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This article details each chapter in the Owari no Seraph manga, which is currently ongoing at 117 chapters. Some feature images which bear the title and chapter number are in color, and those that do are displayed. For the manga volumes that chapters are collected into, Chapters and Volumes is available.

Chapters 1-15 were adapted into the first twelve episodes (1-12) of the Seraph of the End anime. The second part, Battle in Nagoya, adapts chapters 16-41, into episodes 13-24.

The manga runs concurrently with its prequel story, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, where there are two manga in the Seraph of the End series.

For chapter overviews of the manga adaption of the prequel light novels, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, see Catastrophe at Sixteen Manga Story by Chapter.


Chapter 1[]
Chapter 1: "The World of Blood Legacy"
Chapter 1.Eng(Colored).png
Yu and Mika live in an underground vampire city and have their blood taken. They interact with a noble, Ferid Bathory, where Yu learns Mika has been giving blood in exchange for food for them. It is recalled how they met at an orphanage when they were 8, where shortly after the world ended reportedly due to a virus. Presently 12, Yu joins his orphanage family but does not eat until Mika returns since he knows how it was gained. With Yu wanting to escape the vampires, Mika has acquired a map for that purpose. After making their way through the city, at the exit, the orphans find Ferid waiting. Ferid begins murdering the orphans. Mika provides a distraction but is mortally wounded leaving Yu the only one to escape.
Chapter 2[]
Chapter 2: "Humanity After the Fall"
Chapter 2.Eng(Colored).png
Four years later Yu is a guard in Tokyo where remnants of humanity live. Guren, who found Yu has him monitored at school for failing to work well with others. Assigned to observe him, Shinoa sees Yu help Yoichi from being bullied. Yoichi remembers his sister died from vampires so like Yu seeks to join the Moon Demon Company, a vampire extermination unit. An emergency alert reveals a vampire on campus. Retrieving his sword, Yu engages it in a classroom before Yoichi appears to help. Pushed out the window, Yu is saved by Guren who arrives with. After Yu is knocked unconscious, Mika is glad he made a friend and bids him goodbye. Yu awakens where he and Yoichi are welcomed to the Moon Demon Company by Shinoa.
Chapter 3[]
Chapter 3: "The Demon in Your Heart"
Chapter 3.Eng(Colored).png
Atop a building, Yu witnesses Shinoa’s cursed gear scythe and the demon manifestation power. Yoichi finds them where they learn a student entered a forbidden chamber. Entering the restricted zone, the weapons inside contain demons. At touching an axe, Yu is with Mika and his orphanage family. Reminding him they are dead, Mika says Yu ran away and has not gotten revenge for them. While he means to, Yu affirms this is not Mika, he would never ask him to get revenge. The demon who appeared as Mika is banished. Shinoa and Yoichi see that Yu managed to come back on his own. Yu hears he can attend classes with the rest of the vampire extermination unit. In the vampire city, Ferid has survived and makes his way to share news of Yu, with Mika who is alive.
Chapter 4[]
Chapter 4: "The Worst Pair"
Vampire Reign Chapter 4 The Worst Pair.png
Coming across him in the corridor, Yu gets into a fight with Kimizuki. Outside the Moon Demon Company barracks, Yu and Yoichi are joined by Shinoa. Entering the class that Guren teaches, Yu finds Kimizuki there. In Guren’s office, Kimizuki asks if he can try and attain a black demon cursed weapon. Displaying his own cursed gear sword, Guren warns Kimizuki as he is now that he would be devoured and turned into a demon himself. In a gym, practice for the cursed gear aptitude test occurs. Shinoa takes Yoichi as a partner, leaving Yu with Kimizuki. As they battle the mannequins, Kimizuki is informed his sister in the infirmary is in critical condition. While Kimizuki means to continue the test, Yu shouts at him to go. If family die then they are gone for good.
Chapter 5[]
Chapter 5: "Vampire Mikaela"
Chapter 5.Eng(Colored).png
In Sannomiya, Kobe, humans flee a Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Mika slices it apart, as vampires including Lacus and René gather humans as a food supply. Remembering four years ago, Mika saw Krul arrive who discussed with Ferid the loss of her seraphs. When Ferid mentioned telling the vampire progenitor council, Krul trounced Ferid until he agreed to keep his silence. Krul transferred her blood by kissing Mika and turned him into a vampire. In the third capital, Sanguinem, Mika hears the human threat of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that Krul vows to destroy. Guren attends a meeting with ruling members of the army, including Shinya and Kureto, before Yu finds him. Tomorrow Yu will make a contract with a demon then head to the front lines.
Chapter 6[]
Chapter 6: "Black Asura"
Chapter 6.Eng(Colored).png
After Shinoa finds Yu failed his spellcraft exam, Kimizuki reveals he got full marks and Yoichi tries to stop them fighting. Guren returns and discusses with teacher Sayuri who can resist demonic temptation. With most of the students fainting from Guren’s cursed gear effects, Yu, Kimizuki, and Yoichi are to try for black demon gear. While there are doubts about Yoichi, remembering his sister, he is firm in wanting more power. For the contract ceremony, they enter a room containing demonic themed statues. Yu draws a katana sword. Finding Mika before him, the demon sees Yu has experienced this before. This demon likes Yu’s strong desires so lends power for revenge. Yu makes a contract with Asuramaru. While Kimizuki was also successful, Yoichi has failed and become a demon.
Chapter 7[]
Chapter 7: "New Family"
Chapter 7 New Family.jpg
Yoichi’s sister Tomoe is murdered by Lacus, before she opens her eyes and speaks. The demon shares it was an illusion, then finds Yoichi to be weak. With Yoichi’s body possessed, Guren orders him killed. The demon fires at them with explosive bow artillery fire. Yu and Kimizuki knock the bow away which does not work since the demon is in Yoichi. Casting his sword aside, Yu speaks to Yoichi that he cannot kill him. Guren questions if Yoichi is going to hide under that bed and watch his family die again. In the thought of Tomoe telling Yoichi to stay under the bed, he does not want to run anymore. Yoichi breaks free from the demon’s possession. Announcing them as new family, Guren shares intel on vampire activities. On an aircraft with other vampires, Mika is headed to Shinjuku.
Chapter 8[]
Chapter 8: "Mitsuba's Squad"
Chapter 8 Mitsuba's Squad.jpg
Yu has nightmares of Mika saying that he left him behind to die. As his power, Asuramaru wants Yu to indulge his desires for revenge. Rising from bed, Yu heads out to find Shinoa in her uniform too. Vampires intend to capture Shinjuku, so they are to go there. Outside Shibuya city’s walls, Yoichi and Kimizuki are with Mitsuba, who Guren has become the fifth member of the established Shinoa squad. For their first mission they are to crush a vampire enclave in Harajuku and free the captive humans. They find a girl being chased by a Horsemen. Aware it is a vampire trap, Yu still moves to save her. Invoking Asuramaru to fend off three vampires, they then retreat at the cursed gear demonstrated. The girl is rescued yet Mitsuba is angered that Yu breaking file put the squad in danger.
Chapter 9[]
Chapter 9: "First Extermination"
Chapter 9.Eng(Colored).png
In the showers Mitsuba shares with Shinoa how much she hates Yu. Mitsuba remembers the loss of her squad to a Horseman when she rushed in. Kimizuki asks the girl they saved for information on the vampires. Entering underground, they find humans in the livestock uniform. Spotting a vampire, Yu stabs into it before reinforcements can be called. He pulls Mitsuba to him to protect her from another one. Vampires break through glass to seize Mitsuba. With her family threatened, the information the girl provided to them was wrong. With seven vampires, Mitsuba tells them to leave and run. Fighting instead, Yu frees Mitsuba and the squad exterminates the vampires. With everyone safe outside with members of the army, Mitsuba thanks Yu for saving her earlier.
Chapter 10[]
Chapter 10: "Vampire Attack"
Chapter 10.Eng(Colored).png
At Omotesando, Yu watches Kimizuki hotwire a truck. Yu tries to drive and says he will take them to Shinjuku. Due to her height, Shinoa may not drive them. As Kimizuki brings them close to the city they hear explosions and find Shinjuku is under attack. A vampire noble, Crowley, in the road seizes the truck driven into him, and repels Yoichi’s cursed gear projectiles with his sword. Shinoa is targeted before Yu disarms Crowley. Dropping from the sky, Chess and Horn reinforce Crowley. While the squad prepare to fight, Crowley hears Ferid has requested his presence at the front lines. Frustrated since he was disadvantaged even with cursed gear, Yu hears teamwork is required for them all to survive. If Shinjuku falls then Shibuya is next so they head to defend the city.
Chapter 11[]
Chapter 11: "Queen's Contract"
Chapter 11 Queen's Contract.jpg
Helicopters that are bombing Shinjuku are assailed by Demon Army archery fire. Surveying the battle, Guren locates who is in charge. Ferid stands with Mika near him. Joining Guren, Sayuri is defended from a vampire by Mito, then Shigure and Goshi arrive. Noting they are being watched, Ferid asks if Mika will drink some blood. With Ferid having murdered his family, Mika is only angry at himself for being powerless. Four years ago, Mika refused to drink human blood even though it pained him, so Krul offered her blood for Mika to sustain himself. An explosion occurs behind Mika and he sees Guren. The gathered vampires forces led by Ferid face Guren's forces. Guren activates Mahiru-no-Yo, and Mika intends to handle him on his own. Shinoa squad is called to Guren's location.
Chapter 12[]
Chapter 12: "A Very Safe Supplement"
Chapter 12 English.jpg
A recollection four years ago shows Mika asking Yu what if they could escape from the vampires, but it did not end as he planned. Heading to Guren, with the foes they are against, Shinoa hands cursed gear stimulants to increase synchronization with their demons. On the front lines, the human and vampires forces clash. Mika and Guren exchange sword strikes. Mika avoids a spell tag, and Ferid alerts him to Shigure's kunai trap around him. Goshi uses his illusion magic, which Mika also evades, to land in front of Guren. After Ferid intervenes, he hits Guren away. Stopping Guren from taking another supplement, Mika knocks his sword away. As Yu and the squad arrive and ingest stimulants, Mika stabs Guren. Furious, Yu stabs into the vampire, and sees that it is Mika.
Chapter 13[]
Chapter 13: "Reunion of Childhood Friends"
Chapter 13.Eng(Colored).png
Yu and Mika register it is one another. Ferid will keep the humans occupied while Mika rescues his beloved princess. Announcing everyone will die except Yu, with Crowley, Horn and Chess’ presence, Ferid changes the plan to capturing them as livestock. Guren abandons Shinjuku yet Ferid blocks the retreat. Mika approaches Yu and bridal carries him away. Wanting him to explain things, Yu tells Mika he cannot leave his friends. Witnessing them being bitten, Yu’s left eye appears blackened. With Asuramaru they see a trumpet blowing seraph above. A large black wing like structure appears on Yu’s back and he attacks Crowley. A crater appears in the ground, Guren does not elaborate to Ferid what this is. Yu speaks that sinners must die, and advances towards Shinoa.
Chapter 14[]
Chapter 14: "Everyone's a Sinner"
Chapter 14.Eng(Colored).png
Mika endures the sword that one-winged Yu drives at Shinoa. Guren shouts for Shinoa to embrace Yu to being him back, which is successful. Shinya’s sniper rifle blasts the Byakkomaru projectiles near Ferid, freeing Guren. The Japanese Imperial Demon Army led by Kureto are ordered to capture the vampire nobles. Ferid and Crowley discuss leaving. Mika sees Yu surrounded by his squad, and is taken as the vampires retreat. Five days later, in Shinjuku’s underground barracks, Shinoa uses her Hiragi family name to access an experimentation lab. Locating Guren and stating Yu has yet to wake up, Shinoa suspects the supplements she gave to Yu as directed were what turned him into the thing on the battlefield. Guren does not deny possible human experimentation.
