Norito Goshi (五士 典人 Goshi Norito?) is a member of Guren's squad the Seraph of the End anime. Part of the Goshi family, one of three prodigious clans serving the Hīragi Family, he is a colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and a part of the Moon Demon Company. He uses his cursed gear to generate illusionary based powers, and uses them principally in the defence of Shinjuku then on vampire noble targets in Nagoya.

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Appearance[edit | edit source]

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He is a tall, young man with bleach-blond messy hair tied in a short ponytail at the back, and a small goatee. He has mischievous, sleepy brown eyes.

His uniform is the standard JIDA uniform which consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green details including the shoulder epaulettes which have a brown Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder. This is along with straps crossing under his waist to form an X, two rows of gold buttons on the front which are unbuttoned at the top, and has his sleeves rolled up. Additionally he wears a pair of white gloves and a white web belt with a gold waist-plate. He also wears the uniform trousers and black boots which go over the trouser's leggings. He usually wears the black cape as well.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Norito is flirtatious and enjoys teasing the female members of his squad, Sayuri, Shigure and Mito. He was delighted to discover a magazine with bikini models in it and was very keen for Guren to order the female members of the squads to wear bikinis as well.

Within a battle he positions himself to best deploy, and is ready to answer the order to use his illusion powers.

Empathetic, he used his powers to help a wounded soldier pass away in peace. He is also there for squad mates as when he protected Sayuri from a sword attack meant for her.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shinjuku Arc[edit | edit source]

Goshi is with the rest of the Moon Demon Company in response to an escaped vampire. He watches as Yoichi Saotome accidentally knocks Yūichirō Hyakuya over.[2]

Joining Guren at the battle of Shinjuku

At a later date, the city of Shinjuku is under siege from a large vampire invasion force. Goshi joins squad leader Guren Ichinose atop a building and states that things are going to hell pretty fast and what does he propose they do about it. With the squad gathered they are now ready to head for the vampire commander.[3]

At ease before a major fight with vampires

After an attack clears a squadron of vampires, Goshi stands behind Guren opposite the commander, vampire noble Ferid Bathory, with Mikaela Hyakuya near him. He is a part of the contingent force of soldiers facing the vampires opposite them with includes Lacus Welt and René Simm as commanders. As the battle breaks out Goshi produces a mist from his cursed gear in the fight.

Directing the mist towards Mika

As Guren is fighting against Mika, along with Shigure Yukimi, Goshi is relied on as Guren never intended for a one on one battle. Goshi is already on the illusionary spell and has a great column of purple magic fly into the air before it takes the form of a spiked maw which flies towards Mika.[4]

Despite his participation, Guren is prevented from attacking Mika further due to Ferid's intervention. Vampire nobles Crowley Eusford, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld’s arrival have also emboldened the vampires to plan to capture the Moon Demon Company and turn them into livestock.

Saved with the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army

When Guren orders a retreat, but is kicked away by Ferid after he tries to help Yu attacking him, Goshi joins Shigure in regrouping with Mito and Sayuri. The vampires have no intention of allowing them to assist Guren. With Shigure saying the solution is to kill them all, Goshi states that is easier said than done and is why they are having all this trouble in the first place.

He then finds René nearby and hears the only way out is as livestock or corpses, and Lacus is also awaiting an answer. Goshi is freed with the arrival of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army under Kureto Hīragi and Shinya Hīragi.[5]

Goshi is seated beside Mito at a diner with Shigure and Sayuri at the same table as well.[6]

Goshi has found "a little light reading"

He joins Guren and the rest of the squad for Kureto’s assigned mission to have one hundred members of the Moon Demon Company assassinate ten vampires nobles in Nagoya as part of a wider campaign to drive the vampires out of Japan. His footstep is detected and he asks Guren to look at a lingerie magazine he has found and whether Guren likes it. Calling the magazine a bit of light reading, Goshi says it has been a long time since they have seen girls lounging around in fancy underwear, he cannot even get Shigure and Sayuri to wear bathing suits.

Imploring Guren to have Sayuri fight in her bathing suit

With Sayuri guessing she should have to if Guren ordered it, Goshi establishes whether he heard that and advocates for the sake of morale that Guren should tell Sayuri to fight in a bathing suit.

According to Goshi, it is Guren that wants to know what Mito's body looks like

Told he is supposed to be looking for vampires, Goshi remembers Mito is keeping an eye out. He pays no mind to Guren querying how he can be so useless as he busies himself with the magazine. With her appearing, Goshi has a question, whether Mito would wear a swimsuit. He is asking because according to him pervert Guren over here wants to know what she looks like under that uniform.

Impressed with Shinya's car he found

With Shinya turning up he excitedly asks him where he found the red sports car he has arrived up in. Goshi stands on the platform with Guren as he details to the soldiers gathered that this mission will probably be the most dangerous one they he ever have. Many will die but their sacrifices will ensure their success. He listens as Guren rallies them with with a declaration that they are all family, the goal is not to come back alive but victorious no matter what.

