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Lest Karr (レスト・カー Resuto Kaa?) is a third progenitor of the vampires who resides in Germany, Europe. He is one of the high ranking vampires to be a part of the Progenitor Council.


Lest Karr.jpg

Lest Karr has a short stature and an appearance of a young male with dark-rimmed eyes. His hair is styled into two braids that trail down his back. The right half of his hair is black while the left half is white. He has bangs that cover part of his face. Just like most true vampires, he has fangs, red eyes, and pointed ears.

He wears a small decorated top hat with blue feathers to match his dark, button-up coat, and he wears a white dress shirt underneath. Over the white dress shirt he wears a vest. The buttons on his coat are gold. He has a large bow at his collar and wears white gloves.

  • Anime: In the anime, he is shown with dark, rich shade of violet-red hair instead of black. His cuffs are shown to be a royal blue as well as the large bow at his collar. His coat is unbuttoned to reveal a white layer of clothing beneath. He also holds a cane.[3]


Lest has an intelligent nature in which his capacity for analysis contrasts his child-like appearance. These two traits and others he possesses make him seem like a good fit for his current rank. His arrogance is shown by the fact that he is quite against his fellow third progenitor, Krul Tepes', decision-making as the Queen of Japan; even going so far to state that he himself would be perfectly capable of ruling the country. He does not entertain the idea that Saitō has secrets he would want to know in exchange for freedom and shrewdly affirms that he is a liar.

Though despite his disagreements with Krul, it seems he is actually most likely capable of holding all of Europe, as we've not heard of any conflict from that side. When other vampires are agitated Lest Karr deals with the source of a problem, appealing to calmness when interacting with Saitō. After they come under attack against the stronger force Lest Karr orders them all to retreat and readies his sword.

He does seem to show a rather childish side when he questions Urd about his activities and how he rules Russia, however, he can also display his serious and superior attitude when the situation calls for it, as shown when Gabel Parthe continuously goads at Ferid for being a mere seventh progenitor when Lest tells him to be silent. When no longer in the mood for conversation he orders for silence.


He appears to be two centuries younger than Krul. Like the other vampires in the Progenitor Council, Lest was also sired by the First Progenitor, Sika Madu. Along with Krul he was one of the two third progenitors not chosen by the first. He leads the vampires in taking over Europe in the aftermath of the Apocalypse, and destroyed a league of spell-casters experimenting on the seraph in Europe.


Events of 2020

Post-Shinjuku Arc

Episode 14 - Screenshot 126.png

Third Progenitor Lest Karr appears in the Progenitor Council meeting and listens to Seventh Progenitor Ferid Bathory's report about the battle at Shinjuku. Upon learning that the humans have gained power in Japan, he accuses Krul of mishandling her management of Japan, and says he would be happy to take her place. When she calls him a child and orders him to be silent, which he states that he is only 200 years younger than her and is more powerful anyway. After Ferid interrupts their argument, Krul insists she never fails.

When asked about the younger vampire standing behind Ferid, the silver-haired noble answers that he is his most favorite servant, whom he cannot bear to part from. One progenitor scolds Ferid for such rule-breaking, and another comments that the Seventh Progenitor has always been eccentric.

Nagoya Arc

Ferid bows to Lest as the King of Germany arrives in Japan

  • Anime: Four months after the Seraph of the End experiment was carried out by the humans and Krul having been dethroned by Ferid, an aircraft carrying Lest arrives in Japan. An assembly of vampires is there to greet him, including Ferid Bathory, Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle, Horn Skuld, René Simm, and Lacus Welt along with a few other vampires. As he walks out of the aircraft, Ferid kneels to him in a respective manner, stating that things were going to be more interesting.[4]

Post-Nagoya Arc

Lest appears once more by Urd Geales' side as the second progenitor watches a theatrical performance put on by humans. He engages Urd in a conversation about his activity. The second progenitor asks Lest why he is in Russia, stating that his territory is in Germany and for him to return. The third progenitor amusingly replies back that he has nothing to do in Germany since his ruling is firm. Urd then proceeds to add in about Japan being the opposite under Krul's reign, in which Lest questions why the other hasn't heard of the news yet.

