"Were you... trying to protect Yu? No. I don't think you were. You humans are just using him. There's no way any organization that forces its people to kill themselves can be on the side of justice. Haha... What am I talking about? Justice? That has no meaning in this world."
—Mikaela to himself[src]

Mikaela Hyakuya (百夜 ミカエラ Hyakuya Mikaera?), birth name Mikaela Shindō (進藤 ミカエラ Shindō Mikaera?), is the deuteragonist of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series. Third Progenitor Krul Tepes turns him into a vampire against his will. He, along with Yūichirō Hyakuya and a few others, possesses the seraph gene, which is relevant to the forbidden taboo and a focal point of the story Seraph of the End.

Later, he was being revealed to be a special vampire race whom he was named, Michaela, by the mouth of his bitter foe and fellow Michaela, Ferid Bathory.

He also stars in Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Michaela novels and appears in the Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen light novel series.


Mikaela Hyakuya (Anime)


As an 8-year-old human child prior to the Apocalypse, Mika appears wearing short jean shorts and a white hoodie over a collared shirt.[2] Sometimes, he is also shown wearing an over-sized jean jacket. He has short, wavy blond hair and blue eyes, which gives him the appearance of a foreigner, and is described as being shockingly beautiful.

As a twelve-year-old human livestock, Mika wears the standard livestock uniform that consists of the capri shorts, hooded shirt, and collar. He is barefoot like the other livestock.[3]

Anime: Livestock wear shoes in the anime.[4] As a vampire, his boots have less decoration and appear completely black.[5]


After becoming an incomplete vampire, he grows fangs and his ears become pointed, though they continue to be hidden by his hair, but his eyes remain blue. In chapter 36, his eyes turn red after drinking Yu's blood which is when he becomes a complete vampire. When he is 16, his hair reaches down to his shoulders.

He starts off wearing the standard uniform of the vampire soldiers. It consists of a black collared shirt with cuffs and white trim. He keeps it buttoned over his neck and held in place with the vampire insignia. Over the black shirt, he wears the white military jacket with black trim and decorated buttons. It also has the black piece of the vampires on the left shoulder and black cuffs with white buttons that nearly reach up to his elbows. He wears white gloves. He has a thick black belt encircling his waist, and he wears two smaller belts below it forming an X over his posterior and front. He also keeps his sword at his left hip. He wears white pants with black boots reaching up to his upper thighs. The boots have three large buttons at the upper lateral sides and three smaller buttons coming up from his ankles. The soles, toe, and heels of the boots are white. A decoration over the heels consists of a small ribbon coming from either side to make a V with a small white circular detail keeping them in place.

Mika often wears the standard vampire white cloak with a hood as well. The gold decoration on it has blue gems hanging from its chains.

In chapter 26, Mika, Lacus, and René wear new uniforms. This uniform consists of a long white shirt with black details and straps, including an inscription over the left breast. His shoulder and neck pieces have numerous straps tying them together, and a black collar holds them to his neck. A modified version of the gold decoration that kept his collar together over his black shirt in his previous uniform is now inverted and without a line through its middle, and it is at the base of his neck rather than over his collar. A white cape hangs down from the back of his shoulders to his upper thighs. The shirt also has black cuffs reaching from the wrist to the elbow. He continues to wear white gloves. He wears two belts that meet at his right hip, and he continues to have his sword on his left hip. His boots reach up to his thighs like before, but they are solid black without any white or button details. This outfit is more form-fitting than the previous one and does not have as many trims or button details. It also has fewer layers.

In chapter 55, Mika gets another uniform change, and its style looks very similar to Crowley Eusford's. He wears a black collared dress shirt with a thick white X and white trim on both sides of the collar, a metal hexagonal piece and four buttons in the center, and two pairs of two lines on each side. Worn over the black shirt is a white army jacket which looks similar to Crowley's, though its design is more like the vampire soldier's uniform. The jacket also has belt loops that a black belt. Also like Crowley, his cape hangs from the left side of his shoulder and covers down to Mika's knee. His white pants, matching gloves, and black thigh high boots remain the same.



Mika still has hope

Mika's tears escape when he talks to Yu.

As a human, Mika is kind and upbeat in spite of the harsh events in his childhood. He is able to keep smiling and be happy because of his adopted family at the orphanage.[6] He always thinks of his new family and is happy to buy ice cream for them. He is cheerful, feisty, and friendly and even managed to befriend the extremely stubborn Yu. He is a little violent and beats up Yu within seconds of meeting him when Yu thought he was picking a fight.[7] As the eldest child, he takes charge and acts responsible for the other children. He is very charismatic and acts as their leader.

As he grows up in Sanguinem, he becomes more cunning and willing to do whatever dirty work is necessary in order to help his family such as giving his own blood[8], but he refuses to let any of the other children take such hardships. He even approaches Ferid Bathory and lets him drink his blood on multiple occasions in order to help his family escape. Although he feels miserable and even breaks out crying in front of Yu once, he typically maintains a carefree and happy persona in front of the children. He wants to make sure they all still have hope. Yu describes Mika as "smart" but "always stupidly nice to all of us."[9]

Mika uses his courage, cunning, and wits to lead his family past vampire patrols and to an exit in the city. He is selfless enough to sacrifice himself to give them a chance to escape, only Yu is able to survive. When Yu refuses to leave his side, Mika pushes him away and is happy that Yu finally accepted them as his family. He states that he can die in peace as long as at least Yu survives. When Third Progenitor Krul Tepes offers to turn him into a vampire and give him immortality, he refuses.

Incomplete Vampire

Krul turns him anyway, and he comes to hate both vampires and humans. He hates vampires because of his history with them, and he hates humans for using and experimenting on Yu; backed up by his travels across the world and seeing the horrible human experimentation on the Seraph of the End. After gradually losing his respect for humans he comes to view them the same as any other vampire which also results in him underestimating them.

As a self-loathing and moody vampire, Mika is a pale shadow of his former self. He undergoes the traditional vampire loss-of-emotion and cannot help but yearn to bite any human he sees, but he shows tremendous self-restraint. Unlike the older vampires, his darker emotions have yet to fade enough for him to forget hatred.
Ugly bloodsucker
When Lacus asks him what he is, Mika answers that he is just an "ugly bloodsucker." He never smiles and always looks apathetic. Mika blames himself for the death of his family, and his sole reason for living is to save Yu. At the end of chapter 3, Ferid finds Mika in a basilica with his head bowed and implies that Mika goes there often. It is unclear if Mika is praying for Yu's safety, praying for control over his thirst, or seeking repentance for his perceived crimes.
Mika Pain

Mika in pain while resisting his thirst for blood.

Except when he is with Yu or Krul, his expression is typically cold and disinterested. He keeps to himself and only has real conversations with Krul and Ferid. Although Lacus repeatedly attempts to make conversations with him, Mika usually ignores him and refuses to interact with the other vampires as much as possible.

Ferid describes the vampire Mika as "overwhelmingly powerful and arrogant." Mika rushes into battle without any interest in glory, but he prefers to fight alone rather than have the other vampires backing him up. His arrogance and lack of concern for his own life have caused him to be extremely reckless on the battlefield, particularly when Yu is involved. Examples being chapter 12, when after meeting Yu, he does not defend himself and lets Yu stab him through the chest with Asuramaru, a Cursed Gear from the Black Demon Series; chapter 14, Mika uses his own body as a shield to protect Shinoa from a berserk Yu, knowing that Yu would be upset for hurting his friend, thus he is stabbed again with Asuramaru at full power that Mika required curse detoxification afterwards. In chapter 35, he dives into a company of human soldiers and receives many injuries with a fatal one being from Shinya Hīragi when he stabs him through the back with Byakkomaru.

Unlike other vampires, Mika does not view the humans as livestock; however, he lusts after a girl's blood in chapter 5, attacks a young girl in chapter 26, and wants Aiko Aihara's blood in chapter 30 after he kills her. Ferid also tempts him with the blood of a young boy in chapter 22. Although Krul is the only person he bites so far, he desires human blood so badly that he can hardly stand it.

Mika got cynical

Similarly to when he is human, the vampire Mikaela cares about his family more than anything, and believes this is the last remaining trace of his humanity. As Yu is the only family he has left, Mika lives to save and protect him from both the vampires and the humans. He cuts down his vampire "comrades" who may be a threat to Yu without any hesitation, and Ferid's taunts about Yu send him into a rage.

Out of concern for Yu's hatred of vampires, he refuses to drink human blood and become a true vampire, preferring to remain dependent on Krul's blood. Despite the tremendous pain, blood lust, palpitations, and sheer agony of resisting the urge to drink human blood, he keeps control for four years. After he attacks a young girl in chapter 26, he manages to stop himself before drinking her blood but remains horrified by his vampirism. He wants to avoid drinking human blood until he rescues Yu from the humans but does not reveal what he plans to do after rescuing Yu, whether he intends to become a true vampire or die. Later on, it appears he planned to die, but Yu insists on Mika surviving and drinking his blood instead.

Mika is loyal to Krul Tepes and trusts her enough to capture Yu; however, he initially refuses until she explains what those purposes are.

True Vampire

Mika's personality is similar to when he was an incomplete vampire, but he is no longer tormented by the constant lust for blood. He is finally able to quench his thirst, even though he still desires blood more than anything else. Even as a vampire, he is concerned about Yu and gradually towards Yu's friends; though given his experience seeing human experimentation, he cannot bring himself to trust Yu's friends, but he can tolerate them.

He bites but stops himself before Yu shows signs of anemia. He prefers to drink the bottled blood of the whole group rather than bite Yu, despite the pleasure of biting someone.

Since Yu adores Guren, Mika withholds pointing out that Ferid and Guren were working together when Ferid slaughtered their family until Yu realizes it for himself. He reveals in chapter 53 that he is quickly losing his emotions except for his attachment to Yu.


When Mikaela Shindō was a child, his parents abused him. Eventually, they "grew tired of him" and threw him from a moving vehicle.[10] Since he possessed the seraph gene, the Hyakuya orphanage picked him up afterward. He was one of the children that were being experimented on by the religious Hyakuya Sect to create a weapon of mass destruction, as part of the "Seraph of the End" plan in destroying the world.[11]

Story: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 1

In chapter 5, Mika appears with Saitō in a residential neighborhood late in the afternoon. He asks Saitō if he can really buy whatever he likes. He asks what the other kids at the orphanage would want and if their teachers would be mad if they brought back ice cream. Saitō says he does not see any problem. He gives Mika a 10,000-yen note and sends him over to the supermarket. A few minutes later, Mika returns and asks Saitō for help because he bought too much for him to carry on his own.

He asks Saitō who Guren is and he says that he doesn't know him and thought that Mika might know him but Mika says he doesn't. Saitō tells Mika to watch out because Guren might be some kind of pervert. Mika agrees as he says Guren looks pretty creepy.

Both he and Saitō leave and head back to the orphanage.

