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"Queen Krul" (女王クルル Joō Kururu?) is the ninety-sixth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.


Krul resists Shinoa and Mitsuba's advancements and returns in a change of clothes. Whilst Yu and Kimizuki regard her as a friend, Krul is unimpressed with the squad's overall demeanor. The plan to rescue Mika is secondary to Krul's disapproval of Yu's tone.

It is recollected how Yu was essentially raised by Guren and trained to avenge Mika's believed death. Krul recalls Mika's training when he was young where Mika remained silent on why he wanted to improve his capabilities.

Presently Yu demonstrates his sincerity for wanting to save Mika. Krul intends to teach them who their enemies are and the plan they need to put into action which began eight years ago with Mahiru Hīragi.


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Shinoa sends Mitsuba to capture the new arrival. Against, Krul announces herself as the queen of the vampires and restrains them both. As Yoichi lies nearby, Krul finds her hands covered in a large amount of vomit with a copious amount of it in her hair as well. After screaming Krul breaks out of the building. Yu and Kimizuki arrive having heard the commotion and come across a messy scene.[1]

Kimizuki's question to Yoichi on what happened goes unanswered and Yu notes the absence of Krul. Stating that Asuramaru's sister is gone he adds this is "super-duper bad" since she was going to help him save Mika. Whilst Yu intends to look around outside Krul informs him that there is no need having returned in a change of attire including a shark imprinted jumper. Krul says there are many forces after them and what fool goes and wanders around at such a time.[2]

Yu and Kimizuki look to one another before Yu raises whether Krul just went outside and then wonders why her hair is all wet. Krul is not answering that, neither Kimizuki's question on why she is wearing different clothes. Deeming human children to be such a pain Krul responds to Yu's observation that she looks more like a kid by questioning how old does he think that she is. Krul explains that a vampire's rank is decided by how thickly the first's blood runs in them and how long they have lived. Yu answers the question by asking if Krul is three years old. Whilst Yu laughs, Kimizuki cannot believe that he is actually teasing someone like her. Knowing she is a third progenitor he adds if she felt like it Krul could kill them both without breaking a sweat. Reacting to the acknowledgement Krul is impressed and sees someone with common sense and a proper attitude.[3]

Certain that Krul would not attack them since they are friends Yu continues that Mika was stuck in the vampire world and that Krul saved him. Considering it, Krul remembers how she had Mika drink her blood and ceased to be human. With Yu mentioning that Krul is Asuramaru's baby sister so that makes her the closest of close family Krul corrects him that his name is Ashera. With name pronunciation an issue Kimizuki advises Krul to just ignore Yu yet with the other three members of the squad on the floor Krul is of the view that everyone in here looks to be an utter fool.[4] Krul leaves due to the smell of vomit and breaks through a wall to create an exit to do so. Yu does not know what Krul means so Kimizuki clarifies that it is barf. The next uncertainty is why others were sick to which Kimizuki kicks a can of the alcoholic drink as he replies not to ask him, he does not get what morons are thinking. Kimizuki states that drinking of all times is dumb whilst Yu comments that he has never had any before.[5]

Shinoa is responsive and does not want to hear it from two people who thought now was a great idea for a childish fight. Kimizuki tends to Yoichi and says for him to let his curse run rampart for a bit. The sped up metabolism will process the alcohol faster. Yoichi did that but now he feels really sick, Mitsuba feels the same. When the curse was let lose whilst intoxicated all of a sudden weird desires started running through the mind. Yu picks up and carries both Shinoa and Mitsuba. With them feeling unwell Yu helps them since they are all friends.[6]

Returning, Krul is irked by their reaction. They both vomited all over her with no remorse at all. The aura around her darkens as Krul ponders whether she really should rip the lot of them limb from limb. Noticing, Kimizuki turns to Yu and means it when he says they should stop messing around. Facing her Yu is enthusiastic about hearing Krul's teachings on how to rescue Mika. Krul does not like his attitude. She asks whether this is how he asks others for such a large favor. Krul questions who taught him his manners and Yu remembers sparring with Guren.[7]

At that point in time Yu was knocked back in a training exercise where Guren spoke on his capabilities on getting revenge on vampires as he is. Guren told Yu that he could not handle it however Yu felt otherwise. Insisting that he was not crying Yu was insistent that he was going to do it. Satisfied with the answer Guren encouraged Yu to get stronger. Yu returned to practice shouting that he was going to kill all the vampires because they killed Mika.[8]

Presently Yu guesses that it was Guren who raised him. Kimizuki does not know or care. Shinoa adds that the Lt. Colonel does have an extremely bad attitude and Yu agrees that it is Guren's fault. Mitsuba feels this is not the case rather that Yu was born with a horrible attitude. Yoichi feels he is sobering up and Krul listens to them intending to be serious. Krul thinks if she raised them then none of them would have turned out remotely this stupid. Mika certainly didn't.[9]

Mika is remembered as a young partial vampire training with Krul. She thought how regardless of the amount of times that Mika was hit he refused to say anything. Krul told him that if it hurts he should say so and to scream if he must, not that it will earn him any sympathy. Answering that it did not hurt Mika said that he can keep going. Mika did not finish what he was going to say and Krul observed that again he goes silent but Mika is young and what he thinks is on his face. Krul wondered whether Mika wanted to save Yu that badly and whether his mind was so full of thoughts of Yu that it drove him to this insanity. Mika readied his sword and engaged in further sparring.[10]

Remembering the two arms that were coming out of Mika's mouth Krul wants Yu to prove it if he wants to rescue Mika that badly. She tells him to stop fooling around and show her that he sincerely wants this as Krul thinks otherwise it will not be fair to what Mika went through. Wondering if Krul is saying that he is not acting sincere enough Yu formally bows before Krul. Even though Shinoa is surprised Yu apologizes for his behaviour and asks Krul to please teach him how to rescue Mika. Saying that he is his family Yu adds that Mika's life is more important than his own and that is why he needs to know how to save him. The rest of the squad are silent yet Krul's thoughts are that Yu has it just as badly. Krul wonders whether this is what made Ashera choose Yu to possess.[11]

Krul guesses that she might help if Yu actually listens to her. Yu is ecstatic at the news yet Krul orders him silent and to not speak again. Both Kimizuki and Yoichi support Yu being quiet. Krul questions how much of this situation do they understand and whether they know why this is happening. Kimizuki and Mitsuba appear unsure and with no reply Krul asks how many of them bear black demon weapons. Yu, Kimizuki and Yoichi raise there hands and Krul announces that every faction in this conflict will be after them. Asking if they know why, Krul's further questions are whether they know who their enemies are, who they are rescuing, resisting, and for what purpose. Yu replies that they do not know anything and they are just trying to survive. All they do know is that they want to protect their family. As of today Krul will give them a purpose. She will tell them their enemies and teach them what plan they are to put into action. The current plan began eight years ago only slightly before then catastrophe that destroyed the world. Krul reveals to them that it was brought to her by Mahiru Hīragi.[12]

Chapter notes[]

  • The vomit appears pixelated in all its appearances.
  • Krul is seen in different clothes, most prominently a jumper featuring a shark design with the text "Danger! Do not touch", and with her hair styled differently.
  • Cursed gear effects can speed up metabolism and process alcoholic intoxication.
  • As a young vampire Mika spent time training with Krul.
  • Krul states that the three black demon holders, Yu, Kimizuki and Yoichi will be targeted by every faction in the current conflict.


Image gallery: Queen Krul

Manga panels provide a visual overview of the events of chapter 96 with depictions of the characters, Seraph of the End world and scenarios.


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