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"Orphan Prince" (孤児プリンス Minashigo Purinsu?) is the ninety-first chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Ferid helps an Imperial Demon Army soldier against a Hyakuya Sect member of which the main force are retreating. Saitō has survived and his upper torso is attacked by Ferid. Although Saitō was more wary of Urd Geales, the other second progenitor lends his help against Ferid and Crowley.


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As Shibuya burns the Hyakuya Sect are retreating with their mission complete. Kureto orders to not let any operatives escape, to pursue and capture them. Ferid and Crowley are walking as they come across an Imperial Demon Army soldier fighting a Hyakuya Sect agent, before the soldier is kicked over. Ferid takes ahold of the Hyakuya Sect agent and drinks his blood. Saying it is no problem to help, Ferid then asks Crowley whether he wants to drink the blood of the soldier he just saved, stating that the blood of allies just betrayed is the tastiest blood.[1]

Crowley remembers that Ferid guzzled his blood down way back when, and Ferid wants Crowley to turn back into a human to try it again. Wondering if it is still tasty, Ferid intends to try now but Crowley warns him not to or he will drink his blood. Thinking it could be fun Ferid questions whether Crowley desires him now before saying to actually drink his blood. Ferid begins with saying to drink until it nearly kills him, to actually kill him.[2]

Ferid notices tracks on the concrete that look like long chains dragged through it, and Crowley can also smell the same blood that flows through their veins. Saitō is within the alleyway with his left arm and lower body below his chest missing with chains appearing out the opening. Thinking that his wounds are not healing and it must be what happens when hit with a sinful key, Saitō wonders whether he will be able to get away, his plan is not complete yet. Ferid says that he loves his papa so has come to kill Saitō.[3]

Assuming Ferid has a plan and is killing him for a point, Ferid is clear that he has neither. Speaking to Crowley, Ferid thinks it is the father's responsibility to teach the sons what the point of living is. Crowley replies Ferid force fed him a vial of Saitō's blood so should Ferid not teach him. Replying that he already had, Ferid reminds Crowley how he killed everyone important to him as his time as a human is recalled. Despite doing that, Ferid notes the world did not change one bit and feels there is no point to living at all.[4]

After querying Saitō if he can teach them what meaning there is to life, Ferid raises the sinful key he is holding. In response Saitō directs a chain to leave a minor slice across Ferid's cheek and initiates further chain attacks that are blocked when Ferid does not relent. Descending back down after an explosion in the alley that sends a sword flying, Ferid has his arm restrained with Saitō's chains. With him still intent on attacking, Saitō voices that turning Ferid into a vampire was a mistake. First and foremost it was because Ferid was always abnormal and it is recollected how Ferid was a child and armed with a sword around his deceased father who had been stabbed, and his horrified mother who came across the scene.[5]

Replying that he had always been normal, Ferid reveals he was second in line for a royal throne and was being taught to be a saint. As Saitō focuses on healing, Ferid decides he has let him buy enough time for himself. Escaping the range of the sinful key is not Saitō's concern however, it is that someone he really does not want to deal with is almost here. Whilst Ferid wonders if after a thousand years of chasing it is all going to be over this easily, a voice from the dark offers help. It is from the last person Saitō wanted help from, yet Ferid's chain clad arm is sliced off as the speaker reminds Saitō that he did tell him not to turn Ferid. Urd Geales has arrived, with Lest Karr and Ky Luc as well. Offering his assistance again, this time Saitō accepts it at which point Urd attacks both Ferid and Crowley.[6]


Image gallery: Orphan Prince

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 91 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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