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Noya (ノ夜 Noya?, lit. "Of night"), birth name Noya Hienma (ノヤ・ヒエンマ Noya Hienma?), was a high ranked possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series. He formed a contract with Guren Ichinose in Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen and becomes his weapon.

He is later revealed to be existing in a paradox state as a life scale residing in Mahiru-no-Yo, as Guren was able to call his name when he emerged from Mahiru's body.


Noya is a beautiful 12-year-old boy with milk-white skin, long scarlet hair and eyes that match, and a pair of horns sprouting from his hair. He wears a open skirt like piece of clothing tied around the waist.

Prior to becoming a demon, as a vampire, he retains his long scarlet hair. He wears a sleeveless shirt tying it with a belt in the middle, and a bell bottom shirt. During the dark ages of Greece he has long hair reaching down to his legs, and wears capri style pants with the length reaching his shins.


He is playful and mocking such as repeatedly calling Guren "cute" and takes joy in tempting him with desire and power. He also teases Guren with a countdown and says that he will become a demon soon enough anyway.

Having been separated from Mahiru-no-Yo's demon body, he is shown behaving in a childish and arrogant manner, and tempts Guren to spill all his secrets much to Mahiru's annoyance. He also has a side of him to joyfully jesting to kill others who are close to her.

He mostly doesn't care about anything except for interesting matters, as he always smirks and smiles in any situation that muses him. Prior to become a demon and as a demon he almost never gets annoyed and always tries to amuses himself. Even in dangerous situations he becomes intrigued, amused and even happy.

When Noya is surprised he amuses himself as well and laughs, such as how his reaction when he saw a grown up Yu and Mika together.

Noya does have a serious side that of which such concerning dangerous situation, though rarely seen in such occasion so far it is only seen when he was considering Ashera's threat if he wasn't in his sword form (Asuramaru).

Although rarely, Noya can get furious and confused in some situations, for example when the Death Wail affected him, and Guren with Mahiru ignored him about their plans. As Guren payed no attentions for Noya,


According to Noya, he was once a human before becoming a vampire that has lived for so long that he had lost track. At some point, Noya turned into a demon and got sealed into a weapon as part of the cursed gear development.

Noya was present with Ashera and Krul in Ancient Greece at some point during the dark age. In a room with a lone open casket, Noya blithely introduces the corpse of Michaela. He is aware it is what all of them were meant to become but failed to.[1]

Noya allows Yu to see the corpse of Michaela before decapitating him.

Unlike the other two he does not appear anxious, only changing his expression when a young Yu finds them in the room. Tapping the coffin he tells Yu he could say it is a fun toy, seeing no issue with this comment where Krul does. Asked by her what do they do now that Yu has seen them, Noya does not care, their secret is still safe. Telling them to just watch he picks Yu up and lifts him to the casket. Saying for him to take a good look, he agrees with Yu to keep him distracted and ignoring Krul and Ashera’s alarm, he decapitates Yu.[2] Noya observes the Yu disappear into smoke and reacts to the others anger by suggesting they offer gratitude, he has just saved them. None of them are supposed to be here, and Noya is sure dozens of new Yu's will be created anyway and he will not notice if they break one or two of them. He then says to forget him, they came in here for a reason, they need to figure out what they are going to do about Michaela.[3] That he was in the room is known to Sika Madu.[4]

At some point, Noya along with Byakkomaru, Gekkouin, Kiseki-o, Raimeiki and Asuramaru are present surrounding Sika Madu in a room as he holds a young Yu who is unconscious as he stands near the clear casket containing the body of Mikaela. Black suns are seen floating above them in the room.[5]

When a joyful Yu enters Mika's room who speaks to the body of Michaela and tells him it's time to wake up. He hears Noya's voice calling him an idiot because he is already dead. However Yu says he will wake up since it is his job to do so as father told him so. Noya agrees so, and says that his duty is only to become a sacrifice to bring Michaela back to life. Noya starts to get annoyed when Yu wouldn't stop keep shouting over and over for him to wake up and his voice is starting to grate. He warns him to shut up but is ignored, Noya then decapitates Yu, killing him. Ashera comes in and, asked why did he kill another Yu. Noya calmly responds it doesn't matter as ton of them will be born over and over. As this Yu was loud.[6]

Noya then manipulates one of the disembodied eye that was floating in one of the tanks in the room, developing a black mush like substance, which forms another child Yu. As soon as he is born he shouts, and asks about what's going, and acts childishly. Noya is totally annoyed by this and immediately murders him. Ashera finds this is insanity and makes him sick. Noya tells him to get used to it and life doesn't exist to make it nice. He says to the eye in the tank to quit glaring at them, and nobody will know the difference as another one comes out. He warns him if he makes a peep he will kill him, he reacts to Noya words that if he remains quiet he won't kill him which he does. Both Noya and Ashera hears warnings inquiring what are they doing. As the demons enter the room, this includes Byakkomaru, Raimeiki, Kiseki-o, Gekkouin who are around Sika Madu.[7]


Events of 2012[]

Guren finds a demon sword at the end of a road which was thrust into the ground next to a running motorcycle. Desperate to become powerful to save his friends, Guren grasps the sword and loses consciousness.

