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Makoto Narumi (鳴海 真琴 Narumi Makoto?) is a squad leader in the second half of the Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya anime. He is a sergeant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Narumi participates in the one hundred Moon Demon Company soldier mission to target and destroy vampire nobles in the city of Nagoya. Along with his squad and Shinoa Hīragi's they are to exterminate Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor.

Note: This is the page for Narumi in the anime, for the article detailing Narumi in other formats see: Makoto Narumi


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He has long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and brown eyes. His bangs frame his face and reach down to his jawline. He has a beauty mark under the outer corner of his right eye. He has heavy upper eyelids.

For clothing, Narumi wears the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes. These have a brown Sam Browne belt along with another strap crossing over his chest to form an X and two rows of gold buttons on the front; he has his sleeves rolled up. Along with that, Narumi wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. He also wears the uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trouser's leggings.


Whilst he voices his concerns, not waiting for permission, on Shinoa squad's capabilities, Narumi's serious nature is replaced by surprise as Shinoa squad is added to his. He pleads with Guren to reconsider before squeezing Yu’s hand tight and maintains a no nonsense attitude. This can turn into further hostile acts such as when he pushed his commanding officer Shinya against a fence when Narumi was frustrated with the state of their mission.


Narumi breaks with this and is happy when the squads do complete their mission and with no casualties. Whether it was due to insensitive hubris or trying to lighten a mood for Aihara who he knew was upset, Narumi was happily proud that no one from his squad had died, at odds with how Aihara was feeling when she had lost members. Furthermore Narumi was keen to put it down to him being incredible and a great leader. If he believes someone to be strong and capable he will treat them with a greater amount of respect not afforded to those he perceives otherwise.

Paralysed into unresponsiveness after two of his team members were killed, Narumi remained calm in situations where their deaths were concerned. Comforting Rika, Narumi then held his weapon as he said Shinoa’s blood should be on his hands. Acting on his own whim whilst maintaining an air of professionalism is often done. Narumi suggested they shoot hostages to spare them torture and leave even when he had friends there (he would be responsible for and did free them). He stopped a soldier and his own team member from enacting corporeal punishment against Shinoa since out of a sense of duty he felt he had to do it. Narumi abandoned a mission on his own whim.

When he is confused on a situation he often raises his voice and assumes matters. Examples are questioning whether the point of their mission was to die, to snapping that he does not care if he is court martialed for disobeying orders before even hearing what was wanted to be discussed.

Understanding the harsh reality of the world they are in, Narumi does what he feels is best as a squad leader. He attempts to keep the most people alive and does have an innocuous haughtiness about him yet gives praise where it is due. Narumi can be overcome by emotion and acts on it as well which usually results in drastic measures such as attacking the Lieutenant General Kureto of the Demon Army.


Nagoya Arc[]

Meeting at the Ebina rest stop for a mission against vampire nobles

Makoto Narumi is in attendance as part of the one hundred person Moon Demon Army at the Ebina rest stop. Stood amongst them, that they are to leave here in o seven hundred hours where six hours later they will arrive in Nagoya is relayed by Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose, who stands with Major General Shinya Hīragi. He is also facing Guren's squad made up of Norito Goshi with Mito Jūjō then Sayuri Hanayori and Shigure Yukimi as well.

Considering Shinoa squad damn kids for screwing around

Stood near his squad consisting of Shūsaku Iwasaki and Yayoi Endō with Tarō Kagiyama and Rika Inoue nearby, he listens as Guren berates Shinoa and her squad for arriving late as the meeting is underway and he considers them damn kids for screwing around.

The goal is not to come back alive but victorious no matter what

He is present when Guren rallies the soldiers that this will probably be the most dangerous mission they will ever undertake, many of them will die. They are to remember that everyone here is family and those who fall will not die in vain, their sacrifices will ensure their success. The goal is not to come back alive but victorious. This is part of a mission to assassinate ten vampire nobles in Nagoya, an aspect of Kureto Hīragi’s plan to drive the vampires out of Japan entirely.

