"Not Human" is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

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Yu battles the Sixth Trumpet. The angel says humanity committed an unforgivable sin and refuses to stop the punishment. He looks at Yu more closely and says Yu is not a human, angel, or a demon but rather an existence touching upon the forbidden.

Yu realizes the Sixth Trumpet also has a demon, and he instructs Kimizuki to use the same drug Yu has been using on the angel.

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Yu tells the Sixth Trumpet that he will save him. The angel calls Yu a traitor and tells him to die. The angel creates Horsemen from his fingertips, but Yu deflects them with his own trumpet. He then breaks the angel's chains.

The angel blows his trumpet, and horsemen arise from the ground. Yu exchanges his trumpet for his sword and cuts them apart. When the Sixth Trumpet notices Yu's demon curse, he blames that on inhibiting Yu's memory of his duty. He calls demons inferior beings. He begins to say that Yu's sword can't damage his trumpet, but it nicks the trumpet. There is an explosion, and both the angel and Yu take to the skies.

Mika yells at Yu not to do that and asks what Guren and Ferid are trying to do. Ferid says that angel is weakened and less dangerous than a vampire right now. Shinoa urges Mika to follow Yu.

Horsemen the sizes of hills emerge on the mountains.

Yu tells the angel to stop blowing his trumpet. He says humanity has suffered plenty and asks if they need to be punished even more. The angel says they committed an unforgivable sin. Yu says that he and the other people alive in this world have not committed sins worthy of this punishment.

The Sixth Trumpet's eyes change as he looks at Yu. He says Yu is not a human, angel, or a demon. He says Yu's existence touches upon the forbidden and must be destroyed. He attacks Yu.

Yu demands more power from Asuramaru, who argues that he is doing all he can to keep the angel restricted. Yu points out that the Sixth Trumpet also has a demon, and Asuramaru notices he really has a demon inside him. He convinces Asuramaru to put more effort into hanging on longer.

Yu sees his squad in the forest and shouts to Kimizuki. He tells him to give the drug he has been using to the Sixth Trumpet. If this works, he says it should work for Kimizuki as well.

When Kimizuki is concerned about Yu's power output, Yu says he is going to save everyone and live. He demands more power from Asuramaru, ignoring Mika's demands for him to stop.


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