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Mitsuba Sangū (三宮 三葉 Sangū Mitsuba?) is one of the main female deuteragonists in the Seraph of the End anime. She is the younger sister of Aoi Sangū and was a special duty second lieutenant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Mitsuba became the fifth member of Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company.

Note: This is the page for Mitsuba in the anime, for the article detailing Mitsuba in other formats see: Mitsuba Sangū


Seraph of the End - Mitsuba Sangū (Anime).png

She has long blonde hair tied up in pigtails on either side of her head and large violet eyes. Mitsuba is noted to have a curvaceous figure.

With her hair untied

For clothing Mitsuba wears the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with a standing collar which has a red bow tie around it and has her sleeves rolled up. The coat has two rows of gold buttons on the front, light green details including the shoulder epaulettes which has a Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over her right shoulder. Wearing white gloves, she also has a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. She also wears the standard black skirt with black shorts underneath and knee-high black boots. She sometimes wears the black cape.


Making her feelings known, she inveighs against joining a group of new recruits and expresses further indignation upon discovering that Shinoa Hiragi is her squad leader. Mitsuba's tone softens when she believes she has been added to train them.

She can be confrontational, physically as well when she attempted to kick Yu and again when he disobeyed orders. Both instances where when his actions endangered the squad. This is applied well in the battlefield.

Assertive, Mitsuba is aware of the threat they face and speaks at length to relay the dangers. Her contempt towards reckless behaviour such as that seen in Yu stems in part from the loss of her squad. She is serious about her duties and wary of traps.

Placing the safety of others before herself, when Mitsuba was captured by vampires she wanted her squad to retreat. Her caring side was also shown when she tended to Shinoa after she was slapped. She was happy to defend Mika from her own comrades.


Episode 7 - Screenshot 144.png

Mitsuba has been in the Vampire Extermination Unit since she was 13-years-old.[2] She was part of a squad and told to not break formation. Not caring because their comrade was about to die, Mitsuba intervened against the Four Horseman of John threat. Initially pleased at freeing the captured member by slicing the monster’s arm off, she is assaulted by the other appendage at the cost of her team members life who protected her.


Shinjuku Arc[]

Confronting Guren on her situation

Mitsuba Sangū is angrily confronting Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose on why she has been placed in a squad of new recruits, as she has been in the vampire extermination unit since she was thirteen years old. Mitsuba could understand if she had been made squad leader, but instead, Guren chose "her". She then questions if he seriously thinks Shinoa Hīragi is more qualified.

Mitsuba confronting Shinoa

Spotting Shinoa herself, Mitsuba asks her how dare she, saying that she is no squad leader. Provoked by Shinoa's answer that Guren thinks she is right for the job, Mitsuba runs over before being told not to think about it, where Guren confirms that Shinoa is squad leader. Hearing Shinoa's jab that the whining of an incompetent loser does not bother her one bit enkindles Mitsuba to have her cursed gear, a great single bladed war axe, materialize.

Meeting her other squad members

Clashing against Shinoa's cursed gear, a large scythe, Mitsuba finds their exchange broken up as she is disarmed of her weapon by Guren. With solitary confinement mentioned Mitsuba agrees she will also behave. Told that Guren will meet them in Shinjuku, Mitsuba is patted on the head by Guren as he explains how Moon Demon Company squads move in a five man formation, as to why Mitsuba is joining Shinoa, Yoichi Saotome, Yūichirō Hyakuya and Shihō Kimizuki.

Her answer to Yu's reckless attitude concerning vampires

She is glanced at specifically when Guren mentions that there is to be no infighting. However, without warning Mitsuba instantaneously aims her boot at Yu’s head when he speaks imprudent words of fighting vampires. Her foot is caught and Mitsuba is impressed with the quick reflexes.

Thinking she is here to train the new recruits

Turning to Guren, Mitsuba says that she understands now: she was put on the squad to train the new recruits. She adds that he should consider it done. When Guren mutters that now the troublemaker wants to teach, she questions when she has ever caused trouble. The squad members are now one another's comrades, thus more important than family where they should be protected. With the squad for their first mission she heads to Harajuku tasked with crushing the growing vampire settlement there and freeing the human hostages. After which she is to head North to Shinjuku.

Travelling to exterminate vampires and free humans

On the way she hears Yu used to patrol outside and she says that anyone could have he killed a couple of Four Horsemen of John right outside the spell protected wall. Explaining the ones near the wall are weak, once they are a half mile out the monsters become ruthless and are much stronger than anything he has ever fought back at headquarters.

Remaining serious for the threats out there

If they are not ready for the fight of their lives, Mitsuba warns them to leave now, as they cannot afford to have any weaklings in their squad since one little slip and they are all dead. She ends that there should be no chit-chatting or breaking formation and, largely to herself, she labels them amateurs.

Hearing the girl's scream

Reaching Harajuku station, Mitsuba hears a scream and sees a young girl chased by a Four Horseman of John. As Yu heads to intervene Mitsuba blocks his path and asks what he thinks he is doing. Instructing him to not break formation, Mitsuba watches as the girl is knocked over by the monster.

Mitsuba trying to stop Yu from heading into a trap

Ordering Yu to shut up, twice, Mitsuba grabs his arm and questions whether he can see this is one of their traps. As soon as they go out to save the girl, vampires will attack. Whilst Yu is willing to put his life on the line, Mitsuba tells him to forget it, that they are going to stand by. However, she follows Yu regardless when he runs to intervene.