Initiating Shinoa's test by producing an illusion of Yu

Afterwards, Goshi is in the abandoned mall with the squad and Shinya and sees Yu brought before them. With Guren’s words Goshi uses his cursed gear to fill the interior with an expanding pale mist. This creates a life like illusion with the corresponding voice of Yu tied and dangling over a burning pyre for Shinoa Hīragi, Mitsuba Sangū, Shihō Kimizuki and Yoichi to see.[7]

After defeating vampire noble Mel Stefano

As the operation to eliminate vampire nobles in Nagoya is underway, Guren has just defeated Mel Stefano and says everything has gone to plan. Goshi is not so sure since they almost just got their butts handed to them. Even though they are the strongest team, Goshi feels Guren should have given them some backup.

A large scale attack has ended in failure

He heads over to join Eita Kusunoki who informs them their mission has ended in failure. Those who were not killed were captured and Eita himself has been mortally wounded. Goshi is already on it when Guren asks and he uses his cursed gear on Kusunoki, saying says he will sleep now. With nineteen out of forty five soldiers killed and the rest taken hostage they are to rejoin Makoto Narumi and Hīragi squad and then target thirteenth progenitor, Crowley Eusford.[8]

Gathering for a rescue mission

Emerging from underground to where Narumi squad and Shinoa squad have gathered, he finds soldiers led by Aiko Aihara have gathered as well. As a part of Guren squad they cannot wait for others to arrive and have to head into their next mission.

Arriving near Nagoya city hall

Twenty-five soldiers have been taken hostage from the failed attack on three nobles at Nagoya city hall. The new objective is to kill the them. Goshi and his squad along with Shinoa’s and Narumi’s are on the roof of a building in preparation for the mission on city hall.[9]

Moving to more suitable attack locations

He moves to follow Guren as they prepare to attack and free the hostages. Inside a building he hears Guren's new plan that they along with Shinya will attack Crowley Eusford and his comrades, Chess Belle and Horn Skuld while Shinoa and Narumi’s team will free the hostages.

They attack in seven minutes, and Goshi stands by as Shinya suspects their enemies are most likely waiting for them. As Guren explains to Mito, Goshi can use his illusionary power to make it seem like two hundred men are fighting alongside of them. Goshi adds there is one big problem with Guren’s plan, for that to happen he would have to get dangerously close. He is taken aback when asked why he is still standing here. With Shinya joking that it looks like Goshi is their first casualty he replies thanks for the vote of confidence.

Escorted by Shinya to get close to the vampires

When Guren offers the chance for any last words, Goshi’s are that they are ready. With the rescue underway, Goshi leaves the physical fighting of the vampires to the other squad members and walks steadily with Shinya. Approaching the hostages with many vampires incoming, Goshi is told by Guren to do it.

Producing illusionary targets for the vampires to focus on

The purple mist from his cursed gear produces materalizes into many soldiers and Goshi announces to behold the Demon Army’s best soldiers. These illusions keep the vampires occupied as they block against and swing into imaginary targets for the squad to gain more ground.

Having a better idea than intervening directly in the fight

After Guren and Shinya are swung into the city hall building itself, Goshi tells Mito to leave it to them. If they try and step in and help they will only end up getting in the way. Told they have to, Goshi replies he has a better idea. This is to make their way to the fourth floor where Guren has been captured. At the same time Goshi helps cover Shinoa squad’s retreat by stopping the vampire noble’s movement with an illusion that they are in a volcanic cave like environment. This is life like to point of having Chess feel the heat of the fire and they see stone block their path with further eruptions occurring.

Defending Sayuri from Crowley's sword

The cave walls and flowing liquid magma provide cover for the rest of the squad. Goshi resorts to using his physical cursed gear to block Crowley’s sword meant for Sayuri when she is noticed, yet they both fall into the imaginary river of fire from the force of Crowley’s blade. Laying there, he is told to retreat and lead them by Guren but he replies he cannot.

Taking measures to allow their escape

Told to complete the mission and with Sayuri set on still reaching Guren, Goshi blasts the situation and slams his cursed gear on the illusionary rock to cause breakages in the ceiling for more magma to flow out. When the illusion is cut apart by Crowley it is too late and Goshi has escaped to safety.

Conforming everyone is all right as they can be with Guren captured

He greets Major General Shinya in front of Shinoa squad and is told his quick thinking saved them back there. Goshi confirms that everyone else is all right in a manner of speaking. Interacting with Shinya, he looks over to the commotion with Yu and his squad. Goshi heads over to where Yu has taken an additional two cursed gear stimulants in addition to the two he has already ingested that day. As with everyone he is unable to help as a large volume of blood erupts from Yu’s mouth. As Shinya attempts to deal with the situation, Goshi adheres to his order to take the girls and meet up with Narumi squad.[10]

Stopping the retreat with a vampire coming towards them

As part of the mass retreat to the rendezvous point before the large number of vampire helicopters reach them, Goshi sees a single vampire racing his way through the Moon Demon Company soldiers.

