The Order of the Imperial Moon is a military group created by the Ichinose clan specializing in a fighting style that combines spellcraft with swordsmanship, integrating magic directly into melee techniques. When it came to using a blade, the Ichinoses rivaled even the Hīragi clan itself.

History Edit

The Ichinose Clan had split off from the Hīragi clan around 500 years ago, forming the Order of the Imperial Moon. The relationship between the two sects had been strained ever since.

Guren Ichinose is the heir and next head of the clan, therefore all expectations are placed upon him and everyone has high hopes for his success.

His father, Sakae Ichinose, led the Order of the Imperial Moon until his execution by the Hīragi clan.

Duty Edit

Guren's objective while leading is to "lead you to that better future you've been waiting for." [Kagami, 231]

Ichinose Followers Edit

  • Yukimi Clan
    • Samidare Yukimi
    • Shigure Yukimi
  • Hanayori Clan
    • Sayuri Hanayori
    • Masaanori Hanayori
  • Iasaki household
  • Narumi household


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