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Mikaela Hyakuya (百夜 ミカエラ Hyakuya Mikaera?), birth name Mikaela Shindō (進藤 ミカエラ Shindō Mikaera?), is a character in Seraph of the End. The deuteragonist of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga, he also appears in Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Michaela novels. In addition, Mika is in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series along with the manga that adapts it. Mika lived with Yūichirō Hyakuya at an orphanage before they were moved underground by vampires after the world ended. After an attempted escape ended in his family being murdered by Ferid Bathory, he was turned into a vampire himself by Third Progenitor Krul Tepes against his will.

Around vampires, Mika was told of what humans were planning. Turned against them, and disliking who he was, Mika would live for meeting Yu again. Becoming an exceptionally capable swordsman, Mika meant to rescue Yu from humans. Further awareness of human experimentation would be learned when Mika saw Yu had been affected. The second time Mika found him, after suffering physically with pain from surviving off vampire blood when human blood was needed, Mika would drink from Yu and become a complete vampire.

In addition to concerns of his fading emotions, and who they could trust, Mika still supports Yu's squad as they are tracked and pulled into other's plots. Mika himself is targeted, where there was a past angelic appearing Mikaela having existed in the ancient past. He, along with Yu and a few others, possesses the seraph gene, where as a vampire, Mika is a special one believed to contain the Michaela trait. After being turned into a demon, Mika regains his memories of who he is.

Note: This is the page for Mika in the manga and light novels, for the anime article detailing Mika see: Mikaela Hyakuya (Anime).




As an eight-year-old human child prior to the Apocalypse, Mika has short, wavy blond hair and blue eyes, which gives him the appearance of a foreigner to others. He wears casual clothing such as short jean shorts and a white hoodie over a collared shirt.[3] Sometimes, he is also shown wearing an over-sized jean jacket. As a twelve-year-old human livestock, Mika wears the standard livestock uniform that consists of the capri shorts, hooded shirt, and collar. He is barefoot like the other livestock.[4]

In chapter 93 Mika enters a dream like world. Mika looks like he did as a twelve year old child, yet this time his human appearing ears are visible. He is dressed in casual clothes: a white T-shirt, shorts that are just above the knees, and a black sweatshirt with a hood. On his feet are black long socks and white sneakers. When Mika cooks dinner for everyone, he takes off his sweatshirt and puts on an apron. While sleeping, Mika was dressed in ordinary white pajama with a button-down shirt. At the end of the chapter, six Seraph wings emerge from Mika's back. In Chapter 98 Mika continues to live in the world of dreams. He is wearing a white T-shirt, gray shorts, and has white socks on his feet. In Chapter 101 his clothes were stained with blood after the murder of the children.

In Chapter 104 Mika accesses Yu's heart and is seen as himself, but for the first time as a teenage-human, as the most important desire of Yu. Again his human appearing ears are fully visible this time and his eyes are blue once more. There are no shoes on his feet, and he is dressed in a olive color T-shirt (It's seen in Volume 25 cover) and gray sweatpants.


Mika New Clothes.jpg

After becoming an incomplete vampire where he continues to develop physically, Mika grows fangs and his ears become vampire like, though they continue to be hidden by his hair. While Mika's eyes remained blue in this state, n chapter 36, his eyes turn red after drinking Yu's blood which is when he becomes a complete vampire. When he is 16, his hair reaches down to his shoulders.

For clothing, Mika starts off wearing the standard uniform of the vampire soldiers. It consists of a black collared shirt with cuffs and white trim. He keeps it buttoned over his neck, and held in place with the vampire insignia. Over the black shirt, he wears the white military jacket with black trim and decorated buttons. It also has the black piece of the vampires on the left shoulder and black cuffs with white buttons that nearly reach up to his elbows. He wears white gloves. Mika has a thick black belt encircling his waist, and he wears two smaller belts below it forming an X over his posterior and front. He also keeps his sword at his left hip. The white pants he wears are with black boots reaching up to his upper thighs. The boots have three large buttons at the upper lateral sides, and three smaller buttons coming up from his ankles. The soles, toe cap area, and heels of the boots are white. A decoration over the heels consists of a small ribbon coming from either side to make a V with a small white circular detail keeping them in place. Mika often wears the standard vampire white cloak with a hood as well. The gold decoration on it has blue gems hanging from its chains.

In chapter 26, Mika wears a new uniform. This consists of a long white shirt with black details and straps, including an inscription over the left breast. The shoulder and neck pieces have numerous straps tying them together, and a black collar holds them around his neck. A modified version of the gold decoration that kept his collar together over his black shirt in his previous uniform is now inverted and without a line through its middle, and it is at the base of his neck rather than over his collar. A white cape hangs down from the back of his shoulders to his upper thighs. The shirt also has black cuffs reaching from the wrist to the elbow. Mika continues to wear white gloves. He wears two belts that meet at his right hip, and he continues to place his sword on his left hip. His boots reach up to his thighs like before, but they are solid black without any white or button details. This outfit is more form-fitting than the previous one and does not have as many trims or button details. It also has fewer layers.

Chapter 85 - Page 37 - Panel 1.png

In chapter 55, Mika gets another uniform change, and its style looks very similar to Crowley Eusford's. He wears a black collared dress shirt with a thick white X and white trim on both sides of the collar, a metal hexagonal piece and four buttons in the center, and two pairs of two lines on each side. Worn over the black shirt is a white army jacket which looks similar to Crowley's, though its design is more like the vampire soldier's uniform. The jacket also has belt loops that a black belt. Also like Crowley, his cape hangs from the left side of his shoulder and covers down to Mika's knee. His white pants, matching gloves, and black thigh high boots remain the same.


As himself as a demon, Mika has pointed horns appearing out his hair where his vampire like ears are also visible. His clothing is vastly different, Mika wears a dark colored, sleeveless parka like jacket. This has a gap partly showing the centre of his chest, with his neck also viewable due to the raised collar. Around his shoulders is a sizeable black fur like trim. A strap in which the centre line is light in coloration, with black lines on either side forms a pattern across his chest. There is a single similarly designed band around Mika's bicep. He also wears dark colored, fingerless gloves. The circling wisp like tail that demon Mika had as a child is retained. On Mika's back is lighter colored cape, which has color gradients, darker at the top, which becomes lighter the further downwards it goes. This is worn over Mika's back. The length matches that of the jacket where they both end at his thighs. The tail can appear through a parting in the middle of the cape, which is somewhat tattered at the ends.