Before Lest can inform Urd about the events unfolding in Japan, a vampire bursts into the room. He informs Urd of the humans in Japan once more experimenting on the Seraph of the End. Hearing about the experiment, he asks what Krul was doing. Lest comments that Krul has many responsibilities, adding in that had he been there before Urd abruptly silences him. The vampire then informs Urd that from Japan the Progenitor Council has opened for meeting, in which both second and third progenitor attends. Lest wonders if this is Krul trying to give an excuse.

Both progenitors heads towards Saint Basil's Cathedral; children is seen running around freely while wearing normal clothing unlike that of those uniformed in Japan. Lest notices this and comments that the humans are pleased and that the culture fits. He compliments Urd on being the example of vampires by creating villages like these. The latter asks if the former is being sarcastic, in which he replies that he is simply being honest.

Inside the Saint Basil's Cathedral, Urd calls for them to contact Kyoto Sanguinem with the other progenitors present on-screen. As the live feed loads for Kyoto, they are shocked by the sight of Krul, beaten and bounded to her throne in an uncivilized manner.

Lest watches Krul beaten up and tied to her throne

Shortly afterwards, Ferid appears on the live feed in a joyful, playful manner. Urd calls out his name to acknowledge his presence.

The seventh progenitor apologizes to Urd and the other higher progenitors about the urgent call. Another high progenitor, Gabel Parthe, is infuriated with Ferid, a non high-ranked progenitor, having called them. Ferid repeats that it was an emergency that he called. As Gabel starts to goad at Ferid, Lest silences him. He states that with Krul dethroned, Ferid is the next highest ranking vampire in Japan. With Lest's urge, Ferid proceeds to inform the rest of the progenitors of the events that occurred in Japan. Crowley, Chess, and Horn speak up, only commenting little, irrelevant things. Urd is irritated with such a display and orders for them to stop acting foolish and to state the important details.[5]

Ferid then ultimately reveals to all in the Progenitor Council of Krul's betrayal of being involved with the humans' experimentation on the Seraph of the End. There are rears of shock and disbelief at the news.

Lest and Urd's disbelief of Krul's betrayal

Ferid continues to state that the experiment has been completed and the Seraph has been weaponized by the humans, and with both him and Crowley's efforts they managed to subdue Krul as a traitor while risking their lives. He informs the other Progenitors that the vampires are now weak and powerless against the power the humans possesses.

Suddenly from outside, the humans invade Sanguinem and on-screen, they blow the wall in behind Ferid. Lacus and René runs in on the meeting, saying the humans are coming to the palace and that he must flee. The seventh progenitor asks the higher progenitors for permission to flee Japan, and in return he shall send them Krul. Urd murmurs the country's name as a last word.

Sometime later, Lest Karr arrives in Tokyo Bay on a cruise liner and mentions punishing the humans and Krul Tepes.

Osaka Arc

Alongside with Urd's arrival in a later scene, Lest jumps off the side of another cruise liner to land by the Second Progenitor's side. He then comments that they've finally arrived in Japan, then questions the taller vampire if they should seek out for Kyoto and reclaim it from the humans. Shortly following, Urd says to himself about someone possibly also being in Japan, in which Lest responds with a curious tone.

Lest Karr arriving at Osaka bay.

Following their arrival, when Ferid Bathory and Crowley Eusford show up at Osaka Bay with the Shinoa Squad with Makoto in tow, Lest is there alongside with Urd and a considerable number of other nobles awaiting for their arrival.[6] When Ferid greets the foreign vampires, Lest rips Ferid's heart out, shocking the humans present. Crowley warns the humans not to move and says this is just a game Lest plays. Lest interrogates Ferid, but Ferid's skin darkens as he begins turning into a demon. Under Urd's command, Lest returns Ferid's heart.

Urd says he smelled blood, but the scent suddenly vanished. He tells Lest to come with him and suddenly bolts to Ferid's mansion. Once there, they encounter Saitō. Urd fights him. When Lest stands in Saitō's way, Saitō cuts him in half and escapes.

Lest pulls his torso together and apologizes, but Urd tells him not to blame himself. Lest asks Krul to tell them what happened.

The noble vampires return from their excursion. Urd carries Krul by the back of her neck, and Lest drags Ferid by his hair.

Urd carries Krul by the back of her neck, and Lest drags Ferid by his hair.

Ferid insists he has not betrayed anyone and has not seen his father for a thousand years. When he starts to beg Urd as well, Urd orders Lest to silence him. Lest punches him in the gut.

