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The general guideline when it comes to spoilers for manga chapters or other related media on the Wiki.

What is a spoiler?[]

As Wikipedia defines a spoiler:

A spoiler is a piece of information about a narrative work (such as a book, film, television series, or a video game) which reveals plot points or twists and thus may degrade the experience of persons who wish to experience the work themselves.


Overall, it is forbidden to add edits or changes on articles pages before the chapter's official release in English by Viz Media (publisher of Weekly Shonen Jump).

  • Unacceptable:
    • Uploading images or raws from the chapter before the official release.
    • Linking the spoilers to any threads or discussions.
    • Creating threads or discussions for the chapter before the official release.
    • Talking or bringing up the unreleased chapter's events in any other threads or discussions.
    • Editing articles before the chapter's official release in English.
    • Renaming the chapter's page with the raw or an unofficially translated name before the official release.
  • Acceptable:
    • Listing the characters in the order of appearance. The reason is because although it reveals who is in the chapter, it does not reveal what occurs in the chapter itself.