Mikaela Hyakuya (百夜 ミカエラ Hyakuya Mikaera?) is the deuteragonist of Seraph of the End. Taken with Yūichirō Hyakuya and other members of his orphanage family to an underground vampire city, he would plan to escape since Yu did not like it there. At the exit Mika would witness his family murdered by the vampire, Ferid Bathory. Mika survived by being turned into a vampire by Krul Tepes against his will.

Four years later he lives for news of Yu and finding him again. Coming across him at the vampire invasion of Shinjuku he would have what the vampires told him confirmed that Yu had been experimented on and was being used by the humans. Unable to retrieve him, Mika was tasked by Krul to go undercover where if caught he would be traitor to both humans and vampires.

Mika would seek out Yu at Nagoya and fight through the Moon Demon Company to rescue him. Pained by blood loss, he would become a complete vampire by drinking Yu's blood and recover from his injuries. He assists Yu and his squad escape both the vampires and Japanese Imperial Demon Army who had completed their seraph of the end experiments.

Note: This is the page for Mika in the anime, for the article detailing Mika in other formats see: Mikaela Hyakuya.

Appearance Edit

Mikaela Hyakuya (Anime)


As an eight-year-old human child prior to the Apocalypse, Mika appears wearing short jean shorts and a white hoodie over a collared shirt. Sometimes, he is also shown wearing an over-sized jean jacket. He has short, wavy blond hair and blue eyes, which gives him the appearance of a foreigner in Japan.

As a twelve-year-old human living as livestock, Mika wears the standard livestock uniform that consists of the capri shorts, hooded shirt, and collar and shoes[4] 

Vampire Edit

After becoming an incomplete vampire, he grows fangs yet his eyes remain blue. These turn red after drinking a human's blood, Yu's at which point he becomes a complete vampire. When he is sixteen, his hair reaches down to his shoulders.

For clothing Mika begins wearing the standard uniform of the vampire soldiers. It consists of a black collared shirt with cuffs and white trim. He keeps it buttoned over his neck and held in place with the vampire insignia. Over the black shirt, he wears the white military jacket with black trim and decorated buttons. It also has the black piece of the vampires on the left shoulder and black cuffs with white buttons that nearly reach up to his elbows. He wears white gloves and has a thick black belt encircling his waist, and he wears two smaller belts below it forming an X over his posterior and front.

He also keeps his sword at his left hip. He wears white pants with black boots reaching up to his upper thighs. Mika often wears the standard vampire white cloak with a hood as well. The gold decoration on it has blue gems hanging from its chains.


Human Edit

As a child he was selfless, friendly and outgoing. Mika approached Yu to welcome him to orphanage and reacted to Yu's anger with empathy. His family were important to him, not even minding living in a vampire city since they were together. Mika would take practical measures to provide food for them by offering his own blood to a vampire. He explained to Yu that they need to use their heads if they are going to survive. Mika's altruistic nature and concern for his family were what motivated him to steal both a map and gun before he led them to escape from the city since Yu did not like it there. After it became clear that the scenario was not going to happen, Mika reminded Yu they were family and ran towards Ferid with the gun to give Yu a chance to escape. He was happy that Yu acknowledged they were family and managed to escape.

Vampire Edit

He was against being turned into a vampire, yet not having a choice and living with the trauma of what happened to his family. , his vampirism is a concern and he appeared troubled when Yu was proceeding with the topic on whether he was human. Mika is resilient, physically as well as when he shows little signs of pain after being stabbed through the body

Both when he was a human child and then a vampire later, Mika uses the term of leaving “this world” behind. In addition he retains the desire to leave places that are dangerous to Yu behind in favour of living peacefully far from threats. Whilst he was happy to adapt to living in the vampire city, and could survive as a vampire in a hostile world, helping Yu came first.

His seriousness, or bravery stops him being afraid of extremely dangerous scenarios. Mika was not concerned with lethal spell tag attacks on himself, neither many armed soldiers. Weakened and defenceless, Mika also displayed no fear to a Four Horseman of John that was prepared to bite into him.

After becoming a complete vampire he expressed happiness.


Episode 1 - Screenshot 121

Introducing himself to Yu

Mika was present when Yu was introduced by the director of the Hyakuya Orphanage as their newest family. Bringing Ako and another orphan with him he greeted Yu and said as an orphan too he knows how he feels. Mika was sad at first but now he has a big family and if Yu would like then he can be a part of it. Hearing about Yu’s troubled experiences with his family, Mika empathetically understands it must have been really hard and offers his hand as starting today everything is going to get better.


Prologue Edit

Episode 1 - Screenshot 22

Heading to the orphanage after adults die around them

Mikaela Hyakuta runs through Taka-Amahara shopping centre with Taichi Hyakuya on his back and Ako Hyakuya and Yuichiro Hyakuya behind. Checking the road before crossing he reaches the Hyakuya Orphanage where an announcement states a deadly virus has been unleashed to punish humanity for its foolishness.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 25

Finding the director dead

Arriving upstairs Mika checks the director on the floor with Akane Hyakuya not thinking she is not breathing. Guiding Yu to keep the others over there, he asks whether the director can hear him. The announcement continues that those aged thirteen or younger are not affected by the virus, and the children are currently being collected by the direct unit of the third progenitor, Krul Tepes. With that, footsteps can be heard coming up the stairs. The glass is smashed and the orphans are confronted by two vampires. Mika along with other children are transported.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 61

Helping Yu to walk

Four years later Mika gives his name to a vampire in a underground city before catching up to Yu. After helping him walk, Mika drinks his liquid rations then tells Yu to stop wasting his. He questions whether Yu wants to get sick.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 64

Told he needs to stop doing what the vampires tell him

With Yu saying that it is nasty, Mika sighs that Yu needs to quit being so picky. Not thinking their situation is all that bad since they are alive and get to live with their family, Mika asks whether Yu thinks that is enough. Feeling it is like talking to a wall with Yu, Mika says that stubborn streak will not keep them away from his neck, then dodges the juice carton thrown by Yu.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 82

Doing what little he can to help Yu with it being a vampire holding him

Although he calls to get Yu to stop he has ran towards vampires that have just walked through some children and hurt them. Mika attempts to intercede on Yu’s behalf by appealing to the vampire that Yu is a harmless moron and that he will take care of him. Speaking politely Mika assures the vampire this will not happen again.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 92

Discussing going to Lord Ferid's mansion

Cheerfully greeting Lord Ferid Bathory who has arrived, Mika answers the matter is nothing and jokes that it is just one of his family members causing trouble again. With it suggested by Ferid, Mika replies he would like to come to Ferid’s mansion again tonight. Mika is always welcome since he has such sweet blood.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 96

Speaking for him with an excuse so Yu does not have to go to Ferid's mansion

Speaking for Yu, Mika says he does not think it is a good idea for him to come as well since Yu is shy before leading him away. Walking underneath some huge pipes Mika doubts whether Yu really believes he had the vampire right where he wanted him. Feeling that the vampires are too strong for them, Mika would like Yu to be more careful.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 103

Mika has been giving his blood to Ferid

With Ferid mentioned, Mika freely reveals that he has a deal with the noble where Mika gives him blood and then receives anything he wants, including dinner. Furthermore, that if one has to use their head if they want to survive in this place, which is answered by him being hit by Yu. Asking him to wait, Mika questions if there is not anything Yu wants as he walks away.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 126

Mika is remembered when he welcomed Yu to the Hyakuya Orphanage when he first arrived. Bringing another orphan and Ako with him, Mika greeted Yu, introduced himself then shared that he was an orphan too so knows how he is feeling. He was sad at first but now he has a big family, and if Yu wanted to he could be a part of it. Somewhat taken aback at Yu explaining his troubled background concerning his parents, and him rejecting Mika's offer, Mika has understanding. Saying that it sounded really hard, Mika told him that starting today everything was going to get better.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 157

Finding Yu awake

At some point he had brought the ingredients for curry to Akane. Making his way home, Mika notes that Yu is awake. Wondering whether he is still angry with him, Mika replies that no one wants Yu’s nasty blood for next time. Mika tells Yu he needs to focus on defeating the vampires and to leave the rest to him. He does not want to hear it about Yu knowing it is impossible to defeat the vampires. The kids look up to him and what Yu says gives them all hope.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 162

Making sure Yu eats this time

Mika wipes his eyes and heads down to eat with Yu. Handing him the bowl, Mika says Yu should make sure he actually eats this time. It is too bad that Yu does not want any, it was not a request but an order.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 165

Handing Yu a gun he has acquired

Producing a gun he has acquired, Mika encourages Yu to keep his strength up. Otherwise he will not be able to kill any fangs with the bad boy weapon he hands to him. If Yu thinks that is impressive, Mika adds for him to check what else he has.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 168

Possessing a map with exits from the city

Mika has also acquired a map of the city, one where all the exits are shown. As they eat Mika describes Ferid’s mansion is as big as a castle and it took forever to find anything useful. He quips the great Mikaela does not give his blood away for a pat on the back, but gets his dues.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 174

Unveiling his plan to escape the city that night

Yet that all stops now as Mika announces they are leaving tonight and already knowing what Yu is going to say, Mika has it all planned out. Regarding the virus outside and the concern of dying as soon as they get outside Mika reminds Yu they will not get infected if they are thirteen or younger then asks if Yu has any idea how old they are now. Around twelve, Mika sees that as giving them a whole year to find a cure and he thinks they can do it. Sure that so long as the Hyakuya family works together then everything will turn out okay.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 179

With Akane joining them they are ready to leave

With Akane joining them and Yu agreeing to the plan, Mika is pleased and asks Akane to wake everyone up. For the orphanage family of Ako, Chihiro, Fumie, Kōta, Taichi, with himself, Akane and Yu, it is time they said goodbye to this city.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 183

Leading the way out

Cautiously checking as he leads the others through the streets, Mika heads through the walkway of the city. With Kōta wondering where they are going, Mika reads the map and asks Yu to share with the others that they are heading back to the human world. Covering Taichi’s mouth, he shushes them having noticed vampires nearby. Everyone has moved from the spot by the time a vampires darts to where Mika was stood before.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 204

They are almost there

With them gone Mika has made his way to the top of a stairway and he peers at the spacious exit room. Checking the map it looks like they are almost there and Mika looks to Yu for them to go.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 213

Coming across Ferid by the exit

With the map folded away, Mika steps out to lead them. They walk at ease before finding Ferid come to them. He hears that Ferid was beginning to wonder if they would show up, and that he loves the expressions humans make when they realize all of their hopes have been dashed which is why he cannot stop playing this game.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 219

Seeing that Ferid has Ako

Not sure of the game he means, and checking the map for what clarification he can, Mika experiences further horror when he sees Ferid has user a supernatural speed to snatch Ako away. He is is drinking her blood before dropping Ako to the ground dead. Informed that the map and exit are real, Mika remains with Yu as the other orphans are ordered to run. Seeing Chihiro murdered by Ferid using the strength in his hands, and the other orphans in turn, Mika begs Ferid to leave them alone.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 254

Calmly reminding Yu not to forget that the two of them are family

Once Akane is left standing before Ferid, yet she is killed as well leaving only Mika and Yu remaining. After a pause Mika calmly turns to Yu and assures him it is okay. He should not to forget that the two of them are family.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 256

Taking the gun and running to Ferid

Seizing the gun as Yu guesses his intent, Mika runs towards Ferid and focuses on him as he hears that he will me missed most of all, especially the lovely meals. Although he manages to get close, Mika is stabbed through the chest by Ferid's hand.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 263

Determined to shoot Ferid

As he raises to gun to him, Mika's right arm is dismembered and he faintly says for Yu to run. He falls to the ground after Ferid is shot in the head by Yu. As he is held Mika says for Yu to leave him here and to not let them die for nothing.

