Vampires Edit

Urd Geales Edit

A second progenitor and current leader of the progenitor council. Urd sentenced Krul Tepes and Ferid Bathory to 10 days of exposure torture under the claim of treachery. He assigned Ky the role of supervisor.

Krul Tepes Edit

A third progenitor and the former queen of Japan. Urd Geales ordered Ky to supervise the torture of Krul Tepes and Ferid Bathory for treachery. Despite being in charge of administering her punishment, Ky addresses Krul respectfully, most likely due to her higher rank.

Ferid Bathory Edit

A seventh progenitor whom Urd Geales labelled a traitor and blamed for Sanguinem's fall. He, along with Krul Tepes, were sentenced to 10 days of exposure torture; said torture being supervised by Ky, under the orders of Urd. Ferid appears to have met Ky in the past, and the two are apparently as "insane" as each other. It was stated by Ky that he has lived longer than Ferid, and plans on burying Ferid's head with his own hands.

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