Mikaela's father (ミカエラ父 Mikaera chichi?) and Mikaela's mother (ミカエラ母 Mikaera haha?) are the parents of Mikaela Shindō, who later goes by the name Mikaela Hyakuya.


Mikaela's fatherEdit

A Russian man.

Mikaela's motherEdit

Described as a beautiful Japanese woman.


Mikaela's fatherEdit

An alcoholic who beats Mika every chance he gets and blames Mika for his wife's insanity. Whenever he beats Mika, Mika always tells him that he loves him, but to no avail. When Mrs. Shindō pushes Mika out of a moving vehicle at 120 km/h (approx. 74mph), he ignores Mika's cries for help and does not try to stop his wife from pushing him onto the road. He began drinking after his mother joins a religious sect.

His drunk driving causes a major accident on the interstate, presumably killing both him and his wife.[1]

Mikaela's motherEdit

After joining a religious sect, she becomes psychotic. She believes Mika is a chosen one and is a good boy. She tells him he carries the name Michaela, which she says is very special but never explains why. Even so, she pushes him from a speeding vehicle and tells him to jump off.

She ignores his pleas to not abandon him and appears unaffected by his screams and injuries.[1]



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