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Creating a blog[]

By creating your own Wikia account personal blogs can be made by going to the “Blog” tab on your profile or Blog:Recent Posts. Adding your first blog will earn the bronze Blog Post badge with 10 points.

Concerning Seraph of the End, you may have what you like in your blogs not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Commentaries on the source material: If you particularly like the manga, anime, music, indeed everything related to Seraph of the End or specific moments and characters, by all means discuss personal stories on how you feel about this best series ever!
  • Fan fiction and fan art: Whilst the articles pages themselves are for official information, fan made stories and art is great on blogs. Whether it is a complete story or an overview of fan fiction written on the Owari no Seraph Fanon wiki or other Seraph of the End related sites, all are welcome to share their creativity.
  • Speculation and theories are great for blogs: Who would win in hypothetical fights, how you think certain scenarios will play out, character motivations and plans are all sensible to be discussed. What could happen story and character wise for all Seraph of the End content more so.

Blog comments[]

If you feel your blog entry would not benefit from comments you may turn them off by unchecking the “Commenting” checkbox found above the edit summary.

Otherwise blog entries are able to be taken part in by anyone so share your views on the blog in question.

Commenting on three different blog posts will earn the bronze Blog Comment badge with ten points. Commenting on ten different blogs in total will earn the silver Blog Comment badge with fifty points.

  • Keep comments on topic: If comments branch off from the topic at hand, add them to a different blog post! The author’s blogs content decides the course of the comments so sticking to the points is best practice.
  • Remember your lovely tone: The best kinds of comments are constructive and well mannered.
  • Top the creativity: Seraph of the End images and gifs can be included in your replies if they help illustrate what you would like to articulate.

Removing blogs[]

Only sysops are able to delete blogs of any kind which will also remove all comments. Blogs are all good fun, if you are presented with spam, unbecoming content or junk materials that are against FANDOMs terms of use that have incorrectly been placed on the blogs, kindly contact an sysop so that they can delete it.

  • Have fun! Text, tables, slideshows, galleries of images, gifs… Episode discussions, themes, homages to characters, your blog your rules! (Within terms of use).