Happy despite awful experiences

As a human, Mika is kind to others, and upbeat in spite of the harsh events in his childhood. He is able to keep smiling and remain happy because of his adopted family at the orphanage.[5] Mika always considers what is nice for his new family and is happy to buy ice cream for them. He is cheerful, feisty, and friendly and even managed to befriend the extremely stubborn Yu. He is a little violent and beats up Yu within seconds of meeting him, when Yu thought he was picking a fight.[6] As the eldest child, Mika takes charge and acts responsible for the other children. He is very charismatic and serves as their leader.

Tears escape considering hope

Growing up in Sanguinem, he becomes more astute and is willing to take drastic measures in order to help his family. While Mika is prepared to give his own blood[7], even approaching Ferid Bathory to let him drink it on multiple occasions, he refuses to let any of the other children take such hardships. Quick-witted, Mika gives an excuse that Yu will be unable to come to the mansion to keep him safe. Doing this in order to acquire food for them, Mika also thinks to commandeer a map to help his family escape. Although inwardly he feels miserable and even breaks down, crying in front of Yu once before trying to claim it was a joke, Mika typically maintains a carefree and happy persona in front of the children. Wanting to make sure they all still have hope, he sees Yu as providing that. Mika is described by Yu as "smart" but "always stupidly nice to all of us."[8]

Reminding Yu they are family

Mika uses his courage, planning, and wits to lead his family past vampire patrols and to an exit from the city. Traumatized at seeing his family members attacked, Mika is selfless enough to sacrifice himself to give them a chance to escape. Seriously injured, and with Yu refusing to leave him behind, Mika pushes him away and is happy that Yu finally accepted them as his family. Mika states that he can die in peace as long as at least Yu survives. When Third Progenitor, Krul Tepes offers to turn him into a vampire and give him immortality, Mika refuses.


After time as a vampire, seeing he is a human child, Mika appeared blissful to be around his orphanage family once more. Joking around detailing a dream he had, Mika enjoyed the scenario with other family members around. Remaining sharp, Mika posed a question on where the director was and quickly picked up that it was a dream. Regardless, Mika was content to allow it to resume with Yu and others happy with him. With Asuramaru crashing into their home, Mika responded by pushing Yu to safety and guiding him to get the children outside. Acquiring a knife, Mika was ready to stab into the threat before them.

Incomplete vampire

Wary of vampires and humans

With Krul's blood transferred to him, and around vampires, Mika comes to hate both them and humans. He hates vampires because of his history with them, and with Yu intending to kill them all, and Mika hates humans for what he has been told about their activities. That they are using and experimenting on Yu is one thing, yet Mika also sees evidence of the claims in his travels across the world and viewing the reprehensible human experimentation on the Seraph of the End. As a self-loathing and moody vampire, Mika is a pale shadow of his former self. He never smiles and always looks apathetic.

Keeping to himself

With others around, his expression is typically cold and disinterested. He keeps to himself and only has real conversations with Krul and Ferid. Although Lacus repeatedly attempts to make conversations with him, Mika usually ignores him and refuses to interact with the other vampires as much as possible. Mika undergoes the associated vampire loss-of-emotion and cannot help but yearn to bite any human he sees. In the face of an increasing blood lust, Mika exercises tremendous self-restraint. Unlike older vampires, his darker emotions have yet to fade enough for him to forget hatred.

Focused on saving Yu

Mika blames himself for the death of his family, and his sole reason for living is to save Yu. At the end of chapter 3, Mika is found by Ferid in a basilica with his head bowed and implies that Mika goes there often. It is unclear if Mika is praying for Yu's safety, praying for control over his thirst, or seeking repentance for his perceived crimes. When Lacus asks him what he is, Mika answers that he is just an "ugly bloodsucker."

Mika in pain while resisting his thirst for blood.

Refusing to drink from a human and become a true vampire, Mika instead survives off Krul's vampire blood although he would desire human blood so badly that he can hardly stand it. Despite the blood lust, palpitations, and a significant amount of pain from resisting the urge to drink human blood, Mika keeps control for four years. Unlike other vampires, Mika does not view the humans as livestock; however, his thirst for blood causes him to lust after a girl's blood in chapter 5, which heightens resulting in him attacking a young girl in chapter 26. While he manages to stop himself before drinking her blood, Mika remains horrified by his vampirism. It becomes so bad that after Aiko Aihara's has been killed in chapter 30 all Mika can consider is the blood. When Mika is tempted by Ferid with the blood of a young boy in chapter 22, he can resist and free the boy by reminding Ferid it is illegal to drink directly. He wants to avoid drinking human blood until he rescues Yu from the humans but does not reveal what he plans to do after rescuing Yu, whether he intends to become a true vampire or die. Later on, it appears he planned to die, before being rescued from this resignation by Yu insisting he drink his blood instead.

Seeing he was being entrapped

Despite his combat prowess, Mika would leave himself vulnerable to group attacks. After gradually losing his respect for humans, he comes to view them the same as any other vampire which also results in him underestimating hostile ones. Mika is described by Ferid as "overwhelmingly powerful and arrogant." He rushes into battle without any interest in glory, and he prefers to fight alone rather than have other vampires reinforce him. His certainty in what he can do, and lack of concern for his own life have caused him to be extremely reckless on the battlefield, particularly when Yu is involved. In chapter 12, when after meeting Yu, he does not defend himself and lets Yu stab him through the chest with a Cursed Gear weapon that is lethal to vampires. Mika does not use his own body as a shield to protect Shinoa from a berserk Yu in chapter 14, rather than about defending a human, Mika acted knowing that Yu would be upset for hurting his friend. While the act helped both of them regardless, Mika found his endurance and regeneration was called into question since being stabbed again with the Asuramaru cursed gear at full power, it would result in him requiring curse detoxification afterwards. In chapter 35, he dives into a company of human soldiers, indifferent to the many injuries he had inflicted on him in a drive to reach Yu. Even when stabbed in the back by Shinya Hīragi the the bayonet of the Byakkomaru rifle, Mika made no attempt to defend himself.

Retaining his feelings

What Mika has retained from being a human is the care for his family more than anything, and believes this is the last remaining trace of his humanity. As Yu is the only family he has left, Mika lives to save and protect him from both the vampires and the humans. He breaks his indifference after Ferid's taunts about Yu send him into a rage. Mika cuts down his vampire "comrades" who before they can even become a threat to Yu without any hesitation. Loyal to Krul, he trusts her enough to capture Yu; however, Mika initially refuses until she explains what those purposes are. With few options available, Mika would suggest to the squad they seek out Krul as a means of helping them.