Observing the practice match

After Guren moves the battle of him, Mito and Shinya against Shinoa and her squad featuring Yūichirō Hyakuya, Yoichi Saotome, Shihō Kimizuki and Mitsuba Sangū back outside, Narumi watches silently as they fight.

Voicing that these kids (Shinoa and her team) are dangerous

After the battle is concluded Narumi approaches Guren and requests permission to speak freely. He feels the kids are dangerous and says they have no place on the battlefield. Citing that they do not follow orders or obey rules and that they have no sense of teamwork, Narumi states those as reasons that they will only drag them down if they are allowed to join them.

His squad is joined with Shinoa's

With Guren’s solution to the problems involving Narumi’s team being put in charge of Shinoa squad, Narumi is shocked. When Shigure is to rearrange the roster to have Shinoa squad added to Narumi’s so he urges the lieutenant colonel to please rethink this.

About to squeeze shake Yu's hand

With Yu saying that he is looking forward to serving with him and offers a handshake, Narumi considers it for a moment. He then grips Yu's hand to cause him discomfort then walks away without a word. Narumi ignores the comments from his squad on their combining with Shinoa's.[2]

Wanting to go over the plan of attack on the vampire noble they are targeting

Later Narumi awaits the mission set to begin in twenty minutes. Calling for everyone to fall in line, he wants to go over their plan of attack again. As Shūsaku presents a map with the attack location points, the attack is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams will attack in unison across Nagoya where if goes to plan then eight targets will be executed leaving two nobles alive.

If the surprise attack fails they are to stop Lucal from joining other nobles

Their target is a strong one, Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off his retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles. Once their target is dead they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the lieutenant colonel supplies them with new orders. The best-case scenario is that all the targets are killed simultaneously and they do not have a problem regrouping and killing the remaining two nobles in Nagoya. If the targets are not destroyed and the nobles join forces there is no way they will be able to beat them.

There are not as many troops in their squad yet failure is not an option

He replies to Shūsaku that their team is one of the smallest therefore there should be high expectations for them. Turning to the others Narumi says even though there is not as many troops in their squad, failure is not an option. If they make a mistake it will affect the lives of all one hundred of their comrades and they have to remember that.

Listening to Yu's account of what they need to do

In response to Yu feeling that they just need to kill this “loo-loo la-la guy” Narumi replies that fooling around will get them killed. This is behind enemy lines and Narumi questions whether Yu has forgotten what the lieutenant colonel said.

Ordering Yu to show some respect

When Yu feels it is not going to be that hard, Narumi tells him to have some respect. He pays no mind to Kagiyama and Rika’s concerns on this new squad’s capabilities and whether they have their back. Narumi regards Shinoa with a serious look as he is apologized to.

No need to apologize, but they can't have one person dragging them down

Placing a hand on her shoulder, he does not need anyone to apologize, just remember they need to be on their toes. If one person drags them down then they are all as good as dead. Narumi does not want to lose a comrade because of a single screw up.

Does Yu not agree with what he said

With Yu approaching, Narumi asks what is it, does he not agree with what he said. Narumi does not need excuses but he is interrupted yet does not react negatively by Yu’s goal to make sure none of them are hurt. However the least Yu can do is remember their target’s name.

Seeing Shinoa step forward

There is more to being a good soldier than the ability to swing a sword. Narumi hears that Yu has remembered the names of the people he is to protect rather than the target’s. That and with Shinoa’s determination to support the squad, this is fine for Narumi and he checks a pocket watch to announce the mission will begin in six minutes.

The two squads have the upper hand with the element of surprise

Turning to Yayoi for a report he hears the target should be in sight soon in the same place in the park he is in every day without fail. With Rika getting nervous, Narumi guides her to keep it together. They have the upper hand today, they are taking them completely by surprise before he replies to Shinoa for them to do this together, then they should get started.

The vampire noble mission begins

After Yoichi and Shinya fire Gekkouin and Byakomaru respectively to blast the target area, Narumi approaches on foot with Shūsaku nearby. Outside the building he calls for everyone to take their cursed gear stimulant now. It is time and Narumi means to make this quick.

