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Lacus Welt is a vampire who is often with René Simm and works with Michaela Hyakuya as well in field operations. He comes into contact with humans who he helps capture, and then under Ferid Bathory's command he would fight against members of the Moon Demon Company. Lacus interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Lacus's relationships with other characters.


René Simm

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Currently a city guard working with Lacus. They are rarely seen apart from one another. Lacus thinks of René like a brother as they have been together since they were boys, even though they do not show much affection. Along with René they were responsible for flying a plane loaded with explosives into Shinjuku's walls to create an opening for vampires to breach the city. They remain nearby to one another during the battle and successfully restrict the movements of Moon Demon Company leaders. It is implied that they seek out information together, certain that they could find out more about Mika if they wanted to.

Mikaela Hyakuya

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Mika was a former city guard who worked with Lacus. They took part in an operation to defeat Four Horseman of John and gather the humans as a blood supply. Lacus attempts conversation with Mika often, but Mika usually blows him off. Out of general curiosity Lacus is interested in Mika's background such as his links to other vampires and he is aware of Mika's connection to Krul Tepes. He wonders why Mika does not drink blood and is not sure what his problem is. Lacus does encourage Mika to drink blood from the humans they are gathering and assumes his reluctance to do so is due to the restrictions placed on them. Whilst his attempts to seek information are rarely answered by Mika he does not appear bothered by being ignored. He comments how Mika is Krul's little pet when he is summoned by her. Lacus says he does not care if Mika dies when he was taken hostage. Seeing Mika again Lacus approached and spoke to him as one vampire to another.

Ferid Bathory

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Lacus is seemingly obedient as Ferid is a superior. At the battle of Shinjuku he was nearby to Ferid when humans approached them as the leadership of the invasion. Lacus remained near him then moved to carry out Ferid's order to round up the leaders of the opposing side. Whilst they work effectively in combat privately Lacus voices that he never really has any idea of what is going on with Ferid. Further Lacus feels that sometimes Ferid appears happier when they fail. Referring to Ferid as a deviant Lacus turns to Mika for further information on Ferid's plans.

Krul Tepes

The vampire queen of Japan and a third progenitor. Lacus wonders if she favors Mika because he knows Yūichirō Hyakuya. He appears to think that Krul's favour may be gained by becoming close to others such as Ferid.

Crowley Eusford

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Aware of the thirteenth progenitor's territory in Nagoya Lacus arrives to assist the vampire nobles being targeted. Along with Crowley he stands awaiting the arrival of vampire nobles from abroad.

Zane Lindau

Hearing that this seventeenth progenitor was being targeted by the strongest members of the Demon Army Lacus headed to his location out of the concern that they would be punished if they did not act on the information.


Yoichi Saotome

Lacus killed his sister where his actions were known as Yoichi was concealed under a bed. They would be on the same battlefield years later during the invasion of Shinjuku when Yoichi was a part of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. When vampires nobles had gathered en masse in Japan Lacus would be oblivious to Yoichi regarding him with a murderous rage and none the wiser that sun exposure torture was greatly desired for him.

Tomoe Saotome

Yoichi Saotome's elder sister. After the apocalypse event when surviving children were being gathered Lacus entered her room, casually strode over and after lifting her up by the neck he drained too much of her blood. He thought nothing of being responsible for her death and regarded her as blood to drink.

Sayuri Hanayori

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A member of Guren Ichinose's squad in the Moon Demon Company. Sent to round her up as one of the leaders by Ferid, Lacus would keep Sayuri occupied and unable to take part further in the fight. When the humans were ordered to retreat Lacus kept track of Sayuri as his quarry and kicked her aside to chase Mito instead when the chance arose.

Mito Jūjō

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Another member of Guren's squad in the Moon Demon Company. At the battle of Shinjuku he did not notice her approach where Lacus was almost struck by her cursed gear. He was impressed that she managed to lave a mark on his face. With Mito running to assist Guren he outran her and flung off an emission from his sword that prevented Mito from advancing further. Lacus was impressed further that still was still standing and essentially held Mito captive until human reinforcements arrived.

Aiko Aihara

A squad leader of the Moon Demon Company. After landing near her in Nagoya Lacus and the vampires he was with captured and killed her squad members. With her holding a knife to Mika's neck Lacus told Aihara that she could do whatever she wanted. With her wrist crushed Lacus admired the act and was disappointed that she was killed before they got to, in his words, play. Lacus was unaware that Aihara and Mika were misdirecting them to a different direction to where the Moon Demon Company members were really heading.



Lacus is unaware that this demon both knows that he killed Tomoe and is encouraging Yoichi to enact vengeance upon him for it.