Full vampire

Thinking sensibly

Mika's personality is similar to when he was an incomplete vampire, but he is no longer tormented by the constant lust for blood. He is finally able to quench his thirst, even though he still desires blood more than anything else. With their connection to Yu, he helps his squad escape. Not entertaining the whims of a demon, Mika concentrates on observing the time Yu is being possessed and is concerned at the increasing lengths of time. Suspicious towards Yu's squad, Mika raises the human experimentation, and knocks away a bottle of their collected blood with the feeling he was being patronized. Remaining steadfast in defending Yu, he cannot understand why others are happy to see Guren given what he done to them, and what he knows, so moved to attack. Since Yu adores Guren, Mika withholds pointing out that Ferid and Guren were working together when Ferid slaughtered their family until Yu realizes it for himself. Discretion is also applied to other matters, where Mika reminds Yu to not mention that Shinya and others are resurrected as they will return to ash with this knowledge. He is sensible when advising Yu to not give sensitive information away for free. Mika reveals in chapter 53 that he is quickly losing his emotions, except for his attachment to Yu.

Defending and guiding Yu

When assailed, Mika focuses on warning Yu to keep away from dangers. While he does not trust them, Mika still works with others. When chaos breaks out, Mika contemplates the matter carefully and thinks ahead on what possible dangers could be. Sensible in a fight, where before Mika would not allow Guren the chance to renew himself, he now also makes use of feints to not allow himself be compromised. Appearing to agree he had no choice but to trust Guren, Mika then made use of a surprise attack when he was at a disadvantage. With chaos breaking out, Mika concentrated on finding Yu. Successfully doing so, he observed the scenario while considering the best way to act. While nervous at whether they could escape, Mika would endure attacks meant for Yu and ultimately sacrifice himself to keep Yu safe.


Excited to have his memories back, Mika set about gathering information on dangers. Accessing at once a training experience from Yu's memory involving Guren, he was willing to learn what he meant to him. While he spoke to Yu about thanking Guren for saving him, which may be how he feels, to himself Mika is still skeptical about whether Guren can be trusted, suspecting an ulterior motive. Also making use of his abilities, Mika intends to search Yu's memories with him so they can learn more of his past.


For the total coverage story detailing Mika's history as well see:

Story: Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela Hyakuya is at an orphanage to see Yūichirō Hyakuya arrive. Despite his hostility, Mika welcomes Yu to the family. After an apocalyptic event where the world's adult population perishes, Mika along with other surviving children are taken to an underground city by vampires. Four years later, to help care for the orphanage family members he lives with, Mika has come to provide his blood to a vampire noble Ferid Bathory. With Yu wanting to leave their captivity, Mika acquires a map with an exit from the city as well as a gun, then informs Yu and Akane Hyakuya of their plan to escape. Successfully leading the orphanage family to the exit, Mika sees Ferid waiting. The act of deception results in Mika witnessing the orphans being murdered. With himself and Yu remaining, Mika reminds him they are family before taking the gun to distract Ferid and give Yu a chance to escape. Mortally wounded, Mika orders Yu to escape to not let their deaths be in vain. With the arrival of the queen of the city, Krul Tepes, Mika would be turned into a vampire, and also see that Ferid had survived.

For the next four years Mika would remain with the vampires and be sent to deal with organizations abroad who were experimenting on the seraph of the end. Hearing details of how humans were responsible for what befall the world, Mika would work towards retrieving Yu from them. Plagued with guilt having blamed himself for what happened to his family, Mika lived to save Yu. During this time he was against drinking human blood so sustained himself off of Krul's. Along with Lacus Welt and René Simm he would defeat Four Horseman that were threatening the surviving humans being gathered since vampires required a blood supply.

With the Japanese Imperial Demon Army's forces massing and Krul's response to have them exterminated, Mika headed to the city of Shinjuku. There he would come into conflict with leading members of the Moon Demon Company. Besting Guren Ichinose in battle, Mika would be stabbed by one of his reinforcements, which was Yu. Managing to acquire him from the retreating human soldiers, Mika would implore Yu to leave everything behind and escape with him. His warnings that the humans were using him were not heeded and Mika would find his concerns of human experimentation confirmed at witnessing Yu transform into a savage one winged monstrosity. Mika would prevent Yu from killing humans in his state such as Shinoa Hīragi.

With the arrival of the main force of the human army led by Kureto Hīragi and Shinya Hīragi, he would be unable to get Yu, and be taken by Ferid as the vampire invaders fled. Recovering from his wounds, Mika would remember Yu's reaction to his state of being a vampire. Brought to a progenitor council meeting, Mika would learn that Krul was meant to murder the Hyakuya orphans for their connection with the seraph of the end project. Physically aching from a lack of human blood, Mika would hear that soon he would have to drink from a human. Receiving private information from Krul that only Mika heard, he would be tasked with an undercover mission where failure would make him a traitor to both humans and vampires.

Travelling to Nagoya via aircraft, on the way Mika would see humans being rounded up and enter a brief state of uncontrollable blood lust. Finding that vampire nobles in Nagoya where being targeted for assassination by human forces, Mika would learn where Yu was headed from Aiko Aihara. Separating himself from most of the other vampires he was with, Mika would make his way to city hall to find remnants of a battle. Waiting in the center of a highway, he would see the retreating members of the vampire noble exterminating operation coming his way. At the back of the combined forces Mika would locate Yu being transported unconscious. In response, Mika parried and hurtled his way through the squadrons, largely avoiding combat to successfully reach where Yu was. After knocking Mitsuba Sangū away then head-butting Shihō Kimizuki over, Mika would reclaim Yu. As he focused on Yoichi Saotome who was trying to stop him, Mika would be stabbed by Shinya. Struck by Yu's squad defending him, Mika was helped to escape with Yu. With his wounds not healing, despite Mika's reluctance, he would drink Yu's blood which completed his transformation to a full vampire. At Nagoya airport he would help Yu's squad with Makoto Narumi as well escape both Kureto slaughtering his own units to fuel a seraph experiment and the incoming vampire forces.

