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This article is about the 7th episode fo the Seraph of the End anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Mitsuba's Squad.

"Mitsuba's Squad" (三葉のチーム Mitsuba no Chīmu?) is the seventh episode of the first season and seventh episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Yūichirō Hyakuya, Shinoa Hīragi, Shihō Kimizuki, and Yoichi Saotome meet Mitsuba Sangū and form a squad led by Shinoa. They leave the walls of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army to exterminate vampires before heading to Shinjuku for a major battle. In the meantime, Guren takes a separate route.

The squad hears a scream and sees a young girl being attacked by a Four Horsemen of John. Defying orders, Yu attacks the monster to save her and is ambushed by a trio of vampires.

The rest of the squad defends him, and both humans and vampires retreat. The rescued child gives them information on the vampires at Omotesando station.


List of characters in order of appearance:


12-year old Mika reappears in the form of Asuramaru

Twelve-year-old Mika asks Yu why he left him behind. He tells Yu that he will ask this question until Yu answers him. As demonic smoke consumes him, he reappears in the form of Asuramaru. He reminds Yu to let him know when he feels his spirit will break then claims he will get revenge for Yu if he surrenders to him.

Ferid's gun

The ringing of Yu's alarm clock wakes him, and he dresses in military uniform after brushing his teeth. With one last look at Ferid's stolen gun, he thinks of Mika.

Yu encounters Shinoa in a dirty subway. She tells him he looks nice in his uniform, and she teases him saying that she looks nice, too.

Yu and Shinoa encounters each other

They meet and enter the underground train. As the lights flicker, she says that the vampires from Kansai are planning to retake Shinjuku. Yu only cares about killing the vampires and claims that he was not listening.

They reach the outer wall. After some older soldiers wonder about people so young being part of the Moon Demon Company, Shinoa tells Yu that they think he is a kid. He corrects her by saying it is because she is short. She tells him she still has growing to do because her sister Mahiru had a large breasts. After she tells him her sister died, he apologizes, but she says that no one has survived in this ruined world without losing someone precious.

Mitsuba arguing with Guren

They hear Mitsuba Sangu arguing loudly with Guren after they reach the meeting point.

Guren grabbing Mitsuba and Shinoa by their necks

Mitsuba disagrees with Shinoa being the squad leader instead of her. Guren orders the two girls to not fight with each other, but Shinoa's goading quickly causes Mitsuba to summon a battle axe. When Shinoa manifests her own weapon, the two begin fighting, Guren steps in, disarming them and grabbing them by their necks. He threatens solitary confinement, and the two girls apologize. The boys stare at them, dumbfounded.

Mitsuba tries to kick Yu

Guren states that he is heading to Shinjuku from a separate route. He introduces Mitsuba and instructs them on working in five-man teams. He says that numbers fewer than that typically result in loss of a comrade. He orders them to not fight each other and never fly solo. When Shinoa asks Yu if he heard those instructions, Yu states that he promises nothing. He says that he will attack any vampire before him, even if he is by himself. Mitsuba reacts by trying to kick him in the head, but he manages to block it the last second.

Guren gives the Shinoa squad their first mission

Mitsuba claims that she understands now. She says Guren wants her to train Yu, but Guren mocks the idea of having a troublemaker as a trainer. Kimizuki says they are all pains in the ass. Yoichi says that must be true, if it is coming from Kimizuki.

Guren instructs them to protect each other with their lives. He gives them their mission. He tells them to go to Harajuku, crush the vampires, and free the people there. Then, they must proceed to Shinjuku.

Yoichi saying he's never been outside in a long time

As they walk to Harajuku, Yoichi looks around and says he has not been outside of the city since he was taken in by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.

The other soldiers have. Kimizuki and Yu patrolled the wall as guards before. Shinoa suddenly goes into a lecture about how the horsemen are drastically stronger half a mile out. She says one misstep could kill them and tells them that they must be careful. They must not break formation and must stay on their toes.

Shinoa giggles and says Mitsuba must be feeling responsible for the young recruits.

When Yu asks what that was about, Shinoa giggles and says Mitsuba must be feeling responsible for the young recruits.

A girl runs from a Horsemen of John

They reach Harajuku station and hear a young girl's scream. A girl in normal clothing runs from a Horsemen of John. Yu wants to save her, but Mitsuba orders him against it. She tells him that this was a vampire's trap. Saving that child risks the lives of everyone in that squad. The Horseman reaches the girl. Yu refuses to obey orders, telling his squad that he is tired of surviving because he left someone behind. Yu runs to rescue the child, and Mitsuba chases after him. When Kimizuki and Yoichi try to follow, Shinoa stops them and warns them to get ready for the vampire attack.

