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"Mortal Love" (人間のコイゴコロ Ningen no Koigokoro?) is the ninety-ninth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Shinoa can see that Shikama Dōji appears weary and taps into her love for Yu to break the chains binding her. Unsure whether this is a part of the first's plan Shinoa decides to reach out in an attempt to possess him then confirms that Shikama Dōji has been weakened. After hearing Shikama Dōji's thoughts to Ashera to capture Mikaela, Shinoa attempts to leave and warn the others whilst Shikama Dōji proceeds to induce her to sleep.

Guren presses the squad to turn Mika into Cursed Gear. With Yu thinking it will save Mika and Shinoa he has it pointed out by Kimizuki that Guren was the one who killed Mika and that rather than saving him it would just be turning him into a tool for them to use. Kimizuki and Yoichi physically raise their previous grievances against Guren regarding what he done to their family members. Mahiru discourages Krul from intervening and Shinoa awakens to warn them that they are all in fact Shikama Dōji's guinea pigs. Guren makes an emotional appeal that the catastrophe was his fault as he done it to resurrect Shinya and his other comrades. The squad appear in favour of Guren's plan to resurrect all of humanity.

After Shinoa reveals that Asuramaru is an enemy since Shikama Dōji contacted him, Yu attempts to contact him but finds hid location filled with coffins. Asuramaru is with Mikaela within the demon created world.


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Shinoa is chained and suspended in the air. Gaining consciousness she feels her heart is starting to race. Apparently her feelings for Yu are running very high right now and she guesses it is because she is a girl since that is what happens, her sister said so. Continuing to speak, Shinoa adds that apparently all human girls are supposed to yearn for love and she asks whether Shi knows that. Shikama Dōji is below her and appears fatigued. Shinoa questions if he knows she is in love with someone yet with no response she continues that he looks terribly uncomfortable. Encouraging him to shake it off with no seriousness behind the words, Shinoa recommends that he use her love and desires against her for possession again. In an act of dismay Shinoa sees that he cannot do it so suggests that she let out a little more of her love out. Shinoa will just loosen up the chains wrapped around her heart.[1]

A chain link snaps and seeing the result Shinoa says aloud that she really loves Yu. With her loving him a lot the chains binding her break apart and Shinoa lands in front of the first. Commenting that she has never seen him look so bad Shinoa wonders if this is possibly something Shikama Doji did not anticipate. With no reply she asks again if this is the case or not. Stating that Shikama Dōji is really powerful, Shinoa has to wonder if this truly is her opportunity. If this really is all part of his plan then Shinoa contemplates whatever will she do, she could accidentally get in her genius sister's way. Whilst Shinoa would rather not do that, if things have changed the risk might be worth taking. Shinoa knows what to do, she will keep her heart half-way closed while trying to reach out and possess Shikama Dōji. She will just let her love go berserk.[2]

After Shinoa conjures her scythe Shikama Dōji does the same and fires three of them at her. These are deflected and Shikama Dōji is surprised that again Shinoa is stronger than anticipated. Pleased to confirm that he really has become weak, the first replies that she was not this powerful before and questions whether Shinoa was hiding her strength. Shinoa never hid anything and says she has always been like this. As the unnecessary spare who was always less gifted than her sister, if her strength really is greater than the first anticipated then Shinoa asks whether Shikama Dōji is sure that he did not simply underestimate all of humanity. With that Shinoa has her scythe stab into Shikama Dōji's chest.[3]

With Shinoa intending to suppress Shikama Doji to confine and bind him he resorts to telepathically contacting Ashera. The first warns him that the humans are coming and directs him to capture Mikaela's soul before they arrive. Shinoa comments on the "Ashera" he mentioned and Shikama Dōji is stunned that she can hear his thoughts. Questioning whether he perhaps means Asuramaru Shinoa asks if he is one of his allies. Judging this very bad, Shinoa will have to let Yu know that right away. Shikama Dōji will not allow that and aims a scythe at Shinoa. With it too close to dodge Shinoa forgets about possessing Shikama Dōji and prioritizes relaying the message to Yu. Swept off her feet by the scythe striking her, Shinoa takes advantage of the weapon's momentum and capitalizes on how it can carry her backwards.[4]

