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Lacus Welt (ラクス・ウェルト Rakusu Ueruto?) is a vampire in Japan who often works with René Simm and Mikaela Hyakuya.

After the world was devastated he murdered Tomoe Saotome and would later come across her younger brother, Yoichi Saotome when Lacus participated in the invasion of Shinjuku. Acting under Ferid Bathory he fought members of the Moon Demon Company where he would be successful in capturing them.

He would take part in gathering humans as gifts for the nobles in the city of Nagoya. There he would find many vampires slain from the large-scale human operation to exterminate vampire nobles. Lacus acts on information to assist the targeted vampires against the growing human combatants.

Note: This is the page for Lacus in the anime, for the article detailing Lacus in other formats see: Lacus Welt


Seraph of the End - Lacus Welt (Anime).png

He has long purple hair pulled to the back of his head with clips. He has asymmetrical bangs the left side of him is longer than the right side. He has long lower eyelashes. Like all true vampires, Lacus has red eyes, fangs, and pointed ears.

He wears the traditional uniform for vampire soldiers. His tunic has a black belt around it and is over hie white pants. Lacus has knee-high boots and wears the white cape with the hood down.


Attentive to details and having a habit of acquiring knowledge, Lacus was aware of the progenitor council learning of what transpired at Shinjuku and spoke at length on the matter. He knows Mika’s surname of Hyakuya and asks to learn what he does not know as when he wondered whether Mika’s connection with Ferid was how he gained Krul’s favour.

Like all vampires, he sees humans as mere livestock and even laughed at the humans who thought that the vampires came to protect them. He says vampires do not protect livestock but rather own them. On more than one occasion he has drank from humans whilst in the field, to death as well.

Impressed he was struck

Obedient when given his orders, Lacus consistently fulfils what is expected of him from gathering humans for a blood supply to capturing and guarding Moon Demon Company members. He is not afraid of fighting and takes strategic measures to defend himself to impeding specific targets. He praised Mito when she drew blood on him.

Sociable by nature, Lacus tries repeatedly to get Mika to open up or speak. He is concerned about Mika refusing to drink blood directly from humans when he can, although he is not aware that Mika has yet to ever drink any human blood at all. His interest stems from his overall curious nature and is maintained despite Mika's constant rejections toward any kind of friendship. However, he later states to Aiko Aihara that he does not care if Mika dies.


Episode 6 - Screenshot 7.png

After the world was devastated by the Apocalypse virus, 90% of the world's population perished. With children under thirteen spared, Lacus came across Tomoe with her younger brother Yoichi hidden under the bed nearby. He simply walked over, lifted Tomoe up and drank her blood until she died. With René telling him headquarters wanted an update, Lacus found the timing inconvenient as he dropped Tomoe lifeless to the ground and left.


Second Shibuya High Arc[]

Asking if his demeaning views on humans are correct

Lacus Welt is within a city where the defenceless human population are under attack from a Four Horseman of John. With a person calling out that they will get the same type of protection like in Osaka, Lacus laughs and comments to Mika nearby that the humans think the vampires saved them as he jumps down from the slain Horseman. Considering the people "idiotic creatures", Lacus remarks they are keeping their livestock fresh and regards them as property to be defended. With Mika silent, Lacus continues that it took a hell of a lot of strength to pull off that stunt. He has heard Mika became a vampire by drinking the blood of the third progenitor, queen Krul Tepes herself and questions whether the rumors are true. He looks to René Simm when he is told by Mika he can have the Horseman's body if he wants it. He stands beside René as he announces the humans can be protected by vampires in exchange for blood.[2]

Asking whether Mika heard the announcement they will arrive in Tokyo

That vampires from the Kansai region are planning to retake Shinjuku is revealed by Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose of the Moon Demon Company Lacus is onboard a plane where an announcement updates them that they will be arriving in Tokyo shortly. Attacks from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army are expected near Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya. Addressing Mika sat on the ground nearby, Lacus asks whether he heard that. The plane is heading to Shinjuku first.[3]

Shinjuku Arc[]

Aiming for Shinjuku's outer wall

A siege on the city is underway and Lacus is a part of the fourth wave. Seated beside René, he is piloting an aircraft to Shinjuku. Even though several helicopters have been shot down by the enchanted archery based weapons of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Lacus is delighted to say here he comes as he steers the plane on a downward trajectory.

