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Mitsuba Sangū is a member of the Sangū family along with her older sister, Aoi Sangū, which serves the Hīragi Family who lead the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Familiar with Guren Ichinose of the Moon Demon Company, Mitsuba would be assigned there as a part of Shinoa Hīragi's squad where she would be introduced to Yūichirō Hyakuya along with other members of her new squad, Yoichi Saotome and Shihō Kimizuki. Mitsuba interacts with various other characters throughout the Seraph of the End series, which affects herself and the story. This article details Mitsuba's relationships with other characters.


Aoi Sangū

Her elite older sister where despite being family, they are not on great terms. Largely ignored and given the cold shoulder by Aoi, in turn Mitsuba more or less holds an inferiority complex towards Aoi for her excellence. Their personal bond does not hamper Mitsuba as she was still able to be promoted on account of her family name. Upon meeting with another again, Mitsuba is treated coldly where she hears Aoi declare that she does not acknowledge Mitsuba as a sister anymore. After it is felt she betrayed them it is something which Mitsuba was not overly bothered by.

Japanese Imperial Demon Army

Shinoa Hīragi

Episode 7 - Screenshot 150.png

Mitsuba knew Shinoa prior to joining her squad, and she is irritated to have to work under her. However, the two girls come to get along and become very close friends. Mitsuba appreciates her honesty and she is addressed by Shinoa as "Mitsu." They are the only two girls their age in the Moon Demon Company and they are both largely estranged from their prominent families though do discuss the privileges that come from that. They later begin causing trouble together and doing pranks on the boys such as indulging in the moment of Kimizuki keeping Yu warm with his own jacket. Mitsuba is teased by Shinoa and told she will fall in love with Yu since they fought so much at the beginning. Mitsuba is closest to Shinoa out of everyone in the squad and confides her thoughts with her most of all. They also discuss sensitive information together such as investigating their team members backgrounds and then suspecting that Guren Ichinose is behind the deleted data.

Yūichirō Hyakuya

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Mitsuba's first action towards Yu was to try and connect her boot with his face for a comment of his that hinted of reckless behaviour. She originally dislikes Yu for his disobedience and inability to think potentially dangerous matters through. Shinoa mentions that this behavior reminds Mitsuba of how she used to be before Mitsuba experienced the loss of her previous squad. They later come to get along which was helped after Mitsuba was pulled away by Yu from a vampire who she was about to be ambushed by. Mitsuba denies that she will come to fall in love with Yu however she has blushed when they talk so her resolute assertion may not be entirely accurate.

As the attack on Shibuya was underway when others moved out for other purposes Mitsuba remained with Yu. She attempted to fend off a surprise attack by a Hyakuya Sect Agent and was upset at Yu being kidnapped on her watch. Outside the city Mitsuba observed Yu placing his hand on Shinoa's shoulder.

Guren Ichinose

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She was not afraid to speak up to the Lieutenant Colonel of the Moon Demon Company when she disagreed with his choice to put her on Shinoa's squad, which is full of rookies. Changing her tone when Mitsuba suspected she was added by him to train the new recruits, Mitsuba curtly replies when has she ever caused him any trouble. When there were deliberations on whether the squad should remain in support of Guren with the possibility of him manipulating them, Mitsuba went with what the squad decided.

Shihō Kimizuki

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Another member of Shinoa's squad who she would find outside Shinjuku. When Mitsuba tells him to call her "Master," he rejects that order. After her omelette making does not quite go to plan Mitsuba sees Kimizuki take over the cooking.

Yoichi Saotome

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A quiet member of the squad. Shinoa and Mitsuba often pretend he is super-innocent and act like they need to protect him from the clutches of Kimizuki and Yu. They also sometimes blame him for coming up with ideas for their pranks such as when they left Yu standing in the highway. Working well as a squad, in an event where they were by themselves together they passed the time in silence before heading out to witness other developments occurring.

Makoto Narumi

Makoto is the leader of his squad consisting of Shusaku Iwasaki, Rika Inoue with Tarō Kagiyama and Yayoi Endo in the Moon Demon Company. Conscious of the lack of trust Narumi squad has in their capabilities as they were planning to defeat vampire noble Lucal Wesker she fights alongside them to prevail with no casualties. After escaping from the Demon Army, and vampires Mitsuba would work with Narumi as part of their team.

Kureto Hīragi

The Lieutenant General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Mitsuba does not have the affinity for him as her sister does. Warning that the Hīragi family is scary Mitsuba was asked to monitor Yu on the army's behalf and benefitted from promotions on account of her family name.


Chess Belle

Episode 11 - Screenshot 179.png

During the battle at Shinjuku they come across one another outside the city walls. Later in a retreat Mitsuba is targeted and captured by this seventeenth progenitor where her blood is also drank. Encountering her again at Nagoya city hall, Mitsuba uses her cursed gear to cover their escape from Chess when they fail to rescue Guren.

Crowley Eusford

Mitsuba has engaged this vampire noble more than once. Though a overwhelmingly powerful foe, Mitsuba still fought where she could, such as using her cursed gear Tenjiryū to try and damage the thirteenth progenitor, and distract him when retreating. Meeting again she seizes his leg and calls for the others to run. With them unlikely to win Mitsuba follows the squad in working together out of practicality to rescue Ferid Bathory and Krul Tepes whose information and help they need.

Horn Skuld

Present on the battlefield at Shinjuku, Mitsuba comes into proximity to this vampire progenitor along with her accomplices Chess and Crowley again at Nagoya.

Ferid Bathory

As with the rest of the squad Mitsuba has little choice but to co-operate with this seventh progenitor on account that they are unable to defeat him and require the information he has access to. Along with Shinoa she is legitimately frightened at Ferid's show, which was him regenerating his body whilst naked and Mitsuba flees from the sight.

Krul Tepes

After escaping Shibuya Mitsuba awaits for Krul to awaken from her unconsciousness and when she does so Mitsuba is intoxicated on alcohol and sees the third progenitor as an approaching challenger.

Mikaela Hyakuya

She witnesses Mika defeat and try and finish off Guren at Shinjuku. Later after seeing Mika single handily fight his way through multiple soldiers, including the Moon Demon Army's best, Mitsuba attempts to stop him from reaching Yu but is powerless to prevent Mika from knocking her aside. Mitsuba would help defend Yu's childhood family from her own comrades and allow him to escape. With them together Mitsuba is hesitant to speak with Mika yet in a fight against Fuola Honte she uses her cursed gear manifestation to assist Mika.