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Mahiru Hīragi is a prominent member of the ruling Hīragi Family who control the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. She loved Guren Ichinose but was arranged to marry Shinya Hīragi who was adopted into the family. Her interests lay outside family members and those close to her, where Mahiru sought the company of others. Knowledge of what was to come also factored into her interactions with others.

Forming an alliance with Saitō of the Hyakuya Sect, she provided information on her own family to this organization. As well as engaging with others to develop cursed gear, in anticipation of the demon Shikama Dōji, she also approached Krul Tepes to be transformed into a vampire by her. Heavily affected by the demonic urges taking over, Mahiru would keep Guren in mind as she hurried to enact what plans she could.

Mahiru interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects herself and the story. This article details Mahiru's relationships with other characters. For the being that was formed when Mahiru fused with the demon Noya, their relationships may be viewed on the article: Mahiru-no-Yo/Relationships.

Hīragi Family

The greatest of the family houses that hold large amounts of power in Japan before and after the catastrophe. Prior to the event, Mahiru was distant from her family predominantly on account of her own activities. Secretly, she would betray them by providing information to the Hyakuya Sect. Her views and actions against her family in name was also influenced by their interference in her connection with Guren.

Because they killed my mother… The Hīragi Clan hunted her down and killed her. My father barely ever even looks at me. So I decided to do the one thing I knew would bother the Hīragis the most.

–To Guren about why she first approached him. Catastrophe, Book 6, Prologue

Publicly, Mahiru acted on her own initiative in preventing members from enacting violence against others. She was able to handle herself fine in sparring, or in actual combat matches against members.

Shinoa Hīragi

Her care for Shinoa

Out of everyone in the Hīragi family, her younger sister Shinoa was the only one who Mahiru genuinely loved and cared for. Although, according to Shinoa, they were not close; she explains that the Hīragi children are raised without knowing familial love. In truth, Mahiru worried for Shinoa deeply when she was still human. After realizing the demons residing within their bodies due to their heritage were slowly consuming their minds with age, Mahiru in desperation managed to remove the demon in Shinoa and bore two demons in her own body to protect her from becoming a Namanari. Days before the Apocalypse, Mahiru had Guren pass Shikama Dōji to Shinoa, returning her the demon she was originally born with so that Shinoa will survive the Apocalypse. She was also determined to save Shinoa when Shikama Dōji possessed her body.

Hang in there. I'm going to rescue you... ...Shinoa.

–Fighting the first and meaning to free Shinoa from his possession. Chapter 85: "The Guinea Pigs Gather", page 23

Shinya Hīragi

Meeting Shinya

When she met Shinya for the first time as ten-year-olds, Mahiru told him she would never fall in love with him as she already had someone.

I have no interest in you. Please just be yourself.

–Ten-year-old Mahiru to Shinya Catastrophe, Book 3, Prologue

Had Mahiru openly stated to her family she did not want Shinya, they would have disposed of him; on the other hand, Guren was not allowed by her family. For these reasons, they both agreed Shinya would be her cover-up fiancé until Mahiru could be with the person she loved. Attempting to knock him out, Mahiru would not realize Shinya had overheard her and Guren's conversation on cursed gear. She would be retrained by Shinya, yet would manage to escape.

Strangling Shinya

Later on, when Guren and his squad found Mahiru performing a ritual in Seraph of The End nearly prior to the apocalypse, Mahiru was angered by Shinya's comments on her obsession with Guren and in a rage, she remorselessly and violently killed Shinya in anger.

After splitting away from Noya the spirit of Mahiru would find that Shinya can see her. She repelled him with chains as Mahiru continued her attempts to persuade Guren to become a demon and betray everyone.

Tenri Hīragi

Favoured by her father Tenri due to her power and intelligence, Mahiru was planned to be made the next leader of the Hīragi Family. Acknowledging the favoritism, Mahiru also stated that she is "sure" that Tenri places "much more" trust in her than Kureto, because she was stronger. The disgrace she earned by becoming a demon was extreme enough to ignore the existence of her half-sister, Shinoa Hīragi.