Three months later, Mika felt rescuing Krul from her imprisonment was the best path forward. Found by Ferid and Crowley Eusford and unable to defeat them, there was little choice but to comply with their plan to travel to Osaka Bay. Once Ferid and Krul were sentenced by foreign vampire nobles, including Urd Geales and Lest Karr. Along with Crowley and the squad, Mika reached Ferid's manor. There Mika would find his deceased orphanage family being kept. Aware that he was losing his emotions, Mika would still be hostile to Guren joining them. After the clash that freed just Ferid from Ky Luc he would find another seraph at Guren's residence. Informed that the demon Shikama Dōji was active, Mika travelled with the others to Shibuya where he contemplated the extent of this first vampire's influence. Believing those around him to be under his influence, Mika attempted to fight off Guren but was caught off guard with Shinya and Kureto joining in. With Shibuya besieged by the revealed Hyakuya Sect, Mika attempted to find Yu who had been kidnapped. Locating him, he and Yu would be attacked by a horned Guren with his demons, Mahiru Hīragi and Noya Hienma. With Yu at risk, Mika sacrificed himself to fend Guren off. After rising into the sky an explosion enveloped Mika.

Waking in a world where he was a child with Yu and his orphanage family, Mika would catch on that this was a dream but would want to live in it. One night he and the rest of the children are attacked by Asuramaru. Responding by stabbing Asuramaru with a knife, Mika would hear his deepest fear, and desire are the same, to be blamed for the deaths of his family. With his body controlled by Asuramaru he is made to murder his own family members. While Demon Mika, a horned child incarnation, is active, Mika's memories are not there. After Yu's heart is accessed, Mika is seen as a human appearing teenager, and comes into contact with a large single eye in the dark. Accessing a memory, Mika would see a past Yu that was created from an eye. Viewing this scenario, Mika was discerned by Sika Madu. To escape, Mika accepted Yu's offer to become his demon.

After the fight against Shikama Doji where Yu's desires were eaten, his memories were too where Mika could also recall what he felt and so regained his own memories.

Powers and Abilities

Natural abilities


Destroying foes

As a vampire, Mika has incredible strength and speed. Since he was turned by a third progenitor Krul Tepes, Mika is abnormally powerful for a vampire at such a young age. Even before he drinks human blood and completes his transformation into a true vampire bearing the progenitor's blood, Mika's strength is already great enough for other vampires to believe, correctly, that he was turned by a third progenitor. This can be enhanced to even greater extents by having his sword consume his blood. Combined, it can allow him to effortlessly slice apart a Horseman of the Apocalypse in multiple places. When Mika finally drank Yu's blood, he was able to complete his transformation and drastically increase his own power. In doing so, it also gave him immortality.

An accomplished fighter

His battling capabilities refined through practice, Mika can fight the strongest members of the Moon Demon Company. He was able to go up against one of the Moon Demon Company's most talented fighters, Guren Ichinose, where Mika could over-power and beat black demon series weapon users such as him. Mika can deal with multiple combatants as well. Able to withstand Norito Goshi's illusion ability, Mika could overcome it, and Guren's accomplices assaults. Continuing to move forward, Mika fought his way through around thirty Moon Demon Company soldiers so he can rescue Yu from the humans.

Sustaining himself

Being a vampire, his regenerative capabilities allow him to reattach his limbs, and survive injuries that would usually be fatal to regular humans if he should experience these. Not reacting to pain as much as would be expected, Mika's endurance allows him to sustain attacks, which he does to defend others in certain situations. In shielding Yu from Guren's strike, Mika could weather an amplified sword fuelled by two demons and sapped power from people, where such assaults before obliterated other vampires and generated explosive collateral damage in the vicinity. The only things that can hinder his regeneration are Cursed Gear weapons, such as the Black Demon Series. Consuming blood can overcome these drawbacks.


His sword

Mika is able to wield a first-class vampire sword and its abilities similar to them. The weapon itself is a double edged longsword with a golden cruciform hilt, and pommel, with a black grip in between that allows for it to be wielded two handedly. The sword's rain-guard features what resembles a four leafed motif, and extends to contain the blade itself. There are various designs seen on Mika's swords, so he likely has access to more than one where they share the same general design. When directing the weapon to drink his blood, it sprouts thorny vines that pierce through his hand, which spread all around him and additionally turn the blade crimson in color. As a result, Mika's strength and speed would then grow in proportion to the amount of his blood the sword drinks. At what may be the zenith of what the sword is capable of, the weapon could encase Mika in thorns, where the resulting emission slices its way across many buildings.


Viewing Memories

Feeling he could probably read Yu's mind, Mika mentions concentration is involved. In accessing memories, Mika describes it as not seeing into Yu's head rather he is eating his desires and they come along with it. To access memories, Mika can stare ahead with his eyes open and imagery will appear before him. Viewing a memory that Yu was thinking of, Mika could see his perspective, and his own as he was on the other side of a door in the memory. When not being shown a memory, and instead Mika is seeking one out, placing his hand over Yu factors into the process. Wondering how Yu met Guren, the memory of their first meeting appeared automatically and instantaneously for Mika without any need to sift through thoughts to search for a specific one, or come across it by chance. Able to stand in the memory he is accessing, Mika could speak to go further back to a memory occurring in a previous frame of time, and forward as well. He can check both Yu's memories, and his own and study close up details frozen in time such as Ferid's fearful appearing face, to gain a better understanding of events such as seeing his behaviour was an act in this case. While engrossed in viewing memories, Mika is unable to see events happening around him in the physical world, only able to focus one perspective at a time. This is to a lesser extent than a human interacting with a demon though. Where humans may be completely oblivious to stimuli, whether sounds or physical contact, Mika could hear his name being called before realizing he was being addressed and return his focus to where it was.

Desire Consumption

Stating that Yu's desires are his food, Mika now uses that for sustenance rather than drinking his blood. When Yu needs power he can give Mika desire which connects them. Since they are connected, Mika can see everything hence the transfer of memories that come along with the consumption of desire.

Physical Prowess

Able to materialize in the physical world, Mika can make contact with others. In terms of strength and speed he can engage third progenitor Krul Tepes briefly. He was fighting unprepared and not drawing upon Yu's desires, of which his fighting capabilites can be heavily enhanced by.