Episode 1 - Screenshot 279

Other vampires have found them

Noticing vampires have appeared at the top of the staircase, Mika pushes Yu away, reiterating for him to go. As tears roll down his eyes he sees Yu making it to the exit then says it is the first time Yu called them family. Mika lays amongst the deceased.[2]

Episode 2 - Screenshot 2

Remembered by Yu that they were family

Mika is remembered by Yu, in the vampire city he would ask Yu to stop walking so fast and said he is family and not to abandon him. Enjoying a piggyback ride, he could not leave Yu alone since the director said everyone at the Hyakuya orphanage was family. He laughed that Yu should deal with it. He was also with the other orphans when they were saying how they were one big happy family. Mika in particular is remembered by Yu.

Episode 2 - Screenshot 267

Four years later Mika would speak to Yu

He is there in the exit hall and speaks to Yu when he is four years older. He had them worried, but Mika is glad that Yu has made a new friend. With Akane and the other members of the orphanage family with him, Mika is happy since they did not want Yu to live for revenge, he is way too nice to go through that. Mika asks Yu to listen, that he needs to take good care of his new friend. After saying they need to get going Mika turns and joins his family in walking into the darkness.[3]

Episode 3 - Screenshot 162

A demon uses an illusion of Mika to try and break then possess Yu

Mika’s appearance is assumed and used by a demon that is attempting to possess Yu. The demon was in an axe that Yūji, a student from Second Shibuya High was holding and when speaking to Yu it could match Mika’s appearance, voice and mannerisms based on Yu's memories. The illusion was used to try and instil guilt into Yu as the fake Mika questioned why Yu had not avenged them.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 165

The demon acting like Mika

It was what he said that made Yu realize this was not the Mika he knew, and Mika is described as being not like Yu and he Mika would never tell him to live for revenge or make him feel guilty. Mika is said to be someone who would tell Yu to be smart, and he would go behind his back to shoulder all the burden himself, because that is the type of friend that he was. That the demon used Mika’s face in this illusion was a huge mistake and is how Yu rejected the demon’s possession attempt.

Episode 3 - Screenshot 210

Mika has survived and grown as a vampire over the four years

Mika has survived in person after Yu escaped four years ago. Near the door to where the murders of his family took place he silently faces the exit to the world beyond. Not reacting to Ferid's approach where he has brought a latest report, Mika draws his sword when Ferid hints at mentioning Yu. Mika looks up and now has vampire like fangs.[4]

Ep 4 Snapshot 06

Dealing with a Horseman of the Apocalypse attacking humans

As a four Horseman of John is causing damage within a city, Mika steps past the humans, sword drawn and invokes it. Thin red bramble like vines wrap around his wrist and Mika spirits towards the charging four horseman and inflict multiple slices then lands before the monster is killed. He does not speak as Lacus Welt comments that the humans are idiots, that they are not here to save them only keep their livestock fresh.

Ep 4 Snapshot 10

Untalkative around other vampires like Lacus

Neither does Mika respond to Lacus’s enquiries on his background with third progenitor Krul Tepes. Yet when accused of being greedy by René Simm and wanting the credit for slaying the horseman, Mika speaks to say they can have the body if they want, credit means nothing to him as he walks away.

Ep 4 Snapshot 15

Offered blood by the woman he saved

Watching René and Lacus inform the people gathered that they are being protected by the vampires in exchange for blood from a distance, Mika is approached by the woman he rescued. He regards her as she offers her blood freely and told to drink until he is satisfied.

A memory surfaces of a conversation he had with Yūichirō Hyakuya when they were children in the vampire city. Hearing from Yu that they had to start a full revolution, Mika responded by saying that Yu always wanted to start stuff that would get them in trouble. His view was that outsmarting the vampires was the only way to go and he already has an escape plan already. Mika told Yu they could run away from the vampires together and that he could leave everything up to him. Presently Mika recalls how he had so much hope in the time before his humanity ended but then it was because of this foolish hope that everything fell apart.

Ep 4 Snapshot 22

Remembering how he was turned into a vampire

It is recollected how Mika told Yu to run after the members of his orphanage family had been murdered and he lay dying. Mika was happy and felt he could leave this world in peace knowing that Yu escaped. He was unresponsive as the ruler of Sanguinem, Krul Tepes arrived to the scene though his eyes reacted slightly as he saw that Ferid was still alive after the gunshot wound to his head. Whilst they interacted, Mika was referred to as one of Krul's seraphs, and he had moved to lie on his back. Mika is asked by Krul whether he wants to bleed out and receives the offer of eternal life. Despite saying he did not want it, he was told once he drinks Krul's blood he would become something far superior to a human. After receiving Krul's blood through her mouth, presently Mika regards that as the moment he lost his humanity.

Episode 4 - Mika vowing to save Yu

Krul is declaring war on the humans, Mika vows to save Yu

Mika walks into a large room where an announcer before Krul is addressing those with the progenitor’s blood. In his mind Mika thinks of the human organization as the Japanese Imperial Demon Army amassing in Northern Tokyo is discussed. Seeing Ferid wave to him, Mika walks the other way and thinks of the human extermination that Krul is planning and the seraph of the end mentioned. He thinks for Yu to not worry, he is coming to his rescue soon.[5]

Episode 5 - Screenshot 15

Viewing planes being prepared & hearing he may get to see his precious angel

As he oversees aircraft being prepared, Mika hears from Ferid on how the time is near. He must be excited he must be that he will soon see his precious angel again. Not replying, Mika walks away from him.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 18

Making his way to his old home

Making his way through the vampire city, Mika moves past children dressed in the livestock uniform then through housing alleys. Facing the door of the home he used to live in, Mika goes to the door before seeing it open. The child there is afraid of him.

Episode 5 - Screenshot 21

The child is afraid of him as a vampire

Mika moves to comfort the child, saying that it is all right before a friend defends him from Mika. Seeing the angered look Mika leaves to continue his way alone.[6]

Episode 6 - Screenshot 38

Asuramaru, a Black Demon, takes the form of Mika

When Yu is attempting to acquire a cursed gear sword, the black demon within takes the form of Mika wearing the livestock uniform, situated in the Hyakuya Orphanage. After contemplating a teddy bear,

Episode 6 - Screenshot 54

A demon uses an illusion of Mika to attempt to break Yu

This visualisation of Mika smirks before falling to the ground. Rising again Mika's voice is used to ask whether Yu is going to run off and ditch them again. Speaking that Yu has love in his heart and that is what is holding him back, Yoichi Saotome, then Shihō Kimizuki and Shinoa Hīragi are noted as Yu’s new friends to be forgotten. The illusion of Mika states if Yu really has not moved on from his family then he should stay with them, that he is going to submit himself to revenge now. 6

Episode 6 - Screenshot 143

Visualised when Yu has joined the Moon Demon Company and is told to forget his previous family

When Yu is hearing from Guren how he should forget about his previous friends and loved ones with the Moon Demon Company being his family, Mika specifically is visualized when Yu is told the past means nothing.

Episode 6 - Screenshot 149

Sat on the floor of an aircraft to Tokyo

Physically, Mika is onboard an aircraft nearing Tokyo, there is an announcement that attacks from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army near Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya are expected. He is sat by himself on the floor as the other vampires are seated and answers Lacus that they are going to Shinjuku first.[7]

Episode 7 - Screenshot 1

Mika is used to trouble Yu's dreams

The young appearance of Mika is used by Asuramaru to haunt Yu when he sleeps. Appearing by himself, it is Mika’s voice who asks whether Yu will ever tell him why they abandoned him.[8]

When Mitsuba Sangū is speaking to Yu after learning of his past from Shinoa, Yu perceives what happened as him leaving behind his own family to save his own skin and Mika is remembered crying.[9]

Episode 9 - Screenshot 85 (1)

Unknowingly observed by Guren

Mika is beside Ferid atop a vantage point as vampires launch a large scale invasion of the city of Shinjuku. Unbeknownst to him he is being monitored by Lieutenant Colonel, Guren Ichinose. Informed that someone has their eye on them, Mika asks who is it but hears it is nothing for him to worry about.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 103

It's been a while since he was last here

Mika does not comment on Ferid asking how he feels about the city with it being a while since he was last here, neither when it is mentioned he may have bad memories of this place. Not even when hearing that he may get a chance to see “his beloved Yu.”

Episode 9 - Screenshot 106

A desire for blood creeps in

With cravings having a physical effect on the body and mind, Mika only reacts to the site of the vampires below drinking the blood of fallen soldiers. He is casually encouraged to go ahead and drink whilst on the battlefield, since it is forbidden to drink directly from a human back home

Episode 9 - Screenshot 111

The vampire's own law did not help him against Ferid

Mika derides the idea of this law. Why should he follow those rules, they did not stop Ferid from drinking his blood and Mika adds that Ferid did not hesitate. Told that he came and offered his blood that night, although it was to steal a gun and map, Mika is further taunted with the question of how that worked out for him. Mika replies that he had no idea he was playing into Ferid's hands, or that his family would be killed to amuse him. He asks how many humans Ferid slaughtered just because he got a little bored, and glares at him after he hears that is ancient history and that he is a vampire now.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 117

Asked how he is going to defend Yu

Descending down in response to Ferid’s ill-natured smile, Mika is not upset, at least not at Ferid but rather himself for not having the power to protect his family. Ignoring Ferid’s question on how he is going to protect Yu as the last of his family and that it is love, Mika walks away similarly paying no mind to the statement on how he needs to drink a human's blood soon, he knows what happens to vampires who get too thirsty.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 126

Brought before the queen of Japan

Mika’s time as a child before Krul with Arukanu in her throne room is remembered. He was quivering as he was told to accept this is his life now. Further there was the promise that if he drank the blood of a human he would start to feel better and would finally be transformed into a complete vampire with an immortal body and strength far beyond that of a human.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 128

Refusing to become a complete vampire

Ignoring the unconscious human child before him, Mika said he refuses to become a vampire. He listened as Krul mentioned that he says that now but his body must be craving blood. With every muscle he has in pain, he was questioned why he fought.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 130

Encouraged to drink human blood

Ignoring the temptation by telling Krul to shut up, Mika would rather die as a human than live as a vampire. His anguish returns when he hears he cannot die anymore since he has been changed for good. If he does not drink blood Mika will become a “hideous demon” with no will or mind of his own. Yet Mika restates there is no way he will do it. he will never become a monster like her.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 137

Another option to human blood

Watching as Krul approached with a glass, Mika received another option. This was to drink vampire blood drawn from Krul's own wrist.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 143

A vampiric fixation with blood

Even with some splashing on his face Mika stared enthralled at the blood filling the glass with that being the only other way he could survive. Told to have a taste, Mika inched forward before knocking the glass out her hand. Mika questioned whether she was listening to him, that he will not ever become one of her.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 160

Drinking Krul's blood

As Krul walked away Blood droplets splattered on the carpet and Mika seizes her arm to bites down on and drink Krul’s blood. He drank with tears in his eyes as Krul called him her pet who could never leave her, a servant for all eternity.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 166

Sustaining himself with vials of blood

Presently, alone in Shinjuku, Mika opens a pouch containing six vials and drinks one of them filled with blood. Thinking that he has ten days worth of Krul’s blood, as he looks to the sky to see it begin to rain.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 170

Needing to find Yu before he runs out

Mika has to find Yu before he runs out and is too thirsty. Later, near the defensive line the humans have established in Shinjuku, Mika's attention is drawn to an explosion from behind him.