Mockingly sticking her tongue out at him Shinoa has to wake up and tell them. Raising his hand Shikama Dōji orders for her to sleep and Shinoa drops to the floor. Refusing to sleep, Shinoa announces she can wake up. Shikama Dōji compels her to sleep to effectuate her to do so but Shinoa retorts just as firmly that she refuses to. Relying on what the feelings can practically do Shinoa follows up that she is in love with Yu and will let this desire run wild. Curse marks envelop her face and a sharp horn appears out her forehead as she becomes a demon. She will overtake Shikama Dōji and the entire curse that has ruined her life. Shinoa affirms that she is coming to see Yu now.[5]

In the physical world Guren shouts how they do not have any time and orders all of them to hurry up and move. Yu registers the words that Mika is turning into cursed gear. Saying he gets it, Yu states to Guren that he is doing this to save Mika. That is it exactly and Guren adds that this will save both Mika and Shinoa. Elated, Yu asks if the others hear that before being shoved by Kimizuki. He demands to know how stupid Yu has to be to let Guren convince him that easily. Kimizuki reminds Yu that the Lt. Colonel Guren killed Mikaela. Yu's response is that Guren says they are going to turn Mika into cursed gear to save him. Unsure of how that would count as "saving" him, Kimizuki further retaliates that is just turning Mika into a tool that they use.[6]

Guren simply says no, but not believing him at all Kimizuki draws upon enough power to become a demon and attacks Guren. Incensed that he killed his sister, Kimizuki has not forgiven him for that. If Guren is going to insist on "saving" everyone Kimizuki checks whether he is going to resurrect her too. As Yu takes this into account, Mitsuba observes Kimizuki's conduct. Yoichi has his bow drawn behind Guren. Also raising a transgression, Yoichi's concerns Guren sharing that he had his sister's body stored away too. Wanting to know what that is all about, Yoichi asks how Guren even knew about it and how much of all of this has been a part of his plan. Darkly questioning further whether his sister's death was a part of it, all the while Krul monitors the exchange, before Guren answers what if he says it was.[7]

If it is the case that Tomoe's death was a part of Guren's plan then Yoichi aims to kill him. Krul interjects by calling them idiots. Asking what does any of it matter Krul states if the first awakens, everything is over. She offers to silence who she addresses as fools by force on Guren's behalf if necessary. Mahiru places a finger on Krul's lips and tells her not to worry, this will all work out. Krul asks whether Mahiru will silence them. She will not, but her sister will and Mahiru speaks of her truly gifted, incredible sister.[8]

Regaining her consciousness, Shinoa answers Yu that she most definitely is okay. Requesting that they listen Shinoa explains she is barely keeping Shikama Dōji at bay but is unable to do it for long. Yu asks if she is going to be okay and places his hand on her shoulder. Once Shinoa updates them on what has been learned she has to return inside herself to confront Shikama Dōji again. Starkly curious at what she has to tell them, Kimizuki speculates it is that Shinoa is really the Lt. Col.'s ally and that this is "all according to plan". Kimizuki postulates whether Shinoa is going to say that they are all just guinea pigs and that she has been laughing at them this whole time. Shinoa responds that all of them, herself and Guren, are Shikama Dōji's guinea pigs. Apparently everything that has happened in the world has done so according to his plan. As Krul and Mahiru consider the matter Shinoa continues that today that changed. In the home stretch his plan has finally hit a snag. Shinoa suspects that Guren and Mahiru have been secretly planning for just this moment without ever letting anyone know then asks if she has guessed correctly.[9]