Relationships: Mikaela Hyakuya


Image gallery: Mikaela Hyakuya


Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 1

"Mr. Saitō! Mr. Saitō! Can I really buy whatever I like? What about the other kids at the orphanage? What do you think they’d want? Do you think the teachers at the orphanage would get mad if we brought back ice cream?"
—Mika to Saitō. (Chapter 5, page 89)

Book 5

"I want us to stay together, too. But you’re going to be part of a new family now."
—Mika to Junji. (Chapter 2)
"It’s because we’re family, that we all want what’s best for you. We’re rooting for you, Junji. Don’t cry, Junji. You’ve got to be brave now. Everything will be fine. And if you ever want to run away, you can always come back to us. Anytime."
—Mika to Junji. (Chapter 2)
"I wouldn’t be disappointed. I could never be disappointed in something someone from our family chose to do. But I know you’ll choose to go forward in life, Junji. Because you’re strong. I know that better than anyone else."
—Mika to Junji. (Chapter 2)
"Junji really likes picture books. Especially old fairytales with adventures in them, like Momotaro… He’s afraid of ghosts… but actually brave, so if you tell him to be strong like Momotaro he can sleep on his own… And he’s a real hard worker… Taking care of the younger kids without being asked… His parents abused him and abandoned him, but he’s so kind he doesn’t even hold a grudge against them. So… So if you’re going to save Junji and take him away from here, please treat him right. He likes studying, and he’s really smart. He should get a good education… He’s gone through enough already. I think he has the right to finally be happy."
—Mika to Miyuki Yamada (Mahiru Hīragi). (Chapter 2)