Episode 9 - Screenshot 237

Something detonates nearby

Amongst the slight debris falls a dismembered vampire arm that lands near his feet and dissolves leaving the clothing behind. Through the smoke he sees and faces Guren armed with his cursed gear sword.[10]

Episode 10 - Screenshot 13

The human's strongest forces have come

Not replying to Guren’s comment that he missed the commander, or that the attack took out a whole squadron of vampires, Mika only comments on Ferid saying the human’s strongest forces have been sent, and learns that he is facing the Moon Demon Company. He does not comment on Guren's question on whether he likes the taste of human blood, and as the demon blade Mahiru-no-Yo is activated he hears the intent for the humans to kill every one of the vampires.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 20

A memory of his time with Yu

It is recalled that as children, Mika told Kōta and the rest of the orphans to have fun whilst they headed out, and he remained reading with Yu. Asking him what is up out the blue, he requested that Yu take a break.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 22

If they could escape what would he want to do and where would he want to go

Posing the question of if they could escape this place, Mika wondered what Yu would want to do and where he would want to go. Resorting to imagination, Mika questioned whether if they could escape to the outside with the rest of their family. to a place without vampires then would Yu think they would have fun. Confirming without vampires, it would just be them as family, Mika then clarifies whether Yu would be happy.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 25

Yu said he would be happy

With that the case Mika guessed that he had better get busy working on that. Cheerful, Mika does not elaborate further and replies it is a secret. Getting up to leave, Mika said he had some errands to run but if he told Yu it would ruin the surprise.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 75

Observing the battle

Presently the battle between vampires and the Moon Demon Company, who members include Mito Jūjō and Sayuri Hanayori, is occurring nearby. Mika observes along with Lacus and René with Ferid in command. After Lacus and Rene leave to round up the humans, Mika is left alone with Ferid.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 79

Mika may be able to be seen in action

With Ferid considering him Krul Tepe’s favourite servant and wondering if he will get to see Mika in action, Mika only reacts to his comment that he must be very thirsty.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 82

He can deal with Guren on his own

With Guren viewing them as the commanders and charging towards his position, Mika hears the suggestion from Ferid that they can kill the human's pompous leader together. Stepping forward, Mika declines the offer of assistance and answers he can do this on his own.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 83

Guren will regret coming to attack him

Stating that Guren will regret coming to attack him, and that it will be his undoing, Mika calls for his sword. His right wrist is bound tight by two long red thorny vines that emerge from the sword guard section of the weapon.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 152

Engaging Guren Ichinose

Mika’s sword locks with Guren’s. He is fast enough to meet and attack Guren in the air after he attempts to gain some distance and can match his sword movements as they free-fall to the ground. After landing Mika is told he is a strong one by Guren who enjoys this challenge at last, yet Mika replies it is not a challenge Guren will win.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 167

Finding Guren has sheathed his sword

With Guren sheathing his sword, Mika does not physically react to the Lieutenant General moving towards him. Yet he appears staggered by the action and what he is approaching with.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 168

A spell tag has been attached

Unsure what to make of having a Fudo Myo-o spell tag attached to his forehead, Mika's supernaturally fast speed nevertheless enables him to avoid the detonation of the spell tag that has the explosive power to destroy the base of a building and cause the entire structure to collapse. After the mass of dust clears, Mika lands nearby to Guren.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 176

Evading the old-school spell craft blast

Mika replies he evaded the blast after Guren expresses his thought that Mika would be faster after the spell tag was applied to begin with. He adds whether Guren really thinks old school spell craft will work on vampires.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 177

Not seeing something that Ferid has

Turning his back to Guren, he focuses on Ferid speaking. Mika listens as he hears how a tremendous power and over-confidence, essentially arrogance will get the rug pulled out from under him if he is not careful. Questioned whether he needs a hand, Mika wonders what Ferid is getting at and states there is no way he will lose against Guren.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 180

In the middle of a cursed gear kunai trap

With the rug underneath him pointed out by Ferid, Mika is startled at seeing a pattern of wires attached to kunai situated all around him. It was never meant to be a one on one fight, and Mika notices Shigure Yukimi nearby after she speaks to comply with Guren's order to kill them.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 185

The trap is sprung

With the weapons all raised and directed towards him, Mika leaps away to avoid the volleys that are targeted to stab into the ground where he is located. Leaping into the air, Mika finds a large amount of lavender colored mist that has formed into a gaping fanged maw flying towards him, an illusion created by Norito Goshi.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 192

Avoiding Goshi's illusion power

Able to maneuver and flip himself away midair, Mika avoids the power just as its jaws clamp shut then blows up. Albeit unbeknownst to him, Mika moved to evade a harmless illusion then lands in the street below.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 194

Landing near Guren

He has some awareness that something is not quite right. This develops to the realization that someone is behind him even before confirming that Guren is waiting to attack him from behind. Hearing that this is check-mate, Mika turns startled at the Lieutenant Colonel.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 196

Defended by Ferid against a check-mate move

With Ferid blocking the sword meant for him, and after Guren has been beaten away Mika hears from Ferid that he should remember it is always a mistake to underestimate the livestock. There is nothing honourable about the way humans fight, and Mika is told he should know all about that being an ex-human himself. Ordering Ferid to shut up, Mika rejects Ferid’s offer of help to fight together. He knows what their strategy is now and gripping his sword he has it drink more of his blood.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 224

Observing Guren's next plan

Standing ready with Guren discussing cursed gear stimulants with Sayuri and Mito, Mika asks whether he is done talking yet, he wants to get this over with. Asked if he would give them a little more time to regroup, Mika inquires how much more. In the middle of Guren asking if he could be quiet for twenty seconds or so, Mika denies the chance and elects to attack.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 229

Denying the time requested

Holding his blade against Guren’s trembling one, with his increased speed that has been noticed, Mika replies that he is not holding anything back from now on. Told holding back on the battlefield sounds like the strategy of a child, Mika responds that Guren should no taunt someone stronger than him.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 234

A renewed and greater strength knocks his challenger over

It is not smart, and Mika springs to attack again as he says it. Their swords meet yet it is only for a moment. Mika is able to knock Guren over where he is disarmed of his weapon as he falls to the ground.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 236

Guarding against a seemingly defenceless foe

Remaining on guard, Mika keeps his sword raised defensively. Whether he heard Ferid tell him to put the poor man out of his misery with his backup arriving or not, Mika holds his sword ready.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 247

Proceeding to stab Guren

Informing Guren this is the end, Mika addresses him as "human". Following Guren's challenge to do it then, Mika is expressionless as he impales Guren through the chest. Hearing someone shout, Mika regards it as another reckless human and comments what annoying pests.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 257

Seeing Yu again after 4 years

Turning to see the speaker, Mika's expression changes to a state of disbelief. He only focuses on who the person is coming towards him.

Episode 10 - Screenshot 259

Mika is stabbed by Yu

Making no effort to defend himself, Mika is stabbed through the chest by Yu’s cursed gear sword. He faintly says Yu’s name.[11]

Mika sees clearly that it is Yu, the last remaining member of his family. After looking to Guren when he orders Yu to kill him, Mika wordlessly contemplates Yu and focuses on breathing. His own sword is kept embedded in Guren's body and gripped with a spell tag to prevent Mika wielding it.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 7

Able to pull it out, Mika blocks Guren’s sword then jumps into the air to separate himself from that threat and remove the sword that was through him. Tripping when he lands, Mika tumbles across the ground. He has his hand on his chest as he watches Yu who now has his squad around him. With Yu calling his name Mika rises to his feet.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 29

Denying that Yu left him

Faintly, he replies it is not true that Yu abandoned him when he escaped the vampire city and is upset because of it. Asked what the plan is by Ferid, he hears his friend is most likely being manipulated by these humans.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 34

Determined to save Yu from the humans

Mika states he is going to save Yu, reiterating yes when Ferid mentions rescuing Yu from the hands of these "traitorous dogs." Mika's determination falters when Ferid questions whether as a human would Yu want to befriend them. After Ferid suggests that he can do to Yu what Krul done to Mika and have Yu reborn with a drop of his blood, Mika is furious.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 39

He will kill Ferid if he tries to turn Yu into a vampire

Grabbing Ferid by the neck, he warns that if Ferid so much as tries to lay a finger on him then Mika will kill him. Mika whimpers slightly as Ferid places both hands on his shoulders.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 44

The plan for Ferid to deal with the humans so he can rescue Yu

Hearing the plan that Ferid will deal with the other livestock, all Mika needs to worry about is getting Yu out of harms way. Zoning out, Mika observes Yu surrounded by Yoichi, Mitsuba, Shinoa and Kimizuki as he thinks to himself he is not surprised that Yu has made new friends, he has always been such a kind soul.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 48

Reflecting how Yu is too nice, and prone to being taken advantage of

Sometimes Yu can be too nice, so much so that people take advantage of him. His thoughts include the truth that Yu’s new friends are faking it, that they are greedy and deceitful, all of them. With that the thorned vines from his sword take hold of his wrist and his silver sword turns blood red. He listens to Ferid's plan that all the humans will die except for the little lost lamb, Yūichirō. With the arrival of thirteenth progenitor Crowley Eusford, along with seventeenth progenitors Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, the plan is revised for the vampires to instead capture the Moon Demon Company.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 130

Ferid's arm was cut off for touching Yu

With that task underway, the humans are retreating. He has kept in proximity to where Ferid is luring Yu away from his comrades. Mika uses a ranged power from his sword to slice off Ferid’s arm from afar since he had placed his hand on Yu’s shoulder.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 131

His expression after the act

He appears greatly agitated at this and remains fixed in his position. Hearing what this is what Ferid meant about taking a joke then told to call Ferid if he needs a hand, Mika waits watching as he leaves. Mika is then alone with Yu.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 136

Asking Yu to leave everything behind and escape with him

Walking over, he sheathes his sword and tells Yu to leave everything behind and escape with him. Not explaining what he means by escape or why he is with the vampire who killed their family, Mika replies never mind that and proceeds to lift Yu off the ground to carry him away, bridal style.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 145

Yu shouldn't be here, the humans are just using him

After running away from the battle, Mika jumps across structures carrying Yu all the while. He attempts to settle some of Yu’s concerns with the short version that Yu should not be here since the humans are using him. Landing, Mika listens as Yu reads into his humans are using him statement and realizes Yu is raising whether Mika is still a human.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 152

Yu has raised whether Mika is still human

It leaves Mika appearing uncomfortable. Asked outright whether he is still human, and whether the vampires changed him, Mika is certain Yu did nothing wrong. It is not because of him where Yu is asking out of a sense of concern and guilt after feeling he left Mika behind. Rather than discuss it further, Mika just wants to go, it is not safe here.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 156

Asking Yu to come with him

Offering his hand, Mika asks Yu to please come with him. Shouting that Yu is wrong when he means to stay for his friends, Mika tells him they are only using him as a tool. Asking him to trust him, Mika urges Yu to leave before it is too late. With Yu calling Shinoa as she is held by Crowley, Mika grabs Yu and tells him to not look behind, there is nothing important and to just come with him.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 166

Asking Yu to leave his squad before it is too late

With Yu watching his squad being overcome by the vampires, Mika prompts him to come on. After Yu intends to head back since they are in trouble, Mika takes his arm telling him there is nothing he can do to help them.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 176

