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Lucal Wesker (ルカル・ウェスカー Rukaru Uesukā?) is a fifteenth progenitor of the vampires in the Seraph of the End anime. A member of Third Progenitor Lest Karr's faction, he ruled Nagoya in Japan along with nineteenth progenitor Mel Stefano.

Unbeknownst to him, Lucal is one of the targets of Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi’s plan to exterminate vampire nobles in Nagoya as part of a wider plan to drive them out of Japan entirely. On Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose’s orders, Lucal is to be ambushed by two Moon Demon Company squads led by Shinoa Hīragi and Makoto Narumi.

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He appears to wear extremely dark makeup around his eyes. Lucal also wore dark violet lipstick. He had no eyebrows and has straight shoulder-length dark white hair, with a section down the left side of his face in front of his ear where his scalp is shaved on the right. Like all true vampires, Lucal has fangs, red eyes, and pointed ears. His earlobes have one simple black piercing each.

For clothing Lucal wore a near black colored top hat with a gray-blue band around it. He had a white shawl not unlike Ferid Bathory's but wore a turned up collar. Lucal had numerous thick dark ruffles trailing down from his neck piece. He wore a lengthy white shirt that reaches his thighs. His shirt had large black cuffs that cover most of his forearm. Like most vampires, Lucal wears white gloves. He wore a black belt. He had a second cape at his waist that trails to his mid-calf. He wore black thigh-high boots with the tops pointed downward to reveal the white material.


Savouring blood

Visiting a park daily, he has a serving trolley brought in tow. His interest in blood takes on a connoisseur approach complete with wine glasses, though rather than recognizing a taste he asks where the blood he is enjoying has come from. Lucal does love the taste of blood from frightened young girls.

Whether it was a display of what he could drink with the expectation it would be declined or not, Lucal does offer the blood he is savouring to Esther. Whilst he did not know what the blood was before, Lucal then boasts of how it is of the highest quality and perfection when enticing Esther with the blood further. Despite that, he is described by the same vampire as being generous since he provided a share of blood for him that day. Lucal does share, but also simply enjoys speaking about and drinking select samples of blood.

A look reserved for a human he is about to strike

He speaks eloquently and in a calm manner, but he does voice a contempt for others such as Krul but his disgust is mostly directed towards humans. Even when he is being overcome by them Lucal has a mindset firm on diminishing them in his viewpoint. He is sure to use human as an insult when addressing them.

When it comes to combat, Lucal is not especially troubled. Rather than move out of the way of a ranged attack, Lucal swung his attendant into its path to shield himself. He demonstrates another instance of having others endure attacks meant for him when he swings Shinoa in front of Narumi, even gripping her scythe blade rather than dodge just for the chance of that. His indifferent fighting style at its most extreme is displayed when Lucal decided to casually sever his own arm off. Not afraid of death, whether to those around him or himself, Lucal was more concerned with not dying by livestock’s hand and seemed to relish the chance to stab himself to deny the humans their victory.


Nagoya Arc[]

Lucal visits the park daily

Lucal Wesker is known to visit the same place in the park everyday without fail, and on the day of the vampire extermination mission in Nagoya he is seen heading to a bench with vampires behind him by Major General Shinya Hīragi, and Yoichi Saotome from their sniping position on a radio tower.

Enjoying his glass of human blood

Seated, Lucal contemplates the glass before him and deems it not bad today before asking the vampire, Esther Lee, stood behind him where it is from. Learning it was collected from the Naka Ward, prisoner fifty eight, female, aged four, Lucal takes another sip.

Pleasure then business

He does love the mellow taste of frightened young girls and Lucal insists that Esther has a sip. With it politely declined, Lucal speaks of how this is a rare treat, blood of the highest quality and perfection so it should be savoured while it is fresh. He replies very well when Esther replies that he will try it when they return to the compound, then moves onto business.

Learning that Krul is coming to Nagoya herself

Lucal asks Esther what he makes of the absurd letter he received from queen of Japan, Krul Tepes, one that concerns a plan to annihilate the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Lucal expresses his irritation at what he sees as the arrogance of that woman, handing out orders from her fragile throne in Kyoto, insisting that they deal with a few insignificant humans. He does not like it. Since when has he followed her commands. Affiliated with a different political party, Lucal hears there is no need for them to act unless they receive orders directly from the progenitor council.

With an allegiance to Lest Karr, Lucal will be punished if he helps Krul

He changes his tone when told of the rumour that Krul is coming to Nagoya to oversee things herself. Clarifying whether that is right, Lucal thinks perhaps it may be wise to comply. With his actual boss, Lest Karr engaged in a power struggle with Krul, Lucal thinks this means he will be punished if he helps her.