Book 2

Mika races Akane and the other orphans to the park. He recognizes Guren as the man Saitō describes as the neighborhood pervert. He runs up to Shinoa to see if she is alright, and she milks the situation by saying that Guren told her all sorts of dirty things and that he was probably trying to abduct her. Mika threatens to call the police, but Guren leaves.

Book 5

The Hyakuya consider him to have an exceedingly high-grade body for experimentation and refused to give him to Mahiru Hīragi. Their notes document him as acting as a leader of their orphans. Mahiru notices he had impressive charisma among them.

Mika sends Akane to investigate if Miyuki Yamada, who is actually Mahiru Hīragi, is a nice person since she is adopting Junji Haiyama, a four-year-old boy at their orphanage. Since Mahiru's face lights up while thinking about Guren, Akane decides she must be a nice person. After Mika calms Junji down, he instructs Mahiru about some of his behaviors, and Mahiru leaves with Junji.

Story: The Story of Vampire Michaela

Book 1

In the prologue, Mika recalls the night his parents death. His father is speeding while drunk driving on the highway. His mother opens the door of their minivan and tells Mika to jump out. He says he does not want to and asks his father for help, but he ignores him. He knows his alcoholic father will not help since he beats Mika every chance he gets and blames Mika for his wife's insanity. When his dad hit him, Mika would always tell him he loves him. Mika's mother began acting oddly after joining a religious organization and attending strange gatherings back when Mika was five years old. His father began drinking around the same time. Mika wonders if that religion is the cause of all of this.

At 120 km/h, his mother smiles at him and tells him to jump. She tells him he will be okay because he is a chosen child. He promises to be a good boy. Since she says he is a good boy, he promises to be even better and make both of his parents happy. He cries, and she grabs his arm. If he wants to make them happy, then he has to jump off. She tells him he carries the name Michaela. He begs her not to abandon him, but she pushes him from the car. Mika sustains many serious injuries and breaks both his right arm and left leg but remains conscious. He sees his drunk father collide the minivan into another car and topple over, triggering a pileup and a huge explosion.

Years later, Mika wonders what his mother meant when she said he was a chosen child with the special name of Michaela. He lives on as vampire livestock.

In chapter one, it is 2016. In Sanguinem, Mika donates his blood, cringing as the needle pierces his neck. He chats with Yu, who is sitting next to him. Mika thinks Yu is kind because he always maintains the children's hope about defeating vampires. Mika wonders how he can get a future for the other children. He recalls Ferid Bathory, who is a seventh progenitor and is rumored to have children frequently visit his residence. Unlike the other vampires, he is interested in humans and would even help them improve their livelihood.

Once they finish up and leave, Yu asks him what is wrong and says Mika is spacing out. Mika only says he feels tired after donating blood. Yu prattles on about killing vampires again before telling Mika to not carry everything on his own shoulders. Mika knows that one wrong move will get him killed, and he cannot risk Yu dying. If they both died, then who would take care of the younger children?

Mika tells him not to worry and asks what Yu's surname is, but Yu cannot remember. Yu asks Mika about his family since he does not look Japanese. Mika's mother was Japanese but his father was Russian. Mika says his last name was Shindo. Mika says all of the orphans use the surname Hyakuya because they are all family.

He thinks about the "special" name Mikaela and looked into it after his parents died. He knows it is a female variant of the name Michael but has no idea what his delusional mother was talking about all those years ago.

Mika sees Ferid's mansion and splits off from Yu. He says he is going to get food from Sakuma's group and that Yu cannot come because he started a fight last time. In actuality, this is a lie, and Mika intends to visit Ferid.

Later on in the intermission, Mika is at Ferid's mansion. He recalls that there is a rumor about children disappearing here. Regardless, he knocks on the mansion door. The inside is magnificent. A girl shows him in and says he is Lord Ferid's special favorite. There are many toys inside. There is a garden outside filled with many colorful flowers.

The girl addresses Lord Ferid, who then rises out of the flower bed with trails of blood dripping from his lips. A young boy also emerges. When he sees Mika, he covers his neck in shame. Ferid tells the boy he may now leave and can take anything he likes from the grounds. The boy thanks him graciously and runs off. The girl leaves as well.

Mika says he heard he could get benefits from Lord Ferid if he came, and Ferid says that is true as long as Ferid likes him. Mika thinks of the Hyakuya orphans. Mika asks what he should do to get Ferid to like him, and Ferid says he has already taken a shine to them. He praises Mika's blue eyes and golden hair. He asks Mika's name and then calls it a good one. Mika says he is not very fond of his name.

Ferid says that, in the past, his master called him "Michaela."

Ferid bites him, and Mika feels a humiliating immoral pleasure mixed with pain. He becomes weak and concerned he might die. Ferid stops, saying that he nearly drank too much. Mika falls to the ground and is unable to stand up. He struggles to breathe.

Mika decides he absolutely cannot bring Yu or the others here. Mika realizes he is crying.

Ferid tells him to eat in the dining room and then return. Mika wipes his tears and smiles.

Mika sees the abundance of food. Instead of eating there, he pictures the smiling faces of his family and takes fruit with him. Once he returns home, the children ask him while he is late. He decides that he will grin and bear it, no matter how horrible this place is. The children see the grapes and become very excited.

Mika reflects that he got involved in a journey that is over two thousand years old.

Story: Vampire Reign


Episode 1 - Screenshot 126

Mika and Yu's first meeting

When Yu arrived at the Hyakuya Orphanage, Mika wanted them to be friends, but Yu was uncooperative. Mika claimed he was the leader and picked a fight with Yu, but Mika easily defeated him. Afterwards, he told Yu that he used to be alone like him, but now he had a big family, and that from that day on, he had one too. Mika told Yu that they were not lonely because that day was the day their brother Yu joined them.

Shortly after, the director at the orphanage suddenly began to bleed from her nose and mouth, and she fell to the ground. The virus struck down the adult population of Tokyo while Third Progenitor Krul Tepes lead the invasion of their city. This was Christmas of 2012.

For the next four years, the orphans became livestock for the vampires and moved under Kyoto to the vampire capital Sanguinem. Mika sees and approaches Ferid Bathory, and offers his blood in exchange for food and money.[12] Although he used the money to buy ingredients to make curry for the other children, his real goal was to steal a map of the underground city from Ferid's mansion. He eventually succeeded, stealing both a map and a gun.

Using the map, Mika and Yu attempted to escape with the rest of the children from the orphanage and even reached the exit. However, Ferid anticipated their actions and awaited them at the exit. He gleefully informed them that the map was correct, and he would have a hard time following them above ground. When the younger children ran, Ferid cheerfully slaughtered them in front of Yu and Mika, claiming to enjoy the look of despair on their faces.

In order to buy Yu time to escape, Mika charged at Ferid with the gun. When Mika attempted to shoot him, the vampire punctured Mika's chest with his claws and then tore off Mika's right arm, which was holding the gun. Yu refused to run away and caught the gun, managing to shoot Ferid in the face. Although Yu incapacitated Ferid, Mika was fatally injured and could no longer escape. When Yu refused to leave Mika's side, Mika pushed him away until Yu finally fled to the exit. He felt relieved that at least Yu managed to escape and happy that Yu finally called him family. With those thoughts, Mika was prepared to die in peace.

Ep 4 Snapshot 23

Just then, vampire guards and Krul Tepes arrived shortly afterward. Krul claimed that Mika belonged to her. She interrogated Ferid, and his taunting responses led her to rip off his arm and crushing his throat on the floor with her heel. She spared his life, and he waved his arm at her, promising to return. Krul asked Mika if he would like her to grant him eternal life, but he refused the offer. Even though he expressed no desire to live, she bit her lip and forced her blood into his mouth through a kiss, ending his human life and turning him into a vampire against his will.

Second Shibuya High Arc

After becoming a vampire, Mika refuses to drink human blood, which will complete his transformation into a true vampire, granting him eternal

Episode 9 - Screenshot 130

youth and immense power. Resisting his thirst causes him tremendous pain, but he claims he would rather die than become a vampire. Krul warns him that a vampire who does not drink blood will turn into a senseless, raving demon. Since Mika refuses so adamantly, Krul slices her own wrist open to offer her own blood. After all, her blood is not human blood. As he drinks it, she claims he will never be able to leave her, and he will be her dog for all time.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 210

Mika another four years later

He reappears at the end of chapter 2 in 2020 as a vampire. Despite being a vampire, he continues to grow and age since he has yet to drink human blood. Ferid finds him in a chapel within the Vampire Third Capital of Sanguinem and notes that Mika comes here often. Mika points his sword at Ferid's neck, but Ferid is unconcerned. He tells Mika they found Yūichirō Hyakuya, who he says is being used by some very nasty humans are using him, just like they thought. Mika reappears in chapter 5. He arrives in Sannomiya, Kobe and kills a Horseman of the Apocalypse to save a human girl as she flees for her life. The humans cheer, relieved that vampires have come to protect them just like in Osaka. Lacus Welt complements Mika on his power, but René Simm scolds him for stealing the glory and kill for himself. René states Mika's greedy human roots show through as clear as day. Mika denies it, saying that he does not care about glory and says that René can have it. The vampires shrug. They announce they will protect the humans that they will protect them in exchange for their blood. In the meantime, the human girl presents her neck to Mika, offering him her blood. Mika blushes and swallows. Later, we learn he refuses the offer.

During a meeting of nobles in Sanguinem, Mika enters the grand hall. Noticing him, Krul smiles and Ferid waves. Krul and her speaker announce war against the Japanese Imperial Demon Army for the crimes of killing their compatriots, stealing their territory, and delving into forbidden magic. The humans are even experimenting with the "Seraph of the End." Mika says he will save Yu.

In chapter 7, Mika, Lacus, and René fly to Tokyo to invade Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Arc

In Shinjuku, Ferid commands the attack with Mika at his side. Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose spots them, and Ferid comments on it shortly afterward. He tells Mika not to worry about it and advises that Mika drink some human blood since battle is their only opportunity to drink it from the source, but Mika tells him to shut up and says it is none of his business. Ferid reminds Mika that vampire law dictates that they cannot directly bite and drink blood from humans in the city, but Mika points out Ferid had no regard for that law when he drank Mika's blood four years ago. Mika recalls when Ferid slaughtered his family for entertainment.

Ferid asks him if he is still angry about an incident so long ago, despite being a vampire now. Mika denies it, stating that he is only angry at himself for failing to protect his family, but he is clearly angry about the topic. Ferid comments that Mika is always so hard on himself, and he teases him about Yu. He once again tries to convince Mika to drink human blood, but Mika ignores him and walks away. After becoming thirsty while watching another vampire drink, Mika quenches his thirst by drinking Krul's blood from a test tube.
Episode 10 - Screenshot 229
Guren storms onto the battlefield and kills many vampires in a single attack. Ferid orders Mika to join him in killing Guren, but Mika claims he can handle Guren on his own.

