I M A G E     P O L I C I E S    
Uploading of Images:
  • Every user has the right to upload an image, remember to:
    • Ensure that the {{Fair use rationale}} is added in every image that you upload and administer the proper licensing. If images are come across that do not have the template, be sure to apply it.
  • All images on article pages must be official (Manga, anime, light novels, illustration books, fanbooks, etc).
    • Both Japanese raw and English is allowed in manga images, however the English text must be done by Viz Media exclusively.
    • Light novel images must all be in the original Japanese raw.
    • Anime screenshots must not have any English subtitles or trademarks on them.
  • Fanart is prohibited on article pages, but suitable on user areas like Profiles, Message Walls, blogs, and Discussions areas. Please categorize these images in Category:Fan Images and (if not canon): Category:Unofficial Images (Fandom).
  • Remember to add the proper categories to the image after uploading. For example:
  • Images that are uploaded but do not have a purpose or are unused may be deleted.
  • If any uploaded image is left unused for around a week, it will be marked for deletion (that is unless the user has something planned for the image).
  • When uploading, be sure to give the image a proper name.
Image names
  • Where the image is from makes a good title for an image:
    • Episode 1 – Screenshot 1/2/3 and so forth for images from the anime.
    • Chapter 1 – Page 1 – Panel 1/2/3 and so forth if a panel from the same page is used for images from the manga.
  • This is to have the title help viewers find the scene in the source material.
  • Another proper way to name images is by stating the source first, then a description after it. For example:
    • Chapter 39 - Shinoa angry at Kureto for killing her comrades right in front of her.png
  • Descriptions are ideal to add underneath to provide an explanation of what is occurring in the image.
Duplicate Images
  • Duplicated images on the same pages would be deleted.
  • Duplicated images on the wiki would be deleted, if two separate users uploaded an identical image, the earlier one would remain.
    • Before uploading a photo, make sure to check if the image already exists on the wiki.
What images are best:
  • Images in .png format are best.
  • Be sure that the images are of high quality.
  • File history on an image allows higher quality versions of the image to be uploaded, this is encouraged.
  • Images that are against Fandoms terms of use would be deleted, the uploader of such content is able to be global blocked across all wikis.
  • Use images where appropriate, the same image can be in a character and episode gallery for example.
  • Pictures that are of .gif in format are suitable on image gallery pages. They would only be allowed on character pages for key transition instances: Mika's eyes changing from blue to red, to weapons being conjured present in their ability section.
  • Images are usually sized 200px on character pages and can be set left or right, whichever makes for the best visual appearance.
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