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"Results of the Choice" (選択のケッカ Sentaku no Kekka?) is the tenth episode of the first season and tenth episode overall of the Seraph of the End anime.


Shinoa Squad meets up and travels to the main battlefront. In the meantime, the vampires under Ferid and humans under Guren battles. Guren and Mika fights aggressively until Mika defeats him and stabs him through the chest. Coming upon the scene, Shinoa Squad ingests their pills, and Yu attacks Mika.

Recognizing Yu right away, Mika makes no move to defend himself as Yu stabs him through the chest with his Black Demon Weapon.


List of characters in order of appearance:


Guren drawing his sword at Mika

This episode begins showing the part of the previous episode where Shinoa wakes up in the subway. It also shows Guren drawing his sword at Mikaela.

Ferid strides up to Mika

Guren grumbles about not killing the vampire commander with his last attack. Amused, Ferid strides up to Mika and mentions how that single attack killed many vampires. Ferid states that the humans are going to send the elite soldiers of the Vampire Extermination Unit, the Moon Demon Company, their way. Ferid asks the vampire soldiers if they were ready to exterminate some low-life humans.

Guren calls upon Mahiru-no-Yo's power

Guren's squad has also arrived, along with a number of human soldiers to match the vampires. Guren asks the vampires if they enjoyed all of that blood and informs them that it will be their final supper. He calls upon Mahiru-no-Yo's power. He tells the humans that they will win the battle if they can defend this point and orders them to kill all of the vampires.

Kota told Yu and Mika that they were going out

In a flashback, Kōta in Sanguinem told Yu and Mika that they were going out. As they chatted on about food and left, Mika lies on his belly, reading a book while Yu leans against a wall. They share the light of a candle. Mika says Yu's name until Yu pays attention to him, and he asks Yu what Yu would like to do if they ever escaped to the surface. Yu is confused and asks what Mika was talking about. He says that the entire human race on the surface was annihilated. Mika asks him if he thinks it would be fun if their family could escape into a world without vampires. When Yu admits it might be fun, Mika comments that he will need to get busy. When Yu asks him to explain, Mika says it is nothing and says he needs to run some errands. Yu asks him what errands, but Mika says it is nothing really. He leaves and Yu calls him a weirdo.

Shinoa and Yu drops Corporal Nagai at the medical tent

In the present, Yu monologues that they were wrong. The outside world is no paradise. Shinoa and Yu dropped off Corporal Nagai at a medical tent, and Shinoa says that he will live. She then tells Yu that Guren ordered them to join him at the West Shinjuku 5th Street intersection ASAP to fight the vampires' main forces.

Yu barges in

They overhear some shouting. Human soldiers all have the order to go to the defense line, but one soldier argues that his already-injured troops are already close to annihilation. They bring up the Vampire Extermination Unit but state that there are only three of them, and they were only young kids. Yu barges in and asks them where those three members are, and the wounded soldier tells him they are at Shinjuku Central Park. Yu tells them to go ahead and go to the defense line. He leaves as abruptly as he entered, and Shinoa follows him, telling him to wait and think things through for a moment.

Yu frowns and continues walking

She tells him that backing up Guren is more important, and they do not know if those three Vampire Extermination Unit members are their squad members. Yu just frowns at her and keeps walking.

Guren fights back to back with Sayuri

At the Shinjuku 5th Street intersection, the main forces battle. Guren opens it up by killing two vampires with a swing of his sword. Guren fights back-to-back with Sayuri. She tells him that she and Mito will back him up if he goes after the commander.

Ferid watches from a perch

Ferid watches the scene from a perch, overlooking the battle and states that things are getting interesting. He says that it would be even more interesting if Crowley had made it. He orders Lacus and René to round up the other vampires and hold off everyone but the "reckless one" (in other words, Guren). He jumps down next to Mika. He says that perhaps he will get to see Third Progenitor, Krul Tepes's, favorite in action. As Guren runs at them, Ferid tells Mika that the two of them will kill Guren. In response, Mika states that he can handle Guren himself. Ferid says that it is impressive. Mika mentions making Guren regret ever provoking him. He commands his sword, and it wraps his hands in red thorny vines.

Yu and Shinoa run through the rain

Elsewhere, Yu and Shinoa run through the rain. Yu thanks her for coming with him, and she says that they are family. They reach Shinjuku Central Park in time to see Shiho Kimizuki, Mitsuba, and Yoichi each finishing off a vampire. Yoichi is attacked from behind, but Kimizuki defends him and kills the assailant. The three are surrounded by a group of five vampires. Kimizuki asks why this is so difficult without "the shorty and the idiot," and Mitsuba answers that they cannot get into formation. The vampires attack. As one attempts to surprise Kimizuki, Yu intercepts. Shinoa kills another pair and chides Mitsuba to not look away. Yu kills the last one. Kimizuki asks what Yu is doing there, and Yu says he came to save them in a pinch. Kimizuki tells him to trust them more and says he should have gone on to the defensive line. Yu says that he understands but states that he would do it again anyway. The rain stops. In response to Kimizuki's exasperation, Mitsuba informs him that he cannot fix stupid. The sun comes out. Yu states that he will kill all of the vampires, and they head to the front lines.