Yu is heading back for his squad

His hand thrown off, Mika takes to holding Yu from behind to physically prevent him returning to the danger. He further discourages Yu from going and advises him to just forget about them. In the end they will betray him and toss Yu aside. Mika clings to Yu as he shouts for Mitsuba where herself and now his squad are being bitten by the vampires.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 180

Urging escape before they capture Yu

Mika says they should get about of here before they capture him but Yu shouts he will not run away again. Mika is lifted over Yu’s shoulder and lands in front of him.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 189

Yu should worry about himself

Mika keeps hold of Yu's arms and when Yu begs him to call them off Mika answers he should worry about himself and it is too late for them now. With Yu anguished and clutching his face, Mika worriedly asks him what is the matter. He is surprised at seeing Yu’s left eye turn completely red with a notable amount of blood trickling down his face.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 222

Evidence of human experimentation

Witnessing a large black branched, wing like structure rip its way out of Yu's right shoulder, Mika sees Yu's violent transformation as the truth the humans were using him all along. With Yu's left eye fully blackened and his right one the blood red as before, Mika calls for Yu to snap out of it and leave this place with him.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 225

Bracing himself against the beings sword power

After the sword is swung in his direction, Mika braces himself for the wave sent off from the weapon. Mika appears unharmed however the blast breaks apart the structures around him.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 234

Terror-struck for Yu's condition

On the ground, Mika is quite alarmed once the one branched wing creature that Yu is begins walking. The black shadow enveloping the wing is trickling and leaving red on the gorund. Mika runs after Yu telling him to stop as he attacks Crowley.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 288

Knowing the impact, Mika stops Yu from killing humans

After Yu disarms Shinoa of her scythe and moves to stab her, Mika uses himself as a shield to endures the sword instead. He shouts for Yu not to kill humans since he would never be able to forgive himself. He responds with anger when Shinoa asks why he saved her, saying this is happening because she used Yu. His injury is not healing and he holds the sword after it is pushed further through him. As Shinoa is hugging Yu to bring him back before they all die, Mika is angered.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 300

Ordering Shinoa to get her filthy hands off Yu

Telling her to not dare touch him, Mika says to get her filthy hands off his family. No longer holding the blade, Mika is slid forward off it from a build up of the black power that is pushed off from the weapon then he falls on his chest.

Episode 11 - Screenshot 309

Witnessing Yu restored as he was

Able to kneel, Mika he witnesses Shinoa hold Yu whose powers have ended in a shower of the liquid black substance. With Yu having returned to his self, yet unconscious, Mika damns humans and their treachery and says they will pay for this.[12]

Episode 12 - Screenshot 70

Getting Ferid off him when they had to retreat

It is recalled that Mika continued to glower and pushed Ferid’s hand off him when the vampires had to retreat from Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi who had arrived with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army along with Major General Shinya Hīragi. He was adamant that he was going to save Yu but was told to look.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 71

Seeing Yu surrounded by his concerned human squad who cared for him

Finding Yu being held by Shinoa with his squad around him, Mika heard how all Yu's friends would do absolutely anything to protect Yu, Mika regarded them with an execrated abhorrence and he cursed them as filthy humans. Telling Ferid to shut up when he said Mika is finally learning to develop a proper disgust for humanity, Mika heard he hates vampires and is now learning to hate humans.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 78

Unable to reach Yu

He angrily tells Ferid to not touch him before being lifted off his feet and strangled. Ordered to shut his mouth, Mika turns away from Ferid and tries to look behind one last time.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 80

His injuries healed in a detoxification chamber

Awakening in a curse detoxification chamber, the injury to his chest has ben healed. Mika wipes his face and checking his hand he sees the first tears he has shed since becoming a vampire. He did not know he could still cry.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 83

Not commenting on what occurred at Shinjuku

As he dresses Mika does not reply to what Lacus mentions, on how it looked like what they saw at Shinjuku singled him out. Told he is getting good at the silent treatment, the issue of what Yu was has been raised in the progenitor council. They suspect it is magic, that the humans have discovered a forbidden enchantment that could destroy the world.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 88

Listening to updates on the true purpose of the mission

They called it "seraph of the end." Questioned by Lacus on what Ferid knows since Mika is always kept within arms reach of him, Mika is also questioned whether that is how he gained Krul's favour. As Lacus and René press him for personal information, René states that they could always look into Mika's past on their own. Since they want his story and who he is, Mika remembers Yu questioning whether he was human and to not tell him that the vampires changed him.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 99

Remembering Yu's reaction Mika feels he is just another ugly vampire

Accordingly Mika states Lacus and Rene must both be blind. Can they not tell by looking at him, he is just another ugly vampire. An announcement communicates that Krul Tepes, the third progenitor, requests his presence and he is to proceed to the royal audience chamber at once, which Mika does.

Episode 12 - Screenshot 190

Opposite Krul after she requested his presence

He is seated before Krul on her throne. Then later he is stood alone with the moon above him. There he is thinking about Yu and swears on everything that he will save him.[13]

As a child he is visualized with Yu when Kureto is discussing Yu’s past in the vampire city.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 242

Physically pained by a lack of blood

In the present, Mika holds close to the wall and appears to be in pain. He is found by Ferid and asked why he does not take a sip, that this is probably the best he is ever going to look. Mika shakes his head that he told a child that if he offers his blood then Ferid can make their lives easier. Mika expresses shock at Ferid lifting the child up by the neck before a vampiric induced thirst causes him to focus on the blood drawn on the child’s neck.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 255

Helping a child from Ferid

Angered Mika runs towards them and grabs Ferid’s arm before stating it is against the rules to drink directly from a human. With the child dropped and Ferid still talking, Mika asks what is he doing here. Invited to the next progenitor council meeting, Mika questions what do they want. Alone again Mika’s physical pain returns and he slumps on the ground and says he needs Yu’s help.[14]

Episode 14 - Screenshot 72

An illusion as Yu progresses with his demon

When Asuramaru is using memories of Yu’s parents saying he needed to die in an attempt to break him, Yu was more concerned with the promise he made to Mika. A young appearance of Mika is seen by Yu in the exit hall of the vampire city and offers his hand to Yu. He says for them to protect their family together and that he is counting on Yu.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 135

The progenitor council meeting

Mika himself enters a pink hued room when Ferid clicks his fingers. It is the meeting of the progenitor council and Mika uses a tablet device to show a hologram recording of Yu’s violent transformation at the battle of Shinjuku and watches the destruction wrought on buildings. He gasps slightly when Krul states eight years ago she killed every child carrying even a trace of the seraph of the end with her own hands.

Episode 14 - Screenshot 141

Nearby during conflict between Ferid and Krul

With the meeting over Mika does not react at all to Krul slicing the ground in front of him due to her anger towards Ferid, neither when Ferid places him arm around him. Mika looks surprised when he sees the livid expression on Krul’s face and says her name.[15]

Episode 15 - Screenshot 179

Drinking directly from Krul

Walking some distance, Mika makes his way to Krul’s room where she is getting some blood ready. Regardless he picks her up from her throne and drinks blood directly from her neck. With a severe thirst for blood apparently quenched, Mika seems to realize what he is doing so throws Krul aside then says sorry. With Krul understanding how they all get ravenous without blood, Mika asks if she could give him a little extra, of the serum he means.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 189

Unable to survive forever on vampire blood

That is possible but Mika hears that he cannot last on Krul’s blood forever and will one day have to drink from a human. Told to wait outside, he remains standing until spoken to. Mika mentions how she was supposed to kill Yu and him, so what is she playing at by letting them live.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 194

Why would Krul put herself at risk to save them

Asking why Krul would put herself at risk to save them, it just does not any sense to him and Mika wants to know what Krul is planning on doing with Yu and himself. With Krul wanting to keep the information to herself Mika shouts for her not to mess with him. If she is going to end up hurting Yu then he shall put a stop to it right now. His hand is gripped by Krul and he tells her to stop it, he cannot do this anymore. Told now he is just being dramatic, Mika hears eventually he will realize the vampires are not as bad as the humans. After Krul says she likes him and Yu he answers whether Krul expects him to believe that.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 204

About to hear why he and Yu were kept alive

Mika only shakes his head at being told to believe it without question. With Krul saying he is sulking, Mika hears a whispered message on why he and Yu were kept alive and why Krul needs the power of the seraph of the end for herself. Mika is shocked at what he hears.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 210

Tasked with going undercover from both vampires and humans

He also learns that next month the vampires with be attacking the humans again, this time with their strongest units. It will be the final battle between humans and vampires. In order to save Yu he is going to have to go undercover and hide from both sides of this war. Failure of the secret mission will result in Mika being a traitor to both sides and the whole world will turn on him. Mika understands and says he will save Yu from the vampires and from the humans as well.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 229

Aware of the mission to Nagoya

Walking into an aircraft hanger there are other vampires present including Rene and Lacus. Mika replies he knows they have been instructed to move their main forces to Nagoya and that they will hit Tokyo soon after that.[16]

Episode 16 - Screenshot 263

Children are being gathered by vampires

As children cry out in fear at the vampires coming, Mika walks through the unmaintained neighbourhood and finds some have been found by Lacus. He watches frozen, fixating solely on the blood being drank. As he observes the gathered children being loaded into transport helicopters, Mika hears from Lacus they are gifts for the nobles in Nagoya, and if he wants to drink now is the time.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 279

Not interested in human blood

Not interested in drinking human blood, Mika walks to be alone on the side of a building and there staggers before drinking a vial of Krul’s blood. He remembers her words that the day will come that he will have to drink from a human. With that Mika splutters and coughs as he drops the vial to crack then spill on the ground.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 288

Blood craving becomes more prevalent

Hearing a child scream that she is not going with the vampires, Mika watches her led away. Zoning out somewhat, Mika's heart pounds and he can only focus on her neck. As his pupils contract he leaps into the air to pin the child by the neck. His vampire urges to bite and drink blood are halted when he hears Lacus say he knew Mika looked thirsty. Allowing the girl to leave, Mika looks on in horror at what he almost done.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 305

Aircraft to the next destination

After the helicopters depart, Mika is on-board the aircraft and sits silently.[17] Arriving in Nagoya, Mika drops from a helicopter in the meeting area of Moon Demon Company soldiers that the vampires are attacking.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 140

Arriving behind a squad leader in Nagoya

Landing behind a squad leader, Aiko Aihara who has her cursed gear bow drawn, Mika lifts her up by the neck and pushes her on the ground. Addressing her as human, Mika directs that she is going to answer some questions for him. After Aihara gives the order, Mika sees the effects of code 284. When she motions to bite something, Mika shoves his fingers in Aihara’s mouth and checks as others are biting then dying.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 165

Removing a death inducing pill

Having realized the soldiers have some kind of suicide pill in their mouths, Mika cannot let her die yet, there is a question he needs to ask her. Removing the pill, Mika covers Aihara’s mouth and guides her to keep quiet.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 168

Telling Aihara to play dead, he will let her go if she answers his questions

Speaking for her to pretend to be dead too, Mika states that Aihara does not want the other vampires to find out she is alive. He will let her go if Aihara answers his questions truthfully. With her silence Mika asks whether she knows a human named Yūichirō Hyakuya. Contemplating Aihara he can see from the look in her eyes that she does, and Mika orders her to tell him where he is if she wants to live.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 176

She does not get to call herself Yu's comrade

After Aihara begins to say for him to kill her since she will not sell out a comrade, Mika angrily tells her to shut up. She does not get to call herself Yu’s comrade. Mika is asked who he is really however now he has been noticed by Lacus.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 179

