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Mito Jūjō (十条 美十 Jūjō Mito?) is a minor character in the Seraph of the End anime. A member of Guren's squad, she is also a colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Mito's cursed gear allows her to fight against vampires using her fists.

She takes part in the battle of Shinjuku then participates in a practice challenge against Shinoa squad at the Ebina rest stop. Mito also joins her squad and a one hundred person attack on vampire nobles in Nagoya.

Note: This is the page for Mito in the anime, for the article detailing Mito in other formats see: Mito Jūjō


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She has notably long wavy crimson colored hair that reaches down to the back of her knees. She wears it in a ponytail with a purple hair tie.

For clothing, Mito wears the standard JIDA uniform, which consists of a long-sleeved black tailcoat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes. The right one has a fourragère around her right side connecting to the lapel of the coat, and two rows of gold buttons on the front. Along with that, she wears a pair of white gloves, an armband on her left arm, and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. Instead of the standard female skirt, Mito opted for the trousers seen with the male version of the uniform along with a pair of black shoes.


Whilst she takes her patrolling duties seriously when scouting for vampires, Mito was flustered at hearing from Goshi that Guren wanted to see her in a bikini.

In battle she will move to where she is needed, from defeating a vampire that was targeting Sayuri to hitting at Lacus who was preventing Sayuri from moving, and then running to assist Guren. Selected for a group exercise with herself, Shinya and Guren against Shinoa squad, Mito fought and also prevented Shinoa from taking part by stepping on her scythe.

She adheres to orders and turned to Shinya for them after Guren had been captured. An unexpected event that discomposed her was Shigure and Sayuri abandoning their mission to rescue Guren.

Mito is purposeful, loyal and a good team player and whilst she can be flummoxed it is not to the detriment of others.


Mito stands amongst the other members of the Moon Demon Company who have arrived in response to an escaped vampire. She watches as Yoichi accidentally knocks Yu over.[2]

Shinjuku Arc[]

Beside Shigure during the battle of Shinjuku

With the city of Shinjuku under heavy attack from a vampire invasion, Mito appears to defend Sayuri Hanayori from a vampire who has made his way to their vantage point atop a building. Punching it away she destroys it with a single hit. With her squad leader Guren Ichinose saying it is about time she got here, Mito questions whether he is implying she is late, with such short notice Mito wonders what the hurry is.[3]

Taking the battle to the vampires

After an attack clears a squadron of vampires, Mito is preparing her gloves as she stands behind Guren and Goshi opposite the vampire commander, Ferid Bathory, with Mikaela Hyakuya near him. She is a part of the contingent force of soldiers facing the vampires that include Lacus Welt and René Simm as commanders. She is mentioned by Sayuri as someone to help fend off the vampires as Guren heads for the commander and continues to fight them.

Observing the destructive power of a spell tag

Mito watches the destruction from the Fudo Myo-o spell tag that Guren has used in his on-going battle with Mika. She watches stunned as Guren is sent crashing through multiple structures by Ferid after his intervention in that fight.

Helping Sayuri by aiming for Lacus

After Lacus says to Sayuri that distraction will get her killed, Mito advises him to speak for himself before attempting to strike the vampire. Her action removes Lacus from attacking Sayuri and she then points out to Guren that if he dies of shock from taking two of the cursed gear stimulant pills then he cannot lead them.[4]

Moving to assist Guren

Vampire nobles Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld have arrived and joined Ferid with the goal to capture the Moon Demon Company make them their livestock. Guren orders a mass retreat yet attacks Ferid after Yūichirō Hyakuya begins slashing at him. Mito runs past Sayuri in her renewed fight against Lacus to intercede. Outrun by Lacus, she uses her gloved hands to weather a power thrown off from Lacus’s sword.

Fatigued from the battle

She falls to her knees from its effects and has Sayuri come to her side. Replying she is fine, with Norito Goshi and Shigure joining her she realizes the vampires have no intention of letting them get to Guren. Her statement is confirmed when she is unable to take part further with Lacus and Rene guarding them as hostages nearby. Mito is freed with the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army under Kureto Hīragi and Shinya Hīragi.[5]|

Seated at a diner beside Goshi, Mito is being fed by Sayuri, with Shigure at the same table as well.[6]

Nagoya Arc[]

She joins Guren and the rest of the squad for Kureto’s assigned mission to have one hundred members of the Moon Demon Company assassinate ten vampires nobles in the city of Nagoya as part of a wider campaign to drive the vampires out of Japan.

Concluded scouting for vampires

At a rest stop she announces to Guren that she has finished scoping the interior, there are no signs that vampires have been there. Questioning Goshi why he is asking if she would wear a swimsuit, Mito blushes profusely at hearing that Guren wants to know what she looks like under that uniform.