Stepping through the breach into the city

With the large quantities of explosive devices that fill the cargo hold, Lacus flies the plane itself into the wall. The aircraft smashes through the tower portion of the wall and explodes. With the wall crumbling, Lacus is the first to enter the breached city from this point.

Asking if he is good or what, this wall is trashed

Quite pleased, he praises his own handy work. Mostly to himself he asks whether he is good or what, this wall is trashed. Hearing from René that he should not act so cocky since he was ten feet to the right of the target, Lacus remarks that still the livestock are all dead. He finds the vampire troops sweeping into the city from his inflicted entry point.9

Facing the Moon Demon Company

He is at the forefront of a group of vampires that Ferid turns to in order the end this war once and for all, now that the vampire extermination units most strongest members, the Moon Demon Company have come to them. The battle is underway in a full extermination effort against the humans.

Ordered to take down all the humans except for the one in charge

Having situated himself back to linger around Ferid, he observes the battle taking place. Called upon by Ferid, he is tasked with rounding up their men and taking out all the humans except the one in charge. He moves out with René to carry out his duty. Lacus appears surprised at the extent of the explosion of the Fudo Myo-o spell tag that Guren has used on Mika.

Locked in combat with Sayuri

Having locked swords with Sayuri Hanayori, he has a grim expression on his face after Guren is knocked aside by Ferid after his skirmish with Mika. After she calls to Guren who has a packet of cursed gear stimulants, Lacus advises Sayuri that distraction will get her killed, and addresses her as “little girl”.

Almost cursed gear punched by Mito

He does not notice Mito Jūjō until she is near and he darts away to avoid her punch aimed at his face. Landing, his smile disappears as he notices a faint cut on his cheek before Lacus reacts with praise. 10

Knocking Sayuri aside

Vampire nobles Crowley Eusford along with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld have arrived and greeted Ferid. Consequently with the greatly bolstered forces in their favour, the vampires now intend to capture the Moon Demon Company. With them ordered to retreat by Guren, Lacus interferes with Sayuri’s progression. Noticing Mito running past him he orders Sayuri to move and kicks her aside to give chase.

Heading off Mito

Out-speeding and appearing before her, Lacus questions why the hurry before using his sword to send a forceful ranged power at Mito. It takes an effort to endure, and leaves a scrape across her face. With Mito still standing he remarks it looks like they have themselves a hero.

Waving to the Moon Demon Company members

Joining René, he waves to Norito Goshi on what the Moon Demon Company’s answer is on whether they want to make it out as livestock or corpses. Successful in carrying out his orders, Lacus stands guard over the four members of the Moon Demon Company which also includes Mito with Sayuri and Shigure Yukimi.

Observing Yoichi as he stands guard

Doing so he also makes eye contact with Yoichi as he watches him fight. With the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army under the command of Kureto Hīragi along with Shinya Hīragi. Lacus does not seem too bothered at himself being the one who is surrounded. 11

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Wondering what it was they saw at Shinjuku

Having escaped possible capture, Lacus is dressing himself and remarks on one measly human causing all that damage. Deeming it insane, he speaks to Mika since Lacus feels the human singled him out. Not getting a response, he comments Mika is getting good at the silent treatment. With René raising what Yu was and whether there is more of them, Lacus replies he would not want to face an army of them.

The enchantment was called seraph of the end

The issue has already been raised in the progenitor council. Lacus is aware they suspect it is magic and that the humans have discovered a forbidden enchantment that could destroy the world. He also recalls that they called it the “seraph of the end” and the word is their mission was to actually retrieve the enchantment.

Not sure if the mission was a failure

He cannot say if the mission was a failure, lord Ferid was in charge and Lacus never really has any idea what is going on with him. Sometimes he seems happier when they fail. With Mika walking past, Lacus says he probably knows more about Ferid then them, that deviant always keeps him within arms reach. Lacus then asks if that is how Mika wound his way into Krul’s favour.

