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Michaela is a character referred in Seraph of the End. The physical body of Michaela himself was kept during the dark ages of Greece. There were candidates believed to have the Michaela trait.


The Michaela seen in the past was stated to be deceased but was well preserved and appeared like an adolescent. He had long wavy, light colored hair nearing his shoulders, and pointed vampire-like ears. Most prominently were four large feathered seraph wings on his back. With Yu seeing a glimpse of Michaela's face, he was under the impression that he was a pretty girl but with Michaela having no clothes on, Noya referred to Michaela as 'him'.



The physical body of Michaela was around at some point during the Dark Ages of Greece. His corpse is held in a large see through coffin within in a large room, off limits, and is observed by Noya, Ashera and Krul.[1] Noya comments he was "what all of us were meant to become but failed" and they figure what to do about the Mikaela. He is also seen by a young Yu[2] and although stated to be deceased, Michaela's mouth had opened slightly during the period that others were observing him.[3] He is later referred to as Sika Madu's son.[4]


Events of 2020[]

Shibuya Arc[]

In the present time Noya is surprised upon seeing Mikaela Hyakuya and excitedly wonders if Sika Madu succeeded in creating a Michaela.[5]

Post-Shibuya Arc[]


Sika Madu[]

His father who kept his body preserved during the dark ages of Greece. Shikama Dōji states that he is trying to save him, as Mikaela is his precious son.

Mikaela Hyakuya[]

At seeing Mika, Noya is under the impression that Sika Madu succeeded in created a Michaela. They are physically similar as children, yet Mikaela's ears were pointed where Mika had human appearing ears.