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Lest Karr is a third progenitor vampire who shares that he could be the better ruler of Japan over Krul Tepes in a progenitor council meeting. Working closely with Urd Geales he would travel from Europe to Japan to deal with the loss of a vampire city to human forces. He would help in the arrest of Krul and Ferid Bathory. With Ky Luc joining they would focus on Saitō upon finding him again. Lest Karr interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Lest Karr's relationships with other characters.


A third progenitor vampire himself, Lest Karr has influence on the progenitor council which helps manage affairs across the world. While his standing with other ranked vampires is not shown as much, he does work closely with specific vampire nobles.

Ferid Bathory

Ferid's heart pushed out by Lest Karr - chapter 50.png

Seventh progenitor Ferid Bathory intervenes when Lest Karr and Krul are essentially bickering during the Progenitor council meeting. Later, Lest Karr finds Ferid has called the progenitor council to reveal that Krul is a traitor and Sanguinem is being attacked. At seeing Ferid physically Lest Karr stabs into his chest using his hand. It is a game Lest Karr plays where he grips Ferid's heart which results in him begin the process of turning into a demon. Returning it at Urd's behest, Lest Karr also drags Ferid by the hair and strikes him at Urd's order to silence him. He does not trust Ferid because he is a sire of Saitō, who is responsible for much of what is happening.

Urd Geales

Urd and lest holding the traitors.png

A second progenitor, Urd Geales rules Russia who Lest Karr speaks with concerning his interest in ballet. They are summoned to an urgent call for a progenitor council meeting in the Basilio Cathedral. During the meeting, they are informed of Kyoto Sanguinem's situation and the betrayal committed by Krul Tepes. Lest listens to Urd's orders and follows them, he often talks of punishing Krul for being a traitor. He asks Urd if he is alright after the attack on their helicopter transport.

Ky Luc

Chapter 92 - Page 18 - Panel 1.png

Joined by Ky Luc who brought Krul with him they would travel via aircraft together. Lest Karr warns him to not speak to Saitō on more than one occasion since he is dangerous. When Ky Luc disregards his warnings and is becoming angered Lest Karr places his hand on him and reiterates for him to stop. Even when angrily questioned who he thinks he is, Lest Karr is unusually tolerant of his attitude, and concentrates on Saitō as the source of Ky Luc's anger.

I told you to stop. Ky Luc.

–Calm direction when Ky Luc is being provoked by Saitō. Saito and Urd "Saito and Urd", page 8

While he listened to Ky Luc voicing support to free Saitō, he made up his own mind on what to do. When the First's blood is drawn, Lest Karr is spoken to by Ky Luc regarding it.

Nix Parthe

A fellow third progenitor vampire. Nix Parthe is very arrogant and prideful as shown when he is infuriated with Ferid calling the council when the latter is not a high progenitor. He listens to Lest and stops his rant when told to be silent by the former.

Krul Tepes

Lest watches Krul beaten up and tied to her throne.png

The vampire queen of Japan, Krul Tepes is also a third progenitor. A proud vampire who claims to never fail and is quick to lose her temper when accused of failure in front of the progenitor council. She is 200 years older than Lest, but he claims she is weaker than him. Lest accuses her of mishandling Japan and suggests that he replaces her as its ruler. Later when he meets her at Osaka he is kinder and more understanding because he believes Saitō is the one behind the seraph of the end.

Lucal Wesker

A member of Lest Karr's faction. Lest had Lucal Wesker's loyalty even in Japan and it took the mention of Krul arriving in person for Lucal to support her in Lest Karr's physical absence.


