Ferid Bathory

He intervenes before Krul and Lest can continue bickering during the Progenitor council meeting. Later Ferid calls the progenitor council saying Krul is a traitor and Sanguinem is being attacked. Lest is surprised about this, wondering what Krul did. He does not trust Ferid because he is a sire of Saitō, who is responsible for much of what is happening.

Urd Geales

A second progenitor ruling Russia. He and Lest are summoned to an urgent call for a progenitor council meeting in the Basilio Cathedral. During the meeting, they are informed of Kyoto Sanguinem's situation and the betrayal committed by Krul Tepes. Later, he along with the other high progenitors are asked by Ferid to come to Japan to put down the humans, and in return they will receive the traitor Krul. Lest listens to Urd's orders and follows them, he often talks of punishing Krul for being a traitor, however Urd rarely responds to him. He asks Urd if he is alright after the attack on their helicopter transport.

Nix Parthe

A fellow third progenitor vampire. He is very arrogant and prideful as shown when he is infuriated with Ferid calling the council when the latter is not a high progenitor. He listens to Lest and stops his rant when told to be silent by the former.

Krul Tepes

The vampire queen of Japan and a third progenitor. A proud vampire who claims to never fail and is quick to lose her temper when accused of failure in front of the progenitor council. She is 200 years older than Lest, but he claims she is weaker than him. Lest accuses her of mishandling Japan and suggests that he replaces her as its ruler. Later when he meets her at Osaka he is kinder and more understanding because he believes Saitō is the one behind the seraph of the end.

Lucal Wesker

A member of Lest Karr's faction. Lest had his loyalty even in Japan and it took the mention of Krul arriving in person for Lucal to support her in Lest Karr's physical absence.


Lest meets him at Ferid's mansion while following Urd. He is cut in half by Saitō but reattaches the rest of his body. He does not trust Saitō due to Urd's orders.

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