Yu defends the girl

Yu defends the child. Shinoa warns Yoichi and Kimizuki that this child is a bait used by the vampires to lure any humans who try to rescue her. Kimizuki states the Horsemens have no will and asks how the vampires could control one.

A trio of vampires ambushes the squad

Shinoa says that they are not obeying vampires but only attacking humans, as if culling the overgrown human population from this earth. Mitsuba cuts off an arm of the monster, and a trio of vampires ambush them. Mitsuba says that this is the oldest trick in the book used by the vampires.

She jumps back, and the three attack Yu, cutting Yu above his right eyebrow. He calls Asuramaru's name, increasing his demonic power and covering his skin with purple markings. The vampires step back. As the Horseman attacks again, Kimizuki cuts its mouth and forces it down, claiming Yu has left his back open again.

Shinoa takes possession of the child

When the monster's tail reaches up to kill Kimizuki when he turns his back, Yoichi fire arrows to destroy the tail. Shinoa has taken possession of the child. Mitsuba finishes off the Horseman.

The vampires retreat

The vampires comment on the Cursed Gear and realized that these humans are members of the Vampire Extermination Unit. They decide to call for backup and capture them, but Yu attacks at full power. Mitsuba tells Yu to retreat. When one of the vampires asks if they think they will let some damn livestock escape, Yu asks what he just said. The vampires decide to retreat. Shinoa orders her squad to retreat since they are behind enemy lines.

Mitsuba slaps Yu

Back in the base, Mitsuba slaps Yu, scolding him for his reckless behavior and for endangering the entire squad. She says that she is grateful they only had second-class weapons. Yu says she is right, but he does not regret it. He tells her to punch him all she wants until she feels better. She states she hates people like him the most since he is the type who leads entire squads to annihilation. The child thanks Yu, and Mitsuba says she will be save now with the army's protection.

Shinoa warns Yu to be nice to Mitsuba since she has a dark past of her own, but she refuses to divulge any details.

Shinoa says that Mitsuba will fall in love with Yu

As the girls shower, Mitsuba rants about Yu's behavior, and Shinoa teases her, saying that she will fall in love with him. Shinoa suggests that Mitsuba hates Yu because his behavior reminds her of how hers used to be.

Mitsuba's failure

Mitsuba recalls a time when she disobeyed orders and broke formation to rescue a comrade. Even though she freed that comrade, her leader had to sacrifice him in order to rescue her. As a result, her entire squad was killed. When Mitsuba tells Shinoa to not come into her shower while she is showering, Shinoa gleefully jumps in and attacks her.

The resultant squealing makes Yu wonder what those girls are doing in there. The boys have already finished showering.

Kimizuki brought a drink to the child

Kimizuki brings a drink to the rescued child. He asks for information, but Yu says she does not have to answer anything she does not want to. Mitsuba gets annoyed by Yu and walks off, leaving him confused. The child tells them the vampires in the Omotesando Station are raising human livestock.