Urd sentences Krul and Ferid to ten days of torture through sunlight exposure; afterward, they must explain their actions well or be sentenced to eternal torment.[7]

Shibuya Arc

Much later in Kyoto, Lest along with Urd Geales and Ky Luc senses the presence of the First Progenitor and Urd says they will be going to Tokyo.

Post-Shibuya Arc

Along with Ky Luc and Urd Geales he comes across Saitō, Ferid and Crowley.[8] With Ky Luc intrigued by and examining the chains that make up Saitō's body, before he can even speak Lest Karr covers Saitō's mouth. He advises Ky Luc that listening to Lord Rigr's words is dangerous. Lest Karr feels it is best to render him mostly dead first.[9]

One of Jigenso's portals open from behind and Lest Karr sees Ferid emerge from it with the sinful key. He shouts for them to move.[10] With the sinful key activated by Crowley, Lest Karr is affected by the initial effects.[11] He covers his ears from a loud window shattering scream that only vampires can hear.[12]

With Saitō having been captured and restrained in a prison Lest Karr stands beside Ky Luc with other vampires observing. When Ky Luc commences speaking with Saito he warns not to talk to him since he is dangerous.[13] With Ky Luc roused with anger at Saitō's conduct, Lest Karr reminds Ky Luc he told him to stop. Asked who he thinks he is speaking to, Lest Karr answers it is superior's orders. Hearing that the only superior Ky Luc recognizes is Urd, he focuses on just having him stop then adds Lord Urd will destroy him.[14]

Addressing Saitō he requests would he please stop teasing their subordinates as everyone is terrified. After Saitō voices that killing everyone here could be fun, Lest Karr informs him he can't. The older the vampire the more tightly the prison's chains bind them, and considering how old Saitō is Lest Karr expects he finds it difficult to even lift a finger. With Saitō surprised something like the prison could be made Lest Karr speculates that it was probably designed specifically to hold him. He reveals that it took centuries to make before confirming that Urd made it. Asked by Saitō whether he thinks Urd is mad at him, Lest Karr answers very likely.[15]

After the first, Lest Karr details how Saitō and Lord Urd are the oldest vampires, then states he cannot presume to know what they think. The one thing Lest Karr can say is that he has never seen Lord Urd grow emotional over anyone but Saitō. From that he agrees with Saitō's conclusion that Urd is furious then. His advice sought on whether he thinks Saitō should apologize, Lest Karr responds with a point of consideration on whether Urd would forgive him.[16] Enthusiastically questioned by Saitō whether he thinks Urd will torture him today, Lest Karr affirms that Saitō should be executed since he has broken too many of their laws. Lest Karr reminds Saitō that he is the one who came up with such laws.[17]

As Saitō declares his own fantastic new amendments to the laws, including one that says it is okay to ignore all the others, Lest Karr asks that he please be quiet. Questioned what Urd said, he reveals it was not to tell Saitō anything, not to speak with him at all in fact. Suggested he has questions, Lest Karr replies not particularly. One such topic Saitō raises concerns the first taking all of the best third progenitors with him, yet Lest Karr was not chosen, which results in his expression changing.[18]

Not commenting on Ashera with Byakko or Gekkouin mentioned, neither Kiseki-o or Raimei and Noya being taken, Lest Karr tells Saitō enough and to be please be quiet. With Saitō wondering aloud why the first left him behind, and commenting maybe it was because he was incompetent, Lest Karr shouts silence. Hearing that Urd knows why, when Saitō bets he has not told him and is why Lest Karr came to him, Lest Karr denies it. With it said he is desperate to know, Lest Karr shouts no this time. Lest Karr is then asked to let Saitō out and he will tell him.[19]

Asked by Ky Luc on whether they should open the prison, Lest Karr considers it momentarily. Smirking, Lest Karr answers that he thinks not. He has a completely different reason for approaching Lord Rigr's prison. Simply wondering what Saitō would say knowing that he were trapped in a prison he could never escape from, Lest Karr shares it was mere curiosity. Paying no mind to Saitō's question on what he thought he would say, Lest Karr imparts that he is disappointed how far the once great Rigr Stafford has fallen. Stating that Saitō does not even know him, Lest Karr continues that he is inventing some secret he does not even know in a desperate bid to get out of his prison. Finding it understandable, Lest Karr guesses if Saitō did not do this he would die. Pronouncing that he will not free him, Lest Karr says here is where Saitō will be executed.[20]

