"Run From Your Friends" (味方からニゲロ Mikata kara Nigero?) is the eighty-sixth chapter of the Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga series, written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Shinoa awakens and is found by Mitsuba who states Yu has been kidnapped. Finding Yoichi with Kimizuki and Mirai, they decide to rescue Yu from Guren.

Mika forms a plan to have Yu escape from Guren, Mahiru's arrival stirs Yu's memory of being in prison as a child. Yu has found his reason to live.

Guren, Noya and Mahiru continue their plan, which does not allow Yu and Mika to escape which results in Guren attacking them both.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Lying on her back, Shinoa awakens to see the sky and comments on her body not feeling like hers anymore. Sore all over, she forces herself to sit up and is then crushed by Mitsuba's hug. Announcing that Yūichirō Hyakuya has been kidnapped by the Hyakuya Sect, Shinoa assures her it is fine before they share a back-and-forth scenario filled with lightheartedness.[1]

Shinoa considers that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army is Shikama Doji's creation, and Saitō controls the Hyakuya Sect from the shadows. Whilst thinking about whether there is any group they could side with, Shinoa spots Yoichi who is carrying Kimizuki and Mirai on his back. Yoichi updates them on the situation including that Guren killed Mirai. Continuing that his sister is in storage, Yoichi is aware resurrection occurred before eight years ago, which caused the catastrophe that destroyed the world. In her mind Shinoa confirms what she suspected, and makes rescuing Yu the top priority.[2]

Elsewhere, Yu stands by Mikaela who urges him that they need to escape. With Yu certain that Guren is their ally, Mika changes tactics and comes up with a slapdash "plan" that is absolutely one hundred percent guaranteed to save Guren, but they first need to run away. While they are bickering, Noya comments on Ashera with Yu, and the possibility of Guren getting his true wish that he has desperately clung to for so long. Asking for his help, Guren still does not trust him yet Noya, of course, denies having any plans as he is a demon which Guren immediately doubts.[3]

Conjuring two long swords, Noya prepares to attack Yu and Mika as Mahiru joins the vicinity as well. Enthusiastically greeting Yu, she tells him that they have met before from a prison when he was five. Reminding him that his parents tried to kill him, Mahiru asks the so called little monster whether he found a new reason to live as he recalls this childhood incident. Clutching his head as he remembers that he has met Mahiru before, Yu replies that he did find a reason to live. Taking ahold of Mika's arm, Yu says he has Mika and family that loves him now.[4]

Resolving to fight, Yu calls upon his sword, transforming into a demon, to which Noya remarks is an interesting twist. Yu loudly proclaims that he will save Guren before attempting to escape. Guren however has no intention of allowing them to get away and promptly attacks Yu and Mika.[5]

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