Nagoya (名古屋 Nagoya?), also referred to as Nagoya city (名古屋市 Nagoya-shi?), is a city on the surface that was ruled by humans until the Apocalypse, but it is now managed by vampires. It is home to many noble vampires.


Episode 17 - Screenshot 270

Nagoya City Hall

Nagoya is an expansive city above the ground. It is home to many large and elaborate government offices, city constructs left from before the Apocalypse, a large city hall, an automobile museum, and a gorgeous park that is well-maintained.

After the Moon Demon Company attacks Nagoya, many of the buildings are damaged or destroyed. A radio tower has been broken in half, and the park has been severely damaged and burned. The city hall also takes quite a bit of damage.


Nagoya is a center of vampire politics above the grounds. Nobles from many factions, including Lest Karr's, Krul Tepes's, and Ferid Bathory's, gather here. This city is managed by Lucal Wesker and Mel Stefano. Many livestock remain hidden underground.

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Nagoya ArcEdit

The Moon Demon Company of the JIDA attacks Nagoya with the aim to kill many nobles and attract attention. They target eight of the nobles and succeed in killing Lucal Wesker, Mel Stefano, and three other nobles as well as Esther. When they attack Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, Crowley Eusford interferes and defeats them. Crowley captures their leader, Guren Ichinose. The MDC is forced to flee from both them and incoming vampire reinforcements. Nagoya is wrecked during the battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Nagoya is real city in Japan.
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