Kureto Hīragi

Mahiru's half-brother, Kureto Hīragi is a fellow member of the prestigious Hīragi family and on the surface the most likely to become the next leader of the Demon Army. Having little doubt to the reality of the situation, Mahiru makes it clear to Kureto.

They won’t? I’m pretty sure that Father places much greater trust in me than he does in you, Kureto. It isn’t hard to believe that a weak person would be jealous of a strong one. Remind me, Kureto, which one of us is stronger? I hate to break it to you, dear sweet brother, but I’ve never once felt jealous of you. Do you see what I’m getting at here?

–Aware of her own superior capabilities, and having the backing of father. Catastrophe, Book 3, Chapter 4

Mahiru often played with Kureto when her demonic side got stronger. In a practice match against him, Mahiru was able to comfortably win and demonstrated as much by seating herself on top of Kureto afterwards. As a vampire, Mahiru later fights Kureto and overpowered him. Battling in a particularly vicious manner, Mahiru delivered brutal injuries onto Kureto, and also sustained them when he was wielding the cursed gear Raimeiki. Before leaving, Mahiru stated she would kill Kureto.

Kureto, how about you let your adorable half-sister give you a little advice. If you plan to keep using that demon sword, you should know that always doing things the correct way will only make you weak… As long as you stick to taking baby steps, you’ll never be able to stop me in time. Justice? Reason? Cast off those chains, Kureto. If you don’t, you’ll never catch up to me.

–Advice to Kureto where she was ahead. Catastrophe, Book 5, Chapter 1

Seishirō Hīragi

A half-brother, Seishirō Hīragi is a higher-ranking member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Being his superior in combat, Mahiru completely unafraid of Seishirō and is able to intimidate him. Despite Seishirō resenting her, in return Mahiru shows nothing but utter disgust at Seishirō for his behavior. Even though Mahiru disliked Sayuri for loving Guren, she came to her assistance when Seishirō was humiliating her.

Guren Squad

Essentially formed as a group of friends before the calamity, more than once Mahiru would deal with them before engaging with Guren. It was not just negating potential threats, Mahiru held them in low regard based on certain member's feelings for Guren who she herself was attracted to, and generally held them in low regard anyway. She is shown to be particularly cruel towards any girl with a crush for Guren, displaying a strong possessive side. Even before being taken over, Mahiru already showed this rage towards Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi, which quickly turned dark when Guren nonchalantly praised them behind her back. Her hostilities would culminate in murdering Guren's group of friends.

Guren Ichinose

Guren & Mahiru kiss.png

As children, Mahiru was very fond of Guren before being taken away from him. According to Shinoa, all Mahiru wanted was to love Guren, but her family did not approve. Mahiru's desire to be with Guren was what caused her to turn against the Hīragis.

When we get older… do you think the two of us could get married? We could be together, forever, just like we are now.

–Six-year-old Mahiru to Guren. Book 1, Prologue, page 13

Even when in her Namanari form, Mahiru still loves Guren and would not kill him, but is not above being cruel and fully willing to non-lethally harm him. She is consistently motivated to make sure Guren gave in to his Demon and be with her.

I see… All I ever wanted was to be with you again, Guren. That’s why I grew stronger.

–Motivation involving Guren. Book 1, Chapter 7, page 153

Along with that, she was also deeply distraught by Guren's coldness towards her. Her human personality was able to resurface at times and she showed deep remorse for what she had put Guren through. At such points, Mahiru tried to ensure his safety whenever her demon put him in potential danger. Making love to Guren, she would later on flaunt to Shinoa, even going as far as to actually describe how she felt when they did it.

Prior to the apocalypse Mahiru lied to Guren multiple times to protect him from the experiments she was doing. Also declining to detail other dangerous places was done to keep him safe, but Mahiru eventually had a final confrontation with Guren and his squad where she effortlessly kills Guren's teammates. Leaving Guren alive, Mahiru bitterly wonders about his reaction.

Do you hate me?

–A question for Guren after killing all his friends. Catastrophe, Book 7, Chapter 5

When Guren announced he never hated her or resented Mahiru and only wanted to save her, she is moved to tears. Regardless, it has little bearing on her action of stabbing herself using the sword Noya (which had a seal on it already).