Stating (falsely) this human is dead to Lacus

With it wondered what he is doing by Lacus, Mika replies he is just checking on this human and lies that she is dead too. He can only stand and listen as René examines the vampire clothing nearby where several vampires have been killed. Lucal Wesker is also thought to have been killed. Mika hears a report from a hooded vampire how other vampires underground have been wiped out and Lord Mel Stefano cannot be found.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 193

No reaction to being taken hostage

As Lacus and Rene move to leave for city hall to learn what happened from lord Crowley, Mika stands unconcerned as Aihara holds a knife to his neck. Stating for them to hold on and that he will take care of this, Mika backs away with Aihara. He hears that Hyakuya left for city hall not too long ago.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 204

Yu's location has been learnt

His eyes contract at this news, yet Mika hears if he and his ‘friends’ go there, everyone will be killed. Asking why she is telling him this now, it is because Mika called him ‘Yu’, a nickname so the hope is Mika is a friend of his. With that being all the intelligence she has on Hyakuya, Mika is asked if he knows what that means.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 209

Disarming Aihara of the knife

As René and Lacus are still watching, after Aihara shouts for him to die, Mika moves to free himself. At the same time the knife is removed from the scenario. Grabbing Aihara's arm, to continue the stratagem Mika crushes her wrist.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 213

Chiding her actions for having the rest of her men die

He speaks that she had the rest of her men commit suicide but here she is acting like a desperate fool trying to save her own life. Asking if she wants to live that badly, Mika kicks her and orders Aihara to tell him where her comrades are, her squad is obviously too weak to have been behind these attacks.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 221

Continuing the pretence

Replying right that he will not kill her if Aihara tells him, Mika hears the misdirectional intel from Aihara for the vampires to act on. The Imperial Army’s strongest soldiers are at this moment heading to the botanical garden in Higashiyama Park to execute Zane Lindau.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 225

Asking if they know Zane Lindau

Kicking her away, Mika questions whether Lacus and René know the aforementioned noble. With him being the seventeenth progenitor, the ruse is successful as René tells Lacus they need to warn lord Lindau or they will end up in big trouble. The location is far away and as Mika follows he is told to wait by Aihara.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 232

Aihara's squad members are gone

Asked to please kill her and quickly, with Aihara's squad gone she says there is no reason for her to live. Mika replies he is not getting his hands dirty, and if she wants to die she should kill herself. Aihara cannot since if she does the vampires will start to doubt the information she gave them, but that would not be the case if Mika does it.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 239

Telling the others that the human told them everything she knows

With Lacus telling him to hurry up or they will leave him, Mika does not comply with her request and moves to join the vampires. Instructed by René to bring Aihara since she may have more information, Mika responds he thinks she has told them everything she knows. With René's warning to look out, Mika does not react to Aihara taking matters into her own hand and conjuring her cursed gear bow, Sankoujitsu. Similarly he remains unresponsive as he has her arrowed projectile fly over his shoulder.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 247

The scenario ended with either vampire torture or a quick death

Turning, Mika swings his sword to send a red wave of energy to end Aihara’s life. With the act done Mika sheathes his sword and when Lacus shares his disappointment that Mika killed her before they got to play, Mika asks him who cares what the livestock has to say.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 254

With them intending to travel to the botanical gardens, Mika announces he is going to take a different route. By saying this human may have been scared for her life, he persuades them they cannot take her word alone. Asking to borrow five soldiers, Mika says he will go and see what is happening at city hall just in case.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 260

Observing the helicopter fly away

After viewing the helicopter fly off, Mika turns his attention to Aihara who lies deceased. He considers that story protected Yu and maybe she was his comrade. Mika doubts it right away, and decides she probably just used him like all the others do.

Episode 18 - Screenshot 267

Happy as he has a means of finding Yu

Addressing to the five vampire soldiers that are standing by, Mika calls for them to follow him and go and see what is going on at city hall. Mika smiles to himself, and says he is coming for his old friend.[18]

Episode 20 - Screenshot 231

Intending to continue alone

Having arrived outside Nagoya city hall, Mika and the vampires accompanying him find it deserted. There are tattered scraps of vampire clothing, the humans had attacked lord Crowley’s territory as well. When a vampire intends to slake his thirst on any humans left alive inside, Mika tells him no he is afraid this is as far as any of them will go. Stabbing one through the back, Mika stands ready for the other four to surround him.

Episode 20 - Screenshot 235

Wondering where his old friend is

Effortlessly batting one away, a sweep from his sword blasts the others with the after-effect force of an explosion. As the dust settles Mika thinks aloud where his friend is.[19]

Episode 21 - Screenshot 167

Awaiting by himself for any movements

Standing alone on top of a bus shelter, Mika notices snow beginning to fall. He looks up to see a large number of transport helicopters approaching in the distance. Not believing them to be Lacus’ group, Mika guesses they must be from Kyoto. Mika says he needs to find Yu before they arrive.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 182

Having spotted Yu at the back of the collected squads

A large number of humans are running towards him. They are a part of the one hundred soldier army tasked with destroying vampire nobles in Nagoya. Mika has found Yu. His eyes widen at seeing him amongst the soldiers as he is being carried unconscious.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 185

They are going to give him back his family, no matter what

Mika sets about drawing his sword and affirms to himself that they are going to give him back his family, no matter what. Recalling their time in the vampire city, after Kōta stated the rest of the family were heading out for lunch, Mika wondered if they could escape then what would Yu want to do and where would he want to go. Mika heard Yu thought it would be fun if they could live somewhere without vampires.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 187

Taking his position with Moon Demon Company soldiers approaching

As the battalions draw near with orders to kill him and move on, Mika steps onto the ground in front of the approaching company. Mika pledges this time he is not going to fail his old friend.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 189

Having his sword drink his blood

Requesting his sword drink of him, Mika orders more, to drink as much as it can and flinches from the spiked vines wrapped round his arm. Ready, he tells Yu he is coming and dashes towards him. For the initial soldiers Mika sweeps his weapon to release fragmentary red waves of energy from his sword. The widening power land into Genbushin, a large shield created by Makoto Narumi’s cursed gear.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 199

Running through, blocking, and leaping over the combatants

Concerning Narumi's squad, Mika deflects Tarō Kagiyama’s sword, leaps over Rika Inoue and then hurtles above Shūsaku Iwasaki and Yayoi Endo. Mika lands within the contingent of Moon Demon Company soldiers and continues his practice of bounding to Yu all the whole parrying, evading and racing past those who have been ordered to kill him.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 205

Seeing his legs melt due to an illusionary spell taking effect

He only pauses when his boots begin to melt. There is a lavender mist around him and Mika is affected by his legs turning to liquid. Determining that this is not real, they are not going to keep him from Yu and Mika cuts through the mist to end the illusionary spell from Norito Goshi's cursed gear and continues his charge.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 216

Defending from Sayuri's spell tag sword

Leaping into the air, Mika deflects and breaks the spell tag based sword that he is attacked by Sayuri Hanayori with. Under systematic assault from a third member of Guren's squad, from the ground Mika is struck by two of Shigure Yukimi’s kunai that draw blood on his thigh and he winces in pain.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 219

No recourse against Mito

Mika is unable to defend himself from Mito Jūjō as he is joined above ground by her. Mika is kicked sharply to the floor. The soldier’s intend to kill him whilst he is down but Mika pays them no mind. Not paying attention to their swords either, Mika focuses on who is ahead.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 226

Ever faster making it to Yu

Galvanized by seeing Yu close, Mika soars ever nearer and bashes away multiple men with his weapon. He continues repelling what he can but now he is being cut by swords in his unwavering dedication to acquire his target.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 241

Fending off the ceaseless attacks

His sharp increase in speed noted, Mika's thoughts are of Yu as he advances. Nearing the end of the combined forces, Mika fends off the remaining soldiers that are before Shinoa squad at the back. Thinking for Yu that he is here and has come for him, and Mika shouts that he is his family.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 247

Knocking Mitsuba out the way

Disregarding Mitsuba Sangū's order to back away, Mika's sword connects with her war axe before he slams her aside with his fist. As his weapon presses against her scythe, Mika also does not want to hear Shinoa tell him they are Yu’s family too. Pushing her aside as he orders her to shut up, Mika then moves to take Yu.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 252

Head-butting Kimizuki when he would not hand Yu over

His arm is grabbed by Shihō Kimizuki and Mika hears they are not giving Yu to him. Mika says to let him go then immediately head-butts Kimizuki to the ground. After Kimizuki falls backwards, Yu is available to be acquired.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 254

Dropping his sword, Mika at last has Yu then tells him he is here. As Yu lies unconscious Mika smiles contently and speaks for him not to worry since he has got him. His attention is turned to Yoichi who Mika has been grabbed from behind.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 257

Floundering against Yoichi who has him

Commanding Yoichi to get his hands off of him, Mika keeps a hold of Yu as he tries to shake Yoichi off, he knows they are manipulating Yu. He does not react well when Yoichi says as Yu’s family they need to protect him even though it was well-meaning.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 263

Stabbed by Shinya's rifle bayonet

After Mika hits Yoichi away in anger, he insists Yu is his family, not Yoichi’s. As he raises his sword, Mika is then stabbed in the back by the bayonet attached to Major General Shinya Hīragi’s cursed gear rifle. He cannot react as Shinya prepares to fire the gun.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 269

Rescued after Shinoa uses her cursed gear power to knock Shinya away

When Shinya is knocked away by Shinoa’s cursed gear manifestation power of Shikama Dōji, Mika falls to his knees and coughs blood out. Finding Shinoa in front, Mika asks why did she stop him. Mika is left astounded after hearing Shinoa tell him to take Yu and run.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 281

Defended by Shinoa Squad

Listening amazed as they declare that Mika is to be defended as Yu's family, he watches as they use their cursed gear manifestations to physically ward of their own comrades. To keep both himself and Yu safe, demonic powers are unfurled to establish fiery barriers between them and the still hostile soldiers.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 291

Wondering how this could be

Taking a moment for the scenario to sink in, Mika attempts to comprehend how he can be defended them. The concept that they would protect him because they know he is Yu’s family dawns on him. His orphanage family are visualised, where Yu called for him to help keep the kids entertained. As his family were enjoying a ball game they were happily calling for him to come and play with them.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 295

Recollections of his family

Mika holds Yu closer and thinks for him to hold on. He is reminded to take Yu with this being his only chance. Mika hears from Shinoa that she will clear things up with the other troops. Then for himself and Yu to then join them at the airport for them to leave together.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 298

Trusted to take Yu & meet at the airport

Against the idea of joining them, Mika asks if Shinoa is insane. Trusted to take good care of Yu, Mika accepts Shinoa’s escape route. Speaking to Yu as he is unconscious, Mika says that he heard her and for them to move.