Sensing it before it comes

As Lucal supposes on what the only thing to do is, his eyes widen in realization. Lucal does not answer Esther when he speaks having noticed Lucal's delay. Instead he seizes Esther by his clothes from behind the bench all the while keeping his glass of blood stable.

Using his servant as a living shield

Hoisting Esther over the bench, Lucal uses Esther as a live shield to endure the dual projectiles streaking towards him. This act defends Lucal from Gekkouin, a green avian like missile, and Byakkomaru a fiery white tiger projectile that have been fired by the cursed gear bow and rifle from Yoichi and Shinya respectively.

Turning to where the cursed gear powers came from

Holding Esther’s detached lower arm, Lucal remarks how unfortunate before tossing it aside. He invokes his sword to have it drink his blood and his hand is pierced by three spikes from the handle. Sweeping it outwards, an arched red power is sent flying out some distance into the radio tower and slices right through it.

Walking at ease to the ground troops

Walking and indifferent to the smoke from obliterated vampires ahead, Lucal comes across Yūichirō Hyakuya. Remarks how the livestock are attacking, Lucal adds how pathetic. He listens to but does not reply at Yu’s eagerness to take his head.

Unfazed, he avoids Yu's heavy swings

Instead evading his strikes, Lucal then blocks Yu’s cursed gear sword when it is swung towards him. Holding his own weapon steady, after a moment Lucal throws Yu back with some force. Lucal calmly moves then jumps to avoid Shihō Kimizuki’s twin swords from his side.

Pinching Shinoa's scythe to keep it there

With a third assailant, Shinoa Hīragi assaulting him, Lucal remains stood where he is. Facing Kimizuki, he able to use his fingers to seize Shinoa’s scythe when she attacks from behind.

Shinoa should not fool herself

Slowly turning his head, Lucal tells her not to fool herself, deeming her negatively as human. Keeping ahold of her weapon, Lucal prevents Shinoa from pulling it away. With Makoto Narumi leaping down on him with his cursed gear trident, Genbushin, Lucal reacts by holding the bladed part of Shinoa's scythe and grips it enough to swing Shinoa off her feet and place her on a collision course in the air with Narumi dropping down. After Yu prevents that, Lucal labels him a weakling and discloses that Yu was his target from the beginning.

Cleaving apart the power of Tenjiryū

He stops at seeing the demonic manifestation of Tenjiryū, produced by Mitsuba Sangū's cursed gear axe before him. Voicing "fool," Lucal cuts the power apart when he is assailed by the spiritual blue energy. In addition the force of his sword propels Yu back.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 148.png

Glancing up to see Kimizuki return to the fight, Lucal trades some steady sword strikes against him. After sliding his weapon to scrape the ground, Lucal moves to disarm Kimizuki of one of the twin blades and knock it upwards.

Looming over Kimizuki

This affords him the moment to have his own sword raised over Kimizuki. Lucal takes the time to glare at him. Then Lucal voices that he does not think so, human. His moment taking too long here, Lucal is surprised at the blades stabbed through his back and out through his front.

Episode 17 - Screenshot 161.png

The swords are from Rika Inoue along with Tarō Kagiyama and Yayoi Endo. Attempting to move, Lucal is affected by Shūsaku Iwasaki and his demonic manifestation of Akahebi. From the pointed red unearthly chain from Shūsaku's sword, Lucal finds his left hand and wrist bounded by a thin spectral red string.

Akahebi's three manifestation chains bind him to the spot

This then materialises into thick chains that now restrain him. The swords have left him with the three who landed attacks on him leaping back, and Lucal focuses on the chain that keeps him there. Irked with Narumi and Yu coming, Lucal consciously and surely raises his sword then brings it down on his own arm to cut it off and free himself.

Using his supernaturally fast speed to appear a distance away

He moves so fast so as to disappear to avoid the sword and trident strikes from Yu and Narumi. Appearing nearby, Lucal affirms they are over-estimating themselves as usual. Considering it interesting, Lucal says they must be the humans that Krul Tepes is so annoyed by lately, but they do not seem so tough.

Kimizuki is making a mistake in stabbing his dismembered arm

Called an ugly blood sucker by Kimizuki, Lucal is questioned whether he can regrow an arm as he sees his detached one stabbed by one of Kimizuki’s swords. After a moment, Lucal replies calmly that the human is making a mistake, and he does not want to make him angry.