At the Shinjuku 5th Street intersection, Guren and Mika clash. Although Guren complements Mika's strength, Mika responds by saying Guren is not very strong. Guren uses a fudo myo-o spell to cause an explosion. Mika dodges easily, but Ferid warns Mika his arrogance will be his downfall and offers his assistance once more. He points out that Guren never planned to fight Mika one-on-one. Shigure set a trap, but Mika manages to escape. With the help of Goshi's illusion, Guren attacks Mika from behind, claiming checkmate; however, Ferid steps between them and blocks the attack. He backhands Guren and sends him flying. Ferid warns Mika that humans are exceptionally determined greedy cowards and must be fought cautiously. He proposes fighting Guren together with Mika, but Mika promptly rejects the offer. Mika says he knows how the humans work now and commands his sword to drink more of his blood. Ferid comments on his arrogance and wonders if that is a lingering remnant of being human. Mika lets Guren talk for a few seconds with his team, and Guren decides to take a second potentially lethal pill. However, Mika attacks him before Guren can ingest the medication. When Guren asks if Mika has gotten faster than before, Mika claims he stopped holding back. Guren calls him a naive brat. Mika defeats Guren and stabs him through the chest.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 259

Enraged overseeing Guren get stabbed, Yu arrives. Mika recognizes him and turns around, but Yu pierces Mika through the chest with Asuramaru, calling him a bloodsucker and telling him to die. Then, he recognizes his not-quite-dead best friend and family member. Mika does not try to defend himself.

Guren grasps Mika's sword with a spell tag and urges Yu to activate his weapon and kill the vampire, but Yu freezes when he realizes who he just stabbed. Mika releases his sword and escapes. Guren hits Yu and asks him why he did not kill that vampire when he had the chance. While Yu reveals Mika's identity to his squad, Ferid chats with Mika.

Ferid says that Yu is obviously being used by those humans, and Mika claims he will save Yu. When Ferid mentions a human-like Yu could never be one of them and volunteers to turn Yu into a vampire, Mika grabs Ferid's collar and threatens to kill him. Ferid says he was just kidding, and he says he will keep the humans busy while Mika rescues his "beloved princess." Crying, Yu calls out Mika. Then, Thirteenth Progenitor Crowley Eusford arrives. Ferid changes his plan from killing Yu's human allies to turning them into livestock. The skirmish begins, and Ferid steps behind Yu and grabs his shoulder, causing Mika to amputate the responsible appendage. Of course, Ferid says he was just joking about tasting Yu.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 139

The "princess" or bridal carry, which plays off of Ferid's comment about Yu being a princess

Mika steps up to Yu and tells him to forget about the humans and run away with him. He then lifts Yu and carries him in his arms. Mika warns Yu that he is in a bad place and is being used by the humans, but Yu has no idea what he is talking about. Yu struggles and breaks free, jumping to the ground.

Yu says that Mika makes it sound as though he is no longer human and asks if it is his fault, which Mika immediately answers that it is not Yu's fault. Mika begs Yu to come with him, insisting that he is Yu's only true friend and the humans are only deceiving and using Yu. Yu looks back when Shinoa screams and sees his comrades defeated by the vampires. When he tries to help them, Mika grabs his wrists and says they have to go. Just then, the special supplement Shinoa gave Yu under Guren's orders takes effect, causing Yu to transform as his seraph component runs wild. Yu screams.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 288

Shielding Shinoa from a beserk Yu

Yu swings at Mika and Crowley before moving to kill Shinoa, his true target. Mika jumps in the way, and Yu stabs him through the back. Mika urges Yu against killing humans, and asks Shinoa how she could dare use Yu like that. The berserk Yu calls Mika a vampire, telling him to not interfere and saying that all humans must be killed. Guren orders Shinoa to embrace Yu to undo the transformation, so she jumps in after Yu flings Mika aside. Yu coughs blood, and Mika curses the humans, wondering what exactly they did to him.

Human reinforcements arrive, and Ferid orders Mika to retreat. He says Mika cannot save Yu right now and says they should go home. Mika refuses to leave Yu, so Ferid grabs Mika's neck and tells him that he should shut his mouth like a good boy. Ferid grabs Mika around the waist and carries him away.

Post-Shinjuku Arc

Later, Mika cries in his sleep during his curse detoxification. He wakes up surprised and mentions he has not cried since becoming a vampire. Lacus asks Mika about his condition and says that Mika sustained the worst injuries of the battle, but Mika ignores him. Lacus brings up the "Seraph of the end," stating he heard it troubles even the Progenitor Council. He asks Mika about that monster (i.e. Yu) and if his connection to that thing is why Krul favors Mika. Mika ignores him. Finally, Lacus asks what exactly Mika himself is, and Mika answers that he just an ugly bloodsucker. Krul summons Mika to the Royal Audience Chamber over the intercom. Lacus taunts Mika by calling him the queen's pet. In a meeting with Krul, Mika promises to save Yu.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 214

Yu and Mika promising to save each other

In chapter 19, as children play nearby, Mika sits on the streets of Sanguinem, sweating and gasping in pain as he fights his thirst for human blood. He says Yu's name and mutters that it hurts.

In chapter 22, Ferid pesters Mika about drinking human blood again. He says Mika ages because he has yet to drink human blood, but Mika is still just barely at the age Ferid finds most beautiful. He suggests Mika halts his growth at its best point and says it will make Mika feel better. He plucks a child named Dai off the street and punctures the surface of his neck with a thumbnail to make it bleed. He tempts Mika with the human blood; however, Mika resists his desire to drink and grabs Ferid's arm instead. He tells Ferid to let the boy go and states that drinking directly from a human is against vampire law. Ferid drops the child.

He asks Mika why he avoids drinking human blood so much. He asks if it is because Mika hopes to become a human again one day, but Mika tells him to get lost. Ferid then smiles and asks if Mika is afraid Yu would hate him for drinking human blood. Mika does not respond.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 179

Losing control of his thirst

Unable to resist his thirst any longer, Mika enters Krul's chambers. She is filling up a vial of blood for him when he attacks her, biting her neck and shattering the vial, spilling its contents on the floor at his feet. Mika gulps her blood down and Krul embraces him. When Mika comes to his senses, he pushes her away, apologizing for losing control. Krul accepts his apology and says any vampire would act that way when parched for blood. She says that vampires, unlike humans, desire blood alone. He then looks downward and sheepishly asks her for a greater stock of blood.

She teases him for being rough with her and orders him to report on the attack against the Shinjuku humans. Mika insists she owes him an explanation first.

During a recent Progenitor Council Meeting, the high-ranking progenitors summoned Ferid to report on the battle in Shinjuku. Although any progenitors ranked lower than sixth are normally barred from their meetings, Ferid was the highest-ranking vampire on the battlefield and acted as the commander. Ferid shows a video of Yu transforming. He alerts the progenitors to the fact that humans are weaponizing the "Seraph of the end" once again. Alarmed, a fourth progenitor comments that Krul should have destroyed that plan when she destroyed the Hyakuya Sect in Japan eight years ago. Krul claims she eliminated the entire Hyakuya Sect along with each of guinea pig in their orphans who bore the seraph gene. Third Progenitor Lest Karr picks a fight with Krul, saying she has mishandled her management of Japan. She says she does not fail and says she will deploy their full army to kill every human in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

One council member notices Mika behind Ferid and asks who that child is. Ferid states that Mika is his favorite servant as of late, and he cannot bear to let Mika leave his side. No one actually states Mika's name. One progenitor begins yelling at Ferid to scold him since Mika is certainly not permitted there and Ferid himself is permitted only because of special circumstances, but another silences the scolding and says that Ferid has always had flights of eccentricity. The meeting concludes. Krul slashes at Ferid for his misbehavior, asking him if he is trying to dethrone her. Ferid hides behind Mika and says she would be the first suspect if he dies. He has blackmail against her since he knows about her involvement with the seraph of the end, and he says these secrets may be sent to the Progenitor Council on his death. She glares at him, and he says her adorable face makes his heart flutter. Since he is responsible for Yu's escape, he says he would face even worse punishment if he is discovered. He then joyfully concludes he and Krul are actually partners in crime since they share the same secrets. He tells her to take his hand and submit to him but then states he is just kidding. He promises to be back later, pats Mika on the butt, and leaves.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 200

Mika being reminded of his place

In the present, Mika asks Krul what her objective is since letting him and Yu live jeopardizes her position. She tells him he does not need to know, but he becomes upset and concerned that she may be trying to use Yu for her own ends. Krul asks what he could possibly do to her and intertwines her fingers with his, squeezing his hand and making him crumple to the ground. She reminds him she can easily extinguish his puny life, and he is even dependent on her blood. She asks if he would rather die than be his tool. If he dies, then would Mika abandon Yu to those foul humans?

Episode 15 - Screenshot 207

She says human foulness is not limited to any locale or group and asks if he will abandon Yu to his fate. He says he cannot follow her anymore, but she calls him selfish and says he cannot defy her. She says she likes both Mika and Yu and tells Mika to trust her, and that she is his savior, surrogate parent, and owner.

Giving into his pleading, she whispers her plans for Yu in Mika's ear. Startled, he asks if she is serious. She gives him orders to get "lost" in the ensuing war, hiding from both humans and vampires, and to find Yu. Mika obeys.

Nagoya Arc

Episode 15 - Screenshot 227

Mika's new uniform

In chapter 23, Mika, René, and Lacus wear their new uniforms and discuss orders to deploy to Nagoya. Then in chapter 26, Lacus accidentally kills a human child in front of Mika. He says drinking blood feels so good he always forgets to stop before they die. He tries to convince Mika to drink since they can only drink from the source while outside, but Mika says he does not need any. Lacus comments on Mika's small appetite, but René says he is unconcerned as long as Mika does his job. Their current assignment is to herd livestock from the surface and present them to the nobles of Nagoya.

When Mika begins sweating and breathing more heavily from his thirst, Lacus asks him if he is not even going to take a sip. He warns them that nobles have different laws for their domains in Nagoya, and they may not be free to drink there. Mika lies and says he is not interested in human blood, but Lacus says that cannot be. When he asks what Mika is interested in, Mika walks away and attempts to parch his thirst with Krul's blood. His entire body hurts because he craves blood so badly, but he intends to keep holding back on his thirst since he has held back this long.
Episode 16 - Screenshot 296

Losing control of his thirst.

Unfortunately, Krul's blood is ineffective at stemming his craving. Mad with thirst, he attacks a young human girl and pins her to the ground. When Lacus comments that Mika is going to drink after all, Mika flinches. One of the vampires tells him to be quick about it, but Mika just lets the girl go. She runs to her brother, and the siblings stare back at Mika with fear. Mika says he does not need any blood, and the chopper takes off with the humans. As the three vampires head toward Nagoya, Mika plans to resist human blood at least until he saves Yu from those humans.

Upon reaching Nagoya in chapter 29, Mika, René, and Lacus encounter Moon Demon Company Sergeant Aiko Aihara, who attacks them with her manifested bow and arrows and shoots down one chopper. Mika tells her he has questions for her, but she orders her team to commit suicide. Before she can swallow the poison herself, Mika sticks his fingers into her mouth and removes the pill. She says he can torture her all he wants, but she will tell him nothing. He tells her to shut up before the other vampires realize she is not dead, which confuses her. He tells her to play dead and speaks in a whisper. He asks her about Yu. When her expression changes, he realizes she knows something and demands she give him that information. When she speaks up, he covers her mouth. He tells her Yu has friends, but they are not those humans.