Guren hears a voice calling his name and awakens in a completely white space in his heart. The demon Noya tempts him with power and approaches him. He chats about Mahiru and says that Guren will turn into a demon regardless of whether he accepts that power or not. Guren touches Noya and willingly gives up his humanity, leading Noya to mock him for making the wrong choice. He says it is unacceptable for a human to give up on his humanity while he is still human. Everything goes black, and power overwhelms him.

Guren wakes up with the sword in his and a motorcycle next to him. He hears war going on all around him but no longer feels any pity or empathy. His desires encourage him only to kill, and he mutters about needing a sheath to suppress the demon's will before getting onto the motorcycle.

Although he loses control after killing all of the Thousand Nights members in the school, Kureto was able to restrain the demon and his squad saves him. After the restraints are put on Noya, Guren continues to use him in many battles, and eventually asks Noya to become his friend.

Near the end of the book, Guren can unleash approximately 30% of Noya's power while maintaining control.

Guren uses Noya by slashing the minivan his friends were staying in to help his friends draw their own demons as he kills the enemies that were after them. Noya speaks to Guren to fully accept him seeing it would be the final battle after Guren uses the demon's power, Noya tries to tempt Guren mentioning if he can catch up to Mahiru, seeing how Guren determination to use him to protect his friends he laughs and giving him more power. He tells Guren to kill all the enemies and lose control making Guren wonders if he should let his desire run wild.

After killing many enemies, Noya suddenly speaks to Guren telling him to dismiss all his feelings and emotions to become strong and gain strength to protect something and someone but Guren ignores him. When Kureto arrives and attacks Guren, Noya tells him if he can kill him but Guren ignores him. Noya wanting to know which is stronger Kureto's demon or him and Guren tells him that he just surrenders but Noya interrupts him still wanting who's stronger. After watching Raimeiki accelerates Kureto's body fearing he might be overpowered, Noya envelopes Guren with his curse strengthening Guren's body as Noya laughs at this thrill making him on par with Kureto, as Guren takes more power from the demon who almost goes out of control, Guren stops Noya on his madness and surrenders afterwards he uses Noya to cut off Kureto's arm.

In the final battle against Mahiru he uses Noya effectively and after watching Mahiru torturing Shinya telling Noya to give him the power to save him, Noya telling him to accept him to save him yet after receiving enough power the latter was too late but Noya takes advantage of Guren negative emotions and loses control by Noya consumption on verge of becoming a demon though a dying Shinya manged for him to regain his senses.

Knowing he cannot defeat Mahiru he threw away Noya. Mahiru picked it up, welcoming it and stabbed herself in the heart using Noya and integrated with the demon into her heart, the curse spread all over Mahiru telling him the demon Noya itself was part of her plan. As her body was being dragged to Noya, much to Guren and Noya confusion telling Guren Mahiru's fate of becoming a demon, Noya tells him to become a demon instead. Noya's fate became unknown when Guren tried to talk to him.

Events of 2015[]

Unbeknownst to him, Mahiru and Noya actually incorporated with Mahiru's plan, thus created his current demon Mahiru-no-Yo and leaving him confused each time he draws his sword.

Events of 2020[]

Shibuya Arc[]

Noya emerges out of Mahiru's body.

Inside a building in Shibuya, Mahiru-no-Yo is encouraging Guren to embrace becoming a demon. Guren throws his sword into Mahiru-no-Yo's chest and as they lie on the ground unconscious, suddenly Mahiru-no-Yo screams in pain and Noya's hand bursts out of her chest before his upper torso follows through.[8] As Noya emerges he repeats Guren's name in happiness, commenting that he kept him bound in there for such a long time, asking how long was it.[9] His presence appears to be something that Mika, Krul, Saitō and the first all sense.[10] Noya is giggling and having his name said, he questioningly asks if Guren called. He sets about tempting Guren with power to make woman his, even to kill his friends and destroy everything he hates. With the sword accepted, Noya completes the inveigling with the offer for Guren to become the most powerful demon there ever was.[11]

After Guren mentions that he is a demon, informing Shinya that he will use his own power to save him, Noya dismisses Mahiru's words to not say too much, he wants Guren to spill all his secrets, promising that it will make him feel much better. He is attacked by Mahiru's sword only for him to grab it by his teeth, he laughs and informs her that she cannot oppress him anymore before instructing her to wait right there, he will come over and eat her in a minute.[12] Noya, Mahiru and Guren as a demon powered by chains, channel their power together when Guren calls upon Mahiru-no-Yo.[13]

The trio successfully restrain the first.