He does not want to make Lucal angry

Hearing if he wants it then Lucal had better start begging, after his pause Lucal replies he will kill him. Questioned whether he said that a fancy vampire noble cannot kill a couple of humans does it for Lucal. Labelling them insufferable livestock, everything composed about Lucal disappears and with the intent to kill every one of them he launches himself towards them.

Cutting away Mitsuba's cursed gear power of Tenjiryū

Pausing slightly to cut Tenjiryū away, he continues his flight towards Kimizuki and orders him to die. His expression is now one of alarm as he sees the snipers from before, Shinya and Yoichi right behind Kimizuki aiming at him.

Enduring the Gekkouin and Byakomaru projectiles

Sliding to a halt, Lucal has his sword endure their combined firepower. Undamaged and after the smoke has cleared, Lucal hears from Yu that the only one dying today is him. He reacts to Yu leaping at him by bringing down his sword and remains standing after Yu has passed. Shortly after the exchange results are known with Lucal dropping to his knees.

Slashed by Yu's cursed gear

There he registers the fizzling and steaming slash across his chest from the cursed gear weapon. Finding the words, Lucal speaks to damn the measly, pathetic humans. Lucal is on his feet again to catch Yayoi’s blade when he is the recipient of her attack meant to finish him.

Lucal refuses to be killed by livestock

He flings her off effortlessly and now standing triumphantly wielding her sword, Lucal smiles that he refuses to be killed by livestock as he raises it. Rather than use the weapon on any humans, Lucal directs in into himself all the way through his own chest. Lucal grins devilishly as he disintegrates into blackened orange dust, victoriously dying by his own hand rather than the human’s.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]


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  • Hm, not bad today, where’s it from?” - Relaxing in the park, he regards a glass of blood and wishes to learn which human it is from.
  • “I do love the mellow taste of frightened young girls.” - His description of how he tastes blood, right down to enjoying the emotions within it.
  • “But this is a rare treat, blood of the highest quality, perfection. It should be savoured while it’s fresh. - Partaking in his leisurely activity of choice, Lucal has offered some of the blood to Esther and speaks highly of what he gets to enjoy.
  • “Now, business. What do you make of the absurd letter I received from Krul Tepes?” - Asking his confidant's advice regarding a letter from the queen of Japan regarding the threat of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.
  • "The arrogance of that woman, handing out orders from her fragile throne in Kyoto, insisting that we deal with a few insignificant humans." - Umbrage directed at Krul Tepes, Lucal addresses the third progenitor child appearing vampire as a woman and considers her title fragile, and is not aware of the extent of the power the humans have built up.
  • "I don't like it. Since when do I follow her commands." - Not liking Krul's orders, although stationed in Japan, Lucal's own allegiance is to another foreign third progenitor, Lest Karr.
  • “Hm, the livestock are attacking. How pathetic.” - An unconcerned reaction to humans who have just outright destroyed his servant and extirpated several other vampires.
  • “Such a weakling, you were my target from the beginning!” - His reaction to Yu stopping Shinoa from getting hit, and Lucal’s first energised display as he now attacks the first human he saw.
  • “Overestimating yourselves as usual.” - Views on humans fighting and feeling they are over-estimating themselves when he is missing an arm.
  • "Interesting. You lot must be the humans that Krul Tepes is so annoyed by lately. You don't seem so tough." - Despite Shinoa's urgency with covering Lucal's escape to stop him from leaving and joining with other vampire nobles, Lucal does not act on that even though he could retreat. Neither does he react to Narumi instructing the two squads he is being assailed by to maintain the formation and stick to a strategy for him to be taken by the unit. Ultimately, Lucal realizes what Krul meant yet opts to state that they are not so tough even after being stabbed by three of their swords, then restrained and losing his left arm as a result. After he witnesses the human's capabilities and hears their further plans he appeared serious about his words.
  • “You’re making a mistake, human. You don't want to make me angry.” - His undisturbed calm reply to Kimizuki calling him an ugly bloodsucker with further taunts of having his detached arm stabbed by a caustic sword.
  • "I'll kill you." - The response when he is advised to start begging for his arm. When questioned whether he just said that as a fancy vampire noble he cannot beat a couple of humans Lucal adds: "Insufferable livestock. I'LL KILL EVERY ONE OF YOU!" - And appearing feral and unhinged, he lunges to carry out his declaration.
  • “Damn, measly… pathetic, humans.” - His belittling choice of words after being slashed by cursed gear.
  • “I refuse to be killed by livestock.” - Smiling as his decision is made that he will not be killed by humans, Lucal proceeds to stab and end himself.


  • "Wesker" is an English surname meaning "wise, brave, or bold."