Striking the Four Horseman of John

Running past the girl, Mitsuba leaps and uses her axe to cut a limb off and send it flying. With the vampires here, Mitsuba explains that humans are released as bait for the monsters and the vampires attack humans who come to help, and that it is the oldest vampire trick in the book.

Favouring a retreat from the vampires

After Kimizuki and Yoichi assail it, Mitsuba finishes the Four Horseman of John and uses her axe to provide cover from the showering blood. With Yu deploying his sword's power on the vampires, Mitsuba says that that is enough and she thinks they should retreat.

It was lucky the vampires only had second class weapons

By nightfall when they are out of danger, Mitsuba slaps Yu. She says that they were lucky the vampires only had second class weapons but she stops at saying what would have happened otherwise.

Wanting Yu to know she hates his guts

Hearing he would do it again since the girl was saved Mitsuba calls him an idiot, saying that she hates people like him more than anything for putting his whole squad in danger. With the child present Mitsuba softens her tone to speak to her that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army is going to keep her safe and waves goodbye to her. Once left, she then lets Yu know that she hates his guts.

Still angered at Yu

Venting further in the shower area, she wonders what is with Yu, ignoring orders and flying solo, she cannot believe the Lieutenant Colonel was dumb enough to have him in the Moon Demon Company. Directing the shower head at Shinoa as she denies loving Yu, Mitsuba confirms she does hate him, as she would anyone who puts their comrades' lives at risk. She remembers her past with her previous squad before ordering Shinoa to not come in when she is showering.

Learning where the vampire's lair is

Afterwards, she bets Shinoa feels so refreshed before making eye contact with Yu. Mitsuba has words for Yu for assuring the rescued girl she does not have to share details of the vampires if she does not want to. Hearing that the vampires are in Omotesando station Mitsuba with the squad make their way there.

Ignoring the human captives for now

Mitsuba answers Kimizuki’s questions that they will ignore any civilians there since they are not the priority on this missions as they have bigger things to worry about. Asking what that look is for, Mitsuba states if anyone has a problem they can go back to Shibuya before she reaches the entrance to Omotesando station.[3]

The bloodsuckers will not get another drop of blood from the humans

Entering and finding the humans kept there, Mitsuba states to keep moving, they are going straight to B3 with that being the floor the seven vampires should be on. She responds to Kimizuki that even with no one watching the captives do not try and escape because of the monsters outside but now the vampires inside will not be getting another drop of blood from the humans they keep.

A vampire is spotted

Locating a vampire, she orders them to form up and prepare to attack, and draws her axe. Although Yu manages to kill the vampire, Mitsuba questions how often has she told him to not act on his own, but her hand is caught by his as she attempts to strike Yu.

Seeing Yu go ahead

Pulled towards Yu, she is defended from a vampire attacking her from behind and when Yu defeats that one this time Mitsuba marvels at his power and wonders where it is coming from. Observing Yu and Kimizuki bickering with Yoichi trying to calm them, Mitsuba comments on the “stupid boys”.

Acting on Shinoa's prod that she is here to help train them

With Shinoa’s comment that maybe that is why Guren put her in the squad to whip the boys into shape, Mitsuba reacts by telling them that is enough messing around, they still have five more targets left. Coming across no sightings, Mitsuba turns and smiles that the remaining vampires have come to them. With the squad’s weapons drawn Mitsuba faces the collected vampires and tells her squad to get ready.

Facing vampires and ambushed by more

Reacting to a vampire's smile, Mitsuba finds the glass breaking behind her and cries out as she is taken and lifted off the ground from an ambush. Telling the vampire that he is not supposed to be here since their intelligence was solid, Mitsuba realizes the vampires used the girl they rescued to feed them false intelligence. Not angry at her for providing incorrect information that has endangered them, Mitsuba is angry at the vampire for using an innocent little girl.

Captured as vampires attack her team

She tells the others to not attack, she is as good as dead and they should retreat. When they fight she wants them to save themselves and Mitsuba has tears fall from her eyes as she experiences flashbacks of her squad dying.

Outnumbered by the vampires, they are not to let a single one of them escape

After being rescued by Yu she replies to strike hard to deal with the remaining vampires and to not let a single one of them escape. With the people underground above it with soldiers around them, Mitsuba is packing field rations into a bag beside Shinoa. Observing Yu speak to the girl they rescued, Mitsuba rejects Shinoa’s thoughts on her falling in love with Yu and instructs her to not be ridiculous. Then asking what Yu’s story is, Mitsuba is curious about why does Yu fight.

Asking Yu about his past

After a long look at Yu she speaks that Shinoa told her what happened to him. Questioning whether Yu left his friends behind when they were attacked, Mitsuba asks him to wait and says he was right to do so. It probably does not mean anything coming from her but Mitsuba does not feel Yu did anything wrong and she is glad he survived.

Trying & failing to thank Yu for saving her

Stepping forward as Yu leaves Mitsuba’s face is flushed as she mentions earlier but cannot bring the words out, aside from that Yu almost got them all killed today and he is an idiot. She commands Kimizuki to shut up when he addresses herself and Yu as lovebirds.

Eating as Yu drives the car into a lamp post

Seated with Shinoa and Yoichi eating out a can of beans, Mitsuba hears that Kimizuki has managed to hotwire a car and questions whether he knows that is a crime. After seeing Yu drive the vehicle into a lamp post, with Kimizuki and Yu she wonders if they will ever stop fighting.

