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The Secret Military Exercise (特務演習 Tokumu Enshuu?), otherwise known as the PvP feature of Bloody Blades, is a weekly event where where players will get the chance to battle against other players (controlled by AI) in the form of a 5 vs 5 match. The PvP feature is divided into three leagues -- getting a high ranking will bring players to a higher league where they would be able to earn more rewards, while failure to maintain their positions will send players back to a lower league, where they will get lower ranking rewards as compared to higher leagues.

PvP Lobby Access

The PvP Lobby can be accessed through the main page. Rankings will reset every Tuesday at 15:00 PM.

Mechanic Edit

Players will have to assemble a team consisting of 5 members, separated from their parties used in quest maps.

Score Edit

A score screen will show after finishing a battle. Losing would deduct point, while winning would add point.


League bonus is affected by the league player is in. Higher league would give higher league bonus multiplier.

League and Rewards Edit

League affects points and tickets received by player.

League 1 (壱)
Rank 1~5 120 Tickets + Upgrade card SSR
Rank 6~100 120 Tickets
Rank 101~300 70 Tickets
Rank 301~500 50 Tickets
Rank 501~1000 30 Tickets
Rank 1001~3000 15 Tickets
Rank 3001~ 10 Tickets

League 2 (弐)
Rank 1~10 230 Tickets + Upgrade Card SSR
Rank 11~50 230 Tickets
Rank 51~100 180 Tickets
Rank 101~300 140 Tickets
Rank 301~500 90 Tickets
Rank 501~1000 60 Tickets
Rank 1001~2000 30 Tickets
Rank 2001~ 15 Tickets

League 3 (参)
Rank 1~20 350 Tickets + Upgrade Card SSR
Rank 21~100 280 Tickets
Rank 101~300 230 Tickets
Rank 301~500 180 Tickets
Rank 501~1000 130 Tickets
Rank 1001~1500 80 Tickets
Rank 1501~ 20 Tickets


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