Chapter 15[]
Chapter 15: "Complicated Connections"
Vampire Reign Chapter 15 Complicated Connections.jpg
In Sanguinem, Mika recovers in a curse detoxification unit. Lacus and Rene discuss the monster the humans unleashed and how it appears connected to forbidden research related to the seraph of the end. Not talkative, Mika remembers Yu’s reaction and considers himself an ugly bloodsucker. Mika is summoned to see Krul. At night, Yoichi finds Yu has awakened. Yu is relieved everyone is fine, and remembers that Mika is alive. Shinoa reveals reinforcements won the battle of Shinjuku in humanity’s favour. On Mika, Yu hears that he did not want to leave rather was taken. Mitsuba finds Yu checking Shinoa’s vampire bite mark and gets the wrong idea. Kimizuki and Yoichi join them. By themselves, Yu and Mika promise to save one another. Ferid hands research reports to an unseen partner.
Chapter 16[]
Chapter 16: "Human World"
Chapter 16 Human World.jpg
One week after the vampire attack, Yu is in the library. With her knowledge, Shinoa details Mika was likely turned by a noble, which Yu assumes was Ferid (it was Krul). An intercom calls Yu, and Shinoa is aware it involves the ruling Hiragi family, of which she is a member. Finding Guren, he says for Yu to not go wagging his mutt tail for the Hiragi family. Yu is reminded who saved him and now has to pay him back. Outside the office, Mitsuba has been promoted, but feels it arose due to her Sangu family name. Helping her feel better, Yu requests Mitsuba’s help as his family, Mika, is being held hostage. Mitsuba shares she is to keep an eye on Yu for suspected vampire ties. Inside a darkened room, Yu finds a vampire and defends himself from it. Kureto reveals it was a test to weed out traitors.
Chapter 17[]
Chapter 17: "Cursed Guinea Pig"
Chapter 17.Eng(Colored).png
Outside the building, Shinoa hears from Mitsuba that Yu’s transformation is not an official Demon Army experiment. For Yu's test, Kureto generates the lightning from Raimeiki even though he said not to activate the gear. Yu strikes him to be blocked by Aoi. After being ordered to attack, Shinya fires Byakomaru at Yu and wins the round. The suspicion is that there is a vampire spy inside the Demon Army. Yoichi and Kimizuki are brought in, Kureto says to answer truthfully or they will be killed. While Yu does so, Kimizuki and Yoichi are stabbed anyway. Kureto tells Yu to become his subordinate, largely to spy on Guren who is a suspect. Yu says to let Yoichi and Kimizuki go. Outside, Yu is furious at Guren and orders him to better teach him how to use his cursed gear.
Chapter 18[]
Chapter 18: "Possessed by Mahiru"
Chapter 18 Possessed by Mahiru.jpg
Shinoa finds Yu looking West to the vampire city Mika must be in. Vowing to get Mika back, Yu says he will need Shinoa’s help. Guren arrives, and Shinoa displays Shikama Doji manifesting. Guren calls for his, yet Shinoa notes the Mahiru mentioned. Yu is sent off the building, then Shinoa asks Shi to kill Guren. Feeling he killed her sister who is now in Guren’s sword, he reveals Mahiru became a demon to complete the cursed gear which saved the world. Shinoa wonders if Mahiru possesses Guren. After Yu returns, Guren asserts he is in control, not Mahiru. Raising what Kureto said about them being guinea pigs, and hearing it is true, Yu does not care. Yet if Guren needed him would he want Mika too. Guren states everyone here is family, and they bring family back.
Chapter 19[]
Chapter 19: "Cause for Madness"
Vampire Reign Chapter 19 Cause for Madness.jpg
Keeping an eye out for monsters, Yoichi archery snipes Horsemen having learned manifestation by himself. Yu and Kimizuki find their demons won’t speak to them. With Mika captured, Yu needs the power as soon as he can. Possession and Manifestation demons are explained. Mitsuba generates the sword armed forms of Tenjiryu. With there a connection between vampires and demons, Yu is to ask his Asuramaru sword to drink his blood. After he falls, the squad stand watch as he progresses with his demon. Kimizuki speaks with Shinoa how he told the Hiragi family what she told him to say. They discuss whether this family thing is real. Kimizuki will remain since he needs the money for his sister. They agree to tell Yu everything when he wakes up. Mika is in pain thirsty for human blood.
Chapter 20[]
Chapter 20: "The Demon's Nightmare"
Chapter 20 (English).jpg
Around a campfire at night, Shinoa and Mitsuba tease Kimizuki for placing his jacket on Yu. Speaking with Asuramaru that he is here to be his friend, Yu hears his blood was delicious. Lunging to possess him, Asuramaru is restrained by chains. The rules are Asuramaru will try and take Yu’s body. Yu is to use the sword to win. The chains fade and Asuramaru strikes. Yu is troubled by Mika now a vampire because Yu ran away, while Asuramaru bites down on Yu’s neck. As a child, Yu was called demon spawn by his parents who tried to kill him as a seraph of the end. Unperturbed, Yu says he promised Mika. Throwing his sword before Asuramaru, he does not want him to have nightmares. Agreeing to be friends, Yu feels the power pouring into him and awakens to his squad.
Chapter 21[]
Chapter 21: "Kiseki-o's Box"
Chapter 21.Eng(Colored).png
Kimizuki’s demon training is underway, Kiseki-o stabs him. Four years ago Kimizuki was looking after Mirai. Voicing that Kimizuki wants to leave her, he recognizes it as a demon illusion. Replying it is not an illusion, the demon is just using Kimizuki’s own memories and inner darkness. Other youths were moving on, and handed Kimizuki a knife to kill Mirai. Pushing them away, inside, Kimizuki is asked by Mirai to end her life. Speaking of Yu’s desire to save family that is not even blood related, rather than Mirai, he stabs himself. Before Kiseki-o, he slashes for him to submit. Waking, Yu's Asura-Kannon, and Kimizuki's Devil’s Coffin abilities are conjured. Shinoa remarks on the abilities they should not have, and how the three black demon holder’s pasts have been erased.
Chapter 22[]
Chapter 22: "Taboo Krul"
Chapter 22 (English).jpg
Eight years ago Saitō brought Yu Amane to the orphanage. In Sanguinem, Mika is told by Ferid to drink human blood and become a complete ageless vampire. Finding Krul and drinking directly from her, Mika requests answers from the progenitor council meeting. The highest ranking vampires saw a recording of Yu’s transformation. Krul lies she eliminated the entire Hyakuya Sect and killed all the orphans. Lest Karr confirms he may try to be picking a fight with Krul on her ruling Japan. Ferid does not reveal who Mika is to others. After, Krul questions if he is trying to dethrone her, yet Ferid states Krul cannot kill him anymore. Mika asks Krul why she kept him and Yu alive, which she whispers to him. Planning to massacre the humans, Mika is to hide from them and vampires to find Yu.
Chapter 23[]
Chapter 23: "Ambition in the Demon Army"
Chapter 23 (English).jpg
Failing to stop his hair sticking up, Yu along with Yoichi and Kimizuki find Shinoa and Mitsuba with an omelette on fire. Shinoa has called a meeting to discuss two topics. One, that Yu has been subject to some form of experimentation. Two, is Guren just using them. Guren meets Kureto who has chained vampires shot. Raising the three black demon holders, Kureto suspects a coup d'état. Meaning to rebuild the world, Kureto will eradicate the vampires of Japan. Then he will find surviving human organizations abroad and crush them. Knowing where the 25 nobles in Japan are, and that in 1 month the vampires will be attacking, Kureto tasks Guren with a pre-emptive strike in Nagoya. Yu chooses to remain loyal to Guren since he's family. Mika receives the order to take Nagoya.
Chapter 24[]
Chapter 24: "The Moon Demon's Orders"
Chapter 24 (English).JPG
Driving to Nagoya, Yu deals with Horsemen ahead, before being left behind. After the same is tried for Kimizuki he catches up with his weapons drawn. Due for the Ebina rest stop, Guren is gathering 100 of his best subordinates there. After interacting with his squad, Guren sees Shinya arrive in a sports car. Although likely a suicide mission, Guren feels without it undertaken humanity will likely be wiped out. Arriving late, Shinoa tries to joke about it for Guren address her as a brat and order her to shut up. This mission is not a game, yet Yu apologizes and takes the blame. Addressing those gathered, Guren announces it as the most difficult mission they have ever undertaken and some of them are going to die. They are not just to come back alive but will return victorious.
Chapter 25[]
Chapter 25: "Narumi & The 20-Year-Old Yu"
Chapter 25.Eng(Colored).png
Narumi with his squad approach Yu, they have been combined for the mission targeting nobles in Nagoya. Yu fibs that he is 20, with Shinoa returning they go over the mission orders. They are also with Guren’s squad. Shigure calls Yu for punishment for being late. Guren likes that Yu covered for his friends since not long ago he was only consumed with vengeance. Shinya and Guren’s squad comment on them being family, where they have been partnered since they were 15. Yu is here to help punish Shinoa since she does not take Guren seriously yet. Goshi creates an illusion of Yu who says he peed his pants. After they arrive, Guren, Mito, and Shinya will fight Shinoa squad. Shinya fires, Mito punches through Tenjiryu, and Yu engages Guren.
Chapter 26[]
Chapter 26: "Thirst Logic"
Chapter 26 (English).jpg
Soldiers including Makoto observe the sparring. Guren places a spell tag on Yu’s forehead, Shinoa cannot disenchant it due to Mito. When Yu intends to take Guren down with him, he expects this, Shinya covers by firing. Guren is past him and declares victory. Yu wonders how they lost as the battle is considered, and Shinoa hears she is an incompetent squad leader from Mito. Drawing his trident, Narumi is angered at Yu’s attitude. The vampire noble extermination in Nagoya commences as squads move out. Mika is troubled by a lack of blood, as Lacus and Rene help gather human children to load into transport helicopters. Krul’s blood isn’t as effective for Mika and his craving for human blood worsen. He focuses on finding and saving Yu from the humans.
Chapter 27[]
Chapter 27: "Vampire Noble Lucal"
Chapter 27 (English).jpg
Awaiting the start of the vampire noble extermination, Shinoa and Narumi squad are to defeat Lucal Wesker, a 15th progenitor. While there is tension between the squads, Yu does not want anyone to die. Narumi will command both units. Simultaneous attacks on eight of the vampire nobles in Nagoya will occur by the Moon Demon Company. Guren squad is to deal with 19th progenitor Mel Stefano. Yu remembers the names of those he is to protect. On a radio tower, Yoichi is calmed by Shinya, before finding Lucal arrive with other vampires. Lucal is appalled to have received orders from Krul when he is a part of Lest Karr’s faction, but changes his plan with Krul coming to Nagoya herself. Byakomaru and Gekkouin missiles are fired, and on the ground Yu says Lucal is about to die.
Chapter 28[]
Chapter 28: "Livestock Revolt"
Chapter 28 (English).jpg
Shinoa and Narumi squad battle Lucal, who is eventually stabbed from behind. After Shūsaku Iwasaki's chains Lucal's arm, he severs it to free himself. To prevent him joining other nobles, Kimizuki successfully taunts Lucal by prodding his dismembered arm and asking that he beg for it. Shinya and Yoichi’s close ranged fire help surprise Lucal enough for Yu to slash across him, and Narumi ends it by stabbing the noble in the head with his trident. Guren’s squad manage to destroy Mel Stefano, before learning the teams sent to Nagoya City Hall have largely been captured. While an obvious trap, Guren means to reinforce Shinoa and Narumi squad first. They are then going to kill thirteenth progenitor, Crowley Eusford. He is seated at a desk with Horn and Chess with him.
Chapter 29[]
Chapter 29: "Who's Pulling the Strings?"
Chapter 29.JPG
Crowley discusses with Chess and Horn how the humans have actually attacked a vampire stronghold. Examining the demon-possessed weapons, Crowley feels the humans are getting too powerful, too fast. He wonders if someone is giving humans information, where Ferid, Krul, even a human could be the traitor. Team leader Aihara joins Shinoa and Narumi squad where casualties are noted. Guren returns, and they need to begin the next mission in rescuing twenty hostages at city hall. Aihara will wait for returning teams, where others set ten minutes for the three squads to attempt the hostage rescue, before they move onto to the next planned mission. Seeing others return, Aihara then finds vampire aircraft above. Vampires drop down including Mika.
