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"Moving Pieces" (走るコマ Hashiru koma?) is the one hundred ninth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Having accessed Yu's memories and the feelings involved with them, Mika finds he can recall his own. Where Guren trained Yu as a child, Mika realizes that he was his savior. Yoichi and Kimizuki, like Yu do not know what the seraphs within his heart are. Rebuking him for wanting to die after escaping Sanguinem, Mika tells Yu he guesses he should thank Guren, yet to himself thinks that he had an ulterior motive.

Ferid stops his running with Crowley and senses that the First has been captured. While they wonder if they are involved in Saitō's plan now, Crowley thinks it could be Ferid's. Guren and Mahiru also feel the First has been driven off, before Yu returns with Mika. While Guren commends the return, he holds three sinful keys in his hand.

Speaking with Shikama Dōji in his prison, Saitō questions if his plan has been destroyed. Asking how many sinful keys does Saitō hold, Shikama Dōji tells him and the other vampire progenitors that it seems they have both underestimated their creations. With his plan spoiled, the First says whoever can do that is the kind of person who would destroy the world for personal gain. On whose turn it is, Ferid states it is his and Guren's.


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With three seraphs in the air above, Yu asks demon Mika what are those things, who answers he thinks they are angels. When Yu asks what those are, demon Mika appears unsure. As for why they are inside Yu, demon Mika does not know but bets the answer is somewhere in Yu's memories. Where Yu is shocked at the idea they are in his, demon Mika reminds him they watched his past just a bit ago. Stating those were Yu's memories and not his, while he does not remember them at all, demon Mika knows they are not his.[1]

Thinking Mika got his memories, from his perplexed reaction, Yu sees it is not so. Mentioning how they fought Shikama Dōji a minute ago, demon Mika raises how he devoured a ton of Yu's desires, and when he did he also ate up a lot of his memories too. Now that demon Mika has got a lot of memories in his head they are all jumbled up and he says it is hard to tell which are his or Yu's.[2]

A memory of Mika ordering Yu to escape Sanguinem when they were children is recalled. As a child, Yu's feelings were how it hurts where he felt sad, with his thoughts concerning why he has to go on surviving all alone. Mika's thoughts and feelings are also recalled, where he felt it was his fault that this happened. That he wanted Yu to get out of here, the scenario resonates in demon Mika and Yu asks out of concern what is wrong.[3]

Elated, Mika announces it is like memories in stereo where he has both his and Yu's memories. Similarly ecstatic that Mika does have his memories back, Yu states that is awesome. Calling to Kimizuki and Yoichi, he shares that Mika says that he got his memories back. Both pleased with the news, the three of them head towards one another while Mika considers how he really does have both.[4]

The scenario of Yu training with Guren is visualized. Getting up after crashing to the ground, Yu announced he was not giving up and was going to kill all the blood-suckers out there. Kicked away, Yu acquired his training sword again and vowed he could still fight. Claiming he was not done yet, Yu was lying back on the ground with the rain coming down on him. Stating that was it for today, Guren mentioned any more of a beating would kill him.[5]

Voicing who cares if he died, Yu spoke that everyone else was already gone with himself as the only one stuck alive. While Yu tearfully questioned why it was just him, Guren observed. Acquiring his sword, Yu charged anew while shouting he was going to kill all the blood-suckers once more. Tripping him, Guren then raised and carried Yu. Instructing him to quit crying, Guren added that is the spirit. While Yu insisted he was not crying, it is just raining, Guren is unconvinced and comments he also peed his pants. While Yu protests, Guren is not interested, and advises him to just live. Even if it is dumb, Guren continued for Yu to do whatever it takes. Get stronger, gain power, then get revenge. Dying can wait until he has tried that much.[6]

Glancing over to Yu as he interacts with Kimizuki and Yoichi, Mika thinks all those years that Yu suffered, feeling alone and abandoned, his saviour was Guren Ichinose and sees that who he is to him. Contemplating further, Mika thinks now that he has eaten Yu's memories he gets why he wants to trust Guren so much, but wonders if trusting him is wise.[7]