Giving his permission for Yu to go ahead

Running, he gives Yu permission to take the first strike to gauge the enemy’s strength and says to make it count. Joining the close quarters fight Yu then Kimizuki started, Narumi finds Lucal holding Shinoa’s scythe to keep her in place. Leaping into the air armed with his cursed gear trident, Narumi says this is checkmate.

Checkmate for the fifteenth progenitor

With Shinoa swung in his path, Narumi tells her out of the way before his weapon is blocked by Yu’s. After Rika with Kagiyama and Yayoi inflict the first physical attacks on Lucal, and Shūsaku has used his manifestation Akahebi to chain Lucal's arm, Narumi praises the team’s good work.

The joint attack meeting air as Lucal darts away

After Lucal cuts his own arm off to escape Akahebi's chains binding him, Narumi's weapon strike alongside Yu's is also evaded. With Lucal reappearing nearby, Narumi calls for everyone to maintain formation. He directs them to stick to their strategy and they will take him as a unit.

Maintaining formation

He listens as Lucal comments that they must be the humans Krul Tepes is so annoyed by, but they do not seem so tough. Narumi remains composed and speaks to Yu that they attack together as Lucal's dismembered arm lays nearby.

Seeing Kimizuki step forward

After Kimizuki leads with the point that they cannot maintain the formation and surround Lucal, Narumi replies it sounds a lot easier than it is to lure Lucal in, unless Kimizuki has a plan. He asks what are they doing when Yu sheathes his sword.

Trusting Yu and Kimizuki to handle this

However Narumi allows them to proceed with the plan when requested by Shinoa. It is successful and he finds Lucal flying towards him. After the vampire noble has blocked ranged attacks from Mitsuba, then Shinya and Yoichi, Lucal is on his knees from Yu’s strike.

Calling for Yayoi

Addressing for Yayoi to finish him, Narumi calls her name after her sword is caught and she is disarmed of it. Moving to help, when Lucal resorts to using Yayoi's sword on himself, preferring that to dying from humans, Narumi witnesses the blackened orange embers of Lucal as his disintegrates.

Victory over a vampire noble

After the victory over the fifteenth progenitor, with no casualties in their combined squad, Narumi smiles as he oversees Shinoa squad’s happiness with their success.[3]

Within view of the radio tower Narumi stands around a disused fountain and awaits other squads to arrive from their vampire noble operations. Aiko Aihara is one such squad leader who has returned.

Other squads have arrived

Answering that Guren is not here yet, Narumi appears familiar with Aihara and hands her a drinks flask. He questions whether her team completed their mission. Narumi does not address that Aiko appears dejected with seven out of fifteen members of her squad surviving.

Calling for Shinoa to tell Aihara what a great leader he is

Instead, Narumi displays bravado since he did not lose any members of his squad. Putting it down to him being incredible, Narumi builds on the notion further. He calls to Shinoa to get her to tell Aihara what a great leader he is.

Just joking about forgetting Yu's name

With Yu joining them Narumi confirms he is one of the newbies but simply cannot for the life of him recall what was his name again, before clarifying he is just joking around. When Guren arrives, Narumi is questioned on how the new squad did, and whether they dragged them down.

Questioned how Shinoa squad fared

After seeing Yu’s happy face Narumi praises them for surviving and doing an outstanding job. With Yu gleefully asking him to say it again, Narumi replies for him to not get full of himself. He answers Guren there has been nothing heard from other squads.

Having to start the next mission at once

There is no time to stand around and wait, they have to go ahead and start the next mission without any others. The soldiers assigned to kill the three nobles at city hall were overwhelmed with twenty five held as hostages by the vampires. The new mission is to kill the three nobles and rescue their comrades. Narumi heads there with his squad, Shinoa's and Guren's.[4]

Is Yu suggesting they walk head on into something they know is a trap

Atop a building overlooking the city hall, with Yu wanting to rescue the hostages tied to crosses outside Narumi questions whether he is saying they should head into something that is an obvious trap. He listens as Guren plans to have snipers to test the waters.