Travelling to Shinjuku

Transported in the backseat to Shinjuku, Mitsuba hears explosive sounds and states it is not good, they are heading straight for it. Before them smoke rises from Shinjuku and with a noble in the road before them, Mitsuba exits the vehicle with the rest of the squad for it to drive into the vampire.

Asking Shinoa if she is okay after a noble tried to attack her

She moves to defend Yoichi when he is targeted by the noble and sees Yu disarm him when the vampire appears behind Shinoa. Mitsuba asks Shinoa specifically if she is okay after the near miss. With Crowley Eusford joined by two other nobles, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, Mitsuba says they might not survive but they are soldiers and knew that from the start.

The three nobles left for the front lines

Standing her ground whilst the three vampires discuss matters amongst themselves, with them deciding to leave for the front lines, Mistuba still remains on guard. She advises Yu to pull himself together, they need to get out of here before the vampires start having second thoughts and suggest they meet up with the Shinjuku units.

Listening as Shinoa praises Yu as someone who cares about his friends

She listens as Shinoa explains the benefits of having them all trained rather than Yu alone, and as she praises Yu on his developments and thanks him for saving her life. Stating for them to get moving, Mitsuba declares they will not lose Shinjuku as they head into the city.[4]

Within the city the damage has expanded to the western wall. Mitsuba witnesses a missile strike on a building and leaps over a wall to a lower level to avoid helicopter fire that is coming towards them.

Escaping aircraft attacks

Taking cover she points out the Lieutenant Colonel warned them about this place turning into a war zone, that vampires from the Kanto region are trying to annihilate their military operations. With Yoichi commenting on the archery weapons soldiers have used to destroy a helicopter and whether they are the same as his bow, Mitsuba answers they are simplified weapons of Yoichi’s cursed gear and called enchanted gear instead.

Assisting ground soldiers against invading vampires, effectively

Running to take refuge from aerial machine gun fire, Mitsuba hears nearby soldiers led by Nagai preparing for battle. She conjures her axe and calls for the squad to help them out as she runs to assist in their fight against the vampires who have descended to the ground.

Able to defend from bullet fire

She flips into a better position in order to use her axe to cut two vampires across their heads. Noticing the returning helicopter, Mitsuba relies on the the sheer size of her weapons to block bullet fire and calls for Yoichi to take down the chopper.

Updated on the situation by Corporal Nagai

After the vampires are defeated she approaches to listen to Corporal Nagai thank them for their assistance. Making their way past a supply area and medical tents with many wounded, the situation is that vampires have blown a hole through the Western defensive barrier and they are asked to head there to reinforce the defences.

Heading to the Western defensive line

Travelling in the back of a truck with Nagai driving, they should be at the defensive line in the next fifteen minutes. With Shinoa saying she has medicine for the boys, Mitsuba adds they will be no use to the army if they are a bunch of corpses. As Shinoa shows the cursed gear supplements, Mitsuba describes how they can provide a boost before battle.

A nearby missile strike

After hearing Shinoa explain that one pill makes someone one and a half times stronger, and with two they are one point eight times stronger, Mitsuba adds that the effects only last for fifteen minutes and after the pill wears off they will be just as vulnerable as they are now. Pointing out they could die out there today, she snaps at Kimizuki when she hears that her glass is always half empty and states she is just being a realistic.

With Kimizuki defending others

Mitsuba is hurled from the vehicle as it is upended by a missile attack and she runs from machine gun fire. At first she moves to head with Shinoa who has gone to help Yu with Nagai before she notices the chopper returning. She leaps in front of the fire and with Kimizuki uses her cursed gear to defend the rescue attempt. The helicopter’s final barrage causes the truck to explode which collapses the ground dropping them to the subway. Yu, Shinoa and Nagai are on the other side and Mitsuba answers Yu of course they are okay.[5]

Defending the route to a medical tent

Mitsuba was sent to defend the route to a medical tent to prevent it being wiped out and battles in Shinjuku Central Park. Managing to cut down a vampire, Mitsuba is tiring as she grapples with another then notices Kimizuki and Yoichi under attack. Surrounded, she notes how they cannot complete a formation without Shinoa and Yu.

The park is secure

After dispatching a vampire she calls for Kimizuki to watch his back. The battle is won with Yu and Shinoa’s reinforcement. With Kimizuki attempting to explain to Yu that they had it under control and he should not have come, and with Yu saying he would do it since he cares, Mitsuba light heartedly adds that Kimizuki should not bother, he cannot fix Yu’s brand of stupid. She agrees Shinoa is right when she suggests heading to reinforce Guren.

Running there, Mitsuba sees Guren on the ground with an armed vampire before him. She comments it is not good and that he has been cornered.[6]

One of Yu's family is with the vampires

She shouts to Yu why he let the vampire go when he could have killed him then angrily confronts him on whether he forgot how to use his gear. With the situation being that Yu’s family may be with the vampires, Mitsuba reacts to Mikaela Hyakuya standing up in an apparent confirmation that really is the case.

Fighting whilst retreating

Mitsuba observes the situation between Mika and seventh progenitor, Ferid Bathory, and comments on the vampire noble from before, Crowley, with Chess and Horn having arrived as well. Ordered to retreat, Mitsuba finds their escape hampered by the vampires and she screams savagely with her axe ready as they surround her.