Asking about those things and what they are in reference to the seraphs, Yoichi finds them super scary. After Yu answers that he does not actually know, Kimizuki responds that they are inside his heart. Deeming it weird, Yu questions what is going on here. Replying not to ask him, Kimizuki addresses the matter of whether they beat the First or not. When Yu reveals that he ran, Kimizuki is aghast that they have not beaten him.[8]

Questioning if he is going to come back, Yoichi wonders if it is okay for them to go back to their bodies now. While Yu is uncertain, Kimizuki feels it is probably okay to go back now, the Lt. Colonel and the others are waiting. Finding that a good point, Yoichi says for them to go back, it is time to wake up. Agreeing, Yu also has something to add, before proceeding to thank them for coming to help. After closing their eyes, Yoichi and Kimizuki teleport from the realm.[9]

Yu turns to Mika and asks if he can manifest outside too. With Mika feeling he probably can, Yu replies for them to head back then, everyone is waiting for them. Having something to say, Mika speaks honestly that he is kind of mad at Yu, a comment which alarms him. Raising how after he left Sanguinem, Mika says that Yu tried to die a bunch of times. After a moment, Yu realizes that Mika peeked into his memories. He has indeed, and Mika states what Yu did was totally unacceptable, if he died then what would have been the point of him throwing away his life to save him. While Yu covers his face and tries to explain it was not that easy, he continues that being all on his own was really hard. Although Mika gets that, he states to still not do it.[10].

Jubilant, Yu feels it all worked out in the end. Having survived to meet Mika again, Yu is glad he did. When Mika speaks that it was thanks to Guren, Yu agrees. Guessing he will have to thank Guren for that much at least, Mika continues that thanks to him the two of them found each other again. Pleased, Yu agrees they should both thank him together.[11]

In contrast to what he said, thinking to himself, Mika considers Guren did save Yu, but bets he had an ulterior motive. With Mahiru envisioned as well, Mika feels Guren would not do this out of the goodness of his heart. Also wondering what is up with the seraphs who remain idle above, Mika further thinks what were those monster blob things. Speculating that the answers are probably somewhere in Yu's memories, Mika guesses sometime soon the two of them are going to have to go digging through them. As they walk beside one another, Mika promises that he will protect Yu, who returns the sentiment. Placing their hands towards each other, they speak for them to go back.[12]

Through a ruined city landscape, Ferid is singing "tum-tum" sounds as he runs with Crowley behind him. Having tried really hard not to ask, but really having to, Crowley questions what all that "tum tum" stuff means. After Ferid replies it is the sound of him running, of course, Crowley asks what the point of doing that is, to which the answer is to let everyone know he is running. On who everyone is, Crowley hears it is him since there is not anyone else. When Crowley questions if those sound effects are for his benefit, Ferid confirms yes. Although Crowley does not really need Ferid to do that, he resumes with his sound effects.[13]

Having noticed something, Ferid leaps into the air where Crowley joins him atop a building. Asking if has noticed, Crowley answers the First was captured. While Ferid assumes they are no longer dancing on the First's palm, but on dear old daddy's, Saitō's, Crowley cannot say. Stating he has not heard what parts are part of whose plans, for all Crowley knows it could be Ferid's. Surprised that he still follows him, Ferid calls Crowley a weirdo. Questioning if he is really going to call him a weirdo, Ferid laughs in response. Speaking that it is not like he has anything else to do, Crowley wonders what Ferid thinks then, on whether it is the First's turn, or their father's turn now. Finding it a good question, Ferid answers who is to say before regarding the sinful key in his hand.[14]

Viewing a sinful key of his own, Guren is spoken to by Mahiru. Thinking that it worked, Mahiru states it feels like they drove off the First. With Guren anticipating that Yu will come back, Mahiru teases is he that happy. His content facial expression reversing, Guren affirms no.[15]

With Yu announcing that he is back, Shinoa along with Mitsuba are pleased to see him while Krul also registers his return. An emission from around Mika's sword heralds his arrival as he appears beside Yu. With Mitsuba helping her to stand, Shinoa comments how Yu saved Mika. After Yu thanks Shinoa for her assistance, Kimizuki and Yoichi both regain their consciousness. They comment how it was hard to wake up while still trying to keep their demons from going berserk. Chiming in that it is good to see them back, Guren adds he will even compliment them on it. While Shinoa and Yu appear pleased, Mika silently glances towards Guren, who is holding three sinful keys.[16]