Using his cursed gear against Mika

His illusionary mist causes Mika to see his boots melting, and adding from what Mito says, Goshi means to give the brat a spanking. The power is both resisted by and then cut apart by Mika to which Goshi panics that this is not good.[11]

Finding the airport is deserted

Waiting at the deserted airport rendezvous point, [12] Goshi asks Shinya where the choppers are, Guren said they would be here waiting to evacuate them. Then he questions what the Japanese Imperial Demon Army directive that Shinya is reading says. Goshi observes the situation between Narumi squad, where Rika Inoue and then Narumi have blamed Shinoa squad for the loss of their team mates, Yayoi Endo and Tarō Kagiyama. He stands near Mito as Narumi is voicing discontent with Shinya regarding the mission in general.

Pleased to abandon Kureto's mission to save Guren

Listening as Shinya explains the final mission was to escape in the chopper and lead the vampires to a trap in Shinjuku, he learns that Guren was not the one who planned this. After witnessing Narumi shove Shinya against the fence when it is revealed that Lieutenant General Kureto Hīragi is the one behind this mission, he stands by with Mito doing the talking for Shigure and Sayuri abandoning the mission and joining Narumi in his plan to rescue Guren. He asks seriously upon hearing that Shinya means for them to ignore the orders from high command and have the goal of the Demon Company to rescue Guren.

Surprised at Kureto's arrival to Nagoya

Noticing helicopters approach in the distance, once the demon army aircraft land nearby Goshi finds Aoi Sangū and then Kureto himself exit, the latter of who he is surprised to see. A container the Imperial Demon Army has brought has something inside that uses a vast amount of connected rods that act as very long spears to stab into and kill the surviving members of the Moon Demon Company.

Assuring Shinoa squad they can leave it to them

The vampire fleet then arrives with a masked noble directing his troops to attack. Goshi is with the other three members of Guren squad near to Shinoa Squad now with Narumi and Mika as well. Goshi apprises the kids to go ahead and run while they can, the seasoned pros will provide them with plenty of cover.[13] The container the chains are coming from explodes and Goshi has his hand on Sayuri’s shoulder as he beholds a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. Mirai Kimizuki as a seraph blows a long golden horn to have jagged rocks erupt from the surface with the sky overhead darkened. A black mass has emerged from Mirai’s back and formed into a gargantuan winged monster called Abaddon. Having three darts thrown into it has created globules that break off and form into Four Horseman of John that attack vampires and humans.

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When Horseman of the Apocalypse have stopped attacking, Goshi says it is probably a safe bet that the column of swirling fire is the reason why. He sees Abaddon turned entirely into salt and destroyed by Yu with the second trumpet, the King of Salt and stands in the environment it was before.[14]

Nagoya Arc[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Cursed Gear[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “It looks like things are going to hell fast. What do you propose we do about it? there’s no way the extermination squad can defeat so many of them, can they?” - His views on the vampire attack on Shinjuku.
  • “Hey look, Guren! You like?” - Goshi has found a magazine with a lingerie model on it, then he replies what it is: “a little light reading, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen girls lounging around in fancy underwear. I can’t even get Shigure or Sayuri to wear bathing suits.”
  • “Guren! For the sake of morale, tell her to fight in her bathing suit!” - Keen for Guren to give the order to Sayuri.16
  • "Hey, Mito. Question. Would you wear a swimsuit?" He is asking because "Well, pervert Guren over here wants to know what your body looks like under that uniform."
  • “Really, because we almost just got our butts handed to us. Even though we’re the strongest team, you should have given us some backup!” - Not convinced everything went to Guren’s plan after their victory over Mel Stefano
  • “He’ll sleep now.” - Goshi helps the lethally injured Kusunoki pass away in peace. 17
  • “Behold the Demon Army’s best men, let’s do this!” - Goshi uses his cursed gear to create many illusions of soldiers. His squad can move forward as the vampires block against these imaginary foes.
  • “Leave it to them. If we step in and try and help out we’ll only end up getting in the way.” - Speaking to Mito on what their capabilities will do and why they should leave Guren and Shinya against Crowley. He has a better idea anyway.19
  • “Where are the choppers? Guren said they would be here waiting to evacuate us.” - Asking Shinya what the situation is with the airport deserted.
  • “You kids go ahead and run while you can. The seasoned pros will provide you with plenty of cover." - Helping Shinoa squad, Narumi and Mika escape Nagoya airport.23

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Norito 「典人」 means "scripture person".
  • Goshi 「五士」 means "five samurai".

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