Hearing the intercom requesting Mika

Aware of his name of Hyakuya, he asks what exactly is his story, then what does that mean after hearing Mika addresses himself as just another ugly vampire. With an intercom announcement summoning Mika to Krul’s royal audience chamber, Lacus questions whether Rene can hear that, the queen is tugging on her little pet’s leash. At a later point he is seated on a bench beside René.12

Nagoya Arc[]

Ordered to move their forces to Nagoya

Within an aircraft hanger with René he sees Mika approach who has got the order too. Lacus informs him they have been instructed to move their main units to Nagoya. They will hit Tokyo soon after that.15

Drinking the blood of those he captures

Children are running from the vampires in an unmaintained neighbourhood and Lacus is behind one of them. Getting down to the child’s level and smiling, the pleas not to hurt them are ignored and Lacus bites down on one's shoulder. As the children gathered are loaded into transport helicopters, Lacus joins Mika and states they are gifts for the nobles in Nagoya. If he wants to take a little sip now is the time.

He won't tell if Mika does drink blood

Hearing Mika say he is not interested in drinking human blood, Lacus questions whether that was some kind of joke. If Mika is afraid of getting caught he need not worry and Lacus says Mika can trust him, he will not tell a soul. Watching Mika walk off he remarks to himself what a weirdo he thinks Mika is.

Lacus knew Mika looked thirsty

As he leads children to a helicopter Lacus reacts to Mika suddenly pinning a girl by the neck by remarking that he knew Mika looked thirsty. Seeing Mika allow to girl to run away, Lacus reaffirms that Mika is definitely a weirdo.16

Descending from a helicopter

Arriving in Nagoya, an entire aircraft is destroyed by a cursed weapon from below. Lacus drops down from a helicopter with René in the midst of Moon Demon Company members near a fountain.

Capturing those gathered

He is holding a black pole arm and along with other vampires the humans are captured where Lacus holds one up by the neck. With Aiko Aihara stating this is a code 284, Lacus sees the soldier he is holding die and wonders what is going on, he was barely choking him. With René aware of what is occurring, Lacus hears that the humans have poisoned themselves. Noticing Mika with Aihara, Lacus asks him what he is doing over there.

René has found something

Concerning the humans Lacus asks why did they go and kill themselves, are they stupid. Called by René, he asks whether he found something. Although there are tattered items of vampire clothing around, Lacus does not believe that Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor, is dead.

Disbelieving that Lucal Wesker is dead

He voices that an entire army of humans would not be able to kill a noble like him. Lord Lacus is called by a hooded vampire and told all the vampires underground have been wiped out. Lord Mel Stefano has been searched for but they cannot find him anywhere.

They should head for city hall

Asking the vampire if he is serious, Lacus comments that something strange is going on here. Not liking it, Lacus hears they should get moving. Lord Crowley at city hall should know what happened here.

Ordered to stop right there

As he moves to leave Lacus is ordered to stop. He sees that Aihara is alive and now has a knife to Mika’s neck and hears if they make one move she will slit their friend’s throat. Lacus blames Mika, knowing he is kind of slow sometimes, Lacus asks how he missed that she was alive. Told not to move or Mika will have his throat cut, Lacus merrily replies that she can do whatever she wants and if Mika dies it is his own fault.

Observing Mika and Aihara interact

After observing them move away, Lacus listens to the exchange involving where Aihara's comrades are since her squad could not have been involved in the death of these vampires, Aihara will reveal what she knows if she is allowed to live. Lacus hears that the Imperial Army’s strongest soldiers are at this moment heading to the botanical garden in Higashiyama Park to execute Zane Lindau.

Lindau is the seventeenth progenitor

Asked by Mika whether he knows who that is, Lacus replies how can he not know, Lindau is the seventeenth progenitor. Questioning René what they should do, when the decision is to warn Lord Lindau otherwise they will be in trouble, Lacus acquiesces to the move yet it is super far away and will be such a pain.

They will leave Mika if he doesn't hurry up

Walking, Lacus notices and turns to say if Mika does not hurry up then they will leave him behind. After Aihara fires her cursed gear, Sankoujitsu, he seems disappointed that Mika killed her before they got to play but agrees Mika has a point on who cares what the livestock have got to say.