Chapter 30[]
Chapter 30: "Sword of Justice"
Chapter 30.jpg
With soldiers captured, Aihara orders they ingest poison pills to die rather than be made to talk. Mika removes Aihara’s and has questions. Saying to play dead and whisper, Mika asks if she has heard of Yu. He maintains the ruse by telling Lacus and Rene that Aihara is dead. They realize vampires have been killed by the humans. Planning to go to city hall, Aihara holds a knife to Mika, and warns that Yu was headed there. Mika has Aihara talk, which gives the chance to misdirect vampires away from city hall to the automobile museum instead. Before they capture her, Aihara asks Mika to kill her. Drawing her bow, she is cut down by Mika. He then heads to city hall. Three squads are there, they weigh up how practical it is to save hostages. Crowley is spotted so Yoichi fires at him.
Chapter 31[]
Chapter 31: "Shinya and Guren"
Chapter 31.png
Catching the Gekkouin manifestation, Crowley sees the humans have come. With 15 humans against 3 nobles, Yu does not want to abandon the hostages, yet Narumi raises doing so. Shinoa reminds the main mission is to be decoys, so the vampires do not notice the main army, a deciding factor. The 3 nobles discuss catching commanders for Ferid. While Guren’s squad will go after Crowley, the other two shall free hostages. Goshi’s illusions show many more soldiers attacking, Narumi cuts the restraints on the crosses that captives are bound to. Guren and Shinya are thrown into city hall by Crowley, so Shinoa formulates a plan to help them. Mika kills the vampires he is with and feels happy to finally have found Yu.
Chapter 32[]
Chapter 32: "Crowley in Control"
Chapter 32.Eng(Colored).png
Within Nagoya city hall, Shinoa squad are one floor below the nobles. In Shinjuku, Kureto directs troops to hurry up or they will not have a tomorrow. He hears Seishirō has been sent by father. Aoi kills Seishirō's guards, and Kureto, unconcerned at being reported to father, has him imprisoned. A chopper is ready and he means to move out to contain the vampires at Nagoya using an experimental subject. Crowley declines help as Guren strikes at him. Mahiru-no-Yo’s energy, and Shinya’s rifle are used to help them escape via a blown hole in the wall. Catching up to them, Crowley stabs Guren but remembers to capture him. Guren orders Shinya to leave, take command and continue the mission. The floor breaks as Yu erupts from it with his sword ready.
Chapter 33[]
Chapter 33: "Demon's Lullaby"
Chapter 33.Eng(Colored).png
Team work, demon manifestations, and multiple attacks from Shinoa squad’s surprise attack are repelled by Crowley, then by Horn's lance and Chess' whip as well. Guren shouts for them to get away, before Crowley recognizes Yu as the one that went berserk. When Yu means to fight, Shinya orders they stop him. Crashing into the area, Sayuri and Shigure call for Guren, with Mito nearby too. Goshi uses illusion magic to have flames appear. Crowley cuts that, and the entire outer wall apart, yet all except Guren manage to escape. Yu cannot believe they left Guren and remembers 4 years ago when comforted by him on the nightmares he was having. Guren mentioned living until he found someone who needed him. Meaning to go back, Yu takes two more cursed gear stimulants.
Chapter 34[]
Chapter 34: "Asura's Power"
Chapter 34.Eng(Colored).png
Coughing up blood, Yu hears from Asuramaru he died since all his organs ruptured. Seraph power is keeping Yu alive, a trumpet lies nearby. With Yu’s heart beating, Asuramaru heals his body and grants power. While the squad are concerned, Yu races off using newfound speed to renew an assault on Crowley. Asking why he is still not strong enough, Yu hears it is because he is livestock. With curse marks spreading on Yu’s face he intensifies his attacking. Asuramaru agrees to grant further power, then Yu will become a demon. After a spiked horn ruptures out of Yu’s head, he is seized by Kimizuki’s Devil’s Coffin, where the squad fall back to Shinya and Makoto. With the hostages freed, all forces retreat. Mika stands alone in their escape path.
Chapter 35[]
Chapter 35: "Traitorous Allies"
Chapter 35.png
The retreating soldiers are ordered to kill Mika as a vampire ahead. Kyoto vampires have arrived via aircraft, Krul finds Ferid addressing her. Mika advances and after engaging with Narumi squad, he avoids combat to reach Yu he has seen unconscious. Leaping out of Goshi’s illusion, Mika is attacked by Guren’s team. Yoichi recognizes Mika. Ignoring Shinoa’s words, and knocking away Kimizuki, Mika manages to acquire Yu. Seizing him, Yoichi says if Mika is Yu’s family he is there’s too. Mika is stabbed in the back by Shinya’s rifle bayonet. Shinoa blasts Shinya away then tells Mika to take Yu and go, then meet them at Nagoya airport. After Mika departs with Yu, vampire reinforcements descend, where Yayoi and Tarō are killed. Shinya orders the retreat to continue.
Chapter 36[]
Chapter 36: "Yu & Mika"
Chapter 36.png
Carrying Yu, but injured, Mika falls to his knees. Needing to tell Yu something while he is alive and sane, Mika takes him inside a ruined convenience store. Spotting a child, where the blood would allow him to wait for Yu, he releases him after being called a monster. Asuramaru confirms Guren was left behind. While Yu thinks to catch up with the others and save him, he is asked what about the other family member who came to visit him today. Yu finds Mika does not recognize him, so offers his own blood to drink. Regaining his senses, Mika warns Yu to stay back. Yu will not listen to what Mika has to share until he drinks his blood to heal. While Mika is against becoming a true vampire, Yu focuses on keeping him alive. No matter what he is they are still family. Mika leaps into Yu.
Chapter 37[]
Chapter 37: "Monsters & Family"
Chapter 37.png
Mika is welcomed home as he drinks Yu’s blood, and his eyes turn red. Yu mentions how years ago Guren took him in, where he lived to see Mika again. Mika feels Guren and the friends Yu mentions are probably just using him, but Yu does not mind. Yu asks Mika to help him rescue them. Stepping outside, Yu disregards Mika’s concern about humans. Remembering them defending him, Mika agrees to just help those four. Mika drives and shares Yu was involved with an experiment drawing human and vampire organizations to him. Within a chopper, Mirai is injected until four seraph wings appear. Mika asks Yu to run away with him. Yu answers once they rescue the others they can talk it over, they could help them escape. Shinoa has made it to Nagoya’s deserted airport.
Chapter 38[]
Chapter 38: "The Namanari Awakens"
Chapter 38.png
Rika confronts Shinoa for defending Mika, the loss of life is blamed on that. Narumi says he will take it from here, but Shinya states that is not his job. Angered at the situation, there is no transport chopper and vampires are approaching. Narumi raises whether this was a suicide mission from the start. Shinya reveals this plan was devised by Kureto. Abandoning the mission, Shinya supports the consensus to rescue Guren. Near city hall, Krul observes Guren getting beaten. Ferid greets Crowley, who does not deny he also sold out his location to the humans. The overall plot however was devised by Guren. Revealing he is a Namanari, a vampire noble is decapitated by Mahiru-no-Yo who occupies half of Guren’s body. Guren mentions to Krul his experiment at Nagoya airport.
Chapter 39[]
Chapter 39: "The Beginning of the Plan"
Chapter 39.png
Mika details a seraph experiment he witnessed overseas to Yu. He is happy to hear that Mika might help with saving Guren, who suggests asking Krul. Facing her, Guren is swatted away by Krul. While being the beaten prisoner, Guren passes on information. Krul directs her forces to the airport. Ferid warns Crowley to remain near him or he will die. Aoi and Kureto arrive, yet Shinoa is wary. Hearing Guren is captured, Kureto questions which personality let that happen. Shinya is unable to get answers, and when Narumi speaks, Kureto orders the sacrifices to be killed. The activated experiment has chains burst out and murder a great number of soldiers. Narumi sees Rika and Shūsaku have been killed, and is defended by Shinoa Squad. With Shinoa targeted, Yu arrives to defend her.
Chapter 40[]
Chapter 40: "Trumpet of the Apocalypse"
Chapter 40.png
Yu and Mika stand back to back. Yu asks Shinoa for orders. Kureto notices the three black demon holders, Aoi has the chains target them. Krul arrives with a vampire army, the human army fight them for their future. Shinya and Guren’s squad help Shinoa squad now with Mika and Narumi escape. Guren is seen, and Mika defends Yu from his sword. Gathering blood from humans, demons, and progenitors for the seraph of the end, Guren begins killing indiscriminately. Mirai is the seraph and is bound by the chains. Yu confronts Guren who sees him crying, before being slashed by him. Seraph Mirai summons the demon Abaddon to the world. Mika carries Yu over to Krul. Choosing the seraph trumpet over Asuramaru, a great column of light shoots upwards.
Chapter 41[]
Chapter 41: "Arrogant Love"
Chapter 41.png
Shadowy wings appear on Yu, as Mika asks Krul how he can save him. Yoichi sees Yu in the column of light, and Kimizuki asks he save his sister. Kureto orders the second seraph be crushed, Abaddon is directed to blast it. Seraph Yu raises salt formations to defend from the emission, and is identified as The King of Salt. Forming a sword, Yu slices across Abaddon. Turning its attention to humans, Asuramaru makes Yu into a demon to try and contain the seraph. Shinya confronts Guren, so Shinoa thinks to find a way to escape. Mika sees Krul deal with Crowley’s ambush, but not Ferid’s. As her blood is drained, Krul orders Mika to go. With Krul declared a traitor, Ferid takes charge. Mika helps Shinoa squad with Narumi escape. Three months later by the coast, Mika sees Yu as a demon.
Chapter 42[]
Chapter 42: "Sanguinem's End"
Sanguinem's End.png
In Moscow, Russia, 2nd progenitor Urd Geales is joined by Lest Karr who rules Germany. They hear of a livestock uprising in Japan where humans have once again dabbled in the seraph experiment and now have one weaponized. In an emergency progenitor council meeting, Krul is seen tied to a throne. Ferid states to the progenitor council that she was in league with the human’s seraph project, and he and Crowley apprehended her. There is no way to counter the human’s newfound power. Kureto with Guren lead soldiers against Sanguinem, bringing Mirai as a seraph. Lacus and Rene warn the humans have reached the palace. The progenitor council is called to Japan. Elsewhere, Mika sees Yu has two demon horns and orders to be released, shouting he will kill all of them.
Chapter 43[]
Chapter 43: "Where It All Begins"
Chapter 43 Cover.png
Yu asks Mika to take the chains off, and is turning into a demon for increasing lengths of time. Shinoa joins them and offers Mika a bottle of the squad’s collected blood. Knocking it away, Mika mentions them pretending to be Yu’s friends. They defend a human settlement from Horsemen. Narumi brings food back and Yu discusses Mika drinking his blood if he wants. Mika raises whether Yu’s friendships are part of the experiments. Having deserted the Demon Army, the squad discuss their future plans. The army could help Yu’s demon situation, and Kimizuki’s sister with them favors going to them. Shinoa vetoes returning to Guren since Mahiru is possessing him. Mika suggests rescuing Krul, all agree on that. Driving, Ferid and Crowley are on their way.
Chapter 44[]
Chapter 44: "A Drive Along Death's Shoreline"
Chapter 44.png
Ferid is driving Crowley for them to befriend Yu and Mika. As the squad discuss Krul’s location in Sanguinem, Mika tells Yu she was captured by Ferid, the one who killed their family. Yu hears them first, and Yoichi sees the recognized vampires. They run since they could not even beat Crowley alone before. Seeing this, Ferid has Crowley chase after them. Yu remembers Ferid, and considers whether he let him escape as a child on purpose. With Guren waiting for him, and Kureto’s later words on orphanages being run by the Hyakuya Sect, Yu wonders if this plan started before the catastrophe. He thinks Ferid may be the one behind it all, so it might be worth talking at least once. Mika says not to think about, he regrets it every day. Crowley lands and knocks Mitsuba off her feet.
