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The Progenitor Council (上位始祖会 Jōi Shiso-kai?) is a group of high ranking noble vampires in Seraph of the End from rank first to sixth that are tasked in nuts monitoring the lower rank vampires and it is only these vampires that are able to attend the Council. The Council is led by Urd Geales, a second and the current strongest progenitor. There are a total of nineteen vampires (excluding the First Progenitor Sika Madu, former Second Progenitor Saitō, and the former Third Progenitors Noya Hienma and Ashera Tepes).


The Progenitor Council's goal is to annihilate the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and to destroy any organization that conducts Human Experimentation. They conduct meetings every once in a while to discuss and decide on important issues like the Human Experimentation or Demon Army issues. The meeting can also be conducted in emergencies, as Ferid Bathory, a low ranking vampire, conducted the meeting when the humans invaded Sanguinem.

The council meetings are held in vampire Progenitors own castles where they contact each other through a video call. The Progenitors only meet in person if they are punishing vampires or dealing with an important matter.

In Krul's location there are at least fourteen screens, two screens shared a design with five X like designs. One of them had an X symbol within the centre. A different design had the letters resembling JD within them. a male sounding voice asks what was that thing when Yu is seen transforming at the battle of Shinjuku. Another states this could be disastrous for them at seeing the destruction wrought on buildings. A member says queen Krul put an end to the human’s experiments when she exterminated the Hyakuya Sect. Towards the end of the meeting one member asks Ferid who is the young boy standing behind him.


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  • Vampires are forbidden from meddling with the Seraph of the End. Violation will result in imprisonment for all eternity.
  • Prior to the Apocalypse, vampires were forbidden from meddling with human affairs. This law was overturned once the human population became threatened, and vampires rose up to save their food supply.
  • Drinking blood from another vampire is taboo.
  • Only nobles are permitted to turn a human into a vampire.
  • Vampires are not allowed to use another vampire's blood to turn a human into a vampire. If they do so, both the sire and the young vampire will be subjected to imprisonment for all eternity.


If a Vampire and even a Progenitor is found breaking one of their laws, the progenitor council or the highest progenitor at the time can punish them at their own discretion depending on how severe their transgression are using the following punishments;

  • Torture by Exposure: If they are found guilty, a vampire or vampire noble may find themselves punished by having their UV blocking ring broken and removed from them while in broad daylight, leaving them to be burned by the sun crucified at the stake for a long period of time depending on their sentence.
  • Eternal Torment: The highest degree of punishment a vampire can be given is Eternal Torment, where their heads would be severed from their bodies and separated from it and buried deep underground, effectively trapping and imprisoning said vampire for eternity never being able to satiate their desire for Human Blood and damning them to slowly lose their sanity deep underground for eternity.


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  • Sixth progenitors and above have all been turned into vampires by the First Progenitor.
  • Only sixth progenitors and above may attend a Progenitor Council meeting under normal conditions.
    • Abnormal conditions include when a lower-ranking vampire is reporting on the battlefield or a lower-ranking vampire is the vampire of highest authority in a region.
  • Due to an experiment being conducted at the time by the First Progenitor, all of the Third Progenitors physically look the same age due to being specifically transformed during their childhoods by the First Progenitor.