When Lacus and René talk to Mika, Mika reports that Aiko killed herself along with the other humans, surprising her.  Another vampire reports that all the vampires stationed underground were killed and claim that Nineteenth Progenitor Mel Stefano was murdered by a pack of humans in military garb. René suggests they head to Nagoya City Hall since that is where the closest noble's seat is.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 193

Alarmed, Aiko jumps to her feet and puts a knife to Mika's neck in an attempt to use him as a hostage. Lacus points out that human is still alive, and René instructs him to capture her. Aiko threatens Mika's life again, but Lacus says that neither he nor René care if Mika lives or dies. Mika asks her why she moved. Aiko whispers that Yūichirō is headed to Nagoya City Hall and says all of the humans will be killed if the vampires head over there. When Mika asks why she trusts him, she says he called Yu a nickname, so she is gambling that they have a close relationship. Mika grabs her wrist and crushes it, making her scream in pain, amusing Lacus.

Mika monologues at her about her being a filthy, shameless human who betrayed her own comrades to save her own life. Catching onto his plan, she begs for her life, and he kicks her several yards. She promises to talk and says that the JIDA sent a platoon of fifty to attack the Automobile Museum and assassinate Seventeenth Progenitor Zane Lindau. René says they will be questioned if they do not act on this information, so they decided to investigate the Automobile Museum.

Aiko asks Mika to kill her before they torture her for more information. Mika tells her to do it herself, but she says that would cast everything in doubt. As Mika leaves her behind, she jumps to her feat, manifesting her Cursed Gear bow. She screams that the vampires will kill her anyway, so she will take at least one of them with her. Mika calls her a fool before slicing through her chest and ending her life. With her last breath, she smiles and thanks him.

He takes five vampires with him to Nagoya City Hall while Lacus and René investigate the false lead. Mika and the vampires with him take a helicopter. When the other vampires notice humans are attacking Lord Crowley and intend to call for reinforcements, Mikaela kills them all before they have the chance to defend themselves. This is the first time Mika is shown killing anyone in this series aside from the horseman in chapter 2.
Episode 21 - Screenshot 239

Fighting the Moon Demon Company to reach Yu

At the end of chapter 34, he waits for the battered Moon Demon Company spots and run toward him. He says it is time those humans return Yu to him. The surviving soldiers charge at him. Mika notices four transport helicopters coming toward the area realizes he must move quickly before the Kyoto vampires join the battle.  Since he is facing over thirty humans, he commands his sword to drink more of his blood than usual. Mika swings his sword, but Rika Inoue and Tarō Kagiyama block his attack. Makoto Narumi attacks him from the side, but Mika blocks it.

Spotting Yu, Mika leaves them and jumps past Shūsaku Iwasaki and Yayoi Endō. Confused, Makoto comments that the vampire is making an unwise decision. Goshi says Mika is underestimating them, but Sayuri wonders if he has an objective other than attacking them.  Shigure says they have to kill it regardless. Goshi summons an illusion, but Mika dives through it anyway, surprising him. Mika dodges an attack from Sayuri, but Shigure gets him with three kunai into his right thigh. Mito then punches him before he can land and sends him to the ground in front of Shinoa Squad. Mika sees Yu on Shihō Kimizuki's back. Yoichi recognizes Mika from Shinjuku and informs the others. In the meantime, the soldiers surround and attack Mika. One stabs him in the back, but Mika ignores him leaving the humans are puzzled by his strange behavior.

Shinoa calls out to Mika to identify him, but he tells her to shut up and return Yu to him. Kimizuki says they should stop him before Mika kills them which Yoichi protests. When Mika lunges at Kimizuki, Mitsuba tries to block him, but Mika smacks her weapon away. Kimizuki drops Yu while trying to block Mika, telling Mika cannot have him. Mika soon throws him aside before finally getting to Yu.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 254

As Mika holds the unconscious Yu in his arms, Yoichi jumps on his back, and tells Mika he won't let him go anywhere. Mika tells him to quit getting in his way. Yoichi says Mika can kill him, but Mika is their family so long as he is Yu's family. Mika knocks him off as well, telling him to not be stupid and die. Shinya Hīragi uses the distraction to stab Mika in the back and through his chest. He tells Yoichi that he did excellent work and this battle is over. He tells Mika to die, alarming Mitsuba and Yoichi. Shinoa activates Shikama Dōji and knocks Shinya away from Mika, surprising both of them. With her back to Mika, she explains that Yu would be mad at them if Mika were to die. She orders Mika to take Yu and run.

The other soldiers demand to know what she thinks she is doing and say they must kill that bloodsucker. Kimizuki, Mitsuba, and Yoichi join Shinoa, stepping between Mika and the other humans as well. Yoichi restates their motto: "Family takes care of family." Mika comments that family does not exist in this messed-up world. He recalls playing with his own family on the streets of Sanguinem and pulls Yu close to him. Shinoa tells Mika to hurry up and then meet up with them at Nagoya Airport. Mika asks her why he would meet up with them, but she says she decided to trust him and that is that. Her squad charges at the Moon Demon Company while Mika flees with Yu.

While escaping, Mika holds the unconscious Yu in his arms and pleads for him to wake up. Mika takes him to a ruined convenience store. While waiting for Yu to awaken and suffering from his injuries, he attacks a human child but frees him when the child calls him a monster. Mika says he does not want to become a vampire, even when he finally got Yu back.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 150

Giving in to his thirst

When Yu wakes up and calls out to him, Mika mutters about human blood and attacks him. While he is screaming and in pain, Yu offers his blood to him. Mika jumps on Yu but stops before biting him. Yu apologizes for leaving Mika behind, and Mika returns to his senses.

Yu wants Mika to drink his blood, but Mika refuses to become a monster just for Yu's sake which leads to the two argue. Mika has something important he came to tell Yu, but Yu covers his ears and refuses to listen until Mika drinks his blood first. Yu cuts his wrist, and Mika complains. Yu says that drinking a little blood is not enough to turn Mika into a monster and says they are still family regardless of what Mika becomes. Mika begins crying.
Mika's Red Eyes - Part 2

Mika's eyes turning red after drinking Yu's blood

On Yu's third offer, Mika hugs him and bites into his neck, drinking his blood and becoming a true vampire. After drinking, Mika apologizes. Yu says it did not hurt much. Then, Yu notices Mika's eyes change color. Mika blames Yu for turning him into a monster, so Yu tells him to growl or something then. Mika says surviving by drinking blood from his own family is not normal, and he is a failure as a human. Yu says he is fine if he is not normal. He says Guren took him in and told him to live, even if his only reason was for revenge. Guren said Yu might find someone who would need him again, and he found Mika.

Yu says he does not care if Mika is a vampire now, and he will find a way to change Mika back if Mika ever gets sick of it. He tells Mika to never try to go off and die again. Mika states that he is the one who is supposed to save Yu and comments that Yu is stronger than he used to be. Mika laughs. Mika says Guren is probably just using Yu, but Yu says he does not care if either Guren or Mika want to use him. Mika sees this as too risky and says he will never use Yu. Yu points out that Mika just drank his blood. He says Mika may drink however much he needs in exchange for helping him rescue his new family.

Mika warns him against the Demon Army and draws his sword against Yu when Yu insists on finding his family. Yu states he wants to rescue his family, and Mika is obligated to help him. He says he would rather die than be unable to save his family. Mika reveals that the girl with the scythe saved them, and Mika agrees to save only those four.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 227

Driving to Nagoya

Yu volunteers to drive to meet with them, but Mika decides to drive instead. During the drive, Mika informs Yu about the Seraph of the End Project, the Hyakuya Orphanage, and how the Demon Army is now redoing the same experiment which caused the end of the world eight years ago. Mika invites Yu to run away with him, and Yu agrees to talk it over with the others since Mika is so set on them. He tells Mika that Mika can trust the others as much as he trusts Yu. Mika says he does not see that happening.

Mika and Yu continue to drive to Nagoya Airport, and Mika once again tries to talk Yu out of it. Mika states that the human named Shinoa is no friend of his. Yu retorts that they have already settled the matter, but Mika says he does not realize how terrible humans can be. Yu reminds Mika that Yu is human. Mika says he went overseas a few times to destroy human cults who were experimenting on the Seraph of the End. A flashback shows an emaciated Seraph child with wings for arms confined in fluid with an oxygen mask. It begs Mika to kill it, to "kill this ugly thing I've become."

In the present, Mika states that the Demon Army is the worst of them by far. Yu asks Mika what they should do as an alternative, and Mika they should get away from the Demon Army. Humans across the globe are after the Seraph of the End experiment, and experimental subjects like them would only cause trouble for Shinoa.

Yu agrees and wants to at least check on Shinoa and the others from afar. After that, he and Mika will take off. If Yu's friends are safe, then they can plan how to rescue Guren. Mika immediately turns the suggestion down but soon gives in when Yu begs. He says he may be able to do something if Guren is still alive. Overjoyed, Yu repeatedly asks Mika how until he annoys Mika enough for Mika to tell him to shut up. Mika says Yu has not changed since they were children. Mika says the vampire queen kept him as a pet of sorts, and they can ask her for help. When Yu asks if she can be trusted, Mika says she does not know but will at least listen to them. Yu asks Mika who she is to him, and Mika says she is the one who saved his life. On that note, Yu immediately says they can trust her.

Mika asks if Yu has any brain cells in his head at all, and Yu says it was only thanks to her that they could see each other again. They arrive at Nagoya Airport by Chapter 40. He and Yu step into the fray, surprising Shinoa Squad and Narumi. Mika points out that humans are killing humans and tells Yu they should not have come there, but Yu disagrees. Yu asks Shinoa for orders. She issues a retreat. The survivors all request to be backup for the rear guard, but Mika says he can block chains at that speed on his own. Yu chides Mika on teamwork. When Mika asks Yu if he expects him to trust humanity after seeing them sacrifice their own soldiers like that, Yu says that he is only telling Mika to trust him.

Mika, Yu, and Shiho Kimizuki block the chains coming out of one of the vans. An army of vampires arrive, cursing the insolent humans for their recent attack. The vampires and humans wage war.
Episode 24 - Screenshot 2

Mika intecepts Guren's attack on Yu

Guren walks onto the battlefield, sword in his hand. Yu is delighted, and the surviving Moon Demon Company members are shocked. Guren greets Yu and suddenly swings his sword at him. Mika intercepts it, surprising Yu. Guren tells Mika that he is in the way.

Kureto announces to Guren that it is time to begin. Guren raises up his sword, and chains wrap around his arm as the curse consumes him. Mika tells Yu to run and says Guren has betrayed them. Yu disagrees. Shinoa also tells them to run since Guren is not acting like himself.