Within his prison, Shikama Dōji speaks Rigr's name before asking was this all his plan, and did everything go as he expected. Urd and Lest Karr stand nearby while Saitō questions how was it, has the First's plan been destroyed. Wondering if he was Saitō's only objective, Shikama Dōji questions is there more to it. When Saitō asks what he means by that, Shikama Dōji mentions the sinful keys, and how many does he hold.[17]

While Saitō gives the matter some thought, the First speaks it seems they have both underestimated their creations. Someone else stands in the forefront now. Sharing that he spent tens of thousands of years creating and fine-tuning his plan, Shikama Dōji states this someone outdid him and spoiled it. Urd listens as the First says whoever can do that is the kind of person who will destroy the world for personal gain, a notion that unsettles Lest Karr and Ky Luc.[18]

Ferid flings a sinful key into the air. Addressing whose turn it is that Crowley enquired about, Ferid speaks that he thinks it is finally their turn before mentioning Guren's name.[19]

Chapter Notes[]

  • The cover image features Yu and Mika, both as human appearing children. They wear similar T-shirts, with Mika wearing shorts where it is possible that Yu has an unseen pair. The color schemes are inverted, Mika has a white T-shirt, Yu's is black. Mika's short's are black, the lower clothing Yu wears is white. This scenario, of Yu and Mika as children seemingly in a windowless room with little else but a swag valance within, and ancient appearing trees on either side of the relatively small, direlect on the outside brick room is unique to the chapter 109 cover, it is not seen anywhere else. At no point in the story are Yu and Mika seen taking part in this scenario.
  • Where the three seraphs were exceptionally hostile to Shikama Dōji in the previous Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword", they make no action or communication with Yu, Mika, Kimizuki and Yoichi who remain.
  • While Yu has has interactions with two seraphs, namely the Fifth Trumpet and Sixth Trumpet, where he can resort to the power of the Second Trumpet himself, they were through the human hosts they inhabited. Yu also had the backing of three seraphs in Chapter 102: "He's Calling for Me" yet as a demon there he did not react to their prescence. Seeing seraphs as they actually are here in what may be their true forms, Yu did not know what they were.
  • Asked what they were, demon Mika (correctly) thought they were angels, and on why they are inside of Yu he speculated the answer could be found in his memories.
  • In terms of the time elapsed, based on figures of speech, demon Mika comments that they watched Yu's past just a bit ago, and they fought Shikama Dōji a minute ago.
  • Demon Mika saw past memories in Chapter 106: "I Am Your..." yet Yu does not comment on them when his past is discussed. He could make contact with demon Mika when he came under attack from Shikama Dōji who had discerned him in the memory, so he may have just been able to see that, rather than the memory contents accessed from the eye.
  • Where demon Mika devoured a ton of Yu's desires in their fight against Shikama Dōji, he also ate up a lot of his memories. It was the memory of Mika saying for Yu to escape Sanguinem after their family were murdered that roused Mika's memories. Able to discern Yu's feelings at the time, Mika could do it for himself where he wanted Yu to make it out.
  • Since demon Mika began to appear in Chapter 92: "Black Demon Scenario", where Yu realized in Chapter 103: "The Sky Awaits Them Both" that demon Mika had no memories of him, Yu finds Mika can remember him in this Chapter 109.
    • Where Demon Mika behaved as a demon acting on instinct would, with his memories back it is Mikaela Hyakuya who happens to be a demon.
  • In having both Yu's and his own memories, Mika describes it as like memories in stereo.
  • Accessing a memory of Yu training with Guren, Mika gains an understanding that the latter is like a saviour to the former for encouraging him to live when he wanted to die.
  • Also unsure what they were, Yoichi stated the seraphs were super scary.
  • Kimizuki hears from Yu they did not beat the First since he ran, in his words (Shikama Dōji was pulled away from the barrage of seraph spears by Saitō's chains and taken through Kiseki-o's coffin before being imprisoned in a cage designed to hold the strongest of vampires).
  • Not sure of whether to leave, Kimizuki decides they should do so with the reasoning that Guren and the others were waiting.