Overwhelmed by Chess Belle

Kicked by Chess, Mitsuba can only yell as she is bitten by her and continues to be pinned shortly before Yu attacks. He has been transformed into a creature with a large branch like wing coming from his shoulder. Mitsuba is rescued and tended to a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army who have arrived in Shinjuku under the command of Kureto Hīragi with Shinya Hīragi.[7]

Post-Shinjuku Arc[]

Sharing the squad's concern for Yu after he fell unconscious

It is recalled that she was around Yu as he lay unconscious in Shinoa’s arms. She told Kimizuki to get Yu to the temporary base. Seven days later when Yu has awakened in hospital, Mitsuba enters and says it is about time. Mitsuba connects her own dots at spotting Yu with his hand on Shinoa’s shoulder.

Confronting Shinoa regarding Yu

Angered, she strolls over to demand to know what Shinoa thinks she is doing with him. Learning that Shinoa was explaining a vampire bit her the other day, Mitsuba further softens when her band aid is observed by Yu and she answers she is fine. Mitsuba asks Kimizuki who does he think he is when she is moved away and told to use her indoor voice. She tells Yu to spit it out when he says he wants to tell them something.

Hearing Yu say he is lucky to have all of them

Looking to Shinoa as they are thanked with Yu saying he is lucky to have them, Mitsuba agrees with Kimizuki they should call a doctor. Yu obviously still needs medical attention then adds that he definitely hit his head or something. Told she does not have a nurturing bone in her body, Mitsuba orders Shinoa to hold it right there, she does not exactly see her playing team mom. Mitsuba then departs with Shinoa.[8]

Attending an interview before Yu

Later, Mitsuba exits the elevator but is not talkative to Yu. Answering that the meeting she just had was just a stupid interview, Mitsuba shares she has been promoted for her part in fighting off the vampires and bravery on the battlefield. It is no surprise, and Mitsuba says she so deserves it. She then says Yu cannot just leave, he knows she should not be promoted.

Reversing from an act of joy to feeling she was promoted due to her family ties

Mitsuba feels she was completely useless when things got tough, and although she can talk a big game she cannot follow through. Mitsuba puts it down to her being so weak and only getting promoted because she is a member of the Sangū family. Tearful, she tells Yu to go ahead and laugh, Mitsuba judges herself a failure.

Calmed by what Yu says

Cheered up by Yu complimenting her background, she affectionately refers to him as an idiot. Her promotion is deemed good news since it can help Yu to which Mitsuba assumes he is referring to his family. She tells Yu they are going to ask about that in the interview, divulging they think he might be a spy and that she has been ordered to keep an eye on him. Mitsuba has told them she thinks that is impossible and that in her opinion Yu is not smart enough to be a double agent. Before Yu leaves she warns him that the Hīragi family is terrifying and to watch himself.

Episode 13 - Screenshot 101.png

Outside she contemplates the building before asking what Shinoa is doing here. She shares the news that the Hīragi family gave her a promotion, that she is now a special second lieutenant. Asking what about Shinoa, Mitsuba bets the family was fawning all over themselves to move her up a rank. Hearing that is not the case, and that Shinoa would refuse, Mitsuba says that sounds about right, the Hiragi’s do what they want.

The army leadership also seemed unaware of Yu's background

Asking what Shinoa means when asked how much information had to given up in exchange for the promotion, Mitsuba confirms she told them she did not know anything regarding Yu losing control. It seemed like they did not either and so questions whether Shinoa had any idea what that was on the battlefield.

Finding Yu with Yoichi and Kimizuki

Checking the time of ten minutes past four on her pocket watch, Mitsuba waits sat on a ledge beside Shinoa. Regarding her fidgeting and whether she is that worried about Yu, Mitsuba has no idea what Shinoa is talking about and why would she worry about an idiot like him. Standing to see Yu approach, Mituba comments that Yoichi and Kimizuki with him look terrible. Running over to them she asks what happened and what is going on. Assuming Yu’s role of helping Yoichi to stand when he is confronting Guren, she listens as Yu tries to persuade him to help get Mika back.[9]

The risks of Yu and Kimizuki training together

Outside at night Mitsuba orders Kimizuki and Yu to hold it. Questioning whether they are going to try strengthening their cursed gear at the same time, Mitsuba asks what if something goes wrong. Asking what is it, Yoichi has detected five Four Horseman of John who are approaching yet he is able to destroy all five using Gekkouin's demon manifestation. On that Mitsuba adds that he has a surprisingly strong relationship with his demon.

Just in case Yu turns into a demon and attacks

After Yu’s eyes have turned red after his sword drank his blood, Mitsuba produces her axe and says to prepare to fight. Standing ready, Mitsuba disarms after Yu falls over having not gone berserk. With Yu likely trying to make contact with his demon, Mitsuba explains that they will have to stand watch over him until he regains full consciousness.

Protecting themselves from the upper ranks of the army

Around a camp fire she interjects that Kimizuki cannot speak to his superior like that regarding manipulating Yu and adds that Shinoa is just trying to protect them from the people in the upper ranks. Regarding Yoichi and Kimizuki being interrogated, Yu losing control on the battlefield and where they stand as a unit, they agree to discuss this after training is complete. She requests help in restraining Yu when he stirs and comments that it looks like it is starting.

Pleased Yu's training was successful

Happy to see he is awake, Yu has been successful and Mitsuba raises whether she is the only one who is exhausted from all of this. She suggests they should wait to do Kimizuki’s training until later. Next, helping to hold Kimizuki down with his training underway, Mitsuba thinks the demon might be trying to take over his body.