He is with Guren in the confrontation with Shikama Dōji who is possessing Shinoa's body and Noya counters the scythes at him by halting them with his hand.[14] Noya along with Mahiru expresses shock at Saito's betrayal who tries to devour Guren to acquire their power[15] With Ferid intervening with assistance from Jigenso, Saitō is stabbed him with his own sinful key and Noya reaches through a rift to acquire his own sinful key. Along with Guren and Mahiru, he surrounds Shikama Dōji then uses a sinister power to entrap Shinoa.[16].

Successfully restraining the first, Noya is amused to hear Shinoa refer to Mahiru as her elder sister, then declares that they should just kill her and be done. Glancing around, either way, Noya feels this is just the beginning and they have to stay alert and take no chances.[17]

Released from his Cursed Gear by Guren, Noya materializes fully before stretching, and stating that the outside air tastes so good. He immediately notices Yu and is amused by the sight with it being the first fully grown up Yu he has seen. He wonders if Sigama managed to get human creation to work. With Yu gagged, Noya tells him to not mumble at him, it is not Yu he is after. Turning to his sword, Noya says to Ashera, who is Asuramaru in the blade, that this is where he ran off to.[18] Not physically reacting to Mika freeing Yu, or Yu regaining his sword, Noya looks on happily at "a Mika", in wonder that Sika Madu succeeded at one of those, too.[19]

Noya assures Guren he doesn't have any plans.

Noya is beside Guren as they watch both Yu and Mika[20] with his expression changing at their interaction[21] before he comments how friendly they are together. They also have Ashera in the sword with them, which he collectively considers an impressive lineup. Amused by all of this he tells Guren with all of them together he might get his wish he desperately clung to for so long. Willing to help since he is Guren's demon, Noya replies that he is a demon hence he does not have his own plans before laughing off Guren's order to shut up. Battle ready with two summoned blades, Noya is set on capturing them before they get away.[22] When Yu transforms into a demon, Noya is extremely intrigued at the twist that Yu is one now and assumes that Ashera must be his demon.[23]

Listening to their exchange, Noya makes up a joke that Guren and Mahiru can make out in public and that he will catch both Yu and Mika meanwhile. With Mahiru returning to Guren's sword, Noya is pleased to see Guren has gained more strength. Thinking to himself, Noya feels that though he is sealed away for now, Ashera is going to a substantial problem and he needs him to get tied down fast. His thoughts are cut off by Guren as he is directed to pursue both Yu and Mika, to which Noya agrees happily.[24] After Yu and Mika escape for the second time, Noya comments how Guren let them get away again.[25] Noya is later referenced by Asuramaru that he is dangerous.[26] Near Guren, Noya views the explosions and dark energy midway up a building.[27]

Noya finds himself in trouble by Yu's attacks, yet is glad he is called by his name.

In one of the corridors, Noya is able to float outside the exterior of the building where he uses his sword to break into the floor above. Spotting Yu's head, Noya immediately identifies him as Ashera and that his scent is way more demon than human now. Questioning if he remembers him, Noya happily decides it is better for him if he does not then voices that despite his nice-act guy, Ashera was the most scariest of them all.[28]

Plotting to cut his head off before he awakens, Noya is startled by Yu speaking for Asura-kannon, thousand blades to be activated. Seeing the space around him warp, Noya is clueless what Ashera is planning. He finds out when suddenly hundreds of blades emerge from the warped floor which fire into him which attacks Noya. As he relishes parrying them with his two

Noya survives Ashera's attack at the cost of losing his right arm and left leg.

weapons, Noya eagerly states he is not done yet, and is just as happy his name was said seeing it as confirmation that it is Ashera. With the knot of fate power invoked, and the corresponding huge number of sword tips that poke though the flattened surface surrounding the entire building, Noya regards this as trouble.[29]

The trouble leaves him on the ground with his right arm and left leg dismembered as Noya nonchalantly remarks that he almost got him. Clarifying to Guren that he was referring not to Yu, but Ashera, Noya remarks that the jerk is using spells he has never seen before. Suspecting he achieved this due to being with his human,

Noya returns to Guren.