Chapter 45[]
Chapter 45: "Familiar Faces"
Chapter 45.png
At Demon Army HQ, Aoi visits Shinya in prison. The message is Kureto will be returning to Shinjuku along with Guren. Caught by Crowley, Mitsuba is thrown to the ground. While others defend her, Yu does not think they can win but notes Crowley could kill them but isn’t. Mika is wary Ferid is on his way to drag them into his plot. Suggested they run so the squad is not targeted, Yu answers they ran away once and their family died with Mika turning into a vampire. This time Yu will try fighting fate, which Mika replies he did that and see how it ended. Yu answers this time they will do it together. Surrendering to Crowley, and needing information, Yu may be able to co-operate with Ferid. Asking if he will forget everything he has done, Ferid then brings out Akane’s head in a jar.
Chapter 46[]
Chapter 46: "Return of the Hero"
Chapter 46 cover.png
Reacting to Akane's head, Yu as a demon attempts to kill Ferid. Trying to calm him in case he gets stuck as a demon, Mika hears Yu will kill him too before the demon’s influence is restrained. Kimizuki calls a temporary truce with Crowley, which Ferid agrees to. Yu speaks to Asuramaru as a Namanari. While he could be taken over to attack Ferid, as a demon Yu would kill his friends. Mika tries to prevent Ferid touching Yu, to be stopped by Crowley. Showing the same injection Guren is using, Yu realizes Ferid does know him. They met when Guren was in high school. Ferid drinks from Yu then stabs the demon suppressant into his back. With Yu unconscious, Mika hears an experiment can restore Akane to life. Transported, Guren uses a needle to deal with the curse marks on him.
Chapter 47[]
Chapter 47: "Prayer's Price"
Chapter 47.png
Kureto updates Guren he is going to Shibuya to see his father. Kureto says Tenri and his cronies never set foot on the front lines so he will kill him. With Shinya deemed necessary, Kureto asks Guren to convince him to come around. Crowley gets a bus ready, then Shinoa guides them to board. Mika warns Ferid is manipulating them into thinking what he wants. Ferid approaches Makoto to share his deceased squad have been collected as well. Not reacting as he wants, Kimizuki orders Ferid to tell them what reviving involves. Yu awakens where his demon is quiet and hears Ferid has his family kept at his mansion. In prison, Shinya says he will kill Guren for murdering their friends. Ferid reveals 8 years ago Guren’s squad and Shinya died, and were then revived, causing the catastrophe.
Chapter 48[]
Chapter 48: "The Making of an Angel"
Chapter 48.png
Taking a bathroom break, Shinoa and Mitsuba discuss escaping or remaining for the information available. In the other bathroom it’s recalled Ferid said he will show them where the catastrophe event took place. Discussing whether it is true, then how it would work, they gather seraphs attack the world when the taboo of reviving the dead was done. Unable to run, Narumi says they should betray Ferid before he does it to them. Kimizuki doesn't entertain Yu’s plan of having his demon take over for a few seconds as they are even less trustworthy. After getting what info they can, the squad decide a signal will be raised to attack Ferid en masse. Having lied about where they are going, Ferid is really taking them to Osaka Bay to see Guren. Via ship, Lest Karr has arrived in Japan.
Chapter 49[]
Chapter 49: "Progenitor's Memory"
Chapter 49.png
Within a mansion, Krul is sealed in a wall. Saitō joins her and is recognized as being acquainted with the 1st progenitor. 1,000 years ago, Krul saw him along with Urd. Surprised Krul had been caught by Ferid, and denying any connection, Saito states the First was only interested in her brother, Ashera. The First spoke to Ashera about becoming a demon, with a tweaked name of Asuramaru. Not clarifying if he is after the First, Saito senses Urd has arrived, with a fleet of ships. Saito has invested 1,000 years into a plan. Ferid reveals he turned Crowley into a vampire, using Saito’s blood. Ferid is flung out the bus window as they arrive in Osaka Bay. A huge number of nobles are there, and with Lest calling to Ferid, he tells Yu to be quiet or even he will be killed in an instant.
Chapter 50[]
Chapter 50: "Brothers in Blood"
Chapter 50 Cover.png
Lest Karr pushes Ferid’s heart out through his back, in a few minutes he will become a demon. Learning Krul is at Ferid’s manor, Lest Karr asks how she was captured before Urd orders Ferid’s heart returned. Ferid lunges at Kimizuki to regain the lost blood. After Urd senses them, Saito sees Krul’s blood scent has been detected, it was a trap for him after all. Entering the room, Urd clashes with Saito. The arm he cuts off reconnects to Saito by chains. Saito requests Urd leave Japan. Urd declines to. A chain yanks Krul out the wall who is thrown into Urd. Escaping, Saito cuts apart Lest Karr before seeing Ferid for the first time in a century. Outside the bus, the squad view Mika trying to gather information. Rene and Lacus are there, Yoichi remembers the latter killed his sister.
Chapter 51[]
Chapter 51: "Crucifying the Immortal"
Chapter 51.png
Yoichi’s demon urges him to kill Lacus, and Gekkouin true form is seen. Yoichi will not get his friends caught up in his revenge, and neither wants them to find out he is really so mean and nasty. The squad sees Urd carrying Krul, and Lest Karr dragging Ferid. Declared traitors, Urd sentences them to sunlight exposure torture. Ky Luc is placed in charge of overseeing this, while Urd takes everyone else to recapture Sanguinem. Strung up on crosses before a Ferris wheel, Krul and Asuramaru sense one another. With Ferid and Krul bursting into flames, Crowley says they cannot save them right now. Needing Krul’s help, Yu says they will rescue them. Kureto arrives to take control of Shibuya. Guren has his squad returned and they are going to Osaka.
Chapter 52[]
Chapter 52: "Suspicious Mansion"
Chapter 52.png
At Ferid’s mansion, Yu feels he should have been to one to give blood to spare Mika. On resurrection, even if it is true, Mika reminds Yu it is at the expense of everyone’s lives on the planet. Narumi has conflicted views with Mika on another possible resurrection. A noble exits the manor and instantly attacks. Narumi is hurled upwards, and Yu defends Mika where they are both pulled to safety by Shinoa’s cursed gear manifestation. Crowley confirms Fuola Honte’s higher rank before slicing him to pieces. Seeing the formation, Crowley asks the squad if they can stop him. As they lie on the ground, they learn Crowley’s 13th progenitor status is a front, he is closer to a 7th. Crowley has kept this secret for 800 years. Right now they need to be strong to defeat a 5th progenitor, Ky Luc.
Chapter 53[]
Chapter 53: "Holy Knight's Secret"
Chapter 53.Eng(Colored).png
While Yu speaks with Crowley how he used to be human, the squad regard vampires as predators. Addressing Mika and asking is it practical to befriend vampires, Narumi draws blood on himself and asks how long can trust last. Not liking the method, Kimizuki points out they are technically not human either. On sides, Yoichi points out humans have killed other humans, so vampires can have friends too. Mika reveals his humanity is fading, yet his feelings towards Yu have not changed at all. Inside the manor, Crowley finds a letter addressed to him, and Yu takes the chance to attack while he is distracted. On his sword skills, Crowley says he was a crusader when a human. The squad head to the kitchen, as Crowley learns their deceased friends are kept in the cellar.
Chapter 54[]
Chapter 54: "Sinner's Christmas"
Chapter 54.png
Seeing the food and facilities available, Shinoa notes Ferid prepared for this. The Demon Army uniforms shows Ferid's link to them. Crowley discusses drinking blood with Mika, and how humans eat meat. Mika asks how long his fading feelings have. Guren drives his squad to Osaka. Those who were resurrected would only live another ten years. Noting Guren's reaction, Shinya asks if secrets being found out will result in danger. While Sayuri wonders if Mahiru is involved, Shinya decides to trust Guren. Mahiru-no-Yo appears in Guren’s lap and reminds him if the dead learn they are resurrected they will return to dust. Mahiru-no-Yo finds Byakomaru as a tiger on the roof can see them, and is warned against harming Shinya. They then appear unseen before Ky Luc and the burning vampires.
Chapter 55[]
Chapter 55: "Coffins of Obsession"
Chapter 55.png
Sensing something, Ky Luc slices into the ocean. Mahiru-no-Yo returns to Guren who is driving. While the squad eat, Crowley heads to check the cellar. The concern is Yu might react to the bodies down there, but he chooses to see his family. The power required for defeating a 5th progenitor is also down there. Speaking to Akane that he will resurrect her, Yu does not care about the world and can understand how Guren must have felt. Wanting to help Mika turn back into a human, Yu desires to bring everyone back. In the cellar Mika takes Yu’s hand as he cries at the sight. Makoto also finds his squad there. Shinoa asks Crowley if he is seeing someone he knows. There are books nearby on controlling the seraph of the end, and a helper will be arriving soon. Guren arrives at the manor.
Chapter 56[]
Chapter 56: "Loose-Lipped Vampire"
English ch 56.png
Outside the manor, Guren knocks his squad down. Shinya is warned by Byakomaru that Guren will kill him. Speaking with Mahiru-no-Yo, Guren means to win to save Shinya. Inside, the squad hear the fight. A spell tag creation of Shinya is cut apart, before they resort to punching. After Guren knocks Shinya out, Mahiru-no-Yo senses Shinoa. Joining them, Guren is seen as Ferid’s army contact by Shinoa. Finding Shinoa cannot see them, Mahiru-no-Yo feels her demon has not awoken yet. Yu empathizes with Guren on him bringing his friends back. Kimizuki learns Mirai still lives. The Hiragis are not who really control her. Narumi raises how the Ichinoses have not fixed their unfair world. In Shibuya, Kureto is killing anyone who resists. He reaches Tenri Hīragi, who attacks with chains.
Chapter 57[]
Chapter 57: "Defining a King"
Ordering Tenri to give up the throne, Kureto has a dome barrier set up around them by Aoi. The chains that pierce the barrier are snakes, and Tenri can reattach his decapitated head with the chains. The squad learn from Guren the Hīragi family and its army are pawns. Guren questions Shinoa what the demon she was born fused with, Shikama Doji, says. Tenri attacks Aoi and cuts Kureto’s limbs off. From across the city, seraph Mirai is directed to have Abaddon fire at the HQ where Aoi erected the barrier. Dying, Tenri replies god will come to Kureto. An angelic like being greets Kureto as the new king of men. Stabbing him, Abaddon ceases its attack when ordered to halt, as Kureto is possessed. Giving his name as Shikama Doji, he is the first vampire.
Chapter 58[]
Chapter 58: "A Reason to Survive"
Chapter 58 (English).png
Kureto stops himself falling then interacts with Raimeiki in her physical form. Raimeiki has no memories of Shikama Doji, and seals a door in the ground which has cracked. Shikama Doji is trying to open a door to Kureto's heart. With Raimeiki needing lust as energy, hearing they have won Shibuya, Kureto kisses Aoi. More taboos must be broken, one is believing he can trust, Kureto calls for Guren and Shinya. Watching Yu with Guren, for his prior actions, Mika tries to kill Guren. With Yoichi and Kimizuki beside him, Mika reminds them it is Guren’s fault they all live like this. From his questions, Narumi infers the catastrophe was going to happen anyway. Shinoa adds someone hidden is manipulating the Hiragi family. Guren answers he is trying to resurrect all of humanity.
Chapter 59[]
Chapter 59: "Who Is Your Owner?"