Assisting with Kimizuki's training as well

With Kimizuki invoking Kiseki-o, Mitsuba jumps back before learning he is not actually possessed. At first protesting the morons fighting, she looks to Shinoa who wants to see Yu and Kimizuki fight after their training. After Yu demonstrates his Asura-Kannon sword power, and Kimizuki the Devil’s Coffin, Mitsuba guesses that was interesting. With Yu and Kimizuki both using special powers that should be way above their skill levels, Mitsuba adds that Yoichi was able to conjure a manifestation without any real training. She wonders where the Lieutenant Colonel found these guys anyway.

Checking their team mates records, where data has been deleted

Seeking answers on their background, Mitsuba mentions it cannot be right when she finds the computer Shinoa is on has no details of their past and she wonders who would delete it. Mitsuba speculates whether Guren is trying to hide his team’s history from the higher ranking officers. Asking what more there could be to it, human experimentation and war with the vampires is a possibility.[10]

Nagoya Arc[]

The omelette has caught fire

In the morning Mitsuba and Shinoa are preparing food for the meeting only the pan has caught fire. Eating breakfast she is struck by Kimizuki’s comments that anyone with half a brain can make an omelette. Turning to the two main matters at hand, they are gathered to discuss Yu having been the subject of a human experiment where he lost control in the heat of battle and tried to kill Shinoa.

Episode 15 - Screenshot 54.png

The second topic is whether Guren is really on their side. With the strength of the squad he has gathered in such short a time, Mitsuba adds that Guren could just be trying to intimidate his superiors for some reason but they have to consider that there might be something bigger at stake. Sticking with Guren could result in them being traitors to the army even if they are just following orders, and that is why they called the squad here so that they can figure this out together. After Yu takes some time to reflect, and has decided to remain supporting Guren, Mitsuba is happy to proceed with that due to the emphasis on supporting family.[11]

Travelling to Ebina rest stop

With a large scale attack on vampire nobles planned, on the road to Hakone, Mitsuba reveals the specific location is Ebina, with the final destination being Nagoya. With the sudden arrival of Four Horseman of John along the freeway, Mitsuba shouts to kill them and summons Tenjiryū for that purpose.

There are Horseman of the Apocalypse

With them dealt with, and the truck swerving to the right so as to leave Yu behind, Mitsuba joyfully asks whether they cannot go faster. With Yu back in, but it more likely that they will be late, Mitsuba says how dare Kimizuki sell out his comrades when she hears he intends to tell Guren it was hers and Shinoa’s fault if Guren is mad.

Noted as being late to the 100 member meeting

Arriving late to the meeting, Mitsuba is present for Yu taking the blame for the delay. She listens to Guren’s rallying speech to the one hundred person army gathered on how this will likely be the most dangerous mission they will ever have. Many of them will die but the goal is not to survive but come back victorious.

Episode 16 - Screenshot 119.png

When a member of Guren's squad, Shigure Yukimi summons Yu, Mitsuba joins Shinoa in wanting to head in and explain since she was screwing around on the road too so she will tell Guren. Told not to worry about it she watches Yu walk in when he is happy to go by himself. Surprised at hearing him yell, Mitsuba runs into the abandoned derelict mall with the others.

Finding Yu tied above a burning pyre

Calling Yu’s name as she sees him tied up and dangling over a burning pyre, Mitsuba seems confused at the scene before her. After Norito Goshi's illusion of Yu above the fire is gone, and the real Yu is beside Guren, with Shinoa the actual subject of the disciplinary, Mitsuba as part of the squad is to fight against Guren, Mito Jūjō and Shinya Hīragi. Gaining some distance to plan, Mitsuba and Shinoa should be able to hold off Mito. With this, Mitsuba adds that their only real problem is Guren.

Assailed by Shinya's ranged cursed gear

With the battle underway, Mitsuba is driven from her point of cover by Byakomaru fired from Shinya’s rifle. With Shinoa calling for everyone to regroup, Mitsuba covers their backs by using Tenjiryū to send parallel blue lines of fire along the corridor.

With Shinoa battling Mito

She joins Shinoa in charging towards then fighting Mito as planned. Their battle is interrupted as they are swept outside the building by an explosive red cyclone power sent out from Guren’s sword. Mitsuba manages to land on her feet outside. With Yu squaring off against Guren, she is ordered into formation by Shinoa to support him.

Anxious with Guren near

Although Mitsuba had kept to the formation in between Yoichi and Kimizuki, Guren has gotten past Yu’s defences with the assistance of Shinya. Mitsuba and Yu's other comrades are proclaimed dead now to which she nervously steps back.

Knocked over by Guren

Calling for Yu when the spell tag attached to his forehead detonates, Mitsuba is then struck in the back by the hilt of Guren’s sword. It is a loss against Guren, Mito and Shinya and Mitsuba as a part of the overall squad is deemed dangerous by sergeant Makoto Narumi. The squad is then redrafted by Shigure to join Narumi squad and Mitsuba does not comment on their not so positive views of her squad. With Shinoa feeling she is incompetent, Mitsuba voices that it is a case of building their team work and the first step is supporting each other.[12]

Awaiting the start of the large scale mission targeting vampire nobles

Waiting near Shinoa inside an abandoned building with about twenty minutes to go, Mituba joins Narumi squad at the table to hear the attack plan from Shūsaku Iwasaki.