Saito 36.png

Lest meets Saitō at Ferid's mansion while following Urd. He is cut in half by Saitō but reattaches the rest of his body. He does not trust Saitō due to Urd's orders and when finding him he covers the second progenitor's mouth, warning Ky Luc with him that Saitō is dangerous. With Saitō captured Lest Karr attempts to calm the tension others are feeling by requesting that he stop teasing their subordinates. Speaking to him matter-of-factly Lest Kest states details such as that Saitō cannot escape his prison to kill everyone. He explains the background of the construct, and answers questions such as that Urd made it, and is most likely angry with Saitō. Due to their age Lest Karr says he cannot presume to know what they think. He does reveal to Saitō that he has never seen Urd grow emotional over anyone but him. Where he behaves on hand to clarify questions Saitō may have, Lest Karr also poses questions of his own for Saitō to reflect while contemplating.

Would he forgive you?

–A return question to consider when asked whether he thinks Saitō should apologize to Urd. Saito and Urd "Saito and Urd", page 13

While he acts as a confidant to a stronger vampire he was warned not to even talk to, Lest Karr does share his other views regarding punishment. When Saitō questioned Lest Karr whether he thought Urd was going to torture him today he replied:

You should be executed. You've broken far too many of our laws.

–In response to Saitō's question of whether Urd will torture him. Saito and Urd "Saito and Urd", page 28

Then from then on he did not entertain Saitō's enthusiasm for changing the laws and simply asked him to please be quiet. He was also not particularly interested in information Saitō had such as why the first took other third progenitors with him and not Lest Karr. No longer talkative, in all cases of Saitō attempting to pique his curiosity Lest Karr systematically ordered his silence to denying the statements made. When it came to being asked outright to free Saitō he took a moment to think, before replying:

I think not. I've a completely different reason for approaching your prison... Lord Rigr. I simply wondered what you would say... ...knowing that you were trapped in a prison you could never escape. It was mere curiosity.

–Declining to free Saitō, and revealing why he even approached. Saito and Urd "Saito and Urd", page 34-35

In turning down Saitō's request in exchange for such information, and disregarding Ky Luc's enthusiasm to also free him, Lest Karr decided Saitō's ongoing imprisonment at the time. His disinterest may be genuine and Lest Karr seems to have said this to make it clear Saitō had no leverage over him. He continued:

I'm disappointed, my lord. How far the once-great Rigr Stafford has fallen. You don't even know me, yet you're inventing some secret you don't even know. ...In a desperate bid to get out of your prison. Understandable, I guess. If you don't, you'll die. But I won't free you. Here is where you will be executed.

–In response to Saitō's question of whether Urd will torture him. Saito and Urd "Saito and Urd", page 35

Where he would hold to his own views that Saitō should die for the laws he has broken. Unbelieving of his claims, Lest Karr answered that Saitō would not know the answer even if he did have a secret and repeated that he has a liar.

More lies. This is pathetic, my lord. Could you please stop with this poor struggle? It's unbecoming.

–Dismissing Saitō's claims that he and Urd know a secret regarding him, then judging the display. Saito and Urd "Saito and Urd", page 36

After Saitō broke out of his prison Lest Karr readied his sword. Along with Ky Luc he managed to overcome the spell tag illusion of Saito. While he could not see through it, it appeared a sizeable victory nonetheless. With Urd agreeing to Saito's plan to not trust Shikama Doji, rather stop Mikaela's resurrection so seraphs would not enact divine punishment, Lest Karr appears fond of the notion.

Welcome home... Lord Rigr.

–Happy they are working with Saito. Chapter 114 "Everyone's Goals", page 23

Shikama Doji

The first progenitor, Sika Madu would become the demon Shikama Doji by the present time, and Lest Karr could sense his awakenings. While Sika Madu took other third progenitors and not him to become demons, Lest Karr is not particularly interested in the details as to why he was left out. Seeing him physically imprisoned, Lest Karr notes the First can be placed in such a situation. He does react to the news that vampires in general were apparently tests to find a vessel strong enough to contain the soul of his son. Due to the chance that Shikama Doji succeeding in his plan could draw the attention of seraphs, Lest Karr is committed to ensuring it cannot succeed.


Hearing that Michaela is Shikama Doji's son, where he may be a seraph or demon, either way his resurrection would likely result in seraphs ruining the world once more, hence why Lest Karr means to ensure he cannot be restored.