Chapter 59 (English).png
With Yu happy Guren means to resurrect everyone, Mika states it’s not possible and raises the different time people after the calamity died. Regardless of what is believed, Guren states he is keeping Yu as a vital piece of the resurrection. While Yu wants to bring others back, Mika does not want to lose what he found again. Further help is required, namely from Ferid and Krul. After Guren’s squad are carried unconscious into rooms, Yu hears about training the seraph in him. On the risks, Yu asks Guren to not tell Mika, but nearby he heard it all. A drug will induce the seraph, and with Crowley monitoring, Yu is to practice controlling it. Activated, Shinya awakens to seraph Yu, where a combined force will be needed for Ky Luc. Three days later, Ky Luc finds thirteen foes are there.
Chapter 60[]
Chapter 60: "Surrounding Ky Luc"
Chapter 60 (English).png
Yoichi shoots according to a plan. Before, dolls were used to simulate the attack. Shinya was to shoot UV-blocking rings at Krul and Ferid to use when cut loose. From the concern that Ky Luc may see through them, Crowley shares he shows emotions so it’s likely he will. Krul is the priority to rescue. Yu is the one in mind to kill Ky Luc. Ultimately the appearance of rescuing the vampires is a ruse to distract Ky Luc. As they fight, Ky Luc wonders if it is a distraction. Hundreds of projectiles fire UV-blocking rings, Goshi is caught, Crowley is decapitated. Mika is seen as another diversion, and zipping past other melee fighters, Ky Luc sacrifices the two sliced parts of Ferid to block ranged fire trying to free Krul, and impede movements. He turns to see seraph Yu.
Chapter 61[]
Chapter 61: "Who Is More Bored?"
Chapter 61 (English).png
The wound Ky Luc sustains from seraph Yu is too shallow to cut his head off. Ky Luc is further assailed by Byakomaru missiles, Yu, then Guren activating Mahiru-no-Yo. He is prevented from stabbing Guren when Yu endures the hit. The hole in Yu’s chest and his crushed heart regenerates, and Ky Luc thinks to recover himself. The upper freed half of Ferid has his lower body run over. On the varied opponents he faces, and unsure of what constitutes victory for them, Ky Luc departs the battle, taking the cross with Krul on it with him. Mika and the humans regroup in case Ky Luc returns. Ferid then shows the ladies the show featuring his lower half, before speaking with Crowley on the humans together. Ferid anticipates a battle in Shibuya. On Kureto’s throne a shadow rises up it.
Chapter 62[]
Chapter 62: "Unremembered Trauma"
Chapter 62.Eng(Colored).png
Krul burns as Ky Luc acquires a vehicle, and thinks back there she sensed Ashera from seraph Yu’s sword, so realizes Mahiru upheld her bargain. Yu’s demon hand rests on a trumpet, while Asuramaru feels there is someone he must find. Placing his hand in him, Asuramaru sees Yu’s traumas. Mahiru had spoken to Yu in a prison after his parents tried to kill him, yet memories had been manipulated. Asuramaru tells Yu he cannot see his past and he was an experimental subject before arriving at the orphanage, where memories have been erased. Not liking that someone else could be pulling his strings, Asuramaru would prefer it were Yu’s desires shaping others. Yu awakens wearing a mask in a fluid filled tank with Mika outside. They are at the house where Guren grew up.
Chapter 63[]
Chapter 63: "Proof of Being Human"
Chapter 63 (English).jpg
In an underground lab at the former Ichinose mansion, Yu recovers after fighting Ky Luc. Still having a shadowy wing and demon horn, since Yu is awake, Mika lets him out. Having been out for four days, Mika says Yu will not be using that power again. Finding a room with human experiments, Yu feels Guren must have had good reasons. Mika states Guren’s demon is controlling him. In the elevator, Mika reminds Yu not to mention resurrection with Shinya and others around. Outside alone, Yu is resolute in getting their family back. Adding the end justifies the means, Yu and Mika shake hands. Guren brings them to a large shining spell circle. On the Hyakuya Sect, Guren guesses the one pulling the strings is Saito who Mika has met as a child. Within the barrier is another seraph.
Chapter 64[]
Chapter 64: "The Name of an Angel"
Chapter 64 (English).png
The chained seraph has a trumpet, Yu conjures one, too and approaches. After Mika is knocked back by the barrier he confronts Guren, who questions him who could be behind this. It is recalled Saito brought Yu to the orphanage where Mika saw him. Joining them in the seraph room, Ferid states Guren was also used by Saito. Both Shinoa and Guren squads arrive to behold the barrier and the two seraphs. Ferid mentions another angelic name, Michaela, and asks if Mika is a seraph too. Centuries ago when Ferid was a human, Saito gave him that same name. The seraph asks who Yu is, before identifying him as the King of Salt. Since it did not destroy the world, the seraph means to kill Yu where with his death a new unblemished King of Salt will be born.
Chapter 65[]
Chapter 65: "Not Human"
Chapter 65 (English).png
Meaning to save the seraph who tells him to die, Yu cuts the chains binding him. Blowing the trumpet forms Horsemen. Wielding his cursed gear, the seraph sees a demon’s sway on the seraph’s influence on Yu. With the seraph airborne, Yu finds his shadowy wings formed. While Guren and Ferid do not share Mika’s concerns, Shinoa calls to him. The seraph conjures Horsemen in the forest. Yu questions if humans need to be punished more. The seraph sees Yu’s very existence as touching upon the forbidden so must be destroyed. Asuramaru can’t have any more power taken or he won’t be able to keep Yu's seraph out. The seraph has a demon so an enhancing drug on the boy could help contain it. Yu calls to Kimizuki for the drug Guren gave to him to save the youth.
Chapter 66[]
Chapter 66: "Shuttered Shinoa"
Chapter 66 (English).png
Ferid has the needle ready for Kimizuki to bring to Yu. Now a co-conspirator in a taboo experiment, Kimizui confirms he will do anything to save his sister since the injection could also help her. Others gathered deal with the Horsemen. Kimizuki speaks with Guren on doing the forbidden for their families, and living for them. Above, Yu’s sword clashes with the seraph’s trumpet. He shouts for more of his desire to be taken by his demon for power. Shinoa regards Yu’s desire to help, where she has no raging passions. Shikama Doji speaks to Shinoa she does have lust, and wants to experience love. Affirming Shinoa is stronger than Mahiru, Shikama Doji asks should she not open the door to her emotions. With Yu mentioned, Shikama Doji thinks to open the double doors.
Chapter 67[]
Chapter 67: "The Door into Puberty"
Chapter 67.Eng(Colored).png
Ordering the door closed, Shinoa has chains bind Shikama Doji. Ever since she was born, Shinoa could not find a reason to live. Shikama Doji replies she will definitely want to be embraced by Yu. After Shikama Doji is clad fully in chains, Shinoa has her scythe ready for the Horsemen. Observing Yu fight the seraph, Shinoa also sees Mika heading to help him, then that Kimizuki and Guren also have their own desires. The seraph orders Yu to die who tries to reason they are comrades. Grasping the seraph, Yu drives them into the ground and Mika strikes the trumpet away. Kimizuki administers the medicine to the seraph. A small cross shaped dagger emerges from his chest. Yu is thrilled they managed to save the seraph boy, then they witness the Horsemen react.
Chapter 68[]
Chapter 68: "Saviors"
Chapter 68 (English).png
In Ikebukuro, Saito holds two sinful keys. He wonders if Sika Madu, or Shikama Doji as he is now, still has his plan. Narumi sees the Horsemen are all disappearing, Ferid comments now the world will change drastically. Mika wonders what the key is, before Ferid takes it. Guren adds they are taking the key to Tokyo to fight back against millennia old monsters. Lacus and René note the Horsemen disappear. Krul denies being a traitor to Urd. Where vampires refrained from seraph research, humans didn’t, now they control one. Lest Karr and Ky Luc consider they could lose their hold over humans, and suspect Saito’s involvement. They wonder if they can handle him if they still commit to old rules. With Krul mentioning Ashera, they will listen to her secrets on what the First did to them.
Chapter 69[]
Chapter 69: "The Day the Sun Was Lost"
Chapter 69 (English).png
Every time the seraph part of Yu is out of control, Asuramaru finds he is getting memories back and feels he had a sister. Yu will help him recover his memories, but Asuramaru is not sure he even wants them. On the roof of a bus, Yu finds people outside with the Horsemen gone. With Yu’s demon visit done, Mika joins him. Yoichi hears from Yu that Mika said he and the others can join them as well. Ferid discusses blood with Crowley, before leaping towards some humans. Crowley wonders about the key. With her clothing restored, Krul hears from Ky Luc on him helping her. Krul remembers Ashera in the past gazing directly at the sun. Heading back they witnessed their home on fire, and mother killed. Peasants sold them into slavery. Ashera was bought by Sika Madu, who had a child Yu with him.
Chapter 70[]
Chapter 70: "Retainer's Cause"
Chapter 70 (English).png
Entering Shibuya and beset by soldiers, Yu finds he is able to cut apart their swords, where Mika also helps deflect arrows. Surrounded, Yu announces his rank, to hear he is a deserter. Guren’s presence settles them, before Ferid proclaims the vampires have come to attack. With Ferid tied, they enter the city and note the tension. Mika gets no answers on the Hiragi family. Mitsuba sees Aoi arrive, who asks why is she not dead. Yu tells Aoi that Mitsuba is not a traitor, they are the ones who tried to kill them. Aoi questions if Mitsuba slept with Yu. She signals for guards when Yu protests further. Guren says Kureto is waiting. Shinoa mentions to Mika the Hiragi’s control the army. Only Guren, Shinya, and Shinoa can see Kureto, who has Shikama Doji behind him.
Chapter 71[]
Chapter 71: "Three Black Demons"
Chapter 71 (English).png
In his old room, Yu is happy to be there with Mika and checks to see that he does not have a heartbeat. Aware they are being monitored, Yu shouts they would like to become humans again. Meaning to find a lab, they first leap out the window to deal with the spies first. Kimizuki moves to find his sister and Yoichi says he will go with him as they are family too. In a locker room, Narumi hears from Minowa that they had betrayed the army and were annihilated. On what the truth is, Narumi answers it is whatever the Hiragi’s say it is. Kureto is markedly more powerful facing Shinya and Guren. As Shinoa witnesses this, Mahiru-no-Yo can discern Shikama Doji there. Kureto fears he will be corrupted by the monster who has possessed his family for hundreds of years and asks to be saved.
Chapter 72[]
Chapter 72: "Hiragi in a Cage"
Chapter 72.Eng(Colored).png
With her scythe manifesting on its own, Shinoa speaks with Shikama Doji. He is afraid if Shinoa does not open her heart to him he won't be able to show her his true form anymore. Shinoa does not really care. While Shinoa is not interested in helping Kureto, the First asks what about Mika. If Shinoa could turn Mika back into a human, how happy would Yu be. Ordering him silent, Shikama Doji says he is not actually a demon, and he will possess Shinoa. Waking in a hospital bed, Shinoa hears Guren believes the three Hīragi blood members are being sought. Kimizuki and Yoichi view Mirai in a cage. Shinya hears Kureto is fuelling desires to help Raimeiki contain the demon. Guren informs them Shinoa is affected as Mahiru was before. Yu and Mika are brought in bound with rope.
Chapter 73[]
Chapter 73: "Inside Yu's Sword"
Chapter 73 (English).png
Yu hears from Guren that an unknown monster is trying to possess Kureto and Shinoa. When Yu generates his black seraph wings to see Shinoa, a shadow forms into Shikama Doji behind him. He whispers whether Ashera is still with Yu. Asking who he is, Asuramaru deems Shikama Doji a pitiful monster, before he draws a sword and attacks. Producing multiple scythes, the First finds a sword enter through a portal near his head as this is Asuramaru’s world and is cut apart. The First appears behind Asuramaru, then bites him before walls rise around them. Checking if she is okay, Yu is asked by Shinoa to contact his demon. Asuramaru shouts for his help and Yu calls him as a weapon to get him away from the First. Shikama Doji expresses familiarity with Yu.