Noya tells Guren to shut up after being mocked for excuses then returns to Guren with the intent to finish him off.[30] As he faces them, Noya alerts Guren that they are coming.[31]

Post-Shibuya Arc[]

Later Noya is later walking along side Guren and Mahiru. With hands over his pained ears Noya comments that he cannot move and his ears feel like they are splitting. Noya replies this is nothing as simple as the death wail of a vampire. Noya is confused when he questions Mahiru and Guren if they predicted this as well. He shouts at Guren as to what did he inject into Mika earlier and wonders if all this is their doing.[32] Receiving no response, Noya questions what are Guren and Mahiru after before he is suddenly stabbed with a needle resulting in him collapsing.[33]

Powers and Abilities[]

Vampire abilities[]

During his time in ancient Greece, Noya was a vampire around the same time as Ashera Tepes and Krul Tepes.

As seen during their time together, Noya displayed enough physical strength and speed to easily and swiftly decapitate someone with immense ease and speed with little effort.

Demon abilities[]

  • Demon's thrall: Noya can enter it host's dreams and memories to create nightmares and break his host's will in order to take over his body.
  • Basic form: Noya takes the form of a black katana.
  • Possession: Noya possesses his host to grant him immense strength and power as well as enhanced healing and senses while filling him with desires. The more desire his host has, the greater his power becomes.
  • Supernatural strength: Noya is able to catch and hold Mahiru's blade with nothing but his teeth, as well he is capable to hold and halt down a massive scythe with one hand from Shikama Dōji.
  • Manifestation: Noya can manifest outside his blade if released and can be seen by anyone, unlike other demons who only their hosts are able to see them, and even interact normally in the outside world.
  • Demon memories: Noya is uniquely the only demon so far who hasn't lost his memories of his lives as a vampire or human despite the majority of demons losing them upon becoming demons. As seen when for unknown reasons he still retains all his memories from the Dark Ages of Greece. Shown when he was able to easily identify Yu, Mika and Ashera. This gives him the advantage of having knowledge of the current circumstances.


Relationships: Noya Hienma


Image gallery: Noya Hienma


Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen[]

Book 4[]

'Hijack' makes it sound like I’m doing something wrong. I’m here because you wanted me, Guren.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

It makes me very happy that you want me. You desire power, don’t you? You couldn’t have chosen better than me ♪ Once we get inside each other, you’ll be stronger than you could have ever imagined.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

Oh? But we’re going to be so close. We’re going to be together for the rest of our lives. You should say my name, too. It’s Noya. Go on, say it. Speak my name, and I’ll give you a night of overwhelming carnal pleasure.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

Guren. Look at me. Look at how close I am. But I want the last inch to come from you, Guren… Want me, Guren. Hold me. Give your mind and body over to me. Then… you’ll be able to protect them all.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

Well? Are you just going to run away again? Say that you’re not prepared to make your move yet? That the timing isn’t right? I like humans who’re like that, too. The kind who can run away shamelessly when it’s their own skin on the line. But you’re different, aren’t you, Guren? I already heard that you were different.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

You’re just so lost, and gentle, and weak, that it’s hard not to love you. Once we join together, our strength will be unstoppable! …There’s no need for us to hurry, though. It will happen sooner or later. You’ll become a demon. Even if you don’t touch me today, you’ll reach out for me eventually… They’ll all be killed, because you weren’t able to protect them… And then you’ll turn into a demon out of absolute despair. That suits me fine. Either way, it’s too late to stop. You can’t help but turn into a demon. We’re already intertwined.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

--Next, let’s save Mito, Noya said. What will you do if they’ve raped her? I bet it would feel good to punish the rapists? How about if she’s been killed? I bet it would feel good to avenge her. There’s so much fun to be had in the human world! I can’t wait until you and I are one, and I can finally be set loose!

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 2

Really? But I thought you were the loner. I mean, you’ve never believed in anyone. That’s why you sought me out. Because no one else would help you.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 4

Book 5[]

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Demons appear in their most pure, undiluted form, from when their desire was at its strongest. So I guess when I was most dewy-pure, and felt the most invincible, I must have looked around…

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 5

Once, I was nothing.
Once, I was a human.
Once, I was a vampire.
And now, I am a demon.
What do you suppose I’ll become next?
What will I gain by causing you to fall and transform into a demon?
That’s what you want to know. Isn’t it? You’re in a pickle now. All out of clues. If you’re ever going to find Mahiru, you should probably listen to what I have to say. Don’t you think?