Episode 21 - Screenshot 302

Escaping with Yu

Lifting Yu, he carries him in his arms and heads along the path created by Shinoa's cursed gear. He escapes just before the vampire back-up has arrived where multiple helicopters drop a huge number of vampire troops.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 23

Carrying Yu unconscious as he bleeds

There is blood dripping as Mika walks slowly with Yu on his back. A trail of blood where he has walked.21 Faint, Mika drops Yu as he falls over. After placing his hand on the stab wound through his chest, Mika finds blood where his wound is not healing.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 27

Damning it, he checks his pouch of blood vials to find they have been smashed. Focusing on Yu he speaks for him to listen, they are not safe out here in the open. He cannot keep carrying him and Yu has got to open his eyes and get up. Slapping him does not work as he yells for him to wake up before Mika cries into Yu’s chest that he is not healing.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 36

Hearing a sound (and the building he would take Yu into)

Hearing a sound from a building nearby, Mika watches for what made it. With the child running from behind the pillar inside the building, Mika stumbles through the door and seizes him by the neck.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 55

Called a monster, Mika avoids drinking blood and lets the child go

Pinning him to the floor, Mika is set on blood to heal as the youth calls to his friends that he is going to kill him. Mika just needs a little blood and opens his mouth to bite the child. Being called a monster stops him and brings him back to his senses. Releasing the child, Mika kneels alone and cries into his hands.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 63

Pulling Yu inside from the snow

Bringing Yu into the building, Mika leaves him lain in an isle of the store and then weakly heads to seclude himself at the end of it. He is experiencing difficulties in breathing by the time he is seen by Yu after he has awoken.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 83

Mika has suffered from further blood loss as he waited, with it left to pool near him. Hearing something, Mika checks behind him and adopts an expression that appears somewhat feral. At once Mika darts out towards Yu and knocks his sword out his hand.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 93

Pinning Yu to the floor in a state of bloodlust

Taking him by the neck, Mika pushes Yu over then pins him to the ground. Controlled by a blood seeking impulse, Mika moves to bite Yu's neck before being stopped by his hand.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 94

Needing to drink some blood, Mika says it hurts. Asked what is happening by Yu, Mika manages to communicate that he cannot fight it with the thirst being too painful and he cannot take it. With Yu saying sorry and that he should not have left Mika all alone, he moves from biting him to backing away and yelling. Questioning what he almost done, Mika apologizes that he was not himself just now. Nodding to confirm it is really that bad if he does not drink blood, Mika then tries to clear Yu’s guilt that he left him behind. What Mika told Yu before is interrupted with blood spilling from his mouth.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 109

Yu should stay back and worry about himself

Trying to sweep Yu’s hand away, Mika tells him to stay back, he does not want to hurt Yu. Mika does not trust himself right now and advises Yu to worry about himself. His hands are outreached to ward Yu away, there are some things they have to talk about. Mika crosses his arms as a guard when Yu steps close, then looks down when Yu asks for him to not leave.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 112

Offered Yu's blood

With Yu knowing blood will heal him, Mika is offered Yu's. Contemplating the opportunity, Mika reiterates for Yu to stay away, he cannot keep fighting since it is too powerful. Trying to resist as Yu pulls his face close, Mika shakes his head when he is told to just drink it. Explaining that Yu does not understand, he says there is no going back if Mika does that. If he drinks human blood, even a drop he will be a complete vampire. He will never age and Mika feels there will not be a shred of humanity left in him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 120

Refusing to drink from Yu

It will still save him so Mika is asked to do a favour for Yu and live. Softly answering that he cannot, Mika hears that is the wrong answer. When Yu means to make him drink, Mika insists on no and staggers into the shelving behind.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 121

Having been fighting it for so long

Explaining that he has been fighting it for so long with everything in his power, Mika says he does not want to be a monster, neither for Yu to see him as some grotesque creature. Mika begins to narrate how he swallowed down his thirst, it was not easy, yet he is cut off by Yu who threatens to start crying.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 127

Yu has got to be kidding him

Replying that he has got to be kidding him, Mika questions whether Yu wants him to become a vampire so he does not have to cry. Commenting that Yu has not changed since they were kids, Mika proceeds to change the subject. He asks Yu to listen to something needs to know regarding the humans. With Yu making la-la noises and covering his ears, Mika requests for him to come on and please listen.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 136

Told to give into his thirst since Yu refuses to allow him to die

Having to drink blood first, Mika is asked to stay alive for Yu. With it available, Mika stares mesmerised by the blood trickling down Yu’s arm after he has been guided to go ahead and give in to his thirst. He then focuses on the blood drops falling as he remains enthralled.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 141

Yu is a awful person for encouraging him

Falling to his knees Mika tells Yu he is an awful person. He non-seriously replies that making Yu his family was the biggest mistake of his life because now he is going to become a monster because of him. Mika affirms he is going to keep living.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 151

Springing into Yu

Taking a moment holding his mouth, Mika states he is sorry that it is so hard to resist. Saying that he wants to drink blood so badly, with Yu holding his arm out and nodding, Mika then leaps into Yu to do so. After landing he remains drinking from Yu's neck. Teary eyed, Mika is happy as his eye color changes from blue to red as he becomes a complete vampire.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 166

Deeming his state of being strange

Feeling it is all weird, such as drinking his family’s to stay alive, Mika says it is not normal. Agreeing with Yu that it is not like they ever cared, Mika still thinks it is strange. He never thought he would become a real vampire. Questioning the name Guren when Yu mentions it, Mika hears Yu speak fondly of him. Further that Yu following Guren’s advice meant he got to see Mika again.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 176

Emotionally affected when Yu is happy he got to see him again

Moved by that, Mika is asked to promise for them to survive together. If it is too difficult for Mika to be a vampire, he hears Yu will find a way to turn him back. Considering the irony, Mika fought all this time because he thought Yu needed saving. He adds Yu is the strong one, and he has changed in some ways. Not so certain that Yu was always the strong one, Mika is unequivocally sure that Yu used to be a real big cry-baby.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 180

Laughing that he is the one crying right now

With it pointed out he is bawling right now, and with a tear falling as well, Mika laughs and says Yu got him there. Mika says Yu might think he is stronger due to Guren’s training but he is just using him. After listening to Yu say he does not mind if he or Guren uses him for everything they have done for him, Mika states he is nothing like the humans.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 186

Acknowledging he just drank Yu's blood

He would never manipulate him the way that they are, though he did just drink Yu’s blood. With Yu having a small favour to ask, Mika questions what is it. He hears that it involves Yu's team-mates, his family who are in trouble. Mika is requested to please come with him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 189

Watching as Yu leaves

When Yu instantaneously heads for the door, Mika urges him to hold on. Questioning what Yu is doing, similarly his appeal for Yu to think about this is disregarded as he sees him walking away.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 192

Anxiously shouting that Yu cannot go back to those humans, Mika witnesses Yu stepping outside into the light. Running to follow him outside, Mika walks across the settled snow and entreats Yu to hear him out first.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 194

Trying to get Yu to listen to him

He is begging him but Yu is wondering if Mika has any idea what happened to his team-mates. Mika asks if he would stop worrying about those humans and start paying attention to him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 196

Disclosing iniquitous army activities

Once Yu does stop, Mika raise how he does not know what kind of awful brain washing they put him through. He cannot let him go back to the army and describing them as evil, Mika reveals they have been experimenting on them both since they were just kids.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 199

Yu is not listening to him and says Mika can't stop him

When Yu walks away, Mika runs after to take him by his shoulder. Trying to turn him, Mika asks why will he not listen to him. His hand is shoved away and Mika is told he cannot stop Yu.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 200

One method of stopping Yu from returning to the humans

In response, Mika states it is fine and draws his sword. Pacing behind Yu's steps, Mika positions the blade near him. Stopping him that way, Mika is asked what is he doing and whether he really pulled a sword on him. Mika reasons that he will do whatever it takes to protect him. He hears Yu saying if that were the case then he should be helping him.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 205

Wondering how helping Yu will protect him

Mika queries the words, but he is told by Yu to kill him if he does not want him to go, he would rather die than than fail to protect his family. Consequently Mika labels him such a hypocrite for telling him that he had to survive even if he became a vampire. He will not let Yu go back to them and he asks him to hear what he has to got to say. Told to stop, he hears Yu say they are his family just like he is.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 211

Stating how Yu's friends saved him

Lowering his sword, Mika thinks he has met the people Yu is talking about. Turning his face away twice when Yu wants to know, Mika proceeds to mention how earlier there was a girl and she and her friends saved his life, she fought with a scythe.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 212

Agreeing to only help Yu's four friends

Waving him away, Mika sheathes his sword. After a moment to ponder the matter, Mika agrees to only Yu's friends, he will help the four of them.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 213

Hugged by Yu in happiness

With Yu overjoyed, Mika is hugged tightly by him. Mika asks what is he doing and to cut it out. His arm is taken by Yu as they walk yet he does not know where the squad is for sure but Mika says he did hear them say something about meeting at an airport.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 227

Driving to the airport

Driving a truck there Mika jokes that he thought Yu wanted them both to survive when Yu says he could have driven. Reminded that he wanted to talk, Mika explains the humans have ulterior motives. They are using Yu as a test subject for experimentation, one that will have far reaching consequences. As a result, humans and vampires across the globe are targeting Yu.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 233

Assuring Yu he is not at fault for the world's condition, they were just kids

This is serious, it is the same experiment that messed up the world and the reason all the adults died years ago and it almost made humans extinct. Mika calmly denies Yu was responsible, they did not do any of this, they were innocent kids who were being used and humans are the ones who caused this.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 235

The experiment is called "seraph of the end"

Mika unveils that the Hyakuya Orphanage where they lived was nothing but a laboratory. After it was gone, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army took over the experimentation. Mika is aware that the experiment was called Seraph of the End.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 236

Enunciating critical views of humanity

Asseverating how humans are such ugly creatures, Mika describes them as animals driven by greed and only concerned with making themselves stronger. They will hurt anyone to get more power so Mika cannot leave Yu in the hands of people like that.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 238

Reminded that Yu is also a human

Not commenting on Yu stating that he is human and if possible would like to change Mika back as well, he voices that if the wrong people have Yu under control they could use him to end this world in a heartbeat. Mika voices his desire for Yu to run away with him instead. They will make a new home, somewhere secluded, far away from this war.

Episode 22 - Screenshot 249

Is Yu certain they can trust his friends

As Yu adds they would be away from vampires and the Moon Demon Company, Mika confirms that is right. Remembering that they thought they could escape the vampires and find a paradise, only that failed and paradise did not exist. Mika questions is it not still worth looking. With Yu thinking his friends can help them escape if that is what Mika really wants, he asks whether Yu is really certain they can trust them.[20]

Episode 23 - Screenshot 254

Arriving at Nagoya airport where humans are attacking humans

With Yu he arrives at Nagoya city airport where Kureto and Aoi Sangū have instigated the slaughter of the surviving Moon Demon Company solders with long connected spiked rods. Mika told Yu they should not have come, it is a huge mess. Commenting on the humans attacking other humans, Mika says for him to look.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 270

Ensuring Yu retreats from what is massacring people

The container that the skewers are coming from is unable to be hit with Yoichi’s arrows. Shinoa squad around him are challenged to deter their inclination to stab into them. With no means to stop the weapons, Mika ensures that Yu follows as he tells Yu to come on when Shinoa calls for them to get out of here.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 273

A squadron of helicopters inbound

His running comes to a halt when he sees a fleet of helicopters approaching in the distance. The Japanese Imperial Demon Army soldiers are behind them and their path forward is hindered by vampire forces who have descended to the ground which are directed into battle by a masked vampire noble.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 285

A measurable defence from humans and vampires

Mika along with the team now including Narumi are to receive help from Shinya. Mika adds to what Shinya is saying about this being a great opportunity since they are not paying attention to them anymore. This is their chance to escape and Mika sees Goshi, Sayuri, Shigure and Mito also intend to help provide them cover to do so.