Questioned if he is okay with the secret stating secret forever, Lest Karr responds that Saitō would not know the answer even if he did have a secret. Maintaining that Saitō a liar when he is certain he does know, and Urd does as well, Lest Karr tells him this is pathetic. Requesting that Saitō please stop with this poor struggle Lest Karr adds that it is unbecoming.[21]

Shocked at seeing the vampires around being attacked by Saitō's chains that have broken out the back of his chair and passed through the bars, Lest Karr appears horrified at them being swept up in a cyclone formation of chains and skewered vampires. Damning it at learning that the prison never really bound Saitō he orders everyone to retreat before calling for his sword.[22]

Beholding Saitō above him, Lest Karr feels this is really bad, they are facing the legendary Rigr Stafford. Saying if they mess up here he might destroy all of them, Lest Karr readies his whip sword like weapon and orders it to drink more of his blood. With Saitō's chains coming towards him, Lest Karr thinks how they are so fast and whether he can overcome them. Leaping upwards, Lest Karr determines he cannot hesitate, he must.[23]

After Ky Luc has stabbed into Saitō he follows up from behind having generated a great amount of electricity. Directing Ky Luc to get away and mentioning his lightning, Lest Karr charges the attack. Encircled inside an electrical ring, Lest Karr states it is done. Verbally invoking the Burst, Heaven's Fan power, the circlet results in a thunderous explosion on the ground below. Landing, Lest Karr asks whether they got him. With Saitō lying subdued and hearing from Ky Luc that they did, Lest Karr appears happily relieved.[24]

With Urd joining them, Lest Karr is pleased he has returned. Ignoring Kureto Hīragi and Shinya Hīragi he has with him, Lest Karr speaks how it was almost a disaster, Lord Rigr got out of his cell. Told that no vampire can escape that prison, it is how Urd made it, Lest Karr's pause changes to astonishment after the Saitō they defeated claps, and Saitō himself is seen still in his unbroken cage. Discerning the spell tags, and informed it was an illusion, Lest Karr stands by as Urd speaks to Saitō.[25] When Urd questions Saitō on how far his revenge plan has advanced, and whether it is going smoothly, Lest Karr remains still at this line of dialogue.[26]

As Saitō moves to asking Urd to join him and kill the first in vengeance, Lest Karr remains a bystander to this development. With Saitō enquiring about hostages, namely Raimei and Byakko, once Urd turns, Lest Karr acts on the cue by turning over Kureto and Shinya who lie unconscious.[27] Lest Karr appears startled[28] at a huge pentagram made out of chains above Saito. He is surprised after a scythe flies out of Shinya from the First, which stabs Saito to lift him upwards.[29]

Stood near Urd and Saito as they observe Sika Madu who has been imprisoned[30] Lest Karr appears somewhat concerned as the First details how his plan tens of thousands of years in the making has been spoiled by someone.[31]

Akihabara Arc

Hearing that the First may want to bring his son, Mikaela back to life, Lest Karr reacts to the news that in the past he was likely a guinea pig to be used to house his soul, yet was considered a failure.[32]

After Saito has grasped Shikama Doji by the throat, Lest Karr observes the scenario with some uncertainty. He is spoken to by Ky Luc concerning the First's blue blood, and whether he is even a vampire.[33] When the First begins communicating telepathically with them, Lest Karr appears physically pained. Speaking how Shikama Doji's voice is inside his head, Lest Karr then finds Saito's spell tags have nullified what was called a brainwashing spell.[34]

Learning that the price of resurrection is seven sinful keys, and the lives of every last vampire, Lest Karr appears shocked. Listening as Saito sets out a plan[35], with the world possibly able to be ruined by seraphs enacting divine punishment should Shikama Doji carry out his plan, they are to stop Mikaela from being resurrected and stabilize the world. After Saito adds he will find a way for them to finally die, and Urd agrees, Lest Karr does so as well and welcomes Lord Rigr home, before joining his hand with them.[36]

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities

As a vampire, Lest is naturally far stronger and powerful than a human. This means that he also has immortality, immense strength, eternal youth and rapid regeneration. Being a third progenitor, he is one of the most powerful vampires worldwide over lower ranking vampire, and claims to be stronger than Krul.

As a noble vampire, he has the ability and permission to turn humans into vampires as he pleases.


