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M E S S A G E     W A L L     P O L I C I E S    

The Message Walls are publicly viewable user areas for people discuss matters they like. All should feel free to request help from anyone, offer suggestions and directions that you would like the wiki to take, collaboration is an excellent means to developing a wiki.

What may be done on Message Walls

  • Both the Visual Editor and Source Editor can be used to type your message.
  • <nowiki> your text </nowiki> tags may be useful if code is wanted to be shown without it having it’s effect on the wiki.
    • Example: one can show the [[File:Wiki-wordmark.png]] as code. In source mode without the nowiki tags on either side the Seraph of the End wordmark image would appear.
  • Similarly the <pre> your text </pre> can create a sliding box to show a message which is also helpful if there is code to explain.
    • Example: the slider box below shows how a gallery can be added:
{{Image Gallery
|heading=Title for your image gallery
|content=<gallery position="center" captionalign="center" spacing="small" columns="3" hideaddbutton=true>

  • On that, images are able to be added whether as a gallery or individually in the same manner as article pages where their size’s can be adjusted.
  • Gifs and videos are also able to be added.

Freedom of information

In the same matter as the wikis previous talk pages, content on message walls remain a part of the wiki. With them more than likely being taken part in by more than one person and featuring useful information for others, messages are best kept and only deleted if the content is not for the Seraph of the End Wiki.

Have fun!

Good Faith is always assumed yet if content that is against FANDOM’s Terms of Use is spotted; by all means simply report it to an admin or FANDOM staff. Otherwise enjoy making use of all the features available on Message Walls.

Concerning the previous Talk Pages

For the Talk Page Policy, of which Message Walls replaced yet the policies still apply, please see Talk Page Policy.