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Raux is a character in The Story of Vampire Michaela novel series.

Appearance []

He was known to be "bizarrely beautiful." He had tan skin and dark hair. Like all vampires, he had red eyes, pointed ears, and fangs. He wore all black.


As a vampire, he was cruel and violent and does not hesitate to kill anyone. He prefers the blood of strong humans and rejects the blood of weak humans. He states that blood is at its most delicious when it is filled with fury and says that he does not enjoy drinking the blood of non-resisting humans. As he prefers the blood of strong humans, he targets Crowley.


He was involved in Crowley Eusford's past as a human and he kills his comrades and drinks his blood, almost killing him, until he was stopped by Ferid.


Powers and Abilities[]

He has the natural abilities of a vampire.