Episode 23 - Screenshot 293

Fighting through the vampire side

Heading into the incoming mass of vampires, Mika stabs a vampire in his path. Keeping an eye on Yu, Mika asks what is he Yu is doing as Yu is running ahead.[21]

Intervening just in time, Mika blocks Guren’s sword when he brings it down on Yu. Stating that this is what happens when he puts his trust in humans, Mika pushes Yu out of harms way as he exchanges sword strikes with Guren.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 9

Fighting Guren after he attacked Yu

Remaining agile, Mika is hit away and remarks that Guren is strong. He makes a pre-emptive strike on Guren by running at him but is overwhelmed by the impacts of Guren’s sword. Considering the force of his attacks, Mika thinks Guren is like a different person.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 12

Kicked into Yu

Mika is kicked into Yu nearby. After Guren kills his own comrades as well as vampires the rods absorb their blood into the container they are coming out of. This explodes and Mika is back to back with Yu.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 39

Witnessing what has come out the crate

Facing around, Mika observes a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. Mirai Kimizuki emerges as a seraph and blowing a long golden horn results in the sky darkening. Sharp jagged rocks erupt from the ground and areas split and raise.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 72

Helping Yu against Guren

With Yu attacking Guren for stabbing Kimizuki, Mika joins the fight on Yu’s side and motions to skewer Guren. Using his arm to block his kick, Mika is knocked back at which point he says for Yu to attack. He checks Yu who has been stabbed by Guren after he tried to appeal to him using words.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 128

Taking Yu away from the seraph, Abaddon, Horseman, the lot

A gigantic winged monster referred to as Abaddon has emerged from Mirai's back and afterwards Aoi has it produce Four Horseman of John. Mika is simply leaving it all behind. Taking Yu with him, he comments this is the end of it all, there is no future for any of them now. Ordering the Four Horseman of John nearby out of his way, Mika slices it to return it to a black mist.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 132

Also forgetting Guren and Yu's squad

Weary, Mika notes it is good that Yu is awake and they are going to find a safe place, somewhere others will not be able to reach. With Yu concerned for Guren since he was crying earlier, Mika asks if he is kidding him and to forget about Guren. Regarding Shinoa and Yu’s comrades, Mika thinks they are staying behind to fight. With Yu saying he cannot leave them since they are his family, Mika replies that he is his only family but he does listen as Yu explains how they are all people he needs to protect.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 136

Tapped over by a Horseman of the Apocalypse

Blocking the initial blow from a Four Horseman of John that appears, Mika is hit over. Seeing Yu kill it, Mika is held as he explains drinking Yu’s blood will not help. Putting it down to Abaddon, he says there is something about this demon that affects his healing. Asked what Yu can do to help, Mika answers he can save himself.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 142

Looking at Abaddon, there is no way to take it down

Look at that thing, there is no way they can take it down. Finding them in the distance, Mika guides Yu that his family is in danger and directs him to go save them. His reply is to just go and hurry when Yu does not want to leave him, and pushing Yu away he says otherwise he will lose his whole family again. With Yu feeling this is a case of killing “that big monster” to make everything right, Mika replies that he always had the worst ideas, that thing is huge and no one can kill it.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 161

Near to and unhurt by the flame

He tells Yu not to when he sees him walking towards a katana sword. After Yu stabs himself, a deep horn sound arrives with a gigantic column of explosive fire. This launches high into the air around Yu near Mika.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 164

Held by Krul before the fiery cyclone

Mika is unharmed by the proximity and flames but is blown back by an unseen force. He continues to helplessly roll until being caught by Krul. He addresses her as queen Krul as they consider what is before her. The Four Horseman of John have ceased their attack and Yu emerges from the whirling fire storm as the King of Salt.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 231

The landscape restored after Yu destroys Abaddon

Mika sees the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu destroys Abaddon with with the power of the second trumpet. Yu’s black gold seraph eyes have become demon red and he has fainted after two demon horns come from his head. At that point Mika says to Krul they too should go and get Yu.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 256

Healed enough to retrieve Yu

Asked if he has healed enough, Mika replies he will be fine. Moving to not let the humans get a hold of him, Mika is suddenly pulled back by Krul and defended from Crowley leaping towards them with his sword. She has broken Crowley’s neck but has been bitten by Ferid who ambushes her from behind.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 274

Receiving a message from Krul

As Mika heads to help he is told to forget her and go now. After receiving spoken message that Mika hears, he complies and leaves. He has caught up to Shinoa squad with Narumi as well where they are escaping the vampires and Japanese Imperial Demon Army with Yu.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 317

Having dealt with pursuing soldiers to help Yu's squad escape as well

Mika blasts the Demon Army's soldiers away who had followed up to the squad and had began to attack Shinoa after she refused the order to hand Yu over. Stating that more will follow and to hurry, Mika joins the escape with them.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 341

Ready with Yu for the plan

Four months later, Mika is wearing non-uniform clothes an exits the building with Yu to a beach location. Told he is taking his time, Mika replies that Kimizuki is just always in a rush, that is all. He transports his sword on top of his bag and hears Yu’s plan for them to get going. They will rescue Kimizuki’s sister, and Guren to get him back to his old self.

Episode 24 - Screenshot 348

Noticing Yu step into the ocean

Shinoa has intel that the lieutenant Colonel is in Sanguinem and with Yu saying what a pain it is that they have to go all the way back, Mika replies for him to just not do anything dumb like grow wings and try and kill them all when they get there. After joking, Mika asks Yu whether he heard what Mitsuba said about how everything will be fine before he notices Yu walking into the sea.[22]

Becoming a vampireEdit

Events of 2020Edit

Second Shibuya High ArcEdit

Shinjuku ArcEdit

Post-Shinjuku ArcEdit

Nagoya ArcEdit

Post-Nagoya ArcEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a vampire, and one turned by a third progenitor, Mika is afforded a supernaturally powerful strength and speed. He is able to avoid the detonation from a spell tag and partake in incredibly fast battling styles. Mika is agile and can leap to great heights. His regenerative capabilities allow him to heal wounds that would result in death for a regular person.

Natural Abilities Edit

  • His combat prowess against Guren
  • Able to leap high
Where stronger vampire swords tend to have spikes that stab through the palm, Mika's weapon has thorny red vines that emerge from the lower two holes in the golden colored pommel to wrap around his hand. The silver blade is soaked red as it draws upon blood to bolster Mika's capabilities to even greater heights. Even when not powered the sword can emit destructive ranged attacks against multiple targets.

Weapons Edit

  • The spiked vines
  • Being powered
  • A destructive ranged attack
  • The aftermath of a sweep
  • Cast from his reddened sword
  • Emanated forward
  • At close range