Guren and Mika clash swords

On the front lines, Guren and Mikaela clash swords. Guren comments that Mika is strong, but Mika snidely states that Guren is not strong. Guren returns his sword into his scabbard and quickly attaches a Fudo-myo-o spell tag on Mika, ordering it to explode. The explosion is enough to take down one building and make quite a mess, but Mika is unharmed. Guren teases him, but Mika asks if he believes in such an old and slow spell would really work against a vampire.

Ferid sends Guren flying

Ferid laughs, praising Mika's power and arrogance. He offers to help Mika, but Mika asks why Ferid thinks he might lose. Ferid points out the trap laid by Shigure and states that humans do not plan to fight one-on-one. Guren orders Shigure's attack, followed by Goshi's illusion. Mika dodges their attacks, and Guren takes the opportunity to attack Mika from behind. Mika begins turning to defend himself, but Ferid steps between them and blocks Guren's attack himself. Ferid says Mika owes him one and backhands Guren, sending Guren flying through numerous objects as his squad looks on in horror.

Guren gasps for breath

Guren gasps for breath, stating this is worse than he thought. He says the silver-haired vampire is extraordinarily strong.

Mika orders his sword to drink more blood

Ferid warns Mika not to underestimate the humans, stating they are tricky, greedy, and sneaky. He says it feels weird to say that to a former human, but Mika tells him to shut up. Ferid wants to fight at Mika's side, but Mika says that he will be fine on his own because he now knows how humans operate. Mika orders his sword to drink more of his blood. Ferid asks if that arrogance comes from being a human up until recently.

Guren checks his timer

Guren checks his timer and pulls out his container of pills. He says that it looks like he will need to take two of them. Hearing this, Sayuri, who is fighting against Lacus, strongly disagrees. Lacus warns her not to look away, and Mito Jujo appears next to him and repeats that advice. She punches, but Lacus dodges back with only a cut on his cheek.

The two women tell Guren that he will die if he takes two pills, but he answers that they will die if he does not.

Ferid notices Shinoa Squad arriving

Mika asks if he is done talking. Guren comments on his politeness and requests another twenty seconds to take his medicine, but Mika attacks. Guren mentions that Mika is even faster than before. Mika says he is not holding back, and Guren calls him childish. Mika disarms Guren and knocks him down. Guren curses. Ferid notices Shinoa Squad arriving and orders Mika to hurry up.

Mika stabs Guren through the chest

Shinoa orders her squad to take their pills, rescue Guren, then retreat.

Yu stabs Mika through the chest

Mika stabs Guren through the chest. Enraged, Yu charges at him and draws his sword. Mika mutters about how annoying it is now that another human is challenging him. He turns around and immediately recognizes Yu. He makes no move to defend himself as Yu pierces him through the chest with is own Cursed Gear.

It is only as Mika's blood spills that Yu has a surprised and confused expression on his face, and the episode ends off there.

Differences with the manga[]

Manga Anime
There was no rain, and the weather does not change. It is raining. Later, the rain stops and the sun comes out.
The home the Hyakuya kids live in in Sanguinem has tiled floors and is very plain. There is no second floor or details like that. The livestock do not wear shoes. The home in Sanguinem is a two-story wooden house. The livestock wear white slip-on shoes.
Yu and Mika are just reading while the other kids run or lounge around them. Yu and Mika read by candlelight while the other kids scurry off for lunch. Mika running off to do "errands" is anime-only.
Yu appears on a different part of the battlefield, pondering about how this world is "crawling with the bloodsuckers" who killed Mika. He slaughters the vampires around him and tells them they will die. His squad is already together and proceeding to the intersection. Shinoa coaches her squad on drugging up while they run to the battlefront. She also informs them about the alarms they use to time the pills. Yu is underground with Shinoa and the anime-only character Nagai. Their squad has been separated from the attack in the previous episode. The coaching on drugging up occurred in the previous episode while traveling with Nagai.
Not present. The trip with Nagai, the argument with the soldiers, Shinoa Squad getting split up, Yu choosing to reunite with his squad members instead of heading to the front lines, actually meeting up with his squad members, Kimizuki scolding Yu, and the entire Central Park scene are anime-only.
Not present. The manga goes straight into the heat of the fight between Guren and Mika. Sayuri fights back-to-back with Guren and says that she and Mito will back him up.
Guren uses the Fudo-myo-o spell against Mika while they are standing on a rooftop. The explosion makes a mess but does not involve anyone else. Guren uses the Fudo-myo-o spell closer to the ground, causing an entire building to fall. The vampires and humans nearby get covered with dust from the explosion.
Guren attacks Mika while Mika is still in the air and cannot dodge. Guren attacks Mika only after Mika lands on the ground.
The face of the vampire Sayuri is fighting is not shown, but it is not Lacus. Sayuri fights against Lacus.
Mito Jujo uses a sword against a faceless vampire. Mito Jujo uses gloves and attacks Lacus as he fights Sayuri.
The thorny vines of Mika's sword pierce his hand to drink his blood. When he commands it to drink more, his own blood begins to trail down and drip off the blade. The sword is colored like a typical sword. The thorny vines are dark red and are not shown to make Mika bleed. Mika's blood does not drip off the blade. The sword blade is red.
Guren describes his options: take two tablets, give up Shinjuku and retreat, or perhaps Yu's squad and their black demons will arrive on time. Guren only brings up taking two tablets.
Yu says, "Die, Bloodsucker," as he stabs Mika. Yu does not tell Mika to die.


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