Confirming this impression, Guren wants Kimizuki to believe that he will save everyone including his family. Kimizuki wants to believe him but there is no proof. At that Guren shouts that the catastrophe was his fault. It means all the hate and despair they have had to live with is all his fault because he chose to resurrect Shinya and the others, and Guren did this even though they did not want him to. Guren holding Shinya is recollected as he states it was his weakness. His perceived selfish desire to bring them all back is what invited all this disaster in the first place. Mahiru consoles Guren that it is not his fault, that Shikama Dōji arranged for it to happen. As she assures Guren about the preordained events Guren cries that was his chance to die. He and Shinya were supposed to die together and if they could just do so without becoming demons, or getting obsessed about their powers, that was how they were going to beat them. Guren ends that when it came down to it he is still weak. Having effectively killed their families and utterly ruined the world it is all he can do to not dance to Shikama Doji's tune. Guren asks Yu, Shinoa, Kimizuki, Mitsuba and Yoichi to please help him.[10]

With Guren's plan to resurrect all of humanity, Shinoa queries whether that is what Mahiru has been doing. Mahiru replies that she did happen to fall in love with a big dummy. Excited, Yu remarks what Guren plans to do is awesome and is in favour of proceeding. Mahiru asks what the unexpected problem is to which Shinoa reveals that unfortunately it seems that Asuramaru is an enemy. She heard Shikama Dōji ordering him to catch Mika's soul.[11]

Krul is shocked at the statement and Yu closes his eyes to contact Asuramaru. He sees many coffins that look like the ones Kimizuki can create. In the world where Mika as a child is with something that looks like Yu, within a street Mikaela runs with Ashera in pursuit with a sword. Ashera says for them to let's do this.[12]

Chapter notes[]

