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Lugi (ルギー Rugī?) is a vampire who worked with Lucal Wesker to destroy the Thousand Nights in Japan.


Lugi appears as a young man with long hair and side braids that tied into a high ponytail which is also braided on the the tied end; he also has a hair cuff on his lower left bangs. Like all true vampires, he has fangs, red eyes, and pointed ears.

He wears an outfit somewhat similar to the traditional uniform for vampire soldiers but with a longer jacket that has black cuffs along with a black vest over long white shirt with two smaller belts below it forming an X. He also wears knee-high boots and a white cape with the hood down.


He scorns humans but opts to spare Kureto Hīragi and his soldiers when they claim they are not part of the Hyakuya Sect or working on the Seraph of the End.




Events of 2012[]

Lugi notices the army of humans surrounding the Hyakuya research facilities and asks Kureto some questions. Since they claim not to be part of the Hyakuya, he decides to spare them.

When Lucal Wesker arrives next, Kureto signals his soldiers to back off, and Lucal compliments him as being smart cattle. He also leaves them be.

After destroying the facility in only a moment, the vampires are then directed to the next place. Lugi leaves with Lucal.

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural abilities[]

As a vampire, Lugi is naturally far stronger and more powerful than a human. This means that he also has immortality, immense strength, eternal youth and rapid regeneration from non-curse wounds if injured. He can also gain strength by drinking human blood.




Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen[]

Book 6[]

Leave immediately. As of today, the Brotherhood of a Thousand Nights is no more.

–Lugi to Kureto Hiragi. Chapter 4