After Guren wounds Yu, Mika carries him in his arms, and Krul is waiting for them. Although Yu is hurt, she says he will heal once he drinks her blood. She holds a hand out to Mika and says it is time they left. Mika glances back at the struggling Shinoa Squad and Narumi.

Yu tells Mika that Guren was crying, and they have to save him. Mika insists he is Yu's only family. Yu then violently awakens into his seraph form but now has two wings instead of only one. Krul says this is bad, and Mika asks how he can save Yu.

The experiment continues, and the demon Abaddon is successfully manifested. Yu then awakens in his seraph mode. He defeats the demon and later stabs himself through the chest with his cursed gear.

Krul orders for Mika to retrieve Yu and for them to escape together. She is then confronted by Crowley Eusford, who tries to attack her from behind, but she's able to fend him off with ease. In her arrogance however, Ferid appears from behind and comments that her pretty neck is open, then promptly bites into her shoulder. She mouths for Mika to flee. Reluctantly, he does. Human soldiers chase Shinoa Squad and order them to hand over Yu. Mika appears and kills them. He says he will help, so they need to hurry and run. Shinoa orders them to flee.

Three months later, the group is near the sea, and Mika watches over some kids with Makoto. He reports that he is going to check in on Yu. Mika walks into a building and asks Yu how he is feeling. Yu is shown in his demon form with his wrists chained to a wall in a barren room with only a bowl by his foot.

Post-Nagoya Arc

Still chained to the wall, Yu reacts to Mika’s presence and demands to be released. He insists that he’ll kill all of them.

He begs Mika to remove his chains, even offering to run away with Mika and his blood. When that fails, he yells at Mika and demands he remove the chains. Mika counts to 120 seconds, and Yu's horns disappear. He mutters about turning into a demon again and greets Mika. Mika states he became a demon for two minutes longer than the day before, which he has been doing since the battle at Nagoya. Mika frets and scolds Yu for becoming something inhuman and doing irrevocable harm to himself.

Mika watches yuu

Mika watches Yu in his demon form.

Shinoa states it has been exactly three hours since Yu transformed and greets them. She mentions it has been three days since Mika drank any blood, but Mika tells her he never asked her to be his keeper. Yu offers his blood, but Shinoa says Yu is too weak and has a bottle containing blood from everyone for Mika to drink instead.

Shinoa examines the chains and says the wards for sealing the demon are beginning to crack, so she and Mitsuba will have to repair them again. Mika accuses her of pretending to be Yu's friend and points out that everything that has happened to Yu has been due to an experiment. Yu says that Shinoa did not get directly involved, but Mika says he cannot trust any of them. Mika asks what Guren did to Yu.

Shinoa tells them they are not themselves when they are hungry and suggests they get breakfast. She holds the bottle of blood out to Mika, but he knocks it out of her hand. Mika appears frustrated, and Yu scolds him. Mika says he is not Shinoa's pet, but Yu says that blood belongs to their friends.

A human rushes in and addresses Sergeant Shinoa, asking for her help. The Horsemen are attacking their village. With the exception of Makoto, their group fights four Horsemen. Afterwards, Makoto arrives with food he found in a supermarket two kilometers southwest.

Mika watches the villagers eat, and Yu joins him. He returns the bottle of blood to Mika, saying that Mika does not have to drink that blood and can drink his instead, but Mika says he will drink it. He says the thirst is getting worse and is worried he might drink too much of Yu's blood. Yu asks if he is okay with something besides his blood, and Mika says that at least it was not poisoned. Mika asks if this whole "being friends" thing is part of the experiments. He says they are decent for humans but wonders if it is smart to trust them.

Mika drinks Shinoa Squad's blood

Mika drinks Shinoa Squad's blood.

Shinoa brings up their future plans. Mitsuba summarizes what has been going on. She says that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army will probably hunt them down and kill them, which puts the villagers at risk. They mention they cannot travel overseas because of how acidic and poisonous the blood-red oceans are. Monsters even worse than Horsemen swim in their depths.

They suggest surrendering, and Mika rejects the idea of returning Yu to the army to prevent him from becoming a demon. Makoto tells him to keep his fangy mouth shut unless he has any other options.

Yu suggests meeting up with Guren, but Shinoa vetoes that idea and says they cannot trust him. Makoto tells Mika this is the circle of discussion they are stuck in and asks if he has anything to offer. Mika asks if he owes them a favor because they gave him blood, but Shinoa says no. She says that blood was for helping a friend but says she would love to hear any suggestions if he has them.

Mika says the vampire queen, his sponsor, participated in the Seraph of the End experiments. They may be able to trust her. He says she was captured and he does not know what happened to her, but rescuing her might be their least complicated option. Makoto asks if vampires are less dangerous than the Demon Army, and Mika says yes. Vampires actually care little about humans and are only concerned by power-hungry humans.

In chapter 44, with the squad's agreement to rescue Krul Tepes before Yu becomes a full demon, Yu asks about the best way to rescue to vampire queen, which Mika says Krul was captured by Ferid. Yu recalls that Ferid is the one who split the two of them up and killed the rest of their family. Yu brings up shooting Ferid in the head four years ago, but he then realizes that a gun would not kill a vampire. He mentions that Ferid is probably still alive, but Mika points out that Yu saw him back in Shinjuku. Mika asks if Yu really did not notice Ferid at all, but Yu says he was so overwhelmed to find out that Mika was still alive that he was too busy looking at Mika to see anything else.

Yu then says he hears a strange sound, to which Mika says it is a car engine, so Yoichi runs to investigate.

Mika says that a human like Yu should not be able to hear that. Mika asks if the demon's possession is advancing even while Yu is awake. Yu answers that it probably is and says his senses are sharper and that he feels a little stronger. Mika is concerned that Yu is really turning into a demon, but Yu blows it off and says that he can protect everyone better if he is stronger. Mika asks what the point is if Yu loses his humanity, but Yu says Mika can hear the sound, too. Since Mika is not human, Yu says this makes them the same.

Upon Yoichi identifying Crowley and a smaller, silver-haired man, Mika assumes the silver-haired man to be Ferid. He says they captured the vampire queen. When Shinoa asks why are they coming there, Mika says he does not know but advises their group to have nothing to do with Ferid and company.

As everyone runs from the village, Yu asks Mika about Ferid's strength, and Mika says he is probably the second most powerful vampire in Japan. Mika realizes Yu is thinking of something dangerous and advises him against it. He mentions going to Ferid's mansion when they were younger and says he still regrets it every day, but Yu insists it was not Mika's fault.

One chapter later, Yu and Mika observe the fight between the squad and Crowley, and the two agree that they cannot win. Mika advises escaping before they get dragged into whatever Ferid is scheming because there is nothing they can do; however, Yu wants to fight fate, explaining that because they were caught up in someone else's plot, his friends and family have died every time he ran.

Mika brings up how his planned escape attempt from Sanguinem had gotten their family killed, but Yu insists that escape gave them a future, and this time, they will be working together to make it out alive. Mika soon agrees with Yu,

Yu tells Crowley he is surrendering. Ferid then appears behind Yu and Mika and nearly drives over them. He jeers that he heard they were being attacked by a dangerous vampire, so he came to their rescue. He says he will save them if they take a ride with him, but Crowley says they already finished that part and surrendered.

Ferid acts shocked and asks when Yu and Mika became so reasonable. Yu explains why they will cooperate, and Ferid asks if that means he will forget everything Ferid has done to them. When Yu agrees… Ferid pulls Akane’s head from his trunk and asks if Yu can say that to her face.

Mika restraining Demon Yu

Yu turns into a demon, screaming that he will kill Ferid and attacks him.. Yu never comes close to hitting Ferid, but he manages to slice his fancy foreign car in half. Mika grabs Yu and tells him to calm down. Yu tells Mika to let go before he kills him. He struggles against his demon, telling it to stop while he keeps muttering about killing. Yu continues to struggle against his demon, and Mika orders him to suppress it. Yu tells him to shut up and says he just needs more power. Ferid struts toward Yu and Mika, and Mika gets between them, telling him to stay away. Ferid pulls out a filled syringe and asks if Mika will give Yu that dangerous, unstable drug instead. Mika attacks him, and Crowley intervenes, keeping Mika away from Yu.

Ferid says he is cute and bites him on the neck, drinking his blood. He then stabs Yu in the back with the needle, suppressing the demon and putting Yu to sleep. Alarmed, Mika finally leaves Crowley to returns to Yu’s side. He tells Ferid he will never forgive him. Ferid mentions that he just saved Yu’s life as Yu’s blood trickles from his mouth. Mika says they are not going to be part of his plot, and Ferid asks if this is his plot.

Mika asks him what he is trying to do, why he is here, and why he has Akane’s head with him. Ferid says he says he wanted to show them how to return Akane to life. The name of the experiment: the Seraph of the End.

Mika holding Yu on the bus

Once on the bus, everyone is relieved when Yu wakes up and is okay. Mika tells him they are keeping Akane out of his sight. Shinoa says Ferid claims the Seraph of the End experiment was meant to revive the dead. Mika says to not trust him. Ferid says he has the bodies of the other orphans at his mansion, but he refuses to tell them where they are headed now.

In chapter 48, the group takes a bathroom break. In the boys' bathroom, Yu rants about Guren taunting them with information but never giving them answers. They tell Yu to quit shouting. They discuss their situation and the Seraph of the End.

They decide they must betray Ferid before he betrays them. Mika tells them they are not capable of killing him. Yu mentions that Asuramaru may be able to kill Ferid if Yu lets him take control for three seconds, but Kimizuki says demons are even worse than vampires. Shinoa mentions they cannot trust a single adult still alive.

They crouch together and whisper to come up with a signal of when to attack Ferid en masse.

Osaka Arc

Back on the bus, Ferid approaches Mika and advises him to get some sleep, but Mika states vampires do not sleep. Ferid teases him and asks if Krul Tepes is the one Mika wants revenge on since she turned him into a vampire, but Mika ignores it and asks where they are going. As Ferid appears to answer, Crowley slams on the breaks and sends Ferid flying through the windshield. The group then disembarks and realizes that they are at Osaka Bay with an army of foreign vampires.

In the following chapters, while the Shinoa Squad hides out on the bus, Mika remains outside to interact with some of the vampires, including Lacus and Rene, who tell Mika their plan to retake Sanguinem. When Ferid and Krul's punishments begin, Mika walks away while the other vampires continue to watch. He asks Yu what they should do now, and goes with Yu's plan to rescue Krul and Ferid.

Mika turning away from the burning

Crowley takes the Shinoa Squad to Ferid's mansion in Osaka. Mika asks if Yu is okay, and Yu admits to feeling queasy. Yu says this place looks similar to the one in Sanguinem. Recalling how Mika gave Ferid his blood when they were growing up in Sanguinem, Yu says he should have been the one to give Ferid blood instead of Mika. Mika asks if he would rather Mika be the half-demon instead. Yu says no, and Mika says the two of them are even by now.

