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Riko (リコ Riko?) is a human girl that appears in the Seraph of the End anime OVA, "Vampire Shahal".


She is a little girl, with short brown hair and brown eyes. Evidently, she bore a close semblance to Lana, Shahal's younger sister, as he kidnapped her after mistaking her for Lana.

She wears a long-sleeved, dark pink dress with ribbons tied at the arms and a large, black ribbon at her throat. The dress has white, ruffled hems and additional black ribbons at her waist and a large one at the back. She also wears simple, dark pink slippers.


Riko is caring and sympathetic towards Shahal, even though she was kidnapped by him. Upon being found by Yu, she explained that she felt sorry for Shahal because he used to be human.[1]


Riko's history was not given. At some point, she is kidnapped by a vampire named Shahal for unknown reasons.


Guren assigns a mission to Shinoa squad to rescue Riko from Shahal and return her to her family.[1]



Riko is kidnapped by a vampire named Shahal, initiating the events of Vampire Shahal. Shahal does not contemplate drinking her blood and in his state of mind is under the impression that Riko is his sister Lana. Shahal is very protective of her and cannot understand why Riko is afraid of his vampire appearance. His responses to Riko saying that she isn't Lana and her concern at his fangs, is to say she must want a hair piece to match her dress.

Riko becomes sympathetic to Shahal to the point where she would escape with him from a vampire ambush, and shield him from attack, explaining that she feels sorry for him.

Ferid Bathory[]

Ferid, arriving with Crowley snatches and drinks from Riko to antagonize Shahal. After which he leaves, referring to Riko as Shahal's 'doll' and then mocks him for playing family.

Guren Ichinose[]

Guren gave Shinoa squad the mission to rescue Riko.



Character design


  • Riko 「桜内」 means "Jasmine Child".