  • Yu thanks Yoichi and Kimizuki for coming to help.
  • In departing the inside of Yu's heart, Yoichi and Kimizuki close their eyes and vanish in a teleportation like manner in a rare depiction of leaving such a sphere. Kiseki-o's coffins that brought them there were not required for them to return to their physical bodies.
  • Asked if he can manifest outside, Mika does not know for certain but feels probably.
  • Before leaving for the physical world, Mika raises how he is kind of mad at Yu for trying to die a number of times after leaving Sanguinem and scolds him for such behaviour.
  • While Mika checks if Yu feels Guren is to thank for them meeting again, and agrees they should thnak him together, to himself, Mika suspects Guren has an ulterior motive and remains wary of him.
  • Demon Mika appeared to be familiar black suns upon seeing them in Chapter 104: "The Same Dream", indeed giving them their name. Mika with his memories back wonders about what they were and refers to them as "monster blob things". Newly formed demons may have an innate awareness of certain topics, such as what they are, that they need to communicate a contract to a human they want to possess, and possibly black suns which Shikama Dōji has used in connection with seraph experiments, where demon Mika also knew what they were based on their rarely seen true appearance.
  • Guessing that the answers concerning the black suns and seraphs are within Yu's memories, Mika thinks they will have to check them together sometime.
  • Where Ferid was cut apart by Urd, and was taken by Crowley after he deployed a sinful key in Chapter 92, both Ferid and Crowley are seen active in this chapter.
  • Both Ferid and Crowley sense that the First has been captured, where he was taken in chains and placed in a prison in the previous chapter 108. Where Ferid thought they were collectively involved in the First's plan, with his capture he speculates whether they are a part of Saitō's.
  • In considering he could be involved in Ferid's plan, Crowley says it is not like he has anything else to do while asking whose turn it is.
  • Mahiru can sense that the First had been driven off. A demon herself, Mahiru appears unable to make out events occuring in a demon realm namely that Shikama Dōji came under attack by seraphs, and was taken by vampires, in a possible indication of the extent of what demons can perceive.
  • Mika can manifest as himself in the physical world. Not speaking to anyone, Mika silently considers Yu talking to Shinoa, before turning his attention to Guren's announcement.
  • Where Shinoa was being possessed by Shikama Dōji, she would heave last been around Mika in Chapter 75: "Secret Distance", where she sees him again as a demon here in Chapter 109.
  • After leaving his transformation process in Chapter 94: "Vampire's End", Krul sees Mika again.
  • Kimizuki and Yoichi departed Yu's heart before he and Mika did yet regain consciousness after they return. It appears challenging to wake while trying to keep their demons from going berserk which hampers being able to awaken.
  • Good to see them back with everyone having returned, Guren holds three sinful keys that he kept on his person after they were activated by himself, Mahiru, and Noya to seal the First who was possessing Shinoa's body in Chapter 85: "The Guinea Pigs Gather".
  • Vampires such as Lest Karr and Ky Luc are allowed to listen to what the First has to say. This is the first time they are seen around Shikama Dōji.
  • With it evident that no one he is familiar with has any sinful keys, Shikama Dōji details to Saitō that they have both underestimated their creations.
  • Shikama Dōji says he has spent tens of thousands of years creating and fine-tuning his plan. In Chapter 79: "Eternal Hell" Shikama Dōji details how he spent 600 years killing hundreds of thousands of human guinea pigs. Further details of his plan include exposing a black sun to the past Yu who had seraph wings.
  • Although he does not name the someone, Shikama Dōji feels the someone who outdid him and spoiled his plan is the kind of person who will destroy this world for personal gain. Clear feeling his plan has been spoiled, Shikama Dōji also uses 'person' in considering the culprit.
  • Both keeping sinful keys close to hand, Ferid thinks it is finally his and Guren's turn to act.


Image gallery: Moving Pieces

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 109 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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