Mika asks Yu if he is sure he wants to save Ferid and asks if he can forgive him. Yu says Ferid could bring Akane back to life, but Mika reminds him that Ferid cannot be trusted. He says that if Guren really brought his squad back to life, then the experiment results in the destruction of the world. Mika asks what the price would be if they brought Akane back this time. He advises Yu to not be greedy and want more than what he already has, or else Yu may become a demon like Guren Ichinose.

Narumi points out that Yu is already a demon because he felt guilty about Mika becoming a vampire. Yu tells him to not pick on Mika. Narumi says Mika is not arguing with Yu from an honest stance and says that the only thing on his mind is convincing Yu to escape with him. Mika says that escaping is sometimes the better part of valor and warns them about Ferid once again.

Mika says that the dead should not be brought back to life, and the experiments he has seen are horrible.

While Mika says that greed will only lead to despair, Narumi says it will lead to hope. He says this determination is what allowed humanity to grow as strong as it has. They end their spat with Mika telling Narumi to stop being stupid, Narumi telling Mika to not be blind, and Shinoa and Yoichi stepping up to them and telling them that topic is closed.

Mika apologizes and says he was just feeling uneasy. He cannot stand the thought of losing friends again because he was not smart enough to see what was coming.

Mika warns Narumi that he will be easy for Ferid to manipulate in this place in more ways than one, and Narumi says he will keep that in mind.

Mika attacking Fuola Honte

Moments later, vampire Tenth Progenitor Fuola Honte comes out of the mansion and attacks the squad upon sight. When fighting Fuola, Mika is questioned by the progenitor on why he is with the humans before cutting off Mika's lower arm. Yu goes in to help him and Mika warns him not to come close, but Yu is able to intercept Fuola's blow. Shinoa then uses Shikama Doji to pull him and Yu back while Mitsuba uses Tenjiryu to retrieve Mika's arm. Fuola then tells the Shinoa Squad that he has no time to fight them as he is running from a monster which turns out to be Crowley. They watch as Crowley overpowers the Tenth Progenitor and comment on his strength. Crowley challenges the teens to fight him and they lose easily.

Crowley reveals he is really a Seventh progenitor and hid his strength under the guise of a thirteenth. He claims Ferid used a second progenitor's blood to turn Crowley. Mika comments that that proves Ferid cannot be trusted but Yu says that they already agreed to rescue him. Shinoa Squad wonders how they will beat a Fifth if they cannot beat a Seventh.

Yu gets mad at Crowley for not telling him that he too used to be human and Shinoa Squad wonders how he can be so calm around another vampire. Mika says its because he is dumb and Kimizuki says they never thought of vampires as former humans. They all agree that vampires are raising human as livestock so humans naturally fear vampires. Narumi questions if predator and prey can really live together and Mika believes that Narumi dislikes him.

Narumi muses that there likely has not been a newborn vampire in a century, yet Mika is a rare newborn. Narumi cuts himself and questions how long Mika will see Yu as his family. He asks Mika if vampires like Ferid and Crowley still retain some humanity as Mika struggles against the urge to drink blood.

Narumi once again questions Mika's humanity and Mika says his humanity has been vanishing since he first drank Yu's blood. Mika says he can feel his emotions weakening, and because of this he does not trust Ferid or Crowley. Mika's anger towards Ferid for killing his family is also fading, yet his feelings for Yu have not changed at all. Narumi decides that means vampires can cling to a fragment of their humanity, and so alliances are possible.

Mika in his third new outfit

Third outfit

Shinoa Squad enters the mansion and Yu realizes it is time for Mika to drink blood but Mika stops him, and follows them to the kitchen to eat. While everyone is messing around, Mika asks Crowley how much time he has before his emotions completely fade. Cut to some time later when everyone is done eating, and Mika is seen in a new outfit sitting in front of a glass of blood.

Yu comes up to check on him and offers his blood in which Mika says he will drink later. Later, when Yu takes Akane's head to keep calm when entering the basement, Yu promise her that he will bring her back to life which Mika warns him that it's either impossible or will end up destroying the world and wants to keep Yu safe. Yu responds that he cares nothing about the world and is willing to destroy it to return Mika human, and bring back the rest of the children, Narumi's family, Mirai, and everyone.
Mika being there for Yu
Down in the basement, Yu tears up upon seeing Taichi's body, so Mika holds Yu's hand for comfort. Later on, everyone hears a noise outside the mansion, with Guren coming down the stairs some time later. Mika hangs back while most of the squad goes up to him. He along with everyone else listen to Guren's revelation that the Hīragis and the Demon Army are being used by someone else.

After listening to Guren's explanation, Mika decides to kill him as he sees Guren as a bad influence on Yu, while also acknowledging that Yu would hate him for it. Upon Guren calling out Mika's desire to kill him and Yu covering for him, Mika cuts Yu off with an apology to him before clashing swords with Guren. When Yu tires to get Mika to stop, the blonde asks why Yu is defending Guren, which Yu answers that he is family. This shocks Mika, and leads him to slash his sword down at Yu's side without touching him.

Before he could continue though, Yoichi asks if they could talk this out as he and Kimizuki stand by Guren's side with their weapons drawn. Mika asks why they are interfering, but upon Yu calling out to him, he ends his attack and demands to know why everyone is so happy to see Guren for all the deeds he has committed, even pointing out Yu sounding like he is brainwashed.

When Guren apologizes, Mika tells him to never come near Yu again, which causes Yu to yell at him. Upon hearing Makoto's conclusion that the catastrophe would likely have happened even if Guren hadn't resurrected his friends, Mika calls the conclusion semantics, and was against everyone wanting to know Guren's agenda.

When Guren reveals that he seeks to resurrect everyone that was killed by the virus eight years ago, Mika questions this plan, and learns that only those that have died by the apocalypse virus eight years ago would be revived. Hence, Akane and the Hyakuya orphans, who were killed four years ago by Ferid, could not be revived. Guren points to the spell tomes that can better explain this resurrection ceremony in response to the squad members points and questions relating to that qualifier, and tells everyone that they are going to have to trust him, but Mika still sees this plan as a con.

Getting on Yu 2

Even admitting that there is "some risk" still doesn't fly

Guren tells him he could leave, but when it turns out that Yu is needed for the plan and Yu agrees to help Guren, Mika tries to talk Yu out of doing this, as he fears being separated from him again, to no success and ends up agreeing to be there for Yu. Later on, Mika overhears Yu and Guren talk about the former getting stronger by becoming and controlling the seraph despite the risks it would have on Yu's heart and body. The blond makes himself known when Yu tries to keep this a secret from him, saying he sees no point for Yu doing this after knowing the risks. Mika learns from Guren Yu will be using medicaments for this training, and became annoyed at Guren's response about the side effects of the medicament that he asked Yu if he could rip Guren's head off. He follows the two outside in the courtyard and watches as Yu injects himself with the drug to begin his training to control the seraph.

Three days later, Mika listens to Guren's review of the plan to rescue Ferid and Krul from Ky Luc, where he will act as a decoy with the rest of the squads and Crowley so that Yu can kill the fifth progenitor as the seraph. The group was able to save Ferid in the end while Ky was able to get away with Krul, so Mika goes over to check on Yu followed by Shinoa squad.

Later on, Mika goes with everyone to Guren's home in Nagoya so that Yu can recover in the basement. Mika waits outside the container Yu is in, and Yu soon awakens after four days. Mika tells him that he collapsed and his heart stopped, but Guren saved him. Mika says that he still doesn't trust Guren due to everything he's done, and still shows disapproval of Yu turning into the seraph. The two walk through the basement that was used as the place for human experimentation, and Mika questions Yu on Guren still being a good guy for experimenting on their family.

Shibuya Arc

With Shinoa taken away to try and stop her from transforming into a vampire, Mika is nearby as Yu shares details on what he knows of Shikima Doji. Mika taps Yu from behind and advises him not to hand out information like that for free to Kureto. He tugs Yu’s clothing as Yu continues to openly divulge information with Shinoa’s safety at stake, to no avail. As Yu continues to spill that he and Asuramaru do not remember anything, Mika shouts his name as Yu offers himself up for examination if the memories can help save Shinoa.[13] Mika remains calm and does not outwardly react as Yu is taken by Kureto’s men being robbed of his freedom and declared their experiment. Taking a moment to consider his options he watches Yu being taken away and assesses his course: to abandon Shinoa and save Yu, or another option.[14]

Head bowed in thought, Mika trails behind Yu as he is escorted away. He contemplates that it is hard to believe but somehow Yu has memories of the first. He pauses to look to the side finding it incredible that the first has awoken so many times and even though he has not met him he can somehow tell that he is the source of the curse that made him into a vampire and concludes it’s a monster. Distracted further, he realises that Ferid may have just went down, bad since it means the first could fully awake. With that Mika reasons Shinoa Hiragi is a lost cause, worse that with the entire Hiragi family having been possessed by the first for centuries, Mika considers it possible that they have all been deliberately led here, and that everyone present may in fact be the first’s puppet. With what has happened and may happen it is more dire than even Mika thought and his consideration is to get Yu and get out of this place.[15]

His plans are disturbed as Mika is tapped on the shoulder by Guren’s sword. He makes the excuse that he is going to the bathroom, and that he won’t let another puppet of the first use Yu when Guren says he is not taking him. Mika does not believe that Guren is trying to help Yu, saying he knows exactly what type of man Guren is. Not replying to his question of where he could go, Mika thinks he has a point and is not sure that he can get Yu away from the first for good. He asks if he wants Guren to trust him and motions that he should before suddenly drawing his sword swinging it into Gurens. Mika does not care that he is alone, he evades Shinya who tries to ambush him from behind with his rifle before being floored and disarmed by Kureto’s extensive lightning attack. On the ground, Mika says it isn’t fair before hearing that without Yu, he has no allies and being alone makes him an easy picking.[16] He cannot join them when Guren offers, not believing they are not puppets. Mika listens to them arrange battle plans for the first before noticing Ferid. He and the others are told to run as Shinoa joins and attacks them all with many scythes.[17]

With Shibuya under attack by the Hyakuya Sect, Mika runs alone through the streets before looking up to see explosions and a whirling halo of scythes near the top of a building. Wondering what is going on, he then dismisses it as a concern deciding he has to find Yu first. He tells himself to concentrate, hone his senses and search for him.[18] Blinking, through some means Mika succeeds in finding Yu and leaps across apartment blocks towards him.[19]

Powers and Equipment

Natural Abilities

As a vampire, Mika has incredible strength and regenerative capabilities that allows him to reattach his limbs and survive injuries that would usually be fatal to normal humans if he should experience these. The only things that can stop his regeneration are Cursed Gear weapons, like the Black Demon Series.

After being turned into a vampire, Mika gains the vampires super strength and speed. He is also seen as a Noble Vampire who can wield First Class vampire swords that can consume his own blood to further enhance his strength and speed.