These humans are nothing alone but dangerous when together

Agreeing with René on how the Japanese Imperial Demon Army may be more of a problem than expected, Lacus opines on these humans. They the humans are nothing alone but when they gang up they are kind of dangerous.

Hearing Mika means to head to city hall

Intending to head to the botanical garden, Lacus hears Mika means to head to city hall with five borrowed soldiers since they cannot take the human’s word. He looks to René for the response.18 It is recalled how they parted ways19 and Mika mentions him when he sees incoming helicopters and how they are not the ones Lacus is one.21

Awaiting the arrival of foreign nobles

Four months later Lacus is standing with René, Ferid and Crowley amongst other vampires including Horn and Chess. He awaits a group of aircraft to land containing foreign vampire nobles including third progenitor Lest Karr.24

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]


Episode 11 - Screenshot 96.png

Lacus wields a sword during the battle of Shinjuku that can block against Sayuri's spell tag sword. He can also emit a prolonged ranged attack from the weapon that can cause physical injury and leave its target fatigued. During operations in Nagoya, Lacus is armed with a large black polearm.


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  • "They think we've saved them. What idiotic creatures. We're just keeping our livestock fresh, protecting our property." - His perspectives on humans rejoicing that they are saved from the Horseman of the Apocalypse, and what Lacus regards them as.4
  • "Well it took a hell of a lot of strength to pull off that stunt. Word has it that you became a vampire by drinking the blood of the third progenitor, queen Krul Tepes herself. Tell me, are the rumors true?" - Commenting on Mika slaying a Four Horseman of John single handedly, he has also heard rumors that Mika was turned into a vampire by the queen of Japan. Whilst Mika did drink Krul's blood it was because he was forced to which may be at odds with how Lacus views it.4
  • “Here I come!” - His words as he is more than happy to fly a plane to crash into and break Shinjuku city’s outer wall.9
  • ”Oh wow am I good or what? This wall is trashed.” - A rather blasé comment after completing what he intended to so for the invading vampires to storm the city.9
  • “Distraction will get you killed, little girl.” - Advice to Sayuri when she voices concern to Guren. If it stemmed from being condescending, an age related outlook or an off the hand comment, Lacus referred to a teacher and member of Guren's squad as a "little girl."10
  • “Man, I can’t believe one measly human caused all that damage. It’s insane. Mika, from what I saw it looked like he singled you out.” - Commenting on Yu when he turned into a one winged creature, and his viewpoint on a situation where Mika endured the sword to stop Yu killing Shinoa.12
  • “The issue has already been raised in the progenitor council. They suspect it’s magic, that the humans have discovered a forbidden enchantment that could destroy the world. They called it “seraph of the end”, I think.” - Sharing updates after what transpired at the battle of Shinjuku and aware of closed door progenitor council meeting topics. He was correct regarding the name of the experiment.12
  • “They’re gifts for the nobles in Nagoya. If you want to take a little sip, now’s the time, Mika.” - Lacus is tasked with gathering children, and drinking from them at the same time where he encourages Mika to do the same.16
  • “If you’re afraid of getting caught, don’t worry, you can trust me, I won’t tell a soul.” - His assurance to Mika, and having drank human blood himself he likely was not lying about trusting him. Lacus would appear perplexed that Mika did not accept his offer.16
  • “Mika I know that you’re kind of slow sometimes but how did you miss that she was alive?” - Denigrating Mika when he has been taken hostage with a knife at his neck.18
  • “You can do whatever you want, if he dies it’s his own fault.” - His words to an enemy human who asks if he wants Mika to die.18
  • “True, these humans are nothing alone, but when they gang up they’re kind of dangerous.” - His comments on humans, specifically the Japanese Imperial Demon Army who he recognizes are a bigger problem than anticipated.18
  • "That's super far away, this is going to be such a pain." - Aware of the city layout of Nagoya to know that the botanical garden in Higashiyama Park is super far away when they mean to head there to assist seventeenth progenitor Zane Lindau.18


  • Lacus is Latin for "lake."
  • Welt is German for "world."