If the 3 nobles are too strong to defeat they'll leave the hostages

There are powerful nobles, Crowley Eusford with Chess Belle and Horn Skuld inside and if their foes are too strong then Guren plans to leave the hostages, with the reasoning they cannot lose any more troops. Narumi infers that this is not over, they have to survive because there is another mission waiting after this one. He hears that the vampires need to be kept in Nagoya so the main unit in Shibuya can move undetected. Narumi wonders whether they are on the move right now.

Look alive, get into position, and be ready for a swift counter attack

Needing to keep the vampires distracted as long as possible, Narumi directs his squad to look alive and get into position, they need to be ready for a swift counter attack. After Yoichi fires his cursed gear bow, Gekkouin at a noble, it fails to kill him as the vampires are identified.

The smartest move is to kill the hostages and get out of here

In response to the threat, Narumi follows Shinya's suggested course of action. He hates to say it but the smartest move is to kill the hostages and get out of here. They did not attack them after Yoichi's failed shot so Narumi concludes they are not important to the vampires. Retorting that Yu is the one acting stupid, Narumi has got close friends that are hostages, it is killing him to even think of leaving them behind but you do not see him making a scene like spoilt brat.

Good luck to Shinoa as they split up to rescue more hostages between them

With Guren and his squad deciding to attack the nobles, they will have five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport. Walking to their positions Narumi wonders whether they should do this together. Going separately to save more people, Narumi says good luck to Shinoa squad.

Unconcerned about his squad surviving

Adding one more thing, Narumi says for them to not dare die. With the nicety returned, Narumi brags how he is not concerned about his squad surviving this. Not when they have got an incredible team leader like him. That is all and with that Narumi with his squad move out, they have comrades to save.

Rescuing hostages outside city hall

With Guren’s squad distracting the hooded vampire soldiers outside city hall, Narumi lands on one of the crosses. He cuts the ropes and asks whether the soldier is okay. Rather than answer him what is going on, Narumi calls to Kagiyama, Yayoi and Rika to get the other members of Kato’s team free.

Shūsaku is coming with him

Jumping down near Shūsaku, Narumi states he is coming with him. With Guren and Shinya swung into the city hall building by Crowley, Narumi is asked his orders by Shūsaku. He replies to continue the mission as planned, move fast and save as many of the troops as he possibly can. Narumi proceeds with this as Shinoa squad and Guren's squad move to assist Guren and Shinya with the hostages freedom down to his efforts.[5]

Retreating to the rendezvous point

Later coming across Shinoa squad after they have reclaimed Yu when he returned to try and save Guren, all are retreating. With a large number of transport helicopters incoming, Narumi shouts that it is nice of Shinoa squad to join them. They need to get to the rendezvous point and Narumi is not losing anyone else.

Seeing and ready to engage Mika as a hostile vampire

Running with his squad and survivors of the mission, Narumi sees a single vampire ahead. Ordered to kill him and keep moving, Narumi notes the vampire is moving and at the front of the gathered soldiers he orders his squad to get ready to fight. Stabbing into the ground and calling Genbushin, a giant shield is created to endure the red waves of energy thrown out by Mika’s sword.

Defending Shinoa from soldiers who regard her as a traitor

After Shinoa squad helps Mika escape with Yu, a soldier has knocked over Shinoa and Narumi uses his trident to protect her from his sword. Questioning whether he heard his commander Shinya’s orders not to kill her, Narumi states if he cannot follow them then the soldier should get off the battlefield, there is no place for him here. Stabbing into the ground, Narumi tells Shinoa to not look so relieved, she has a lot of explaining to do.

Defended from the first of the vampire backup that has arrived

Looking up to see the vampire backup helicopters have arrived, Narumi is defended by one behind him from Shinoa. Hearing a scream, Narumi turns and sees that Yayoi has been struck by a sword. He shouts her name after she falls having been lethally injured by the vampire.

