T A L K     P A G E     P O L I C I E S    

The Talk Page is your own, however, public inbox where users can leave you a message with regards of something, be it about the wiki or personal matters. Talk Pages are automatically granted to users along with your own User Page. But there are rules one must abide with regards on their talk page.

  • Deleting of Talk Page Messages: Be it old or new, deleting of talk page messages is not permitted. Talk Pages are open for everyone, and therefore the messages in it should be visible.
    • However, should someone send you a message that contains harassment, malicious content or something that is offensive, you have the every right to delete it, provided that you will include on the edit summary that the message is qualified as such.
  • Altering of Talk Page Messages: Altering Messages will be allowed, given if there would be additions or minimal revisions. However, changing the whole content of the message would not be allowed.
  • Putting up of unreasonable notices: Putting notices saying that no one would be allowed to message you, or any kind of improper notices that would hinder other users from communicating or sending you messages without any valid reasons is not proper.
  • Archiving: This can be done once the list of messages becomes too large and requires maintenance but for the purposes of removing earlier messages. However, when archiving, be sure that all the messages are answered and solved, if ever there is an existing issue.
  • Article Talk Pages: If something needs to be discussed with regards in an article, do so on the article's talk page. General topics should be put up in either the blog or forum.

Note: Progression to Message Walls

The wiki Talk Pages were replaced with Message Walls and what may be done on them may be found on the Message Wall Policy. These policies remain applicable for past iterations of Talk Pages and in the minuscule chance that they ever return.
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