Asking Guren not to ignore her bikini related question

Mito stands on the platform with Guren as he delivers a speech on how this will likely be their most dangerous mission they will ever undertake. She listens as he rallies the soldiers gathered with a declaration that they are all family, the goal is not to come back alive but victorious.

Chosen with Shinya to take part in a practice battle against Shinoa squad

She is waiting within the abandoned mall when Shigure brings Yu to face Guren. With the punishment actually for Shinoa, Mito is chosen to fight along with Guren and Shinya against Shinoa with her squad to test her capabilities as a squad leader against a powerful threat.

Engaging both Mitsuba and Shinoa

Once Guren notes Shinoa squad’s formation is already falling apart, Mito jumps down with him to continue the fight. With Shinoa and Mitsuba attacking her, Mito can flip around and block their cursed gear scythe, Shikama Doji and axe, Tenjiryū respectively as she battles both. Her opponents are send outside the building by a red cyclone from Guren’s sword, Mahiru-no-Yo.

Joining the fight outside

Mito heads down to re-engage in the fight. When Shinoa means to disenchant the spell tag Guren has placed on Yu’s head, Mito lands on Shinoa’s scythe and keeping it pinned, she tells her not a chance. Once Guren Knocks Mitsuba over, Mito removes her foot from Shinoa’s weapon to allow her to charge to Guren. With the practice match ending firmly in their favour, Mito observes Yu who looks dissatisfied with the result.[7]

A large scale mission has ended unfortunately

With the operation to defeat the vampire nobles underway, after Guren has slain nineteenth progenitor, Mel Stefano and is explaining to Goshi that it was right to not have backup since other squads could benefit, Mito adds none of it really matters if their commander gets killed. Joined by Eita Kusunoki, Mito heads over after it is evident he is seriously injured. She listens as he reveals that nineteen out of forty five soldiers have been killed in the attack on city hall but the rest have been taken hostage.

Aware it is a trap they are to head into

After Eita succumbs to his injuries, Mito says to let her be the first to say that this is clearly some kind of trap and that they would be fools to go. That said, she knows they are still going. They are to rejoin Makoto Narumi and Hīragi squad and then target thirteenth progenitor, Crowley Eusford.[8]

At the gathering place for the next mission

Emerging from underground to where Narumi squad and Shinoa squad have gathered, with soldiers led by Aiko Aihara as well, as a part of Guren squad they cannot wait for others to arrive and have to head into their next mission. Twenty-five soldiers have been taken hostage from the failed attack on three nobles at city hall. The new objective is to kill the three nobles.

Near Nagoya city hall where the hostages are kept

Mito and her squad, along with Shinoa’s and Narumi’s are on the roof of a building in preparation for the mission on Nagoya city hall.[9] She moves to follow Guren as they prepare to attack and free the hostages. Within a building she hears Guren's altered plan that they along with Shinya will attack Crowley Eusford and his comrades, progenitors Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, while Shinoa and Narumi’s team will free the hostages. She stands nearby as Shinya monitors the building with their enemies most likely waiting for them. Mito asks Guren whether they are really attacking them first.

Destroying vampires that come near her

They are, the attack commences and Mito leaps back from a vampire to be in a position to punch through and turn it to dust. She keeps close to Guren as they near to where the prisoners are tied to wooden crosses.

Told by Goshi they should not interfere since they would get in the way

With the vampires engaging the illusionary soldiers produced by Goshi’s cursed gear, Mito gains further ground along with Guren.

After he and Shinya are swung into the city hall building itself by Crowley, Mito is told by Goshi to leave it to them. With Guren captured, Mito has joined them and is in the vicinity of Crowley, Chess and Horn on the fourth floor of the city hall.

Attacking Crowley in an illusionary cave

Whether she too is affected by Goshi’s illusionary spell that has the nobles finding themselves in a fiery magma cave, she attacks Crowley directly after he has knocked over Goshi and Sayuri. Cursing for him to die, Mito is unable to land an attack on him and after her leg is grabbed by Crowley she is thrown into Shigure and they both land in the imaginary pool of magma.

Unable to rescue Guren

She is held up by Shigure, unresponsive until calling for Guren when he is kicked by Crowley. Ordered to retreat and able to do so before the cave collapses and disappears, Mito regroups with Shinya and Shinoa squad with the rest of her squad minus Guren.

With Guren captured Mito requests Shinya's orders

Wiping her face she states there is no time for regret, they have to move then asks what Shinya’s orders are. It is to find Narumi’s team who should have saved all the hostages by now. Standing with him she looks over at the commotion around Shinoa squad. Yu has taken two additional cursed gear stimulants when he has already had two that day. Unable to help as a large volume of blood pouts from his mouth, Mito follows Shinya’s order to meet with Narumi squad as he deals with the situation.[10]

Seeing Mika as a foe who has underestimated them

During the mass retreat to the rendezvous point before a sizeable number of vampire helicopters can reach them, Mito sees a single vampire is running through the Moon Demon Company soldiers. From her perspective, Yu's childhood friend, Mikaela Hyakuya is a monster that has underestimated their strength.