Enraged by two of his squad members being murdered

Kagiyama is also killed soon after and Narumi is enraged. Held back by Shinya and told they have to leave, Narumi does not intend to go.[6] An escape helicopter should be waiting for them yet Narumi stands staring at his fallen comrades. Being punched by Shinya brings him out of his unresponsive states and he joins the rest of the soldiers in escaping. Having arrived at the airport, Narumi stands near Rika and Shinya as everyone waits at the deserted location.[7]

Unsafe at the abandoned airport, the vampires will be close behind

Voicing to Shinya they are not safe here, Narumi says the vampires will be close behind, they cannot just wait around. He is angered that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army directive found in the flight control room instructs them to stand by and await new orders. Narumi notices Rika confronting Shinoa over helping Mika escape.

Killing Shinoa is not going to help

Along with Shūsaku he has joined Rika and tells her to pull herself together when she is holding a sword near Shinoa. After saying that killing her is not going to help, Narumi clarifies that he is not saying that he is going to forgive Shinoa or her team regarding the deaths of Yayoi and Kagiyama. Rather he is their leader, so Narumi means for Shinoa’s blood to be on his hands.

Her blood needs to be on his hands, however it is not Narumi's decision

With it not being his decision to make, Narumi snaps whether Shinya is going to punish them for siding with a vampire on the battlefield. Shinoa squad sided with a vampire on the battlefield and Narumi contends that led to their troops being ambushed.

Rebuking the state of the mission

Whilst Narumi is fine that he does not get to decide what happens to Shinoa squad, Narumi demands Shinya prove he has got what it takes to lead them by punishing them. He continues to berate the state of the mission having lost several of their comrades and their commander. But they kept moving forward, following orders and Narumi states to look how well that is turning out.

Are they supposed to just lie down and die out here

Questioning whether Shinya wants them to forgive these traitors and stand by, Narumi asks whether they are just supposed to lie down and die out here. Hearing the final mission was to escape in the chopper and lead the vampires to a trap in Shinjuku, Narumi questions who did plan it when Shinya reveals Guren was not the one behind it.

Physically confronting Shinya

It was Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi. Narumi voices how he is sick of the Hīragi's. The selfish orders they give out only serve to give them more power and he refuses to follow it anymore. Ever increasingly frustrated, Narumi orders Shinya to not dare tell him to calm down and pushes him against the fence.

Knowing he is disobeying orders

Deciding to abandon this mission, Narumi means to return and rescue Guren. Before Shinya can even say why he is asking him to hold on, Narumi snaps he knows he is disobeying orders and Shinya can court martial him for all he cares. Narumi is thrilled that Shinya means for them to ignore the orders from high command and have the goal of the Demon Company to rescue Guren.

Seeing Kureto arrive at the airport

Noticing aircraft approach in the distance, that turn out to be the Demon Army’s Narumi listens holding his trident weapon all the while as Lieutenant General Kureto introduces himself with Aoi Sangū nearby. He reacts to Rika and Shūsaku having heard that Kureto is next in line to the family and the army.

Screw Kureto's orders

After Aoi has motioned for a crate with spell tags to be unloaded, Narumi approaches to where Kureto is stood and says screw his orders to stand down and relax. Before he can finish whether Kureto thinks he can just come here, Narumi is held back by Shūsaku and Rika and guided to calm down.

Supported by Rika, Shūsaku and Shinya

Staring angered at the crate mechanically raised into the air behind Kureto, he sees the Lieutenant General draw his sword. Defended by Shinya after Kureto raises his weapon, Narumi hears he is going to die soon anyway. Narumi activates Genbushin to have the shield raised to defend from the long piercing connected rods that have emerged from the crate.

Fending off the spiked connected rods

When that manifestation is fractured apart, Narumi escapes into the air and has his weapon deflect the chains that hone in on him. Narumi hears a scream, and turns horrified to see that many soldiers have been stabbed through by the connecting rods, including Rika. As he calls her name he sees Shūsaku near him has also been stabbed and cries in anguish as he is killed by further ones.

