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Makoto Narumi is a squad leader in the Moon Demon company where his team is joined with Shinoa Squad for a mission targeting vampire nobles in Nagoya. Narumi interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects himself and the story. This article details Narumi's relationships with other characters.

Moon Demon Company[]

Narumi Squad[]

Shusaku Iwasaki[]

He has been friends with Shusaku since they were little because both of their families serve the Order of the Imperial Moon, which is lead by the Ichinose Clan. They attended preschool and elementary school together, and the Catastrophe occurred while they were in elementary school. Shusaku is the intellectual member of Narumi Squad and Narumi remains closest to him out of the team. By binding their opponents with his Cursed Gear, a long red chain named Akahebi, the others can defeat them and this power is deployed in their joint mission in Nagoya to destroy fifteenth progenitor, Lucal Wesker. After the mission is largely successful Narumi is horrified to witness the Japanese Imperial Demon Army kill Shusaku at the Nagoya Airport.

Rika Inoue[]

Makoto and Shusaku rescue her right after the Catastrophe. She tends to be negative and in an extreme case she wanted to murder Shinoa having blamed her for the loss of comrades during the escape in Nagoya. For his part Narumi discouraged her from carrying out the act but only because it was his to do. Narumi would find Rika killed by many chains after the Japanese Imperial Demon Army uses her as a sacrifice for their seraph project.

Taro Kagiyama[]

Makoto and Shusaku rescue him right after the Catastrophe. He is a serious member of Narumi Squad. Shortly after Mika escapes with Yu and vampires descend to the ground Narumi sees him murdered by them.

Yayoi Endo[]

Makoto and Shusaku rescue her right after the Catastrophe. A member of Narumi Squad who wears glasses and the peace-keeper of the group. He witnesses vampires kill her when they are ambushed in Nagoya.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army[]

Guren Ichinose[]

The Ichinose heir and leader of the Order of the Imperial Moon, who Makoto's family serves in Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen. Leader of the Moon Demon Company in Vampire Reign. Makoto has a very high respect for Guren of the Ichinose clan ever since he was little, as he trained daily swordsmanship, spells and wanted to be as good as him. Guren is a namanari who slaughters his own soldiers during the battle at Nagoya in order to awaken one of the Seraph of the End.

Shinya Hīragi[]

Episode 23 - Screenshot 45.png

A sniper who bears a Black Demon rifle. Along with Shinoa squad Narumi is assisted by Shinya in exterminated Lucal Wesker. After Yayoi and Kagiyama have been killed Narumi has to be pulled away to ensure they can retreat. Narumi confronts Shinya when they arrive at the airport with no transport in sight and is outraged after what has happened, that no rescue is in sight and whether they are expected to die.

Mirai Kimizuki[]

One of the Seraph of the End being used by the Demon Army and Kimizuki's younger sister. Narumi would be at Nagoya airport when her powers were activated to drastically alter the landscape and summon the demon Abaddon with Four Horseman of John as well.

Shinoa Squad[]

Shinoa Hīragi[]

She is the leader of Shinoa Squad and a member of the Hīragi family though neither of these have little bearing on the low opinion Narumi has of Shinoa and her team. His impression was off to a bad start after seeing Shinoa arrive late at the Ebina rest stop where they were preparing for the vampire noble extermination mission in Nagoya. This diminished further after witnessing Shinoa squad spar against Guren with Shinya and Mito Jūjō at which point Narumi approached the Lt. Colonel Guren and stated that he did not trust them as kids to have their back. The response was for Shinoa squad to join his for them to train which Narumi was not happy with. Whilst they are both squad leaders Narumi does most of the leading in the mission targeting Lucal and he expresses disappointment at how how Yu acts around her. Despite that Narumi assures her there is no need to apologize, he just does not want anyone to perish. After his squad is entirely murdered Makoto leaves with Shinoa and her squad when they defect from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

Three months later Narumi is eating at Ferid's mansion and questions whether they are trying to start something when Shinoa comments that girls enjoy desserts as he is having one.

Yūichirō Hyakuya[]

A member of Shinoa Squad who bears a Black Demon katana. His is disobedient and loud something which Narumi takes issue with. Assigned to work together and greeted by him Narumi squeezes his hand when handshakin. Yu is one of the Seraph of the End, and he becomes a namanari by trying to keep that side of him in check after the battle at Nagoya. Having escaped together Narumi considers his squad and concentrates on keeping Yu alive as he said he would.

Shihō Kimizuki[]

A member of Shinoa Squad who bears a Black Demon within his twin sword weapons. He desperately wants to rescue Mirai. Where Narumi can be more outspoken, Kimizuki can articulate his words in a calm manner to get what he wants. Narumi was helped in this respect when he was aggravated by Ferid speaking of the deceased nature of his squad before Kimizuki directed Ferid to get on with making his point. With Shibuya under attack and Kimizuki heading to check his sister, Narumi joins Yoichi in backing him up.

Mitsuba Sangu[]

A member of Shinoa Squad. She works with Shinoa to restrain Yu when his demon takes over.

Yoichi Saotome[]

A member of Shinoa Squad. He bears a Black Demon Weapon.


Ferid Bathory[]

A seventh progenitor who Narumi comes into contact with when he seeks out Shinoa squad. He has a history with Yuichiro and Mikaela and greets them with a family member's head in order to make Yu's demon go berserk. Narumi is similarly provoked by Ferid who attempts the same with knowledge of his squad member's bodies.

Crowley Eusford[]

A thirteenth progenitor and companion of Ferid Bathory. Narumi would rescue captured Moon Demon Company members outside of Nagoya City hall where Crowley was inside. Found by Crowley again Narumi along with the rest of the squad would have to co-operate with him as they were unable to defeat him.

Lucal Wesker[]

After the Catastrophe, Makoto did not meet Lucal but he was responsible for exterminating all the humans in a shop that Makoto and Shusaku visited where he mocked the humans as well. The fifteenth progenitor was the target that Narumi Squad and Shinoa Squad joined together to exterminate in Nagoya where Narumi would end him using his cursed gear.

Fuola Honte[]

Finding him exit Ferid's mansion Narumi would be hurled up into the air by him. He warned the others of the tenth progenitor's strength.

Mikaela Hyakuya[]

Yuichiro Hyakuya's family. Heading to the rendezvous point after the vampire noble operation in Nagoya, Narumi would see Mika in the road ahead. Ordered to destroy him then move on Narumi near the front of the column would use the shield manifestation of his cursed gear to defend from the ranged attack flung off from Mika's sword. Whilst Mika taking Yu, and Shinoa squad allowing him to do so gave other vampires time to arrive and attack and kill members of his squad Narumi did not express any ill will towards Mika himself even when he was originally attacked as a vampire. With army members and the main vampire force attacking Narumi co-operated with Mika the same as the others to escape and was helped to do so by Mika.

Three months later Narumi has a direct manner of speaking with others and does address Mika as "vampire" when questioning whether he has better plans than returning to the army. When Mika suggests they rescue Krul Tepes because she may be able to help them, Narumi is the first to agree. Narumi and Mika do have differences in opinion when it comes to the nature of humanity.