Stopping Mika by sending him to the ground

With his running coming to a standstill due to Goshi’s illusion magic, Mito says now they have him surrounded. She takes part in the attack to bring Mika down by leaping into the air to kick him to the ground.[11]

Finding directives in the flight control room

Having made it to the deserted airport [12] Mito approaches Major General Shinya and hands him directives that were in the flight control room, she thinks they are for them. Mito observes the situation between Narumi squad, where Rika Inoue and then Makoto have blamed Shinoa squad for the loss of their team mates, Yayoi Endō and Tarō Kagiyama and listens on the discontent regarding the mission in general.

Surprised Shigure and Sayuri are leaving

She witnesses Narumi shove Shinya against the fence when it is revealed that Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi is the one behind this mission. With Shigure and Sayuri intending to return and save Guren, Mito is shocked and asks them to think about this. She is relieved hearing that Shinya means for them to ignore the orders from high command and have the goal of the Demon Company to rescue Guren so looks happily to Goshi.

Seeing Kureto disembark from the aircraft

Noticing helicopters approach in the distance, once the demon army aircraft land nearby Mito finds Aoi Sangū and then Kureto himself exit, the latter of who she is startled to see. After a crate is unloaded and raised, the surviving members of the Moon Demon Company come under attack from long connected rods that are spiked at the end.

Grappling with what is killing her comrades

Mito has grabbed one and appears shocked after Narumi cries in anguish over the death of his squad members, Rika and Shūsaku Iwasaki. The vampire fleet then arrives with a masked noble directing his troops to attack. Mito is with the other three members of Guren squad near to Shinoa Squad now with Narumi and Mika as well are where they intend to provide them with plenty of cover. For their comrades Mito helps clear a path.[13]

Helping others to escape

The container the chains are coming from explodes and Mito sees a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph blows a long golden horn to have jagged rocks erupt from the surface with the sky overhead darkened.

A seraph has brought Abaddon to Nagoya

A black mass has emerged from Mirai’s back and formed into a gargantuan winged monster called Abaddon. Having three darts thrown into it has created globules that break off and form into Four Horseman of John that attack vampires and humans. With Shigure and Sayuri, she notes the Horsemen of the Apocalypse have stopped attacking them. She sees the second trumpet, the King of Salt, as a part of Yu destroy Abaddon and restore the environment to what it was.[14]

Powers and Abilities[]

Mito's wears a pair of black gauntlets with a symmetrical design on each featuring green orb above the back of the hand area. This gear gives her fists the power to strike through hostiles. Upon contact with an enemy the hand wear generates a force to increase its destructive impact.

Cursed Gear[]

End Card


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  • “Are you saying I’m late? You’re the one who called me here on such short notice, so what’s with the big hurry?” - Joining Guren on top a building before the battle of Shinjuku.
  • “If you die of shock from taking two of them then you can’t lead us.” - Discouraging Guren from taking cursed gear stimulants. (ep. 10)
  • “What kind of dirty things have you been talking about?! Do you really want to know, Guren?” - Blushing as she hears Goshi say that Guren wants to know what she looks like under her uniform.
  • “Not a chance.” - Having no intention of allowing Shinoa to disenchant a spell tag placed on Yu’s head by Guren in a practice fight.16
  • “Let me be the first to say it. This is clearly some kind of trap. We’d be fools to go.” - Her thoughts on the hostage situation at city hall.17
  • “There’s no time for regret. We have to move. Tell us what your orders are.” - Her stance with a mission to still fulfil after having to leave Guren behind, Mito turns to the next commander, Shinya.20
  • “The monster has underestimated our strength. And now we have him surrounded.” - Mito's views on Mika and his charge through the Moon Demon Company soldiers that has come to a halt due to Goshi’s illusion magic.21
  • “Shigure! Sayuri! Think about this!” - Her unsettled reaction to her friends abandoning the mission to head back and rescue Guren.
  • “For our comrades!” - Intending to help others escape the Japanese Imperial Demon army and the vampires aside from Mika now.23


  • Mito 「美十」 means "ten beauties."
  • Jūjō 「十条」 means "ten articles."
    • The "to" part of her given name and the "Jū" part of her surname are both written with "十," the kanji for "ten."
  • Mito is the youngest member of her squad.
  • Mito has the same English VA as Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.
  • Mito's Japanese VA, too, played on Attack on Titan as Annie Leonhart.
    • Mito's Japanese VA additionally voices for Yu when he was eight-years-old in the anime.