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 5

Book 6[]

Act as nice as you like, Guren, but the real you is still waiting inside… There was a demon living in your heart long before I ever got here. You always wanted to bow to no one, always wanted to have it all. Remember when you were a child, and you thought that all of your dreams would come true? The truth is, you still feel that way now… The kind of dreams that normal people would have given up on long ago, you hang onto like a child. You want these things so badly you can’t help it, not even if you have to hurt someone else to get them. I think that must be what Mahiru likes about you…. It’s what I like about you, too, Guren. Poor baby, someone killed your daddy. And now you’re trying so hard not to seem angry. Not to cry. Look at you, laughing, playing games with your friends. But all this time… all this time you’ve been thinking of ways to turn the whole world on its head.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 2

I bet other demons don’t have such demanding masters…

–Grumbling about Guren. Chapter 3

Book 7[]

Are you really going to be able to catch up to Mahiru with that half-hearted attitude?

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 1

Geez, why is a serial killer like you so fixated on staying human?

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 5

You're right, you're right, Guren. I told you, didn't I? In the end, this was all just a detour. If you want something, you have to throw away everything else. Look, just lend me your body. Let's be strong. Strong! To protect others. To gain the power to protect others, first you need to cast off your weakness and start running...

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 5

Can he kill you? Can you kill him? That's the only thing that interests you...are you stronger than him? Are you? That's the only thing humans want to prove. Go ahead, Guren. Show him your strength. We're stronger than his black demon. Let's prove that together. Don't lose focus, Guren. Don't fall behind. That guy's demon is also whispering to him, too. Who is stronger? Of the two of you, who is the stronger male?

–Noya to Guren about Kureto. Chapter 5

See Guren? Nothing came out of weakness, in the end. If you ask me, you ought to have killed your friends yourself a long time ago. Then it would have hurt less. Then at least you could have saved maybe someone. But whatever. There's still time. You're strong. Very strong. Strong, strong, strong. You're going to be strong, a demon. Now relinquish your sanity, Guren, and you won't feel so bad. Ready? Become a demon.

–Noya to Guren. Chapter 5

No. She'd been cursed, so that this would happen. She's turning into a demon. She's going to absorb me and become a demon, please stop this Guren. Damn, this sucks...

–Noya to Guren upon being absorbed by Mahiru. Chapter 5

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign[]

Aah, Guren, Guren, Guren. You kept me bound in there for such a long, loong time. How long was it?

–Noya to Guren after awakening. "Mahiru-no-Yo"

You want power then, don't you? Power to make women yours. Power to to kill your companions. Power to destroy everything you hate. Take it. And become the most powerful demon there ever was.

–Noya to Guren. "Mahiru-no-Yo"

Heh heh. You can't oppress me now. Wait right there. I'll come over and eat you in a minute.

–His words to Mahiru when separated from her, and struck with a sword that he catches in his mouth. "Two Demons", page 31

We came in here for a reason. We need to figure out what we’re going to do about him… Mikaela.

–Aware of Mikaela's existence during the dark ages of Greece, and arranging plans with Ashera and Krul. "The Guinea Pigs Gather", page 18

Of course, of course! I mean I'm your demon. right?

–Answering Guren's question when he asked if he will help him to make his wish come true. "Run from Your Friends" , page 20

I'm a demon. Demons don't have plans.

–Noya to Guren when he doubts him that he has his own plans. "Run from Your Friends", page 20

Oho! Yu's a demon now? Aah, I got it. Ashera must be his demon. Now that's an interesting twist!

–Interested when Yu turned in to a demon. "Run from Your Friends", page 31

The jerk is using spells I've never even seen before. He has to be with his human.

–Commenting on Ashera's sword attacks, and putting it down to being with his human, before he does the same. "Vampire's End", page 22

Ngk...! I can't... move... My ears... They're... splitting...

–Strongly affected by the window shattering scream on a frequency that only vampires can hear (the manga speech bubble text is also lower case where other character's are in capitals). "Black Demon Scenario", page 27


  • Noya「ノ夜」literally means Of Night.
  • Noya mistakenly thought Raimeiki as a male demon unaware the demon was female despite both of them being demons.
  • Much like Yūichirō Hyakuya asked Asuramaru to become friends, Guren likewise did the same.
  • Noya is a very powerful demon even after seals and restraints were put on him as Guren was able to fight very efficiently using him in many battles.
  • Noya is revealed to be one of Sika Madu's apostles, even though he was not present with the other apostles in chapter 102.