Intending to kill Kureto

Turning to the source of his suffering, Narumi runs and attacks Kureto meaning to kill this murderer. Instructed to back off and hearing that Kureto has given these soldiers honourable deaths, Narumi shouts for him to just shut up as he continues to stab at Kureto.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 235.png

Finding the rods gather behind Kureto, he is assailed by the spiked weapons that are assisting the lieutenant general. With no defence, Narumi finds that he is defended by Kimizuki and Yoichi and comments that they saved him. Also having Shinoa come to his side, Narumi hears they need to retreat.

Striking away an impaling rod

Seeing that Yu and Mika have returned, Narumi observes the soldiers who have been murdered by the rods. As they stir, the container they are coming from is unable to be hit and it is a challenge for Narumi and others to avoid and hit away the spears that attack.

Caught in between the Demon Army an a host of vampires

Retreating with Shinoa squad now including Mika, Narumi finds the escape path blocked by a host of vampires led by a masked noble that have descended from the arriving helicopters. With them in front and the Demon Army behind, Narumi sees that Shinya and the four members of Guren’s squad mean to help them escape.[8]

Witnessing what emerges from the crate

The container the chains are coming from explodes and a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold appears. Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph blows a long golden trumpet to cause jagged rocks to emerge from the ground and the sky to darken. The demon Abaddon emerges from her back and produces Four Horseman of John after Aoi strikes it with three dart like utensils. Yu has used the power of the second trumpet, the King of Salt to destroy the monster.

Directing Shinoa to take Yu

After Yu falls unconscious from his demon, Narumi approaches him and replies to Guren who is approaching that he is sorry but can no longer follow his orders. Rather than hand Yu over after what Guren has done, Narumi stabs Genbushin into the ground to cause a towering long wall to appear between him and Guren with the approaching Imperial Demon Army members.

Leaving the army

Directing Shinoa to take Yu after her and the squad have arrived, it is Narumi who carries Yu as they escape the vampires and Demon Army members. He waits as Shinoa confronts the Demon Army soldiers who have caught up to them. As they order Yu to be handed over, Narumi listens as Shinoa answers they no longer take orders from them, they are withdrawing from the demon army. After Mika blast away the attacking soldiers, the retreat is continued.

4 months later, ready for the plan

Four months later, Narumi stands on a beach and asks whether it is the last of the bags. With Mika and Yu joining them he hears the plan for them to get going. They will rescue Kimizuki’s sister, and Guren to get him back to his old self. Narumi asks Shinoa whether she is sure that the Lieutenant Colonel is really in Sanguinem. After walking Narumi stops and observes as Yu begins to walk into the sea.[9]

Powers and Abilities[]

Natural Abilities[]

Cursed Gear[]