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

"Even amongst vampires, Lord Ferid has a noble pedigree. As long as I give him my blood, he'll buy me anything I want. Now, we can have good things to eat. In the end, the best way to live down here is to be smart. You've got to be clever to survive."
—Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu in the streets of Sanguinem. (Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy")
"Wow. That must've been awful. Do you want to hear how I came here? Both of my parents abused me. One day, they got sick of me and threw me out of a moving car. I was brought here."
—Eight-year-old Mika to Yu in the Hyakuya Orphanage. (Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy")
"Shh! Yu. Don't say another word. The kids believe everything you've said. Someday, we'll beat the vampires. We'll never give in to them. You've said that so many times, Yu... and to be honest, it gives me a little... hope..."
—Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu in Sanguinem. (Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy")
"I'm no wuss who just lets vampires suck his blood for free. Not the Great Mikaela."
—Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu in Sanguinem while pulling out Ferid's stolen gun. (Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy")
"Yu... don't forget. We're family."
—Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu before he makes a suicidal charge at Ferid. (Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy")
"I don't care about the glory. You can have it."
—Mika to René in Sannomiya, Kobe. (Chapter 5, "Vampire Mikaela")
"Yu, I'll come save you."
—Mika to himself in Sanguinem. (Chapter 5, "Vampire Mikaela")
"The only one I'm mad at is myself for not having the power to protect my family."
—Mika to Ferid in Shinjuku. (Chapter 11, "Queen's Contract")
"If my only other choice is being a vampire, then yes! I'd rather be dead!"
—Newly-turned 12-year-old Mika to Krul in Sanguinem. (Chapter 11, "Queen's Contract")
"What if one day just the Hyakuya Orphanage family got out? What if we found a world with no vampires in it at all? Wouldn't that be great?"
—Mika to Yu in Sanguinem. (Chapter 12 "A Very Safe Supplement")
"Why would you imply that I'm even remotely losing?"
—Mika to Ferid in Shinjuku when he is battling Guren (Chapter 12 "A Very Safe Supplement")
"More humans? What a pain in the—Y... Yu..?"
—His views towards humans in Shinjuku and seeing Yu again after four years (Chapter 12 "A Very Safe Supplement")
"Yu found friends. Of course he did. He's nice. But because he's too nice, they'll deceive him. Humans will use him. They're just pretending to be his friends... Humans are greedy, Yu."
—Mika's thoughts in Shinjuku. (Chapter 13 "Reunion of Childhood Friends")
"Yu, forget all of them and run away with me!"
—Mika to Yu in Shinjuku. (Chapter 13 "Reunion of Childhood Friends")
"I'm your only true friend! I won't try to deceive you! Those humans are only trying to use--"
—Mika to Yu in Shinjuku. (Chapter 13 "Reunion of Childhood Friends")
"I knew it! Those humans did do something to him!!"
—After Yu transforms in Shinjuku Mika has his suspicions confirmed. (Chapter 13 "Reunion of Childhood Friends")
—After enduring a sword from a transformed Yu meant for Shinoa Mika does not want him murdering humans. (Chapter 14 "Everyone's a Sinner")
"Shut up, Human. I didn't do this for you. How dare you use him like this!"
—Speaking to Shinoa in Shinjuku. (Chapter 14 "Everyone's a Sinner")
"Yes, I do hate humanity. But I hate vampires, too."
—Mika to Ferid in Shinjuku. (Chapter 14 "Everyone's a Sinner")
"You want to know... what I am? That's easy. All you have to do is look at me. I'm just an ugly blood-sucker."
—Replying to Lacus. (Chapter 15 "Complicated Connections")
"Just you wait, Yu. I promise... I'll save you."
—Mika to Krul. (Chapter 15 "Complicated Connections")
"Thirsty... So thirsty! I need blood. Somebody let me drink human blood! Damn it. Human... human blood... so thirsty... Damn it! Yu... it hurts!"
—Mika to himself. (Chapter 19 "Cause for Madness")
"The humans... No, the people who ran our orphanage were using me and Yu as guinea pigs in their experiments. That's what you told me. You said they were horrible experiments that would destroy the world, so you came in and saved us. Right? But according to the Council, you were supposed to kill us. So why let us live? It jeopardizes your position. What in the world do you want with us?"
—Wondering why Krul spared them (Chapter 22 "Taboo Krul")
"I'll save Yu from both humans and vampires."
—Mika to Krul. (Chapter 22 "Taboo Krul")
"Solitude. Horrible, crushing solitude. Blood. I want blood. That thought... that need... means I'm no longer human."
—Mika's thoughts. (Chapter 26, "Thirst Logic")
"I lied. I want blood. My whole body hurts because I crave it so badly. But I've held back this long.... Damn it! It's not working. Krul's blood isn't enough to stem the craving anymore."
—Thoughts on cravings for blood that cannot be satiated as they were before (Chapter 26, "Thirst Logic")
"I'm not a human anymore. But... even if I'm not... until I save Yu from those humans... At least, until then... I..."
—Considering his situation and plans (Chapter 26, "Thirst Logic")
"You had a poison pill in your mouth. What terrifying loyalty. An inclination vampires don't have. But you won't be dying for yours. I have questions for you."
—Mika to Aiko Aihara. (Chapter 30 "Sword of Justice")
"Shut up. Or the others will hear that you're still alive. Play dead. Speak in a whisper. Do that, and I'll let you escape."
—With other vampires around Mika improvises with Aihara (Chapter 30 "Sword of Justice")
"Friends? Yu has friends, but they aren't you humans."
—Correcting Aihara (Chapter 30 "Sword of Justice")
"All the other humans chose death. But you didn't. Instead, you played dead to save your own pathetic life. That's already a betrayal of our comrades. In the end, you just don't want to die, right? Filthy, shameless human. If you really want to live that bad, talk. Sell out your companions for real. Where are the rest of the humans who attacked this place?"
—Cuing Aihara to give false information to the other vampires (Chapter 30 "Sword of Justice")
"Don't think you can order me around, Human. If you want to die, do it yourself."
—Mika to Aihara. (Chapter 30 "Sword of Justice")
"Were you... trying to protect Yu? No. I don't think you were. You humans are just using him. There's no way any organization that forces its people to kill themselves can be on the side of justice. Haha... What am I talking about? Justice? That has no meaning in this world."
—Mika to himself. (Chapter 30 "Sword of Justice")
"Okay, humans. It's time you gave Yu back to me."
—Determined when the Moon Demon Company runs toward him in Nagoya (Chapter 34 "Asura's Power")
"Shut up, Human! Yu is mine! Give him back!!""
—Mika to Shinoa (Chapter 35, "Traitorous Allies")
"Hah. 'Family,' they say. That stuff... doesn't exist in this messed-up world..."
—Mika in response to Shinoa Squad's motto. (Chapter 35, "Traitorous Allies")
"Gotta run... Gotta get away... from humans... from vampires... Nngh! Dammit... Not enough... blood... I let those humans... cut me too much... C'mon, Yu... Wake up already. Please...! There's something I've got to tell you... while I'm still alive and sane..."
—Mika to an unconscious Yu. (Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika")
"I... I can't. I'm sorry, Yu... I... I... I don't want to become... a vampire... It hurts. And here I finally got Yu back... What the hell am I doing...?"
—Mika to an unconscious Yu. (Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika")
"Yu... stay back. I don't want to drink your blood."
—With Yu awake Mika focuses on not drinking blood that can save him (Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika")
"Don't be so cruel to me, Yu. Are you really telling me... that you want me to become a monster just to satisfy your ego? All these years, I've been holding back. Resisting. Even though I desperately wanted to drink, I swore I wouldn't let myself turn into a monster before I saw you again. I've tried so hard to resist for so long. Now, you come along and tell me to stop like it's nothing!!"
—Discussing becoming a complete vampire with Yu and how he has resisted. (Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika")
"I'm not joking, Yu. This isn't right. Surviving only because I drank the blood of my own family... That isn't normal. I'm a failure as a human."
—Speaking of his vampirism views to Yu. (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"Yu. I'm not like humans. I'll never use you."
—To Yu. (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"I will do whatever it takes to protect you. And to keep you out of the hands of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. They've used people like us for years, Yu. Used us in their experiments. I'm sure that Guren person didn't save you and take you in out of the goodness of his heart. We're part of the Seraph of the End Project—"
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"What I've been trying to tell you is that you're being used as a test subject in a certain experiment. A massive one. One so huge and so ambitious that all the human organizations in the whole world and even all the vampires want you."
—Aware of the organizations interested in the experimentation that affected Yu (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"All the adults in the world were killed. And the whole of human civilization all but collapsed because that experiment failed once."
—Aware of how the world was ruined and telling Yu (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"It's not our fault. We were just being used. We still are. It's the humans' fault. The Hyakuya Orphanage was just another one of their test sites... and we were their guinea pigs. That experiment failed. Humans screwed up and destroyed the world. But despite that, they haven't learned. Now they're reaching for even greater, more dangerous power. That failed experiment is being redone by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. It's called the Seraph of the End Project."
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"Still... You have to. You have to at least stay away from the Demon Army. If they get ahold of you... They'll just destroy the world again. Yu... Run away with me. Right now. Let's run away from it all and live in peace somewhere in the middle of nowhere."
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family")
"I was sent overseas a few times. It was our mission to destroy some human cult groups. All of them were experimenting on the 'Seraph of the End'. Do you have any idea what those experiments entailed? Yu? And the Demon Army is the worst of them all. Even all the other cult groups we crushed said they went beyond the pale."
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 39, "The Beginning of the Plan")
"Humans killing humans... I told you we shouldn't have come here, Yu."
—Commenting to Yu on the Demon Army murdering its own soldiers (Chapter 40, "Trumpet of the Apocalypse")
"Krul!! I want to save Yu! But... How can I do that?!""
—Turning to Krul (Chapter 41, "Arrogant Love")
"Family...? Hah! Don't make me laugh, Demon."
—Not entertaining what demon Yu is saying (Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins")
"You're the one who keeps insisting you'll turn me back into a human someday. Where do you get off letting yourself get turned into something inhuman too? You just had to go and protect those stupid humans, didn't you? Now you've done irrevocable harm to yourself!"
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins")
"Hey, Yu? Do you ever think that maybe this whole 'being friends' thing is just another part of their experiments? Shinoa and the others are decent, for humans. I understand that. But are you sure it's a smart idea to trust them?"
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins")
"The vampires don't really care about humanity in general. It's only specific humans like you that concern them... The kind of humans who will stop at nothing to acquire more power."
—Details on vampire concerns. (Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins")
"Yu? You can hear that? That isn't right. Not for a human. Do you think your demon's possession could still be advancing, even while you're awake now?"
—Picking up on Yu's enhanced senses (Chapter 44, "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline")
"Don't even think it, Yu. Remember how I told you I went to Ferid's mansion alone? And you got super upset at me for it? I still regret it, every single day. I tell myself if only I'd listened to you and hadn't gone, then maybe Akane and the others would still be—"
—Speaking to Yu and voicing his unease from what happened. (Chapter 44, "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline")
"You bastard. I will never forgive you for this. Ever!"
—To Ferid after he bites Yu (Chapter 46, "Return of the Hero")
"Don't bother asking him any questions. This is all just a game to him."
—Speaking to Kimizuki about Ferid (Chapter 47, "Prayer's Price")
"When humans dare to break a certain taboo and try to do what is forbidden, then an angel of destruction is supposed to appear. That's what the vampires say anyway. But humans are greedy. They'll break taboo without a second thought. That's why the vampires went around the world, crushing any organization that tinkered with that forbidden experiment."
—Mika. (Chapter 48, "The Making of an Angel")
