan has sacked the city of Sanguinem, hence Ky Luc's arrival with a host of other vampires.

Shinya Hīragi[]

While he did not see him, Ky Luc was assailed by Shinya's Byakkomaru rifle fire.


The invisible to most entities that occupy and power cursed gear weapons. On account of his strength, Ky Luc would make out a presence of a demon nearby. He spoke with some accuracy that it was like a ghost nearby.


Ky luc 17.png

While he could not see Mahiru-no-Yo, from other's reactions, and because he had a bad feeling Ky Luc inferred there was something nearby, but was unable to pinpoint Guren's demon, Mahiru-no-Yo. He guessed that it was a ghost. Ky Luc would come into contact with them again when Mahiru-no-Yo was directed to cut him down and while he could not see them before him, Ky Luc experienced that bad feeling he could not quite place again.