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  • "I don't think it's all that bad to be honest. At least we're alive. And more importantly we get to live with our family. Don't you think that's enough?" - Fine with life in the vampire city, that they are alive and with family is enough.1
  • "It's like talking to a wall with you. That stubborn streak won't keep them away from your neck." - Responding to Yu who says he is not the vampire's livestock, and ignoring what Mika feels they have in regards to being able to be with their family.1
  • "Please sir! Ignore him. You see he's just a harmless moron. I'll take care of him, I swear this won't happen again." - Attempting to have a vampire let Yu go after he tackled one.1
  • "Oh I don't know if that's a good idea, he's shy." - Covering for Yu and answering for him when Ferid questions whether Yu will also be coming to his mansion.1
  • "Yeah, yeah, you keep fooling yourself. Look, I get that you're angry but you need to be more careful, okay?" - Unconvinced at Yu's rhetoric of fighting the vampires, Mika then reminds Yu to be more careful with the way he is feeling.
  • "Of course he does. We have a deal, I give him blood and he gives me whatever I want. Plus he serves dinner when I visit. It might seem wrong to you but you've got to use your head if you want to survive in this place." - Candidly up front about Ferid knowing him since Mika is willingly providing his blood. Using his head to survive in the vampire city is to provide food for his orphanage family.1
  • "Hey Yu. My names Mikaela. I'm an orphan too so I know how you feel. I was sad at first but now I have a big family! If you like, you could be a part of it." - Remembering how Mika introduced himself to Yu when he arrived at the orphanage, and after hearing Yu's angered reply: "Wow, that must have been really hard. But starting today everything is going to get better!"1
  • "I don't want to hear it. These kids look up to you. They hang on your every word. "We can beat the fangs", "we won't lose", it gives them hope. It gives all of us hope." - Dismissing Yu's feeling that the vampires are impossible to beat and quoting Yu's sayings that inspire their family, and Mika himself.1
  • "Ferid's mansion is as big as a castle. It took forever just to find anything useful. The great Michaela doesn't give his blood away for a pat on the back, he gets his dues. Anyway, that all stops now. We're leaving tonight. I already know what you're going to say but don't worry, I've got it all planned out." - Describing Ferid's mansion and unveiling his escape plan from the city, that is to take place that night.1
  • "As long as the Hyakuya family works together, everything will turn out okay." - Certain they can find a cure for the virus that is outside in the world.1
  • "Great, let's go! Akane go wake everybody up. It's time we said goodbye to this city!" - Pleased Yu agreed to the escape plan from the vampire city, and arranging for everyone to be gathered.1
  • "It's okay Yu. Don't forget. The two of us, we're family." - His calm and peaceful words to Yu after their family had been murdered, and before he took the gun to use on Ferid.1
  • "Jeez would you quit walking so fast? Wait up, I'm family, don't abandon me, Yu! Sorry, no can do. The director said everyone from the Hyakuya Orphanage is family, so shut up and deal with it!" - His enthusiastic desire to be family with Yu is remembered.2
  • "You had us worried there, Yu. But I'm glad you made a new friend. Now we can stop worrying about you. Don't you get it? We don't want you to live for revenge. You're way too nice to go through that. Listen. You need to take good care of your new friend, okay? Well, we've got to get going." - Mika speaks for their family in the transcendent exit hall where they died. Providing solace to Yu, Mika is contented that four years later Yu has managed to make a new friend.2
  • "You can have the body if you want it. Credit means nothing to me." - Responding to Rene after he assumes Mika took a Four Horseman of John down before they could land any blows themselves to gain glory.4
  • "You always want to do stuff that will get us in trouble. There's no way we could beat the vampires in a frontal assault. Outsmarting them is the only way to go. I actually have an escape plan already. We can run away from the vampires together." - A memory of Mika as a child and his plan coming together.4
  • "I had so much hope in the time before my humanity ended. But then, it was because of this foolish hope that everything fell apart." - Then reflecting on the outcome where Mika feels his humanity ended when he became a vampire.4
  • "I'm happy... I can leave this world in peace, knowing you've escaped." - Remembering feeling something positive after his family died but Yu had escaped the vampire city after Ferid trapped them.4
  • "That was the moment. I lost my humanity." - His thoughts on the precise moment he became a vampire when Krul gave him her blood.
  • “And why should I follow those rules? They didn’t stop you from drinking my blood. You didn’t hesitate.” - Speaking to Ferid, and where the vampire's rules did not help Mika.9
  • ”I had no idea that I was playing into your hands, or that my family would be killed to amuse you. How many humans have been slaughtered just because you got a little bored?” - After being taunted with how it worked out for him when Mika offered his blood, to gain a map and gun to escape.9
  • "I'm not upset. At least not at you. I'm angry with myself because I didn't have the power to protect my family." - Whether he feels it but will not give Ferid the satisfaction, Mika denies he is angry at the vampire who murdered his family and holds the blame on himself for something he had no control over.9
  • “I would rather die as a human, than live as a vampire!” - Adamant that he will not drink human blood to become a complete vampire when Krul had human blood ready for that purpose.9
  • “I’ve got ten days worth of Krul’s blood. I have to find Yu before I run out.” - Mika keeps vials of Krul’s blood, and is searching for Yu. 9
  • “If we could escape from this place, what would you want to do? Where would you want to go?” - And hearing from Yu if they headed outside the virus would kill them Mika added: “use your imagination. If we could escape to the outside with the rest of the family. If we could go to a place without any vampires then, don’t you think we would have fun?” - Such a conversation was in mind for when Mika was arranging for them to escape their captivity.
  • "I can do this on my own." - If he were rejecting the idea of fighting alongside Ferid, or because he believes it, Mika was prepared to fight Lieutenant Colonel, Guren Ichinose by himself.10
  • “He will regret coming to attack me. It will be his undoing. My sword!” - His response for Guren heading his way, and invoking his sword to release its thorned vines to drink his blood in preparation10
  • "I evaded the blast. And besides, do you really think old school spell craft works on vampires?" - A response that asserts his capabilities after Guren's stated that he landed a cursed spell tag on Mika, then adding whether Guren thought that would even work to deny him any sense of superiority.10
  • “What are you getting at? There’s no way I’ll lose against him.” - Not sure what Ferid means about having a rug yanked under him in his battle with Guren. Mika was unaware Shigure was also preparing a wide area kunai trap in a fight that was never one on one.10
  • “I don’t need your help. I know what their strategy is now. My sword, drink more of my blood” - Rejecting Ferid's offer of help again and knowing Guren's tactics that also included Goshi, Mika prepares his weapon further.10
  • “Are you done talking yet? I want to get this over with.” - Asking if Guren is done speaking to Sayuri regarding cursed gear stimulants.10
  • “I’m not holding anything back from now on.” - Observed by Guren to be faster.
  • “You shouldn’t taunt someone stronger than you, it’s not smart!”10
  • “Another reckless human, what annoying pests.” - His reaction to humans coming close without seeing this one, and his words on Yu’s voice after not seeing him in four years.10
  • “If you so much as try to lay a finger on him, I’ll kill you!” - Livid and grabbing Ferid's neck when he suggests using his blood to turn Yu into a vampire.11
  • “I’m not surprised you’ve made new friends. You’ve always been such a kind soul.” - Fond thoughts on Yu as Mika sees him with new people around him.11
  • “The truth is, these friends you’ve made are faking it. They’re greedy and deceitful, all of them." - Further thoughts on Yu's squad members.
  • “Let’s go. Leave everything behind and escape with me.” - Finally having gained access to Yu.11
  • "You're wrong! They only see you as a tool! Please Yu, trust me. I'm trying to save you before it's too late!" - When Yu feels he needs to stay and help his friends, Mika see them differently, as something to protect Yu from.11
  • “Just forget about them, in the end they’ll betray you and toss you aside.” Mika holds Yu as he beseeches him to leave behind people who are using Yu, in his mind.
  • “It’s true, the humans have been using him all along.” - Mika’s sees his confirmation when Yu is transformed into a one black winged seraph.
  • “No Yu, don’t do it! You’d never be able to forgive yourself!” - Holding a negative view towards humans, Mika endures the sword meant for Shinoa not to save her but because he was taking Yu’s mental reaction into account and suspected he would be troubled if he did.
  • “Shut up human, this is happening because you used him!” - Responding to why he saved Shinoa, disparagingly addressing her as human and holding Shinoa accountable for Yu's altered state.
  • “Don’t you dare touch him. Get your filthy hands off my family!” - Enraged when Shinoa hugged Yu and viewing him as family.
  • “These are the first tears I’ve shed since becoming a vampire.” - Awakening in the curse detoxification chamber after seeing Yu at the city of Shinjuku.
  • “Yu. I swear on everything. I’ll save you." - A promise to save Yu from the humans.12
  • “You were supposed to kill Yuichiro and me. So what are you playing at by letting us live?” - Raising what he heard at the progenitor council meeting with Krul.
  • “If you’re going to end up hurting Yu then I’ll put a stop to this right now!” - Words for his blood benefactor and one of the few vampires he is close to, Krul. Mika does not demonstrate the means of stopping the third progenitor and vampire queen of Japan who sired him.
  • “I understand. I’ll save Yu from the vampires, and from the humans as well.” - Without question accepting a secret mission from Krul where failure would result in him being a traitor to both sides.15
  • “Hello Human. You’re going to answer some questions for me.” - How he speaks to Aihara he has captured in Nagoya, and seeking information on Yu.
  • “Keep quiet. Pretend you’re dead too. You don’t want the other vampires to find out you’re alive. I’ll let you go if you answer my questions truthfully, got it?” - Initiating a ruse with Aihara to gain intel and keep her alive when vampires are attacking other humans nearby.
  • “I’m going to take a different route. This human may have been scared for her life but we can’t take her word alone. Let me borrow five soldiers and I’ll go see what’s happening at city hall just in case.” - With Lacus and Rene headed to the botanical gardens on a false lead, Mika breaks away from them to find Yu reported as heading for Nagoya’s city hall.
  • “That story protected Yu. Maybe you were his comrade. No, you probably just used him like all the others do.” - Unbeknownst to him, Aihara was friendly in her brief interaction with Yu and was a comrade in the joint mission targeting vampire nobles, yet Mika concluded she was using him.
  • “Okay, follow me. Let’s see what’s going on at city hall.” - Directing the five borrowed vampire soldiers under his command.18
  • “No, I’m afraid this is as far as any of you will go.” - Rather than allow the vampires under his command to enter Nagoya city hall to search fro humans to drink from, Mika kills them all instead.20
  • “Now then. Where are you my friend.” - Not discouraged that Yu is not at city hall, Mika retains his goal to find Yu.20
  • “You’re going to give me back my family. No matter what!” - Mika has found Yu, but he is at the back of a huge group of armed soldiers.
  • “This isn’t real! They’re not going to keep me from you!” - Whether recognising the mist or though sheer resolve to retrieve Yu, Mika presses through Goshi’s illusionary magic that shows his legs melting. 21
  • “You’d protect me, because you know that I’m his family?” - Genuinely bewildered that Shinoa squad is protecting him due to his connection with Yu.21
  • “You heard her, let’s move.” - Speaking to Yu as he is unconscious and accepting Shinoa’s escape path with no further hostilities to the squad.21
  • “Can’t fight it. I need blood! The thirst is too painful, I can’t take it!” - A very real physical pain from not having blood.22
  • “No you don’t understand. There’s no going back if I do that. If I drink human blood, even a drop… I’ll be a complete vampire. One who will never age. There won’t be a shred of humanity left in me.” - Part of Mika’s reluctance to drink Yu’s blood, and feeling becoming a vampire correlates with utterly losing his humanity.22
  • “I said no, dammit! I’ve been fighting it so long with everything in my power. I don’t want to be a monster. I don’t want you to see me as some grotesque creature. So I’ve swallowed down my thirst, it wasn’t easy, and now…” - Further hesitations, and resisting drinking human blood for some time. 22
  • “It’s weird right. All of this. Everything, drinking your family’s blood just to stay alive. It’s not normal.” - His words after becoming a complete vampire who drinks Yu’s blood. Mika’s opinion of ‘normal’ in a world of vampires, demons and seraphs.22
  • “Never thought I’d become a real vampire.” - After four years as a partial one surviving on vampire’s blood, Mika didn’t think he would complete the change.22
  • “Oh the irony. I fought all this time because I thought you needed saving. But you’re the strong one, because you have changed in some ways.” - On Yu, his driving force and someone he has seen changes in. When Yu insists he has always been the strong one, Mika is beyond doubt: “No, you used to be a real big crybaby.”22
  • “You may think that but this Guren guy you keep talking about is just using you.” - In response to Yu saying if he has changed it is because of Guren’s training.
  • “What is it?” - He would hear Yu’s favour concerns helping his team mates.
  • “Think about this! You can’t go back to those humans!” - Disturbed that Yu is walking away intending to rescue his team-mates.
  • “Just hear me out first, I’m begging you. Please, Yu. Would you stop worrying about those humans and start paying attention to me?” - Intermittently trying to get Yu’s attention as he focuses on finding his squad.22
  • “I don’t know what kind of awful brain washing they put you through. But I can’t let you go back to the army.” - Mika’s guidance for Yu before he comments on the army: “They’re evil. They’ve been experimenting on you and me since we were just kids.” - Showing an awareness of an “army” that has participated in human experimentation.22
  • “You’re such a hypocrite! You said I had to survive even if it meant becoming a vampire!” - An unnerved response to Yu boldly stating he would rather die than fail to defend his family.22
  • “I think I’ve met the people you are talking about.” - Initially against the very idea, Mika resolves to help and refers to Shinoa squad.
  • “Only your friends. I’ll help the four of them.” - But only those four humans.22
  • “The humans have ulterior motives. They’re using you as a test subject for experimentation. The experiment will have far reaching consequences. And as a result, humans and vampires across the globe are targeting you.” - Conscious that human experiments on Yu have drawn other groups, and aware of powers abroad. With Yu joking, Mika adds: “This is serious. It’s the same experiment that messed up the world. The reason all the adults died years ago. It almost made humans extinct.” - And he possesses knowledge of that world ruining calamity.22
  • “No Yu, we didn’t do any of this. We were innocent kids who were being used.” - Alleviating Yu’s concerns, and not having him shoulder the blame for the momentous transgressions of others.
  • “The Hyakuya Orphanage where we lived was nothing but a laboratory. After it was gone, the Japanese Imperial Demon Army took over the experimentation. The experiments called “Seraph of the End” - Imparting the truth to Yu and knowing the history of these two factions.
  • “Humans are such ugly creatures. They’re animals driven by greed, only concerned with making themselves stronger. They’ll hurt anyone to get more power, I can’t leave you in the hands of people like that.” - Ingrained preconceptions about humans and rationalizing them as dangerous, something to protect Yu from. Seriously at odds with his views and own kind-hearted actions before becoming a vampire, and his frame of mind after four years with vampires.22
  • “If the wrong people have you under control they could use you to end this world in a heartbeat.” - A particularly legitimate concern Mika has for Yu, and Mika offers his wish for Yu to “Run away with me instead. We’ll make a new home, somewhere secluded, far away from this war.”22
  • “I told you. We shouldn’t have come, this is a huge mess. Humans attacking other humans, just look.” - Finding the scene at Nagoya airport where Kureto has decimated the surviving Moon Demon Company members with long spiked rods.23
  • “Yeah, they’re not paying attention to us anymore. This is our chance to escape.” - Adding to what Shinya was saying, recognizing the Demon Army and vampires are focused on one another and thinking strategically in a precarious situation involving two hostile armies.
  • “This is what happens when you put your trust in humans!” - A generalisation about humans made in the heat of a tense moment as Mika defends Yu from Guren’s sword. Also Guren is at this point more demon than human.
  • “He’s like a different person.” - His view of Guren’s increased strength. Mika is also literally correct, Guren has been possessed by Mahiru-no-Yo.
  • “This is the end of it all. There’s no future for any of us now. MOVE!” - Taking Yu to safety, aware of what the demon Abaddon’s presence amongst them means. The "MOVE!" part was directed at a Four Horseman of John in Mika's way but he does not give it a chance to move before destroying it completely.24
  • “No, that won’t help me, there’s something about this demon that affects my healing.” - Feeling that Abaddon is the cause of his suppressed healing so drinking Yu’s blood will not help.24
  • “You can save yourself. Look at that thing. There’s no way we can take it down. Your family is in danger. Go save them.” - Resigning himself, Mika issues practical guidance to help make sure Yu is okay.24
  • “More will follow them, hurry!” - Mika does not try and take Yu from Shinoa squad, rather defends them from the pursuing Imperial Demon Army members as they retreat together.

Trivia Edit

  • He calls Yūichirō by the nickname "Yu-chan" (優ちゃん Yū-chan?) in Japanese.
  • Mikaela is a Latin name meaning "Gift from God" or "God-like."
  • Hyakuya「百夜」means "hundred nights."



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