It's been stated he wields a first class weapon, that was only revealed when Saitō had escaped his confines. Wielding a handled rope spear or Kyoketsu-shoge minus the ring and additional blade, the weapon's handle was small, enough to be held one handed, and was slightly curved, with a pattern running along it consisting of three lighter colored rhombus'. Both this and the wielder's hand are protected by a loop guard. The small pommel features a single decorative tassel. The long cord like rope ends with a spear like tip.

Sword! Drink more of my blood!

–Addressing his weapon while fighting Saitō. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 2

Calling it a sword, Lest Karr could also use it to emit ranged powers.

Burst, Heaven's Fan

In an unusual case of a vampire employing the use of elemental based powers, Lest Karr could generate a significant amount of lightning. Ascending into the air with electrical currents firing outwards, his weapon glimmered with light as it was observed such a powerful attack took time to charge. Expanding outwards and forming a ring of lightning, with the Burst, Heaven's Fan verbally invoked, the ever enlarged lasso of electricity culminated with a secondary thunderous fulmination on a target some distance away.


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However, if you have mishandled your management of Japan, Krul, then you will bear a heavy burden of responsibility for your failure... If your duties are too great for you, then I would be more than happy to take over as King of Japan.

–Lest Karr to Krul Tepes. "Taboo Krul"

What, enjoying yet another performance? Lord Urd Geales. Please enlighten me. What is so interesting about watching livestock sing and dance? Does the blood of those that sing well taste better or something?

–Lest Karr to Urd Geales. "Sanguinem's End"

But I have nothing to do in Germany. After all, my control over the area is absolute, and my governance is perfect. Quite unlike Krul Tepes in Japan, I might add. In fact, I hear there was an incident in her district. Has this matter been brought to your attention yet, Lord Geales?

–Lest Karr to Urd Geales. "Sanguinem's End"

Oh, I'm sure something like that was far too much for her. Though if I was in control of Japan, then nothing--

–Lest Karr to Urd Geales about Krul Tepes. "Sanguinem's End"

Your humans seem happy. You've even allowed them a nice level of culture. You are truly a shining example to all vampires, Lord Geales. You have built a model society.

–Lest Karr to Urd Geales. "Sanguinem's End"

No, no. Of course not, My Lord! It was a compliment. I could certainly never reach such an idealistic level.

–Lest Karr to Urd Geales when Urd asks him if he is being sarcastic. "Sanguinem's End"

Now then... Let us be off to punish both the misbehaving humans and the traitor Krul Tepes.

–Lest Karr. "The Making of an Angel"

Ky Luc. Listening to Lord Rigr's words is dangerous. Best to render him mostly dead first.

–His advice to Ky Luc who is examining the chains that make up Saitō's body. He also shares his views on this lord, and the means to dealing with Saitō. "Black Demon Scenario", page 12

Would you please stop teasing our subordinates, my lord? Everyone is terrified.

–Addressing Saitō when Ky Luc is angered and vampires around are nervous, speaking for the latter. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 10

You can't, my lord. The older the vampire, the more tightly that prison's chains bind them. Considering how old you are, I expect you find it difficult even to lift a finger.

–Informing Saitō he cannot kill everyone for fun and aware of the prison's capabilities. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 10

After the first, you and Lord Urd are the oldest vampires. I can't presume to know what you think.

–Speaking with Saitō on whether Urd is mad at him. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 12

But the one thing I can say... ...is that I've never seen Lord Urd grow emotional over anyone but you.

–Able to recognize emotions in others and divulging such information to Saitō. Chapter 105 "Saito and Urd", page 12

So fast. Can I overcome this many? No... I can't hesitate. I must!

–With Saitō's chains fired at him he chooses resolve over questions. Chapter 106 "I Am Your...", page 3


  • "Lest" is of Greek origin, derived from the word 'ληστεία, listeia', meaning "robber".
  • "Karr" is an English, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, or Scandinavian name meaning "from the swamp or bog."
  • It was stated in the fan book that Lest, in order to win the battle of who would become the most powerful person, puts great effort into expanding the territory he's in charge of (Germany).
  • He is rumored to be superior to Krul in fighting power.
  • Unusually for a vampire, he is fixated on gaining power and influence. He is watching for a chink in Krul's armor to seize control of Japan.
  • Interests: The situation in Japan and Krul's post.
  • Lest Karr's weapon, a sword, is first seen in chapter 105.