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  • “Excuse me, may I speak freely sir? These kids are dangerous. Newbies have no place on the battlefield. They don’t follow orders or obey rules and they have no sense of teamwork. If you let them join us they’ll only drag us down.” - Speaking freely anyway, his verdict after seeing Shinoa squad battle against Guren, Mito and Shinya.
  • “Everyone, fall in line.” - Directing Shinoa squad that has been combined with his to go over the plan to defeat a vampire noble.
  • “Our team’s one of the smallest, that means there must be high expectations for us.” - Their two squads combined, with Major General Shinya as well, is one of the smallest teams in the vampire noble extermination mission.17
  • “Failure is not an option. If you make a mistake it’ll affect the lives of all one hundred of your comrades.” - Understanding what the stakes are in the planned mass ambush on vampires nobles in Nagoya.17
  • “If one person drags us down then we’re all as good as dead. I don’t wanna lose a comrade because of a single screw up.” - Assuring another squad leader, Shinoa there is no need to apologize. His “one person” and ‘screw-up’ remarks may or may not have been directed at a particular person, Yu.17
  • “There’s more to being a good soldier than the ability to swing a sword.” - Guidance for Yu on the importance of remembering their target’s name, Lucal Wesker.17
  • “Keep it together. We’ve got the upper hand today. We’re taking them completely by surprise.” - Words of encouragement for Rika that today they have a mission where they have an advantage.17
  • "That sounds a lot easier than it actually is, unless you've got a plan." - Commenting on Kimizuki's statement that they cannot maintain formation and surround vampire noble Lucal Wesker so they need to lure him in.
  • “I know, I’m incredible!” - His 'humble' response to Aihara when it is observed he did not lose any members of his squad. Narumi then turns to Shinoa to shout “Hey Shinoa! Tell her what a great leader I am!” 18
  • “They managed to survive at least. Actually, they did an outstanding job. Really, each of them impressed me.” - From beginning with openly opposing working with them, Narumi now reports his view on Shinoa squad to Guren. Also whilst shown to be almost stern in his dealings with others, he also demonstrated a side that praises them as well.
  • “What you’re saying is, this isn’t over, we have to survive because there’s another mission waiting after this one, right?” - Aware there is more behind the need for them to leave the hostages behind at Nagoya city hall if their foes are too strong.
  • “I hate to say it, but the smartest move is to kill the hostages and get out of here. They didn’t attack us after Yoichi’s failed shot, so we’re not important to them. We should retreat while we’re still able to.” - The suggestion for the hostage scenario outside city hall, he tells Yu: “I’ve got close friends in that group of hostages. It’s killing me to even think of leaving them behind, but you don’t see me making a scene like a spoilt brat.”
  • “Oh I’m not concerned about my squad surviving this, not when they’ve got an incredible team leader like me.” - Parting words to Yu before they begin trying to free hostages separately.
  • “That’s all. Let’s move! We’ve got comrades to save.” - Embracing the orders given.19
  • “Nice of you to join us! We’ve got to get to the rendezvous point. I’m not losing anyone else!” - His serious manner on display as he finds Shinoa squad.
  • “Didn't you hear your commander’s orders? If you can’t follow them then get off the battlefield. There’s no place for you here!” - After a soldier flouts Shinya’s command to not hurt her, Narumi has words to the soldier whose sword he has just stopped from hitting Shinoa.21
  • “Rika, pull yourself together. Killing her isn’t going to help. I’m not saying that I’m going to forgive her or her team. I’m your leader so her blood should be on my hands.” - After Shinoa squad is blamed for Yayoi and Kagiyama’s deaths, Narumi calms Rika, then declares intent to kill Shinoa after advocating for calmness and just saying that killing her is not going to help.22
  • “They sided with a vampire on the battlefield which led to our troops being ambushed.” - Feeling that Shinoa squad helping Mika was what led to the separate contingent of vampires to ambush them from aircraft.22
  • “Fine then, prove you’ve got what it takes to lead us and punish them.” - The words and tone for Shinya after hearing he does not get to decide what happens.
  • “You want us to forgive these traitors and stand by? Are we supposed to just lie down and die out here?” - His voice steadily rises in anger as he confronts Shinya on their situation (unbeknownst to him, Narumi is indeed expected to die when Kureto arrives and uses the survivors of the attack operation on vampire nobles in Nagoya to fuel his seraph experiment).
  • “Of course. I’m sick of the Hīragi’s. The selfish orders they give out only serve to give them more power. Well I refuse to follow it anymore!” - Sharing his views on the Hīragi family that rule the army he is a part after hearing that the mission was in fact planned by Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi.
  • “We’re abandoning this mission. I’m going back to rescue the Lieutenant Colonel.” - Orders he will not follow and intending to return to city hall and rescue Guren.
  • “I know I’m disobeying orders. Go ahead and court martial me for all I care.” - A snappish response with assumptions when he is asked by Shinya to hold on. In addition acting against orders even after being heavily against Shinoa squad’s perceived betrayal.


  • The name Makoto means "sincerity" (誠).
  • Makoto's surname Narumi means "ringing" (鳴) (naru) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).
    • It can also mean "roars of the sea" (鳴海), "achieve beauty" (成美) or "achieve truth" (成実).
  • An alteration to the end credits sequence is made in the final episode (Episode 24) where Makoto can be seen sitting on the couch next to Shinoa in the final scene.