Since he was turned by a third progenitor Krul Tepes, Mika is abnormally powerful for a vampire at such a young age. Even before he drinks human blood and completes his transformation into a true noble vampire, Mika's strength is already great enough for other vampires to believe he was turned by a third progenitor. This is shown when Mika is able to withstand Norito Goshi's illusion ability, overcoming it and then continuing to move forward so he can go rescue Yu from the humans.
Mika ouch ouch ouch
When Mika finally drank Yu's blood, he was able to complete his transformation and drastically increase his own power. In doing so, it also gave him immortality.

Besides his vampire abilities, Mika is shown to be a skilled sword fighter as he was able to go up against one of the Moon Demon Company's most talented fighters, Guren Ichinose. Mika can over power and beat black demon series weapon users such as Guren and the accomplices beside him. Mika also fought through thirty MDC soldiers when trying to retrieve Yu.


As a true noble vampire, Mika is able to wield a first-class vampire sword and its abilities similar to them. When he orders the weapon to drink his blood, it sprouts thorny vines that pierce through his hand, while spreading all around and additionally, turning the blade crimson in color. As a result, Mika's strength and speed would then grow in proportion to the amount of his blood the sword drinks.

  • Anime: Mika can create a red wave of energy from his sword, and shoot it upfront towards his enemy. He is also capable of sending his opponents flying with a gust of wind that is created by swinging his sword, if they are within range.


  • He calls Yūichirō by the nickname "Yu-chan" (優ちゃん Yū-chan?) in Japanese.
  • Mikaela is a Latin name meaning "Gift from God" or "God-like."
  • Hyakuya「百夜」means "hundred nights."
  • Shindō「進藤」means "advance wisteria."
  • Mika is considered a member of Shinoa's Squad, even if temporarily.
  • Mika's father was Russian while his mother was Japanese.
  • According to track 4 of a drama CD, Mika never once complained about getting his blood taken in Sanguinem and always smiled for his family.
  • He is one of the first characters designed, along with Yūichirō and Guren.
  • Since Mika was originally human, he had blue eyes until drinking Yu's blood in chapter 36 and becomes a true vampire in chapter 37. This turned his eyes red.
  • In the popularity poll, Mika earned 1st place at 5,623 points.[20]
  • Since he was turned by Krul Tepes, Mika is also a vampire noble and thus ranked higher than common vampires, Rene Simm and Lacus Welt. However, the degree of influence is quite similar as Lacus and Rene have high battle prowess. After drinking Yūichirō's blood, Mikaela has now become a true vampire and it's unknown if his strength and power are stronger than the likes of nobles with the exception of progenitors.
Mika's vampire ear reveal, 2 September 2016

Mikaela's Vampire ears

  • As almost all progenitors use first-class vampire weapons, Mikaela is able to wield one himself despite being the rank of a noble below a progenitor.
  • According to the TV Anime 108 Fanbook:[21]
    • Weapon: First Class Armament
    • Interests: What Yu is doing now/Why Ferid is always smiling.
    • Favorite Food: Blood. An overwhelming thirst for blood, as it is all he can eat... or drink. He cannot eat curry anymore as he is no longer human.
  • In a special art board done by Yamato Yamamoto, the illustrator of Seraph of the End, made in celebration for Volume 12's upcoming release, Mika is revealed to have pointy ears like all other vampires.[22]

Quotes: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen

Book 1

  • "Mr. Saitō! Mr. Saitō! Can I really buy whatever I like? What about the other kids at the orphanage? What do you think they’d want? Do you think the teachers at the orphanage would get mad if we brought back ice cream?"— Mika to Saitō, Chapter 5, Page 89
  • "Of course. I’m not a baby. I’m already eight, you know!"— Mika to Saitō, Chapter 5, Page 91
  • "Mr. Saitō! H-Help! I think I bought too much. It’s too heavy for me to carry!"— Mika to Saitō, Chapter 5, Page 96

Book 2

  • "I’ll race you to the park! You too, Akane!"— Chapter 2, Page 219
  • "That guy over there with the nasty look in his eyes, I’ve seen him before. Mr. Saito said he’s the neighborhood pervert!"— About Guren, Chapter 2, Page 220

Book 5

  • "I want us to stay together, too. But you’re going to be part of a new family now."— To Junji, Chapter 2
  • "It’s because we’re family, that we all want what’s best for you. We’re rooting for you, Junji. Don’t cry, Junji. You’ve got to be brave now. Everything will be fine. And if you ever want to run away, you can always come back to us. Anytime."— To Junji, Chapter 2
  • "I wouldn’t be disappointed. I could never be disappointed in something someone from our family chose to do. But I know you’ll choose to go forward in life, Junji. Because you’re strong. I know that better than anyone else."— To Junji, Chapter 2
  • "Junji really likes picture books. Especially old fairytales with adventures in them, like Momotaro… He’s afraid of ghosts… but actually brave, so if you tell him to be strong like Momotaro he can sleep on his own… And he’s a real hard worker… Taking care of the younger kids without being asked… His parents abused him and abandoned him, but he’s so kind he doesn’t even hold a grudge against them. So… So if you’re going to save Junji and take him away from here, please treat him right. He likes studying, and he’s really smart. He should get a good education… He’s gone through enough already. I think he has the right to finally be happy."— To Miyuki Yamada (Mahiru Hiragi), Chapter 2