Parted from Noya, she is ready and capable of assisting Guren in his fights. All the while she appears to enjoy teasing him. Twisting his words of needing to return to Guren, she accuses him of being lewd with such a direction. Being a decisive reason Guren could enjoy such streaks of phenomenal success, more so given the threats around them, Mahiru could help him seal Shikama Doji who was in control of Shinoa's body, and ensure their plot to turn Mika into a demon could proceed. Additionally, Mahiru helped weaken the First for Guren to set about having Yu return Mika as cursed gear.

Hearing that Yu can hear Mika's voice is nothing they anticipated. After explaining she retained her memories because a special spell was used, Mahiru listens to Guren's wonderings whether they should proceed but offers no input so leaving the decision to him.

I have no idea. Mess this up and I guess we'll be stuck cursing fate and wondering what we spent the last 24 years doing. And if that's the alternative... ...I guess I'll let my Prince Charming make the decision.

–Asked by Guren what she thinks on whether Yu hearing Mika's voice is a trap by the first, and whether they should proceed with their plan. Chapter 101, "My Desire" page 20

When Guren announces that they are going to save Mikaela since he is family, Mahiru deems it a good answer. Helping Guren to fight against Yu and Mika, she had been using poison against them from the weapon. Assisting Guren with estimates on how they can win, Mahiru pressed him on engaging to prevail. Rejecting Guren's idea that he was weak, Mahiru then affirmed that he was.

No, you are. But it's that weakness that Shinya and I admire. You're an idiot who's not afraid to admit weakness... ...While still trying so hard to save the world. Do whatever you think best.

–Changing her mind to agree Guren is weak, and no longer mentioning how they can win. Chapter 112: "Defining Family", page 20-21

Norito Goshi

Knowing Goshi as member of the prestigious Goshi family and Guren's squad since he was 15 back in high school prior to the apocalypse, Mahiru voices that he is a fool.

Sayuri Hanayori

For Sayuri's crush on Guren, she dislikes her in equal measure. Sadistically taunting Sayuri on how she can never be with Guren, outright revealing that she did it with Guren is done out of spite. Although at one point Mahiru saved Sayuri from Seishiro's torment, she appeared to dislike having to do so. Mahiru expresses her jealousy of Guren's care for Sayuri by angrily telling him that he is too weak and cares for her. She is further infuriated when Guren mockingly says that she did well.

As a vampire, Mahiru's dislike of Sayuri has apparently intensified where she expresses clear displeasure when Guren touches Sayuri's breast to save her in front of her. Mahiru would later murder Sayuri.

Mito Jūjō

While Mahiru is utterly adored by Mito in high school due to her strength and kindness admired to the point she is called a "goddess", on her part, just like with Sayuri, she dislikes Mito for her love for Guren. She experiences pleasure at the idea of her painfully dying. As a vampire, Mahiru is even more resentful and coldly rebuffs Guren for caring for Mito in front of her and kills her. When Mahiru became Guren's demon weapon, she hates Mito the most out of all Guren squad.

Shigure Yukimi

Shigure is a member of Guren's squad since she was 15 from back in high school prior to the apocalypse. Mahiru resents Shigure just as much as she resents Mito and Sayuri due to her devotion to Guren. Hearing Guren praise Shigure visibly infuriated her. Mahiru flaunted the fact she had did it with Guren gleefully to Shigure. As a vampire, Mahiru was against Guren caring for Shigure, and would come to kill her.

Hyakuya Sect

The Hyakuya Sect is a human experimenting organization that Mahiru aligns herself with. Visiting the Hyakuya Orphanage she took an interest in some of the orphans kept there. Once cursed gear was developed, Mahiru wasted little time in setting about betraying the Hyakuya Sect.


The former second progenitor of the vampires, Saitō and Mahiru worked together for the Hyakuya Sect. They appeared to have co-operated well with each other. In the same vicinity during the Attack on First Shibuya High School, she is assisted by him when the demonic power is taking over her.

Saitō! You're betraying us?!