The two squad attack plan for a vampire noble

The attack is to begin at fourteen hundred hours where the gathered teams will attack in unison across Nagoya. If all goes to plan then eight targets will be executed leaving two nobles alive. Their target is described as a strong one, Lucal Wesker, the fifteenth progenitor. If they are unable to take him by surprise then their priority is to cut off his retreat and prevent him from joining the other nobles. Once their target is dead they are to hold off any remaining vampires until the Lieutenant Colonel supplies them with new orders. The best-case scenario is that all the targets are killed simultaneously and they do not have a problem regrouping and killing the remaining two nobles in Nagoya. If the targets are not destroyed and the nobles join forces there is no way they will be able to beat them.

Dedicated to the mission

When Tarō Kagiyama and Rika Inoue are openly voicing doubts about the squad’s capabilities, even wanting to be reassigned, Mitsuba states this kind of unrest is not good. She feels Narumi's team hates them. She steps forward to signal her support of Yu and Shinoa’s stated goal to make sure everyone makes it through the mission unharmed.

The attack on the vampires begins

The campaign is initiated when Gekkouin and Byakomaru are fired by Yoichi and Shinya respectively upon the target area. Mitsuba heads out and is ordered by Narumi to take the cursed stimulant pills. She joins the battle against Lucal by using Tenjiryū's apparition powers and calling on the two manifestations to protect Yu when he is targeted by the noble. Surprised when they are cut apart, she sees Kimizuki enter the fight. Once Lucal frees himself from Akahebi, and can escape, she stands armed as Kimizuki proceeds with his plan to lure in the vampire noble.

Having used Tenjiryū to assist

With it successful, Mitsuba slams her axe on the ground to send Tenjiryū towards the vampire flying towards them. Lucal uses Yayoi Endo’s sword to stab into himself rather than be killed by humans. Victorious against the fifteenth progenitor, Mitsuba sees this as proof that by working together they can kill the nobles.[13]

Waiting for other squads to arrive

With the radio tower in sight, Mitsuba remains alert as she waits near a disused fountain. She first hears before spotting Aiko Aihara and other soldiers approach. Having seven members lost from fifteen, Mitsuba notes they lost so many.

Comrades can be lost

With Yu registering the war taking its casualties Mitsuba replies that is right they will lose many comrades but that is a soldier’s life, she knows all about it. Hearing from Guren how they cannot wait for others to arrive, they have to head into their next mission. Twenty-five soldiers have been taken hostage from the failed attack on three nobles at city hall. The new objective is to kill the three nobles. Her squad along with Guren’s and Narumi’s are on the roof of a building in preparation for the mission on Nagoya city hall.[14]

Overseeing Nagoya city hall for a rescue mission

With Guren’s plan involving leaving the hostages behind if their foes prove too strong, Mitsuba is also part of a larger plan to keep the vampires in Nagoya whilst the main unit moves from Shibuya. After Yoichi’s failed attack, she hears the noble he failed to destroy is the vampire they fought when heading to Shinjuku and his comrades are with him too.

Awaiting whether they press ahead with the rescue

With the strength of the vampires, Mitsuba awaits Guren’s answer on whether they rescue the hostages or not. With the plan of Guren's squad and Shinya distracting the nobles, Mitsuba along with Narumi squad will have five minutes to rescue as many hostages as they can before retreating at once and joining the other teams at Nagoya City airport.

A set time to rescue as many as they can

Walking to their positions, she parts way with Narumi squad for them to rescue more people between them. Synchronising their clocks, they are to set an alarm for exactly five minutes. When it goes off they have to retreat no matter what is happening at the time. Following Yu’s optimism, Mitsuba thinks this is going to work out, their team work has gotten a lot better too. An explosion through the clock tower signals the beginning of the attack.

Asking Shinoa if they should they and help Guren and Shinya fighting the nobles

After moving to the wooden crosses where the prisoners are strapped the rescue is underway. In their engagement with the three vampire nobles, Guren and Shinya have been swung into the city hall building itself by Crowley. Mitsuba questions Shinoa whether they should help them.

How to proceed

Running up the stairs, she waits with Yu as he wonders why Shinoa is going that way when Guren and Shinya are on the fourth floor, before following Shinoa with the others.[15] Rather than approach from the end of a corridor to rescue Guren who is now captured by Crowley, the plan involves jumping up through a hole in the ceiling to ambush Crowley nearby on the upper floor. The blue energy of Tenjiryū is what allows the ceiling to break upwards and Mitsuba leaps up to have the power Tenjiryū directed towards the vampire noble.

Attacking Crowley and able to leave Guren unharmed

The fissure that splits across the floor bursts with a spiritual blue fire that envelops Crowley, but leaves Guren who he is holding unaffected. Once Chess and Horn arrive, they are to retreat before they can be picked off by the vampires. To cover their retreat Mitsuba smashes Tenjiryū into the ground and calls for her power to hold them back.

Ordered to retreat, leaving Guren with the 3 nobles

Following Shinya’s order to retreat, she has escaped to safety with Guren’s squad joining them as well. They are to leave Guren behind and proceed to the next part of the mission by re-joining with Narumi squad. Mitsuba listens as Yu voices his sorrow at having to leave Guren himself behind. As she is stood near the squad, Mitsuba sees that Yu intends to go back for Guren and has taken two additional cursed gear stimulants, when he has already had two today.

Worried at Yu collapsing

Grabbing his clothes, Mitsuba urges him to spit them out or he will die. Ordered out the way by Shinya, Mitsuba has Kimizuki thrown into her as he is hurled back by an invisible force after failing to retrain Yu. She calls his name in alarm after he collapses and watches as Shinoa checks for Yu’s heartbeat and then Yu as he lays on the ground, still.[16] She sees Yu alive yet he uses his newfound power to head for Guren.