Chapter 74[]
Chapter 74: "Love Awakens"
Chapter 74 (English).png
Watching him, Shinoa warns Yu’s body to not talk to the First, then updates Guren on the situation. The First's voice has a hypnotic effect on Yu, and after slashing at Asuramaru the First means to also take him. The hypnosis an effect, Yu slices the First, but is unsure who it is on the ground. Asuramaru stabs and orders him to disappear which works. Pleased with their victory, Shikama Doji who looms over them is also happy at Yu and Asuramaru getting along. Stabbing his hands into them, Shinoa enters the world to strike the First. He takes Shinoa by the neck then beyond the door. Waking up, the squad see Shinoa on a stretcher. Vampires the world over sense the First. Saito commences his plan. Urd intends to go to Tokyo. Mika sees that Shinoa is turning into a vampire.
Chapter 75[]
Chapter 75: "Secret Distance"
Chapter 75 (English).png
Shinoa is taken to the lab on Kureto’s orders. Sharing that the demon seemed to know him and Asuramaru, Yu offers his memories if they can help Shinoa. Feeling it better that Shinoa is being possessed, Kureto questions Guren what he knows of Yu. He got him from Mahiru, who was connected to Saito. Knowing Saito will go after the First, Ferid takes Crowley to see him. Guren cannot speak further, and stops Shinya pressing on what happened eight years ago. As Mahiru-no-Yo listens, Kureto thinks Mahiru was doing something to control the First. On Saito they are not sure how he regards the First, then Guren does not reveal his own goal. Medical staff tend to Shinoa when Ferid enters. He will help stop Shinoa from transforming into a vampire, by killing her.
Chapter 76[]
Chapter 76: "Age of Immortals"
Chapter 76 (English).png
A scythe materializes over Shinoa and cuts Ferid apart. Crowley grabs his head and throws him out of further harm’s way, then deflects attacks before his head is cut off. Shinoa rises and answers what if she is the First. While moving to reattach his legs, Ferid questions what the point of everything is. Saito notes the First is awake again. In the old Hyakuya Sect headquarters, a fleet of lorries fires a fusillade of missiles. Urd with Krul, Lest Kar and Ky Luc are unable to prevent their aircraft from being blown out the air. Out-ruling the First, Urd suspects Saito. In the past, Urd stood beside Rigr facing Sika Madu and Yu as a child. Notified the aircraft have been downed, Saito announces to a Hyakuya Sect army that today they destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.
Chapter 77[]
Chapter 77: "Rescue for the Devil"
Chapter 77 (English).png
As Yu is led away, Mika thinks how the Hiragi family's army around them was controlled by the First. Stopped by Guren, and told he can’t help Yu since he is alone, Mika attacks Guren, avoids Shinya’s rifle fire, before falling to Raimeiki’s lightning. Pressing him to co-operate, Guren then raises if they can stop the First. Kureto intends to, yet Ferid advises them to run, now. The First in Shinoa’s body produces scythes for them. Hearing the commotion, Kimizuki heads to his sister, Yoichi and Narumi go as well. Yu assures Mitsuba he will be fine. One of the scientists places a cable like needle in Yu, then attacks Mitsuba. Revealed as a Hyakuya Sect agent, he announces “The Devil” and Ashera have been retrieved. Yu is kidnapped using Jigenso's portal. Asuramaru remembers more.
Chapter 78[]
Chapter 78: "The Dark Ages of Greece"
Chapter 78 (English).png
In the dark ages of Greece, Ashera recalls being bought as a slave and asked Yu if he were one as well. Walking through the streets, Ashera is reminded of Krul. Asked if he were hungry, they ate and Sika Madu was aware Ashera used to be nobility. Professing he bought Ashera to be a house boy, Sika Madu spoke with Yu on growing. As they walked back, Ashera is struck by Yu’s mannerisms and odd behaviour. Asking what Yu’s duties were, Ashera questions whether Sika Mau buys child slaves a lot, then if they are summoned at night to his chambers. That is the case. At his manor, Ashera doesn’t feel like playing with Yu and his toys. At night, Ashera is summoned and decides to be brave, Krul might be alive awaiting rescue. Ashera finds Yu who develops six seraph wings.
Chapter 79[]
Chapter 79: "Eternal Hell"
Chapter 79 (English).png
The past Yu as a seraph appears murderous. After Sika Madu seizes him by the neck, Yu cut his own arm off to free himself, then stab Ashera in the chest with his hand. As Ashera felt he was dying, seraph Yu spoke how the world was filled with unrepentant humans. Sika Madu also had wings and decapitated Yu in the air. Noticing Ashera was alive, he sees some of Yu’s blood dripped into his mouth which was compatible. For 600 years Sika Madu has been killing hundred of thousands of human guinea pigs. Offering him his blood or Yu’s, Sika Madu dripped blood into Ashera’s mouth. It did not kill him, and Ashera awoke as a vampire before Rigr and Urd. In a room with dark orbs in clear tanks, Ashera found Sika Madu with Yu whose head was back on.
Chapter 80[]
Chapter 80: "Lightning over Shibuya"
Chapter 80 (English).png
Aware the First is there, Saito begins his attack. Shibuya is bombed by aircraft. Kureto deploys all archers and orders the seraph of the end activated. On the wall, Kureto unleashes a thunderstorm on the helicopters and missiles. Shinya avoids explosions then sees a vampire noble is one of the enemies. Basteya’s attention is drawn by Crowley, yet handles Ferid’s sneak attack. Guren’s squad observe Ferid floating the idea of Basteya breaking from Saito. The Hyakuya agent with Jigenso provides a portal for Basteya to leave. Then attacking Shinya, his cursed gear has Byakomaru directed at Crowley. Joining their fight, Ferid defeats the agent hassling Shinya. With Mirai active as a seraph, Kimizuki finds Saito behind him. The First in Shinoa joins them.
Chapter 81[]
Chapter 81: "Fallen Wings"
Chapter 81 (English).png
Saito prepares chains as he speaks to the First possessing Shinoa’s body. Basteya breaks in, the unification spell is ready. Guren’s squad witness Hyakuya Sect soldiers skewered with chains, which powers Saito. The First reaches for Mirai so Saito lashes a chain round the wrist, then directs Kimizuki to take the girl and head for Shinjuku. The First regards Saito’s head attached by a chain after it was decapitated. Severing that results in more chains bursting out. The First flies away, and Saito is armed with apocalyptic beast heads. A halo of scythes forms around the First, which explosively collide with Saito’s beasts. Seeing it from below, Mika hones his senses to detect Yu. Waking, Yu is chained to a moving stretcher. Mahiru-no-Yo tells Guren it is time to betray everyone.
Chapter 82[]
Chapter 82: "Mahiru-no-Yo"
Chapter 82.Eng(Colored).png
As Saito clashes with the First above, a scythe ricochets near Shinya and Guren’s squad. Crowley hears Ferid say their ally Guren is preparing to go full demon. Guren is enticed by Mahiru-no-Yo to turn into one. Feeling weak as a child, Guren still believes he cannot protect anyone. Mahiru-no-Yo states Guren resurrecting his squad wasn’t his fault since the catastrophe was going to happen anyway, and now they will do it right. Chains spill out of Guren’s back. Shinya and the squad arrive. Shooting the chains, Mahiru is perceived. As Shinya’s rifle charges, Mahiru-no-Yo fires chains at Mito and Goshi. After Guren throws his sword into their chest, a being ruptures out. When Mika finds Yu, he, Krul, the First, and Saito sense Noya emerge.
Chapter 83[]
Chapter 83: "Two Demons"
Chapter 83 (English).png
Tempted by Noya to become the most powerful demon there ever was, Guren has demon horns. He motions to flatten Shinya on the ground with his squad floored as well. Shinya calls upon Byakomaru for greater power, but he will give no more. Appearing as a humanoid figure, Byakomaru states it is no normal demon. Even as a child, when Shinya was trained in battles to the death. He never managed to make Mahiru his. Byakomaru guides him to remain aloof and run. Shinya asks for his desires to be devoured as he will never give up on Guren. With demon horns of his own, Shinya blasts at demon Guren but is still stabbed. Sticking chains into him and his squad, light from Guren, Mahiru and Noya collides together. Guren departs to save the world.
Chapter 84[]
Chapter 84: "Nativity of a Princess"
Chapter 84 (English).png
Among the chained Hyakuya Sect members, Ferid and Crowley consider the knife as one of seven that Saito has been looking for. The First directs a scythe at Saito. As Shinya recovers, elsewhere Kimizuki carries Mirai as he and Yoichi escape the city. Guren finds and murders Mirai. Frenzied, Kimizuki becomes a demon. Yoichi knocks him out, preventing a fight with Guren. Taking a key from Mirai, Guren then reveals to Yoichi he kept Tomoe’s body in storage. Bounding away to the First, Mahiru and Noya catch their scythes. Guren tosses the key to Saitō who then betrays Guren by attempting to bite him. Ready, Guren calls for Ferid, who appears through Jigenso’s portal to stab Saito with a key. The three demons catch a key each and aim their light at the First in Shinoa’s body.
Chapter 85[]
Chapter 85: "The Guinea Pigs Gather"
Chapter 85 color page.png
The First relinquishes Shinoa’s body and she is caught by Mahiru. As Yu yells to be released with Mika observing, Guren cuts apart the guards there. In ancient Greece, Ashera, Krul, and Noya were vampires and saw the corpse of Mikaela. A young Yu found them in the restricted room, so Noya murdered him where he faded into smoke. Mika watches Guren who disregards Yu. Guren can feel the life-absorption barrier ending. The chains fade from Shinya and the squad. After Guren binds Yu’s mouth, Mika concludes he is the enemy. Found by Mahiru’s spirit, Mika abandons the sword and spell tag combat by heading to save Yu. When Noya materializes, he sees a fully gown Yu, and notes Ashera in the sword. After Mika frees Yu, Noya comments on a Mika being made.
Chapter 86[]
Chapter 86: "Run from Your Friends"
Chapter 86 (English).png
Shinoa's body aches, and is found by Mitsuba to learn of Yu's kidnapping. Seeing Yoichi, with Kimizuki unconscious, he reveals Guren killed Mirai but said he could resurrect her and his sister. Shinoa decides saving Yu is the priority. Yu and Mika face Guren and Noya. When Yu voices Guren is a friend on their side, Mika is astounded. He then resorts to confirming Yu is correct, but right now Guren is possessed. The perfect plan to save him involves Yu running away. Noya confirms he will help Guren and conjures two swords. Floating to them, Mahiru greets Yu. Remembering her, Yu answers he did find a reason to live. Taking Mika’s arm Yu says he has him. Drawing power from Asuramaru, Yu develops demon horns and shouts he will save Guren, who then attacks them.
Chapter 87[]
Chapter 87: "Cannibal Family"
Chapter 87 (color image).jpeg
The impact from Guren’s strike sends Yu and Mika flying. Guren orders Mahiru back inside him to consolidate his power. Noya thinks Ashera in Yu’s sword to be the biggest problem. As Yu and Mika run, Guren lands before them. Mika places himself in front of Yu to protect him from Guren’s slash. Yu leaps backwards taking Mika with him. As Yu carries Mika to somewhere they can hide, Mika drinks from Yu as he runs. Within a building, while Mika’s back has healed, Yu feels drained but will draw upon more demonic power. Contacting Asuramaru, he advises Yu get away from Noya. For that, Yu needs lots more power, wagering Asuramaru will grant it and not take over his body or Noya would get him. Making Yu into a demon, Noya with Guren witness shadows rise out of a building.
Chapter 88[]
Chapter 88: "Ashera Tepes"
Chapter 88 (English).png
Mika asks if Yu is going to go berserk, for him to appear in the ceiling with just his legs visible. From the outside, Noya breaches the floor above. Seeing Yu, he remarks Ashera’s scent is more demon than human now and elects to lop his head. Yu speaks for Asura-Kannon. Thousand Blades. From the circumference around him, katanas rise up from the floor and fly towards Noya. After parrying those, Yu then initiates a greater power to deliver even more swords to Noya, leaving him with missing limbs. Guren hears it is Ashera, before having Noya return to him. Pulled up by Yu but called Mikaela, he asks who this is. Ashera Tepes has half the consciousness, and Mika recognizes the name. Guren arrives, Mika has his sword drink his blood and Yu invokes Infinite Phantom Blades.