–Expressing surprise at Saitō attacking Guren and meaning to consume their power. "Nativity of a Princess" Chapter 84, Page 25

Akane Hyakuya

Meeting Akane when she arrives at the orphanage, Mahiru provides a fake name. Asking if Akane is in love with someone, when she does not answer, Mahiru quickly realizes that this person is Mika. When Mahiru sees Akane telling Mika that Mahiru is a good person, she judges that Akane has a bad instinct about people.

Junji Haiyama

When she arrived to adopt Junji as Miyuki Yamada, she found he was initially nervous and adamant about not going with her and staying at the orphanage. After being calmed down by Mika, she reassured Junji that he will like it with her for him to willingly leave. Shortly afterward, Mahiru murders someone in front of him, then knocks him out. When vampires attack them, Mahiru protects Junji.

Mikaela Hyakuya

Chapter 85 - Page 25 - Panel 2.png

Finding out that Mika is one of the Hyakuya Sect's most important experiments, she wanted to take him, but had her intent barred by Saitō. She first met Mika at the orphanage. Looking at Mika, she immediately realized that he was an unusual child, as well as one who could easily recognize her lies. Speaking very well of Mika, she stated that he is the one who worries about children and takes care of them. Although they are just experiments, Mahiru felt he has good charisma.

They meet again after eight years. When Mika was wondering how he would save Yu from Guren's capture in Shibuya, Mahiru found his location and answered that a rescue was quite beyond him. After merrily introducing herself to Mika as everyone's favorite idol, Mahiru remembered the plan she was a part of and set about attacking him. Aware of his link to Krul Tepes, Mahiru was taken aback at his strength before proceeding to thoroughly enjoy herself as she deployed multiple spells to pressure Mika into abandoning the battle to rescue Yu.

Ooh, you're fast. But you're Krul's vampire, so no wonder I guess.

–Commenting on Mika's speed, and aware of his connection to Krul. Chapter 85: "The Guinea Pigs Gather", page 26

With Guren and Noya she took part in the fight against Yu and Mika. Seeing Mika undergoing a demon transformation process is a part of Mahiru's plan that Noya is unaware of, perhaps indicating her plans for him predate her merging with the demon.

Seemingly aware that he was accessing one of Yu's memories, Mahiru joins him there where she silently observed Mika. Although she questioned whether Mika had seen her, Mahiru shows interest in whether Mika can view Yu from the past. Otherwise, Mahiru largely observes him without a word, grinning on one occasion.

During combat, Mahiru as a sword inflicts poison against him.

Yūichirō Hyakuya

Chapter 86 - Page 24.png

They first met when Yu was in prison as a child. Where Yu was in a cell, Mahiru spoke to him briefly about his woe at being considered a demon spawn. Asking why he thinks like that, Mahiru added that Yu looked human to her, and demon or not, he should get to live.

But if you are a demon, or a monster, or whatever, does that really mean you shouldn’t get to live?

–Consoling Yu in his prison cell as a child. Catastrophe, Book 5, Prologue

Before leaving, Mahiru told Yu to stay strong and that one day she would come back to free him from the Hyakuya Sect, prior to the researchers tampering with his memories. When Yu asked what is the meaning of life, if life is meaningless, she replied that it is love.

Meeting again after eight years, Mahiru reminds Yu that he was locked up in prison, then wonders if he has found a reason of life now. Remembered, when Yu answers her question that his reason to live was found in Mika, she smiles. To complete her plan, Mahiru helped Guren with Noya fight Yu. They meet some time later, when Mahiru participates in a plan to turn Mika into cursed gear for Yu to acquire.

Aware that there was a Yu who lived in the past, Mahiru is curious to learn about memories pertaining to this. She is not upfront about sharing details of her larger plan with Yu however despite his involvement.

Aha ha! He really is a funny boy, isn't he?

–After Yu requested Guren tell him of this grand plan he has. Chapter 111: "Yu & Guren", page 9


Seeing demon's value in the power they provide to cursed gear, Mahiru would also struggle to not succumb to their corrupting influence, and possession attempts. Born with a demon inside her, ridding herself and her sister Shinoa of their capacity to take over their lives was a goal of hers. At the same time, Mahiru saw little option but to embrace their power, and become a demon too, in order to survive the next state of the world. She would also regard them individually as the beings they were.

