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Discussions is where you can create and take part in posts and discuss Seraph of the End content. Creating your own account allows one to take part in Discussions, which can be accessed by typing /f in a wiki's URL, for example: https://owarinoseraph.fandom.com/f or simply choosing ‘DISCUSS’ on the wiki navigation heading.

To create Discussion posts

The title for each post has a limit of 100 spaces.

  • Text A title can be added, at which point observations, questions, anything you would like to discuss can be posted.
  • URL posts has space to paste a URL, news events, pages you would like to share via links may be done via this method.
  • Images Captions for images of which can be uploaded can be shared, both official images and fan art is excellent for sharing.
  • Polls are able to be made, posting a title and then adding currently up to seven possible answers. Opt for ‘NEXT’ and then categories can be added to help people locate them. For example they can choose to see all the polls that have been posted before.

Commenting on Discussion posts

  • Comments can be posted under all Discussions posts including polls.
  • Posts and answers can be up voted if you would like.
  • Kindly remember to report problem posts if they even appear.

Enjoy taking part in Discussions!