Chapter 89[]
Chapter 89: "Vampire's End"
Chapter 89 (English).png
Guren is assailed with invisible swords from all angles. Instructing Mahiru to block those, when the spectral weapons perforate Guren, a spell tag copy of him breaks. Guren uses spell tags to electrify Mika and Yu. Moving to inject Yu, Mika endures the attack. Directing Mahiru-no-Yo to crush his heart, the sword stabs through Yu’s back. With a needle jabbed into Yu he feels his power draining. Biting Guren and draining blood, Mika is knocked away. Yu tries to repair his heart. As brambles cover Mika, he has to kill Guren now. Mika says for Yu not to worry, he will keep him safe. Mika is sliced into, and the cityscape is cut apart. As Kimizuki drives, Yoichi spots Yu crying. The squad head for him. Yu holds Mika, and Asuramaru says he has lost too much blood. Krul arrives.
Chapter 90[]
Chapter 90: "Because of Mikaela"
Chapter 90 (English).png
As Kimizuki drives, Shinoa wonders if Shi or Shikama Doji will appear. It is Shi, who Shinoa has swing them round a sharp corner. When she is yanked out, the squad pull her back in. Yu holds Mika who has curse mark appear over his face. Streams of darkness are emitted and as Mika rises into the air Yu shouts for him. Ordering Asuramaru to shut up when he says Mika’s life force has vanished, Yu does not want to be alone. Wanting to die, Yu is happy for Asuramaru to possess his body. With his memories returned, Asuramaru conjures a sword then informs Yu that Mika loved Yu, so he should open his eyes and watch. Above, Mika sees Yu and says for him not to cry. Feeling that Yu will be fine with his squad on the way, Mika shares that he loves Yu. An explosion then occurs.
Chapter 91[]
Chapter 91: "Orphan Prince"
Chapter 91 (English).png
The mission complete, the Hyakuya Sect retreat. Kureto orders them captured. Ferid and Crowley feel thirsty, so the former seizes a Hyakuya Sect agent. Noticing tracks, they smell father’s blood. The upper torso of Saito lies in an alleyway. Coming to kill him, Ferid has no plan when asked. Ferid taught Crowley the point to life, killing everyone important to him. The key brandished, Saito reacts with chains. Binding Ferid's arm, Saito says making him a vampire was a mistake. As a child Ferid likely murdered his parents. He was next in line for a throne and raised to be a saint. Saito isn't wary of the key, but at someone else coming. A voice offers help. Ferid’s arm is struck off. Urd arrives with Lest Karr and Ky Luc. When Saito accepts help, Urd attacks Ferid and Crowley.
Chapter 92[]
Chapter 92: "Black Demon Scenario"
Chapter 92 (English).png
Urd attacks Crowley, adding to give up and accept punishment. Ferid replies that he is super-powerful and they should give it their best shot. Urd cuts Ferid in half then kicks him and Crowley into the air. Ferid directs Crowley to throw him. Urd means to execute Ferid. As Ky Luc investigates Saito’s chains, Lest Karr and him decide to break his skeleton. Reaching the Hyakuya agent, Ferid uses Jigenso to open a portal and flaunts the sinful key. While Urd chops his head off, Ferid has passed the key to Crowley who activates it. With a voice only vampires can hear, Saito senses Ashera, Krul, and Noya. The keys power negated, Crowley bolts with Ferid. Elsewhere, Mahiru grows demon horns and knocks Noya out. Yu sees Mika above. An arm moves out a flat opening on his face.
Chapter 93[]
Chapter 93: "Desire Within Desire"
Chapter 93 (English).png
In a meadow, Mika as a child has Yu next to him. Akane and other orphans are playing nearby. All heading home for curry, seeing his family has Mika unbelievably happy. Asking about the director, from Yu's unawareness of her, it dawns on Mika. After bathing, as others sleep, Mika teases Yu what he was like when they first met. Mika then mentions how great it is that they are all together, and still alive. When Yu asks him to accept this as his greatest desire, Mika knows it is but cries this is a dream. While Yu says he will make it come true, Mika asks how when everyone died. Hugging him, Yu states they can be together forever, if Mika chooses to become a demon who devours human desires. Six seraph wings appear on Mika’s back.
Chapter 94[]
Chapter 94: "Hole in the Sun"
Chapter 94 (English).png
In ancient Greece, Ashera hears Sika Madu comment on being blamed for crimes, made into this, and having his child killed. Asuramaru regards a black sun and feels a demon is being born. Krul calls Yu as brother, and is surprised Ashera hasn't taken over the body. Yu wants to stay with Mika, yet warning he is a demon now, Krul says if Yu is killed he will never have a chance to save him again. Happy that Mika can turn out like Asuramaru, Yu is taken by Krul as they leave. Debilitated by a voice, from her brother remark, Yu guesses Krul is Asuramaru’s sister. Yu is advised to run by Asuramaru. He carries Krul before seeing his squad in a truck. Back in ancient Greece, Sika Madu is aware the corpse of his son, Mikaela has been seen. From Mika emerges a cloaked child demon.
Chapter 95[]
Chapter 95: "A Demon's Tale"
Chapter 95 (English).png
Near a shimmering winding path, Demon Mika is thirsty and has to possess a human. Yoichi places Krul unconscious on a bed. As Mitsuba and Shinoa acquire drinks, Yu details his and Mika's battle against Guren. He feels Krul will make everything fine. Kimizuki and Yu head outside having left Demon Army territory. Kimizuki checks Mirai. While he spars with Yu, inside, Yoichi sees Shinoa and Mitsuba found alcoholic drinks. Noting Yu’s strength, Kimizuki shouts he will save his sister, yet Kiseki-o speaks this is just a show, deep in his heart he has given up on Mirai. Kiseki-o needs childish, ugly desires. With demon horns, Kimizuki has Twin Coffins fire darts at Yu. Krul awakens. Kiseki-o is visited by Asuramaru. Their memories returned, they note the King has woken.
Chapter 96[]
Chapter 96: "Queen Krul"
Chapter 96 (English).png
Krul seizes Mitsuba and Shinoa. When Yoichi is sick over Krul she flees. Yu and Kimizuki find Krul in a shark jumper. Recalling Mika turned into a vampire, Krul clarifies her brother’s name is Ashera, Waking, Shinoa along with Mitsuba and Yoichi feel ill. After Yu helps, Krul begins radiating as she was the one vomited over, which Kimizuki notices. Before her, Yu asks Krul how to rescue Mika. On his manners, Yu states Guren raised him. Krul recalls training with Mika, and will have Yu prove he seriously wants to rescue him. Yu humbly requests Krul’s help as Mika is his family, whose life is more important than his own. Giving them purpose, today Krul will tell them their enemies and plans. The current plan began eight years ago before the catastrophe, it was brought to Krul by Mahiru.
Chapter 97[]
Chapter 97: "Sisters"
Chapter 97 (English).png
Wondering why Mahiru’s name is coming up, Shinoa does not know a thing about her sister. As a child, Shinoa was experimented on where scientists saw no reaction from the demon. In an arena, Shinya lost to Seishirō, yet Shinoa found it obvious he held back. Mahiru threw Kureto over her shoulder, winning the round. They had the same background, yet Shinoa and Mahiru were as different as night and day. In their room, Mahiru spoke of Guren, and asked if 4-year-old Shinoa had ever been in love. Both born with a demon already implanted in them, to stop the demon finding out about Shinoa's desires, Mahiru physically and verbally abused her. Telling Shinoa she loved her, Mahiru used a needle and said goodbye. Mahiru approached Krul on where Yu, Mikaela, and Ashera were.
Chapter 98[]
Chapter 98: "The King's Chambers"
Chapter 98 (English).png
Mika and who he sees as Yu are watched by Demon Mika. Meaning to protect them, he generates four spiked crosses around a coffin outside. Asuramaru and Kiseki-o are infiltrating, yet attacked their side. Gekkouin is summoned to help contain Sika Madu's child. A volley of arrows are fired through a coffin into the other world at The King. Guren runs with Mahiru to capture Mika to turn him into cursed gear. Eight years ago in Sanguinem, Mahiru wanted freedom from Shikama Doji, and Krul sought Ashera. Injecting herself so the First could not hear their bargain, but dying, Mahiru asked Krul to keep her alive by turning her into a vampire. Krul jabs at Shinoa, to reveal the First in control. Guren crashes in with Mahiru. The First contacts Ashera to capture Mika’s soul.
Chapter 99[]
Chapter 99: "Mortal Love"
Chapter 99 (English).png
Shinoa speaks to Shikama Doji below. Announcing she loves Yu loosens the chains restraining her. Keeping her heart half-way closed, Shinoa will attempt to possess the First. Shikama Doji is stunned that Shinoa hears his thoughts relayed to Ashera. Gathering he might mean Asuramaru, Shinoa has to let Yu know, and turns into a demon to resist the First. She will overtake him and the entire curse that has ruined her life. Kimizuki notifies Yu that Guren’s plan of turning Mika into cursed gear is not saving him. For Guren’s recent actions, Kimizuki attacks him, with Yoichi ready as well. Krul hears from Mahiru this will work out. Waking, after Guren's tearful display, Shinoa reveals Asuramaru is the First's ally. Yu finds coffins in his realm. Asuramaru chases The King.
Chapter 100[]
Chapter 100: "A Demon Appears"
Chapter 100 (English).png
With Asuramaru not answering, Yu confirms he is on Shikama Doji’s side. On the roof, Guren constructs a large spell circle, that Yu fails to remember from class, which Mahiru adds Mika’s sword to. Krul pulls Shinoa who is containing the First. Engaging, the King fires spectral crosses at Asuramaru, destroying what is an illusion of him. The King’s desires, Mika and Yu happy, are being targeted. Extending the distance Asuramaru has to run to the house, and raising a skyscraper in his path are measures the King takes to prevent this. Cutting into the building, Asuramaru finds the King at the sliced off top. Kiseki-o is ready with a coffin to take Asuramaru where Mika and Yu are. Gekkouin blasts The King’s arm. Asuramaru tells Mika and Yu he is going to rip their hearts to shreds.
Chapter 101[]
Chapter 101: "My Desire"
Chapter 101 (English).png
Pushing Yu to safety, Mika uses a knife to stab Asuramaru. Claiming Mika’s deepest fear is he would be blamed for his family's deaths, Asuramaru adds his deepest desire is the same. To re-create that, Asuramaru controls Mika to kill his family. Calling him for help, Yu hears Mika’s voice. Guren and Mahiru are surprised as demons lose their memories, and consider if it is one of Shikama Doji’s traps. It could also be a trap to get them to stop their plan. Shinoa keeps the First restrained with her scythe in his back. The spell circle activates and Yu heads to Mika’s sword. Mika stabs Yu in the dream world, and agrees he is to be blamed, that he can never save anyone. Asuramaru tells the weeping King they won. As he, Gekkouin, and Kiseki-o have him bound, Yu bursts out Asuramaru’s chest.
Chapter 102[]
Chapter 102: "He's Calling for Me"
Chapter 102 (English).png
Kiseki-o and Gekkouin flee with the King. Yu deems Asuramaru the enemy. His possession attempt fails. Yu's demon horns appear, he has three seraphs behind him. Shouting he will save Mika, Asuramaru turns into his sword form. The First’s plan also involved Byakomaru and Raimeiki as apostles to help deal with the future catastrophe. Lighting signals Yu’s attack. Gekkouin loses an arm, his arrows are avoided. Yu is struck by Kiseki-o, but is eager to kill them both. A coffin clamps onto Yu’s arm, that he slices off to regrow. Gekkouin and Kiseki-o are dismembered. From the name, and coffins, Yu identifies these demons and warns Kimizuki. Not caring for Gekkouin’s reasons, Yoichi is sick of “great causes.” Gekkouin and Kiseki-o disintegrate. Yu holds Demon Mika.