Quotes: Vampire Reign

  • "Even amongst vampires, Lord Ferid has a noble pedigree. As long as I give him my blood, he'll buy me anything I want. Now, we can have good things to eat. In the end, the best way to live down here is to be smart. You've got to be clever to survive."— Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu in the streets of Sanguinem, Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy"
  • "Wow. That must've been awful. Do you want to hear how I came here? Both of my parents abused me. One day, they got sick of me and threw me out of a moving car. I was brought here."— Eight-year-old Mika to Yu in the Hyakuya Orphanage, Chapter 1,"The World of Blood Legacy"
  • "Shh! Yu. Don't say another word. The kids believe everything you've said. Someday, we'll beat the vampires. We'll never give in to them. You've said that so many times, Yu... and to be honest, it gives me a little... hope..."— Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu in Sanguinem, Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy"
  • "I'm no wuss who just lets vampires suck his blood for free. Not the Great Mikaela."— Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu in Sanguinem while pulling out Ferid's stolen gun, Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy"
  • "Yu... don't forget. We're family."— Twelve-year-old Mika to Yu before he makes a suicidal charge at Ferid, Chapter 1, "The World of Blood Legacy"
  • "I don't care about the glory. You can have it."— Mika to René in Sannomiya, Kobe, Chapter 5, "Vampire Mikaela"
  • "Yu, I'll come save you."— Mika to himself in Sanguinem, Chapter 5, "Vampire Mikaela"
  • "Shut up."— Mika to Ferid, multiple chapters
  • "The only one I'm mad at is myself for not having the power to protect my family."— Mika to Ferid in Shinjuku, Chapter 11, "Queen's Contract"
  • "If my only other choice is being a vampire, then yes! I'd rather be dead!"— Newly-turned 12-year-old Mika to Krul in Sanguinem, Chapter 11, "Queen's Contract"
  • "What if one day just the Hyakuya Orphanage family got out? What if we found a world with no vampires in it at all? Wouldn't that be great?"— Mika to Yu in Sanguinem, Chapter 12, "A Very Safe Supplement"
  • "Why would you imply that I'm even remotely losing?"— Mika to Ferid in Shinjuku, Chapter 12, "A Very Safe Supplement"
  • "That 'little brat' is about to kill you."— Mika to Guren in Shinjuku, Chapter 12, "A Very Safe Supplement"
  • "More humans? What a pain in the—Y... Yu..?"— Mika right before Yu stabs him in Shinjuku, Chapter 12, "A Very Safe Supplement"
  • "Yu found friends. Of course he did. He's nice. But because he's too nice, they'll deceive him. Humans will use him. They're just pretending to be his friends... Humans are greedy, Yu."— Mika's thoughts in Shinjuku, Chapter 13, "Reunion of Childhood Friends"
  • "Yu, forget all of them and run away with me!"— Mika to Yu in Shinjuku, Chapter 13, "Reunion of Childhood Friends"
  • "I'm your only true friend! I won't try to deceive you! Those humans are only trying to use--"— Mika to Yu in Shinjuku, Chapter 13, "Reunion of Childhood Friends"
  • "I knew it! Those humans did do something to him!!"— Mika after Yu transforms in Shinjuku, Chapter 13, "Reunion of Childhood Friends"
  • "Yu, NO!! DON'T KILL HUMANS!"— Mika to transformed Yu when Yu tries to kill Shinoa in Shinjuku, Chapter 14, "Everyone's a Sinner"
  • "Shut up, Human. I didn't do this for you. How dare you use him like this!"— Mika to Shinoa in Shinjuku, Chapter 14, "Everyone's a Sinner"
  • "Yes, I do hate humanity. But I hate vampires, too."— Mika to Ferid in Shinjuku, Chapter 14, "Everyone's a Sinner"
  • "You want to know... what I am? That's easy. All you have to do is look at me. I'm just an ugly blood-sucker."— Mika to Lacus, Chapter 15, "Complicated Connections"
  • "Just you wait, Yu. I promise... I'll save you."— Mika to Krul, Chapter 15, "Complicated Connections"
  • "Thirsty... So thirsty! I need blood. Somebody let me drink human blood! Damn it. Human... human blood... so thirsty... Damn it! Yu... it hurts!"— Mika to himself, Chapter 19, "Cause for Madness"
  • "The humans... No, the people who ran our orphanage were using me and Yu as guinea pigs in their experiments. That's what you told me. You said they were horrible experiments that would destroy the world, so you came in and saved us. Right? But according to the Council, you were supposed to kill us. So why let us live? It jeopardizes your position. What in the world do you want with us?"— Mika to Krul, Chapter 22, "Taboo Krul"
  • "I'll save Yu from both humans and vampires."— Mika to Krul, Chapter 22, "Taboo Krul"
  • "Solitude. Horrible, crushing solitude. Blood. I want blood. That thought... that need... means I'm no longer human."— Mika's thoughts, Chapter 26, "Thirst Logic"
  • "I lied. I want blood. My whole body hurts because I crave it so badly. But I've held back this long.... Damn it! It's not working. Krul's blood isn't enough to stem the craving anymore."--Mika's thoughts, Chapter 26, "Thirst Logic"
  • "I'm not a human anymore. But... even if I'm not... until I save Yu from those humans... At least, until then... I..."— Mika's thoughts, Chapter 26, "Thirst Logic"
  • "You had a poison pill in your mouth. What terrifying loyalty. An inclination vampires don't have. But you won't be dying for yours. I have questions for you."— Mika to Aiko Aihara, Chapter 30, "Sword of Justice"
  • "Shut up. Or the others will hear that you're still alive. Play dead. Speak in a whisper. Do that, and I'll let you escape."— Mika to Aiko Aihara, Chapter 30, "Sword of Justice"
  • "Friends? Yu has friends, but they aren't you humans."— Mika to Aiko Aihara, Chapter 30, "Sword of Justice"
  • "All the other humans chose death. But you didn't. Instead, you played dead to save your own pathetic life. That's already a betrayal of our comrades. In the end, you just don't want to die, right? Filthy, shameless human. If you really want to live that bad, talk. Sell out your companions for real. Where are the rest of the humans who attacked this place?"— Mika cuing Aiko Aihara to give false information to the other vampires, Chapter 30, "Sword of Justice"
  • "Don't think you can order me around, Human. If you want to die, do it yourself."— Mika to Aiko Aihara, Chapter 30, "Sword of Justice"
  • "Were you... trying to protect Yu? No. I don't think you were. You humans are just using him. There's no way any organization that forces its people to kill themselves can be on the side of justice. Haha... What am I talking about? Justice? That has no meaning in this world."— Mika to himself, Chapter 30, "Sword of Justice"
  • "Okay, humans. It's time you gave Yu back to me."— Mika when the Moon Demon Company runs toward him in Nagoya, Chapter 34, "Asura's Power"
  • "Shut up, Human! Yu is mine! Give him back!!"— Mika to Shinoa, Chapter 35, "Traitorous Allies"
  • "Hah. 'Family,' they say. That stuff... doesn't exist in this messed-up world..."— Mika in response to Shinoa Squad's motto, Chapter 35, "Traitorous Allies"
  • "Gotta run... Gotta get away... from humans... from vampires... Nngh! Dammit... Not enough... blood... I let those humans... cut me too much... C'mon, Yu... Wake up already. Please...! There's something I've got to tell you... while I'm still alive and sane..."— Mika to an unconscious Yu, Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika"
  • "I... I can't. I'm sorry, Yu... I... I... I don't want to become... a vampire... It hurts. And here I finally got Yu back... What the hell am I doing...?"— Mika to an unconscious Yu, Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika"
  • "AAAAAAAAAGH!! It hurts!! It hurts so bad!! I can't take it anymore!! Give me your blood!!"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika"
  • "Yu... stay back. I don't want to drink your blood."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika"
  • "Yu... stop. You're making it difficult... to resist..."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika"
  • "Don't be so cruel to me, Yu. Are you really telling me... that you want me to become a monster just to satisfy your ego? All these years, I've been holding back. Resisting. Even though I desperately wanted to drink, I swore I wouldn't let myself turn into a monster before I saw you again. I've tried so hard to resist for so long. Now, you come along and tell me to stop like it's nothing!!"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 36, "Yu & Mika"
  • "I'm not joking, Yu. This isn't right. Surviving only because I drank the blood of my own family... That isn't normal. I'm a failure as a human."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "Yu. I'm not like humans. I'll never use you."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "I will do whatever it takes to protect you. And to keep you out of the hands of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. They've used people like us for years, Yu. Used us in their experiments. I'm sure that Guren person didn't save you and take you in out of the goodness of his heart. We're part of the Seraph of the End Project—"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "What I've been trying to tell you is that you're being used as a test subject in a certain experiment. A massive one. One so huge and so ambitious that all the human organizations in the whole world and even all the vampires want you."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "All the adults in the world were killed. And the whole of human civilization all but collapsed because that experiment failed once."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "It's not our fault. We were just being used. We still are. It's the humans' fault. The Hyakuya Orphanage was just another one of their test sites... and we were their guinea pigs. That experiment failed. Humans screwed up and destroyed the world. But despite that, they haven't learned. Now they're reaching for even greater, more dangerous power. That failed experiment is being redone by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. It's called the Seraph of the End Project."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "Still... You have to. You have to at least stay away from the Demon Army. If they get ahold of you... They'll just destroy the world again. Yu... Run away with me. Right now. Let's run away from it all and live in peace somewhere in the middle of nowhere."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 37, "Monsters & Family"
  • "This Shinoa human is no friend of mine."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 39, "The Beginning of the Plan"
  • "I was sent overseas a few times. It was our mission to destroy some human cult groups. All of them were experimenting on 'The Seraph of the End.' Do you have any idea what those experiments entailed? Yu? And the Demon Army is the worst of them all. Even all the other cult groups we crushed said they went beyond the pale."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 39, "The Beginning of the Plan"
  • "Gaaah! Shut up!! You are really getting annoying!! You haven't changed a bit since we were kids."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 39, "The Beginning of the Plan"
  • "Geez, Yu. Really? Do you have any brain cells rattling around in your head at all?"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 39, "The Beginning of the Plan"
  • "Humans killing humans... I told you we shouldn't have come here, Yu."— Mika to Yu, Chapter 40, "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"
  • "Krul!! I want to save Yu! But... How can I do that?!"— Mika to Krul, Chapter 41, "Arrogant Love"
  • "Yu... please..."— Mika to Yu, who is now a full demon and threatening to kill everyone, Chapter 42, "Sanguinem's End"
  • "Family...? Hah! Don't make me laugh, Demon."— Mika to Demon Yu, Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins"
  • "You're the one who keeps insisting you'll turn me back into a human someday. Where do you get off letting yourself get turned into something inhuman too? You just had to go and protect those stupid humans, didn't you? Now you've done irrevocable harm to yourself!"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins"
  • "So? I never asked you to be my keeper—"— Mika to Shinoa, Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins"
  • "The thirst is getting worse by the day. If I don't drink this... it'll eventually grow so bad that I might accidentally drink you dry."— Mika to Yu about the bottle of blood, Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins"
  • "Hey, Yu? Do you ever think that maybe this whole 'being friends' thing is just another part of their experiments? Shinoa and the others are decent, for humans. I understand that. But are you sure it's a smart idea to trust them?"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins"
  • "The vampires don't really care about humanity in general. It's only specific humans like you that concern them... The kind of humans who will stop at nothing to acquire more power."— Mika, Chapter 43, "Where It All Begins"
  • "Yu? You can hear that? That isn't right. Not for a human. Do you think your demon's possession could still be advancing, even while you're awake now?"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 44, "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline"
  • "Don't even think it, Yu. Remember how I told you I went to Ferid's mansion alone? And you got super upset at me for it? I still regret it, every single day. I tell myself if only I'd listened to you and hadn't gone, then maybe Akane and the others would still be—"— Mika to Yu, Chapter 44, "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline"
  • "Yu, there's nothing we can do. We need to run."— To Yu, Chapter 46, "Return of the Hero"
  • "Yu, listen to me! Did we or did we not just decide we'd do this together? Well?!"— To Yu, Chapter 46, "Return of the Hero"
  • "You stay away from him, Ferid Bathory! I won't let you have your way with him!!"— To Ferid while protecting Yu, Chapter 46, "Return of the Hero"
  • "You bastard. I will never forgive you for this. Ever!"— To Ferid after he bites Yu, Chapter 46, "Return of the Hero"
  • "We aren't going to be part of your plot!!"— To Ferid, Chapter 46, "Return of the Hero"
  • "You don't understand. Ferid is manipulating all of us into thinking what he wants us to think. We're already completely caught up in his little games.... Yes. And he's an eccentric too. He's the last person anybody wants to get involved with."— Mika to Shinoa Squad, Chapter 47, "Prayer's Price"
  • "Don't bother asking him any questions. This is all just a game to him."— Mika to Shiho about Ferid, Chapter 47, "Prayer's Price"
  • "Are you actually going to buy into that crap? Ferid finds your weakness and then gets to you. That's his M.O."— Mika to Yu about reviving the dead, Chapter 48, "The Making of an Angel"
  • "When humans dare to break a certain taboo and try to do what is forbidden, then an angel of destruction is supposed to appear. That's what the vampires say anyway. But humans are greedy. They'll break taboo without a second thought. That's why the vampires went around the world, crushing any organization that tinkered with that forbidden experiment."— Mika, Chapter 48, "The Making of an Angel"
  • "Oh? Then, you'd rather I be the one who's half-demon now?"— To Yu when he says he should have been the one to give blood to Ferid when they were children instead of Mika, Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion"
  • "Are you serious about this? ...The whole rescuing Ferid thing. He is the one who killed Akane, remember? And all the other kids, too. He massacred our entire family like it was a game. Are you really going to forgive him for that?"— To Yu, Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion"
  • "Say we did go through with the experiment and brought Akane back to life. What would the price be this time? Would the last remnants of humanity be wiped out? Would it take the lives of your new human companions? Shinoa. Mitsuba. Kimizuki. Yoichi. Narumi. Would they all die? Would you be able to live with that? This is a quicksand trap, Yu. It's sucking you in."— To Yu, Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion"
  • "There are times when running really is the better part of valor."— To Makoto Narumi, Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion"
  • "What I'm trying to tell you is what's dead shouldn't be brought back to life! I've seen what happens when humans try. I've see with my own eyes the results of Seraph of the End experiments. They're horrible. At the end of the day, all that humanity's bottomless, all-consuming, ugly greed ever births is despair."— To Narumi, Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion"
  • "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to take Yu and run, I promise. I'm just... uneasy. The thought of losing friends again... because I wasn't smart enough to see what was coming..."— To Shinoa Squad, Chapter 52, "Suspicious Mansion"
  • "Slowly... Little by little... My humanity is vanishing."— To the main group, Chapter 53, "Holy Knight's Secret"
  • "Now that he's played with our emotions, he'll plunge us into despair so he can amuse himself with our tears. Right?"— To Crowley about Ferid, Chapter 55, "Coffins of Obsession"
  • "It's a vicious cycle! You're falling straight into Ferid's trap! Yu... The one I want to save most is you."— To Yu, Chapter 55, "Coffins of Obsession"
  • "...Yu, this isn't right. How come everybody smiled to see him arrive? He's the one who destroyed the world. It's his fault that we have to live like this!"— Mika to Yu about Guren, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"
  • "And give him the chance to use me? No. After everything he did to us, that you can still look at him and smile makes me think he had you brainwashed."— Mika to Yu about Guren, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"
  • "Shut up. If you're aware of the atrocities you've perpetrated, then get lost. Leave and never come near Yu again."— Mika to Guren, Chapter 58, "A Reason to Survive"
  • "What the heck, Yu?! Why're you suddenly trying to keep secrets from me?"— To Yu, Chapter 59, "Who's Your Owner?"
  • "They always think they have 'good reasons,' Yu. Hell, even serial killers convince themselves they have good reasons for murdering people!"— To Yu about Guren, Chapter 63, "Proof of Being Human"
  • "With the world the way it is, is there even any point in trying to be nice anymore?"— Chapter 63, "Proof of Being Human"
  • “The first. Its hard to believe, but… … Somehow Yu has memories of the first.”— Chapter 77, "Rescue for the Devil", page 3
  • “Incredible. He’s awoken so many times. I’ve never met him personally, but somehow I can tell that that is the source of the stupid curse that made me what I am now. It’s a monster.”— Chapter 77, "Rescue for the Devil", page 4
  • “This is the worst. The whole Hiragi family has been possessed by the first for centuries. Isn’t it possible that we’ve all been deliberately led here? And if the first has possessed this family, then wouldn’t everyone here be his puppet…? This is worse than I thought. I have to get Yu and get out of here!”— Chapter 77, "Rescue for the Devil", page 5



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