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P A G E     C R E A T I O N     P O L I C I E S    

The general guidelines to creating pages on the Wiki.

To create an article, it should:

  • Follow the Wiki's manual of style.
  • Have images for illustration from either manga, light novel, or anime, depending on the article's topic.
  • Be correctly categorized.
  • Be properly referenced.
  • Documenting information as soon as it is available is best.
    • Rather than be left empty, new pages should have information added punctually. If nothing is added for three days on a non-vital article, it should be marked for deletion.

Relationship pages[]

  1. The character must have more than 4-5 relationships with other characters.
  2. Properly referenced from the Owari no Seraph manga, anime or novels.
  3. However, if the character's main article has a small amount of detail, then it can remain on their main page.

Image Galleries[]

See also: Project:Image Policy
  1. In order to create an image gallery, there must be more than 20+ images for the subject in question. Anything less will remain on the main subject page itself. However, if the page alone is small and does not have as much information, the image gallery can remain on the topic page.
  2. Images of all media must be official, and split up into their own sections if large enough. Remember to use the {{Image Gallery}} template. For basic layout:
    1. Appearance
    2. Media
    3. Covers
    4. Light novel
    5. Manga
    6. Anime
    7. Games
    8. Artwork
    9. Other
  3. Images are best placed in order of occurrence for timing of event purposes and article neatness.
  4. Descriptions are encouraged to be added under all images to provide insight into what is happening in the picture.[† 1]


  1. A simple sentence is adequate for an image description.