P A G E     C R E A T I O N     P O L I C I E S    

The general guideline to creating pages on the Wiki.

To create a page, it must:

  • Be created by a registered user.
  • Documenting information as soon as it is available is best.
    • Please do not create a page and leave it empty. If you do, add the information soon as possible. If nothing is added for three days, it will be marked for deletion.
    • Don't create a page and leave it empty for other users to do all the work. You created it, thus it's you who has to add just as much as well.
  • Be properly referenced.
  • Follow the Wiki's manual of style.
  • Have images for illustration from either manga, light novel, or anime, depending on the article's topic.
  • Be correctly categorized.
Relationship pages
  1. The character must have more than 4-5 relationships with other characters.[† 1]
  2. Properly referenced from the Owari no Seraph manga or novels.
  3. However, if the character's main article is pretty small itself, then it can remain on their main page.
Image Galleries
See also: Owari no Seraph Wiki:Image Policy
  1. In order to create an image gallery, there must be more than 25+ images for the subject in question. Anything less will remain on the main subject page itself. However, if the page alone is small and does not have as much information, the image gallery can remain on the topic page.
  2. Images of all media must be official, and split up into their own sections if large enough. Remember to use the {{Image Gallery}} template. For basic layout:
    1. Appearance
    2. Media
    3. Covers
    4. Light Novel
    5. Manga
    6. Anime
    7. Games
    8. Artwork
    9. Other
  3. Images must be placed in order. If not, it could make the gallery look messy and confusing to readers.
  4. Descriptions are encouraged to be added under all images to provide insight into what is happening in the picture.[† 2]


  1. Knowing/hearing about another character does not count, unless the character themself is shown to interact with or make a notable comment on them. For example: "While X is never shown to interact with X, (s)he says that (s)he has no interest in meeting X."
  2. Image descriptions are not paragraphs. A simple sentence is long enough.
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