Hmm? Strange. I sense fear from you. If demons get scared they'll wind up getting eaten by humans just like us.

–Able to sense fear and how that can affect a demon if one experiences that. Chapter 92: "Black Demon Scenario", page 31


Mahiru kills a vampire with Asuramaru.png

Forming a contract with Asuramaru while she was human, nothing is ever explicitly shown about how their relationship was. It can though be assumed that it was solid, judging how Mahiru had Asuramaru's obedience when she called his name.

Shikama Dōji

The demon Shikama Dōji who is currently contracted with Shinoa. It is later revealed that Mahiru may have been possessed by Shikama Dōji prior to handing the weapon to Shinoa who was capable of resisting Shikama Dōji thanks to Mahiru's protection.

Noya Hienma

Chapter 83 - Page 31 - Panel 1.png
Catastrophe Chapter 51, Pg24.png

Mahiru is the one who prepared Noya as a demon weapon for Guren.

Welcome back, Noya. You killed a lot of humans and demons, didn't you? So many.

–After picking up the Noya sword. Catastrophe, Book 7, Chapter 5

She eventually used him to stab herself and integrate him in her heart; spreading the curse all over Mahiru where Noya absorbed her in the process thus transforming it into Guren's current demon, Mahiru-no-yo. Noya later separates from Mahiru, as the latter was inside her with the demonic personality. However Mahiru's personality towards Guren never changes her love for him. Due to their separation Mahiru became in a spirit-like state. She hates Noya for his goals against Guren and his demon attitude. When Noya and Mahiru return to Guren's sword it remains Mahiru-no-Yo which can be called upon as a weapon but they are still separated from each other. She later discards Noya by striking him with an injection where he falls unconscious.

Demon Mika

Mika was turned into a demon by Mahiru's plan. When Mika became a demon, Mahiru uttered "It has begun", implying that her plan was in motion. In later moments, she and Guren find the rest of the team to turn Demon Mika into Yu's weapon and prevent Shikama Doji from finding him.


Where Vampires were not exactly an everyday sight prior to the catastrophe, Mahiru was aware of their existence, further that they had ranks depending on the extent of their power. Wary of their strength, but not overly bothered by them, Mahiru would also work with particularly strong vampires. All to her own ends, Mahiru as ever was committed to her own cause, where vampires happened to provide significant help to her.

Krul Tepes

She sought to create a deal with Krul, the queen of Japan, a third progenitor. This occurred eight years before the apocalypse. Where details on her background failed to elicit sympathy from Mahiru, she turned to her knowledge on where Ashera Tepes, her brother was located. In making the bargain, Mahiru needed to keep the First without knowledge of it, and an injection was the means to do that. Collapsing, Mahiru found the injection was lethal, yet Krul could save her by turning her into a vampire. Dying, where Mahiru had knowledge that Krul wanted, the gamble paid off and she was turned into a vampire by Krul.

When meeting with Guren, she is mentioned by Krul who asked if he was a messenger of Mahiru. Coming across one another again, Mahiru guides Krul to go along with their wider plan. They travel together to Akihabara.

Ferid Bathory

She and Guren come across seventh progenitor Ferid at a zoo. Attacking him, Mahiru found even with her relatively newly acquired cursed gear she was unable to outmatch the vampire noble.



One of the few who refers to a specific God, she speaks of what it forbids. Reacting by thinking of how to circumvent the drawbacks of punishments it is said to deliver, Mahiru also considers the world after it reels from what is currently unable to be prevented.

God forbids it, though. He forbids resurrections. Once we attempt it, we're doomed. Humans will be punished for breaching His miracle. Right now, our technology can only control this divine punishment to a certain degree. The world will end. Only demons and children will survive. The human population will be reduced to less than a tenth of what it is now. The world will change drastically. The people who've been brought back to life will be defective and live only for ten years. Even so, the experiment will be conducted today.

–Mahiru explaining the Seraph of the End. Catastrophe, Book 7, Chapter 5