  • Shinoa awoke spontaneously with feelings for Yu. Shikama Dōji also appeared flushed which may have been correlated from experiencing his consciousness fading after Mahiru entered the room where she had injected herself with a substance that suppresses the cells of the first. Mahiru can degrade Shikama Dōji's wellbeing inside his mind by tampering with herself where the injection came into effect due to close proximity (where Shikama Dōji has a biological body of sorts within Mahiru). It may have impacted Shinoa as well if it was what resulted in having her heart race.
  • The chains wrapped around Shinoa's heart to restrain her emotions are depicted as a literal chain binding her arms and chest. They become brittle to the point where they snap apart when feelings such as love for someone are indulged.
  • Guren and Mahiru's actions here do not appear to be a part of Shikama Dōji's plan, who drained of vitality had little recourse but to resort to Ashera for assistance.
  • In his weakened state, Shinoa could deflect Shikama Dōji's scythes and felt she had a chance to possess him. The first was also stabbed by the Shikama Dōji scythe. He was unable to prevent Shinoa drawing upon demon power to escape from him.
  • Even when weakened Shikama Dōji can contact Ashera in a different demonic plane via telepathy. Whether speaking in his mind can be relayed to a specific being of his will or if thinking in this manner is speaking aloud to those who can hear it (such as demons), his thoughts could now be heard by Shinoa which was something he was shocked at.
  • Hearing "Ashera" Shinoa deduced (correctly) that this might have been Asuramaru. Thinking that Yu's demon was one of Shikama Dōji's allies, Shinoa elected to forgo an attempt to overcome and possess the first to warn the others instead.
  • Using his hand and verbal orders, Shikama Dōji can engender someone to sleep.
  • By embracing the desire for Yu, Shinoa turned into a demon to resist Shikama Dōji's powers and escape back into her physical body.
  • Yu's views on Mika becoming a cursed gear was favourable since he saw it as saving him.
  • Kimizuki rebuked Yu's trust in Guren with the reminder that he was the one who killed Mika. He castigated Yu's naivety further by explaining that turning someone into cursed gear does not count as saving them, it just turns them into a tool to be used.
  • The mistrust Kimizui had for Guren was amplified when he broached how Guren murdered his sister Mirai in Chapter 84. After incorporating demon traits Kimizuki attacked Guren.
  • Similarly Yoichi also sought clarification on whether Guren planned to have his sister Tomoe killed. With his bow drawn he spoke of an intent to kill Guren who did not deny it.
  • With squad members hostile to Guren for the sorrow he inflicted on them, Krul disregards the feelings with the threat of the first near. She takes Guren's side and threatens to silence them by force if necessary.
  • Mahiru speaks to Krul as a spirit where before Krul believed her to be dead with their bargain compromised.
  • Regarding Shinoa, Mahiru speaks favourably of her and is certain she will be the one to silence them (although it would be Guren himself who changed their minds with an appeal to emotion, Shinoa just warned them of the threat Asuramaru posed).
  • With Shikama Dōji trying to force Shinoa to sleep to stop her warning the others of his connection with Ashera, and Shinoa attempting to not fall asleep, she would prevail and successfully share the compromising information.
  • Mitsuba heeds Yu placing his hand on Shinoa's shoulder.
  • Kimizuki's suspicions that Shinoa may be working with Guren and possibly mocking them this whole time as guinea pigs are points of brief contention that arise.
  • Shinoa feels they are all Shikama Dōji's guinea pigs including Guren and Mahiru. She may have been vouching for them both when sharing how Guren and Mahiru were planning to interfere with the first's plan, or it was just said to cover for them should Shinoa be aware that something further was amiss.
  • Guren shares with the squad how he resurrected Shinya and the rest of his own squad. Knowledge that one is resurrected would result in them perishing again.
    • A scene of Guren holding Shinya during this time is shown and Guren speaks of how that was a chance for them to die together.
  • The anger towards Guren for murdering Mirai, Tomoe and Mika is pacified due to the solemn emotional background behind his actions. He asks for the squad's help in resurrecting all of humanity.
  • When commenting on Guren's plan to resurrect all of humanity, Shinoa, possibly with a hint of incredulity, clarifies whether that is what Mahiru has been doing (since Shinoa may not believe this). Mahiru replies that she did happen to fall in love with a big dummy, possibly sarcastically confirming Shinoa's words if they were taken at face value (Mahiru's response may have a different meaning for Shinoa).
  • Shinoa's news that Asuramaru is an enemy is based on her hearing Shikama Dōji order him to capture Mika's soul. Circumstances and time notwithstanding she did not consider that Ashera may not listen to the first's order. Shinoa also stated that it was Mika's soul the first was after yet it could be Mikaela's. Assuming it is Mika's makes sense for her since she knows him and he is the one Guren and Mahiru think is a demon, then Shinoa would be unaware of Sika Madu's son to begin with.
    • On the soul to acquire or seal into cursed gear, Guren and Mahiru are attempting to seal Mika into a weapon to deny that to the first. Shinoa is also under the impression that the demon is Mika and is wary of the first capturing him. It is only Shikama Dōji and Asuramaru that are aware that Mikaela, Sika Madu's child from the dark ages of Greece, is the rank one demon to emerge. Mika's suitability if any for becoming a cursed gear as a child living in a dream with his orphanage family is unknown.
  • Yu enters to where Asuramaru should be but finds the area filled with coffins. Whilst he recognizes them as the ones that Kimizuki can make it does not seem the case that he notes them as Kiseki-o's and so would not infer that demons are interacting with one another.
  • Mikaela appears to be fleeing from Ashera who has his sword drawn, and probably Kiskei-o and Gekkouin who are in the vicinity as well. Mikaela attacks even hints of invaders without a second thought. He can effortlessly handle powerful sustained attacks such as the volley of arrows from Gekkouin. With invaders reaching his world he decided to devour their desires. Based on what he is capable of it is unlikely that Mikaela would retreat from an adversary. He may not be running from Ashera but with him where they may have planned together.


Image gallery: Mortal Love

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 99 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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