"Are you serious about this? ...The whole rescuing Ferid thing. He is the one who killed Akane, remember? And all the other kids, too. He massacred our entire family like it was a game. Are you really going to forgive him for that?"
—His response when Yu wants to save Ferid from burning for the information he has (Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion")
"Say we did go through with the experiment and brought Akane back to life. What would the price be this time? Would the last remnants of humanity be wiped out? Would it take the lives of your new human companions? Shinoa. Mitsuba. Kimizuki. Yoichi. Narumi. Would they all die? Would you be able to live with that? This is a quicksand trap, Yu. It's sucking you in."
—Mika to Yu. (Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion")
"What I'm trying to tell you is what's dead shouldn't be brought back to life! I've seen what happens when humans try. I've see with my own eyes the results of Seraph of the End experiments. They're horrible. At the end of the day, all that humanity's bottomless, all-consuming, ugly greed ever births is despair."
—His views on resurrection said to Narumi. (Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion")
"I'm sorry. I'm not trying to take Yu and run, I promise. I'm just... uneasy. The thought of losing friends again... because I wasn't smart enough to see what was coming..."
—Being clear to Shinoa Squad on his intentions regarding Yu and sharing his unease. (Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion")
"Slowly... Little by little... My humanity is vanishing."
—Saying to the main group on how his feelings are fading. (Chapter 53, "Holy Knight's Secret")
"Now that he's played with our emotions, he'll plunge us into despair so he can amuse himself with our tears. Right?""
—Speaking to Crowley about Ferid (Chapter 55, "Coffins of Obsession")
"...Yu, this isn't right. How come everybody smiled to see him arrive? He's the one who destroyed the world. It's his fault that we have to live like this!"
—Dissonance regarding Guren's return said to to Yu (Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive")
"And give him the chance to use me? No. After everything he did to us, that you can still look at him and smile makes me think he had you brainwashed."
—Wary of Guren not just for Yu's sake but his own (Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive")
"They always think they have 'good reasons,' Yu. Hell, even serial killers convince themselves they have good reasons for murdering people!"
—Mika to Yu about Guren. (Chapter 63, "Proof of Being Human")
"They always think they have 'good reasons,' Yu. Hell, even serial killers convince themselves they have good reasons for murdering people!"
—Voicing his point of view (Chapter 63, "Proof of Being Human")
"With the world the way it is, is there even any point in trying to be nice anymore?"
—Wondering to Yu (Chapter 63, "Proof of Being Human")
"The first. Its hard to believe, but… … Somehow Yu has memories of the first."
—Thoughts concerning the link to the first vampire, Sika Madu (Chapter 77, "Rescue for the Devil", page 3)
"Incredible. He’s awoken so many times. I’ve never met him personally, but somehow I can tell that that is the source of the stupid curse that made me what I am now. It’s a monster."
—Aware of Shikama Dōji's awakenings and thinking his opinion. (Chapter 77, "Rescue for the Devil", page 4)
"This is the worst. The whole Hīragi family has been possessed by the first for centuries. Isn’t it possible that we’ve all been deliberately led here? And if the first has possessed this family, then wouldn’t everyone here be his puppet…? This is worse than I thought. I have to get Yu and get out of here!"
—Mika. (Chapter 77, "Rescue for the Devil", page 5)
"Uh, you do realize you just grew horns, right? Are you okay? You aren't going to go berserk on me, are you?"
—Concerned with Yu's transformation into a demon (Chapter 88, "Ashera Tepes", page 3)
"Sword. Drink my blood. Drink more. More! This isn't enough. If I'm going to kill him, I need more power.""
—Mika's resolve to kill Guren, Chapter 89, "Vampire's End", page 16
"Yu... I love you."
—Mika's feelings. (Chapter 90, "Because of Mikaela", page 34)
"Yeah. It was the scariest nightmare ever! Don't worry. If I have to, I'll make sure I wet your bed, not mine.""
—Joking with Yu as children where Mika mentions wetting Yu's bed from a nightmare he had (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 8)
"Wow... I can hardly believe this. I'm so unbelievably happy right now. Everyone's here. Yu is here."
—Mika's thoughts at seeing his orphanage family before him. (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 11-12)
"Hey, Yu. What happened to the director again?""
—Processing his happiness when eating with his family, Mika states this probing question to Yu for clarification on the scenario (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 14)
"Oh. Right. I thought so. It was too good to be true."
—Appearing confused at mentions of home and family before, after Yu's puzzled reaction to Mika asking what happened to the orphanage director Mika is able to tell for sure what the situation is. (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 15)
"Eventually we'll turn 30... and then 50... Then... well, okay. By the time we're a hundred we'll probably be dead, but still. If we can look back and say we had a full life being nice and considerate to everybody... Wouldn't that be, y'know... a really nice way to go? Don't you think?"
—Contemplating them being together and views on the life they could have. (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 20)
"You don't have to tell me that. I know that this is what I want the most. I know from the bottom of my heart."
—Mika's greatest desires in the moment with his family. (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 30)
"Yu... This is a dream. It's not real."
—Crying profusely, Mika says what he knows. (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 30)
"How?! Everyone died! I couldn't protect them! I even left you behind right when you were on the verge of becoming a demon! I failed! I was too weak! I was too useless! I couldn't save anyone!"
—His reply to Yu assuring him not to worry and that he can make the desire come true. (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 31)
"Yu...I'm tired."
—Mika about his own state (Chapter 93, "Desire Within Desire", page 32)
"Augh. They're finally asleep! Yeah. Now I'm beat."
—In the sleeping are with his family. (Chapter 98, "The King's Chambers", page 1)
"Yu, run! Get the kids outside!"
—Protecting and guiding Yu. (Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 2)
"W-wait. I did?! I killed them?! Th-they're dead, because of me?!"
—Hearing Asuramaru say he is responsible for his family's deaths. (Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 7)
"Nooo!! I don't wanna! Stop! I don't want to kill them! I don't! Someone... ...Please help... No... No! No no no! My body won't stop! Nooooooooo!! Help! Please! Help me! Yu!! Help!!"
—Trying stop himself and calling Yu for help (Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 11-13)
"Yes! I did! It's my fault! All my fault! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I always fall! I can never save anyone!"
—Blaming himself after an illusionary Yu's words (Chapter 101, "My Desire", page 33)
"What? Where I am? What is this place to Yu?"
—In a dark area after accessing Yu's heart. (Chapter 104, "The Same Dream", page 40)
"And what in the world... ...are you? It's weird. That eye seems... kind. To you... I'm not an enemy? Am I? So... What are you to Yu? Why are you this far inside him? I'm going to touch you, okay? I want to look inside. Ready?"
—Regarding the eyeball within Yu and meaning to interact with it. (Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 21-22)
"I can't move. Where am I? What is this room? I see dozens of that weird eyeball. Is that machine making them? Ah. It's Yu. He looks like a child."
—Viewing Yu's past from the perspective of a single eye in a fluid filled container. (Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 23)
"What?! That eyeball... ...grew into a whole new Yu?!"
—Witnessing a new Yu being created. (Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 27)
"Who are they? They seem strangely familiar. That guy standing in the middle... I know he's bad news."
—Mika sees demons Raimeiki, Byakkomaru, Kiseki-o, and Gekkouin around Sika Madu. (Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 36)
"Uh-oh! I have to wake up! Now! I need to get out of here!"
—Reacting to being seen by Sika Madu in Yu's memory. (Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 37)
"I... Nngh... I'll become... ...Yu's demon!"
—Becoming Yu's demon to escape Sika Madu. (Chapter 106, "I Am Your...", page 40)
"It's my fault this happened. If anyone can get out of here, I want it to be you."
—His feelings when telling Yu to escape Sanguinem, and the memory that caused demon Mika to become himself again. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 5)
"Ooh! Ooh ooh! Woooaahh!! It's like memories in stereo! I have both my memories and yours!"
—Reacting to his memories returning, describing what it is like to have two sets of memories, one from someone else, and sharing his own are back. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 5-6)
"Wow. I really do have both."
—Processing that he has Yu's memories he can access as a demon, and his own memories returned. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 7)
"All those years... Yu suffered, feeling alone and abandoned. His savior... ...Was Guren Ichinose. Aha. So that's what he is to Yu. Now that I've eaten Yu's memories, I get why he wants to trust him so much. But... ...Is trusting him wise?"
—Having viewed a memory of Yu training with Guren and realizing his significance, yet skeptical of whether he can be trusted. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 15-16)
"I peeked into your memories! That's totally unacceptable! If you had died, what would have been the point of me throwing away my life to save you?!"
—Answering Yu's question, and saying it was unacceptable that Yu wanted to die after he escaped Sanguinem. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 20)
"I guess I'll have to thank him for that much, at least. Thanks to him... ...The two of us found each other again."
—Telling Yu he is thankful to Guren, yet to himself Mika thinks "Guren did save you... ...But I bet he has an ulterior motive. He wouldn't do it purely out of the goodness of his heart." (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 21-22)
"And what's up with those angels? What were those monster blob things?"
—Thoughts on the three seraphs within Yu, and remembering the entities that demon Mika saw and called black suns. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 22)
"The answers... ...Are probably somewhere in Yu's memories. I guess sometime soon... ...The two of us are going to have to go digging through them."
—Feeling answers regarding the seraphs and black suns may be Yu's memories, and meaning for the both of them to check them. (Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces", page 23)
"This feels so strange. I'm out in the sun. I can look right at it."
—Where he was a vampire who experienced detrimental effects from the sun, as a demon Mika considers his new state of being. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 8)
"I've got my own memories... ...And some of your memories too. But they're all muddled together in this big mess inside my head. If I don't concentrate and single out a specific memory... ...It's hard for me to tell what's what."
—Explaining to Yu the challenges of getting his memories as a vampire back. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 10)
"Yu's friends saved him. Guren Ichinose helped too. I wonder. How did Yu meet Guren? Whatever plan this is, it's big. One that's been in the works for years. Even if I ask him, I doubt he'll tell me. I'll just have to investigate. Build a hypothesis off what I find... ...And try to stay one step ahead of them."
—Thoughts that led to Mika checking Yu's memory to ascertain Guren's plan, and contemplating its development then thinking to prepare for it. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 21-22)
"That day. That time. That place. Guren was waiting for Yu. But who let him know Yu was coming? Let's go a little farther back."
—Viewing the memory of Yu meeting Guren and picking up someone must have informed him. Speaking for him to go back allows Mika to instantly access a previously occurring memory. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 24)
"Guren. Ferid. Krul. They were in the same place at the same time, and for some reason got involved with me and Yu. But, why? Whose plan is this? Yours, Krul? Or someone else's? Have I missed something? Is there some other clue... ...Buried somewhere in my memories?"
—Piecing together what he notes, and asking the unresponsive memory of Krul if she is involved, then considering it may be someone else. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 27)
"Ugh... This place is a nightmare. We're surrounded by too many crafty bastards. Will I be able to protect Yu?"
—Looking up to the ceiling of the exit hall of Sanguinem in a memory, with no definite answers on who is involved in a plan unfurling aorund him. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 30)
"Relax? Around you? Not happening. All the shadow players are coming together. I have to be there to protect Yu."
—Not trusting Guren, and noting that he, Krul, Ferid, and Mahiru are with them while remaining unwaveringly dedicated to defending Yu. (Chapter 110 "Expose the Past to the Sun", page 36-37)