Yu is retrieved yet the vampires backup has arrived

Making her way to join him at city hall, she uses the manifestation of Tenjiryū to prevent Crowley, Chess and Horn from following them after Kimizuki rescues Yu using his cursed gear manifestation. With Yu all right in Kiseki-o’s coffin, Mitsuba reminds them they need to get out of here now. As she runs she finds Shinya warn that the vampire’s backup is here.

The Moon Demon Company retreat to Nagoya airport

Mitsuba is part of the large scale retreat to the rendezvous point with the surviving Moon Demon Company soldiers. A single vampire is standing in the road ahead and running directly towards them she stands her ground as the Moon Demon Company intercept him. When they fail Mitsuba says it is up to them. Although surprised when Shinoa says she thinks that is Yu’s family, the vampire that has fended off the entire Moon Demon Company is before her and angry.

Telling Mika to back away

Mitsuba shouts for Mika to back away but she is knocked aside. She is surprised when Shinoa means to have Mika take Yu and run. Yet when Tarō and Rika speak for those discontented when them seemingly helping a hostile vampire, Mitsuba and her axe take their place in between them and Mika who the squad is defending.

Not having much os a choice but to defend Mika

Happily adding they do not have much of a choice to do this, Mitsuba then moves out with Shinoa’s order to keep both Yu and Mika safe. She crushes the earth with her axe to have Tenjiryū create a wall of flames to deter any hostile soldiers, and helps Mika to escape with Yu.

Helicopters and the many vampires within have arrived

Whilst successful, the reinforcements have arrived via aircraft and Mitsuba looks up disturbed at the sky filled with descending vampires.[17] And escape helicopter should be waiting for them so Mitsuba has her axe disappear to follow Shinoa’s order of falling back.[18] Arriving at the airport to find it deserted, Mitsuba thought there was supposed to be helicopters.22

Supporting Shinoa with hostilities against her

Seeing Shinoa struck by Rika but motioned to stay back, Mitsuba calls for Rika to stop as she has her sword near Shinoa’s face. Mitsuba kneels down to support Shinoa as they hear Narumi’s intent to take matters into his own hands, before helping Shinoa to her feet after Shinya intervenes. The final mission was to escape in a chopper then lead the vampires into a trap waiting for them in Shinjuku.

It was not Guren but Kureto who planned the mission

Mitsuba hears that Guren was not the one who planned this but Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi. As Narumi, and then Shigure and Sayuri Hanayori abandon this mission meaning to go back for Guren, Mituba comments that this is starting to get ugly. She asks what they should do before looking to Shinya. After he announces for them to ignore the orders from high command and have the goal of the Demon Company to rescue Guren, Mitsuba appears satisfied.

Seeing her sister Aoi exit the aircraft

Noticing helicopters are approaching, Mitsuba calls Yoichi’s name for his to materialize his bow. She watches as what transpires to be demon army aircraft land nearby and reacts to her big sister, Aoi Sangū exit a helicopter. After Kureto introduces himself as the Lieutenant General and gives orders to disarm and relax, Mitsuba hears from Shinoa to stay at attention and be prepared to fight just in case.

Defending from the innumerable spiked rods that are killing the survivors of the mission

She sees the crate covered with spell tags Aoi has signalled for raised up behind Kureto. This is opened with a mass of connected spiked rods stabbing into and killing many soldiers including Rika and Shūsaku. Mitsuba has her axe ready and is surprised to see that Yu is back after he rescued Shinoa from the rods targeting her and that Mika is there too. When Yoichi’s arrows fail to hit the container due to the sheer mass of spikes coming from it, Mitsuba asks what have they got hidden inside that thing before using her axe to strike some rods away.

Helped to escape the army and vampires

Retreating as a squad now including Narumi and Mika, Mitsuba finds the escape path blocked by a host of vampires that have joined them at the airport. The ground forces in their way are led by a masked noble that have descended from the arriving helicopters. She sees Shinya and Guren’s squad mean to help them escape.[19]

Concerned at Guren, Mika and Yu fighting

Making it out the thick of the battle between the Demon Army and vampire forces, Mitsuba looks on concerned and asks why are they fighting Guren as he and Mika exchange sword strikes. The container the chains are coming from explodes and Mitsuba sees a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. After Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph blows a long golden horn to create a darkened landscape filled with jagged rocks, Mitsuba watches as Kimizuki runs towards his sister only to be stabbed by Guren. She is further shocked when the Lieutenant General does the same to Yu.

The seraph has summoned Abaddon

In the sky before them a black mass has emerged from Mirai’s back and formed into a gargantuan winged monster, the demon of destruction, Abaddon. Having three darts thrown into it has created globules that splash off and upon reaching the ground form into Four Horseman of John that attack vampires and humans.

Calling for Kimizuki to not do it

With Shinoa saying they need to retreat, Mitsuba remains beside her as Yoichi runs to regain Kimizuki. She calls for him to wait and not do it as Kimizuki continues to move towards Mirai. Shouting his name in concern, Mitsuba runs to help him after he falls. Mitsuba is assisting him stand when observed by Yu and Mika some distance away.

The Horseman of the Apocalypse have paused

On guard, Mitsuba is not attacked by the Horseman of the Apocalypse that have paused their activities, coinciding with the detection of a second seraph. She continues to support Kimizuki as the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu, filled with the power of the second trumpet, the King of Salt has destroyed Abaddon. She shares Kimizuki's happiness at the seraph aspects having disappeared from Mirai. However the second seraph is still present and Mitsuba glances towards Shinoa before upwards to Yu in the air. When Yu collapses from Asuramaru causing two large demons horns to come out his head, she follows Shinoa’s direction that they have to go and get him.