The team at the Omotesando station to slay the vampires

They head off the next day to exterminate the vampires. They decide to ignore the human livestock. Shinoa orders them to retreat if the vampires are armed. Yu dislikes the idea. They reach the station entrance. Shinoa tells him that Yu may be okay since he bears a Black Demon Series weapon, but she prefers them eliminating vampires without getting a scratch themselves. She orders Yu to behave, and he agrees.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
In the manga, Asuramaru tells Yu that it is morning. In the anime, Asuramaru never finishes his sentence.
The manga mentions Yu had this same dream every night since he got his sword and that he cannot get a good night's sleep. Not mentioned in the anime.
Yu is shown picking out his clothes but not putting his uniform together. Yu is shown putting his uniform together.
Yu has a single bed. Yu has a bunk bed.
Yu only pauses when he sees Shinoa's uniform. Yu blushes slightly when he sees Shinoa's uniform.
Yu meets Shinoa outside of his apartment complex. They walk and talk while outside in the sunlight until they reach the wall Yu meets Shinoa in a dark, dirty subway. They ride the subway and exit near the wall.
Shinoa tells Yu that he will no longer be required to attend school as a part of his orders. Shinoa does not mention school.
Mitsuba is arguing with Guren while Yoichi and Kimizuki are standing right there with them. There are no stairs. Yoichi and Kimizuki are standing at the bottom of the stairs while Mitsuba argues with Guren a few meters away.
Mitsuba appears with small black ribbons at the base of her ponytails, although these disappear later in the manga. She also wears black gloves. Her cape only reaches her upper thighs. The ribbons are never present. The gloves are white. Her cape reaches to her calves.
Mitsuba attempts to kick Yu and mentions he has good reflexes with much annoyance. She then continues that she hates idiots like him the most because they put the squad in danger. Yu replies that he has no intentions of arguing with Mitsuba and lets go of her foot. Mitsuba then asks Guren if she is in charge of training Yu. Mitsuba attempts to kick Yu and praises him for his good reflexes. Yu lets go of her foot and she turns to Guren.
There is a small map in the manga, showing the route from Shibuya to Harajuku to Shinjuku. There is no map.
Yoichi specifically mentions Kimizuki and Yuichiro being part of Shibuya's military police. Kimizuki is only implied.
Mitsuba states the Horsemen become exponentially stronger one kilometer from the walls. Mitsuba says half a mile.
The girl runs from a spider-like Horseman. She falls directly in view of Shinoa Squad. There is a lot more scenery and broken train cars involved with the chase. The horseman is more horse-like with a long tail. The squad hears her screams from down below. The chase is extended.
After Mitsuba orders Yu to stay put, she defers to Shinoa to explain. Shinoa explains this is most likely a vampire trap. When Yu asks how she could know that, she says it is impossible for a little girl to survive on her own in this world. Since she is alone, she is obviously bait to lure them in. Mitsuba does not defer to Shinoa and says it is a trap. Yu runs off, and she follows. Shinoa never explains why this trap is so obvious. Shinoa stops Kimizuki and Yoichi from going as well.
Shinoa says she expected Yu to act that way. Not shown.
Yu grabs the child and throws her to his squad members. Yu defends the child from the Horseman's attack, and she runs to the squad members.
The vampires attack immediately. Yu and Mitsuba scuffle with the Horseman first.
Kimizuki, Yoichi, and Mitsuba are the only ones who attack the Horseman. Kimizuki does not show it his back and is the first to attack it, not Mitsuba. Yu never actually fights it. Yu, Kimizuki, Yoichi, and Mitsuba take turns hacking at the horseman.
Mitsuba kills the Horseman by cutting it in half. Mitsuba plunges her axe into it from above and leaps off under a rain of blood.
The female vampire refers to Yu as livestock. Her outfit has a more revealing bodice with crissed-crossed ties up middle, and her clothes are white. The hooded male vampire refers to Yu as livestock. In the anime, the female vampire has a less revealing and detailed top, and her clothing is darker.
When the vampires avoid Yu's attack, the female vampire is in the front of the male vampire. The female is behind the male vampire.
The manga shows the left side of Yu's face after he is called livestock. The anime shows the right side of his face.
The vampires are not shown discussing their retreat before retreating. The vampires discuss retreating first.
A pair of faceless soldiers are in the Shibuya Observation Post with the rescued child. A pair of soldiers is only showed very faintly in shadow as they walk away with the child. The location name is not given.
Yu has a bandage on the right of his forehead where he was cut by the vampire. When Mitsuba slaps him, a mark is visible. The cut was already healed, and no mark is shown when he was slapped.
Mitsuba does not bring up second-class weapons. Mitsuba brings up second-class vampire weapons when she slaps Yu.
Shinoa discusses strategy with the boys after Mitsuba slaps Yu and storms off. Yoichi says he would like it if they did not have to fight the vampires again. Not shown in the anime.
The shower scene is shown with more bubbles. The shower scene is censored with steam instead.
The showers are only separated by curtains. The showers are separated by semi-transparent glass on the sides and a curtain at the entrance to each shower.
Mitsuba yells at Shinoa to not enter her shower before the flashback. This occurs after the flashback.
What happens after Shinoa enters Mitsuba's shower is not shown. Shinoa is shown glomping Mitsuba in the shower.
Kimizuki gives the child a bottled drink in the hallway. Kimizuki gives her a carton while she sits on a bench in a locker room.
Mitsuba storms off the moment she sees Yu after she takes a shower. Mitsuba storms off after she watches Yu chat with the child about living happily from now on.
Yu does not blush. Yu blushes slightly when Mitsuba suddenly storms off.
The child's information is revealed by Shinoa while they get ready at the Omotesando Station Entrance the next day. The child brings up Omotesando Station herself.
The manga discusses human captives. The anime specifically mentions raising human livestock.
Not shown. Yu sees a massive hanging advertisement for a historical romance movie with a tall, handsome male vampire and a blushing blonde female lead.
Shinoa informs that squad that vampires outnumber them at seven. Shinoa says vampires typically sleep between early morning and noon, which is when they will attack. This information is not given.
Shinoa orders them to retreat if all seven vampires are awake and armed, which she says is the worst-case scenario. They will retreat if the vampires are armed.
Shinoa orders them to preserve formation, protect each others' backs, and do not become separated. She then gleefully states they will now be off on a "fun-filled, vampire-slaughtering excursion." Not shown.


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