  • The name Mikaela means "Gift from God" or "God-like" in Latin.
  • Mikaela's surname Hyakuya means "hundred" (百) (hyaku) and "night" (夜) (ya).
    • His birth surname Shindō means "advance, make progress" (進) (shin) and "wisteria" (藤) ().
  • Mika calls Yūichirō Hyakuya by the nickname "Yu-chan" (優ちゃん Yū-chan?) in Japanese.
  • Mika is considered a member of Shinoa's Squad after helping them escape from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and the vampires.
  • Mika's father was Russian while his mother was Japanese.
  • According to track 4 of a drama CD, Mika never once complained about getting his blood taken in Sanguinem and always smiled for his family.

Mika's vampire ear reveal for Vol. 12's release

  • In a special art board done by Yamato Yamamoto, the illustrator of Seraph of the End, made in celebration for volume 12's release where Mika is revealed to have ears like all other vampires.[9]
  • Mika is one of the first characters designed, along with Yūichirō and Guren.
  • In the first popularity poll, Mika earned 1st place at 5,623 points.[10] In the 2019 popularity poll, Mika ranked 2nd place with 6,397 votes.[11]
  • According to the TV Anime 108 Fanbook:[12]
    • Weapon: First Class Armament
    • Interests: What Yu is doing now/Why Ferid is always smiling.
    • Favorite Food: Whilst it was curry, as a vampire it is limited to an overwhelming thirst for blood with that being all he can consume. He enjoys Yu's blood especially.