Leaving the army behind

Mitsuba approaches Yu after Narumi has used Genbushin to create a towering wide wall between them and Guren with the Imperial Demon Army on the other side giving them time to escape. She has her axe ready when Shinoa confronts the Demon Army soldiers who have caught up to them. As they order Yu to be handed over, Mitsuba listens as Shinoa replies that they no longer take orders from them. As of now her team has withdrawn from the Demon Army. Mitsuba sees Mika blast away the attacking soldiers and the retreat is continued.

New plans

Four months later, Mitsuba is wearing non-uniform clothes in a beach location. She asks Yu where his demon is. The plan for them to get going to rescue Kimizuki’s sister, and Guren as well to get him back to his old self. Shinoa has intel that the Lieutenant Colonel is in Sanguinem. Mitsuba remarks that things will be fine, it is not like things can get any worse than they were. She watches as Yu begins to walk into the sea.[20]

Powers and Abilities[]

Cursed Gear[]

Tenjiryū is an exceptionally large war axe that can be conjured out the air at will. Overall the weapon is black with a question mark shaped body where three extensions are attached to the single lime green colored blade. The handle is yellow and guarded, the cursed gear is able to be wielded in one or two hands. Whether due to the weight of the strong material or because of the physical strength it affords Mitsuba it is effortless to lift and use. The axe is sharp and impactful enough to break into Four Horseman of John and the ground itself, the latter is the means of producing Tenjiryū's manifestation powers.


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  • "Lieutenant Colonel Guren, what in the hell is going on?! You wanna explain why I've been placed in a squad full of new recruits? I've been in the extermination unit since I was thirteen years old!" - Mitsuba's first words asking Guren why she has been placed in Shinoa squad, further discontented considering her background.7
  • "Now I get it lieutenant Colonel Guren. You put me on this squad so I could train the new recruits, consider it done, sir!" - Piecing together why she was placed on the squad, and happy to carry out the expectations.7
  • "You're an idiot. I hate people like you more than anything. You're impulsive, and stubborn. You would put your whole squad in danger." - Hearing that Yu would have done his life saving actions again.7
  • "What's with that Yūichirō Hyakuya guy. Ignoring orders and flying solo. I can't believe the Lieutenant Colonel was dumb enough to let that punk into the Moon Demon Company." - Issues, more of them, concerning Yu and unable to believe that Guren could place him into an elite military unit.7
  • ”We’ll ignore them for now. They’re not out priority on this mission, we’ve got bigger things to worry about.” - Answering Kimizuki’s question on what they are to do about civilians kept in a vampire lair.8
  • "You're not supposed to be here. Our intelligence was solid." - Speaking to the vampire who holds her by the neck and remembering that it was the girl they rescued that provided the number of vampires, Mitsuba is angered at the vampire "You used her. An innocent little girl."8
  • "Don't attack. I'm as good as dead now. Retreat!" - Captured, Mitsuba tells her team to escape, yet when they fight she adds "No. Stop it! Save yourselves... Please don't, not again" as the loss of her previous squad is visualised.
  • “Shinoa told me about what happened to you. Is it true? Did you leave your friends behind when they were attacked?" - When told not to mind her own business and not to poke around in Yu's past Mitsuba replies "Wait. You were right to. I know that this probably doesn’t mean anything coming from me, but still, I don’t think you did anything wrong. I’m glad you survived."
  • “We might not survive. But, we are soldiers. We knew that from the start” - Mitsuba's stance when faced with three vampire nobles.8
  • “Hey moron, what’s the deal! You had that bloodsucker right where you wanted him!” - Chiding Yu for not killing a vampire, who was Mika.
  • “Apparently I’m moving up a rank for my part in fighting off the vampires, and my bravery on the battlefield.” - After the battle of Shinjuku, and after a boastful show voicing how she so deserves it, Mitsuba shares her true views on the matter and continues “You know I shouldn’t be promoted. I was completely useless when things got tough on the battlefield. Sure I can talk a big game but I can’t follow through. It’s because I’m… I’m so weak, and yet I bet I’m the only one getting promoted, just because I’m part of the Sangū family.
  • “They’re going to ask about that in the interview. They think you might be a spy, so I’ve been ordered to keep an eye on you." - Warning Yu about his upcoming meeting, and sharing what she has been tasked with doing.
  • “That sounds about right, the Hīragi's do what they want.” - Unlike herself, Shinoa has not been promoted and would kindly refuse moving up a rank so Mitsuba replies accordingly.
  • “Kill them! Go, Tenjiryu!” - Mitsuba's immediate approach to the sudden appearance of Four horseman of John, and using her demon manifestation to achieve her intent.16
  • “This proves it. Working together, we really can destroy the nobles!” - Encouraged by Shinoa squad and Narumi squad’s victory over fifteenth progenitor, Lucal Wesker.17
  • “That’s right, many comrades will die but that’s a soldier’s life.” - Mitsuba says she knows all about it. 18
  • “No, I think this is going to work out.” - Happily optimistic about their chances of rescuing hostages outside Nagoya city hall.20


  • Mitsuba 「三葉」 means "three-leaf clover."
  • Sangū 「三宮」 means "three palaces."
  • The "Mitsu" part of her given name and the "San" part of her surname are both written with "三", the kanji for "three."