Chapter 103[]
Chapter 103: "The Sky Awaits Them Both"
Chapter 103 (English).png
After contact, Yu wakes in Nagoya with a red sky, where Mika drank his blood. Around his physical body, Kimizuki shares Yu’s octopus face. Shinoa warns the First will wake, Mahiru acts to suppress him. Shikama Doji resists this. Shinoa raises walls around herself, yet the First says he will save his precious Yu and Mikaela. Surprised, Shinoa asks what he means and offers herself for possession. Shikama Doji pauses, yet finds possessing Mahiru and Shinoa risky, so departs. Demon Mika does not remember Yu even though his name was called. From his sword, he sees Yu already has a demon. Attacking, the King outside finds the city encircled by a coliseum, with many black suns. Feeling he has seen this before, the King wonders who Yu is.
Chapter 104[]
Chapter 104: "The Same Dream"
Chapter 104 (English).png
Yu says he is coming to save Mika. The King will find out who Yu is after possession. After clashing, Yu hurtles into a building. Remembering Guren's words, attacking a demon weakens their heart, where Yu would have his worst trauma intensified if hit. Yu avoids being bitten by The King, but is caught in the A Glint of Light. The King sees the memory of Yu with Mika after Ferid murdered their family. Outside, The King feels Yu as a child cannot see the many black suns in the sky, then is stabbed by Yu as he is now. Yu sees they share the same deepest wound in their hearts. They both swear to save one another. Yu is the one decapitated for Demon Mika too see the deepest corners of his heart. Mika appears as a human teenager, a large eye is observing him.
Chapter 105[]
Chapter 105: "Saito and Urd"
Chapter 105 (English).png
As Saito sits caged, Ky Luc doubts his power. Ky Luc is greatly agitated at Saito professing to be scared, and saying to please not pick on him. Lest Karr states the prison is designed to bind stronger vampires. Saito asks Lest Karr if Urd is mad at him. In Romania, Rigr felt their vampire utopia was just a dream, and with the First gone, Urd intended to uphold vampire laws. Rigr leaving meant death, so Urd attacked. Rigr cut both Urd’s arms off and revealed he had been holding back in previous fights. Saito knows why the First took the best third progenitors with him, but not Lest Karr. Stating the knowledge will be lost when Urd kills him, Saito requests to be let out. Lest Karr is not interested. Using chains, Saito breaks out his now broken cage.
Chapter 106[]
Chapter 106: "I Am Your..."
Chapter 106 (English).png
Saito sends chains at Lest Karr. Letting a chain through his eye lets Ky Luc strike Saito, and hold him for Lest Karr to generate a Burst, Heaven’s fan thunderous blast. Ky Luc has lost his arms, Saito lies vanquished. Urd arrives with Kureto and Shinya. The defeated Saito was a spell tag illusion, Saito remains in his unbroken prison. Urd enquires about Saito’s revenge plan for the First. Through the eye, Mika sees the past Yu with disembodied eyeballs in tanks. Noya knew Yu is a sacrifice to resurrect Mikaela. With Yu killed, he forms from one of the eyes. Sika Madu and his demons enter. Saito requests Urd’s help to kill the First. Kureto and Shinya’s demons are hostages. Sika Madu detects Mika in the memory. Mika accepts Yu's offer to become his demon to escape Sika Madu.
Chapter 107[]
Chapter 107: "Angel's Plan"
Chapter 107 (English).png
Sika Madu tries to have Mika sleep, it is too early for him to become Yu's demon. Facing him and knowing they need to work together, Demon Mika raises whether Yu's body was supposed to be his. Discussing amnesia, Yu cannot recall the ancient past, where demon Mika has no memories of the recent past. As Yu remembers the last 16 years he asks for Mika to become his demon. Sika Madu is watching them both as children sleeping. Saito forms a chain pentagram to capture Raimeiki and Byakomaru. In Sika Madu's location he is attacked by chains, and he sends scythes back at Saito, who is helped by Urd. Guren is contacted by Saito, so Kimizuki and Yoichi join the assault yet Sika Madu overcomes them all. After Yu speaks of their family, Mika becomes Yu's demon and is invoked.
Chapter 108[]
Chapter 108: "Yu's Sword"
Chapter 108 (English).png
Demon Mika as a child changes to Mika as a demon teenager. Changing into Yu's sword, they fight Sika Madu. After invoking "Second Edge, Black Gash" to remove the First's head, when he recovers, Yu indulges desires such as having his friends love him for Mika to devour. As they generate powers, namely "First Edge, Pandemonium", Sika Madu warns them to not merge further or 'they'll' notice. Three seraphs appear who speak of a great sinner who revived the cursed child so brought a blight to the world. Kimizuki and Yoichi reinforce the attack against the First, the seraphs use their hands to cast spears at him. Defending against them, Sika Madu calls Rigr and Urd for power. Chains take the First out of the world and he is imprisoned before the second progenitors.
Chapter 109[]
Chapter 109: "Moving Pieces"
Chapter 109 (English).png
In consuming Yu's desires in their fight against Shikama Doji, and also his memories, Mika regains his own memories. From a memory them training, Mika sees that Guren was Yu's savior. After Yoichi and Kimizuki have returned to their bodies, Mika raises with Yu how he tried to die after his escape from Sanguinem. While stating they should thank Guren, inwardly, Mika is wary of his intent and thinks they should check Yu's memories together sometime. Ferid is singing "tum-tum" sounds while running with Crowley, and they sense the First has been captured. Yu and Mika return to the squad on the rooftop. Shikama Doji asks Saito how many sinful keys they have, and feels they have underestimated their creations. Ferid thinks it is his and Guren's turn to act.
Chapter 110[]
Chapter 110: "Expose the Past to the Sun"
Chapter 110 (English).png
Guren's past when he lost his friends is recalled. Mahiru says they need to move before the First finds them. In his new state as a demon, Mika finds he can look at the sun. Checking his capabilities, Yu asks Mika to read his mind. Able to do so, Mika sees a lavatory related memory of him and Yu as children. While Mika is against possessing him, Yu feels they should try stuff and see what works best. Shinoa pretends to fall asleep when Yu is concerned for her. Considering Guren's plan and that Ferid and Krul seem involved, Mika views Yu's memory of his escape from Sanguinem, and finds Mahiru there. Pushing him, Krul affirms she is still stronger than Mika. Ferid arrives to take them to a next location. Mahiru asks if Mika can see memories from before this Yu was born.
Chapter 111[]
Chapter 111: "Yu & Guren"
Chapter 111 (English).png
Ferid drives as the group speak in the back of the truck. Communing privately in their sphere, Mika reminds Yu they are going to Ferid's place. Detailing how Guren, Mahiru, Ferid, and Krul have been in cahoots for years, Mika says they need to investigate their plan. Asking Guren upfront, Yu wants yes or no answers or he will destroy the truck. Questioned if he was involved with Ferid murdering Yu's family, Guren falters. Yu calls Mika for power and they clash with Guren and Mahiru, before they are flung apart. Mika warns Mahiru is injecting poison into him, limiting their movements. Guren with Mahiru are confident they can win. Excited, Yu still likes and respects Guren yet wants to surpass him. Mika consumes the strong desire to generate power, and Yu nears Guren.
Chapter 112[]
Chapter 112: "Defining Family"
Chapter 112 (English).png
After cutting apart a spell tag illusion of Guren, the sword clash inflicts more poison into Mika. Grasping arms, Yu and Guren savagely head-butt and knee one another. Yu feels he has to win or Guren will not be able to lean on him. Although Mahiru feels they can win, she wonders if Guren will acknowledge Yu's feelings. Guren forfeits the battle. Telling Yu he won, Guren also confirms he murdered Yu's family. Forgiving him, Yu avows that Guren is family too. Calling for the squad to agree, Yu says Guren can depend on them. When Ferid says to "Krulsie" that they are family, Krul strikes his head off. Crowley is also present, and Ferid states for them to move out. Asking what has been weighing him down, Yu is fine with Guren lying, yet he means to tell the truth.
Chapter 113[]
Chapter 113: "Everyone's Secrets"
Chapter 113 (English).png
In the past, Yu spoke of fairy tales with Sika Madu, and sacrifices to bring Mikaela back. The First heard Yu say Mikaela speaks to him. Presently, Yu hears Guren will share details when they arrive. Kimizuki is agitated, Yoichi also desires answers. Guren will resurrect their families, Mika addresses the price. Shinoa summarizes prior divine punishment. With 7 coffins prepared, Shinoa doubts Guren could have stopped the catastrophe. While Shinoa feels he protected herself and Mahiru from the First's plan, Guren states the final decision was his alone. Shinoa questions if others feel Guren is at fault, and begins crying. Yu feels what they do is fine if it is to survive and calls for a hand circle. Mika raises seraphs being controlled, yet there is a huge price for resurrection.
Chapter 114[]
Chapter 114: "Everyone's Goals"
Chapter 114 (English).png
Saito knows the First wants to resurrect Mikaela, so suspects they were tests for that. Aware the First founded the Emperor's Demons who tried to turn vampires into demons, the Hyakuya Sect was also formed. Angry they live without purpose, Saito feels trapped in the First's plan. Mika is considered as a vessel for Mikaela. Unable to trust the First, and conscious the seraphs will punish the world, the progenitors are against Mikaela's resurrection. Reaching Akihabara, Mika asks if Krul is allied with them. Underground, the squad find the bodies of their family members. The prices for resurrection are the lives of all vampires, and seven sinful keys. The spell can restore either Mika, or all of humanity. Pressured by Guren to choose, Yu means to fight.
Chapter 115[]
Chapter 115: "Choices and Decisions"
Chapter 115 (English).png
Yu zips away and the squad keep their distance. Mika raises how Yu is hostile to his family. Yu says Mika is his family too and he wants to bring him back. Asking whether Yu is abandoning Akane and the kids, Mika feels it was his fault they died. Wording it as wanting Yu to save his heart, Mika favors bringing their family back. After Mika says they will be together forever, Yu says he agrees. His choice clear, Yu needs all the power ever and turns into a demon. Fleeing, Yu avoids Yoichi's bow fire, and Ferid appearing from the Devil's Coffin as Kimizuki acts. Crowley and Guren also try and prevent Yu from escaping since he is vital for the plan. Yu can avoid them, but not Krul. Thrown to the ground, a second demon horn appears. Needing more power, Yu contacts Asuramaru.
Chapter 116[]
Chapter 116: "Brother and Sister"
Chapter 116 (English).png
In his thunderstruck realm Asuramaru has power demanded from Yu, and asks the unresponsive First whether he should allow himself to be absorbed, or resist. Although ignoring Krul's contact, Ashera is following the First's plan to protect her. A recollection shows Ashera as a vampire in ancient Greece hunting slavers to locate his sister. Learning Krul was sold to the lady of an estate, there, Ashera kills the guards and inside finds girls whose blood has been taken. Finding Krul with swords through her, Ashera takes her outside. Unable to open her eyes, Krul is glad Ashera found her before she passes away. Sika Madu descends and says there is a way to revive her but warns it would be a curse. Ashera wants his sister back, so the First uses his blood to raise Krul as a vampire.
Chapter 117[]
Chapter 117: "Of Monsters and Demons"
Chapter 117 (English).png
Vampires Ashera and Krul relaxed in a meadow discussing their new existences. Presently, Guren warns Yu is trying to devour Asuramaru which Krul reacts to. Clashing in the demon realm, Asuramaru dismisses Yu's claim he will save everyone. Aware Asuramaru wants to save his sister, Yu states he will devour his desires and make Mika eat them too. Transported by the progenitors, Shikama Doji communicates with Asuramaru to say his usefulness is over and he should let Yu devour him. Asuramaru is guided by Krul to stall Yu, and he fights for a chance to save her. Yu avoids the Asura Kannon... Million Blades, then cuts Asuramaru in half. Biting him, Asuramaru says Mika won't heal Yu's injury as he wants him to lose. Yu won't give up on Mika so the fight re-commences.